15:00:05 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:00:06 <Lucy> kinger: well it's not unusual for features to be staggered for OSes when they're ready
15:00:18 <deimidis> everybody says it was great have community members in that meeting
15:00:18 <williamq> hello council members!
15:00:21 <williamq> welcome all
15:00:30 <Lucy> hi williamq!
15:00:37 <williamq> deimidis: let's talk about this a bit later in the meeting
15:00:39 <kinger> hello!
15:00:41 <deimidis> welcome william
15:00:46 <williamq> so, before we begin
15:00:51 <deimidis> don't get sleep
15:00:58 <williamq> unfortunately, I'm a complete zombie right now :(
15:01:20 <williamq> I hoped Pierros would help chair but i suspect he won't join as he's a zombie too
15:01:31 <kinger> back in Europe?
15:01:36 <williamq> we had a really long week in California for en Engagement offsite
15:01:44 <williamq> and we literally just got home
15:01:52 <williamq> I'm back in Paris and Pierros is back in Athens
15:02:04 <williamq> anyway, there is a bunhc of stuff to discuss
15:02:24 <williamq> and i want to make sure everyone is on the same page after this offsite
15:02:43 <williamq> so let's jump right in the agenda
15:03:00 <williamq> #topic offsite update
15:03:32 <williamq> the entire engagement team (60+ people) met last week to discuss priorities and roadmap for 2012
15:03:50 <williamq> notes and summary will be shared with broader community shortly
15:04:14 <williamq> but basically we have 3 SUPER TOP priorities for 2012
15:04:16 <kinger> 60+ ?
15:04:28 <williamq> yeah, the engagement team is huge
15:04:30 <kinger> dev engagement too I presume
15:04:48 <williamq> top priorities are: 1) B2G 2) Fennec 3) Desktop
15:04:54 <williamq> kinger: yes
15:05:12 <Lucy> williamq: so "Firefox"
15:05:59 <williamq> everything outside these 3 priorities are secondary
15:06:39 <williamq> that doesn't mean we don't have to forget them (far from it) but they are not priority
15:07:05 <kinger> So where do Reps fit in here?
15:07:14 <williamq> I'm getting there...
15:07:31 <kinger> :)
15:08:00 <williamq> so every sub team within the engagement team (ie. Creative, Product Marketing, Developer Engageent, user engagmeent, Contributor Engagement, WebDev) had to chart a roadmap for 2012 around these 3 top priorities
15:08:31 <williamq> Mary Colvig is writing us our plan for the Contributor Engagement team and I will share it this week
15:09:00 <williamq> basically, we'll need to focus the Reps program around these priorities
15:09:16 <williamq> how we will do that is what we'll need to discuss at the ReMo Camp
15:09:25 <kinger> I think most reps are already focusing on these
15:09:33 <williamq> right
15:09:38 <Lucy> I'm having a hard time with this. Those top 3 priorities add up to Firefox, which is exactly what the corp exists for. How are those real priorities?
15:10:03 <pierros> may I chime on that?\
15:10:05 <williamq> Lucy: I don't understand your quesiton
15:10:08 <Lucy> please!
15:10:14 <kinger> Lucy : what else were you thinking of?
15:10:21 <pierros> those do not add up to Firefox
15:10:48 <pierros> those priorities are there to ensure that we have a steady flow of contributors on the areas that need this more in Mozilla
15:11:05 <pierros> (this time around it is b2g, apps and firefox etc follows)
15:11:23 <Lucy> well desktop and fennec are firefox, and I guess b2g isn't quite
15:11:32 <Barzogh> hello :)
15:11:47 <pierros> Each team has priorities to make sure we support the headline projects
15:11:57 <pierros> and firefox b2g fennec are the ones
15:12:26 <pierros> on our side we need to focus on providing those teams and projects with new contributions and the outreach the need
15:12:32 <Lucy> yeah I guess it just seems a bit obvious. When you explain it with more words it makes more sense
15:12:52 <pierros> fennec and b2g are in despetate need as they are kinda new
15:12:54 <Lucy> though it still feels a bit redundant
15:13:17 <williamq> i should specify that these 3 priorities are in order of importance
15:13:23 <pierros> Lucy, priority setting is done also in steering commitee level
15:13:29 <williamq> B2G is #1
15:13:31 <pierros> williamq, good point
15:13:35 <kinger> And keep in mind we are  a technology organisation, and need to focus on that
15:13:45 <pierros> kinger, +1
15:13:54 <pierros> as a project we deliver products too
15:14:12 <deimidis> i don't exactly understand what means ´┐Żprovide with new contributors´┐Ż
15:14:14 <pierros> and on times the are about to launch, they need our outmost support
15:14:26 <deimidis> we couldn't say go to there Reps :)
15:14:28 <williamq> and i also want to specify that by no means does this mean projects outside of these 3 priorities will be put on a shelf and forgotten
15:14:28 <pierros> deimidis, get new contributors in the project
15:14:37 <Lucy> deimidis: so for example as reps we should focus on recruiting volunteers for those projects
15:14:45 <williamq> Lucy: exactly
15:14:47 <Lucy> or teaching people how to use those products
15:14:50 <pierros> williamq, +1
15:15:15 <Lucy> yeah I think i was expecting osmething a bit more specific, but I get it now
15:15:18 <deimidis> I think that we have to develop content for Reps with this priorities in mind
15:15:22 <williamq> we will be creating a lot of content and materials for Reps to use to help recruit new contirbutors for these priorities
15:15:28 <williamq> deimidis: exactly
15:15:33 <pierros> yep
15:15:33 <williamq> that is is exactly the plan
15:15:42 <williamq> one thing to note
15:15:46 <williamq> and we should be all proud of this
15:15:47 <Lucy> like desktop would have a specific goal like "help desktop get to x" not just desktop
15:16:04 <williamq> is that ReMo has become a key program for ALL project teams within the Engagement team
15:16:06 <pierros> #meetingname council-meeting-2012-05-27
15:16:06 <remobot> The meeting name has been set to 'council-meeting-2012-05-27'
15:16:24 <williamq> all the roadmaps that the different teams came up with including a huge ReMo component
15:16:27 <pierros> (and not only within Engagement)
15:16:35 <Lucy> w00t!
15:16:36 <kinger> nice
15:16:58 <williamq> ReMo is going to be leverage - people see the importance of the program
15:17:04 <williamq> so i'm thrilled about that
15:17:29 <kinger> So it looks like you guys did a good job getting the message out last week
15:17:31 <williamq> of course, this means that there's going to be A LOT of work ahead
15:17:43 <williamq> well i think we all did a good job
15:18:01 <williamq> i think peope are seeing that the program is groing, that we've got hundreds of reps doing great thigns
15:18:07 <williamq> that we've got an awesome website
15:18:18 <williamq> and that we operate in a very Mozilla way
15:18:19 <kinger> +1
15:18:27 <pierros> +1
15:18:47 <williamq> so, as i said, we'll share the full report this week
15:19:15 <williamq> and the first day of the Reps Camp will focus almost entirely on this report
15:19:23 <williamq> which is a good segway to the next topic
15:19:35 <williamq> but before we move on, any other questions?
15:20:00 <Lucy> no you guys answered mine, thanks!
15:20:23 <williamq> ok, moving on then
15:20:30 <williamq> #topic ReMo Camp
15:21:07 <williamq> please make sure to go through the first draft of the plan for the camp here: #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/remo-camp-2012-onepager
15:21:27 <Lucy> ah basecamp!
15:21:38 <williamq> this document outlines the context and rationale for having this camp
15:21:52 <williamq> as you can see, it's going to be VERY intense
15:22:15 <williamq> i'm starting to think that 3 full days might not be enough but anyway.. :)
15:22:24 <williamq> just a quick note on logistics:
15:22:45 <williamq> Hotel is booked, and all flights for folks needing a visa are booked (except for Viking)
15:22:50 <deimidis> williamq, it's never enough
15:22:53 <Lucy> we just have to make sure we do a lot of discussion and orientation before the camp so we can jump right in
15:23:21 <williamq> I started booking flights for folks who don't need a visa but we still have a dozen to book
15:23:24 <pierros> Lucy, +1 we need to have an IRC meeting at least once before the camp with all
15:23:29 <williamq> this will be done this week
15:23:35 <williamq> pierros: +1
15:23:40 <Lucy> and push lots to the mentors list
15:23:44 <williamq> absolutely
15:23:48 <Lucy> :)
15:23:51 <pierros> #action pierros sets up an pre-camp meeting
15:24:11 <williamq> deimidis: please let's book your flight to Berlin this week (i know you need ot go to LEAD in Toronto after)
15:24:31 <kinger> Perhaps SWOT can be done on the Etherpad before the event, so we canjust jump in discussin git
15:24:42 <williamq> #action deimidis to coordinate with William for his flight to ReMo Camp
15:24:53 <williamq> kinger: yes!
15:24:54 <deimidis> williamq, we could talk tomorrow about this, but I want to be sure we arranged flight with LEAD people
15:25:03 <williamq> deimidis: ok
15:25:30 <pierros> #action pierros starts an SWOT pad for the camp
15:26:22 <williamq> so the format of the camp will be Friday (presentations and alignment on 2012 priorities) Saturday (discussions and brainstorms on how to improve internal operations of program) Sunday (update goals for next 6 months and draft concrete roadmap + action plans)
15:26:49 <williamq> if someone doesn't feel comfortable with this format or wants to change it, please feel free to suggest an alternative format
15:26:53 <kinger> Sunday is crucial and usually we don't leave enough time for it
15:26:54 <pierros> (sunday will also have training)
15:26:55 <Lucy> I think we need to move the brainstorms to before the camp
15:27:11 <Lucy> IRC meetings or just an etherpad
15:27:18 <pierros> Lucy, all of them will be impossible
15:27:28 <pierros> but the load of the feedback can be done in advance for sure
15:27:34 <williamq> right
15:28:20 <williamq> ok i think that's it for now regarding the camp
15:28:27 <williamq> expect more updates later this week
15:28:36 <williamq> any other questions befor ewe move on?
15:29:10 <williamq> ok, moving on...
15:29:18 <williamq> #topic bi-weekly checklist
15:29:45 <williamq> I'm personally running a bit behind all my action items from last council meeting
15:29:54 <williamq> but i plan to complete this week
15:30:05 <pierros> the Leo bots follow ups can be (and are) done by me
15:30:14 <williamq> cool
15:30:36 <Lucy> interesting mine show up as unassigned. but both of mine are done. Feedback is shared, no one had much to say though a couple people were very happy.
15:30:47 <williamq> good :)
15:30:55 <williamq> i'm happy when people are happy :)
15:31:03 <Lucy> the meeting guide is started but we need to fill it out, eg we have to figure out how often we want to triage
15:31:16 <williamq> gotcha
15:31:26 <williamq> i'll do that tomorrow
15:31:32 <kinger> We didn't get much feedback on the mailing list policy
15:31:46 <williamq> so let's publish it
15:31:48 <kinger> That still needs cleaning up and formalised as an SOP, right?
15:31:54 <Lucy> kinger: yes
15:31:56 <williamq> yes
15:32:00 <williamq> i think it's basically done
15:32:02 <kinger> Ok i can do that
15:32:14 <williamq> #action kinger to create final SOP for mailing list
15:32:16 <Lucy> I think it also means we need someone to "own" planet to make sure people are signing up to it
15:32:36 <pierros> giorgos and me do that
15:32:42 <Lucy> pierros: do you have the time?
15:32:44 <pierros> mentors though need to be the ones that check
15:32:53 <pierros> we can simply add people
15:33:02 <pierros> but no easy way to track all new ones :S
15:33:08 <kinger> indeed
15:33:18 <pierros> ultimately putting your feed in the profile will add this on the planet
15:33:24 <kinger> mentor nudges are effective here
15:33:24 <Lucy> ah ok
15:33:27 <Lucy> that's easy enough
15:33:29 <pierros> but we are still having this as P2
15:33:36 <pierros> kinger, +1
15:33:38 <Lucy> so we just need to do a push to let people know to do it when it's ready
15:33:50 <pierros> yep
15:34:00 <pierros> when this come we will let people now
15:34:16 <giorgos> I have some bugs already on that
15:34:22 <giorgos> (btw hi all ;)
15:34:28 <williamq> hi Giorgos! :)
15:34:34 <kinger> yo
15:34:40 <Lucy> my next action item, nuke and I did go over the IT bugs. We have one question: should we grant employees the same trust status as reps
15:34:54 <williamq> I say yes
15:34:57 <Lucy> so how we agreed that if a rep requests for an existing project we just say yes
15:35:07 <Lucy> and if a rep rquests for a new project we take it to council
15:35:13 <williamq> sounds good to me
15:35:17 <Lucy> I say yes as well since it was just a factor of trust
15:35:21 <giorgos> bugs 758607 758610
15:35:39 <pierros> Lucy, +1
15:36:21 <Lucy> oh there is one that needs to go by council
15:36:27 <Lucy> the one for costa rica
15:36:30 <Lucy> Nukeador: are you here?
15:36:36 <pierros> giorgos, excellent
15:37:23 <williamq> anything else that needs to be flagged here?
15:37:28 <Lucy> so the costa rica one nukeador was asking questions about why it wont' be integrated to moz hispano so I'll let him bring it up to council when he's done asking his questions
15:37:46 <williamq> ok
15:37:58 <Lucy> and I still need to formalize the IT checklist now that we have some outlines, but that's it for my items
15:38:36 <Lucy> #action Lucy to formalize IT checklist
15:39:15 <williamq> excellent
15:39:30 <williamq> Lucy, did you want to talk about the Diaspora experiment?
15:39:35 <Lucy> sure!
15:39:47 <pierros> yep lets talk business :)
15:39:48 <Lucy> so mrz is looking for better ways than the mailing list for Mozillians to communicate
15:40:06 <Lucy> Diaspora came up as an option, ie spinning up an isolated pod
15:40:16 <Lucy> mrz is happy to do that but needs people to test it out, so we can see if it'll work
15:40:36 <Lucy> if council approves we can use the reps as guinea pigs, we just need to make sure they know to back up any content they put there that they want to keep
15:40:38 <kinger> could be interesting
15:40:41 <pierros> Lucy, I have alredy done a pod and tested it out
15:40:45 <williamq> i'm all for testing a pod
15:40:48 <Lucy> pierros: an isolated one?
15:40:50 <deimidis> +1
15:40:53 <williamq> +1
15:41:01 <pierros> it would not make any difference
15:41:06 <williamq> I remember we were playing with the idea late last year already
15:41:17 <Lucy> yeah, but we got invites to a linked pod
15:41:22 <pierros> in order to have the functionality we want (threads, groups etc) we need a developer
15:41:23 <Lucy> so it adds "noise" to the tags
15:41:39 <kinger> we need to force ourselves to use it this time
15:41:49 <kinger> get the best value out of the experiment
15:41:54 <pierros> isolated pods are against diaspora's focus
15:42:11 <Lucy> kinger: exactly, that's why I'm bringing it to you guys. for the experiment to work we'll have to encourage reps to use it
15:42:22 <Lucy> pierros: do you think they won't let us do it?
15:42:35 <pierros> they would not mind
15:42:47 <pierros> but we need much work to get *our* things done
15:43:03 <pierros> (login with browserid, groups, threads)
15:43:25 <pierros> and we dont have any developer that I know that can work on this
15:43:34 <pierros> ie. know Ruby
15:43:53 <williamq> so what's the bottom line? should we drop the idea? do we look for a developer?
15:44:14 <Lucy> I think we should try it. If it has promise I think mrz will support helping it along
15:44:33 <pierros> ok we need to find someone with Ruby knowledge
15:44:43 <Lucy> I imagine that these are all features diaspora plans on?
15:44:49 <pierros> I will shoot a detailed mail in reps-general
15:44:51 <pierros> Lucy, right
15:44:56 <kinger> hang on, so diaspora is not an out of the box works thingie?
15:45:05 <williamq> i thought it was :(
15:45:12 <kinger> me too
15:45:21 <pierros> kinger, it is.. but not with all the feature we want
15:45:21 <Lucy> well I was just playing with it and I think it will do the trick for many things
15:45:35 <Lucy> like you follow hashtags
15:45:42 <kinger> i see
15:45:45 <pierros> #action pierros reach out to reps-general on diaspora
15:45:47 <Lucy> so if we have an isolated pod we control the tags
15:46:06 <Lucy> so only stuff that is relevant to us will go to the tags we set
15:46:16 <williamq> sounds good
15:46:20 <Lucy> since we're controlling the tags we can make that work like groups
15:46:37 <Lucy> but also emphasis is on experiment
15:46:39 <pierros> no admin interface for that btw
15:46:52 <Lucy> no, but we have a controlled group as well
15:47:16 <Lucy> and people will want to use the tags effectively
15:47:39 <Lucy> so obvioulsy I'm in favor of trying it out and see how it ends up being used ;)
15:47:48 <pierros> we will take it from reps-general
15:47:50 <pierros> moving on?
15:47:55 <williamq> yep, moving on
15:48:01 <Lucy> this is me too
15:48:12 <williamq> just a quick note about budget
15:48:12 <Lucy> it would be nice to get a demo of the remobot so we can suggest it to other teams for their meetings
15:48:45 <williamq> given the busy months ahead, it looks like we're going to double our budget for the program
15:48:47 <williamq> which is great
15:48:56 <kinger> oh super
15:49:01 <williamq> but it also means a lot more accounting, a lot of payments, a lot more budgets to review
15:49:15 <kinger> task force FTW
15:49:18 <williamq> #action william to schedule a budget task force meeting this week
15:49:21 <Lucy> +1
15:49:44 <williamq> stay tuned for the that
15:49:53 <williamq> for the remobot demo +1
15:50:09 <williamq> anything else?
15:50:12 <pierros> for remobot we should wait till leo and I finish it up
15:50:13 <kinger> Quick update on Mobile Companion apps. Neither Alex nor I have had time last couple of week to go beyond our experiment. I'll nudge him and we'll aim for a hack day this week
15:50:36 <pierros> kinger, can we make the changes to get it accepted/
15:50:39 <pierros> in amo?
15:50:47 <kinger> yes
15:50:49 <williamq> #action kinger to nudge Alex and aim for a hack day this week
15:50:59 <kinger> giorgis already did this
15:51:15 <kinger> I just need to get a couple of other fixes in
15:51:23 <williamq> ok great
15:51:27 <kinger> aiming for Monday/Tues for new upload
15:51:33 <williamq> sweet
15:51:42 <pierros> cool
15:51:45 <williamq> ok i think this wraps it up
15:51:53 <williamq> pierros and i are about to collapse i think :)
15:52:03 <kinger> :)
15:52:03 <deimidis> got to sleep friends
15:52:07 <Lucy> :)
15:52:13 <williamq> thank you all for joining !!!!
15:52:21 <kinger> thanks for moderating
15:52:22 <Lucy> thanks for making it!
15:52:26 <pierros> :P
15:52:28 <williamq> more updates on the ReMo camp this week, look out for that!
15:52:28 <deimidis> thanks everybody
15:52:29 <pierros> thanks all!
15:52:33 <williamq> #endmeeting