15:00:14 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:00:24 <williamq> good morning/afternoon/evening all
15:00:40 <williamq> sorry about that, I pressed on "Return" a little too quickly
15:00:56 <williamq> we've got a packed agenda so let's dive right in
15:01:10 <williamq> #topic ReMo Camp update
15:01:18 <williamq> so a quick update on ReMo Camp
15:01:26 <williamq> everythign is on track
15:01:40 <williamq> I'm still bighting my nails over the visa applications of some Reps
15:01:54 <williamq> we'll have a final answer as to whether or not they can attend the Camp this week
15:02:11 <Lucy> oh hi
15:02:16 <williamq> Vineel's application was rejected
15:02:37 <deimidis> fuck
15:02:37 <williamq> but he and I have been going back and forth with the German consulate in Chennai to see if they can reconsider
15:02:50 <williamq> he's got a new appointmenet end of next week normally
15:03:00 <williamq> visa applications are totally random
15:03:18 <williamq> Vineel didn't have any problem for all his previosu trips to the EU and to the USA
15:03:28 <williamq> now, regarding content
15:03:32 <williamq> as I mentione don the agenda
15:03:52 <williamq> we'll need to make a few updates based on the updates I made on the overall ReMo 2012 plan
15:04:25 <williamq> the original plan focused a lot on developing the program, and building/training leadership
15:04:38 <williamq> the new plan will focus on that but ALSO on Mozilla's organizational goals
15:04:54 <Nuke|droid> Great
15:05:03 <williamq> namely, getting B2T off the ground, launching fennec, and driving acquisition/retention for Firefox desktop
15:05:40 <williamq> so all this to say, Mary's asked that we have more content and discussions around how ReMo can help with B2G, Fennec and Firefox
15:06:04 <williamq> rather than solely focusing on how ReMo can help the organization as a whole
15:06:28 <williamq> an important point that has been surfacing a lot in recent discussions within the engagement team
15:07:09 <williamq> is a discussion around Mozilla Reps as an "Engagement" program rather than a "Mozilla" program
15:07:24 <williamq> Mary will be driving a lot of discussions around this during the Camp
15:08:02 <Lucy> williamq: do you mean focusing ourselves so we're more obviously engagement? or do you mean considering where the program belongs?
15:08:12 <williamq> basically, we need to discuss how "Marketing" weighs against other functional areas within Mozilla Reps, since by definition, Mozilla Reps is funded by Engagement (ie. Marketing)
15:08:20 <kinger> contributor engagement, or user, or developer? Or all?
15:08:54 <williamq> well, right now, it's "theoretically" an Engagement program led by the Contributor Engagement team
15:09:19 <williamq> but in practice, the program supports "all" functional areas
15:09:24 <kinger> right, but many rep events currently target developers
15:09:28 <kinger> yes
15:09:36 <pierros> kinger, right
15:09:41 <williamq> that's why, for example, MoFo is tapping into ReMo to help drive its Summer Code party
15:09:44 <Lucy> this will be an interesting discussion, because I think supporting all the areas is "contributor engagement"
15:09:59 <williamq> or why SUMO is tapping into the program to see how it can organize future SUMO localization sprints
15:10:12 <williamq> Lucy: sure
15:10:17 <williamq> but the question is
15:10:52 <williamq> to what extent does MOzilla Rep belong to "Engagement" rather than, say, "Human Resources" ?
15:11:13 <pierros> it serves both
15:11:19 <pierros> and is served by both
15:11:22 <williamq> right
15:11:41 <Lucy> williamq: yeah I am looking forward to this one actually. I think it will help us all understand better the Mozilla teams and what they do
15:11:42 <deimidis> is external, is a community program :)
15:11:46 <williamq> but "Engagement" is basically about Marketing
15:11:55 <Lucy> and also give us a chance to express how we view engagement
15:11:57 <williamq> to what extend should Mozilla Reps be a marketing program
15:12:04 <Lucy> should block a lot of time for it :)
15:12:19 <williamq> some would argue that it would make more sense for ReMo to be part of Human Resources
15:12:26 <williamq> or even the Mozilla Foundation :)
15:12:34 <williamq> Lucy: yes, definitely
15:12:44 <williamq> we're sure to have very lively discussions i'm sure :)
15:13:37 <williamq> but for now, as long as Mozilla Reps is funded by and is part of the Engagement team, the focus of the program needs to support Engagement's goals
15:13:39 <deimidis> so definetly, we will have to splitus in groups for a lot of work, if we want to have time for everything
15:13:47 <williamq> deimidis: right
15:14:28 <williamq> I'll be updating the wiki tomorrow and I'll share on the mailing list
15:14:40 <williamq> just 2 more quick things regrding the camp
15:14:57 <williamq> we'll be recieivng a bunch of B2G phones for the event
15:15:10 <williamq> so we were thining with Pierros to organize a B2G hack session on Sunday night
15:15:18 <deimidis> :D
15:15:20 <williamq> would you all be up for that?
15:15:35 <Nukeador> The new 50$ ones? :P
15:15:40 <williamq> not really :)
15:15:47 <williamq> Nexus S
15:15:49 <deimidis> I'm in, i don't know how much I could help, but I love the idea
15:15:56 <williamq> ok cool
15:16:02 <Lucy> yeah sounds like fun, but definitely at night like you said
15:16:07 <williamq> the other idea is to go out partying in a club or something
15:16:14 <Nukeador> uhmmm
15:16:15 <deimidis> both
15:16:18 <williamq> haha
15:16:28 <deimidis> we could make that on the club
15:16:31 <williamq> well, B2G hacking might go on till very late in the night
15:16:32 <williamq> right Pierros?
15:16:39 <williamq> deimidis: haha
15:16:49 <williamq> speaking of which
15:17:04 <williamq> please don't forget to sign up to the "evening" activities Nukeador is organizing :)
15:17:08 <kinger> can we keep the phones after?
15:17:11 <williamq> Nukeador: can you share the link?
15:17:21 <Lucy> I have a comment on another part of the schedule
15:17:26 <williamq> kinger: sure, as long as you plan on testing them like crazy
15:17:33 <kinger> :)
15:17:34 <williamq> Lucy: sure
15:17:49 <Lucy> ok so we talked on the list about breaking into groups, and actually breaking into task forces
15:17:53 <deimidis> Nukeador, is the only not alcohol drinker in ur team and he's organizing this? :P
15:18:01 <Lucy> so I think we should do that in place of the SOP sprint on the sat
15:18:02 <Nukeador> 1 sec
15:18:10 <Lucy> and then each task force owns the SOPs that need updating for their area
15:18:19 <williamq> Lucy: yes, good idea
15:18:23 <deimidis> Lucy, +1
15:18:26 <williamq> i was going to update the wiki to reflect that
15:18:26 <Lucy> but I think we should do it on the sat so that the teams can collaborate and have sunday to do more work
15:18:37 <Nukeador> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/26
15:18:41 <Lucy> and then all the team stuff should be done by lunch so we can report back after lunch sunday
15:18:54 <williamq> #action william to update wiki to include breakup into task forces + owen SOPs
15:19:06 <williamq> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/26
15:20:04 <williamq> any other questions?
15:20:11 <williamq> going once
15:20:12 <liknus> nope :)
15:20:14 <williamq> going twice
15:20:18 <williamq> ok next topic...
15:20:19 <liknus> 1000 USD
15:20:23 <liknus> oh. .lost it
15:20:27 <Lucy> 3camels!
15:20:34 <williamq> :)
15:20:41 <williamq> #topic Webdev UX update
15:20:46 <williamq> Pierros the floor is yours
15:21:29 <liknus> so lately we develope the parts of 0.3 that will implement Event Manager
15:21:54 <liknus> same way that we have now a report page (or a rep profile) we will have an Events page
15:22:21 <liknus> so here are some mockups
15:22:35 <liknus> we would like your initial feedback (and we will have to open it to mentors too)
15:22:55 <liknus> I remind you that an event page has three distinct timings
15:22:58 <liknus> (time periods)
15:23:09 <liknus> First: Before the event (planning period)
15:23:17 <liknus> Second: During the event (showtime!)
15:23:27 <liknus> Third: After the event (aftermath)
15:23:44 <liknus> so the page will slightly change to accommodate the needs for each period
15:24:02 <liknus> For first period the focus will be planning and outreach (discoverability)
15:24:32 <liknus> For second, signups (tools) and gathering of produced material (social media, pics etc)
15:24:59 <liknus> and for third period we will have reports, links, mashup (extended of the second period)
15:25:15 <liknus> Before we proceed in mockups, does those seem logical/good?
15:25:48 <liknus> anyone?
15:26:08 <Lucy> that sounds really good
15:26:13 <Lucy> and helpful!
15:26:43 <liknus> ok so:
15:26:48 <liknus> two mockups:
15:27:01 <liknus> http://awesomescreenshot.com/0a48mft5c\
15:27:04 <deimidis> liknus, signups will be external?
15:27:10 <liknus> #link http://awesomescreenshot.com/0a48mft5c
15:27:27 <deimidis> liknus, i'm talking people outside reps program or other reps to help
15:27:40 <liknus> deimidis, signups will be for Get Involved page
15:27:52 <liknus> (same way I detailed on the thread in reps-general)
15:27:59 <kinger> With a domain name like that, how can it not be awesome?
15:28:07 <Nukeador> The problem I see here
15:28:14 <liknus> thats the attendee list: http://awesomescreenshot.com/07a8m9f35
15:28:25 <Nukeador> Is that we are duplicating the registration process for events
15:28:32 <liknus> Nukeador, ?
15:28:34 <Nukeador> Keep in mind that most events have their own page
15:28:38 <Nukeador> in their language
15:28:54 <Nukeador> I don't see the point of external registrations here
15:28:59 <liknus> Nukeador, which part are we duplicating?
15:29:06 <Nukeador> Keeping in mind that the page is in English
15:29:11 <liknus> the registration for Get Involved is universal
15:29:20 <liknus> you are talking about the event listing?
15:29:23 <Nukeador> Events
15:29:25 <Nukeador> yes
15:29:38 <liknus> (because this is something we already do/have in wiki.mo)
15:29:47 <liknus> (how 0.3 is changing this?)
15:29:49 <Nukeador> I think it should be just for reps
15:29:57 <Nukeador> The attendance list
15:30:02 <Nukeador> Or mozillians
15:30:03 <kinger> Nuke, I thinnk it is only reps attending listed here, not everyone attending
15:30:09 <liknus> Nukeador, this is for Reps and Mozillians ONLY
15:30:18 <Nukeador> OK, perfect then :P
15:30:29 <liknus> (and mozillians will be if API is delivered in time)
15:30:50 * williamq crossing his fingers that the API will be ready in time
15:31:17 <liknus> So once we are in phase two or three of an event, the page will slightly change to accommodate the pictrures tweets etc
15:31:22 <liknus> #link     http://awesomescreenshot.com/0618mg7a2
15:31:50 <williamq> liknus: what do you plan to display on the 980 x 200 banner?
15:32:11 <liknus> side-collage of pics submitted with tweets over them
15:32:25 <williamq> nice!
15:32:27 <liknus> we are still working on the appearance as we are not sure about the API of different services
15:32:34 <williamq> right
15:32:39 <liknus> (how will we fetch tweets and pics etc)
15:32:57 <williamq> let's use as much CSS magic as we can for this page :D
15:33:14 <liknus> keep in mind that things like the tools on the bottom right will be viewable only to reps
15:33:30 <liknus> (signups can be provided to mozillians too if we have the API)
15:33:56 <kinger> this is awesome
15:33:58 <liknus> also a thing that we are not having in the mockup is the metrics and objectives section
15:34:07 <liknus> (like in budget request form)
15:34:28 <liknus> please go throught the list of all the fields we are developing for events and suggest any changes via email
15:34:46 <liknus> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/sarek-planning
15:34:49 <liknus> (middle in this pad)
15:35:11 <liknus> as we have more clarity on external APIs we will have more structured designs
15:35:20 <williamq> #action everyone should go through the list of all the event fields being developed for sarek and suggest new ones if necessary
15:35:27 <liknus> (I think we can still do better and more beautiful designs)
15:35:49 <williamq> this is pretty awesome pierros
15:35:56 <williamq> really excited to see this come to life
15:36:04 <williamq> any other questions?
15:36:10 <williamq> going once
15:36:16 <williamq> going twice
15:36:26 <williamq> ok moving on to the next topic
15:36:40 <williamq> #topic bi-weekly checklist
15:36:59 <williamq> I put the list of action items and their owners from last meeting
15:37:19 <Lucy> yes, which topics was I supposed to go through? etherpads or mailling list?
15:37:27 <Lucy> (so my update is that I haven't done it yet :-p _
15:37:33 <williamq> hehe
15:37:39 <williamq> i think it was the etherpad
15:37:45 <Lucy> k :)
15:37:48 * Lucy makes a note
15:37:52 <williamq> so let's move down this list
15:38:04 <williamq> kinger: any update on the mailing list policy SOP?
15:38:22 <kinger> Yes, it is more or less done
15:38:28 <kinger> Just needs announcing
15:38:33 <kinger> Should I do that?
15:38:38 <williamq> if you want
15:38:44 <kinger> Everyone should check it once more
15:38:49 <williamq> or I can do it, whatever you prefer
15:38:57 <williamq> can you share the link again ?
15:39:06 <kinger> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Mailing_List_Policy
15:39:29 <williamq> ok, can everyone read through it right now?
15:39:34 <williamq> and give feedback if any
15:39:39 <williamq> that way we make the announcement tomorrow
15:39:52 <kinger> Will 'Mozilla Reps blog' ever happen? (at the end)
15:40:20 <kinger> blog.mozilla.com/reps
15:40:22 <kinger> :)
15:40:37 <kinger> or blog.mozillareps.org
15:40:53 <liknus> kinger, well we have the planet
15:41:15 <williamq> kinger: SOP looks great
15:41:18 <williamq> nothing to add
15:41:40 <williamq> +1 for announcing it tomorrow
15:41:45 <deimidis> +1
15:42:00 <kinger> Ok I'll announce it tomorrow
15:42:33 <williamq> #action kinger to announce Mailing List Policy SOP on reps-general
15:42:56 <williamq> liknus
15:42:59 <williamq> any update on your action items?
15:43:19 <liknus> #action liknus follows up on his action list
15:43:27 <williamq> cool
15:43:32 <liknus> sorry I havent made any significant progress :(
15:43:53 <williamq> as for me
15:44:09 <williamq> I updated the "Reps Welcome Pack" instructions on the mentoring SOP
15:44:14 <williamq> let me pul up the link
15:44:34 <williamq> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring/Orientation
15:44:39 <williamq> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring/Orientation
15:44:46 <williamq> you'll notice I moved a few things around
15:45:01 <williamq> and I added a specific section on the Reps Welcome Pack
15:45:40 <williamq> this basically ties back to Vineel's recommendation of having a mentor approve a welcome pack only if his mentee has completed 2 warm up activities
15:46:23 <liknus> yep
15:46:24 <kinger> looks good
15:46:26 <williamq> it also explains that a mentor needs to approve the welcome pack request by leaving a comment on the bug
15:46:42 <kinger> another criteria for welcome packs should be up-to-date reports
15:46:59 <williamq> right
15:47:21 <williamq> since we don't want to send the welcome pack too late in the game
15:47:42 <williamq> vineel suggested that the minimum would be to have submitted 1 monthly report
15:48:35 <williamq> as for my other action items, I'm doing them following this meeting
15:49:14 <williamq> #action follow-up on logistics Gdoc + budget task force
15:49:48 <williamq> we had said we would organizae a mentors meeting to plan for the Camp
15:49:59 <williamq> does everyone still think it is necessary?
15:50:17 <Lucy> I think an orientation meeting before camp is good
15:50:27 <Lucy> expose people to the schedule get questions out of the way
15:50:37 <kinger> yea
15:50:42 <williamq> ok cool
15:50:42 <Lucy> hopefully cut down on the time we spend on basics at the camp
15:50:49 <williamq> I suggest doing it next sunday
15:50:55 <williamq> at 3pm UTC
15:51:19 <Lucy> wfm
15:51:24 <williamq> if you can't make it, no worries
15:51:41 <liknus> I will  be in transit :(
15:51:51 <Nukeador> I'll be in Valencia :S
15:51:51 <williamq> it's really an update meeting plus a logsitics Q&A
15:52:00 <williamq> no prob
15:52:08 <kinger> I'll be by the coast but will have my laptop with me
15:52:36 <williamq> ok, i'll send an email out on reps-mentors tonight
15:52:52 <williamq> #action send out note to reps-mentors about Sunday prep meeting for Camp
15:53:10 <williamq> ok, moving on
15:53:18 <williamq> #topic Community IT requests
15:53:26 <williamq> any update/questions?
15:53:34 <Lucy> you can add those URLs to the meeting template
15:53:57 <kinger> we should talking about Viking's request fro Blogilicious 2012
15:54:00 <Lucy> we still haven't gotten back to Jorge about mozilla costa rica. I think that was holding on the spreadsheet to have a vote
15:54:02 <williamq> ok cool will  do
15:54:16 <williamq> #action williamq to add URLs to meeting template
15:54:45 <williamq> kinger: I think he's waiting for feedback from Gen before proceeding for that budget request
15:54:54 <kinger> Oh I C
15:55:38 <kinger> Well, he writes "Is there any exception for this (regarding budget & swag request for the event below 1month / 4 weeks : Madura & Solo) ?"
15:55:54 <kinger> Gen will decide this, if it is important enough?
15:56:09 <williamq> I need to check with him
15:56:17 <kinger> ko
15:56:34 <williamq> viking submitted the budget to Gen and Mary so they can review it
15:56:38 <williamq> so i'll check with them
15:56:54 <williamq> as for Jorge's request
15:57:19 <williamq> let's wait to have the spreadsheet up
15:57:45 <williamq> the last I remember we had approved Jorge's request, right?
15:57:47 <Lucy> liknus: are you still working on the spreadsheet or should I create one and we can all work on filling it in?
15:57:54 <Lucy> williamq: we were voting
15:57:55 <williamq> at least through the mailing list
15:58:03 <Lucy> I think we were discussing it here
15:58:26 <williamq> ok
15:58:31 <liknus> Lucy, i am on it
15:58:59 <Lucy> right I think we were discussing it here and we didn't email the list to vote cuz that was when we also talked about the spreadsheet
15:59:04 <williamq> ok
15:59:09 <williamq> let's wait for that then
15:59:14 <williamq> anything else ?
15:59:16 <Lucy> k
15:59:21 <williamq> I think we're done for today
15:59:22 <deimidis> YES
15:59:24 <Lucy> budgest
15:59:25 <deimidis> sorry
15:59:27 <Lucy> err budgets
15:59:29 <Nukeador> arg
15:59:38 <Nukeador> I pointed more things about that request on the alias
15:59:38 <liknus> Nukeador, :P
15:59:52 <Nukeador> sorry I got disconnected
15:59:57 <deimidis> Percy Cabello is asking me how to make that Mozilla buy mozilla peru domain
16:00:14 <Nukeador> Regarding that request
16:00:33 <Nukeador> I think it's important to point out that it's not an established project
16:00:34 <Nukeador> yet
16:00:36 <Nukeador> I thought it was
16:00:37 <Nukeador> But Jorge told me that he hasn't done anything yet in Costa Rica
16:00:39 <Nukeador> deimidis, I guess open a bug with the request
16:00:51 <Lucy> yes, it's a community IT request
16:01:24 <Lucy> https://wiki.mozilla.org/MCS:Hosting
16:01:49 <Nukeador> Also we are deploying all this "your country hub page" soon, I hope next week
16:02:23 <deimidis> Nukeador, he open a bug, I will send him this info
16:02:29 <williamq> i think this country hub pageis great
16:02:50 <Nukeador> deimidis, send me and Lucy the bug number please
16:03:21 <Nukeador> Also, I think that for the reps camp and speaking about Mozilla's mission an future
16:03:24 <kinger> "your country hub page" - any preview link?
16:03:34 <deimidis> Nukeador, Lucy I'm asking the bug number
16:03:51 <Nukeador> kinger, not public yet: http://mozilla-hispano.org/co/ :P
16:04:02 <Lucy> there are two budget requests turning up on the search
16:04:07 <Lucy> I have the one from Delphine
16:04:15 <Lucy> is she a rep? she doesn't have a page
16:04:25 <Lucy> err a profile on reps.m.o
16:04:25 <kinger> yes those pages are an excellent idea
16:04:40 <kinger> I wonder if we should extend that to other communities, e.g. balkans
16:04:43 <Nukeador> I hope we can talk in Berlin about the employees vs volunteers gap :P
16:05:13 <williamq> Lucy: if she hasn't created her profile page, we have a problem I think
16:05:24 <Nukeador> If I can, I will send the summary to governance list tonight or early next week
16:05:24 <deimidis> Nukeador, you have to take out the �vs� in that :P
16:05:25 <Lucy> williamq: also I just looked up clarista and she only has one report filed
16:05:40 <Lucy> so while I think the badges are a good idea, I don't think we should pay for them
16:05:55 <Lucy> but I am biased, I have been frustrated with the program so I'll defer to you guys
16:06:07 <kinger> good chance for mentors to email them about profiles/reports!
16:06:12 <williamq> well, I think you've been following the program more closely than any of us
16:06:18 <williamq> so you have a better idea
16:06:41 <williamq> personally, I thought the program was dead but apparently it's not
16:06:44 <Lucy> yeah, it goes both ways. One thing that has frustrated me is that I have brought up the idea of an SiG multiple times on the list and don't think it has gotten a response at all
16:06:59 <Lucy> (not even from mitchell :( )
16:07:14 <williamq> Nukeador: yes, we definitely need to have an employees vs volunteers gap discussion
16:07:35 <williamq> #action: williamq to include employees vs volunteers gap discussion on ReMo Camp program
16:07:53 <deimidis> Nukeador, williamq I like the discussion, not the name
16:08:11 <Lucy> williamq: will be be working with ami_ty at all? she is working on the spaces stuff and is also I think coordinating on the community calendar
16:08:44 <williamq> deimidis: ok, we'll rename
16:09:08 <Lucy> so the budget request, I should just get back to them and let them know that we're turning it down because it needs to be from an active rep?
16:09:14 <williamq> Lucy: unfortunately I have little to zero visilbity as to what ami_ty does
16:09:28 <Lucy> :(
16:09:48 <williamq> Lucy: yes, makes sense
16:10:02 <williamq> Clarista has been extremely active as a Rep
16:10:15 <williamq> but she has not been filling her monthly reports obviously :(
16:10:18 <williamq> so it's tricky
16:10:34 <Nukeador> Are the reminders working?
16:10:49 <Lucy> ok, if she's been active as a rep that's a bit different. I won't hold it against someone if they're doing the work just not filling otu the reports
16:12:05 <williamq> it would be good to do a study to see how effective the monthly report reminders are
16:12:21 <liknus> williamq, true
16:12:29 <williamq> #idea conduct research on impact of monthyl report reminders
16:12:48 <Lucy> maybe we can make it a social thing as well, get reminding people in #remo
16:13:00 <Lucy> I always have an easier time doing boring tasks when I feel like I"m working with someone
16:13:04 <Lucy> even if we're doing our own work
16:13:11 <Nukeador> Or send a DM on twitter
16:13:30 <Nukeador> I've seen that people fill the reports if you remind them
16:13:44 <Nukeador> Is just they forget to do it
16:13:56 <liknus> Nukeador, nice little project :)
16:14:01 <Lucy> the other budget request is an old one, viking was handling it
16:14:10 <Nukeador> But they usually fill it right away once they get reminded
16:14:26 <kinger> spam them in all social networks until they get sick of us and do it :)
16:14:31 <williamq> hmmmm :)
16:14:32 <Lucy> looks like event has passed, I'll ping viking to resolve the bug
16:15:27 <liknus> kinger, we will get banned :P
16:15:29 <Lucy> #action Lucy to ping Viking about his over 500 budget bug
16:16:12 <williamq> ok all, i think we can call it a day
16:16:19 <williamq> thanks again for joining
16:16:27 <williamq> i'll follow up with the logs and summary
16:16:59 <williamq> see you all on the other side in Berlin :)
16:17:16 <williamq> I'll be making major logistics updates on the wiki
16:17:23 <williamq> and on reps-mentors
16:17:26 <williamq> so look out for those
16:17:29 <williamq> cheers!!
16:17:33 <williamq> #endmeeting