15:05:35 <pierros> #startmeeting ReMo Council Meeting - 2012-04-29
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15:05:47 <pierros> #topic Agenda
15:05:56 <pierros> Hey all!
15:06:04 <pierros> Welcome once again in our biweekly meeting
15:06:11 <pierros> today's agenda can be found here:
15:06:43 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20120429
15:06:58 <pierros> So let's jump right in:
15:07:09 <pierros> #topic Location and dates of ReMo Summit
15:07:19 <pierros> Location is most probably set to Barcelona
15:07:36 <pierros> timing wise we do have some hard blockers around early summer but I am sure we can find a date
15:07:46 <pierros> (right before Tunisia meet up is a good date)
15:07:48 <pierros> Rami?
15:07:57 <Rami> ok i guess
15:08:04 <deimidis> pierros, what date is that?
15:08:05 <Rami> the week before?
15:08:13 <pierros> week of 25th June
15:08:25 <pierros> 22-24th of June
15:08:38 <pierros> don't mark your calendars yet
15:09:02 <pierros> we will follow up with a rough discussion on reps-general to evaluate the dates
15:09:05 <pierros> and then set them
15:09:20 <deimidis> pierros, will be all invited?
15:09:23 <Rami> you means mentors mailing list
15:09:30 <pierros> #action williamq and pierros kickstart discussion on dates of ReMo Summit
15:09:32 <vineel> yeah same doubt
15:09:47 <pierros> deimidis: I don't think so.. we are 230 active reps right now
15:09:58 <pierros> Rami: right!
15:10:05 <deimidis> so, like Rami said, mentors list
15:10:20 <pierros> we should invite council + mentors + key reps, but this is just my syggestion
15:10:39 <pierros> "key reps" is kinda debatable so we will see :)
15:10:40 <deimidis> definition of key reps is complicated :)
15:10:46 <pierros> deimidis: exactly
15:11:06 <deimidis> probably the list we had in the past
15:11:11 <deimidis> of probably mentors
15:11:18 <pierros> deimidis: true
15:11:24 <pierros> any more ideas on that?
15:11:52 <pierros> ok moving on:
15:11:59 <Rami> or may be the list for the mentors that we vote for on Athena
15:12:04 <pierros> #topic Action Items from previous meeting
15:12:24 <pierros> #link http://logs.mozillareps.org/remo-council/2012/remo-council.2012-04-15-15.00.html
15:12:24 <pierros> Lucy: ?
15:12:51 <pierros> Nukeador: ?
15:13:24 <pierros> any updates?
15:14:29 <pierros> according to the pad you did not have time for this so I am putting it as an action item once again:
15:14:40 <pierros> #action Lucy to review open IT bugs and email Nukeador
15:14:50 <pierros> Moving on to my action items:
15:14:55 <pierros> pierros creates an SOP for libravatar
15:15:15 <pierros> well I actually created a video walkthourgh: https://vimeo.com/41234165
15:15:18 <pierros> hope you liked it :0
15:15:25 <pierros> so this is done. next:
15:15:30 <deimidis> yes, good to see
15:15:44 <pierros> pierros completes 721806 with mail followup
15:15:56 <deimidis> I thught in making by myself, but time is not something that I have too much right now
15:16:01 <pierros> this is also completed (mail sent yesterday)
15:16:09 <pierros> deimidis: no worries :)
15:16:41 <pierros> bug 721806 is now resolved fixed
15:16:59 <pierros> and I still need to do my final one:
15:17:02 <pierros> #action pierros sends a mail with new additions and steps to mentors
15:17:31 <pierros> On william's action items, unfortunately william is not here for the meeting but will be back in action starting Tuesday
15:17:46 <pierros> Anything more people on action items?
15:18:22 <pierros> ok moving on:
15:18:31 <pierros> #topic Community IT requests
15:18:42 <pierros> India's request:
15:18:43 <pierros> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746710
15:18:55 <pierros> oops this is approved :)
15:19:09 <Rami> :)
15:19:19 <pierros> moving on to next one:
15:19:34 <pierros> Canada's
15:19:34 <pierros> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=720374
15:20:16 <pierros> I trust Regnard and Arzhel into selecting the right tier for them
15:20:21 <pierros> I say we approve that
15:20:23 <pierros> people?
15:20:40 <vineel> +1
15:20:54 <pierros> ping Lucy Rami Nukeador deimidis
15:21:16 <deimidis> +1 i was reading it
15:21:25 <pierros> k cool
15:21:37 <Rami> if the IT gurus are ok am ok too
15:21:42 <Rami> +1
15:22:51 <pierros> ok cool this is accepted then
15:23:03 <pierros> moving on to next one:
15:23:10 <pierros> Denmark:
15:23:11 <pierros> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741054
15:23:51 <pierros> sounds like a VM
15:23:59 <pierros> they do need access for that
15:24:21 <pierros> +1 for me for a really nice chance to revamp their site
15:24:39 <Rami> oh this will be nice too
15:24:42 <Rami> +1
15:25:01 <deimidis> +1
15:25:10 <vineel> +1
15:25:16 <pierros> Lucy: Nukeador ping
15:25:50 <pierros> ok this is also approved :)
15:25:51 <vineel> i remember we plan to have a team within the council to comment on technical requests
15:26:06 <pierros> vineel: if they get technical yes :)
15:26:17 <pierros> like Dataset host for media.xiph.org 740629
15:26:24 <pierros> I am not touching this :)
15:26:36 <vineel> right :)
15:26:54 <pierros> Finally: Turkey
15:26:55 <pierros> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740736
15:27:04 <pierros> Selim is a rep and he is asking for shared hosting
15:27:11 <pierros> which is cheap and easy
15:27:24 <pierros> proven rep, emerging community, easy yes for me :)
15:27:25 <pierros> +1
15:27:39 <deimidis> +1
15:27:52 <vineel> +1
15:28:02 <Rami> same for me
15:28:04 <Rami> +1
15:28:12 <pierros> ok !
15:28:32 <pierros> I also edited the bugs accordingly
15:28:48 <pierros> and that was it for the Community IT requests
15:28:50 <pierros> moving on:
15:29:13 <pierros> No budget requests pending over 500 USD
15:29:16 <pierros> so moving on:
15:29:22 <pierros> #topic Webdev update
15:29:38 <pierros> We are in the dev cycle of 0.2.5 which will be a patch-fix release
15:29:53 <deimidis> pierros, last question regarding budget, do we have some way to see budget used/not used of the project?
15:29:57 <pierros> to follow up with the development and point people to easy tasks you can use our dev pad:
15:30:05 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/sasak-planning
15:30:28 <pierros> deimidis: not right now fully  but we need to do that soon
15:30:40 <pierros> any more questions on webdev?
15:31:32 <pierros> ok moving on:
15:31:37 <pierros> #topic Planning bug triage
15:31:40 <pierros> Lucy: ping
15:31:42 <pierros> Nukeador: ping
15:31:47 <pierros> any suggested  dates
15:31:48 <pierros> ?
15:32:10 <pierros> ok I will follow up with an email:
15:32:32 <pierros> #action pierros sends an email re: organizing a Bug Triage session
15:32:38 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
15:32:55 <pierros> will conclude the meeting in 2 mins unless we have something to bring up :)
15:33:05 <pierros> wow. that was a quick and productive meeting :)
15:33:08 <pierros> we speeded through it
15:33:12 <Rami> yes
15:33:17 <pierros> hehe
15:33:21 <Rami> we are cool council
15:33:32 <vineel> :)
15:33:41 <Rami> i wish if my work meeting like this one quick and productive
15:33:50 <pierros> Rami: hehe
15:33:54 <Rami> "don't quote me on this :)"
15:34:08 <pierros> ok people! thanks for joining today! see ya soon :)
15:34:19 <Rami> see you
15:34:23 <vineel> Thanks all!!
15:34:32 <vineel> bye for now
15:34:32 <pierros> #endmeeting