15:01:02 <pierros> #startmeeting Council Meeting 2012-09-16
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15:01:07 <pierros> #chair williamq
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15:01:11 <pierros> #topic Intro
15:01:14 <pierros> Hey all!
15:01:33 <pierros> Welcome to our regular bi-weekly council meeting!
15:01:36 <williamq> thanks everyone who could make it
15:01:45 <pierros> Today's agenda can be found here:
15:01:50 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20120916
15:01:57 <pierros> So lets jump in!
15:02:04 <pierros> #topic New Council - next steps
15:02:27 <pierros> So all the logistical aspects of the transition have been dealt with
15:02:47 <pierros> mailing list accèss, alias, OP status in IRC , bugzilla and portal
15:03:01 <pierros> We should do a final sweep in the wiki to make sure everything is updated
15:03:16 <pierros> #action pierros sweeps wiki for new council related changes
15:03:37 <pierros> Now on more theoretical and broaden things we have a lot to do to get everyone up to speed
15:03:38 <vineel> hello xelawafs, regnard !
15:04:00 <vineel> hi Rami!
15:04:09 <regnard> hi everyone!
15:04:11 <Izel> hi alll!!
15:04:23 <regnard> Pierros, I'm done with nick registration
15:04:24 <pierros> obviously having vineel Rami Lucy will help a lot :)
15:04:29 <pierros> thanks regnard
15:04:39 <regnard> should I login again?
15:04:50 <vineel> hi Izel = Gloria? :)
15:05:10 <williamq> regnard: no
15:05:12 <williamq> vineel: yes
15:05:25 <vineel> okay!
15:05:36 <pierros> now the regular day to day things of the council involve making sure that all aspects of our program are running as efficiently as possible
15:05:38 <regnard> ok, thanks
15:05:43 <pierros> we have a Planning bugs systes
15:05:54 <pierros> system*, that I am sure you are all familiar with
15:06:02 <pierros> so please make sure to track everything against that
15:06:14 <pierros> (else Lucy will hunt you down and kill you)
15:06:19 <williamq> haha
15:06:25 <Izel> vineel yes , izel = Gloria
15:07:15 <pierros> we should soon organize a goals-update session where as council we should go through the goals we set back on our Camp and see how we advanced, what is blocking us etc
15:07:24 <pierros> I propose this should happen next week
15:07:57 <pierros> I will be sending out an email on reps-general (or reps-mentors?) to notify people about that so they have time to follow up
15:08:13 <williamq> you should send it to reps-mentors
15:08:23 <pierros> #action pierros mail to list to notify people to follow up with their goals
15:08:37 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:08:50 <williamq> council will then go over goals during the next council meeting
15:08:53 <williamq> in 2 weeks
15:09:03 <pierros> all agreed on this?
15:09:06 <pierros> I am +1
15:09:07 <Rami> +1
15:09:10 <xelawafs> no problem with next week +1
15:09:14 <williamq> September 30th
15:09:31 <pierros> regnard: ?
15:09:32 <vineel> +1
15:09:34 <regnard> do we get consensus via IRC as well?
15:09:44 <pierros> regnard: yup :)
15:09:51 <Izel> agree
15:09:52 <pierros> this is *the council* meeting
15:09:58 <pierros> :)
15:10:00 <regnard> I'm fine with that :)
15:10:11 <pierros> #agreed followup on goals next week and council meeting in two weeks
15:10:26 <regnard> thanks pierros #newbiemoment
15:10:34 <williamq> :)
15:10:57 <pierros> now this consensus was a good segway to one other logistical thing we should cover
15:11:02 <pierros> the Voting Pad!
15:11:04 <williamq> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtmDsApYbjUNdHJDNnh4VGYzczFsYkxqVWlKNzdsaXc#gid=0
15:11:38 <pierros> williamq: can you amend the names please?
15:11:40 <Izel> williamq I can't see the document ...
15:11:43 <pierros> like a new row
15:11:52 <williamq> you need to request access to it
15:11:55 <pierros> williamq: will be giving access as I explain how this works
15:12:11 <regnard> requested access to voting pad...
15:12:45 <pierros> So each time we have an issue we need to decide upon (budged, planning, rep of the month etc) we add a new row in the planning pad and invite our fellow council members to vote on it
15:12:56 <pierros> "1" is yes and "0" is now
15:12:58 <pierros> no*
15:13:18 <pierros> the "total" column is automatically updated
15:13:31 <pierros> so all you need is to actually vote :)
15:13:39 <pierros> clear to everyone?
15:13:48 <regnard> clear
15:14:00 <xelawafs> yah
15:14:05 <Izel> yes
15:14:12 <williamq> ok, so there is a colour code
15:14:12 <regnard> must issues be raised in meetings first?
15:14:33 <williamq> Red means that the total is < 5
15:14:40 <regnard> ie, i cannot add a new issue to be voted on without introducing it to a meeting
15:14:45 <williamq> green is when the total > 5
15:14:49 <Rami> no you can do that
15:14:52 <williamq> green basically indicates majority vote
15:14:54 <kinger> regnard: no. For example if you have a budget request > 500 just add it in
15:15:09 <williamq> and generally, when we have majority approval, we go ahead with the decision
15:15:10 <Rami> haha kinger stop reading my mind :D
15:15:18 <regnard> great
15:15:29 <williamq> there is only one instance where we need "unanimous" approval
15:15:43 <regnard> is there a notification system if a new issue is added to the vote pad? #morequestions
15:15:44 <williamq> and that's for budgets that are > $5000
15:16:17 <williamq> for that, everyone needs to vote "1" for it to be approved
15:16:32 <Rami> usually the person who add something to the pad sent email to the cpuncil members ask them to vote
15:16:35 <Rami> *council
15:16:54 <williamq> Rami: exactly
15:17:19 <williamq> but as a general rule, please check the voting pad rgularly just to make sure you haven't forgotten to vote for soething
15:18:22 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:18:42 <pierros> I added everyone on the pad and added the new names
15:19:11 <pierros> so are we all clear on this?
15:19:13 <regnard> ok, I found the notification rule in google doc:  Tools > Notification Rules (set google to send you email when new stuff comes)
15:19:13 <pierros> :)
15:19:18 <regnard> clear :)
15:19:26 <williamq> regnard: nice!
15:19:30 <pierros> regnard: so cool :) I had no clue
15:19:34 <williamq> very cool
15:20:02 <regnard> what's the expected turnaround time for voting?
15:20:02 <pierros> so williamq next topic : Next Physical meeting
15:20:15 <williamq> so as i mentionned in my email earlier this week
15:20:29 <pierros> regnard: 24 hours would be premium :)
15:20:33 <pierros> so we can move fast
15:20:34 <williamq> pierros and I relealised that doing a physical meeting right before the MozFestival was going to be a bit tight
15:20:51 <williamq> we need at least three days for the next physical council meeting
15:21:15 <williamq> October and November will be very crazy for both pierros and I travel-wise
15:21:28 <williamq> so we're now aiming to organize the next meetup erly December
15:21:35 <williamq> location has yet to be determined
15:21:50 <williamq> but some first candidates are Toronto, Berlin or Athens
15:22:05 <williamq> we'll need to all agree on the best location very soon
15:22:16 <williamq> one concern is obviously "visas"
15:22:25 <williamq> anyway, more on this later
15:22:33 <williamq> but for now, please all keep this on your radar
15:22:41 <xelawafs> :)
15:22:44 <williamq> and keep the first week of December free :)
15:23:03 <williamq> in the meantime, we'll be meeting bi-weekly on irc as scheduled
15:23:25 <pierros> thanks williamq !
15:23:33 <pierros> any questions anyone?
15:23:47 <pierros> ok we shall jump on our new topic :
15:24:01 <pierros> #topic MozCamp update
15:24:03 <pierros> williamq: ?
15:24:09 <williamq> sure
15:24:29 <williamq> so, MozCamp Europe was a big success for Mozilla Reps
15:24:50 <williamq> Mitchell Baker kicked things off by talking about the great work we were doing in her keynote
15:25:09 <williamq> throughout the camp, Mozilla Reps was discussed and mentioned frequently
15:25:10 <Izel> Yes!!! it was awesome!
15:25:15 <Rami> \o/
15:25:22 <williamq> testimony to the increasing mindshare the program is getting
15:25:24 <regnard> :D
15:25:31 <kinger> 60+ reps there
15:25:37 <williamq> really, I was pretty amazed to see how many people were talking about the program and how they could leverage it
15:26:04 <williamq> the ReMo session went well although an additional hour would have been great
15:26:13 <williamq> there were a lot of questions from Reps
15:26:16 <pierros> +1 for the additional hour
15:26:31 <kinger> lucky you got one, some only got 30 mins :)
15:26:45 <williamq> so basically my main takeway (and i'll let others chime in after) were that we are getting a LOT of attention from an increasing amunt of people
15:26:48 <pierros> kinger: thanks :)
15:26:54 <williamq> all eyes are on us and there are very high expectations
15:27:14 <williamq> this is all really exciting but of course but this is also a reminder that there is a LOT of work ahead
15:27:31 <williamq> one other takeaway was that a lot of Mozillians have concerns about the program
15:27:43 <pierros> well few of them
15:28:01 <williamq> namely, that it is "replacing" traditional communities
15:28:16 <williamq> some folks came up to us to say "why do we need to join Mozilla Reps now to be considered a contributor"
15:28:53 <williamq> obviously, these are misconceptions of the program but we definitely need to address this and articulate better that ReMo exists precisely to help strengthn and grow communities
15:30:02 <williamq> Rami: do you have any other impressions you'd like to share of MozCamp as it relates to ReMo?
15:30:24 <Rami> as you said.. it was just wow.. everywhere i go
15:30:27 <Izel> maybe people do not know about Mozillians program. You do not need to be a Rep to be a contributor, you can be a Mozillian
15:30:40 <Rami> and i met someone she or he told me are you are a ReMo
15:30:46 <Rami> as I am
15:30:56 <Rami> i felt it was Moz REMO Camp :D
15:31:04 <williamq> :)
15:31:20 <Rami> and lots of sessions were talking about SIG
15:31:24 <Rami> which was great
15:31:58 <Rami> I see that other parts or projects of mozilla is trying to get help from the program
15:32:09 <williamq> absolutely
15:32:19 <regnard> what about the SIG?
15:32:22 <williamq> and this is going to be increasingly our focus as the program evovles
15:32:27 <williamq> *evolves
15:32:31 <Rami> yes
15:32:46 <williamq> we're going to have to work more and more closely with project teams across the organiztion to help them leverage the program
15:32:59 <regnard> do people want more SIGs?
15:33:06 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:33:18 <regnard> ok
15:33:26 <williamq> more and more teams are approaching us to know how they can have reps specifically interested in their project area to help them
15:33:30 <williamq> for example, the Developer Engagement team are really keen to leverage ReMo
15:33:59 <williamq> they are even going to hire a webdev soon to help build new functionalities on the ReMo portal to assist Evangelism Reps
15:34:00 <regnard> yeah, i've been keeping tabs on the Webmaker SIG developments myself
15:34:17 <williamq> Mark Surman of the Mozilla Foundation is extremeely keen to create a WebMaker SIG
15:34:27 <williamq> and Michelle has already started doing a lot of groundwork for that
15:34:48 <williamq> regnard: yeah, this SIG looks really promising
15:34:48 * pierros is amazed by our momentum :)
15:35:31 <williamq> so again, leveraging ReMo more and integrating it across functional areas at Mozilla is going to be a key focus for the  council these next 6 months
15:36:35 <williamq> it's going to be a lot of work, but we have a real ooportunity to dramatically impact the Mozilla project and dramatically change how we grow community and get more contirbutors to new areas of the project
15:36:42 <Izel> :)
15:37:00 <pierros> Thanks williamq and Rami for the update :)
15:37:09 <Rami> ;)
15:37:12 <pierros> Next topic :
15:37:17 <pierros> #topic WebDev update
15:37:37 <pierros> so as you all now it is 3 weeks now that we have no developer resources for our portal
15:37:48 <Rami> :(
15:37:49 <pierros> this is at least unfortunate :(
15:38:23 <pierros> But as williamq just said, we can leverage our huge momentum and mind share
15:38:25 <pierros> so:
15:38:40 <pierros> Dev Engagement team has the initiate of Evangelism Reps
15:38:52 <pierros> and those are essentially Reps using our tools focused on Evangelism
15:39:02 <pierros> trained by Shez and Chris Heilman
15:39:07 <kinger> One of the sessions at MozCamp was about getting more volunteer webdev help in the project in general. We should help with that and hook into it
15:39:30 <pierros> true kinger :) Giorgos should work more on that
15:40:03 <kinger> https://wiki.mozilla.org/MozCampEU2012/Contributing_to_Mozilla_Websites
15:40:22 <pierros> so both Chris and Shez are committed to help our project and support it with resources
15:40:22 <regnard> pierros: who are the evangelism ReMos currently?
15:41:01 <williamq> regnard: there are about 70 Evangelism Reps right now - all Mozilla Reps who have signed up to the EvReps program
15:41:08 <pierros> so the plan is to have a contractor web developer join our team and help us finish 0.3.5 and build up functionality for Evangelism Reps
15:41:13 <pierros> (that can be reused for all)
15:41:15 <williamq> let me look up the list of EvReps (it's a good doc)
15:41:16 <kinger> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Evangelism_Reps_Training_Program
15:41:29 <regnard> thanks
15:41:46 <pierros> so expect some updates pretty soon on that
15:42:07 <pierros> we would love to move quickly (say next week) to get this started and get back on out dev mode for portal :)
15:42:24 <williamq> regnard: the list is somewhere here https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SIGs/Evangelism_Reps
15:42:27 <pierros> tl;dr -- more awesomeness coming to portal soon
15:42:35 <pierros> any questions?
15:43:00 <williamq> regnard: i'll try to get Shez to make that list easily accessibly
15:43:25 <kinger> Lets keep the momentum going at MozCamp Asia
15:43:32 <williamq> kinger: for sure
15:43:51 <pierros> ok moving on :)
15:44:00 <pierros> #topic Bi-weekly checklist
15:44:11 <pierros> so we used to have a bi-weekly list of tasks we should do
15:44:35 <pierros> I say this is not a fit for this meeting anymore as:
15:44:51 <pierros> - budget requests = we have a rolling approval system (voting pad)
15:45:05 <pierros> - Community IT requests = we have a task force taking care of this
15:45:36 <pierros> - Planning = we have a special meeting on this
15:45:49 <pierros> So I suggest we remove this from our regular agenda and free up time for possible discussions on open floor issues
15:45:51 <pierros> all in favor?
15:45:53 <pierros> +1 from me
15:45:56 <williamq> +1
15:45:58 <Rami> +1
15:46:04 <Izel> yes
15:46:17 <vineel> +1
15:46:20 <xelawafs> +1
15:46:20 <regnard> +1
15:46:31 <kinger> +1, but Lucy won't be happy!
15:46:39 <vineel> :)
15:46:44 <pierros> #agreed no bi-weekly set checklist (for now)
15:46:44 <vineel> Kensie
15:46:54 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
15:47:01 <williamq> about the planning meeting
15:47:17 <williamq> that meeting needs to be bi-weekly
15:47:23 <williamq> during a weekday
15:47:36 <pierros> Thursday as we used?
15:47:44 <pierros> I guess we need to try this out
15:47:53 <williamq> yeah, it will not be ideal
15:48:10 <xelawafs> waht time thursday?
15:48:15 <regnard> around this time as well?
15:48:17 <kinger> So, is there a formal planning task force?
15:48:23 <williamq> but I say we try Thursdays at 2pm UTC
15:48:47 <Izel> it is impossible for me
15:49:02 <williamq> technically, the planning task force are the owners of the planning bugs
15:49:07 <Izel> maybe 12 pm UTC
15:49:08 <pierros> (mentors and council)
15:49:58 <williamq> #action williamq to send around a doodle poll to set a time for the planning task force meeting
15:50:34 <pierros> anything else people?
15:50:40 <pierros> I am closing this meeting in 1 min :)
15:50:54 <vineel> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings
15:51:15 <pierros> nice point vineel :)
15:51:15 <williamq> vineel: great point
15:51:24 <vineel> what do you think?
15:52:02 <williamq> we definitely need to kickstart regional meetings
15:52:15 <williamq> monthly basis, right?
15:52:24 <williamq> is everyone in favour of monthly?
15:52:32 <williamq> or do you prefer bi-weekly
15:52:36 <vineel> +1 for monthly
15:52:44 <kinger> I agree, it would bring more cohesion
15:53:07 <regnard> i suggest make it region specific/contingent on community size
15:53:08 <pierros> +1 monthly
15:53:09 <Izel> +1 for mounty
15:53:09 <xelawafs> +1 for bi-weekly, monthly seems too lony
15:53:12 <kinger> monthly seems right
15:53:15 <Izel> monthly*
15:53:26 <regnard> ie, in NA, the community is relatively small compared to Asia
15:53:28 <xelawafs> *long
15:53:36 <williamq> ok, let's start with monthly and then we can always adapt
15:53:46 <vineel> yes
15:53:55 <pierros> we need an owner :)
15:53:55 <xelawafs> ok, sure
15:53:57 <williamq> should we start them end of the month, or at the beginning of each month?
15:53:58 <regnard> williamq: ok, sounds fair
15:54:35 <kinger> beginning
15:54:42 <williamq> yeah i would say beginning
15:54:48 <vineel> it may be such that they are after each council meeting so we have solid updates to share
15:55:03 <Izel> I think is better at the beginning of each month. We can planning next activities, so we will have "one month" to do it
15:55:20 <williamq> vineel: fair point, but i fear we will have "meeting fatigue" :)
15:55:31 <williamq> i suggest we have regional meetings at the start of each month
15:55:38 <vineel> okay
15:55:38 <regnard> i vote for end of the month
15:55:50 <williamq> so the next regional meetings will be on Monday 1 October
15:55:51 <regnard> more of recap type of meeting
15:56:03 <williamq> in the evening in each time zone
15:56:33 <williamq> we'll do a vote on the voting pad
15:56:54 <pierros> ok I am putting the rows in
15:56:55 <vineel> so if we are having meeting in October 1st week, we have summary of September month right?
15:57:53 <williamq> vineel: right
15:58:09 <pierros> So please people vote :)
15:58:50 <pierros> ok so anything else? :)
15:58:52 <regnard> pierros: voting pad has the same option
15:59:32 <pierros> oops sorry for that :)
15:59:36 <pierros> thanks regnard
15:59:46 <regnard> np :)
16:00:02 <pierros> ok so 30secs
16:00:15 <pierros> 15 secs :P
16:00:21 <williamq> ok, looks like we've covered a lot  - thanks everyone
16:00:32 <pierros> Thanks everyone! :) please follow up with your actions
16:00:36 <williamq> we'll be circulating the meeting minutes shortly
16:00:43 <pierros> #endmeeting