15:04:31 <regnard> #startmeeting
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15:04:40 <regnard> Hi folks
15:05:07 <regnard> this is our first (and most likely only) Reps Council Meeting
15:05:20 <regnard> as Williamq sent in the reminder email
15:05:26 <regnard> our agenda is pretty loose
15:05:48 <regnard> we only have 2 items: the meeting and action item review
15:06:14 <regnard> we will start with the most pressing item, which is the meeting this next weekend
15:06:25 <regnard> then, if we have time, we will talk about the action items
15:06:32 <regnard> also
15:06:56 <regnard> we'll start with the usual meeting protocol (!/?/eom)
15:07:01 <Kensie> ?
15:07:07 <regnard> then slide to a more free-form dicussion later
15:07:11 <regnard> yes kensie?
15:07:18 <Kensie> do we still have an etherpad link?
15:07:47 <regnard> yes, it was in the email i sent last night
15:07:53 <regnard> i'll get the URL
15:08:00 <Kensie> thanks
15:08:09 <williamq> i didn't get that email :(
15:08:12 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20121209
15:08:42 <Kensie> yes I just checked I don't have it
15:08:54 <regnard> really? i think i'm having email problems lately since I'm migrating my webhosting
15:08:55 <williamq> regnard, i don't think your email went through :(
15:09:13 <regnard> yes, I've actually sent a few updates...
15:09:22 <Izel> I checked too and I don't have it
15:09:40 <regnard> i sent it to reps-council@lists.mozilla.org
15:09:55 <regnard> is that the proper address? or should i use the alias?
15:09:58 <vineel> same here, did not receive the email
15:10:28 <Kensie> that's the right address. Alias is only for discussing sensitive stuff/outside address for other teams to reach us easier
15:10:37 <regnard> ok, that sucks. I'll check my email settings later ASAP
15:11:21 <regnard> anyway, the updates were just about the wiki updates
15:11:45 <regnard> #item ReMo Council Meeting
15:11:59 * williamq just checked the reps-council mailing list spam
15:11:59 <regnard> #topic ReMo Council Meeting
15:12:06 <williamq> a bunch of your emails got stuck there, sorry :(
15:12:23 <Rami> Regnard, you email just arrived
15:12:55 <regnard> ok, i got worried there for a sec :)
15:12:56 <williamq> emails from Regnard, FuzzyFox, Kate and Gloria should be landing in your inbox
15:13:09 <Rami> yes 11 :)
15:13:26 <regnard> thanks williamq!
15:13:40 <regnard> ok, going to the meeting topic
15:14:01 <regnard> please refer to the wiki page:
15:14:04 <regnard> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/WorkWeek_Dec2012
15:14:23 <williamq> !
15:14:31 <regnard> yes williamq
15:14:36 <williamq> I have just made a change
15:14:39 <williamq> to the Friday
15:14:53 <williamq> the Student Reps update will happen on Satruday or Sunday
15:15:05 <williamq> I just got word that Kate Naszradi will be joining us for a portion of our meeting in Toronto
15:15:06 <williamq> in person
15:15:12 <Kensie> \o/
15:15:18 <regnard> great!
15:15:35 <williamq> she will head up the Student Reps program in 2013 so we will be brainstorming with her
15:15:44 <williamq> she'd landing on Friday the 14th late
15:16:02 <williamq> and she'll be in the toronto office all day on sat and sun
15:16:16 <williamq> so it's up to use to tell her when it's best that we brainsotmr and discuss student reps
15:16:20 <williamq> eom
15:16:31 <regnard> do we need to agree on when the student reps discussion should happen?
15:16:50 <williamq> yes, that would be good
15:17:02 <williamq> we have an empty slot on Friday
15:17:30 <williamq> or perhaps we can move the wiki spring to Sunday?
15:17:50 <williamq> and have the Student Reps discussion saturday instead?
15:17:57 <Kensie> !
15:18:04 <regnard> yes kensie
15:18:27 <Kensie> We could move the budget/swag stuff to sat and move the governance stuff to fri?
15:18:37 <regnard> wait folks
15:18:51 <regnard> let's first agree on the day of the student reps discussion
15:19:01 <regnard> then figure out what to replace it with
15:19:08 <regnard> sounds good?
15:19:10 <Kensie> regnard: well that's the only thing I saw that could move
15:19:22 <Kensie> well move easily without throwing everything off
15:19:27 <regnard> point taken kensie
15:19:40 <williamq> yeah, I agree with kensie's discussion
15:19:48 <williamq> the swag/budget discussion is quite moveable
15:20:02 <williamq> *suggestion, NOT discussion :)
15:20:06 <Kensie> :)
15:20:24 <regnard> anyone disagree with kensie and williamq's point?
15:20:35 <Izel> +1 I agree with kensie
15:20:58 <vineel> +1
15:21:16 <xelawafs> +1
15:21:22 <Kensie> we would have 3h then and might be able to tackle some of the mentorship issues while we discuss governance
15:21:53 <regnard> #agreed have student reps on saturday, move wiki sprint to sunday, and place governance on fri, budget on saturday
15:22:27 <regnard> alright, nice decisiveness folks :D
15:22:31 <Kensie> :D
15:22:59 <williamq> hehe
15:23:03 <regnard> who will update the wiki?
15:23:33 <Kensie> ?
15:23:37 <regnard> yes kensie
15:23:50 <williamq> regnard: I'll update the wiki
15:23:50 <Kensie> Are we putting Kate at 10:30 Sat? and budget where the sprint goes?
15:25:08 <regnard> williamq, kate is pretty flexible with her schedule, right?
15:25:12 <williamq> yes
15:25:25 <Izel> !
15:25:32 <Izel> ?
15:25:58 <Izel> -?
15:25:59 <Izel> -!
15:26:17 <regnard> yes izel
15:26:47 <Kensie> #action williamq to update wiki to fit in Student Reps as agreed
15:26:49 <Izel> No, I canceled my !
15:27:02 <regnard> ok
15:27:51 <regnard> the way it looks, governance and budget requests are pretty related for a friday after noon discussion
15:28:11 <williamq> true
15:28:15 <regnard> then, as kensie pointed out, kate can be placed in the saturday morning block
15:28:15 <Kensie> !
15:28:19 <williamq> !
15:28:19 <regnard> yes kensie
15:28:26 <regnard> then william
15:28:34 <Kensie> Yes, governance also pairs with mentorship or task force discussion as well
15:28:55 <Kensie> maybe budget goes better after those other two as well
15:29:17 <Kensie> eom
15:30:14 <williamq> one concern I have is that I think we should have the more intense discussions ie. governance, voting system in the morning when people are fresh
15:30:28 <pierros> williamq, +!
15:30:30 <pierros> +1
15:30:43 <regnard> good point there
15:31:23 <Kensie> we could move task force out then and pair it with budget/swag?
15:31:56 <regnard> ok, sounds good
15:32:01 <regnard> anyone disagree with that?
15:32:05 <williamq> +1
15:32:13 <Izel> Yes, sounds good for me
15:32:15 <williamq> yes, let's pair up task force with budget
15:32:27 <vineel> +1
15:32:47 <regnard> #agreed have task force discussion on friday evening, have student reps discussion saturday afternoon
15:32:59 <Kensie> will we still move the wiki sprint?
15:33:07 <regnard> we're on a roll guys :)
15:33:20 <regnard> yes, as williamq said, sprint is moved to sunday
15:33:26 <Kensie> ok
15:34:23 <regnard> any other concerns with the agenda items? are we missing anything major?
15:34:38 <williamq> I think we're good
15:34:42 <regnard> are we giving enough time for the right topics?
15:34:50 <williamq> !
15:34:55 <regnard> yes williamq
15:35:17 <williamq> one thing i forgot to mention is that I asked Mitchell Baker if she could join us via Vidyo at some point
15:35:28 <Izel> :)
15:35:33 <williamq> i haven't heard back from her (she's traveling) but hopefully i'll get an answer from her early this week
15:35:59 <williamq> i think it would be great for us as a team to have an informal dicussion with her
15:36:06 <regnard> +1
15:36:08 <Izel> !
15:36:09 <williamq> and i know she'd like to talk to us about a cuple of things
15:36:25 <regnard> after williamq, izel is next
15:36:58 <williamq> incuding the Emeritus program, the Fireside chats etc...
15:36:59 <williamq> eom
15:37:22 <Izel> I think it would be nice if Mitchell can join us for Governance discussion or mentorship discussion.
15:37:55 <Izel> Maybe coul we discuss about emeritus status and have some nice ideas for Mentorship
15:38:00 <Izel> eom
15:38:22 <regnard> that would be great, but we'd need her confirmation first i guess
15:38:47 <Kensie> !
15:38:49 <williamq> right
15:38:54 <Izel> !
15:38:58 <regnard> #action williamq to give an update about mitchell baker invite status
15:38:59 <williamq> i dont think she'll have much time unfortunately
15:39:01 <regnard> kensie
15:39:05 <regnard> then izel
15:39:27 <Kensie> I just want to point out that if we add someone to the discussion fresh it will guarrantee that we'll revisit many things we've arleady settled
15:39:34 <Kensie> which would be ok if we had enough time for that
15:40:01 <Kensie> It would make sense to have a specific meeting later where we can catch her up beforehand
15:40:46 <williamq> !
15:40:53 <Kensie> eom
15:41:02 <regnard> izel?
15:41:06 <regnard> then williamq
15:41:47 <Izel> regnard I can wait for an answer to kensie's question/opinion
15:41:58 <regnard> ok, williamq
15:42:00 <williamq> another worry is that Mitchell is not yet familiar with the way we operate, our challenges, our quirks etc.. so inviting her to join in on our governance/mentorship/voting discussions might simply confuse her :(
15:42:18 <Izel> !
15:42:23 <regnard> izel
15:42:54 <Izel> William: But she must know wath we are working on and the way we are doing it
15:43:30 <Izel> And this William's observation is important
15:43:36 <Kensie> !
15:43:45 <Izel> because there are alot of things in Mozilla that wae ignore
15:43:48 <williamq> !
15:43:52 <regnard> after izel, kensie
15:44:08 <Izel> Wait guys ,....
15:44:43 <Izel> what means Wiki Sprint and general house-keeping ?
15:44:54 <regnard> izel, we'll get to that later
15:45:12 <Kensie> I'd like to suggest we add to the road map an "open house" where we present ourselves and how we work to the community at large
15:45:24 <Izel> ok .. because we are not including actions assignment in our agenda
15:45:36 <Izel> eom
15:45:48 <regnard> i suggest we save the mitchell baker discussion once she actually confirms that she will be there
15:46:08 <regnard> but start an etherpad to dump ideas in case mitchell says "yes"
15:46:16 <williamq> !
15:46:23 <regnard> how does that sound? this is in the interest of saving time
15:46:29 <williamq> +1
15:46:31 <regnard> yes williamq
15:46:33 <Izel> +1
15:46:58 <williamq> to Izel's point about a lot of things we don't know about at Mozilla
15:47:05 <williamq> i totaly agree
15:47:24 <regnard> ok, who'd like to take on the mitchell baker discussion etherpad?
15:47:41 <regnard> this is just to create and start the initial idea dump
15:47:48 <regnard> any takers?
15:47:59 <williamq> and i think that as a team, our work, i will suggest we create a role of "Lead of Communications" on the council who will be responsible for communicating what we do to the organiation and to the broader community at large
15:48:14 <williamq> we discussed this in the past, we i think we really need to formalize this
15:48:23 <williamq> and this could be a rotating role, jus tlike the role of the Chair
15:48:24 <williamq> eom
15:48:45 <regnard> thanks for the point williamq, so any takers on the mitchell baker etherpad?
15:48:48 <williamq> regnard: I can take on the dicussion with mitchell pad
15:49:08 <regnard> #action williamq to start etherpad on mitchell baker and mozilla reps discussion
15:49:27 <regnard> all right
15:50:13 <regnard> the next topic would be reps meeting logistics, we can move there if there are no questions on the meeting agenda/schedule
15:50:24 <pierros> I can help williamq
15:50:37 <Kensie> !
15:50:48 <regnard> #action pierros to help with mitchell baker etherpad
15:50:51 <regnard> yes kensie
15:51:22 <Kensie> For the sessions, it would be great if we could have a hashtag for each session so that we can mark the bugs that should be discussed at each session
15:51:31 <Kensie> we are going to triage the planning bugs after this meeting
15:52:21 <regnard> is that for the reps twitter account?
15:52:22 <Izel> +1
15:52:42 <Kensie> the tags could also be used for twitter, but it's intentionally for the whiteboards for the bugs
15:53:01 <Kensie> if everyone is ok with it we can come up with the tags ourselves at the meeting and email out the results
15:53:13 <regnard> ok, that suggestion will only help us, if you ask me
15:53:24 <regnard> anyone disagree with that?
15:53:51 <williamq> +1
15:53:58 <vineel> +1 :)
15:54:04 <Izel> +1
15:54:13 <xelawafs> +1
15:54:20 <regnard> #agreed to have a hashtag per session to mark bugs for triage
15:54:45 <Kensie> Great guys, so please make sure bugs are filed and the bugs you own are tagged properly after we take the first pass
15:55:00 <regnard> ok, any other concerns with the meeting agenda?
15:55:18 <regnard> i'd like to spend the next 5-10 minutes discussing logistics
15:55:29 <williamq> ?
15:55:33 <Izel> ?
15:55:36 <regnard> yes williamq
15:55:39 <regnard> then izel
15:55:55 <williamq> for all those who need visas, do you need anything else from me?
15:56:45 <Izel> No, mine is perfect. I just need a Yellow fever vaccine certification and is in process
15:57:02 <xelawafs> am good, just waiting to pickup my passport on mon or tue
15:57:42 <regnard> izel, you wanted to say something?
15:57:47 <Izel> yes..
15:57:59 <Izel> what means Wiki Sprint and general house-keeping ?
15:58:23 <Izel> is in our agenda (Sat 15th)
15:58:55 <regnard> house keeping would be the having etherpads and bugs in order
15:59:13 <regnard> wiki sprint is if we need to change stuff on the reps wiki (like SOPs)
15:59:19 <Izel> It means to assign a responsible for each action?
15:59:45 <vineel> !
15:59:57 <Izel> I thinks there are alot of things or actions
16:00:03 <regnard> ideally, but but action items should have been agreed on before that, if you ask me
16:00:07 <regnard> yes, totally
16:00:11 <Izel> but
16:00:25 <Izel> could we have a responsible for each one
16:00:37 <regnard> one of the items williamq pointed out is that we may need to prioritize and focus
16:01:00 <Izel> I mean .. for example.. rep of the month
16:01:23 <Izel> one of us could be the responsible to publish and move that topic forward
16:01:39 <Izel> every single month
16:01:43 <williamq> !
16:01:45 <regnard> that would be covered in the Roles discussion or Governance discussion
16:01:49 <regnard> yes williamq
16:01:56 <williamq> right, i was just going to say
16:01:59 <Izel> Good. :)
16:02:02 <Izel> :)
16:02:03 <williamq> this will be covered in the session 'Roles & Task Forces Discussion (New roles within the Council + updating Task Forces) '
16:02:06 <Izel> eom
16:02:22 <vineel> !
16:02:24 <Izel> Ok perfect :D
16:02:28 <regnard> vineel
16:03:09 <regnard> BTW, to respect everyone's time, we shall be closing the meeting in 5 minutes
16:03:23 <regnard> unless you have a major, major item for discussion
16:03:26 <williamq> ?
16:03:37 <vineel> right, also for the discussion, how about just like how williamq collected questions for Mitchell baker, may be we start a etehrpad to gather questions from reps for the council?
16:03:47 <williamq> +1
16:03:50 <regnard> absolutely
16:04:00 <regnard> you want to start that ehterpad vineel?
16:04:04 <FuzzyFox> +1
16:04:07 <Izel> +1
16:04:07 <vineel> okay :)
16:04:27 <regnard> #action vineel to start etherpad on questions from reps to the council
16:04:34 <regnard> williamq?
16:04:46 <williamq> regarding airport transfer
16:05:11 <williamq> i'll arrange for a car to pick up those landing on Thursday
16:05:22 <williamq> i'll update you individually with more details
16:05:22 <Kensie> williamq: did you find the page in the internal wiki with the info?
16:05:31 <williamq> Kensie: I will look it up :)
16:05:32 <Kensie> (I was just asking mconnor about how they work)
16:05:49 <williamq> cool, if you have info, please send it over, thanks!
16:05:53 <williamq> eom
16:06:11 <regnard> ok, just some final reminders
16:06:59 <regnard> please review the action items before the meeting:
16:07:01 <regnard> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Apc2GSRz6M-QdHBFR1N3QXpLNGdCRW9nSVlxUFpIOFE
16:07:07 <Kensie> !
16:07:11 <regnard> this will facilitate and accelerate our dicussion
16:07:14 <regnard> yes kensie
16:07:22 <Kensie> Has everyone who needs winter gear added it to the etherpad?
16:07:29 <Kensie> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/toronto-winter-gear
16:07:39 <Kensie> ah yes xelawafs you haven't added your sizes
16:07:45 <Kensie> for the coat
16:08:29 <xelawafs> doing that now...
16:08:35 <FuzzyFox> ?
16:08:45 <vineel> Hi FuzzyFox
16:08:48 <regnard> #action everyone to update winter gear etherpad (if applicable)
16:08:52 <regnard> yes fuzzy
16:09:46 <FuzzyFox> was wondering if that "transfer" was from airport to hotel or something else
16:10:00 <williamq> airport to hotel
16:10:12 <williamq> FuzzyFox: you and I will meet at the airport and travel together to the hotel
16:10:14 <williamq> i'll ping you
16:10:27 <williamq> PLEASE check your email
16:10:28 <FuzzyFox> williamq: in that case it makes sense for people landing in time proximit..... thats wat I was going to suggest
16:10:29 <williamq> eom
16:10:33 <FuzzyFox> eom
16:11:16 <regnard> BTW, I'll be sending my phone number to everyone in case of emergency for local concerns
16:11:28 <regnard> ok, any final thoughts?
16:11:41 <williamq> one thought: our meetu is going to ROCK :)
16:11:47 <regnard> +!
16:11:50 <williamq> really looking forward to it
16:11:53 <Kensie> :{D
16:11:57 <vineel> :)
16:12:02 <regnard> all right, thanks everyone
16:12:04 <Izel> Yes!!!!!!!!!! :D
16:12:09 <williamq> safe travels everyone!!!!
16:12:09 <regnard> we had a productive meeting
16:12:18 <williamq> see you all "on the other side" :)
16:12:22 <regnard> let's continue this to next week :D
16:12:26 <williamq> thanks Regnard for the great meeting!
16:12:30 <regnard> #endmeeting