15:07:23 <Lucy> #startmeeting
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15:07:37 <Lucy> #topic New Council
15:07:42 <vikingkarwur> Hi everyone!
15:07:59 <kinger> hi viking
15:08:00 <Lucy> well now the agenda isn't in the topic
15:08:25 <kinger> no worries
15:08:52 <Lucy> here is the link to the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjP10TPY52n_dEVKM0RuQ19uaVRIeXlfeWY3ZnJObGc
15:09:04 <Lucy> when you go there you have to request access
15:09:13 <pierros> hey all
15:09:14 <pierros> sorry for being late
15:09:16 <kinger> So we can just add what we see fit?
15:09:18 <Lucy> there you are!
15:09:19 <kinger> hi pierros
15:09:27 <Lucy> kinger: yes please
15:09:38 <pierros> I updated the spreadsheet myself too
15:09:51 <Lucy> but first, I wanted to get feedback on my suggestion that first we give mentors a chance to drop out before we evaluate them
15:09:54 <pierros> I know that some values can be controversial :)
15:10:20 <pierros> but we need to be super honest and fair :)
15:10:29 <kinger> yes, they may might have availability so we can't fill that out
15:10:30 <pierros> Lucy: +1
15:11:03 <Lucy> anyone object me sending an email to reps-mentors asking them to email the alias if they'd like to not be considered?
15:11:24 <pierros> Lucy: +1 let's go for this so we have it finished this week
15:11:27 <Lucy> ok
15:11:41 <kinger> #action Lucy sends an email to reps-mentors asking them to email the alias if they'd like to not be considered
15:11:46 <Lucy> :)
15:12:16 <Lucy> I was also wondering how to handle our own nominations
15:12:26 <kinger> The email should re-iterate the responsibilities and time expectations to avoid some questions
15:12:33 <Lucy> should we evaluate ourselves or should we get bonus for having done it already?
15:13:18 <pierros> Lucy: evaluate your self… after all we are all gone see the spreadsheet and add things there
15:13:21 <Lucy> kinger: true, though I think it's still a bit fuzzy, but I will emphasize how much is going on and council members need to be active and responsive
15:13:26 <kinger> I think it is ok to do ourselves
15:13:37 <Lucy> pierros: well I was thinking for ourselves we just need to enter yes or no into the accepted column
15:14:10 <Lucy> I think it would be sad to see a big red NO next to one of us, even if it's fair
15:15:01 <Lucy> so I propose I put yes in the nominated column next to all of us, and we decide ourselves if we'd like to/are suited to run again?
15:15:14 <pierros> (honestly I would put some no's there :( )
15:15:35 <kinger> I am not sure if I will be running
15:16:21 <Lucy> pierros: me too, but I'd rather not
15:16:29 <pierros> Lucy: true
15:16:30 <deimidis> I'm sure I will not
15:16:31 <pierros> anyways
15:16:32 <Lucy> kinger: yeah I haven't decided either
15:16:39 <pierros> moving forward?
15:16:40 <Lucy> ok so any objections to my proposal?
15:16:44 <pierros> nope
15:16:48 <Lucy> ok will do that now
15:17:28 <Lucy> #agreed old council will automatically be nominated, on honour system to drop out if we don't meet the criteria
15:17:55 <kinger> (or don't want to be nominated)
15:18:15 <Lucy> well in terms of evaluation we're on the honour system to drop out
15:18:34 <Lucy> but you're right dropping out doesn't specify whether it was criteria or lack of desire
15:19:23 <Lucy> ok so next is the draw system
15:19:32 <pierros> timing first
15:19:44 <Lucy> ok
15:19:57 <Lucy> ok so the draw should happen by the end of the month
15:20:09 <Lucy> we also have some people away on vacation but they'll be back this month so it should be after they're back
15:20:28 <pierros> suggestion:
15:20:36 <pierros> we draw 31st of Aug
15:20:53 <pierros> and announce officially etc Monday 3rd of September
15:21:00 <Lucy> on the Tuesday
15:21:04 <Lucy> monday is a NA holiday
15:21:19 <pierros> how would that make any difference? :)
15:21:24 <Lucy> pierros: I was going to suggest we target the 24th, and we have room for slipping
15:21:25 <deimidis> and when we finish the candidate's list?
15:21:29 <pierros> we can even announce Sunday :P
15:21:48 <pierros> Nomination till 10th
15:21:50 <Lucy> though I suppose it depends on the draw method whether there is a chance of slipping
15:21:55 <pierros> (next firiday)
15:22:13 <Lucy> pierros: I think we should do the process first so we know what we're making a timeline for
15:22:16 <pierros> assessment and announcement of nominees till Monday 13th
15:22:30 <pierros> the random process you mean?
15:22:36 <Lucy> first I need to ask for upfront withdrawals
15:22:40 <Lucy> then we finish evaluating
15:22:51 <pierros> we are saying the same thing :)
15:22:56 <Lucy> then we need to confirm with those that meet the criteria that they'll want to run
15:23:11 <pierros> opt-out/nomination (after your email) till this Friday
15:23:22 <pierros> then over-weekend assesment
15:24:17 <Lucy> we could do a week for each stage
15:24:35 <Lucy> have until next sunday to drop out, and then we have until the sunday after (next council meeting) to finalize noms
15:24:38 <pierros> ok then assessment is till 17th
15:24:45 <pierros> k cool
15:24:50 <pierros> (till 19th then)
15:25:06 <pierros> so by 20th we have finalized list that will go in the "hat"
15:25:13 <Lucy> yes
15:25:17 <deimidis> yes
15:25:28 <pierros> Then the remaining two weeks we should do public meetings
15:25:29 <Lucy> and then we have a week to give poeple a chance to realize they don't want to run after all ;)
15:25:48 <pierros> like town halls so that Reps can ask questions and raise issues for the program etc
15:26:16 <pierros> Lucy: (lets not document this option.. if they want to run out they can do that on all stages :P )
15:26:54 <pierros> so are we all OK with timeline?
15:27:02 <deimidis> town halls with whom?
15:27:09 <Lucy> pierros: well the public meetings should happen before we finalize the hat
15:27:10 <pierros> with all nominees
15:27:19 <Lucy> I think that will give nominees a better idea of whether they want to run or not
15:27:26 <pierros> Lucy: exactly… two full weeks till the draw
15:27:26 <Lucy> otherwise there's no purpose to having them before the draw
15:27:33 <kinger> timelime ok with me
15:27:35 <pierros> they can opt out later on..
15:27:41 <deimidis> but whta's the reason of a town hall if it's a draw?
15:27:53 <deimidis> I'm Ok with timeline too
15:27:57 <Lucy> pierros: they don't have to fit into the timeline that way then. we could start them next week
15:27:59 <pierros> (they all know what they sign up for.. no worries)
15:28:05 <Rami> sorry for being late
15:28:21 <pierros> Lucy: well they need to be after "our" assessments
15:28:24 <Lucy> I would rather the public meetings don't run right up to the election
15:28:27 <Lucy> pierros: why?
15:29:04 <pierros> Lucy: the point is to build up awareness :)
15:29:19 <Lucy> why can't it be concurrent to our assessments?
15:29:21 <pierros> wrt "why" I think that first pass should happen quietly by us
15:29:38 <pierros> so we are not influenced and biased by those meetings
15:29:43 <Lucy> ah
15:29:49 <Lucy> there we go, that is a good point :)
15:30:01 <Lucy> gotcha
15:30:37 <Lucy> ok I think we all agree with the basic timeline but we need to discuss the town halls now on the list
15:30:56 <deimidis> pierros, I don't understand. Are you saying to have a first filter from us before saying candidates?
15:31:27 <pierros> deimidis: the spreadsheet that Lucy sent is for us to determine if candidates meet the criteria set
15:31:44 <pierros> we need to first finish this assessment and then open up public meetings
15:32:00 <deimidis> pierros, that's true
15:32:30 <pierros> so we are all on the same page?
15:32:55 <pierros> :)
15:33:06 <Lucy> if there are no objections let's #agreed the timeline then #action Lucy file bugs
15:33:21 <Lucy> (it doesn' tpick them up mid sentence right?) ;)
15:33:43 <pierros> (nope :P )
15:34:16 <pierros> ok lets proceed with the agreed :)
15:34:20 <pierros> all in favor?
15:34:23 <pierros> +1
15:34:23 <Lucy> +!
15:34:25 <Lucy> err
15:34:33 <kinger> +1
15:34:41 <deimidis> +1
15:34:59 <vineel> +1
15:35:14 <pierros> Rami: ping vikingkarwur
15:36:26 <Rami> Yes
15:36:46 <pierros> ok cool
15:36:56 <pierros> Lucy are you filling the agreed? :)
15:37:12 <Lucy> pierros: can you do that? I think you have it better sorted
15:37:26 <Lucy> I can do my action :)
15:38:43 <pierros> #agreed Timeline of elections as follows : Reachout for opt outs till 12th, Council assessment till 19th, public meetings for two weeks and draw 31st
15:38:45 <pierros> ok;)
15:38:56 <Lucy> #action Lucy to file bugs about timeline
15:39:01 <Lucy> So the next topic is the method of the draw. Will we use a physical method or software?
15:39:13 <pierros> suggestion: we go oldskool
15:39:20 <kinger> +1
15:39:28 <pierros> streaming of an actual hat draw :)
15:39:29 <deimidis> +1
15:39:40 <kinger> with a rabbit
15:39:53 <Lucy> yes I was thinking that as well. We could do it at one of the offices and have a non-rep confirm the names going in and another non-rep do the draw
15:39:54 <pierros> kinger: :P
15:39:56 <Rami> hehe
15:40:01 <Rami> white one :D
15:40:05 <Lucy> lol even better, have the rabbit do the draw ;)
15:40:06 <vineel> :)
15:40:19 <pierros> Lucy: whatevah :P
15:40:38 <Lucy> pierros: could also have it streamed if we wanted
15:40:51 <pierros> ok so I should come up with a solid suggestion but we all agree initially that it will happen physically with streaming
15:40:52 <Lucy> be all ridiculously official about it ;)
15:40:52 <pierros> ok?
15:41:07 <Rami> ok
15:41:07 <deimidis> ok
15:41:09 <Lucy> yes
15:41:17 <pierros> of course it will be streamed :) just for the fun of it :)
15:41:22 <kinger> ok
15:41:39 <pierros> ok cool
15:41:44 <vineel> +1 it may be nice to have mitchell or someone do the draw
15:41:51 * kinger has to go
15:41:53 <pierros> #agreed Random draw will happen physically and streamed
15:41:59 <kinger> don't forget to post the logs
15:42:03 <kinger> Bye all
15:42:06 <pierros> kinger: bb!
15:42:07 <deimidis> bye
15:42:08 <Lucy> pierros: will you own the action?
15:42:19 <vineel> bye kinger
15:42:19 <pierros> Lucy: yeap
15:42:43 <Lucy> #action pierros to file bug, come up with plan for the draw
15:43:02 <pierros> Lucy: ok
15:43:07 <pierros> moving on?
15:43:14 <Lucy> yes I think that's it for new council!
15:45:04 <pierros> ok now on biweekly checklist
15:45:28 <pierros> (can someone change the topic?)(who is chair?)
15:45:34 <Lucy> oh me!
15:45:45 <Lucy> #topic bi-weekly checklist
15:46:09 <Lucy> should we do action items from last meeting? if we're doing it right they turn into bugs ;)
15:46:23 <pierros> Lucy: true lets skip it
15:47:00 <Lucy> pierros: what is that page you have that shows the bugs council needs to review?
15:47:15 <pierros> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?resolution=---;resolution=DUPLICATE;query_format=advanced;component=Community%20IT%20Requests;product=Mozilla%20Reps
15:47:30 <Lucy> thanks
15:47:32 <Lucy> getting myself sorted!
15:47:44 <Lucy> #topic Community IT review
15:47:45 <pierros> the task force can deal with them directly actually
15:47:54 <pierros> not need for the council to do this
15:48:01 <Lucy> I believe we only have one bug for council to review
15:48:10 <Lucy> pierros: these are the bugs from each task force that need council
15:48:28 <Lucy> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=776104
15:48:28 <remobot> 04Bug 776104: normal, --, ---, nobody, UNCONFIRMED , Community IT request - mozilla-mauritius.org
15:48:38 <pierros> true Lucy do we have any?
15:48:49 <Lucy> should have put [needs council] in the whiteboard :-p
15:49:40 <Lucy> we aren't sure if mauritius meets the criteria for an established community
15:49:55 <Lucy> the facebook page only has action from sandraghassen
15:49:55 <pierros> this is an up and coming community with solid events
15:50:02 <pierros> I suggest we support it fully
15:50:20 <pierros> this can help him gather up and engage more people
15:51:31 <deimidis> i don't know them, trust in pierros
15:51:49 <vineel> deimidis +1
15:52:07 <Lucy> yes, his mentor is alex wafula and alex' mentor is pierros
15:52:35 <pierros> Lucy: hahaha
15:52:47 <Lucy> so in theory pierros knows what he's talking about ;)
15:53:09 <Rami> :)
15:53:11 <pierros> "in theory" is "in practice" in this case :)
15:53:15 <Rami> hehe
15:53:18 <vikingkarwur> ;)
15:53:31 <Lucy> did we decide these need to be votes?
15:53:42 <Lucy> ie should we do this on the spreadsheet?
15:54:10 <pierros> Lucy: overkill
15:54:24 <pierros> objections?/no?/boom style
15:54:25 <pierros> :P
15:54:25 <Lucy> just making sure we're doing it right
15:55:04 <Lucy> ok I think we have 5 people agreeing anyway
16:04:11 <vikingkarwur> Should we vote for Robert Reyes - budget request ? Thanks
16:04:15 <Lucy> are those success scenarios realistic?
16:04:57 <pierros> Lucy: a bit overambitious but ok for goals
16:05:48 <vineel> are we voting now?
16:06:09 <deimidis> I don't like Remo recruit like a goal, but is a detail
16:06:40 <pierros> shall we foliow up on email?
16:06:44 <deimidis> and we had to say that Students reps is still in stand-by, right?
16:06:59 <pierros> deimidis: tru
16:07:04 <pierros> that's why we need to follow up
16:07:20 <Lucy> well I think it's just the success scenarios that are off
16:07:30 <Lucy> the metrics are fine!
16:07:31 <deimidis> Lucy, +1
16:07:36 * Lucy wants that form changed so badly!
16:07:44 <Lucy> the event itself looks great
16:08:11 <Lucy> these ones do go on the spreadsheet though
16:08:20 <Lucy> so I think we can follow up on email :)
16:08:39 <pierros> ok agreed
16:08:45 <Lucy> (can almost take it off the meeting checklist!)
16:10:25 <pierros> ok moving on?
16:10:32 <pierros> (we are already over an hour)
16:10:48 <Lucy> pierros: btw this is the link I meant https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Bugs
16:11:01 <pierros> Lucy: oh
16:12:05 <pierros> shall we move on?
16:12:11 <pierros> Webdev update?
16:12:39 <pierros> We pushed 0.3 and we are almost over with the communication plans of it
16:12:42 <pierros> (still need to blog)
16:12:48 <pierros> (hope you liked the video :P)
16:12:56 <Lucy> I'd propose moving that off the regular agenda as well. Updates should go to the list ;)
16:13:12 <pierros> Lucy: true true
16:13:22 <pierros> just a notice:
16:13:52 <pierros> Giorgos William and me are on PTO (vacations) since yesterday till 17th
16:14:15 <pierros> but I will be handling everything urgent so ping me at will
16:14:17 <pierros> eom
16:15:13 <pierros> for planning triage Lucy  please send out an email so we can arrange a next session
16:15:34 <Lucy> sure for now everyone please take time on your own to review the bugs on https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Bugs
16:15:38 <pierros> and that concludes it I think for today.. for the featured rep I will follow up on the list
16:15:46 <pierros> Lucy: thanks :)
16:15:49 <Lucy> pierros: actually can we discuss the flags?
16:16:04 <Lucy> if we can agree to request the bug flags then we can accomplish a lot more in the mean time
16:16:10 <pierros> Lucy: I think we are already over time and also this affects reps-mentors too
16:16:44 <pierros> on that I am totally OK
16:17:25 * pierros needs to run
16:17:32 <Lucy> ok
16:17:46 <Lucy> I will send a follow up to the list asking for objections otherwise I'll file a bug
16:17:47 <pierros> can you send out the logs to the list?
16:17:54 <pierros> (since I don't have the start)
16:17:59 <Lucy> will do
16:18:00 <pierros> Lucy: thanks!
16:18:10 <deimidis> thanks Lucy
16:18:13 <Lucy> :)
16:18:25 <Lucy> meeting over!
16:18:31 <deimidis> see you!
16:18:41 <vineel> thanks all
16:19:02 <Rami> see you all
20:25:32 <Lucy> deimidis: sorry I didn't understand your question
20:26:51 <deimidis> Lucy, hi, don't worry, just let my commnets
20:27:29 <deimidis> but the idea was that i didn't find an easy way to add my comments, without use the space to the end results.
20:27:31 <Lucy> I think shift f2 is the shortcut to leave a comment on a field, like how I did across the top
20:27:42 <Lucy> it's in the insert menu in english
20:27:47 <deimidis> Ah, that's great
20:28:36 <Lucy> deimidis: also if you don't want to run put your no under "accepted" not "nominated"
20:30:43 <deimidis> yes, I don't remember the comment option
20:30:54 <deimidis> Lucy, perfect
14:43:27 <Lucy> kinger: morning!
14:49:07 <Lucy> I'm making the agenda as we speak
14:49:11 <Lucy> well we're not speaking yet
14:49:17 <Lucy> I'm making the agenda as you watch ;)
14:49:25 <vineel> :)
14:49:25 <Lucy> morning vineel!
14:49:42 <vineel> evening Lucy ! ;)
14:55:58 <Lucy> hi pierros!
14:57:27 <kinger> Lucy: afternoon!
14:58:43 <vineel> hey kinger!
14:59:04 <kinger> hi vineel
15:00:39 <pierros> hey all
15:01:02 <vineel> Hi pierros
15:01:16 <vineel> hi deimidis
15:01:28 <Lucy> morning deimidis!
15:02:10 <williamq> greetings Jedis!
15:03:35 <kinger> greetings
15:03:54 <Lucy> williamq!!
15:03:58 <kinger> Nukeador I suspect is still on holidays
15:04:06 <williamq> yes, he's back on the 20th
15:05:08 <kinger> pierros williamq how was your holidays?
15:05:24 <williamq> fantastic
15:05:36 <williamq> my girlfriend and I spent 3 weeks in Armenia and Georgia
15:05:45 <deimidis> Hi everyone
15:05:46 <williamq> not the typical summer holiday destination
15:05:56 <williamq> but really a beautiful region
15:06:15 <deimidis> williamq, and you could spent time with your girlfriend :)
15:06:17 <Lucy> sounds very nice
15:06:32 <williamq> yes! :)
15:07:24 <Lucy> well we have a very thick agenda even if it doesn't look like it
15:07:26 <pierros> kinger, it was really good too :) excavations in an archeaological site in greece :)
15:07:27 <Lucy> we had better get started
15:07:52 <pierros> thanks Lucy for driving this!
15:08:02 <kinger> nice
15:08:06 <deimidis> pierros, you know how to enjoy your holidays :)
15:08:10 <Lucy> pierros: thank me after ;) I haven't had enough sleep we'll see how I do!
15:08:27 <Lucy> how do we start the bot again?
15:08:57 <remobot> pierros: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
15:09:04 <Lucy> o.0
15:09:05 <pierros> #endmeeting
15:09:20 <pierros> w8 all
15:09:21 <remobot> Lucy: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
15:09:34 <remobot> pierros: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
15:09:48 <pierros> can everyone write #endmeeting ?
15:09:57 <Lucy> #endmeeting