15:04:54 <pierros> #startmeeting Council Meeting 2012-10-28
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15:05:12 <pierros> #char williamq FuzzyFox regnard deimidis vineel xelawafs Kensie_ regnard izel
15:05:54 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121028
15:06:55 <williamq> ok everyone
15:06:56 <pierros> anyone with good connection  willing to get the ball rolling?
15:07:09 <williamq> sorry, i thought Pierros was driving the meeting
15:07:11 <williamq> looks like I'll be driving it
15:07:19 <williamq> #topic Council Chair
15:07:32 <williamq> ok, to kick off the meeitng, i'd like to introduce an idea
15:07:42 <williamq> the aim is for us to work more as a team and to distribute leadership
15:08:12 <pierros> sorry everyone :(
15:08:19 <williamq> as you may have noticed, Pierros and I are driving most of the meeting, and i think this should be more distributed
15:08:38 <williamq> so what I suggest is that starting November 2012, we introduce a "rotating chair system"
15:08:52 <williamq> where basically, each month, we designate a new Chairperson for the council
15:09:11 <williamq> the chairperson will basically be the glue of the team, keeping everything together and in check
15:09:15 <pierros> (for two council meetings each)
15:09:46 <williamq> the Chair will announce the meetings, prepare the agenda, ask folks to add their items and of course drive the meeting
15:10:01 <williamq> after the meeting, the Chair will be repsonsible for sharing meeting minutes
15:10:11 <williamq> how does everyone feel about this idea?
15:10:15 <williamq> any objections?
15:10:17 <FuzzyFox> sounds like a good idea to me, what order is the rotation going to be in... I would prefer not to do the first two meetings for obvious ish reasons (mozfest)
15:10:19 <pierros> +1
15:10:27 <izel> +1 :)
15:10:27 <FuzzyFox> other than that +1
15:10:37 <xelawafs> +1 sounds great
15:10:46 <vineel> +1
15:10:57 <pierros> #chair williamq FuzzyFox regnard deimidis vineel xelawafs Kensie_ regnard izel
15:10:57 <remobot> Current chairs: FuzzyFox Kensie_ deimidis izel pierros regnard vineel williamq xelawafs
15:11:03 <williamq> FuzzyFox: in terms of order, we should, as a team, decide beforehand who will be Chair for the next months
15:11:31 <FuzzyFox> sounds good
15:11:34 <williamq> basically, until the next council election in February
15:11:48 <williamq> we don't have to decide now
15:12:05 <williamq> i'll create an etheprad where council members can volunteer which month they would like to be chair
15:12:34 <williamq> remember, as chair, you will have to chair 2 council meetings
15:12:42 <pierros> williamq: I am on it now
15:12:47 <williamq> #action williamq to create etherpad to designate council chairs
15:13:21 <williamq> now, during the council work week, we should discuss what other roles the council chair should have
15:13:40 <williamq> especially as the Council gains more influence and a larger role within the organization
15:13:48 <williamq> which is a good segway to the next item on the agenda
15:14:06 <williamq> #topic Council Leadership
15:14:32 <williamq> so, as I've mentioned on several threads
15:14:42 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meetings-chair
15:15:06 <williamq> Mitchell Baker is very keen to include volunteers in decision making processes at Mozilla
15:15:50 <williamq> one step in that direction is of course to leverage the Mozilla Reps Council and define a pathway for council members to take on an advisory role within Mozilla leadership
15:16:10 <williamq> that would mean sitting on the Steering Committee Meetings, on the MoCo board and possibly even on the MoFo board
15:16:25 <williamq> obviously, this needs a lot of discussion and a lot of preparation
15:16:32 <williamq> but basically, this is where we're headed
15:16:51 <williamq> now, I think logistically it will be hard to have ALL council members sit in those meetings
15:16:57 <williamq> which is why having a Chair would be great
15:17:04 <williamq> the Chair would represent us
15:17:30 <williamq> (s)he would be briefed by us, collect feedback, questions, concerns etc… before each meeting
15:17:48 <williamq> council members would in turn gather feedback form mentors
15:17:53 <williamq> and mentors from their mentees etc...
15:17:56 <FuzzyFox> this would be the same Chair used for our meetings I assume, meaning that they too would rotate
15:18:06 <williamq> FuzzyFox: yes
15:19:22 <williamq> does this all seem clear to everyone?
15:19:35 <FuzzyFox> yup
15:19:42 <xelawafs> yah, pretty much
15:19:43 <izel> Yes and ..it souds great!
15:19:51 <pierros> +1
15:19:53 <regnard> ok, how often are those meetings?
15:19:54 <vineel> ok
15:20:10 <regnard> steering committees i mean
15:20:15 <williamq> I think this is a HUGE opportunity for us to gain more influence and strengthen the voice of the community in key decision making meetings
15:20:28 <izel> +1
15:20:28 <williamq> SC meetings are once a month i believe
15:21:07 <williamq> now, building on this, another idea we have discussed with Mitchell is to host a monthly "Town Hall" with her
15:21:35 <williamq> where basically, the Mozilla Reps Council chair organizes a monthly meeting over IRC and Air Mozilla
15:21:35 <FuzzyFox> I like the sound of that
15:21:43 <williamq> where Mozillians can ask her questions
15:22:00 <williamq> the meeting can last between an hour or two
15:22:13 <regnard> sounds good-- would there be some sort of flow to town halls?
15:22:17 <FuzzyFox> Though I would like to extend this to more than just Mitchell maybe... maybe extend it to the board in general?
15:22:37 <williamq> regnard: what do you mean exactly?
15:22:38 <izel> FuzzyFox +1
15:22:53 <williamq> FuzzyFox: sure, we could have other top people in Mozilla
15:23:03 <vineel> flow = format?
15:23:03 <regnard> some sort of "script" or outline to the town halls?
15:23:15 <regnard> vineel: yes, part of that
15:23:17 <williamq> regnard: yes, we decide how it would be
15:23:30 <regnard> ok, great.
15:23:43 <williamq> we decide the flow, we would filter the questions, we would moderate etc..
15:24:05 <williamq> we could perhaps do 3 town hall meetings (1 per time zone) similar to what we do with our regional meetings
15:24:19 <williamq> it's really up to us to decide
15:24:37 <williamq> we're still at a very early stage but I'm confident this can happen soon
15:24:53 <williamq> I will create an etherpad to brainstorm ideas about this
15:25:10 <williamq> #action williamq to creater etherpad around Council/Mitchell town hall format
15:25:26 <williamq> and we should finalize this during our council work week in Toronto
15:25:39 <williamq> ok, that's it for now, any questions?
15:26:28 <williamq> ok, moving on to the next topic
15:26:30 <izel> for me is ok
15:26:39 <williamq> #MozFest update
15:26:45 <williamq> #topic MozFest update
15:26:58 <williamq> FuzzyFox: care to give us a quick update?
15:28:06 <williamq> ok, doesn't look like FuzzyFox is there :(
15:28:08 <williamq> Pierros?
15:28:14 <FuzzyFox> I am
15:28:21 <FuzzyFox> just had a computer flub :P
15:28:42 <pierros> ok I will let FuzzyFox chime in then
15:28:44 <FuzzyFox> right... so right now I am going through all the flight information for everyone we have invited and checking they all have final tickets issed
15:29:10 <FuzzyFox> I am going to make some calls to the on site lead to confirm our onsite requirements
15:29:33 <FuzzyFox> I have started going through and seperating people for roles, however not finalizing anything yet
15:29:54 <FuzzyFox> We have been requested to assist for a number of activities including popcorn stuff
15:30:03 <FuzzyFox> and some people herding
15:30:13 <FuzzyFox> first fits under roadside work
15:30:33 <FuzzyFox> latter is something that we can help with as we want to end up in the same locations as those we would be herding
15:31:01 <FuzzyFox> I forgot to get in a budget request for london side stuff so I am doing the maths today and will be filing that asap
15:31:18 <FuzzyFox> I am going to be contacting the hotel with some room shuffling today
15:31:34 <FuzzyFox> need to confirm a few travel details with henx and leo
15:32:28 <FuzzyFox> pierros: was wondering if you could help me out with some roll up banner designs for the contribute garage and webmaker workshop just in case (these should be happening else where however the person I need to confirm with is on hol)
15:32:44 <williamq> pierros seems to have gone offlien
15:32:52 <williamq> please follow-up with him after the meeting
15:32:56 <FuzzyFox> damn :P will ping him next he is on
15:33:00 <williamq> i'm sure h'll be happy to help on that
15:33:16 <williamq> i'm really happy we're going to have roll up banners for the contribute garage
15:33:24 <williamq> will we also have large plasma screens?
15:33:36 <FuzzyFox> erm... going to hold a meeting tomorrow about other items
15:33:48 <williamq> i was thinking that it would be great to have pods from which Reps could present specific MoCo projects
15:33:52 <FuzzyFox> williamq: we have one that I have requested for webmaker however I can change that still iirc
15:34:09 <williamq> ok
15:34:20 <williamq> if we could have at least 3 pods, that would be great
15:34:23 <williamq> we do have a large space, correct?
15:34:41 <FuzzyFox> as for t-shirts I decided we would be best sticking to remo polos as this is more in keeping with reps
15:34:51 <williamq> yes, sounds good
15:35:32 <pierros> FuzzyFox: it would be better to fit within the artwork of the festival
15:35:34 <FuzzyFox> space is something I need to confirm... iirc we should be having a large webmaker booth like area, as well as a slightly smaller remo specific booth for onboarding
15:35:47 <williamq> ok
15:35:54 <FuzzyFox> the sizes are more to do with usage than priority
15:35:54 <pierros> can't we create somthing Reps specific with Festival shirts?
15:36:31 <pierros> we did have a recognition problem with our polos last year
15:36:32 <FuzzyFox> pierros: we could, however we are past the festival printing deadline, though I can get in contact with some printers myself to put through a batch under remo budget
15:36:46 <regnard> I think the black polos are OK, it kinda reinforces the brand-- unless there's a different priority for Reps branding now
15:36:51 <pierros> FuzzyFox: I thought that this was the plan all along
15:37:41 <williamq> regnard: I agree
15:38:13 <williamq> FuzzyFox: if we do agree to print Reps specific tshirts for the festival, I can hook you up with our local swag vendor based in London (they're the ones who print all the REMo swag)
15:38:22 <williamq> ok we should move on
15:38:28 <williamq> anything else re: MozFest?
15:38:28 <FuzzyFox> It was for a while, till I did some more work on what we are doing, along with how reps should be represented... I thought it would be better to stick to our brand rather than bluring the lines and possibly getting us confused with the other types of volunteers that are there
15:38:57 <pierros> ok cool
15:39:07 <pierros> moving on?
15:39:12 <williamq> ok, moving on
15:39:22 <FuzzyFox> williamq: going to hold a q+a tomorrow at 4pm UTC where everything can be discussed further without flooding this meeting
15:39:32 <williamq> FuzzyFox: fantastic
15:39:34 <williamq> thanks
15:39:44 <williamq> #topic Regional Meeting Recap
15:39:56 <pierros> on that:
15:39:57 <williamq> on the EU front, nothing to report in particular
15:39:58 <FuzzyFox> #action FuzzyFox to hold AMA on ReMo at MozFest at 4pm UTC on the 29th
15:40:08 <williamq> pierros: do you want to chime in ?
15:40:10 <pierros> I am writting a post on my blog recapping all Regional Meetings
15:40:20 <pierros> and adressing the questions
15:40:25 <vineel> +1 :)
15:40:28 <pierros> that should be live soon
15:40:36 <pierros> any specifics you want to discuss now?
15:40:40 <izel> !
15:40:45 <pierros> izel:
15:40:52 <williamq> pierros: can you share your blog post with the council on an etherpad?
15:40:54 <izel> yes ... I have problems with my regional meetings
15:41:01 <pierros> williamq: will do
15:41:14 <pierros> izel: what kind of problems?
15:41:16 <williamq> izel: what sort of problems ?
15:41:30 <vineel> pierros posted some questions/ideas at the etherpad for your reference
15:41:35 <izel> as you know, i had 2 regional meetings
15:41:59 <izel> a first one in spanish for spanish speakers and a second one in english for Brazil
15:42:23 <pierros> (imho both should be in English)
15:42:33 <izel> I has serious problems with Brazil. It was impossible to have a good regional meeting
15:42:49 <pierros> vineel: I am answer them on the pad
15:43:26 <izel> pierros: Is necessary both in english?
15:43:43 <pierros> izel: yes in order for us to follow up what is happening
15:44:00 <williamq> perhaps it's better to have the meetings in spanish/portuguese as long as we have the transcripts translated in english
15:44:02 <pierros> Rep activities should happen in English so every Rep in the world can benefit from them
15:44:09 <izel> I mean, many reps in Latinamerica do not speak english very fluent, and I would like they can express  their ideas as clear as possible
15:44:22 <williamq> izel: +1
15:44:23 <pierros> williamq: I think this is way too overload
15:44:34 <regnard> I think the meeting is Spanish is OK, as long as there is an English summary
15:44:42 <pierros> segragation can happen easily :(
15:44:42 <regnard> at least of the critical points
15:44:51 <williamq> let's just google translate the transcripts and have an english summary of the main points
15:45:02 <izel> I think and I propose I can take notes in a etherpad in english about the most important ideas at the meeting
15:45:48 <regnard> I personally think Spanish is one common bond the community shares, even those from different countries
15:45:57 <williamq> regnard: +1
15:46:12 <FuzzyFox> regnard: +1
15:46:14 <izel> so, latinamerican reps can have a meeting in spanish and I translate our notes, actions and ideas for you
15:46:28 <vineel> sounds good
15:46:29 <pierros> regnard: we can easily run into a sepearion issue if we go that wat
15:46:32 <pierros> way*
15:46:36 <williamq> +1
15:46:48 <williamq> pierros: perhaps, but I doubt it
15:46:50 <pierros> +0 for me (but feel free to move on)
15:46:59 <williamq> at the end of the day, we want to have produtcie meetings
15:47:00 <regnard> ok
15:47:09 <regnard> My quick update: on the NA meeting, there was a lot of questions re:budget. I wrote a blog post to clarify some of what was raised.
15:47:23 <williamq> if we end up not having interesting meetings because people are not comfortable speaking english, then it defeats the purporse
15:48:01 <williamq> submitting a monthly report in English or blogging in English is different from having a passionate IRC meeting with fellow Reps
15:48:10 <pierros> williamq: touched on a larger issue: "Do we want Reps with no Engish fluency?"
15:48:22 <pierros> williamq: true
15:48:26 <pierros> regnard: really nice post btw!
15:48:28 <williamq> i totally understand how some Reps would be much more inclined to join the meting if it's in spanish
15:48:39 <pierros> vineel: I answered all in the pad
15:48:40 <regnard> Thanks Pierros :D
15:49:00 <williamq> pierros: no, Reps need minimum fluency in english to be able to report back in english for the benefit of the broader Rep community
15:49:02 <regnard> I'll update it soon with BKing's video and suggestions
15:49:06 <vineel> +1 for regnard post :)
15:49:08 <FuzzyFox> I think as we scale up we will have to allow more and more reps without engish fluency... we are going to need to find a way to keep the ties strong between those with and without
15:49:33 <williamq> FuzzyFox: Reps need to be able to speak english (no need to be fluent)
15:49:47 <williamq> or else, as pierros says, we run the risk of creating silos
15:50:08 <pierros> FuzzyFox: this is way too basic and fundamendal to step back from it.. all reps should be able to communicate in English.. irc meetings can happen in other languages but we need to be REALLY careful
15:50:24 <williamq> the whole point of ReMo is to unify efforts and enable Reps to share their activities and their local community's activities with the rest of the world
15:50:48 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:50:51 <williamq> ok, we need to move on
15:50:52 <vineel> +1
15:51:02 <vineel> Thanks pierros
15:51:21 <williamq> please provide any other feedback regarding regional meeting directly to Pierros before he posts his blog post
15:51:21 <FuzzyFox> Yup I agree +1 to that, I guess I was just wondering where the cut off point was on the language issue
15:51:22 <izel> :)
15:51:37 <williamq> next topic
15:51:40 <williamq> #Rep of the Month
15:51:47 <williamq> #topic Rep of the month
15:51:55 <williamq> any suggestions?
15:52:02 <izel> well guys, I have an idea here
15:52:36 <izel> we can ask for each mentor a candidate to nominate as Rep of the month
15:52:53 <izel> if they have a candidate
15:53:05 <izel> and next, we can vote
15:53:07 <williamq> +1
15:53:09 <FuzzyFox> +1
15:53:14 <regnard> +1
15:53:15 <xelawafs> +1
15:53:22 <vineel> +1
15:53:24 <izel> or each council member by area can choose one
15:53:40 <izel> and porpose him/her as rep of the month
15:53:54 <pierros> +1 for first suggestion
15:54:11 <williamq> i think it's great to ask mentors to nominate
15:54:17 <williamq> and then the council makes the final decision
15:54:39 <izel> is possible than a mentor has not a candidate, but I am sure most of them will propose one
15:54:47 <williamq> yes, definitely
15:54:48 <izel> williamq yes :)
15:54:56 <williamq> ok great
15:55:10 <williamq> izel: can you reach out to reps-mentors and ask them to nominate someone?
15:55:24 <izel> yes
15:55:28 <pierros> #action izel to reach out to reps-mentors and ask them to nominate someone
15:55:47 <williamq> awesome, thank you!
15:56:03 <williamq> great idea - i can't believe we didn't think of it earlier :)
15:56:12 <williamq> ok moving on
15:56:19 <williamq> #topic December work week
15:56:34 <pierros> Toronto here we come!
15:56:34 <williamq> so as you all know, we're set on meeting in Toronto mid-December
15:56:38 <williamq> hotel has already been booked
15:56:54 <williamq> we'll be staying at the hilton right across the street from the Mozilla office
15:57:02 <izel> awww Toronto on December is very cold!
15:57:08 <williamq> Mike (from our travel agency) is back from holiday on the 30th
15:57:27 <williamq> I'm going to send you all an emil with details on how to book your travel
15:57:27 <FuzzyFox> I'd like to point out that the timing on this is perfect for me... we start on the day I finish term! So I likely will fly the day after my final deadline for the term! :D
15:57:28 <regnard> the hotel is very close to the office, it's a quick walk
15:57:35 <izel> :)
15:57:42 <williamq> FuzzyFox: yay :)
15:57:56 <williamq> izel: i know but no worries, we will work so much, we will be sweating all the time
15:58:04 <williamq> :)
15:58:22 <izel> :)
15:58:24 <FuzzyFox> williamq: I hope not... that would start to smell bad quickly
15:58:34 <williamq> seriously though, for all council members who are not used to "freezing" weather, I will make sure you have the sufficient equipment
15:58:39 <FuzzyFox> could we not just have the heating on?
15:58:49 <williamq> boots, winter coat, thermal underwear, gloves etc...
15:58:57 <williamq> you will be pampered, don't worry :)
15:59:06 <williamq> FuzzyFox: yes, heating is also an option :)
15:59:19 <FuzzyFox> OMG SNOW!!! Like real proper snow is an actual possibility.... WOOOOO!
15:59:36 <pierros> xelawafs: have you seen snow? :)
15:59:44 <williamq> it will be a very intense 3 days, but rest assured, we'll have some fun also
16:00:06 <xelawafs> once in berlin
16:00:12 <regnard> There were a couple of snow days in December, IIRC
16:00:16 <FuzzyFox> Can't wait! Bring on the work!
16:00:18 <xelawafs> but it wasn't that much :)
16:00:26 <williamq> ok, stay tuned for my email regaring flights
16:00:27 <izel> william +1 we have too much work..
16:00:29 <williamq> moving on
16:00:40 <williamq> #topic January B2G events
16:00:44 <izel> William. I need an invitation letter
16:00:45 <williamq> pierros: the floor is yours
16:00:53 <williamq> izel: yep, i'll send that tomorrow
16:01:06 <pierros> ok so:
16:01:32 <izel> i am collecting my documents. I plan send them this week because next satyrday i go to Aserbajan
16:01:39 <pierros> together with Dev Engagement, Reps will host a series of developer events during the 3rd week of January
16:01:59 <pierros> we are talking about 20+ locations aroudnd the world
16:02:13 <pierros> 10 mozilla spaces and 10 strong-community cities
16:02:34 <pierros> events will be focused on ralying app developers for FirefoxOS launch
16:02:42 <pierros> (later in 2013)
16:03:00 <pierros> we have a template created and I will circulate it in reps-general for feedback
16:03:21 <pierros> I will reach out to key community members next week to get a commit about making those events hapen
16:03:27 <pierros> happen*
16:03:50 <pierros> this will be a huge push for Mozilla and we want those events to be stellar
16:03:53 <regnard> sorry folks, I've gtg. I'll follow the rest of the agenda topics on the logs and minutes.
16:04:05 <vineel> bye ragnard
16:04:06 <williamq> regnard: no worries, see you and thanks for joining!
16:04:06 <pierros> (budget is high and we need to provide people with best events possible)
16:04:11 <pierros> bye regnard
16:04:32 <pierros> most of you here will be asked to host one locally :)
16:04:40 <pierros> xelawafs: in Nairobi
16:04:49 <pierros> regnard in Toronto
16:04:53 <izel> pierros hackbo!
16:04:54 <pierros> FuzzyFox: in London
16:04:59 <pierros> izel: in Bogota
16:05:06 <williamq> pierros: I think all council members will be involved in at least one event, no?
16:05:08 <pierros> vineel: in India
16:05:10 <pierros> etc :)
16:05:15 <izel> :)
16:05:16 <pierros> williamq: most probably :)
16:05:21 <vineel> :)
16:05:25 <pierros> so look out for my communications
16:05:34 <pierros> and we will start the ball rolling
16:05:41 <FuzzyFox> London sounds good to me :P
16:05:51 <pierros> we need to plan early to get communications as soon as possible
16:06:00 * FuzzyFox is keeping his eyes peeled
16:06:02 <pierros> that's it for me
16:06:11 <pierros> any questions?
16:06:27 <FuzzyFox> is there a preferd date for these events yet?
16:06:50 <FuzzyFox> or is it just that week that is the target
16:06:59 <pierros> those should happen between 19th and 26th of Januart
16:07:06 <pierros> January*
16:07:35 <pierros> any date between that makes sense for the venue/community/organizer
16:07:51 <williamq> ok, if you have any other questions, please ping Pierros directly
16:08:00 <williamq> moving on to the last item of the agenda
16:08:03 <FuzzyFox> so we're not attempting to do them all on the same day or anything? I think that would make for a great headline in the press, and even for a promotional type thing
16:08:20 <williamq> i'll let pierros answer and then we need to move in
16:08:22 <williamq> *on
16:08:51 <pierros> we are targeting for most events to happen on 26th
16:08:57 <FuzzyFox> cool
16:09:00 <pierros> but we do have flexibility
16:09:12 <FuzzyFox> next :D
16:09:29 * FuzzyFox might have had too much coffee today
16:09:32 <williamq> #topic Marketplace
16:09:44 <williamq> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=804634#c17
16:09:45 <remobot> Bug 804634: normal, --, ---, nobody, NEW , Marketplace URL is changing
16:10:00 <williamq> some of you might have read this already?
16:10:29 <vineel> yes
16:10:38 <izel> yes. I just read it
16:10:42 <williamq> but there is an ongoing discussion on whether or not we should change the url of the Mozilla marketplace to marketplace.firefox.com
16:10:51 <williamq> to leverage the Firefox brand
16:11:24 <williamq> we're not going to debate whether or not this is the right thing to do in this meeting
16:11:37 <williamq> but I wanted to share this with everyone
16:11:47 <williamq> since i think this is going to be a hot topic in the next days and weeks
16:12:09 <FuzzyFox> thanks for doing so... missed this, think I would like to keep an eye on it now I have seen it
16:12:27 <williamq> obviously, some see some tension between our message that the Web is the Platform and our effort to tie Marketplace with Firefox
16:13:13 <FuzzyFox> +1
16:13:17 <williamq> this is the type of issue that as the council we will be expected to address when sitting on the Steering Committee
16:13:57 <williamq> many Mozillians are *very* frustrated with this approach to leverage the Firefox brand for Marketplace
16:14:20 <williamq> we will be sitting on the steering committee to represent Mozillians all over the world
16:14:50 <williamq> so moving forward our council meetings should include discussions on contreverials topics like this one
16:14:54 <williamq> ok, that's it for now
16:15:16 <williamq> we will open up a thread on this topic on reps-mentors
16:15:26 <williamq> thanks everyone for joining the meeting
16:15:33 <izel> +1
16:15:37 <FuzzyFox> +1
16:15:38 <williamq> I'll be sending out the minutes shortly!
16:15:44 <williamq> happy Sunday!!!
16:15:53 <williamq> #endmeeting