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15:00:10 <williamq> welcome everyone!
15:00:18 <williamq> thanks all for chiming in on the dot
15:00:25 <williamq> i hope everyone had a great weekend
15:00:39 <williamq> we're going to dive in as we have A LOT to talk about
15:00:53 <williamq> please make sure to add other topics you want to discuss on the agenda
15:01:07 <williamq> hopefully, we can be done by 4pm UTC
15:01:20 <williamq> #topic ReMo plan
15:01:37 <williamq> I hope everyone has had the time to go through it
15:01:48 <williamq> this is not the final plan
15:02:01 <williamq> so please feel free to chime in if you have any thoughts, feedback, questions
15:02:54 <williamq> #info the ReMo 2012 plan will be finalized during the ReMo Camp 2012
15:03:18 <kinger> Has "integrate Mozilla Reps in mozillians.org and mozilla.org/contribute (Croatia pilot test)" started and what is it about?
15:03:45 <deimidis> Hello world!
15:03:53 <vineel> Hello !!
15:04:18 <williamq> basically, the need is for Reps to be much more integrated with mozilla.org/contribute page
15:04:37 <Nukeador> :)
15:04:42 <williamq> whereby a visitor to that page can be pointed to a local rep based on that visitor's geolaction
15:04:54 <williamq> so the idea is to do a trial with Croatia
15:04:54 <kinger> Yes!
15:05:06 <kinger> Ok excellent
15:05:09 <williamq> and experiment with different UI
15:05:29 <vineel> :)
15:05:35 <williamq> basically, the idea is that when you're visiting the page from Croatia, you'll have Nikola's short proilfe displayed
15:05:44 <williamq> + info on upcoming events in Croatia etc..
15:05:56 <williamq> this is something Giorgos is working on this quarter
15:06:04 <Nukeador> williamq, what about events there are not organized by reps?
15:06:21 <williamq> yes, it would be great to display those
15:06:26 <Nukeador> we have to be careful with that
15:06:41 <Nukeador> Some contributors think that they need to be reps to contribute
15:06:47 <williamq> the problem is that right now, we have no centralised/organized place where events can be found
15:06:51 <williamq> sure
15:07:08 <williamq> totally agree
15:07:32 <williamq> #idea it would be good to experiment with integrating mozilla hispano events on the contribute page
15:07:47 <kinger> well, you can become a contributor via a rep and not be a rep
15:07:54 <Nukeador> the problem is that our events are written in Spanish
15:08:03 <kinger> I don't think it is a problem for the contribute page
15:08:08 <kinger> it si agood lead in
15:08:25 <Nukeador> Contribute page should be localizable first I think
15:08:26 <williamq> Nukeador: I don't think it's a problem if the events are in spanish
15:08:44 <williamq> right
15:09:12 <williamq> anyway, this is definitely something to explore with David Boswell
15:09:17 <Nukeador> uhm, well it's something we have to explore
15:09:18 <Nukeador> yep
15:09:44 <williamq> #action Nukeador to touch base with DBos to explore Mozilla HIspano integration with mozilla.org/contribute
15:09:58 <williamq> any other questions/comments regarding the 2012 plan?
15:10:07 <Nukeador> For the record williamq is referring to this page https://www.mozilla-hispano.org/documentacion/Eventos
15:10:22 <Rami> i need to visit it couples more times..
15:10:26 <kinger> In general it is a good and realistic plan
15:10:31 <Rami> and if i have something i will raise it up
15:10:35 <williamq> #link https://www.mozilla-hispano.org/documentacion/Eventos
15:10:49 <williamq> ok cool
15:10:56 <kinger> We'll need to delve into the SWOT stuff
15:11:03 <kinger> maybe not during this meeting
15:11:06 <williamq> right
15:11:12 <williamq> just a quick word about SWOT
15:11:26 <kinger> e.g. Competiting interests from other parts of the organization - is interesting
15:11:46 <williamq> one big concern there is internally (at Mozilla) about ReMo is that people are not yet fully aware of the program
15:11:51 <vineel> sorry, had a power cut.
15:12:01 <williamq> and therefore, are not leveraging the program enough
15:12:15 <kinger> right
15:12:31 <williamq> so the aim is for us to make a big communication push to raise mindshare within Mozilla
15:13:16 <kinger> yes, essential
15:13:21 <williamq> regarding competing interests from other part of the organization
15:13:55 <williamq> basically, there have been some initiatives started by some project teams to reach out to mozillans and basically mentor them to become Reps of their project without going through ReMo
15:14:05 <williamq> not because they don't like ReMo but because they don't even know it exists
15:14:29 <williamq> basically, Mozilla is a much much much bigger organization today
15:14:43 <Nukeador> AFAIK there is an email alias for all employees right?
15:14:50 <williamq> yes
15:14:54 <vineel> i think evangalist rep is one such
15:14:59 <williamq> exactly
15:15:23 <williamq> that's why we're working with Shezmeen to integrate that initiative within the ReMo framework
15:15:26 <kinger> #idea Have it come from the top down, get Gary and Mitchell to talk about ReMo more
15:15:31 <Nukeador> Apart from that, it's also a good thing to include in this initial training for employees and volunteers we've been discussing at governance list
15:15:45 <williamq> Nukeador: absolutely
15:15:49 <williamq> kinger: yes, right on
15:16:03 <williamq> the thing is Mitchell is quite knowledgeable about ReMo
15:16:07 <Nukeador> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/grow-moz-session
15:16:08 <williamq> and she actually talks about it quite a lot
15:16:16 <williamq> she mentions it often at MozCamps
15:16:23 <williamq> Gary on the other hand probably has NO clue
15:16:45 <kinger> :)
15:16:48 <williamq> #action williamq to create share a communication plan to raise awareness of ReMo
15:17:34 <kinger> I tried to talk Axel into becoming a ReMo this weekend but failed :)
15:17:43 <williamq> #idea organize a brownbag about ReMo next month in time for the 1 year anniversary of ReMo
15:17:53 <williamq> kinger: yeah, not surprised :)
15:18:17 <williamq> at least Pascal Chevrel became a Rep :) which is encouraging !
15:18:29 <Nukeador> :)
15:18:43 <williamq> another point regarding SWOT
15:18:47 <williamq> before we move on
15:19:07 <williamq> Mary Colvig is concerned that Reps are not familiar enough with what is going on at MOzilla
15:19:16 <kinger> #idea get reps.m.o added to Tabzilla
15:19:26 <williamq> and also lack sufficient skills to be amabassadors of Mozilla
15:19:52 <kinger> What evidence is she basing this on?
15:20:03 <williamq> good question
15:20:09 <kinger> Yes, there are some cases, but mostly I would disagree
15:20:15 <williamq> it wold be good to discuss this with her during ReMo camp
15:20:20 <williamq> kinger: I would also disagree
15:20:26 <Nukeador> That would lead us to the point I added about quality vs quantity
15:20:43 <williamq> she would like us to be more systematic and thorough in making sure Reps are aligned with program initiatives (eg. Kilimanjaro)
15:20:59 <Nukeador> I think that we need a QA about the program, mentors, and reps to avoid this situations
15:21:05 <williamq> and also be more in tune with what she calls the "business context"
15:21:14 <deimidis> and in the case of knowing about whats going on in Mozilla, there are some problems with Mozilla communication, not only Rep
15:21:26 <vineel> +1
15:21:34 <williamq> i'm still not completely clear what the "business context" means but in any case, I'm flagging this since this is going to come up in the future
15:21:50 <williamq> #idea QA about the program, mentors, and reps to avoid this situations
15:21:53 <Nukeador> Maybe one of the council's duties should be this, QA the program
15:21:57 <williamq> deimidis: yes, totally agre
15:22:10 <williamq> Nukeador: yes
15:22:13 <Nukeador> This would mean more meetings with reps
15:22:17 <Nukeador> More communication
15:22:20 <williamq> this goes back also to the mentoring
15:22:24 <Nukeador> Yep
15:22:41 <williamq> the mentoring has been more focused on making sure the Rep is experienced enough to be a Rep
15:22:55 <williamq> and less on making sure the Rep is fully aware and knowledgeable of what's going on
15:23:14 <Nukeador> Mozilla Reps newsletter?
15:23:44 <williamq> #idea have more meetings between Mentors and their Mentees to update them on what's new at Mozila + newsletter
15:23:57 <Nukeador> williamq, how is this handled for employees?
15:24:10 <deimidis> alias list, I suppose
15:24:15 <williamq> Nukeador: you mean getting employees up to speek with what's going on?
15:24:19 <Nukeador> yes
15:24:21 <williamq> *speed
15:24:31 <williamq> well, we don't have an official system
15:24:37 <kinger> #idea Have "news flash" updates on reps.m.o and in add-on to inform Reps about latest Mozilla news and projects
15:24:52 <williamq> in the Contributor Engagement Team, we have a weekly meeting and Mary briefs us on what's happening
15:24:58 <vineel> i like in major newspaper or magazines, where they have top 10: most commented article, most read, most shared; In last 7 days , 1 month"
15:25:16 <williamq> vineel: yeah, definitely interesting
15:25:40 <williamq> ok, lots of great ideas here
15:25:42 <vineel> Linkedin, HBR reviews has this, which is very useful
15:25:57 <williamq> we need to move on
15:26:00 <Nukeador> williamq, it would be cool to have that weekly update on what's going on for both contributors and employees
15:26:03 <williamq> (btw, i LOVE this remobot!)
15:26:20 <williamq> Nukeador: agreed
15:26:33 <Nukeador> no distinctions
15:26:49 <Rami> :)
15:26:53 <williamq> I actually suggested to the cont team to archive our weekly meetings and share them with the public
15:27:14 <williamq> but not sure everyone is on board with that in the team
15:27:36 <Nukeador> I would love to see a hangout between some people at mozilla talking about what happened last week
15:27:43 <williamq> it would be great for you guys to ask MC directly! :)
15:27:52 <williamq> Nukeador: yeah, that would be cool
15:28:02 <williamq> #topic ReMo Camp 2012
15:28:05 <Nukeador> There are some talks but just for employees and we don't have access to the recordings
15:28:26 <deimidis> Nukeador, i think there are public, but nobody share it
15:28:28 <williamq> Nukeador: yeah, i agree that they should be available to everyone, at least to all those with a mozillians.org account
15:28:36 <Nukeador> +1
15:28:39 <williamq> deimidis: i don't think everything is public
15:28:45 <vineel> +1
15:28:54 <Nukeador> I saw one but with password access
15:29:02 <deimidis> williamq, not everything
15:29:25 <williamq> ok
15:29:32 <williamq> let's move on guys
15:29:35 <deimidis> but status update of some teams are public
15:29:42 <williamq> we still have A LOT to discuss
15:29:52 <williamq> so, regarding the ReMo Camp
15:29:57 <williamq> is everything ok with the name?
15:30:10 <Nukeador> I don't like the ReMo thing
15:30:17 <williamq> ok
15:30:21 <williamq> any other suggestions?
15:30:23 <Nukeador> Mozilla Reps
15:30:25 <vineel> agree with Nukeador
15:30:25 <Nukeador> instead
15:30:36 <williamq> Mozilla Reps Camp 2012?
15:30:43 <vikingkarwur> +`
15:30:44 <vikingkarwur> +1
15:30:49 <deimidis> I like summit besides camp, but it's ok
15:31:00 <Nukeador> deimidis, summit would be for all reps maybe
15:31:01 <williamq> yeah i like summit as well
15:31:04 <Nukeador> bigger event
15:31:13 <Nukeador> this time it's just council and mentors
15:31:15 <williamq> but i was scared people wuld think this was *the* Mozilla summit of the year :)
15:31:22 <deimidis> no, Mozilla Summit wasn't not for everyone :)
15:31:29 <Nukeador> I mean, you know :P
15:31:31 <williamq> deimidis: :)
15:31:41 <deimidis> williamq, yes, that's true
15:31:49 <deimidis> but camp sound othe thing
15:31:53 <Nukeador> +1 to Mozilla Reps Camp 2012
15:32:02 <vikingkarwur> +1
15:32:06 <williamq> +1
15:32:10 <Rami> +1
15:32:21 <deimidis> +1
15:32:32 <williamq> ok cool, we've got a majority :)
15:32:45 <williamq> #action change ReMo Camp 2012 to Mozilla Reps Camp 2012
15:32:53 <williamq> now, in terms of the format
15:33:04 <williamq> we will have a similar format as the ReMo work weeks
15:33:30 <williamq> Friday will be preentations from project leads to make sure everyone is aligned on the Mozilla roadmap, initiatives etc..
15:33:32 <deimidis> (that's why I don't like �camp� too much :P)
15:33:39 <williamq> and then Saturday and Sunday is more focused on work
15:34:11 <williamq> this is only a suggestion, if you have another format in mind, please share
15:34:29 <Lucy_> (sorry guys, at some point I must have hit the off instead of the snooze button on my phone :( )
15:34:39 <williamq> Lucy_: no worries
15:35:06 <williamq> have no fear, remobot's here :)
15:35:13 <vineel> :)
15:35:30 <williamq> now in terms of logistics, we'll be booking flights starting next week
15:35:50 <williamq> i'll be sending out an email tomorrow requesting detailed info on your flight info
15:35:50 <vineel> and invitation letters
15:35:57 <williamq> we'll have a travel agent who will be booking flights
15:36:04 <williamq> vineel: yes, and invitation letters
15:36:21 <Nukeador> I'm a bit concern about visas
15:36:24 <williamq> #action williamq to draft letters of invitations for Mozilla Reps Camp 2012
15:36:43 <Nukeador> Someone wrote about 2 months to get a visa
15:36:48 <williamq> Nukeador: i think we'll be OK
15:36:50 <williamq> yeah, Gloria
15:37:25 <williamq> I'll do my best to speed things up
15:37:27 <Nukeador> We had recently bad experiences with travels so I'm a bit paranoid :P
15:37:38 <williamq> Nukeador: yeah, I hear you
15:37:41 <kinger> Most emabssies accept "urgent" applications if needed
15:37:52 <williamq> kinger: yep
15:37:55 <vikingkarwur> To apply Spain visa --- here in Jakarta, also need Hotel Booking Info... Thanks
15:38:13 <vineel> same here in India
15:38:13 <williamq> right, we'll ave the hotel booking info this week
15:38:23 <vikingkarwur> Thanks!
15:38:46 <williamq> stay tuned for logistics info
15:38:49 <Nukeador> williamq, remember it's summer in July, find a hotel near the beach :P
15:38:52 <deimidis> williamq, for last summit, Gloria needs a call from Mozilla to Canadian embassy in Colombia.
15:38:59 <williamq> haha
15:39:19 <williamq> deimidis: yes, I'll make all the necessary calls :)
15:39:28 <williamq> i spent a long time on the phone for vineel and viking when they came to france :)
15:39:36 <williamq> so i have experience :)
15:39:41 <Rami> :D
15:39:41 <vineel> :)
15:39:45 <vikingkarwur> ;)
15:39:48 <williamq> Nukeador: we'll be here: http://www.nh-hotels.com/nh/en/hotels/spain/barcelona/nh-cornella.html
15:40:20 <williamq> Reps will work, so no beach :)
15:40:33 <Nukeador> buu for that :P
15:40:38 <williamq> ok, moving on
15:40:39 <Rami> :D
15:40:48 <williamq> :)
15:40:54 <williamq> #topic Mentors
15:41:12 <williamq> so as you all know, we've had a few concerns regarding some mentors and mentees
15:41:27 <williamq> Lucy is working on an SOP that will help clarify things
15:41:41 <Lucy_> my target is monday to have it done
15:41:43 <williamq> and make it easier (and clearer) to be re-assigned to another mentor
15:41:52 <williamq> awesome
15:42:14 <williamq> so a couple of ideas surfaced these past days to improvie the overall quality of mentoring
15:42:34 <williamq> #idea create a survey for Reps to ask them how they rate their mentoring
15:43:01 <williamq> this would give us an overall idea of mentee satisfactoin but also give us valuable feedback on how to improve the mentorship process
15:43:27 <williamq> #idea create a "Rate your mentor" box in the Mentee's dashboard
15:43:53 <williamq> this would basically enable a Rep to indicate their level of satisfaction with their mentor every month
15:44:08 <williamq> #idea logs of interviews
15:44:12 <kinger> #idea mentor-mentee 1 on 1 every week or bi-weekly
15:44:39 <williamq> keeping logs of interviews would not only help us monitor what is going on but also help future mentors so that they have an idea how an interview should be conduscted
15:44:46 <Nukeador> kinger, 1 on 1 every week with 10 mentees it's a lot of time
15:44:51 <williamq> yeah, i definitely love the 1:1 idea
15:45:03 <williamq> and it can be no more than 15 min
15:45:19 <williamq> just a quick check-in to see how things are going
15:45:19 <Lucy_> maybe it should be monthly and tied in to the weekly reports\
15:45:23 <Lucy_> err monthly reports
15:45:28 <Nukeador> schedules can be a bit tricky too
15:45:41 <williamq> i'm in favour of weekly 1:1s
15:45:45 <williamq> especially if they're really short
15:45:54 <deimidis> has to be really short
15:45:54 <williamq> it strengthens the mentor/mentee relationship
15:46:00 <Lucy_> i don't think they'll be short ;)
15:46:12 <Nukeador> Improve these kind of communications using the site?
15:46:16 <williamq> and i think it's always nice to have a "buddy" to check in with on a regular basis
15:46:43 <Lucy_> that is true, but I think having the montly 1:1s scheduled might help people feel more comfortable pinging their mentor in between
15:47:05 <vineel> Lucy_ +1
15:47:25 <williamq> the thing is, right now, i would say a majrity of Reps don"t have the reflex to ask their mentor for advice when they have a proble
15:47:31 <deimidis> +1 to monthly meeting
15:47:39 <williamq> time and time again, i'm being contacted directly by many :(
15:47:53 <Lucy_> maybe we should send our reps a weekly update?
15:48:01 <Lucy_> that wont take as much time
15:48:15 <deimidis> about?
15:48:23 <Nukeador> Talk with your mentor on the site! :P
15:48:42 <deimidis> Nukeador, we are on irc :)
15:48:45 <Lucy_> deimidis: anything! maybe to tell them what they've been up to
15:48:55 <Lucy_> and remind them to ask you if they have any questions
15:49:02 <williamq> let's not forget that we're enhacning our internal communication tools on the website
15:49:16 <deimidis> an alias for my mentees :)
15:49:35 <williamq> mentors will be able to contact their mentees in one click + comment function on their profile pages
15:49:46 <Nukeador> maybe not an alias, but a link to a mailto including all your mentees emails
15:49:48 <Lucy_> yes,  I think when the tools come out we can do  a big push to tell people about them, and maybe that'll help put the questions in the right places, too
15:50:01 <williamq> Lucy_: I agree
15:50:19 <williamq> #action make BIG push to tell people about new communication features of site
15:51:02 <williamq> what do you all think of the survey idea and the "rate your mentor" in your monthly report feature idea ?
15:51:24 <kinger> +1
15:51:26 <Lucy_> I'm not sure what I think of a monthly rate your mentor
15:51:47 <Lucy_> that might be more data than we need to be useful
15:52:05 <vineel> I prefer a short desciption Vs. rating
15:52:05 <williamq> Lucy_: yeah, the concern is that it's an *additional* task for the mentee (they already have a lot to do )
15:52:10 <Lucy_> something quarterly might be better
15:52:10 <kinger> But "Rate your mentor" per month? Their opinion might change like the wind, but that might be no harm to keep mentors on their toes
15:52:12 <deimidis> opinions about your mentor more than a number
15:52:13 <vineel> or both
15:52:15 <Rami> +1 for the surfey
15:52:15 <Nukeador> What about reps that didn't need their mentor during the month, how do you rate your mentor?
15:52:18 <Rami> survy
15:52:32 <williamq> sure, at the same time, it could be an incentive for Mentors to be more responsive, more available for their mentees
15:52:45 <kinger> yes we need that
15:52:53 <Lucy_> that would be a good thing, but I don't think the rating is the right way
15:53:12 <kinger> #idea mentor training
15:53:19 <Lucy_> if it doesn't have enough information it'll just make people feel insecure
15:53:38 <vineel> +1
15:53:49 <Lucy_> I'd want to do something more like a survey and maybe do it quarterly
15:53:51 <williamq> it's also a great source of pride if you get a really good ratings from your mentees :)
15:54:15 <Nukeador> Mentor of the month? haha
15:54:25 <vineel> +1 :)
15:54:26 <kinger> #idea mentor of the month
15:54:36 <kinger> Nukeador :)
15:55:01 <Lucy_> williamq: but would that be accurate too? people will probably just click the top rating if they don't have thoughts
15:55:10 <williamq> #action council to vote via email on 1) mentor survey 2) rate your mentor feature and 3) monthly 1:1 with your mentee requilrement
15:55:27 <vineel> how about a 'Happy' Unhappy button, and whatever they click they have to leave a comment why they are happy or unhappy?
15:55:31 <Nukeador> voting system to vote that
15:55:33 <Nukeador> ;)
15:55:41 <Lucy_> vineel: that sounds perfect
15:55:47 <Nukeador> vineel, sounds great
15:55:49 <williamq> Lucy_: unless you have a choice in the rating system to select "I don't have an opinion"
15:56:02 <williamq> vineel: yeah !!!
15:56:02 <Lucy_> tha twould still be a hit to the ego
15:56:16 <Nukeador> :) (happy) :| (neutral) :( (unhappy)
15:56:20 <williamq> #idea how about a 'Happy' Unhappy button, and whatever they click they have to leave a comment why they are happy or unhappy?
15:56:25 <williamq> i love it
15:56:34 <vineel> but the mentor knows the fact and can work on to improve ;)
15:56:36 <Rami> :D
15:56:43 <williamq> exactly
15:56:56 <Lucy_> yes, so long as the comment is mandatory for unhappy
15:56:56 <williamq> i also like the idea of the mentor of the month
15:56:57 <kinger> unhappy would trigger a comment field
15:57:10 <williamq> right
15:57:12 <vineel> +1
15:57:35 <williamq> (btw, team, we're SUPER inspired today, so many awesome ideas!! :)
15:57:37 <williamq> ok moving on
15:57:45 <williamq> we need to speed up :(
15:57:53 <williamq> #topic Balkans Meetup
15:57:55 <williamq> so very quickly
15:58:06 <williamq> i wanted to quickly talk about this event
15:58:31 <williamq> because it highlighted some weaknesses we have as a team
15:58:52 <williamq> this event was a *major* event in that it had a big budget
15:59:03 <williamq> Nikola initially requtest about $8k USD
15:59:09 <williamq> which we all approved
15:59:35 <williamq> the problem is that i found out a week before the event that this budget did NOT include flights
15:59:42 <kinger> I epically failed to notice it did not include tavel expenses
15:59:53 <williamq> so the final budget is closer to $12k USD
15:59:58 <kinger> I calim responsibility for that
16:00:15 <williamq> kinger was the lead reviewer but this is a collective fail since no one noticed this in the budget
16:00:29 <kinger> yes it needed 3 approvals
16:00:34 <williamq> and for budgets over 500, we are all theoretically supposed to carefully look at the budget
16:01:02 <Lucy_> I think the real fail is the form. It's not getting us the information we need, and it was really confusing to fill otu
16:01:20 <williamq> yes, we need to rethink the budget request form
16:01:26 <kinger> perhaps, but Nikola made a very thorough PDF document
16:01:31 <williamq> but we also need to rethink the way we review budgets
16:01:33 <kinger> best I have seen
16:01:38 <williamq> kinger: true
16:01:38 <kinger> barring the omission
16:01:51 <williamq> he did go out of his way to provide a detaile dbudget
16:02:01 <williamq> the only thing he forgot was t include flight details :-/
16:02:20 <Lucy_> did he say in the but they would come later or something?
16:02:29 <vineel> so is Mozilla paying for that?
16:02:35 <williamq> yeah
16:02:53 <williamq> for some reason i still cannot undrstand, Nikola thought that flights were not supposed to be included in the budget
16:03:03 <williamq> although it's pretty clear on the inter-community meetup SOP
16:03:24 <williamq> anyway, i think the next step is for the budget task force to do a thorough review of the budget request process
16:03:59 <Nukeador> A knowing the budget we have remaining for this month ;)
16:04:00 <deimidis> an have a list of items that has to be incluided in a budget :)
16:04:03 <Lucy_> oh I know why I didn't catch travel, the invite list wasn't done yet
16:04:25 <williamq> #action budget task force to do a thorough review of the budget request process (including form, review process, follow-up, accounting etc..)
16:04:39 <kinger> Has budget task force been finalsied?
16:04:44 <williamq> i know many on the team volunteered ot be n the budget task force
16:04:56 <kinger> We need to get all task forces set up asap I think
16:05:27 <williamq> #action williamq to get all task forces set up ASAP
16:05:35 <williamq> i suggest we have 4 people on the budget task force
16:05:39 <kinger> well, I know it is in the plan already!
16:06:03 <vineel> so is this task force going to change with the new council?
16:06:22 <williamq> yeah eventually
16:06:25 <Lucy_> they should probably always have someone from current council on them
16:06:31 <Lucy_> but I dont think they should change
16:06:46 <Lucy_> ie they shouldn't turn over just cuz council does
16:06:48 <williamq> should we renew task forces every couple of months?
16:07:11 <Nukeador> williamq, depends on if needed
16:07:11 <vineel> +1
16:07:20 <williamq> right
16:07:21 <Lucy_> I don't think so. I think that they shouldn't be limited to members
16:07:40 <Lucy_> but if we turn it over arbitrarily we lose the expertise
16:08:01 <Lucy_> but the leader should always be a member of sitting council
16:08:03 <williamq> true
16:08:05 <Lucy_> that's how i see it
16:08:15 <williamq> ok, for now, we have the Community IT TF (Lucy / Nukeador), the Planning TF (Brian, Lucy, William and PIerros)
16:08:22 <deimidis> i don't think we have to change it reguraly
16:08:41 <Nukeador> +1 on that -1 on renewing them just for fun :P
16:08:43 <Lucy_> for community it and planning triage, tehre's no reason why reps can't join and help out
16:08:56 <williamq> yep
16:08:58 <Lucy_> not sure if there's room for that on the budget task force
16:09:00 <deimidis> only to have current council member and if somebody wants to leave it
16:09:40 <Lucy_> well I suppose there is, reps could review the bugs to make sure they're filed properly, have all the info needed
16:10:16 <williamq> should we have mentors on the budget task force?
16:10:48 <kinger> depends
16:10:57 <vineel> mentors can be the reviewers may be
16:11:11 <kinger> the more knowedge of money, the more it wil leak out and possibly cause issues
16:11:20 <williamq> kinger: I agree
16:11:23 <vineel> agree
16:11:30 <Lucy_> I don't think we should be hiding it
16:11:35 <williamq> one area where we need more focus is on general accounting and budget management, but also payment processing
16:11:41 <Lucy_> that's why we exist, to help the volunteer community get money
16:11:46 <williamq> who is good with accounting on the council?
16:11:52 <kinger> but, why should we be keeping budget a secret? (question for another time)
16:12:06 <Nukeador> I hate accounting
16:12:07 <Lucy_> I'm good at math, just don't look at my bank accounts ;)
16:12:07 <Nukeador> haha
16:12:19 <williamq> haha
16:12:28 <williamq> personally, i hate dealing with money and my personal finances are a mess
16:12:33 <Lucy_> maybe we can get someoen from finance to be our mentor?
16:12:51 <Rami> me too but am working with Finance
16:13:05 <williamq> but since i am the person with direct access to our money, i need to be on the budget task force, at least for the time being
16:13:10 <kinger> it usually stops being fun because it ends up being too time consuming
16:13:20 <williamq> right
16:13:33 <Lucy_> well I havven't volunteered yet, but I will
16:13:40 <Lucy_> just need to get organized ;)
16:13:42 <williamq> one thing I trying to push for is for each council member to have access to our paypal account
16:13:54 <williamq> i think each council memebr should be able to process payments
16:14:02 <kinger> yes
16:14:11 <kinger> and process swag
16:14:15 <williamq> it's eating up sooo much time for me to process each payment
16:14:21 <williamq> right
16:14:37 <Lucy_> sounds like we need a special meeting to set up the task force
16:14:46 <kinger> unfortunately we can not clone williamq
16:14:53 <williamq> #action williamq to get sign off from accounting to let council members have access to Mozila Reps paypal account
16:14:55 <kinger> #idea clone williamq
16:15:00 <williamq> haha
16:15:01 <vineel> ha haha ah
16:15:19 <Lucy_> hopefully if we start the task force, and maybe if we get someone from finance to mentor, then at least the people on the task force can get access
16:15:23 <deimidis> kinger, if we make one, could make two or three
16:15:37 <Nukeador> williamq, why we don't give an payment order to mozilla finance and they do the rest?
16:15:57 <deimidis> and maybe, task force could search for another ways rather than paypal and wire transfers
16:16:06 <williamq> why don't we start with having williamq, lucy, rami and guillermo on the budget task force?
16:16:12 <Nukeador> get someone from finance to do all the reps money stuff
16:16:23 <kinger> +1 for that list of folks :)
16:16:30 <williamq> Nukeador: if we do that, payments will take 2-3 weeks to go through...
16:16:30 <Lucy_> Nukeador: except that they ight start to freak out about it if they're not in on the process
16:16:34 <Lucy_> heh
16:16:38 <Nukeador> williamq, oh god
16:16:38 <deimidis> Nukeador, I think Mozilla finance people are a little more complicated to change ways to send money
16:16:50 <williamq> deimidis: oh yeah :)
16:17:05 <Lucy_> i'm +1 for tha tlist unless someone feels left out
16:17:06 <deimidis> and at least in Latin America, paypal and wire transfers could be complicated
16:17:24 <deimidis> i'm ok with the list
16:17:26 <vineel> +1 for the list
16:17:51 <Lucy_> think we need a wiki doc to track the meetings now!
16:18:07 <Lucy_> #action make wiki/etherpad to track remo meetings
16:18:16 <williamq> #action  williamq to set up (quick) meeting with budget task force to discuss next steps
16:18:33 <williamq> #action Lucy to make wiki/etherpad to track remo meetings
16:18:44 <Lucy_> ;)
16:18:48 <williamq> ok all, we're running out of time
16:18:53 <williamq> let's speed through the next items
16:19:03 <williamq> #topic mailing list policy
16:19:15 <williamq> is everyone cool with this being published and shared on reps-general?
16:19:46 <Lucy_> williamq: it's not done!
16:19:48 <Lucy_> but yes
16:19:52 <Lucy_> it can be shared
16:20:15 <kinger> I'm not fully comfortable about "    share events unless you need guidance from other reps' experiences. Regional events should be planned/discussed at regional mailing lists. "
16:20:26 <kinger> we discussed that before
16:20:32 <williamq> ok
16:20:34 <kinger> (looks great otherwise)
16:20:43 <williamq> does someone want to take the lead to polish it?
16:20:47 <williamq> before we publish it?
16:20:49 <Lucy_> kinger: yeah, but I think we shoudl be making better use of planet for taht stuff
16:20:50 <kinger> I will
16:20:55 <williamq> it would be great to get this done this week
16:20:57 <williamq> awesome, thanks!
16:21:10 <williamq> #action kinger to add finishing touched to mailing list policy
16:21:17 <kinger> I'll run any amendments by you for approval
16:21:26 <williamq> #topic future of task force
16:21:40 <williamq> sorry, i meant #topic future of council
16:22:02 <williamq> this is too important to speed through but basically, i've got two things i want to share
16:22:06 <kinger> topic need to be at start
16:22:17 <williamq> #topic future of council
16:22:21 <williamq> thanks :)
16:22:51 <williamq> i know i'm late in sending out that email to the council nominees
16:23:45 <williamq> the reason is i was still trying to wrap my head around some fundamental challenges we have regarding responsibilties (particularly with regards to managing money) and I am 100% comfrotable working with the current council
16:24:11 <williamq> anyway
16:24:24 <kinger> sure, understood
16:24:30 <kinger> it wil be a big change
16:24:31 <williamq> the point is, i really feel that the current council needs to stay on for some time
16:25:17 <williamq> and the transition to a new council will be very gradual
16:25:30 <Lucy_> should we go back to the plan to rotate in 2 new members at a time?
16:25:49 <williamq> i would be in favour of that
16:26:11 <kinger> yes
16:26:27 <williamq> does anyone feel strogly against this?
16:27:06 <Rami> am ok with that
16:27:08 <williamq> sorry to go back and forth on this, but I guess I'm just really having a hard time imagining the program without this awesome team we have
16:27:12 <deimidis> hmm, I'm still thinking that change evryone, but current council still helping is not bad
16:27:20 <vineel> makes sense
16:27:57 <Lucy_> When we get all the task forces established then I think we'll be ready to just change over council
16:28:06 <williamq> right
16:28:26 <williamq> deimidis: i agree, but we need to make sure the *old* council is really present
16:28:27 <kinger> And we will always be around, as Reps I mean
16:28:38 <kinger> Available for advice etc
16:28:54 <williamq> and not just available as a consultant if people have questions
16:29:21 <williamq> kinger: sure, i'm just seeing the current council still having a more proactive role
16:29:22 <Lucy_> williamq: what if they shadow us for 3 months
16:29:31 <Lucy_> so we announce them, but we're still the ones voting?
16:29:39 <Lucy_> but they participate in everythign else
16:29:58 <williamq> yes, could be a solution
16:30:03 <kinger> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3D6yryvhEo
16:30:07 <kinger> (for after)
16:30:29 <vikingkarwur> I volunteered to be one that will be replaced :)
16:30:50 <Lucy_> vikingkarwur: yeah i can imagine you have somewhere else to put your free time ;)
16:31:01 <williamq> :)
16:31:35 <williamq> #action follow-up with reps-council@mozilla.com on next steps for council
16:32:01 <williamq> #action williamq follow-up with reps-council@mozilla.com on next steps for council
16:32:08 <Lucy_> looping back for a sec on the mailing lists, I'd really like to share the etherpad as a draft and get feedback before we finalize it
16:32:20 <Lucy_> I think that feels better than just handing it down
16:32:28 <williamq> i agree
16:32:45 <deimidis> +1
16:32:57 <williamq> #action Lucy to share the mailing list policy etherpad on reps-general for final feedback
16:33:08 <Lucy_> then brian can polish it after ;)
16:33:18 <kinger> +1
16:33:24 <williamq> exactly
16:33:39 <williamq> ok moving on quickly
16:33:46 <williamq> #topic budget task force
16:33:47 <williamq> Done
16:33:58 <williamq> #topic bi-weekly checklist
16:34:11 <williamq> anything to flag?
16:34:25 <Lucy_> no, we didn't ahve planning bugs to go over this meeting
16:34:34 <kinger> Re: webdev, quick add-on update
16:34:41 <Lucy_> just Nukeador and I need to coordinate, nukeador i made an etherpad to go over the it bugs
16:34:51 <Nukeador> Lucy_ great
16:34:56 <kinger> Alex Lakatos and I hacked Android and iOS ReMo apps this weekend. Surprise!
16:35:04 <williamq> AWESOME!
16:35:18 <kinger> We are using a phonegap wrapper on the add-on code
16:35:21 <kinger> super easy
16:35:26 <williamq> sweet
16:35:34 <kinger> Hopefully something to share next week when we polish it
16:35:39 <williamq> can't wait!
16:35:57 <williamq> #action Brian to share a sweet surprise :)
16:36:06 <kinger> :)
16:36:17 <Lucy_> Nukeador: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/ITtriage052012
16:36:42 <Lucy_> so once a week i guess we make a new pad (or we can resuse one?) and we just leave oru comments
16:36:49 <williamq> #action Nukeador to coordinate with Lucy to go over IT bugs
16:37:11 <williamq> #topic Student Reps update
16:37:19 <williamq> no update at this point :(
16:37:42 <williamq> #action williamq to try to get update from Mary this week
16:37:56 <williamq> #topic Quality vs. Quantiy
16:38:06 <williamq> Nukeador: you want to chime in?
16:38:16 <Nukeador> we already talked about that at the beginning but
16:38:21 <kinger> Just a general point about this .. confusion reigns from who I have talked to here. Seems like another reboot is happening and noone knows what is going on
16:38:26 <kinger> oops
16:38:27 <Nukeador> I think that council and mentors should be on the same page
16:38:35 <Nukeador> again, QA
16:38:50 <kinger> (my point was about student reps)
16:39:13 <deimidis> williamq, we have to talk about Joao budget request
16:39:16 <Nukeador> I have the feeling that we haven't give enough information to new mentors
16:39:19 <williamq> Nukeador: agreed
16:39:43 <deimidis> kinger, yes, students reps and communication doesn't work very well
16:39:44 <Lucy_> ah yes, this loops back to the conversation in the planning meeting
16:39:46 <williamq> #idea organize a council + mentors meeting on IRC next week?
16:39:50 <williamq> deimidis: ok
16:39:53 <Nukeador> Train new mentors even if we consider they are ready for being a mentor
16:39:57 <kinger> yes, as I said earlier better mentor training is needed
16:40:06 <Lucy_> you guys already discussed limiting to 10?
16:40:22 <Lucy_> also if mentors are mentoring their reps into mentors, not just into reps that will help
16:40:25 <Nukeador> Don't assume they know as much as we do about the program
16:40:34 <williamq> btw the way, this is one of the main goals of the Mozilla Reps Camp  - to get council and mentors aligned and all geared up for the second half of the yea
16:40:54 <williamq> agreed
16:41:32 <williamq> #idea revive regional meetings
16:41:52 <williamq> having bi-weekly regional meetings will definitely help in that effort as well
16:42:06 <Nukeador> bi-weekly?
16:42:08 <deimidis> regional or language
16:42:10 <kinger> #idea regular mentors meeting
16:42:23 <williamq> i would go for regional
16:42:23 <Lucy_> #idea regular mentors update on list
16:42:39 <williamq> do you think bi-weekly is too much?
16:42:43 <Nukeador> yes
16:42:48 <Nukeador> absolutely
16:42:51 <Lucy_> I do as well
16:42:56 <kinger> meetings? yes
16:42:58 <Nukeador> Once a month please
16:43:25 <williamq> ok so monthly regional mentors meeting?
16:43:30 <kinger> ML updates as Lucy suggested will fill the gap
16:43:53 <Nukeador> we should increase communication to avoid having looong meetings
16:43:56 <Lucy_> #idea mentors leadership team to run updates and meetings
16:44:00 <williamq> the regions being: LATAM/NA , EMEA, APAC
16:44:30 <deimidis> if we have a 1:1 monthly and another regional monthly, could be ok and not too much for us
16:45:03 <williamq> right
16:45:12 <Lucy_> we could have weekly "office hours" like some teams are doing
16:45:25 <Lucy_> ie we each set aside a time we'll be in #remo and advertise it
16:45:34 <williamq> yes, i like that
16:45:42 <kinger> +1
16:45:45 <williamq> pierros and giorgos experimented with that for remo webdev
16:45:56 <williamq> but almost no one chime in so they dropped it
16:46:01 <kinger> It could be on our profile
16:46:06 <vineel> and do that for different time zones :)
16:46:08 <williamq> yes!
16:46:41 <Lucy_> right, we'd each do it at a time w'ere comfortable with
16:46:45 <Lucy_> and make sure we dont overlap
16:47:06 <Lucy_> wonder if we can use doodle for this
16:47:40 <williamq> #idea display office hours on our profiles
16:48:20 <williamq> #action williamq to create etherpad on "Mentors QA"
16:48:49 <williamq> ok all
16:48:54 <williamq> i'm going to have to jump off
16:48:57 <kinger> http://mozillamemes.tumblr.com/post/19683438640/planning-what-planning
16:49:00 <williamq> i'm being eaten alive by mosquiots
16:49:02 <Lucy_> quality assurance or Q&A ?
16:49:07 <kinger> Thanks williamq
16:49:10 <williamq> quality assurance
16:49:14 <Lucy_> k!
16:49:26 <Lucy_> and yes, go and dont' scratch!
16:49:27 <williamq> thanks all!!!!
16:49:31 <williamq> :)
16:49:35 <deimidis> ok, if everybody else could stay to discuss one bug
16:49:35 <williamq> great great meeting!
16:49:38 <kinger> See y'all later
16:49:50 <Lucy_> deimidis: i can stay
16:49:56 <williamq> i'll follow-up with logs and summary by email
16:50:00 <vineel> i am here
16:50:01 <williamq> cheers!
16:50:04 <kinger> I have to leave too
16:50:05 <deimidis> Lucy, is the same bugsd of the other day
16:50:08 <kinger> Bye for now
16:50:08 <vineel> bye williamq
16:50:12 <deimidis> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi
16:50:16 <williamq> #endmeeting