22:18:24 <jms> #startmeeting
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22:19:53 <jms> ping lsblakk ckoehler dcamp garrettn jshultz mekki  Are you joining the North Am Reps meeting?
22:20:09 <lsblakk> sorry, can't today
22:20:20 <dcamp> is that now?  I'm in harassment training
22:20:41 <jms> dcamp: we postponed from last week, because of OSCON
22:20:55 <jms> We will publish notes in any case
22:21:21 <jms> #topic Vancouver Hive Popup
22:21:30 <jms> hlee: This is yours, right?
22:21:49 <hlee> yes, we'd like to invite NA reps to come help out at the Vancouver Hive Popup
22:22:02 <hlee> Pop-Up is Sunday, October 5th.  For those interested in helping out please fill out this application form by August 21.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZRMq6L8-no_Xu4Q_2I30aiV5ImZWGus1s3OCbXZ5orw/viewform
22:22:42 <hlee> we have some budget for reps travel/accommodation and are looking for a few reps to come help teach at the event.  perhaps 1 more rep to help with delegating rep travel/lodging/food...etc.
22:23:43 <williamr> ?
22:24:09 <jms> williamr: go
22:25:09 <williamr> hlee: great event! Have many Reps do you still need to help with your event? Have you reached out to individual Reps? If not, we can also message all NA Reps and ask who is available.
22:25:18 <williamr> eom
22:25:18 <Kensie> ?
22:25:18 <emmairwin> I can only passively participate as I'm at an event
22:25:27 <jms> Kensie: go
22:25:47 <Kensie> hlee: what skills do you need at the event, ie what do you need people to teach?
22:25:49 <Kensie> eom
22:26:00 <hlee> I am the only local rep in Vancouver.  and we are looking to bring 4 more teaching reps + 1 rep to help with rep travels
22:27:07 <hlee> skills are webmaker skills, ideally reps who have hosted maker parties...etc.
22:28:04 <jms> I think wiliamr's suggestion to message all NA Reps is good. You can also search the Reps portal for those who are tagged with "webmaker"
22:28:18 <jms> Adding to the minutes
22:28:20 <hlee> Ok, I can do that.  is that via Basecamp to message all NA reps?
22:28:29 <hlee> sorry I'm like a super newbie rep
22:28:30 <jms> #info Pop-Up is Sunday, October 5th.  For those interested in helping out please fill out this application form by August 21.
22:28:43 <jms> #link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZRMq6L8-no_Xu4Q_2I30aiV5ImZWGus1s3OCbXZ5orw/viewform
22:28:50 <williamr> #link https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/3638821-north-american-reps
22:29:14 <jms> #info we are looking to bring 4 more teaching reps + 1 rep to help with rep travels; skills are webmaker skills, ideally reps who have hosted maker parties...etc.
22:29:53 <jms> Any more comments or questions about the Vancouver Hive Popup?
22:30:07 <williamr> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/area/webmaker/
22:30:13 <bkerensa> hi
22:30:41 <hlee> I'm done. thanks everyone!
22:30:42 <williamr> hlee: yes, create a new message on the NA Reps basecamp and it will message the Reps there
22:30:59 <hlee> @williamr thank you
22:31:07 <Kensie> !
22:31:09 <jms> #topic Community Leadership Summit report-back
22:31:26 <Kensie> That's me!
22:32:27 <Kensie> Emma and I went to the CLS, which bkerensa helped organize
22:32:28 <emmairwin> helen - did you ask for someone to help organize rep attendance, budget request etc ?
22:32:40 <emmairwin> sorry - that was last topic
22:33:41 <Kensie> Np.
22:34:02 <Kensie> So I got a lot of really good takeaways from the sessions I went to, I know Emma did as well.
22:34:25 <Kensie> In terms of in the meeting, what I wanted to mention was how valuable it was to attend, I'd recommend every Rep try to get to a CLS event
22:35:00 <Kensie> And the second thing is that they are trying to plan more regional events, a la Ted X. Mike Hoye volunteered to plan one in Toronto.
22:35:21 <Kensie> I know there were many other NA cities mentioned.
22:35:51 <bkerensa> I'm going to encourage the CBT team to consider planning their next meet up along CLS in Portland. I think CBT could benefit from learning some of the best practices being shared and experiences of other communities
22:35:56 <Kensie> It was really great being able to share knowledge with the audience that showed up. It's not just open source groups, but also other groups that work with volunteers.
22:36:55 <Kensie> !action Kensie to share more info about CLS X locations on basecamp
22:37:09 <Kensie> oops
22:37:11 <bkerensa> It makes sense if were already flying staff and community somewhere each year for community building that we try and tie in with an event like CLS so community and staff can learn and share.
22:37:14 <Kensie> #action Kensie to share more info about CLS X locations on basecamp
22:38:36 <Kensie> That's it, unless anyone had questions.
22:39:41 <jms> OK, let's talk about #topic Mozilla Apps Day at Oregon State next
22:40:17 <jms> bkerensa?
22:40:34 <bkerensa> So I have talked with Dietrich Ayala, Ben Kero, Christie Koehler, Lance Albertson and Emily Dunham
22:40:44 <bkerensa> about having an Apps Day or Hack Day like event at OSU
22:41:05 <bkerensa> OSU is very interested of course and so I am now working with some local and non-local startups to invite them to participate
22:41:27 <bkerensa> such as offering awards (Cash Prizes and other stuff) for best apps and sending talent to show people API's
22:41:57 <bkerensa> ideally we would try and get folks to make Firefox OS apps during the event and the participating startups would provide additional support in hopes of getting apps built using their web API's
22:42:07 <bkerensa> so hoping for this maybe fall or even January
22:42:22 <bkerensa> no date yet as I have to work around a lot of people's schedules and conventions :)
22:42:46 <jms> There are a lot of events all over the place this fall
22:42:51 <bkerensa> indeed
22:43:04 <bkerensa> but summer is out of question in Portland since its our conference season
22:43:11 <bkerensa> and everyone local is unavailable
22:43:41 <jms> bkerensa: Do you need help from this group?
22:43:59 <bkerensa> Well bkero and ckoehler are my menthes so I think they would be the support I would need
22:44:00 <bkerensa> :)
22:44:05 <bkerensa> and they already are interested
22:44:17 <Kensie> !
22:44:22 <bkerensa> !
22:44:25 <jms> Kensie: go
22:45:09 <Kensie> I would suggest going with the later date, there is so much going on in the fall, and even if you don't need our help, we could use yours. For example the Vancouver pop-up. We should avoid competing if we can.
22:45:26 <jms> bkerensa: go
22:45:42 <jms> oh, sorry, Kensie are you done?
22:45:47 <Kensie> I am :)
22:45:49 <Kensie> eom!
22:46:15 <jms> bkerensa: go
22:46:22 <praash> sounds exciting!
22:46:25 <bkerensa> I will take that into consideration
22:47:23 <bkerensa> thats all I have
22:47:41 <jms> bkerensa: OK, thanks
22:47:54 <Kensie> !
22:48:05 <jms> Kensie: go
22:48:20 <bkerensa> !
22:48:37 <Kensie> Thanks! It just occured to me that we should put these events in the Basecamp calendar, even if they're tentative, tht way we have somewhere to track commitments
22:48:49 <Kensie> so we should include the Reps Camp and Mozfest etc.
22:48:49 <Kensie> eom
22:49:07 <jms> bkerensa: go
22:49:25 <jms> #action jms will add events to Basecamp calendar
22:50:49 <jms> Note that we have <10 minutes left in the meeting
22:50:57 <bkerensa> So I was going to add
22:51:10 <bkerensa> that if these are successful I would like to do more in other locales
22:51:16 <bkerensa> Kansas City was a city on my list ;)
22:52:46 <jms> Anything else on App Hack Days?
22:54:07 <jms> We have 3 agenda items left: Action items review, Next planning session, and MozDrive
22:54:37 <jms> #info MozDrive starts tomorrow!
22:54:42 <jms> Good luck to praash !
22:54:53 <praash> !
22:54:57 <jms> praash: go!
22:55:00 <bkerensa> good luck
22:55:05 <bkerensa> praash: see you in Portland :)
22:55:28 <praash> Thanks a lot! I’ll be starting MozDrive tomorrow. I’m really excited about the whole trip.
22:55:45 <jms> Should we schedule another meeting to review action items and set a next planning session?
22:56:05 <praash> I’ll be sharing picture and blog posts throughout the event. Do follow and share them. :)
22:56:45 <jms> praash: I'm looking forward to following your progress :-)
22:56:51 <praash> bkenrensa: Sure. I’ll message you once I reach Portland.
22:57:09 <praash> https://twitter.com/mozdrive
22:57:10 <praash> :)
22:57:14 <Kensie> jms: for action item review, if people could use the reminder to go over their things, and anything they can't do anymore, or think shouldn't be done, please say so on basecamp
22:57:15 <bkerensa> Do we have any thoughts on using Vidyo for meetings? Seems like it might be faster and also is more standard?
22:57:28 <praash> eom
22:57:33 <bkerensa> also we can record!
22:57:58 <Kensie> bkerensa: we had been using vidyo, I forget what the issues were, but people prefered IRC
22:58:16 <bkerensa> Hmm
22:58:42 <jms> Was there a Basecamp discussion about it?
22:58:48 <bkerensa> I think iirc someone complained that vidyo was not open source so regnard suggested irc
22:58:52 <bkerensa> no consensus iirc
22:59:06 <bkerensa> that same person also left the reps program
22:59:26 <Kensie> I forget where it was discussed
22:59:30 <bkerensa> here
22:59:32 <Kensie> it wasn't because of that
22:59:38 <bkerensa> It wasn't ?
22:59:38 <jms> I know for MDN and DevRel, we use IRC because it's better for non-native English speakers
22:59:47 <jms> But that's less of an issue for this group
22:59:48 <Kensie> I think because of the timing many people have other things going on, and IRC is easier
23:00:17 <jms> Since we're out of time, let's take these discussions to Basecamp :-)
23:00:17 <Kensie> Like if I have to do my day job at the same time, it's easy for me to switch back and forth. If we use Vidyo I have to pay full attention or I"ll miss things, no scrollback!
23:00:34 <Kensie> I think emma has issues with finding a quiet place
23:00:49 <bkerensa> https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/3638821/messages/25563260#comment_157609782
23:03:42 <jms> #action jms will start Basecamp discussions on remaining agenda items
23:03:52 <jms> Any final thoughts?
23:04:47 <praash> #action praash will give regular update on MozDrive
23:05:18 <jms> praash: :-)
23:05:46 <jms> Thanks everybody!
23:05:52 <jms> #endmeeting