15:15:23 <pierros> #startmeeting ReMo Council meeting 2012-04-01
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15:15:26 <Lucy> well like I said, I think we can decide how new council members are nominated and voted for
15:15:34 <pierros> #chair williamq
15:15:34 <remobot> Current chairs: pierros williamq
15:15:35 <Lucy> and we can set that "in stone"
15:15:49 <deimidis> Lucy, new council was  suggested with  representative for each region in mind
15:15:58 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20120401
15:16:00 <Lucy> I think if we're worried about council being undemocratic then we shouldn't just hand it off
15:16:10 <Lucy> there needs to be some guideline for the next council
15:16:24 <williamq> I thought we had agreed that this new council would be designated by us
15:16:38 <williamq> and that together, we'd decide on the next council would be voted for
15:16:43 <Lucy> sure, but what does the next council do?
15:16:52 <williamq> that would be a central topic of disucssion during our Mozilla Reps summit
15:16:56 <Lucy> that's wht i was talking about in wanting to have a bit more of the structure down
15:17:07 <williamq> the next council will eventually do what we currently do
15:17:16 <Lucy> right, and I'm ok if we make it a goal to formalize the process with the next council before we hand off completely
15:17:24 <Lucy> no, what I mean is when do they switch?
15:17:37 <Lucy> or will they do the same as us and eventually decide it's probably time
15:17:42 <williamq> we identified a 3 month transition period
15:17:43 <kinger> One of the large tasks of new council is to figure out the voting system for electing councils moving forward
15:18:02 <pierros> kinger: +1
15:18:02 <Lucy> ok so long as that's clear and has a deadline
15:18:03 <williamq> where current council members shadow and mentor new council members
15:18:10 <pierros> #topic Next Council
15:18:19 <williamq> maybe 3 months is a bit too long
15:18:26 <williamq> should we reduce the transition period to 2 months maybe?
15:18:41 <kinger> We could play it by ear, but 2 months should be enough
15:18:47 <Nukeador> yep
15:18:47 <williamq> ok
15:18:54 <Lucy> i guess it depends on how long we want the next council to last
15:19:03 <williamq> i think it should last 1 yea
15:19:04 <Lucy> if they'r ein for a year 3 months should be fine
15:19:05 <williamq> year
15:19:11 <williamq> yeah
15:19:13 <Lucy> and I'm sure we'll naturally back off
15:19:22 <williamq> i see the transtion begin as early as this week
15:19:26 <Lucy> there's a lot to do!
15:19:26 <pierros> yeap
15:19:30 <williamq> and then build up until the mozilla reps summit
15:19:33 <deimidis> having in mind our time perssperctive and reality, we could say 2 months, but it will be 3 with luck :)
15:19:38 <williamq> and the "official handoff" will occur then
15:19:41 <williamq> does that make sense?
15:19:52 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:19:55 <Lucy> yes
15:20:02 <williamq> ok
15:20:10 <deimidis> williamq, +1
15:20:23 <williamq> so, next step is for me to reach out to each designated council member we chose in Athens
15:20:37 <pierros> #agreed We start transition to next council asap and finalize it in ReMo Summit
15:20:49 <williamq> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/athensGovernance
15:21:35 <williamq> can everyone look at the list of council member nominees please?
15:22:55 <deimidis> williamq, if we take out all of no mentors, we don't have enough :)
15:23:31 <williamq> yeah, which is why i think we need to have some who aren't mentors
15:23:41 <Nukeador> yes
15:23:49 <kinger> One thing that stands out to me is that most of the nominees do not have as much (in years) Moz experience that the current council has
15:24:00 <Lucy> well, if we're having a 3 month transition we could wait to shift everyone
15:24:09 <williamq> Benoit Leseul for instance is most definitely experienced enough and familiar enough with rEMo to sit on the council
15:24:13 <kinger> This is not necessarily a bad things, fresh perspective and all
15:24:30 <williamq> he's by far the most active Rep in  french speaking communities
15:24:45 <kinger> williamq : I think they all are good enough to be on the council
15:24:50 <williamq> i think we need all council members to start at the same time
15:24:56 <deimidis> Clauber is not a mentor, but the most experienced in LATAM in this list
15:25:02 <Lucy> I'm a little worried regnard won't have time
15:25:25 <kinger> Kalman is also busy I think
15:25:30 <pierros> Lucy: I am also worried about most of those nominees in terms of commitment the can make to the project
15:25:39 <williamq> yes, if we came up with these names in Athens, it's because we all thought each one was council-ready
15:25:58 <williamq> Lucy: indeed if Regnard is too busy, then we should not consider him
15:26:02 <kinger> I bet they would all step up their game as needed on the council
15:26:03 <Lucy> well we should ask him
15:26:03 <pierros> we need to specify to them that this involves a serious time commitment
15:26:08 <Lucy> my concern is he might say no
15:26:13 <Lucy> and there is no other nominee in NA
15:26:30 <Lucy> but I would be happy if we made it goal #2 of new council to set up the regional coordinators
15:26:43 <Lucy> that would solve that problem for me
15:26:53 <williamq> Lucy: yes
15:27:07 <Lucy> and help reduce council's "chores"
15:27:07 <williamq> I agree, that should be a goal
15:27:22 <williamq> well, mentors certainly help with that already
15:27:47 <williamq> which is why at this point, I suggest focusing on mentors as that management layer under the council
15:28:01 <williamq> and as the program grows in scale, we'll introduce the regioanl coordinator layer accordingly
15:28:20 <williamq> it's definitely something the new council will need to set up for sure
15:28:53 <Lucy> I could make the case for doing it asap, but that can wait to discuss with the new council :)
15:29:26 <williamq> agreed :)
15:29:39 <pierros> Lucy: +1
15:30:16 <williamq> E Henrik Mitsch (Swiss) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Henx MENTOR
15:30:17 <williamq> MEA Alex Wafula (Kenya) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Xelawafs MENTOR
15:30:17 <williamq> MEA Majda Nafissa (Algeria) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Majda_Nafissa MENTOR
15:30:17 <williamq> NA Regnard Raquedan (Canada) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Regnard MENTOR
15:30:17 <williamq> E Kálmán "KAMI" Szalai (Hungary) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Kami911
15:30:17 <williamq> LATAM Clauber Stipkovic (Brazil) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Clauber.halic
15:30:18 <williamq> E Benoit Leseul (Belgium) https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:BenoitL
15:31:09 <williamq> this is the final list of nominees I see at this point
15:31:51 <Lucy> still nice and spread out
15:31:57 <williamq> although there is over-representation in europe
15:32:13 <williamq> and no spanish speaking council member
15:32:20 <kinger> Why is Gloria ruled out?
15:32:31 <williamq> she just joined as a mentor
15:32:50 <kinger> Oh, new mentors are ruled out?
15:32:57 <pierros> williamq: some are not even mentors
15:32:58 <williamq> not necessarily
15:33:10 <williamq> pierros: i know, we just discussed that
15:33:11 <Nukeador> New mentors should be OK
15:33:15 <deimidis> but Clauber is not a mentor (and I repeat I think he's a great candidate to be a council member)
15:33:46 <williamq> i'm totally fine having Gloria on board
15:33:48 <kinger> yes part of council members job is to be a mentor anyway, no?
15:33:55 <williamq> it's just that she was one of the 10 new mentors we've been training
15:33:57 <pierros> williamq: I know.. I am just saying the ruling out Gloria makes no sense :)
15:34:06 <Lucy> kinger: I don't think they have time myself
15:34:07 <pierros> (if she is OK with the commitment)
15:34:10 <williamq> so it might be a bit confusing to tell her now, actually, you're joining the council
15:34:17 <williamq> but again, i'm totally fine with it
15:34:27 <kinger> Lucy : true, we discussed that and lightening the load for council members
15:34:47 <kinger> Hard to find a balance
15:34:49 <kinger> hmmm
15:35:37 <deimidis> williamq, I agree with you, but also seems strange invite direct Clauber to the council
15:35:40 <williamq> so who should Gloria replace if she joins the council?
15:35:49 <deimidis> williamq, me
15:36:08 <Lucy> lol
15:36:11 <williamq> deimidis: no, i mean on the list of new council nominees
15:36:12 <deimidis> or Clauber like the «new» LATAM
15:36:31 <deimidis> or the Over Europe people :P
15:36:38 <kinger> Mayhe she could be in the queue if anyone says no
15:36:48 <kinger> e.g. Kami might be too busy
15:36:49 <Lucy> we could make Gloria the first regional coordinator ;)
15:36:56 <williamq> yes :)
15:37:00 <williamq> i think that makes sense
15:37:13 <kinger> We need to have 2-3 backup
15:37:25 <pierros> kinger: +1
15:37:40 <deimidis> kinger, and Lucy +1
15:38:04 <Lucy> but we do need some backups. Should we decide who now, or should we pick them based on who says no?
15:38:22 <williamq> +1
15:38:25 <Lucy> (if anyone says no)
15:38:45 <williamq> apart from regnard and kami, i don't think anyone will say no
15:38:56 <williamq> but yes, let's find 3 backups
15:39:06 <kinger> wilyranda
15:39:10 <kinger> ?
15:39:26 <deimidis> willyaranda +1
15:39:29 <Nukeador> Yes, he's one of the long time contributors
15:39:35 <williamq> +1
15:40:05 <kinger> Marcelo?
15:40:36 <Lucy> we don't have any NA or MEA backups, but then there are 3 MEA on the new council if they all accept, so that should be ok
15:40:43 <williamq> Marcelo might not be as experienced though
15:41:01 <williamq> he's fantastic but has not been in the community for that long
15:41:08 <williamq> still, +1 from me
15:41:46 <Lucy> ok not 3 melek isn't on the list
15:42:01 <kinger> Can we have another Moz employee? e.g. Lsblakk
15:42:09 <Rami> we can't put it as a backup
15:42:33 <Rami> *her
15:42:46 <Lucy> I don't think lukas would have time, and I think the point was no employees
15:42:53 <williamq> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/new-council-nominees
15:44:02 <Lucy> that looks good to me, it would be nice if the backups were more diverse, but I think they're all good
15:45:03 <williamq> yeah, definitely not perfect
15:45:04 * pierros is a time keeper that needs to point out that we are well out of time for this subject
15:45:10 <williamq> ok :)
15:45:19 <williamq> so next steps:
15:45:21 <Rami> :d
15:45:32 <williamq> I will reach out individually to each council member like i did for new mentors
15:45:46 <williamq> i'll share the email on an etherpad before i send it out
15:45:52 <williamq> so everyone can tweak it
15:46:05 <kinger> sounds good
15:46:08 <williamq> once i've reached out to everyone, i'll keep everyone posted on the status
15:46:18 <williamq> ok, let's move to out bi-weekly checklist
15:46:28 <williamq> Pierros, can you take over?
15:46:34 <williamq> i need to answer the phone
15:46:34 <williamq> brb
15:46:47 <pierros> ok have we cleared this topic?
15:46:51 <kinger> yep
15:47:03 <pierros> ok moving on:
15:47:03 <Rami> yup
15:47:17 <pierros> #topic Council Bugs
15:47:31 <pierros> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Bugs
15:47:40 <pierros> Lucy: any updates?
15:47:58 <Lucy> pierros: no, we haven't had much activity or adding new bugs, so we can still just go through this list
15:48:35 <pierros> OK lets go:
15:48:47 <pierros> 721806 still no action on my side
15:48:52 <pierros> (need to do that this week)
15:49:21 <pierros> the https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686548 is basically a meta bug
15:49:58 <Lucy> sort of, it's also a bug for a meta page
15:49:58 <pierros> on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686546 Vineel needs to get back to us
15:50:22 <pierros> #action pierros completes 721806
15:50:25 <kinger> 686546 will also need consultation from new council
15:51:14 <pierros> #info for 686546 we need new council's consulation
15:51:33 <Lucy> remember it's not about voting for new council, it's for when council votes on something
15:51:33 <pierros> same holds for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686539
15:51:42 <pierros> Lucy: yeap :)
15:51:48 <williamq> yep :)
15:51:56 <pierros> vouching we need to discuss if it is still relevant
15:51:58 <kinger> oh indeed
15:51:58 <pierros> williamq: ?
15:52:10 <williamq> yeah, i'm on it this week
15:52:27 <williamq> running behind :(
15:52:50 <kinger> Good news on 691477, I now have something to show the world!
15:52:51 <williamq> I think it's still relevant
15:52:57 <williamq> nice!!!!
15:52:58 <kinger> Only 9 months behind :)
15:52:59 <williamq> yay!!! hurrah!!!
15:53:00 <Lucy> :D
15:53:09 <pierros> kinger: :)
15:53:15 <kinger> I'll send it out later today or tomorrow for initial feedback
15:53:17 <pierros> #action williamq to work on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686539
15:53:25 <williamq> kinger: fantastic!
15:53:27 <pierros> #action kinger to send update on Addon
15:53:40 <kinger> after that, + a round of feedback integration and bug fixes, we can publicly release
15:53:42 <Lucy> can you mark on the bugs that are waiting for new council that they're waiting for new council?
15:53:43 <pierros> OK that was the list for now :)
15:53:48 <Lucy> we should probably file a bug to make new council ;)
15:53:57 <pierros> lucy can you make it?
15:54:05 <Lucy> #action lucy to file bug on new council
15:54:10 <Lucy> did it work?
15:54:16 <pierros> yeap
15:54:19 <Lucy> :D
15:54:39 <pierros> moving on?
15:54:44 <williamq> yes
15:54:47 <pierros> #topic Community IT
15:55:09 <pierros> Lucy: and Nukeador did meet (but I wasnt there…) any updates?
15:55:12 <pierros> actions that we need?
15:55:20 <Lucy> just in the email i sent
15:55:23 <Nukeador> Yep
15:55:32 <Nukeador> Basically that
15:55:39 <Lucy> council needs to decide how loose or stringent we want to be
15:55:47 <pierros> bug?
15:55:50 <pierros> :)
15:56:11 <kinger> #action decide how restrictive we want to be and how
15:56:12 <kinger> to screen for good applicants
15:56:21 <Lucy> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726635 but I didn't update the bug ;)
15:56:49 <kinger> #action decide how restrictive we want to be and how to screen for good applicants
15:56:56 <pierros> #undo
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15:56:58 <pierros> #undo
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15:57:06 <pierros> #action decide how restrictive we want to be and how to screen for good applicants
15:57:20 <pierros> #action Lucy to update https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726635
15:57:31 <pierros> ok anything more on that?
15:57:41 <Nukeador> Well
15:57:47 <Nukeador> We should agree something
15:58:02 <Lucy> yes, it would be nice if we could discuss it a minute
15:58:05 <Nukeador> Are Reps needed?
15:58:11 <Nukeador> For me, yes
15:58:19 <pierros> yeap indeed
15:58:25 <pierros> all agreed?
15:58:40 <Lucy> I am unsure
15:58:53 <Lucy> because this isn't a reps program
15:59:11 <pierros> yeap but reps can provide the commitment we want
15:59:19 <Lucy> but so can other community members
15:59:22 <deimidis> Reps for administrative task? or if it should be propose by a Rep?
15:59:29 <Nukeador> propose
15:59:29 <Lucy> proposed by a rep
15:59:37 <kinger> Rep as vouncher only?
15:59:41 <Nukeador> Admin task can be delegated to IT
15:59:58 <Nukeador> kinger, Rep as a contact person, voucher... etc
15:59:58 <pierros> Nukeador: +1
16:00:08 <williamq> Nukeador: +1
16:00:12 <kinger> Although in many communities Reps are far removed from the work of the main Moz community there
16:00:20 <williamq> example?
16:00:25 <pierros> kinger: that is our chance to fix this
16:00:25 <kinger> Italy?
16:00:43 <pierros> and get the message across : ONE MOZILLA :)
16:00:52 <pierros> no island
16:00:55 <pierros> islands*
16:01:06 <williamq> by definition a Rep needs to be closely involved in the activities of his/her community
16:01:12 <williamq> pierros: +1
16:01:17 <kinger> yes, but at the same time we want to encourage diversity
16:01:22 <Rami> +1
16:01:33 <williamq> kinger: fair point :)
16:01:36 <pierros> kinger: divesity <> local rivarlies
16:01:51 <kinger> == sometimes, != other times
16:01:53 <Lucy> so the other aspect i also wanted to discuss is the small sites
16:02:02 <deimidis> Nukeador, +1
16:02:05 <Nukeador> And also we need to be all on the same page when there are conflicts like two requests from same community
16:02:08 <kinger> But in general I agree we need to be encouraging collaboration in communities
16:02:18 <Lucy> how established do we want a project to be before we say mozilla should pay for it?
16:02:41 <Nukeador> Lucy, having a Rep for me should be enough
16:02:46 <Lucy> :)
16:02:59 <Nukeador> That means that they have active people that really know mozilla
16:03:02 <deimidis> me too
16:03:13 <Nukeador> We trust reps
16:03:17 <Lucy> and I respect that. But they might want to start a new project, and it doesn't take off, or they abandon it for another
16:03:20 <deimidis> is there communities that doesn't have Reps?
16:03:34 <pierros> deimidis: hardly one
16:03:45 <williamq> I think the Danish community
16:03:53 <kinger> Australia + NZ
16:03:54 <williamq> actually, no, they have ne
16:03:55 <williamq> one
16:04:01 <Lucy> I think if we want to pay for a first site then it should be to an established or organized community
16:04:07 <Nukeador> Lucy, but we should trust reps, it's like another budget request
16:04:08 <williamq> +1
16:04:19 <Nukeador> Lucy, of course
16:05:17 <pierros> +1
16:05:57 <Lucy> but it's not quite the same, because it's not a one off event
16:06:05 * williamq need to pack my bags and head off to the airport - bye everyone! i'll catch up with Pierros later
16:06:17 <Lucy> williamq: good flight! I will reply to your email :)
16:06:28 <pierros> williamq: safe flight dude!
16:06:32 <Lucy> so williamq pierros you are +1ing for automatic yes to reps?
16:06:33 <Nukeador> Lucy, I think that we should evaluate case by case
16:06:41 <deimidis> williamq, good flight
16:06:44 <pierros> Lucy: I am
16:06:59 <Lucy> ok
16:07:14 <Nukeador> And ask council if we are unsure, like big budgets
16:07:14 * williamq thanks and waves to everyone :)
16:07:19 <Lucy> :)
16:07:33 <Nukeador> If the reps is asking for something big and we are unsure, ask the rest of the council
16:07:50 <kinger> pierros, you need to send a new moderator command?
16:08:09 <Lucy> Nukeador: yes, I guess we should figure out what we agree on
16:08:10 <pierros> no really :)
16:08:12 <Nukeador> Here it's complicated because there are too many factors to evaluate
16:08:19 <pierros> #chair kinger
16:08:19 <remobot> Current chairs: kinger pierros williamq
16:08:34 <Nukeador> Let decide if we agree on the rep requirement
16:08:37 <Nukeador> Let's
16:09:03 <Lucy> I think it should be a yes to a rep for an existing or organized project
16:09:03 <pierros> I am +1 for it
16:09:07 <pierros> anyone else?
16:09:15 <Lucy> and we should go to council for good candidates that aren't reps
16:09:20 <Lucy> or reps that want to start something new
16:09:23 <kinger> ok +1
16:09:27 <Nukeador> yes
16:09:29 <Nukeador> I agree
16:09:33 <deimidis> I agree
16:09:56 <Rami> ok
16:10:00 <Lucy> ok I'll write it up, including some clarifying language on what I mean by existing and organized and then you guys can yay or nay
16:10:09 <pierros> #agreed there needs to be a Rep for a Community IT request to be approved
16:10:20 <pierros> (preliminary)
16:10:42 <pierros> Lucy: ok?
16:10:49 <Lucy> yes :)
16:11:14 <pierros> ok moving on?
16:11:20 <kinger> go
16:11:23 <pierros> any outstanding IT requests?
16:11:32 <Lucy> I believe so
16:11:34 <Nukeador> India
16:11:47 <pierros> link? :S
16:11:47 <kinger> I think we approved that via the list
16:12:04 <Nukeador> Most of us agreed
16:12:07 <Nukeador> Some pending
16:12:21 <Nukeador> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686723
16:12:24 <Nukeador> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=686723#c13
16:12:40 <pierros> +1 for me
16:12:45 <Nukeador> Lucy and kinger have to vote
16:12:55 <Lucy> reading :)
16:12:55 <pierros> :)
16:12:58 <pierros> Lucy: kinger
16:13:15 <kinger> +1 for me
16:13:22 <Nukeador> and Rami
16:13:27 <pierros> Rami: ?
16:13:31 <Rami> yes
16:14:00 <Nukeador> If all we agree, we should put a comment on the bug pinging IT
16:14:06 <Lucy> yes, though Nukeador we should ask them to refile the bug so it's the way IT needs it
16:14:21 <Nukeador> uhm
16:14:45 <Rami> +1 from my side
16:14:45 <Lucy> with those questions from the wiki page etc
16:15:03 <pierros> #action Nukeador advises on refiling the Indian IT bug to comply with request by IT team
16:15:19 <Nukeador> ok
16:16:00 <Lucy> Nukeador: do you want to meet again on wednesday to formalize and go through the other open bugs?
16:16:01 <Nukeador> BTW
16:16:07 <Nukeador> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Hosting_and_Domain should be updated
16:16:13 <Nukeador> and moved to reps SOPs
16:16:15 <Nukeador> not admin
16:16:32 <Nukeador> Lucy, Wednesday is going to be complicated for me this week
16:16:32 <Lucy> file a bug!
16:16:37 <Lucy> Nukeador: ok we'll talk
16:17:10 <kinger> #action https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Hosting_and_Domain should be updated and moved to reps SOPs, not admin
16:17:15 <Lucy> #action Lucy and Nukeador meet again to go through open IT bugs
16:17:16 <pierros> kinger: nice :)
16:17:46 <Nukeador> We need a SOP about how to fill bugs for Remo program
16:18:07 <Nukeador> And https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Leaving should be moved to reps not admin
16:18:53 <Lucy> Nukeador: file bugs? :)
16:19:06 <pierros> #action pierros moves Leaving SOP to reps
16:19:08 <Lucy> we'll have some meat to have another triage meeting
16:19:43 <pierros> Lucy: true
16:19:45 <Nukeador> I can't find the fields IT needs
16:20:08 <Lucy> Nukeador: is there a form? if so we need to fix it
16:20:12 <Lucy> if not it's in the wiki page
16:20:23 <Nukeador> It's on a wiki page not related to remo I think
16:20:39 <Lucy> no, because it's not a remo project
16:21:03 <kinger> link?
16:21:20 <Lucy> https://wiki.mozilla.org/MCS:Hosting
16:21:26 <Lucy> it was in the email I sent you guys ;)
16:21:34 <kinger> indeed
16:21:37 <pierros> people can we handle this off meeting? :)
16:21:41 <kinger> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/MCS:Hosting
16:21:51 <Lucy> yeah, please reply to the community it meeting followup email !
16:22:24 <Nukeador> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741211
16:22:57 <pierros> thanks Lucy
16:22:59 <pierros> moving on?
16:23:11 <kinger> go
16:23:13 <Lucy> Nukeador: wrong link in comment #0 ;)
16:23:23 <Nukeador> Oppps
16:23:34 <Lucy> yes all done
16:24:39 <pierros> #topic WebDev update
16:24:48 <Rami> yay
16:24:59 <pierros> so we are pushing 0.2 to production this week :)
16:25:32 <pierros> test day was super nice
16:25:42 <pierros> and we are doing the training walkthrough this week
16:25:43 <pierros> :)
16:25:46 <pierros> any questions?
16:26:08 <kinger> Did you see my feedback mail on reps-mentors?
16:26:09 <Lucy> what is 0.2? (But i can wait for an email update)
16:26:40 <Lucy> oh right training :)
16:26:43 <pierros> Lucy: 0.2 of demo portal
16:26:45 <pierros> remo*
16:26:56 <Lucy> yeah I meant more what's in it, realized it was ambiguous after i sent
16:27:07 <pierros> kinger: yeap I will reply asap
16:27:48 <pierros> Lucy: on the email I said that it is Reports Dashboard and enhancements
16:27:48 <pierros> :)
16:28:03 <Lucy> well then i'll reread the email you already sent!
16:28:19 <Lucy> i know you mentioned being able to identify mozilla teams
16:28:27 <Lucy> so lots of goodness coming :)
16:28:44 <Nukeador> I'm thinking about having this meetings via audio, we would cover all points in 45 min. instead of 1:30h :P
16:28:56 <pierros> Nukeador: true
16:29:08 <pierros> but we can move quickly too via IRC
16:29:11 <Lucy> that is true, though I like being able to get up and come back
16:29:21 <Lucy> especially when it's first thing
16:29:30 <Lucy> on a phone call if I go make coffee i'll miss out
16:29:31 <Nukeador> I talked with william about using a mumble audio server so we can also record the meeting
16:29:47 <pierros> Nukeador: but no one would use the logs
16:29:48 <pierros> :)
16:30:02 <pierros> ok moving on?
16:30:07 <Nukeador> We'd also have an etherpad :P
16:30:27 <pierros> #topic Mentor Re-assigning
16:30:34 <pierros> who brought up the topic?
16:30:35 <pierros> :)
16:30:57 <Rami> :)
16:30:58 <deimidis> pierros, me
16:31:10 <pierros> deimidis: the floor is yours?
16:31:11 <pierros> :)
16:31:29 <deimidis> I was asked by Fernando Vargas to change my mentorship and give it to Marcelo Araldi
16:31:47 <deimidis> they live at the same city (Marcelo told Fernando to be a Rep)
16:32:28 <kinger> In general, we agreed to try and reassign reps to mentors geographically closer + also to lessen our workload
16:32:39 <deimidis> so, I agree with that change, my only concern is: do we have to decide another mentor or a mentee could search for his mentor? and, it's ok to change mentors
16:33:32 <Lucy> I think if all 3 parties are ok with the change it should just be done
16:33:45 <Lucy> but to make sure you change the bug and the wiki
16:34:01 <Lucy> and now the portal :)
16:34:24 <pierros> Lucy: true
16:34:40 <pierros> we need to amend the SOP
16:34:40 <pierros> can someone take this?
16:35:01 <Lucy> which SOP and I can do it, it'll be quick
16:35:43 <deimidis> I had to ask Marcelo, but I think he agreed too
16:36:00 <kinger> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring ?
16:36:04 <deimidis> pierros, is Mentor editable in the new portal? After first submit
16:36:28 <Lucy> kinger: yeah i wasn't sure if it should be there, or if there was a sub SOP
16:36:51 <Lucy> oh hey that section there we go :)
16:36:53 <pierros> deimidis: heap it is
16:36:55 <pierros> yeap*
16:37:52 <kinger> Lucy : personall I think it should be a sub-SOP
16:37:54 <deimidis> ok, we will make it then
16:38:38 <pierros> who shall take the action?
16:38:42 <kinger> Also, possibly merged with SOP for giving feedback about mentors
16:39:02 <Nukeador> I have to leave sorry
16:39:06 <Lucy> kinger: ok I'll add the content to the current doc, can you file the bug about forming the new SOP?
16:39:24 <kinger> Lucy : right now it is too hidden (changing mentors). It should be a Rep SOP, not a mentor SOP
16:39:37 <kinger> Lucy : wil do
16:39:48 <Lucy> kinger: yeah I can write it so it applies to rep/mentor, just have to write it 3rd person
16:40:17 <kinger> #action kinger to file a bug about re-organising mentor switching SOP stuff, for Lucy to act on
16:40:23 <pierros> ok cool
16:40:27 <pierros> moving on?
16:40:33 <pierros> I think we are done :)
16:40:39 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
16:40:50 <pierros> if there are no other items I will end this meeting in 1 min
16:40:51 <pierros> :)
16:41:43 <Rami> hehe
16:41:54 <Lucy> :{)
16:42:09 <pierros> ok people!
16:42:09 <Lucy> :{D
16:42:10 <kinger> :|}
16:42:14 <pierros> Thanks for the meeting!
16:42:18 <pierros> #endmeeting