15:01:41 <williamq> #startmeeting last provisional council meeting :(
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15:01:43 <vikingkarwur> Hello :)
15:01:55 <williamq> good morning/afternoon/evening all
15:01:57 <deimidis> hello everybody!
15:02:15 <williamq> thank you all for joining what is, alas, the last provisional council meeting
15:02:27 <williamq> it's been a long ride...
15:02:33 <deimidis> best council until now!!
15:02:36 <kinger> but a great one
15:02:40 <williamq> deimidis: for sure! :)
15:02:49 <Nukeador> :)
15:02:55 <vikingkarwur> +1
15:03:03 <pierros> truly remarkable work so far everyone :)
15:03:07 <pierros> we rocked the house
15:03:13 <williamq> we should do a fun recap video :)
15:03:15 <vikingkarwur> Learn so many things here...
15:03:35 <williamq> indeed, it was a truly memorable experience, we all learned a lot and got sooooo much done
15:04:05 <williamq> Mitchell Baker will be including a "ReMo" part to her keynote at next week's mozcamp
15:04:22 <williamq> i think this is testimony to the amazing work we did as a team
15:04:43 <kinger> that's great
15:05:00 <williamq> anyway, let's not get too emotional, we will of course all still be around going forward
15:05:05 <pierros> shall I start the remobot?
15:05:13 <williamq> after all, the provisional council will still be shadowing the new council
15:05:18 <remobot> pierros: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
15:05:23 <williamq> pierros: I already did
15:05:30 <pierros> ouch :) missed that :P
15:05:36 <williamq> hehe
15:05:46 <williamq> ok, let's jump in
15:05:56 <williamq> we've got a pretty packed agenda today
15:06:03 <williamq> #topic New Council
15:06:21 <williamq> so, in case you missed it, we have selected the new council
15:06:30 <williamq> by random draw
15:06:32 <williamq> conducted by Pierros
15:06:39 <kinger> nice work
15:06:53 <kinger> we are well on the way to true governance
15:07:15 <williamq> the new council members are: Regnard, Alex, Vineel, Gloria, Lucy, Fuzzyfox, Rami, Pierros and William
15:07:45 <Nukeador> Congratulations!
15:07:47 <williamq> it's going to be a very solid council and can't wait for us to get everyone started
15:08:09 <vikingkarwur> Congratulations!
15:08:14 <deimidis> Congratulations!
15:08:20 <williamq> so the task now for us is to see how best to support this new council
15:08:20 <kinger> +1
15:08:28 <deimidis> good to know Lucy continue
15:08:48 <williamq> clearly, there are so many things we do almost automatically because we're so used to them
15:08:48 <pierros> indeed Vineel, Rami and Lucy will help with transition
15:09:12 <vineel> hi all, sorry was driving
15:09:17 <williamq> no prob
15:09:33 <deimidis> vineel, please park :)
15:09:36 <williamq> what are for you the most critical things we need to make sure the council starts doing as soon as possible?
15:09:54 <pierros> I need to do the administravia
15:10:05 <deimidis> deciding goverment selection from now on,
15:10:11 <kinger> Anything tagged new-council in bugzilla
15:10:14 <pierros> #action pierros adds new council to alias and bugzilla groups
15:10:18 <kinger> There are a few urgent issues
15:10:32 <pierros> #action pierros updates portal profiles
15:11:52 <williamq> one urgent task council members will need to get accustomed with is budget approval
15:12:11 <williamq> we need to get them up to speed with how budgets are dealt with
15:12:25 <williamq> we have a good SOP for that so that should be pretty straight forward
15:12:35 <vineel> deimidis: done :)
15:12:55 <williamq> I think another one will be to clear up an hour or so from their Sundays...
15:13:46 <pierros> hehe Sunday goodness :)
15:13:56 <kinger> Colsolidate mentors - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=776624
15:13:56 <remobot> 04Bug 776624: critical, --, ---, pierros, NEW , Mentorship reshuffle
15:14:18 <williamq> absolutely
15:14:26 <williamq> this is priority 1
15:14:47 <williamq> does everyone think that we should recruit a few more mentors?
15:15:09 <vikingkarwur> IMHO : yes!
15:15:12 <Nukeador> Every mentor has the max. number of mentorees?
15:15:14 <williamq> particularly in those regions where we're getting a lot of applications (SE Asia and Latam)
15:15:24 <williamq> Nukeador: not necessarily
15:15:32 <kinger> we should do the reshuffle first and then see how many new we need
15:15:40 <williamq> but we should definitely cap it at 10 maximum
15:15:44 <deimidis> we have reassign mentees first
15:15:45 <williamq> kinger: agreed
15:15:57 <deimidis> kinger, +1
15:16:30 <williamq> #action pierros to follow up on consolidating mentors (see bug 776624)
15:16:30 <remobot> 04Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=776624 critical, --, ---, pierros, NEW , Mentorship reshuffle
15:16:48 <williamq> any other urgent tasks you see?
15:17:27 <Nukeador> Meet for the fist time on IRC all together :)
15:17:50 <williamq> yes
15:17:58 <kinger> IRc regonal meetings - try to revive them?
15:18:09 <kinger> Create more videos
15:18:24 <kinger> Fonalise task forces
15:18:30 <kinger> er, finalise
15:18:35 <williamq> ok, let's first set up a meeting with all past and current council members
15:18:45 <williamq> Nukeador, can you set that up?
15:18:59 <kinger> Branding change consideration
15:19:03 <williamq> #idea re-vive Regional meetings
15:19:13 <Nukeador> williamq, which one?
15:19:28 <Nukeador> Task forces is important to get things done and to distribute work from council
15:19:36 <kinger> Nukeador - meeting of new + shadow council
15:19:39 <williamq> Nukeador: the council get together of new and past members
15:19:43 <Nukeador> ok
15:19:56 <williamq> #action Nukeador to set up irc meeting of new and past council members
15:20:37 <williamq> definitely agree that getting remaining task forces up and running is also critical
15:20:48 <williamq> so far, we have 2 operational task forces
15:20:56 <williamq> one for Community IT and one for Budget
15:21:06 <Lucy> (hey I"m here!)
15:21:12 <williamq> I'm going to set up a task force to prepare the Bi-Weekly ReMo update
15:21:29 <kinger> hey Lucy
15:21:40 <williamq> do we have an owner for following up task forces?
15:21:43 <williamq> I forget
15:21:43 <Lucy> williamq: I've also started the social media task force, though we haven't done anything yet
15:21:50 <williamq> Lucy: ok
15:22:12 <kinger> each task force should have a bug + owner, if not already
15:22:19 * williamq is pulling up the list of task forces we brainstormed during ReMo Camp
15:22:40 <kinger> I see only 1 related bug : task
15:22:51 <kinger> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777130
15:22:51 <remobot> 04Bug 777130: normal, --, ---, wquiviger, ASSIGNED , create weekly update task force
15:23:54 <williamq> ok, so in theory, we should have 10 task forces
15:24:02 <Lucy> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/taskforce-proposals
15:24:31 <williamq> community IT, budget, B2G, Firefox Desktop, Mobile, Metrics, Social Media, Marketing, Governance and SWOT action plans
15:24:51 <williamq> yes, we need to have 1 bug per force and assign an owner
15:24:55 <Lucy> we should really get the dev one going as well!
15:25:12 <williamq> #action williamq to follow up on creating pending bugs for task forces and assign owners
15:25:34 <williamq> Lucy: definitely
15:25:42 <williamq> as for the regional meetings
15:25:49 <williamq> who would like to take that on?
15:26:06 <williamq> i'm thinking we should have a bi-weekly regional meeting in 3 different time zones
15:26:17 <williamq> or maybe monthly?
15:26:24 <williamq> what do you all think?
15:26:25 <vineel> I will take on regional meetings
15:26:45 <williamq> #action vineel to set up regional meetings on IRC
15:26:51 <vineel> monthly would be good
15:26:59 <williamq> +1
15:27:09 <deimidis> +1
15:27:14 <vikingkarwur> +1
15:27:27 <Nukeador> Yes, you do meetings when needed, too much meetings is not productive :P
15:27:37 <Nukeador> s/you/just
15:27:38 <williamq> right
15:28:11 <williamq> but it would be good to have a quick update regardless to make sure each region is up to date with some latest news
15:28:23 <williamq> and also to provide an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback
15:28:34 <williamq> who should drive these meetings?
15:28:37 <williamq> council memebrs only?
15:28:42 <williamq> or mentors also?
15:28:51 <deimidis> both
15:28:54 <Lucy> this ties in with the quarterly review
15:29:23 <Lucy> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=772925
15:29:23 <remobot> 04Bug 772925: normal, --, ---, fuzzyfox0, ASSIGNED , [NEW SOP] Quarterly (+-) reviews/evaluations needed
15:29:38 <deimidis> and I think we have to have a fixed schedule, like council meetings. If cocuncil member couldn't make it, there will be mentors there
15:30:02 <williamq> Lucy: good point
15:30:13 <williamq> deimidis: yes
15:30:51 <williamq> vineel: it would be great if you coordinae with FuzzyFox when setting up the regional meetings
15:31:03 <williamq> he is the owner of the quarterly reviews
15:31:04 <Lucy> I think we should let mentors run them, and this could be our precursor to having regional coordinators
15:31:28 <deimidis> Lucy, +1
15:31:31 <williamq> yes, perhaps it's better to have mentors run them
15:31:34 <williamq> +1
15:31:51 <vineel> okay
15:31:53 <vineel> +1
15:31:56 <williamq> #idea we should let mentors run them, and this could be our precursor to having regional coordinators
15:32:13 <williamq> ok, one last point before we move on with the agenda
15:32:27 <williamq> for the next council work week and ReMo Camp
15:32:45 <williamq> i think it would make sense to have a council work week before the end of the year
15:33:07 <williamq> should shadow council members attend?
15:33:10 <Lucy> if we all go to mozfest and mozcamp asia, we could have it in between!
15:33:26 <williamq> I believe we said yes
15:33:32 <williamq> Lucy: yeah, would make sense
15:33:43 <Lucy> it's an interesting question, because 3 of us are returning members
15:34:53 <kinger> I have mixed feelings about it. Would be great to have everyone there, but it should be based on need
15:35:00 <kinger> We can determine that closer to the event
15:35:06 <deimidis> Lucy, williamq in between MOzcamps is mozfest and LEAD session 4.
15:35:18 <williamq> oh right
15:35:19 <Lucy> when's the lead session?
15:35:29 <vikingkarwur> 9-11 November SF
15:35:32 <williamq> kinger: the problem is that we need to plan well in advance
15:35:36 <Lucy> that's the same dates as the fest
15:35:38 <williamq> november is just around the corner
15:35:43 <deimidis> the same week (I couldn't attend MozFest for that reason)
15:35:49 <kinger> I see
15:36:05 <Lucy> well we did agree that council would shadow for 6 months, and it'll only be 4 extra people, so I think we can say yes, you're all invited ;)
15:36:26 <williamq> #action williamq to gather feedback from everyone from provisional council to see whether it makes sense to attend next council meeting
15:36:34 <vikingkarwur> Correction => Session 4: Mozilla LEAD Nov. 7-9 SF
15:36:42 <williamq> ok all, we're running a bit behind, let's move on
15:36:57 <williamq> #topic MozCamp update
15:37:15 <williamq> just a quick note to tell you that we'll have 60+ Reps at MozCamp Europe next week
15:37:18 <williamq> which is great
15:37:23 <Nukeador> I don't know if it makes sense, but personally, I don't have days left for travelling afeter mozcamp eu :(
15:37:27 <williamq> we're going to have a very strong presence
15:37:46 <williamq> Pierros and I are going to host a 60 min session
15:37:58 <pierros> yep
15:38:02 <williamq> and there are a bunch of other sessions that will touch directly and indirectly on ReMo
15:38:26 <williamq> Reps mentors who will be attending will also be the event ambassadors of MozCamp
15:38:38 <kinger> The Grow Mozilla track has 4-5 Reps related talks
15:38:46 <kinger> Schedule will be up before tomorrow
15:38:49 <williamq> meaning they'll be there to assist folks who need help with the shcedule, logistics etc...
15:39:04 <williamq> kinger: great!
15:39:31 <williamq> on a last note - we're going to make extra sure all Reps (especially mentors) get the word out about the program as much as they can
15:39:51 * pierros reminds kinder to put my regional talk whenever they see fit :)
15:39:56 <williamq> and make sure to educate folks about ReMO and how REMo can support their project/functional area/team etc...
15:40:26 <deimidis> williamq, is there a chance to have a Remo booth?
15:40:35 <williamq> hmmm good idea
15:40:42 <williamq> #idea hold a ReMo booth at Mozcamp
15:40:47 <williamq> i need to see with Kate about that
15:40:51 <williamq> but yeah, that would be great
15:41:12 * pierros obviously meant kinger :)
15:41:15 <deimidis> if we are enough people we don't need to be too much time each one
15:41:17 <williamq> #action williamq to followup with Kate to see if we can have a REMO booth at MOzCamp
15:41:25 <williamq> deimidis: true
15:41:30 <williamq> ok next topic...
15:41:50 <williamq> pierros?
15:42:06 <kinger> pierros : your talk was merged with Williams, no separate talk
15:42:20 <pierros> so as you probably noticed we are halted on the dev after release of 0.3
15:42:25 <pierros> kinger: ok no worries
15:42:54 <pierros> Giorgos was needed on mozillians.org and will be out of our dev squad for at least a month
15:43:13 <pierros> last week we pushed a super quick update to make /people and /events super faster
15:43:18 <pierros> (I hope you noticed :) )
15:43:21 <kinger> I'm very concerned about the lack of webdev resources for contributor engagement - mozillians.org and reps
15:43:34 <kinger> anyone pushing for that internally?
15:43:40 <Lucy> I nominate pierros, kinger and leo to start the dev taskforce
15:43:56 <kinger> sure, love to help there
15:43:58 <pierros> so 0.3.5 (enhancements for events manager) and 0.4 (ratings) will have to be postponed
15:44:03 <Lucy> I bet if you just start a group triage you'll get other reps who will take bugs :)
15:44:08 <pierros> till mozillians.org get delivered properly
15:44:17 <williamq> #action pierros to sync up with kinger and Leo to set up dev taskfroce
15:44:18 <pierros> Lucy: it is much more than that
15:44:34 <pierros> we actually need Giorgos to lead the transition and now he has zero time for that
15:44:47 <kinger> getting dev volunteers on webdev projects is very hard
15:44:53 <williamq> yeah, Giorgos was asked to focus 100% on mozillians.org for the next month or so
15:45:10 <pierros> I will try to see if we have one off tasks but those for sure will not be core functionality development
15:45:24 <pierros> I will update everyone once we have more details on the timing
15:45:26 <pierros> eom for me
15:45:26 <kinger> hard nut to crack, but the dev task force can try anyway
15:45:35 <williamq> ok moving on to next topic
15:45:53 <Lucy> oh before we do that
15:45:58 <Lucy> I have one thing about the new council
15:46:04 <williamq> ok
15:46:12 <williamq> sure
15:46:24 <Lucy> let me know if you touched this already, but the announcement says "first 3 will serve for a year" but we agreed provisional council members could only serve til next election
15:46:29 <Lucy> which makes it very neat since there are 3 of us
15:46:38 <Lucy> alex, regnard, gloria and fuzzy should serve the year
15:47:30 <pierros> Lucy: I dont recall discussing this
15:47:45 <pierros> and I would recommend not to complicate things as of now :)
15:47:55 <williamq> same here, i don't recall
15:48:05 <Lucy> hm I distinctly remember gloria saying "no back to back"
15:48:07 <Lucy> for us
15:48:14 <Lucy> when we agreed that we *could* run for this next council
15:48:18 <pierros> no back to back is for elections
15:48:20 <williamq> that's after the elections
15:48:21 <pierros> not for now
15:48:25 <williamq> right
15:48:42 <Lucy> yeah it was all confusing language, everyone serves "back to back" to make a term of 1 year
15:50:17 <Lucy> but we can wait and see what everyone else remembers, we can always change our minds!
15:50:43 <williamq> does anyone else remember this back to back discussion?
15:50:58 <williamq> i think we need to be careful and not create any confusion
15:51:26 <Nukeador> I can't remember if we agreed about that specifically
15:51:39 <kinger> I recall it
15:51:45 <kinger> Our notes should have it
15:52:02 <deimidis> I agree with LUcy about provisional members in the first new council
15:52:15 * williamq is checking his notes
15:52:20 <deimidis> agree == I remember the same
15:52:20 <Lucy> and I think it makes it very clean, not at all complicated. This way all the new council members get to serve a full year
15:52:46 <pierros> yep but the draw was random
15:53:08 <Lucy> I don't recall agreeing that the first 3 drawn would be the ones that get to keep their seats
15:53:09 <pierros> there was no way to tell if(and how many) old council members we would have
15:53:24 <pierros> Lucy: this was communicated many times
15:53:39 <williamq> former council members can run for re-election but have to sit out of the council for
15:53:40 <williamq> at least 6 months before running again (except the first 4 council members who were selected randomly in August 2012 – they can run for election in February 2013).
15:54:28 <williamq> that's taken from the ReMo Camp Summary Report
15:55:00 <pierros> yep
15:55:21 <Lucy> huh I don't remember that at all!
15:55:57 <Lucy> but we should move on
15:56:02 <williamq> ok let's open up a thread to see we can move on
15:56:27 <williamq> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Bugs
15:57:04 <Lucy> btw william I see you copy and pasted from last meeting. I've started https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/councilmeeting-template
15:57:07 <Lucy> but it needs to be updated
15:57:32 <williamq> ok cool
15:57:40 <williamq> will do
15:57:42 <Lucy> oh no, I Did update it!
15:57:57 <williamq> any comments on the Council bugs?
15:58:13 <williamq> I'm resolved the mailing list policy bug
15:58:30 <Lucy> oh yes, when bugs are resolved please reset the severity
15:58:35 <Lucy> though this will be solved when we move to flags
15:58:44 <williamq> oh right
15:58:54 <williamq> will do that irhgt now
15:59:10 <williamq> council needs to look at this one last time https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=775413
15:59:10 <remobot> 04Bug 775413: critical, --, ---, gpmeneses, ASSIGNED , Scenario E : the mentee does not answer anymore
15:59:11 <williamq> so we can resolve it
15:59:34 <williamq> i made the edits and I think it's good to go
15:59:56 <williamq> if you have any issues with 775413 please leave a comment before end of the day
16:00:09 <williamq> I will then resolve it
16:01:06 <Lucy> looks good!
16:01:10 <williamq> ok cool
16:01:17 <williamq> in terms of budgets > 500 USD
16:01:21 <williamq> we need to vote on 787615
16:01:33 <williamq> please cast your vote by the end of the day, ideally
16:01:48 <williamq> this is an event submitted by VIking :)
16:01:57 <Lucy> oh we should add the spreadsheet link to the template
16:02:16 <deimidis> williamq, we have this bug 782522
16:02:16 <remobot> 04Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=782522 is not accessible.
16:02:50 <deimidis> I will send an email just after this meeting with a question/concern please answer today so I could send it to vote too
16:03:22 <williamq> ok cool
16:03:27 <williamq> i've just added it to the voting pad
16:03:39 <williamq> all, please cast your votes on these two budgets today (or tomorrow)
16:04:31 <williamq> ok, anything else regarding planning bugs? or anything else?
16:04:40 <Lucy> the mozcamp asia nominees
16:04:49 <williamq> we had a really good planning bug session last week
16:04:51 <williamq> ah yes
16:04:57 <williamq> mozcamp asia nominees
16:05:14 <kinger> yes, do all council/shadows need access to the nominees list?
16:05:15 <Lucy> I think we should start an etherpad or a spreadsheet where we can brainstorm our nominees, then send the ones we agree on to katherine
16:05:22 <williamq> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=785474
16:05:22 <remobot> 04Bug 785474: critical, --, ---, pierros, NEW , MozCamp Asia 2012 Nominees
16:05:30 <Lucy> or we could just add them to katherine's sheet
16:05:37 <kinger> Lucy, the best thing to do is just add to the list - get access
16:05:45 <williamq> #idea start an etherpad or a spreadsheet where we can brainstorm our nominees, then send the ones we agree on to katherine
16:05:46 <kinger> it is just extra work putting them anywhere else
16:06:03 <williamq> yeah, i guess it will be easier
16:06:05 <kinger> (personal opinion)
16:06:18 <Lucy> yeah I guess it depends on if we're just adding anyone that *could* be invited or if we want to discuss them first
16:06:18 <vineel> Btw me and viking are in  the planning committee,
16:07:03 <vineel> I nominated active reps from South Asia
16:07:16 <williamq> vineel: or viking: can one of you drive this?
16:08:00 <vineel> viking do you want to do this?
16:08:04 <kinger> anyone who wants access just email Kate
16:08:12 <vikingkarwur> Sure... Thanks
16:08:21 <vineel> Thanks!
16:08:27 <vineel> :)
16:08:36 <williamq> #action vikingkarwur to follow up with Kate on MozCamp Asia nominations and request access to the list
16:08:46 <williamq> great
16:08:53 <williamq> anything else ?
16:09:08 <vikingkarwur> I already have access to MozCampAsia 2012 Nomination List :)
16:09:42 <vineel> I do not understand this part about Moz camp Asia?
16:09:47 <williamq> #action vikingkarwur to share access with council
16:10:09 <vineel> what exactly will the council be doing?
16:10:13 <kinger> vineel, it is just about council nominating people
16:10:23 <williamq> we'll be nominating people
16:11:00 <williamq> also, we will have Reps from NA and MENA who will be attending i believe
16:11:15 <williamq> ok, I think that wraps-it up everyone
16:11:28 <williamq> for our last meeting, we only went 11 minutes overboard :)
16:11:54 <williamq> thank you all for joining - too bad Rami couldn't join us
16:11:56 <vikingkarwur> URL : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhoWOa3LvMpOdDdIcmtTLWs3Nl94cUlTQmJOR2V3Y2c
16:12:05 <williamq> we would have been the whole team...
16:12:07 <deimidis> williamq, what is MENA?
16:12:27 <pierros> MEA is middle easy africa
16:12:32 <deimidis> how many of us will be at MozCAmp EU?
16:12:37 <williamq> Middle East and Africa
16:12:37 <pierros> MENA is william's word :)
16:12:59 <deimidis> pierros, ok, this grench people :P
16:13:03 <williamq> haha
16:13:04 <pierros> east* :) not easy
16:13:11 <williamq> it's not easy being grench
16:13:26 <Lucy> you know using a wiki form for this stuff would be easier, then we could sort the results to make sure people are on the list without having to search all over!
16:13:28 <deimidis> no, definetly
16:14:08 <deimidis> I just sent email with my concerns on the bug
16:14:14 <kinger> I just want to say that it has been a privilige working with you all on the council. Fantastic group. I learned so much and am looking forward to making Mozilla Reps even better
16:14:23 <Nukeador> :)
16:14:28 <Lucy> :D
16:14:38 <williamq> indeed, it's been one fantastic ride!
16:14:45 <vikingkarwur> ;)
16:14:55 * williamq remembering the Paris kick-off meeting...
16:15:24 <williamq> thank you all!
16:16:14 <kinger> HUGE thanks especially to W & P without whom none of this would have been possible
16:16:25 <vineel> +1 :)
16:16:45 <vikingkarwur> Thanks Friends : William, Pierros, Lucy, Brian, Ruben, Guilermo, Vineel, Rami :)
16:16:48 * pierros blushes
16:16:53 <pierros> Thanks everyone :)
16:16:56 <Lucy> yes! So terribly excited to see what happens in the next year!
16:16:57 <williamq> it's been a real privilege
16:17:02 <williamq> can't wait!
16:17:05 <deimidis> thanks everyone!
16:17:13 <Nukeador> thanks! Keep on rocking!
16:17:23 <Lucy> Always be Suave!
16:17:26 <williamq> see you all online and keep up the awesome work!!!
16:17:33 <williamq> hehe yes!!! :)
16:17:57 <deimidis> bye
16:19:23 <williamq> byeee all
16:19:28 <williamq> #endmeeting