15:00:12 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:00:18 <kinger> ping Rami
15:00:24 <pierros> williamq, now add us as chairs
15:00:32 <kinger> #chair kinger
15:00:33 <williamq> how do I do that?
15:00:38 <williamq> #chair kinger
15:00:38 <remobot> Current chairs: kinger williamq
15:00:39 <pierros> (please always let the chair of the meeting start the meeting)
15:00:50 <pierros> plus:
15:00:51 <williamq> should I end the meeting?
15:01:01 <pierros> start the meeting like this :
15:01:16 <pierros> eg. #startmeeting Council Meeting 2012-06-10
15:01:24 <pierros> so it gets a generic name in the title
15:01:25 <williamq> ok should I end the meeting?
15:01:28 <pierros> ye[
15:01:28 <kinger> Wait, there are only 4 os us "here", is that a quorum?
15:01:32 <williamq> so that we can start correctly?
15:01:33 <williamq> ok
15:01:33 <pierros> it is not :(
15:01:35 <williamq> #endmeeting