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15:00:34 <williamq> Welcome everyone
15:00:41 <williamq> good morning/afternoon/evening
15:02:22 <Izel> good morning
15:04:05 <regnard> ?
15:05:40 <williamq> arrgghhh sorry
15:05:41 <williamq> my internet connection dropped
15:05:50 <vineel> no problem
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15:06:09 <williamq> ok please make sure to add any other items you would like to discuss
15:06:28 <williamq> let's jump in
15:07:06 <williamq> #topic Rep of the Month
15:07:29 <williamq> we've voted varouably for Thomas Bassetto to be Rep of the month for October
15:07:51 <regnard> that's good
15:07:56 <williamq> can someone volunteer to write the featured text on the portal and to make the announcement on reps-general?
15:09:05 <williamq> as I mentioned in my email, it would be good to have a different member of the council make the announcement each month
15:09:13 <regnard> i'l do it. just give me the info :)
15:09:31 <williamq> all the info was shared by Henrik in an email to the council
15:09:36 <Izel> regnard ask the info to Henrik
15:09:39 <regnard> ok, np then
15:09:45 <Izel> he proposed him
15:10:06 <williamq> then you need to write the description here: https://reps.mozilla.org/featured/
15:10:20 <Izel> regnard anyway Henrik sent an email with a small info about thomas
15:10:22 <williamq> once it's written, you need to announce it on reps-general
15:10:51 <regnard> got it
15:11:05 <williamq> ok cool
15:11:19 <williamq> if you have any trouble publishing it on the reps portal, just let me know
15:11:26 <williamq> ok, moving on to the next item
15:11:33 <williamq> #topic ReMo Brownbag
15:12:00 <williamq> so, as some of you may know, PIerros and I arein California this week and next week to work on a bunch of stuff for ReMo
15:12:23 <williamq> we wanted to take the opportunity of being here to do a brownbag presentation of ReMo
15:12:32 <williamq> last Thursday
15:12:42 <williamq> but due to some scheduling conflicts, we eneded up cancelling it
15:13:14 <williamq> which in the end is good because we realised it's much better that we prepare this brownbag together as a team
15:13:34 <williamq> we're aiming to present ReMo some time early to mid November
15:13:55 <williamq> I'll share with everyone the slides that we worked on
15:14:30 <Izel> :)
15:14:33 <williamq> let me get the link now and share it
15:14:45 <regnard> ok
15:15:13 <williamq> ok, google doc is not opening for me for some reason, so i'll just share it later by email
15:15:22 <vineel> ok
15:15:50 <williamq> the brownbags are great opportunities to update everyone at MOzilla about the program
15:16:23 <williamq> another possibility is that we present a brownbag right after the next council work week
15:16:31 <williamq> when we'll have fresh new updates and initiatives
15:16:51 <williamq> which is a good transition to the next agenda item :)
15:17:06 <williamq> #topic date and location of ReMo Council Work Week
15:17:46 <williamq> so the idea is still to do it in December
15:18:05 <williamq> and the locations are Toronto, London or Athens
15:18:17 <williamq> the big factor is the visa issue
15:18:25 <regnard> yes, that's the issue i raised
15:18:46 <regnard> if we're having it in 1st-2nd week, it will be a challenge
15:18:52 <vineel> they gave me 6months visa for London :)
15:19:00 <williamq> if I'm not mistaken, the folks who will need a visa to London and Athens are Regnard, Gloria, Alex, Vineel
15:19:03 <williamq> oh that's great
15:19:23 <williamq> Regnard, is there are a way for you to extend your visa for London?
15:19:26 <Rami> for london I also need a visa :)
15:19:37 <regnard> vineel, i haven't received mine yet
15:19:39 <Izel> Do not worry about me. I need visa to everywhere.. even the hell hehehehe
15:19:44 <regnard> still in process
15:19:50 <williamq> Izel: hehe
15:19:54 <williamq> Rami: really?
15:19:56 <vineel> regnard, i am positive yours will also be a 6months
15:20:01 <Rami> yup it's not in EU :)
15:20:04 <regnard> i hope so
15:20:09 <williamq> true true
15:20:20 <regnard> but if we have it in athens, it's another process
15:20:27 <williamq> understood
15:20:31 <williamq> so I think we should drop Athens
15:21:00 <williamq> now Toronto is another option
15:21:18 <williamq> Gloria - do you think it's easier for you to get a visa for London or Toronto?
15:21:47 <Izel> is simmilar for me. both are hard
15:21:52 <williamq> ok
15:22:00 <Izel> But i got a visa to Canada in the past
15:22:07 <vineel> same here
15:22:12 <regnard> if it goes down to london vs. toronto, I vote toronto
15:22:14 <regnard> :)
15:22:16 <williamq> right, this is a plus
15:22:25 <williamq> ok :)
15:22:50 <williamq> one definite advantage of Toronto is that we have 2 council members living there
15:23:06 <williamq> and of course, we have an awesome space to work from, right in the center of the city
15:23:16 <Izel> :)
15:23:23 <williamq> the big disadvantage is that it's going to be crazy cold in December
15:23:30 <williamq> and when i say cold, it's *really* cold
15:23:51 <williamq> I don't think Gloria, Vineel or Alex realise how cold it can be :-/
15:24:00 <Rami> hehe :D
15:24:10 <williamq> We're talking -15 C
15:24:14 <vineel> the coldest i have seen is in Athens
15:24:15 <regnard> it's cold in london as well
15:24:35 <regnard> it's not that bad :P
15:24:41 <williamq> actually, London is nothign compared to Toronto :)
15:24:45 <Rami> but not like Toronto
15:24:52 <williamq> i've live in London and in Montreal and I can confirm :)
15:24:57 <williamq> but anyway
15:25:10 <williamq> I do think Toronto is our strongest candidate right now
15:25:21 <williamq> now, in terms of timing
15:25:35 <williamq> does the first week of December work for you ?
15:26:17 <williamq> if Toronto is the choice
15:26:26 <regnard> if it's in toronto, it works better for me for the proposed sked
15:26:31 <Izel> Guys I have a problem with december .... I will travel to Dubai to attend an event about Internet and telecommunications but I have not clear the date yet
15:26:31 <vineel> the thing for me is, if 1 st week, I need to apply sometime now, November will be travelling to London & Singapore so i need to carry passport
15:27:05 <williamq> ok
15:27:22 <williamq> vineel: if we do it in london, that no longer is a problem
15:27:27 <williamq> correct?
15:27:38 <williamq> Izel: when is the Dubai conference?
15:27:43 <vineel> yes, between will check the processing time for Canada
15:28:14 <Izel> williamq I do not know.  They have not confirm the date yet
15:28:32 <williamq> ok
15:28:47 <regnard> for canadian visa processing, expect 2-3 weeks
15:28:47 <williamq> so you're not sure it's in December, right?
15:28:58 <williamq> ok, that's good to know
15:29:25 <williamq> ok, so here are the next steps
15:29:36 <Izel> william I am sure the conference is in december
15:29:49 <williamq> #action Izel to find out when the Dubai conference is to see if she can attend council work week first week of december
15:30:01 <Izel> williamq I am sure the conference is in december, but I do not know the day
15:30:11 <williamq> #action williamq send doodle poll for december date
15:30:45 <williamq> #action williamq to reach out to toronto and London office to see if community space is available
15:31:22 <williamq> ok moving on to the next topic
15:31:37 <williamq> #regional meetings
15:31:47 <williamq> #topic regional meetings
15:32:01 <williamq> is everyone set for tomorrow?
15:32:34 <williamq> for Europe, pierros and I will need to schedule a new time as tomorrow will in fact be very tricky for us
15:32:57 <williamq> how abot for north america, latam and asia?
15:33:07 <vineel> for Asia time is set
15:33:21 <vineel> but do not have a solid agenda :P
15:33:25 <regnard> NA still to be announced
15:33:27 <Izel> williamq : I planned 2 meetings: An spanish one for Spanish speakers countries and an English one for Brasil But, people from Brazil have not voted yet
15:33:36 <williamq> ok
15:34:04 <williamq> let's see how this goes
15:34:05 <Izel> williamq: I am ready for my spanish speakers meeting. Tomorrow at 13 UTC
15:34:13 <williamq> Izel: fantastic
15:34:57 <williamq> i think the most important is to get the ball rolling and get people aware that we are starting regular regional meetings
15:35:12 <williamq> we need to document it on the portal and the wiki
15:35:25 <vineel> It would be great to have a few major updates that we want to give through these meeting this month
15:35:35 <Izel> williamq but people from Brazil have not finish their homework (they have not voted yet)
15:35:39 <williamq> #action williamq to document regional meetings times and agendas on portal and wiki
15:35:50 <williamq> Izel: ok
15:35:56 <williamq> vineel: yes for sure
15:36:15 <vineel> williamq: please see if this time works for you: http://doodle.com/mhm23s3aevvx8khx;jsessionid=21308D1E661616661820755561B0731B.worker2? :)
15:36:42 <williamq> yes, should be ok
15:36:46 <vineel> between, all are welcome to join :)
15:37:04 <williamq> in terms of major updates
15:37:33 <williamq> i think we should talk about the following things:
15:37:55 <williamq> new council (many folks are not necessarily aware that we have a new council)
15:38:01 <williamq> mentor re-shuffle
15:38:57 <vineel> contributor sign-up at reps portal
15:39:06 <williamq> yes!
15:39:23 <vineel> should we talk about 3 step budget review?
15:39:29 <williamq> yes, that too
15:39:35 <vineel> ok
15:39:39 <Izel> ok
15:39:41 <williamq> and then i think you should open up a discussion on
15:40:06 <williamq> problems/concenrs that Reps are having
15:40:24 <Izel> +1
15:40:41 <williamq> this is a great opportunity to discuss ways to improve the program
15:41:00 <vineel> yes
15:41:32 <williamq> also, i think it's important to touch on the increasing concern some non-Reps are having with the program
15:42:09 <williamq> some non-Reps feel that we're trying to "replace" the existing communities with Mozilla Reps only
15:42:23 <williamq> and that we're undermining the Mozilla community
15:42:47 <regnard> BTW, for north america, the meeting would be either tomorrow and wednesday
15:42:56 <williamq> obviously, Mozilla Reps is exactly the opposite of that, but we need to discuss this, explain this but also listen and gather as much feedback as possible from Reps
15:43:03 <williamq> regnard: ok
15:43:13 <vineel> yes
15:43:30 <vineel> also, I'm thinking for these meeting where large no. of reps are at a place, may be have project teams to give updates on a simple update?or is it too much
15:44:09 <williamq> eventually we want to do this
15:44:18 <williamq> but i think that for this first one, let's keep it pretty light
15:44:27 <vineel> yes makes sense
15:44:37 <williamq> I suggest we focus more on discussion and gathering Reps' feedback on the program
15:44:51 <williamq> we want to make sure that Reps feel as empowered as possible
15:45:17 <vineel> right
15:45:24 <Izel> +1
15:45:27 <williamq> and figure out what we need to improve
15:45:32 <regnard> makes sense
15:46:21 <williamq> one discussion topic that might makes sense to address very informally is the idea of Reps handling "quarterly" budgets for their local communities
15:46:38 <williamq> this is something we've discussed in the past at the council level and which we'll be discussing during the work week
15:47:06 <regnard> speaking of budgets, have you had the chance to look at the weighting scheme I drafted, William?
15:47:12 <williamq> but basically, in order for us to scale, I would be in favour of giving a quarterly budget to communities around the world (managed by Reps)
15:47:21 <williamq> rather than sending budgets punctually
15:47:45 <williamq> regnard: yes, i have - sorry for the delay
15:48:02 <williamq> i'm still trying to figure out the weights and see which ones I would change
15:48:06 <williamq> it's pretty tricky
15:48:20 <williamq> I'll get back to you on that one
15:48:37 <regnard> let me know if you need my insights on them
15:48:38 <regnard> sure
15:48:40 <regnard> not a problem
15:48:44 <williamq> #action: follow-up on weighting system with Regnard
15:49:30 <williamq> but yes, durng the regional meetings, it would be good to see how receptive Reps are to the idea of managing large budgets on a quarterly basis
15:49:41 <williamq> if that would work better or if that would cause more problems
15:50:05 <williamq> ultimately, the aim is to work more efficiently and empower local communities more
15:50:44 <williamq> any other ideas for discussion topics for the regional meetings?
15:51:19 <vineel> ideas on new SIG's
15:51:27 <vineel> and SOP's
15:51:32 <regnard> i think i agree to keep it light
15:51:54 <regnard> the idea is to build this as a habit for folks
15:52:02 <regnard> not to overwhelm in one go
15:52:13 <williamq> exactly
15:52:14 <regnard> i think it would be better to have many small meetings that are regular
15:52:18 <vineel> right
15:52:27 <regnard> than one huge meeting then everyone is confused
15:52:36 <williamq> true
15:52:56 <williamq> the downside though is that organizing more freuent meetings is more difficult
15:53:03 <williamq> and people are less likely to attend
15:53:21 <williamq> from experience 1 monthly meeting is easier to keep on one's radar
15:53:32 <regnard> but the idea is to have this monthly right?
15:53:33 <Izel> -1. I think is better one meeting. Is hard to meet people even if you live in the same timezone
15:53:50 <williamq> regnard: yes, it's monhtly
15:54:08 <regnard> just to clarify, i'm not saying it should be more frequent than a monthly meeting
15:54:11 <williamq> Izel: exactly - so I think 1 a month is the right frequency
15:54:20 <williamq> regnard: oh, sorry
15:54:27 <Izel> ok :)
15:54:32 <williamq> i thought you were saying we needed to make more frequent meetings
15:54:32 <regnard> i'm saying that for a lot of people, this is the first meeting
15:54:49 <regnard> so it's important to start slow and light
15:54:54 <regnard> to develop a habit
15:55:03 <williamq> regnard: ah yes, totally agree
15:55:19 <regnard> then once its a regular thing, then the meetings could be more packed
15:55:27 <williamq> and we need to make it as interactive as possible
15:55:31 <regnard> sort of like conditioning folks to get used to the sched
15:55:40 <williamq> Reps need to feel that this is their platform to voice whatever that's on their mings
15:55:44 <williamq> *minds
15:56:30 <regnard> we're trying to instill a new behavior, so it shouldn't be demotivating at the start, that's where i was coming from
15:56:32 <regnard> :)
15:56:38 <williamq> gotcha :)
15:56:43 <vineel> :)
15:56:50 <williamq> ok, on that note, anything else?
15:57:11 <williamq> we're nearing the hour
15:57:12 <vineel> looks like Student Reps will be re-launched
15:57:13 <Izel> Yes! We will need shifts to use oru IRC Channel for regional meetings
15:57:16 <vineel> :)
15:57:26 <williamq> vineel: yes, stay tuned for that
15:57:27 <regnard> what's the irc channel?
15:57:44 <Izel> remo channel
15:57:45 <williamq> at the moment, i have no clear idea of what we plan to do with Student Reps
15:58:00 <vineel> okay
15:58:30 <vineel> Thanks all!
15:58:39 <williamq> thanks again everyone! and sorry for the late reminder
15:58:44 <regnard> ok
15:58:51 <williamq> I'll be sending the meeting minutes and action items shortly
15:58:57 <williamq> have a great Sunday!!!!!
15:58:59 <Izel> guyss!!
15:59:14 <Izel> we eill use the remo channel for our regional meetings don't we?
15:59:27 <williamq> #remo
15:59:27 <williamq> yes
15:59:31 <regnard> ok
16:00:22 <williamq> just make sure to add /topic Regional Meeting for [YOUR REGION] , [TIME] and [URL of agenda]
16:00:47 <williamq> #endmeeting