15:02:26 <Kensie> #startmeeting
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15:02:41 <Kensie> success!
15:02:59 <Kensie> Let's all make sure we have the agenda https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121125
15:03:09 <pierros> once posting a link please do it like this:
15:03:17 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121125
15:03:51 <Kensie> thanks :) It's my first time running the bot in the meeting
15:04:01 <Kensie> Don't forget everyone to fill out the etherpad for minutes as we go
15:04:31 <Kensie> First item on the agenda belongs to FuzzyFox
15:04:35 * pierros reminds everyone to use "!" if they want to speak and "?" for a question
15:04:41 <Kensie> #topic MozFest Recap
15:05:05 <Kensie> pierros: when did that start?
15:05:10 * pierros also reminds the usage of "eom" when finished talking
15:05:34 <pierros> Kensie: IRC protocol on all regional meetings, discussed also in the m-list
15:06:21 <Kensie> FuzzyFox: floor is yours
15:07:21 <Kensie> Alright unless he comes back while I type this, let's come back to this
15:07:24 <Kensie> ah there we are
15:07:25 <williamq> ok
15:07:32 <williamq> doesn't look like FuzzyFox is there
15:07:34 <Kensie> so let's move on to Rep of the month
15:07:40 <Kensie> #topic Rep of the month
15:07:51 <williamq> I'll take this one
15:07:56 <Kensie> alright :)
15:08:16 <williamq> so, we have *not* been good with selecting Reps of the month :(
15:08:29 <williamq> we keep selecting them later nad later in the month
15:08:46 <williamq> for December, we'll have to select the Rep of the month third week of December
15:09:24 <williamq> i know it doesn't do Artura full justice, but if we can work our way back to slecting Reps of the month at the beginning of the month, that would be great
15:09:37 <regnard> !
15:09:54 <williamq> moving forward, the first task a Council chair will have is to nominate the Rep of the month for his month
15:09:57 <Kensie> (do I moderate the ! or does the person presenting the topic do it?)
15:10:06 <williamq> Kensie: you moderate :)
15:10:33 <Kensie> williamq: and you say eof when you're done so I can call on them?
15:10:39 <williamq> oh shoot
15:10:43 <williamq> yes, sorry :( eom
15:10:47 <Kensie> :)
15:10:53 <Kensie> ok! I'm new at this, too
15:10:56 <Kensie> regnard: go ahead
15:11:17 <FuzzyFox> So mozfest was a lot more than a lot of fun. There were a number of sessions run out of the contribute garage which helped spread the word about getting involved with mozilla. The b2g booth had a more or less continual stream of people and the contribute garage not much less...
15:11:33 <Kensie> FuzzyFox: we moved on, we'll come back to you
15:11:34 <regnard> thanks. what's the difficulty with the rep nomination right now?
15:11:54 <regnard> I'm thinking, are mentors not seeing their mentees activities?
15:12:03 <Kensie> I think we're not remembering to do it
15:12:12 <regnard> or a re mentors not doing it?
15:12:13 <williamq> regnard: it's not so much difficulty, it's just that we're not systematic
15:12:14 <regnard> eom
15:12:15 <Kensie> Gloria emailed me and asked about it, I told her to go ahead and run it since she's a counci member
15:12:18 <williamq> Kensie: exactly
15:12:26 <williamq> everyone is forgetting
15:12:29 <FuzzyFox> ping?
15:12:46 <regnard> what will make it easy?
15:12:48 <williamq> that's why i think that the first task of the council chair, moving forward, is to nominate the Rep of the month
15:12:49 <williamq> eom
15:12:53 <Kensie> Yes i think that is the problem, system. We don't have a system to remind us. We should use bugs, or have one person in charge of it who makes an event in their task tracker
15:12:59 <regnard> should mentors be regarded as well if their mentees get recognized?
15:13:16 <williamq> regnard: good point
15:13:43 <williamq> Viking, for example, has mentored 4 Reps of the month (i think)
15:14:04 <williamq> so yeah, I definitely think the mentors of the Rep of the month should get special praise
15:14:05 <williamq> eom
15:14:38 <Kensie> Yes, Regnard why don't you start a discussion on that on the reps list (make sure it's the list not the alias!)
15:14:46 <regnard> what alias?
15:14:52 <williamq> reps-council@mozilla.com
15:15:08 <Kensie> reps-council@mozilla.org is the alias. reps-council@lists... is the mailing list
15:15:17 <williamq> make sure to use the list, and not the alias (
15:15:25 <regnard> oh, I send my emails with the list address (not the alias)
15:15:37 <regnard> ok, please put that as an action item for me. thanks
15:15:40 <regnard> eom
15:15:45 <Kensie> Yes, just a reminder to everyone. My address book brings them both up, it's an easy mistake to make
15:16:05 <Kensie> #action regnard to start list discussion about recognizing mentors of reps of the month
15:16:29 <Kensie> williamq: should we discuss a system now or on list? I suggest discuss on list and agree on system next meeting
15:16:48 <regnard> i think this is a good time to float ideas
15:16:51 <williamq> Kensie: agreed - let's discuss on the list first eom
15:17:05 <regnard> ok
15:17:07 <regnard> eom
15:17:07 <Kensie> regnard: i would agree but we have a lot to get through and we're already 15 in
15:17:22 <Kensie> williamq: will you start that or would you like me to?
15:17:22 <regnard> +!
15:17:25 <regnard> +1
15:17:41 <williamq> Kensie: please do eom
15:18:01 <Kensie> #action Kensie to start discussion on rep of the month reminder etc system
15:18:21 <Kensie> Alright, if that's all we'll move back to MozFest Recap
15:18:40 <FuzzyFox> \o/
15:18:41 <FuzzyFox> So mozfest was a lot more than a lot of fun. There were a number of sessions run out of the contribute garage which helped spread the word about getting involved with mozilla. The b2g booth had a more or less continual stream of people and the contribute garage not much less…
15:18:43 <Kensie> #topic MozFest Recap
15:19:08 <FuzzyFox> Some good contacts were made (mosty revolving around b2g), and there are plenty of people to follow up with
15:19:12 <williamq> ?
15:19:26 <Kensie> ( FuzzyFox when you are done your presentation please say eom so we can field questions)
15:19:34 <FuzzyFox> eom
15:19:54 <Kensie> welcome Rami! Don't forget to use ! and ? if you'd like to talk :)
15:20:01 <Kensie> williamq: go ahead
15:20:03 <williamq> ?
15:20:04 <williamq> when can we expect a MozFest post-mortem for Reps?
15:20:07 <williamq> eom
15:20:07 <FuzzyFox> Oh... one more thing :/ For some reason my blogpost didn't go out so I will fight that after this meeting and share out the link as soon as <eom>
15:20:28 <Rami> the meeting is now?
15:20:36 <williamq> Rami: yes
15:20:37 <Rami> but it's 3 UTC?
15:20:53 <Kensie> yes, it's currently 3:20pm UTC
15:21:07 <FuzzyFox> williamq: I is rolled into my blogpost, however I am able to split it out a little more if needed, never got a clear y/n on doing two reviews
15:21:07 <Rami> stupid summer time
15:21:08 <FuzzyFox> eom
15:21:12 <Rami> sorry my mistake
15:21:13 <Kensie> Rami: agreed :)
15:21:34 <williamq> FuzzyFox: cool, thanks
15:22:01 <williamq> eom
15:22:16 <Kensie> !
15:22:25 <williamq> go ahead Kensie :)
15:22:28 <Kensie> I think it would be nice to have a post mortem with the reps who were there as well
15:23:26 <Kensie> FuzzyFox: ^
15:23:45 <vineel> (Hi xelawafs )
15:24:06 <FuzzyFox> I can try and find some time to make that happen, what sort of thing were you thinking of specifically... meeting?
15:24:18 <Kensie> welcome xelawafs see https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121125 I've been filling out the minutes so you can catch up
15:24:25 <Kensie> don't forget to say ! and ? if you would like to speak
15:24:37 <Kensie> FuzzyFox: not sure, meeting, survey, email thread...
15:24:40 <xelawafs> vineel: hi :) thanks Kensie..hi all
15:24:48 <Kensie> ah here is Gloria
15:24:59 <Kensie> did everyone get confused by the return to standard time?
15:25:04 <Izel> sorry guys -
15:25:11 <FuzzyFox> I will setup a survey first then, and add a field in it for interest of a meeting.
15:25:20 <Kensie> welcome Izel  see https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121125 I've been filling out the minutes so you can catch up
15:25:53 <FuzzyFox> eom
15:26:16 <williamq> looks like Pierros went offline
15:26:23 <Kensie> pierros_web: is your connection healthy or should we skip you for now?
15:26:27 <williamq> i'll fill in for him for the next agenda item -eom
15:26:27 <Izel> kensie thanks
15:26:31 <FuzzyFox> #action FuzzyFox to setup survey for internal reps mozfest postmortem
15:26:38 <Kensie> FuzzyFox: thanks :)
15:26:38 <pierros_web> Kensie: I am good
15:26:43 <Kensie> alright!
15:26:52 <Kensie> #topic January b2g Events
15:26:58 <pierros_web> Hey all~
15:26:58 <Kensie> Pierros go ahead
15:27:12 <pierros_web> so I suspect and trust you all read my update yesterday
15:27:34 <pierros_web> long story short we are preparing full steam ahead and will finalize vanues with teams soon
15:27:52 <pierros_web> weekly meetings will start this week with all owners and we will take it from there
15:27:55 <pierros_web> questions?
15:27:56 <pierros_web> eom
15:28:10 <vineel> ?
15:28:14 <Kensie> go ahead vineel
15:28:52 <vineel> okay will there be speakers from Mozilla to this events?
15:29:29 <vineel> *paid staff
15:29:45 <pierros_web> as I mentioned in the update email we will have people (other Reps and engineers/b2g team people) travelling around\
15:29:47 <pierros_web> eom
15:29:54 <Izel> ?
15:29:55 <vineel> cool eom
15:30:02 <Kensie> Izel: go ahead :)
15:30:21 <Izel> there is a final date? (for the etherpad confirmation)
15:30:46 <pierros_web> for inital confirmation this is the week
15:30:53 <pierros_web> (in 5 days)
15:30:55 <vineel> ?
15:31:03 <pierros_web> eom
15:31:18 <Kensie> vineel
15:31:49 <vineel> there is a reps asia regional meeting after this, is it okay to share the 25 locations. there?
15:32:08 <Kensie> Yes if I could expand that question, how much of this is shareable yet?
15:32:44 <pierros_web> almost everything.. except of the not yet defined devices plan
15:32:50 <pierros_web> (so everything for now)
15:32:51 <pierros_web> eom
15:32:54 <vineel> okay eom
15:32:56 <xelawafs> ?
15:33:45 <Kensie> alex
15:33:57 <xelawafs> when can we expect an update from DevEng on content/materials for the events?
15:34:31 <pierros_web> bugs have been filled and most of them will be finalized by mid-December
15:34:34 <pierros_web> eom
15:34:49 <xelawafs> cool, eom
15:35:18 <Kensie> Anything else on this topic before we move on?
15:35:46 <Kensie> Alright moving on!
15:35:56 <Kensie> # Update from Mozilla Indonesia
15:35:59 <Kensie> ah
15:36:04 <Kensie> #topic Update from Mozilla Indonesia
15:36:09 <Kensie> whew
15:36:11 <williamq> ok, so very quickly
15:36:25 <williamq> i can't check my mozilla email here in Beijing :(
15:36:40 <williamq> so I don't know if anyone replied to my quick indonesia update
15:36:56 <williamq> in any case, if you haven't read that email, please do
15:37:04 <Kensie> !
15:37:12 <vineel> (me replied)
15:37:25 <williamq> the meeting i had with mozilla indonesia at MozCamp highlighted many of the recurrent problems and concerns Reps are having with ReMo
15:37:48 <pierros_web> !
15:37:58 <williamq> the topics discussed (and shared on the pad) will be key discussion topics at the work week
15:38:26 <williamq> so I'd like everyone to take some time to think through them and be ready to suggest concrete ways we can improve on the budget, swag, mentorship and mailing list front :)
15:38:34 <williamq> Kensie: go ahead
15:38:36 <williamq> eom
15:39:11 <Kensie> Thanks. So Vineel and I did reply (do you have an email we can forward it to?) and one thing I suggested that I'd like to repeat right away is that we invite the indonesia folks to start a thread on general about this
15:39:24 <Kensie> this is definitely something that belongs there
15:39:29 <pierros_web> !! :)
15:39:33 <Kensie> eom
15:39:41 <williamq> yes
15:39:45 <williamq> so, first of all
15:39:45 <regnard> !
15:39:45 <Kensie> pierros_web: will give william a sec to respond then you can go
15:40:00 <williamq> the first thing I told Viking and the indoensia crew was to "share their concerns on reps-general"
15:41:26 <Kensie> williamq: eom or typing a lot?
15:42:36 <Kensie> Alright pierros_web you can go ahead, williamq ping when you're back
15:42:41 <pierros_web> I would like to advise everyone to take a deep breath before doing anything. Let's not jump the gun and spun a huge discussion on reps-general on issues that can be resolved easily (οr are in the process to be resolved). Few things would need reps wide discussions imho. Lets keep the discussion on reps-council for now till we can provide some agreed ways fwd.
15:43:12 <pierros_web> eom
15:43:26 <regnard> !
15:43:30 <Kensie> regnard: yes
15:44:03 <regnard> If I could give some Asian insight into this, in a lot of Asian cultures, discussing problems in the open is not common
15:44:19 <regnard> the best way to discuss problems is in private
15:44:20 <williamq_web> regnard: understood
15:44:28 <regnard> eom
15:45:05 <Kensie> !
15:45:17 <williamq_web> Kensie: go ahead eom
15:45:47 <Kensie> To reply to both pierros_web and regnard: reps-general is our place for discussing the program. We should figure out how to make people feel comfortable seeing it as our private place
15:46:06 <Kensie> and while many of the problems already have solutions we haven't acted on I think it's best for us to be accountable to the reps
15:46:31 <williamq_web> !
15:46:31 <Kensie> but maybe we need to also make the alias more available for people who are timid about airing dirty laundry. eom
15:46:56 <Kensie> williamq_web: go ahead
15:47:19 <regnard> !
15:47:26 <williamq_web> what I could do is start a thread on reps-general updating everyone on my chat with Viking and the Indonesia crew
15:47:51 <williamq_web> basically, share the email i wrote to reps-council with reps-general
15:48:17 <williamq_web> and invite Reps to provide suggestions on ways to improve those specific items i highlighted
15:48:18 <williamq_web> eom
15:48:30 <Kensie> regnard: go ahead (then I have !)
15:48:49 <pierros_web> williamq_web: please see your pm on my answer on that
15:48:56 <pierros_web> (you probably lost it)
15:49:00 <regnard> what i'm saying is this: there's a reason it took only a mozcamp discussion to draw out feedback from the ID community
15:49:10 <regnard> and a lot of it is cultural.
15:49:12 <regnard> eom
15:49:27 <xelawafs> !
15:49:45 <williamq_web> pierros_web: just saw your answer :)
15:49:46 <Kensie> alright so on that, regnard would you be interested in starting a discussion about this on council or mentors list so we can figure out how to acommodate this and get their feedback?
15:50:18 <regnard> ok, pencil me in. thanks
15:50:44 <Kensie> #action regnard to start discussion on council/mentors list to discuss cultural differences in dealing with problems
15:51:15 <Kensie> ok so for my ! (and then alex next) in terms of asking for solutions, I agree with pierros. Most of these problems already have identified and agreed on solutions, we just need to act on them.
15:51:30 <williamq_web> +1
15:51:37 <FuzzyFox> +
15:51:48 <Kensie> so I don't think we shoudl ask for solutions from scratch, but promise to act on them and get feedback on whether they work
15:52:00 <Kensie> eom
15:52:14 <Kensie> alex go ahead then we should continue on list when william has his email back
15:52:31 <vineel> i think it may be good for william to followup on the action item above?
15:52:36 <regnard> +1
15:52:40 <williamq_web> ok
15:52:59 <williamq_web> i'll follow up (Kensie - can you assign me that action item? thanks!)
15:53:13 <xelawafs> I think we should also use mentors to further more connect to reps, they may be able in getting feedbacck that reps won't post on reps-general
15:53:35 <williamq_web> +1
15:53:36 <Kensie> #action williamq to email general about meeting with Indonesia and inform on the solutions already identified
15:53:43 <Izel> +1
15:53:52 <Kensie> +1 that is one of my comments on the email thread :)
15:54:07 <regnard> +1 xelawafs
15:54:18 <Kensie> alright we need to move on.
15:54:18 <vineel> +1
15:54:27 <pierros_web> +1
15:54:28 <Kensie> my favorite topic this week!
15:54:45 <Kensie> #topic Council weekend in Toronto
15:55:02 <Kensie> williamq_web: take it away :)
15:55:07 <williamq_web> so, i think we are all in agreement that we'll more or less stick to the past format
15:55:08 <vineel> ( reps asia meeting starting in 5 minutes, bye guys! will follow up later)
15:55:11 * pierros_web as the timekeeper reminds all that we are about to cross the 60mins mark
15:55:26 <williamq_web> but focus a large chunk of the first day on going over REMo Camp tasks and owners
15:55:40 <williamq_web> to get a good feel of the progress made, and outstanding tasks
15:55:48 <Kensie> !
15:55:58 <williamq_web> now, on the logistics front
15:56:01 <regnard> !
15:56:24 <williamq_web> i think we'll let Regnard and Kensie lead the effort for all matters lunch and dinners
15:56:35 <williamq_web> just make sure the places we go to accept Mastercard :)
15:56:36 <williamq_web> eom
15:56:57 <FuzzyFox> !
15:57:04 <williamq_web> Kensie: go ahead (then Regnard) eom
15:57:11 <williamq_web> and then FuzzyFox eom :
15:57:20 <Kensie> To repeat for william another comment I made on list - regarding the reps camp recap I think we should do as much of this as possible before the weekend
15:57:37 <Kensie> sort of like how we're doing for these meetings
15:57:37 <williamq_web> +1
15:57:41 <williamq_web> we should file as many bugs as we can
15:57:51 <williamq_web> eom
15:57:55 <Kensie> eom
15:57:59 <Kensie> regnard
15:58:13 <FuzzyFox> -!
15:58:18 <regnard> I just want to propose a 15 minute extension to the meeting
15:58:25 <regnard> we still have some topics to cover
15:58:31 <regnard> it it's all right
15:58:31 <Kensie> +1
15:58:32 <regnard> eom
15:58:33 <pierros_web> +1
15:58:36 <Izel> ++
15:58:37 <FuzzyFox> +1
15:58:40 <williamq_web> +1
15:58:43 <Kensie> carried!
15:59:17 <williamq_web> FuzzyFox: your turn
15:59:25 <Kensie> williamq_web: so shall regnard and I start a discussion on list about the extra activities or should we discuss that with you and surprise everyone else?
15:59:40 <Kensie> williamq_web: fuzzy cancelled his !
15:59:45 <FuzzyFox> It was covered
15:59:48 <FuzzyFox> eom
15:59:54 <Kensie> eom
16:00:17 <regnard> !
16:00:28 <williamq_web> Kensie: yes
16:00:38 <williamq_web> please start a discussion on list about the extra axtivities
16:00:39 <Kensie> williamq_web: which one? ;)
16:00:40 <williamq_web> eom
16:00:43 <Kensie> ok!
16:00:49 <regnard> -!
16:00:51 <Kensie> regnard: would you like to do that or shall I?
16:01:02 <Kensie> (you already have your list on the agenda)
16:01:07 <regnard> you can start it, i have some recommendations in the agenda
16:01:12 <Kensie> ok I will do !
16:01:25 <Kensie> #action Kensie to start discussion about Toronto extra-curriculars
16:01:26 <regnard> ideally, the places should fit well with agenda
16:01:27 <regnard> eom
16:01:36 <williamq_web> !
16:01:42 <Kensie> williamq_web
16:02:01 <williamq_web> I'll work on the wiki this week and share with the team middle of the week
16:02:16 <williamq_web> pierros_web: please can you start working on the logo ?  thanks!
16:02:29 <pierros_web> will do
16:02:33 <williamq_web> eom
16:02:39 <pierros_web> #action pierros_web works on meeting logo
16:02:41 <Kensie> #action william to share wiki midweek
16:03:29 <Kensie> Alright, I think that's it, moving on?
16:03:35 <regnard> +1
16:03:48 <Kensie> #topic Bugs
16:04:06 <Kensie> Alright so first thing is that we discussed on list changing the process for marking bugs for council's attention
16:04:20 * williamq_web can't open bugzilla from his current Beijing connection :(
16:04:39 <Kensie> we should follow-up and then pierros should change the wiki page
16:05:20 <Kensie> Someone needs to set up a bugzilla account for the alias so that we can set needs-info to the alias
16:06:11 <pierros_web> i will
16:06:19 <pierros_web> action on me plz
16:06:30 <Kensie> #action pierros to set up bugzilla account for reps alias so it can be added to needs-info
16:06:55 <Kensie> pierros you'll also need to change the wiki page to show bugs with remo-approval? set
16:07:08 <pierros_web> action plz
16:07:32 <Kensie> #action pierros to change wiki page to show bugs with remo-approval? set (and then with needs-info on the alias)
16:07:41 <pierros_web> ok
16:07:49 * FuzzyFox is going to have to vanish... being pestered on other channels
16:07:56 <Kensie> I will have a planning bug triage meeting this week, it's been a while
16:08:14 <Kensie> Izel: please coordinate with me to set a time I know you've wanted to help out
16:08:28 <williamq_web> Kensie: I'll joing that as well
16:08:38 <Kensie> Izel: so in that case would you like to be in charge of setting the meeting time or should I take it?
16:08:54 <Izel> kensie  +1 ok
16:09:24 <Kensie> #action Izel to set meeting time for planning bug triage meeting this week
16:10:01 <Kensie> williamq_web or pierros_web: can you check the voting pad and let us know if anyone is still outstanding on votes needed? I will do a quick search to see if there are bugs that need our attention
16:10:24 <pierros_web> Kensie: should be alright for now
16:10:35 <williamq_web> there are still votes needed for the PPP tiers review
16:10:37 <pierros_web> lets move on and I will raise anything needing attention on the list
16:10:58 <pierros_web> eom
16:11:17 <regnard> +1 william
16:11:54 <williamq_web> please all who haven't voted on line 34 of the voting pad, please do now
16:11:59 <williamq_web> eom
16:12:38 <Kensie> xelawafs: Izel: did you have any questions to ask before you vote?
16:13:02 <xelawafs> no, I'm good :)
16:13:11 <Izel> knsie: 2 minutes ...
16:13:22 <Kensie> sure
16:13:34 <pierros_web> please lets take this off the meeting :) we are already over :)\
16:13:38 <pierros_web> eom
16:13:39 <Kensie> and just to let you know, there are no bugs with remo-approval? marked that need our attention
16:13:55 <williamq_web> cool, thanks - eom
16:14:00 <Kensie> pierros_web: well that's the point of bringing up the late votes in the meeting. To make sure they get done.
16:14:13 <regnard> !
16:14:16 <Kensie> regnard: go ahead
16:14:29 <regnard> 5 minute extension proposal
16:14:32 <regnard> eom
16:14:38 <Kensie> +1
16:14:52 <pierros_web> +1
16:14:59 <williamq_web> +1
16:15:29 <xelawafs> +1
16:15:29 <Kensie> Also proposal - can we skip to the last topic: next meeting time?
16:15:37 <Rami> -1 :D
16:15:37 <williamq_web> +1
16:15:39 <regnard> +1
16:16:07 <regnard> !
16:16:11 <Kensie> regnard
16:16:27 <Izel> !
16:16:35 <regnard> #idea next council meeting be focused on reviews of issues before council meeting in december
16:16:47 <williamq_web> +1
16:16:57 <regnard> eom
16:16:59 <Kensie> +1
16:17:12 <Kensie> Izel: go ahead
16:17:23 <williamq_web> and we should also walk everyone through the final schedule for the work week - eom
16:17:25 <Kensie> (sorry going a little fast and loose)
16:17:42 <Izel> about bugs: for me is ok.
16:18:20 <Izel> other thing I was thinking to propose is extend this meeting 10 additional minites or talk about nect topics in our work wee
16:18:24 <Izel> week*
16:18:37 <regnard> +1 izel
16:18:44 <williamq_web> +1
16:18:47 <pierros_web> +0
16:19:16 <Kensie> Izel: which topics did you still want to discuss? Has it been discussed on the list yet?
16:20:17 * pierros_web reminds everyone that we have an agenda for a reason :) let's stick to it
16:20:19 <williamq_web> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/toronto-workweek-topics
16:20:31 <williamq_web> this pad will be for a council brain dump
16:20:39 <Kensie> pierros_web: yes, there are still topics on the list that I'm proposing skipping
16:20:42 <williamq_web> please put all your ideas for topics on this pad
16:20:44 <Kensie> on the agenda
16:20:47 <williamq_web> i'll clean it up later
16:21:07 <Izel> !
16:21:13 <Kensie> Izel: go ahead
16:21:31 <Izel> sorry .... I mean topics for this meeting.
16:22:07 <Izel> I prefer extend the meeting 10 additional minutes
16:22:14 <Kensie> Izel: for which topics?
16:22:26 <Izel> Regional meetings
16:22:34 <pierros_web> People! we just lost 5 mins trying to understand what we are saying :(\
16:22:53 <pierros_web> Kensie: PLZ move ahead with agenda :)
16:22:56 <Kensie> Izel: is this your proposal to skip the dec one?
16:23:00 <Kensie> pierros_web: I am
16:23:23 <Kensie> Izel: if it's simply that put it on the pad to vote
16:23:31 <Kensie> if it's more detailed I think we don't have time, need to take it to the list
16:23:33 <Izel> kensie no.What i mean is finish all topics now
16:23:58 <Izel> kensie ok
16:24:08 <Kensie> alright!
16:24:17 <Kensie> last topic!
16:24:22 <Kensie> #topic next meeting
16:24:54 <Kensie> Next meeting is scheduled for Dec 9th 3pm UTC
16:25:01 <williamq_web> cool
16:25:04 <Kensie> is there any sort of event that would prevent a large number of council from making it?
16:25:11 <Kensie> +1 if you can make it
16:25:14 <Kensie> +1
16:25:21 <williamq_web> this meeting will be mandatory for *everyone* :)
16:25:23 <xelawafs> +1
16:25:28 <williamq_web> +1
16:25:36 <pierros_web> +1
16:25:50 <Izel> +1
16:25:51 <Rami> +1
16:25:55 * pierros_web wonders what is the purpose of "+1" if it is mandatory :P
16:26:01 <Rami> hehe
16:26:18 <Kensie> Rami: well if you can't make it you can't make it
16:26:22 <Izel> hehhe
16:26:22 <regnard> +1
16:26:24 <Kensie> like if you're flying :-p
16:26:29 <Kensie> err pierros_web
16:26:41 <Kensie> we can make it mandatory then schedule it when everyone is flying for lead
16:27:07 <Kensie> alright, next meeting time is confirmed
16:27:09 <williamq_web> Regnard will be chair I believe
16:27:12 <regnard> yes
16:27:16 <williamq_web> correct?
16:27:19 <williamq_web> ok
16:27:47 <regnard> oui
16:27:50 <Kensie> #action Kensie to email council about next meeting time and make it clear it's mandatory
16:28:16 <Kensie> alright Remos, that's a wrap!
16:28:23 <Kensie> #endmeeting