22:10:14 <regnard> #startmeeting
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22:10:17 <regnard> awright
22:11:01 <regnard> OK, our agenda for the meeting can be found here:
22:11:05 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meeting-05-22-2014?
22:11:36 <regnard> let's start with introductions
22:11:44 <regnard> any new Reps around?
22:11:55 <Logan> o/
22:12:13 <regnard> Hey Logan
22:12:20 <Logan> hey regnard :)
22:12:24 <jennierose> hey!
22:12:29 <jennierose> I'm a new rep
22:12:39 <regnard> Please give a quick one-liner intro
22:12:49 <regnard> Then we'll have @jennierose
22:13:43 <Logan> I'm a volunteer for Community IT who hopes to get more Mozillians working on IT operations. :)
22:13:45 <bkerensa> hi
22:13:57 <regnard> thanks Logan, welcome!
22:14:01 <regnard> jennierose?
22:14:38 <jennierose> I'm on the Community Building team and I am excited to create communities of change as well as work on reps related projects locally and globally
22:14:59 <regnard> Awright, thanks. Welcome! :D
22:15:09 <regnard> Any other intros?
22:15:10 <bkerensa> jennie is also a NA rep
22:15:28 <regnard> ok, let's move along
22:15:35 <regnard> our first topic is community sites
22:15:41 <regnard> #topic NA community sites
22:15:54 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-community-sites-planning
22:16:02 <regnard> To give the new folks some background
22:16:29 <regnard> in our last meetup, one of the main outcomes was to plan and build the US and Canada sites
22:16:44 <regnard> there's already some discussions that happened in the NA Reps Basecamp
22:17:24 <regnard> One key decision is to whether separate US and Canada or have one NA community site
22:17:51 <regnard> It would be great to get consensus on that item
22:18:13 <regnard> There seems to be pushback in having one NA site
22:18:22 <jennierose> +1 on whole NA site
22:18:41 <Logan> I'm a fan of having one NA site to show that we're one community
22:18:52 <regnard> so my question is is there any one here who supports one site?
22:19:00 <regnard> Thanks jennierose Logan
22:19:10 <regnard> Any other opinions on this matter?
22:19:23 <tanner> i don't particularly like the idea of one site for the whole continent
22:19:38 <Logan> but there's hardly any content on Mozilla USA
22:19:38 <tanner> north america is huge, it seems like community sites should be more local
22:19:45 <jms> I would rather see us make the existing sites more lively than put resources into building yet another site
22:19:57 <bkerensa> +1
22:20:01 <tanner> good point.
22:20:05 <jms> we haven't proven that we can sustain the sites we already have
22:20:11 <bkerensa> the only benefit I see from a single site is reducing costs for Mozilla
22:20:18 <bkerensa> while one domain reg fee is trivial
22:20:53 <regnard> #link https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/3638821/messages/25528605
22:20:56 <bkerensa> we decided at meet up while we are currently meeting up together we operate as two different countries
22:21:02 <regnard> That was the Basecamp discussion on the topic
22:22:09 <Logan> actually, yeah, I guess I see the advantages of having separate sites
22:22:24 <regnard> jennierose?
22:23:06 <jennierose> I see the advantages on both sides, honestly
22:23:16 <regnard> OK, would there be any more opposition to keeping the status quo (2 separate sites)?
22:23:46 <jennierose> ?
22:23:52 <regnard> Yes jennierose
22:24:14 <jennierose> do other countries that speak the same language and are on the same continent meet together and share a site? (IE Germany Austria)
22:24:36 <regnard> There is Mozilla Hispano
22:25:01 <regnard> There's also the French speaking community in Europe and Africa
22:25:10 <regnard> It
22:25:10 <jennierose> regnard yeah, that's the other one I was thinking of
22:25:21 <regnard> It's more language based, not geography though
22:25:38 <Logan> but even Mozilla Hispano has subsites on the same host, like http://mozillacolombia.org and http://mozilla-costarica.org/
22:25:40 <jms> The German-speaking communities have started working more together, rather than as separate countries
22:26:02 <regnard> +1 Logan
22:26:20 <jms> https://reps.mozilla.org/e/german-speaking-community-meeting-2014/
22:27:01 <bkerensa> regnard: we could just have a vote since remobot is here?
22:27:17 <regnard> bkerensa how do we do that?
22:27:30 <bkerensa> #vote
22:27:48 <regnard> would that work right now?
22:27:55 <regnard> remobot is running meetbot
22:27:56 <remobot> regnard: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
22:28:37 <bkerensa> regnard: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology
22:28:39 <bkerensa> same commands
22:28:47 <bkerensa> meetbot and meetingology are both supybot
22:29:04 <regnard> Let's try it then
22:29:25 <regnard> #vote Having one site for NA community
22:29:50 <Logan> -1 I now prefer the two-site solution
22:29:51 <regnard> -1
22:29:52 <jennierose> 0
22:30:10 <jms> -1
22:31:32 <regnard> other votes?
22:31:37 <bkerensa> -1
22:32:27 <Logan> tanner stepped out, so I think that's everyone
22:32:40 <regnard> #endvote
22:32:57 <regnard> #agreed Keep separate sites for US and Canada communities
22:33:59 <regnard> OK, one more thing re: community sites
22:34:08 <dumitru> if it matters, yes, I -1 to that previous vote
22:34:23 <Logan> it looks like there was a clear consensus :P
22:34:26 <regnard> thanks dumitru
22:34:52 <bkerensa> yeah plus we would have to have a maple leaf on a NA site :P
22:34:52 <regnard> On line #17 of the community sites etherpad
22:35:01 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-community-sites-planning
22:35:26 <regnard> Let's do a quick pass of the recommended content topics for the sites
22:35:49 <bkerensa> regnard: If the sites are separate would it not be up to reps in the country to decide versus a joint NA reps decision?
22:36:04 <regnard> bkerensa
22:36:06 <regnard> tru
22:36:06 <bkerensa> or are we aiming for uniform?
22:36:08 <regnard> true
22:36:17 <regnard> they do not have to be the same
22:36:39 <regnard> but maybe it's good to get everyone's input on what would be good to put there
22:36:54 <regnard> I've included Prashish's suggested structure
22:37:15 <regnard> those are not final in any way
22:38:31 <dumitru> I commented
22:39:06 <regnard> thanks dumitru
22:41:44 <regnard> this would be a pretty long discussion, so let's continue hacking on the ep offline and discuss in Basecamp
22:41:59 <dumitru> yeah
22:42:07 <regnard> What would be a reasonable amount of time to develop the structure?
22:43:11 <regnard> In any case, I think a good goal is to have this done before the next meeting next month
22:43:13 <bkerensa> regnard: idk when people have time? People could do it today if they wanted I think it really comes down to someone owning the task and doing it.
22:43:21 <bkerensa> for both sites
22:43:28 <bkerensa> so someone in Canada and someone in the U.S.
22:43:31 <jennierose> +1 bkerensa
22:43:45 <bkerensa> as Pascall puts it.... just GyShiDo :P
22:43:48 <bkerensa> Pascal*
22:44:40 <regnard> ok, we can hack on the structure after the meeting proper
22:44:52 <regnard> anyone not OK with that?
22:45:20 <regnard> #action NA Reps to continue hacking on sites structure after the meeting
22:45:28 <jennierose> +1
22:45:42 <regnard> OK, let's move along our agenda, we have 15 mins
22:46:01 <regnard> is emma or jeff around?
22:46:28 <regnard> both of them have very good updates on the priority cities
22:46:31 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meeting-05-22-2014?
22:46:45 <regnard> Lines 20-40
22:47:02 <regnard> #topic Priority city update
22:47:17 <bkerensa> neither
22:47:25 <regnard> Anyone would like to share updates for Portland, Vancouver or Utah?
22:47:33 <bkerensa> I can do Portland
22:47:43 <regnard> thanks bkerensa
22:48:08 <bkerensa> Next month myself lsblakk and other Mozillians will be working to have a hack day at Open Source Bridge
22:48:18 <emmairwin> hi
22:48:27 <dumitru> hi emmairwin !!
22:48:29 <emmairwin> sorry guys had a late call
22:48:33 <emmairwin> OMG dumitru is here
22:48:47 <regnard> hi emma
22:48:49 <dumitru> yeah, working on my Q2 Goals and they suck
22:48:56 <dumitru> so I needed something to clear my mind
22:48:59 <bkerensa> In July myself, Alex Lakatos, Emma, Casey, Kensie and others will be manning a booth at OSCON, hosting multiple BoF's and giving a talk and possibly a office party for oscon attendees
22:49:01 <emmairwin> will join - sorry for interrupt
22:49:41 <bkerensa> We are working Dev Eng on the last so its not a rep activity purely and will focus more on pushing some Dev Eng and Marketing goals.
22:49:58 <bkerensa> thats all for Portland
22:50:02 <regnard> thanks bkerensa
22:50:25 <jms> bkerensa: so, you are talking to rchau and sakinagroth about that? good to hear
22:50:27 <regnard> emma anything to add to your etherpad udpate for Vancouver?
22:50:33 <emmairwin> checking..
22:50:43 <bkerensa> jms: yes I am working with Robyn, Shez directly and other teams yep
22:50:53 <bkerensa> trying to tap as many budgets as we can to make it all work :)
22:52:20 <emmairwin> doing update right in pad
22:52:38 <regnard> ok, let's refer to the etherpad for priority city update on Vancouver
22:52:52 <regnard> Moving along
22:53:01 <regnard> #topic Community Building
22:53:37 <regnard> in the etherpad, there are also some items on community building in various locales
22:53:56 <regnard> anyone would like to add or raise points?
22:54:25 <regnard> all right moving along
22:54:32 <regnard> #topic Next Meetup
22:54:51 <regnard> We planned to have our next NA Reps meetup in Portland this September
22:55:41 <regnard> In the etherpad, there is interest in setting a date
22:55:53 <Logan> no east coast love? :P
22:56:01 <regnard> Any thoughts on the date for the meetup?
22:56:16 <regnard> The recommended is 2 days, ideally on a weekend
22:56:20 <bkerensa> regnard:  So I think first step we would need to try and have a chat with council and program leads to ensure funding will be feasible
22:56:34 <emmairwin> the only thought I have is that our Hive Popup date wil l likely be in August , so don't want conflict
22:56:56 <bkerensa> My understanding is that funding for ReMo is not nearly as much as last fiscal year and that right now their are already some tightness.
22:57:01 <regnard> bkerensa, we can do that in parallel to the dates
22:57:30 <emmairwin> you are correct on funding
22:57:51 <bkerensa> regnard: as in we may very possibly not even get green light and might want to check before planning?
22:58:12 <regnard> ok, will do that
22:58:37 <regnard> emma, any quick insight on the matter, since you're on Council right now?
22:58:51 <emmairwin> Rep numbers in North America have increased by a few recently, so expense wil lbe greater this time.
22:58:57 <regnard> thanks
22:59:08 <regnard> #action refer to Council re: meetup funding
22:59:18 <emmairwin> yes, I am on council. I don't have a sense of budget priority as it relates to meetups like this.  but will let you know.  best send something soon
22:59:50 <regnard> OK, thanks emma
23:00:04 <regnard> Final stretch
23:00:09 <regnard> #topic other updates
23:00:46 <regnard> I have one quick update, in Toronto we had the only NA Firefox Australis launch party and it was a success-- 100+ people attended
23:00:50 <regnard> good feedback too
23:00:57 <jennierose> regnard I was there!
23:00:59 <jennierose> :)
23:01:08 <regnard> No way!
23:01:16 <bkerensa> there was one in Portland too
23:01:19 <bkerensa> and SF
23:01:28 <bkerensa> actually all offices had parties technically so multiple in NA
23:01:29 <bkerensa> :)
23:01:30 <emmairwin> and Vancouver
23:01:31 <jennierose> if there are any other reps in North Carolina, I am presenting at the NC Make Faire
23:01:40 <regnard> thanks for the correction
23:01:45 <emmairwin> What are you presenting jennierose?
23:02:06 <regnard> But I was referring to Engagement-initiated community events
23:02:18 <regnard> There's a blog post at the Toronto site
23:02:32 <regnard> and you can also look for #firefoxtoronto on Twitter for photos
23:02:48 <jennierose> emmairwin Webmaker and Popcorn
23:02:55 <regnard> if anyone is interested in chairing meetings, please go to
23:02:56 <Kensie_> Sorry guys, the meeting cal doesn't go to my phone
23:03:08 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-monthly-meeting-chair
23:03:10 <jennierose> I haven't heard back yet but I'm hoping I get accepted!
23:03:15 <emmairwin> ah cool, we should connect at some point - Helen and I are presenting at Vancouver Makerfaire 'Makers as Mentors' with Webmaker tools as well
23:03:32 <emmairwin> sure you will
23:03:33 <regnard> and we are done!
23:03:49 <regnard> any final questions?
23:03:58 <emmairwin> great - have to run!  sorry I was late, client calls always seem to go late.
23:04:18 <regnard> Hi Kensie_
23:04:29 <regnard> so we are done for the meeting proper
23:04:33 <bkerensa> Kensie_:  Call me maybe?
23:04:41 <regnard> let's continue hacking on the site content structure
23:04:51 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-community-sites-planning
23:05:01 <regnard> Thanks everyone!
23:05:05 <regnard> #endmeeting