16:03:29 <pierros> #startmeeting Council Meeting 2013-01-13
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16:03:38 <pierros> #chair Izel williamq
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16:03:50 <pierros> #chair Kensie
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16:03:56 <pierros> ok here we go :)
16:04:01 <pierros> Izel: the floor is all yours :)
16:04:27 <Izel> Hi guys ... Please open our outline #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130113
16:04:45 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130113
16:05:28 <Izel> Remember our communication protocol
16:05:59 <Izel> ok, let's start with our first topic
16:06:21 <Izel> #topic New mentors updates
16:06:38 <williamq> pierros: do you want to take this one?
16:07:38 <Izel> pierros?
16:08:42 <Izel> ok. In our past council work week in Toronto we defined our new mentors. They have been updated about this.
16:09:02 <Izel> have we plans to update them about SOPs?
16:09:41 <williamq> most new mentors have been trainied
16:09:49 <williamq> I ran a training session on Vidyo
16:09:57 <Izel> I mean, must we have a plan or program to update new mentors (not just SOPs)
16:10:03 <williamq> Pierros is following up with those reps who couldn't attend
16:10:05 <Izel> williamq Ok
16:10:31 <williamq> so we're all good on the mentors front
16:10:43 <Izel> so, we have no actions for this topic
16:11:06 <Izel> next topic?
16:11:39 <Kensie> ?
16:11:43 <Izel> no questions?
16:11:54 <Rami> no
16:11:56 <Kensie> Did anyone not accept being a mentor?
16:11:57 <vineel> no
16:12:36 <Izel> kensie just one .. Iona i think
16:12:57 <williamq> Irving Chen did not accept
16:13:07 <williamq> Ioana accepted
16:13:12 <Izel> ok
16:13:47 <Izel> so, what we must do in this case? have we look for other  mentor to replace Irving?
16:14:06 <williamq> yes
16:14:20 <Izel> who must do that?
16:14:31 <williamq> we should consider someone else for the region
16:14:48 <Kensie> Did we have other nominations in that region?
16:14:57 <williamq> if we have someone in mind, we should suggest it on the council mailing list
16:15:07 <williamq> no, i don't believe so
16:15:27 <williamq> pierros is on top of that, I'll ask him to follow-up and update the council
16:15:34 <xelawafs> ?
16:15:51 <williamq> #action  pierros to update council on new mentor status
16:16:29 <Izel> xelawafs ...
16:16:46 <pierros> hey all.. I am sorry I am stepping off
16:16:55 <xelawafs> we were to also pick one mentor from Africa, I added some suggestion on the Toronto mentorship pad but I think it was late for a vote:
16:17:00 <pierros> I will update the mentors status via email
16:17:05 <xelawafs> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meetup-toronto-mentorship-voting
16:17:26 <Izel> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meetup-toronto-mentorship-voting
16:18:00 <williamq> xelawafs: the problem is that Mouhamadou and Sofien don't speak English well enough I'm afraid
16:18:14 <williamq> i'm pretty sure they would not be comfortable being mentors
16:18:36 <williamq> but they are indeed stellar Reps
16:19:13 <Izel> xelawafs mentors must speak english because they are the communication channel between reps and council. Have you other candidates?
16:19:13 <xelawafs> hmmm :( ok, I think these were the only suggestions I had
16:19:44 <Kensie> !
16:19:57 <xelawafs> others on my mind like Majda are already mentors
16:19:59 <Izel> xelawafs can you nominate other reps who speak english and send us an email?
16:20:21 <xelawafs> IZel: I'll lookk into it
16:21:03 <Izel> #action xelawafs will look for mentors who speak english in Africa and will send an email
16:21:07 <Izel> good :)
16:21:16 <Izel> Kensie ....
16:21:48 <Kensie> I have a bit of an aside - shouldn't we be using  Google Apps (right name?) to have a team google area, and then we could also have emails for council members?
16:22:15 <Kensie> I was thinking about the mentor nomination tracking being better in a spreadsheet than an etherpad
16:22:39 <Izel> kensie +1
16:23:11 <williamq> #idea use Google Apps (?) for mentor nomination tracking
16:23:23 <williamq> +1
16:23:34 <Kensie> and for the voting pad and for the council noms and for ... ;)
16:23:41 <Izel> +1
16:24:22 <Izel> kensie you mean etherpad or Google?
16:24:43 <williamq> #action Kensie to update council on using Google Apps and how to use it for our purposes
16:24:53 <Kensie> Those things are better on spreadsheets, oh I guess you guys ahven't seen the council noms spreadsheet a made
16:25:03 <Izel> kensie +1
16:25:16 <Kensie> williamq: well we would need to request the domain for the email addresses, right? but yes I will continue this on email etc.
16:25:29 <williamq> Kensie: cool
16:25:48 <Izel> more questions about this topic?
16:26:18 <Izel> ok letÅ› move to next topic
16:26:31 <Izel> #topic Mentees reshuffle
16:26:49 <williamq> we have started reshuffling
16:27:05 <Izel> williamq but for new reps
16:27:10 <williamq> in particular, we are moving some mentees to new mentors in indonesia
16:27:21 <williamq> Pierros is on top of that and he will be updating the council
16:27:33 <williamq> #action pierros to update council on mentees reshuffle
16:27:42 <Izel> williamq in our past work week we decide decrease the ratio mentor- mentees to 8
16:28:15 <williamq> Izel: yes indeed
16:28:22 <regnard> !
16:28:28 <Izel> Must of us still having 10 mentees. I think we must plan a meering for this
16:28:34 <Izel> meeting*
16:29:00 <williamq> +1
16:29:15 <Izel> and reshuffle all mentees, not just by region
16:29:25 <Kensie> we can make a new sheet on the current mentee reshuffle spreadsheet
16:29:32 <Izel> I can program this meeting.  I will take this action
16:29:37 <Kensie> then they're all in one place
16:30:09 <Izel> #action Izel will program a new meeting to reshuffle mentees
16:30:23 <Izel> regnard ...
16:30:48 <regnard> re: the timing of the reduction of mentor-mentee ratio
16:31:14 <regnard> I recall that his is a gradual process, and AFAIR our target date is middle of the year
16:31:23 <regnard> I could be wrong, but that's what I recall
16:31:24 <regnard> eom
16:33:00 <Kensie> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meetup-toronto-mentorship
16:33:44 <williamq> let's discuss this during the mentorship reshuffle meeting
16:33:59 <williamq> i suggest we move on as we still have a ton of things to go over
16:34:03 <williamq> eom
16:34:08 <Izel> !
16:34:34 <Izel> if our deadline is June.. do we need a reshuffle meeting?
16:34:35 <Izel> eom
16:34:36 <vineel> williamq +1
16:35:09 <williamq> Izel: yes, we still need to start having an idea which mentees would move to which mentors etc..
16:35:49 <Kensie> I agree, if we have new mentors they need mentees ;)
16:35:49 <Izel> williamq but we will move those mentees in our reshuffle meeting (that's was my idea)?
16:36:07 <Izel> kensie +1
16:36:32 <Izel> tha's why I think we need a reshuffle meeting like we had in the past by vidyo
16:36:41 <williamq> +1
16:37:10 <xelawafs> +1
16:37:20 <Izel> so, finally, we will have a meeting to reshuffle mentees, don't we?
16:37:43 <williamq> yes, e'll have a meeting to reshuffle mentees but we don't have to have the 1:8 ratio right away
16:37:52 <williamq> we should aim for that middle of the year
16:37:58 <williamq> as agreed
16:37:59 <williamq> eom
16:38:11 <Izel> The idea is, 1 mentor -> 8 mentees (max) and our deadline is June?
16:38:31 <Izel> eom
16:39:01 <williamq> yes
16:39:02 <williamq> eom
16:39:33 <Izel> ok the action is defined :) so ... more questions?
16:40:02 <Kensie> not from me
16:40:34 <Izel> ok, let's move to our next topic ..
16:40:41 <Izel> #topic Next Council
16:41:23 <Izel> Awwwwwwww. the terrible topic! We need to define this, we need a deadline
16:41:27 <Izel> eom
16:41:31 <Kensie> !
16:41:38 <williamq> ?
16:41:38 <Izel> kensie..
16:42:21 <Kensie> Working backwards we want to have election results on 28 feb so that council can start march 1. which means we need to figure out how long elections will take and before that how long we want to give people to campaign, so we probably need to start evaluating nominees this week.
16:42:33 <Kensie> I am happy to help out whoever is driving it this time. eom.
16:42:55 <Kensie> oh, one more
16:43:01 <Izel> Williamq..
16:43:07 <Kensie> we should probably have returning council members drive the process.
16:43:12 <Kensie> real eom
16:43:26 <williamq> first of all, we need an owner for this
16:43:35 <Izel> williamq +1
16:43:43 <williamq> we need someone on the council to be responsible for the election of the new council
16:43:47 <williamq> and make sure we're on track
16:44:03 <williamq> secondly, i agree with Kensie, we need to start moving asap
16:44:20 <Izel> ?
16:44:28 <williamq> I'm almos tdone...
16:44:41 <regnard> !
16:44:42 <williamq> we need to reach out to all mentors to explain to them how the election is going to work
16:44:52 <williamq> then we need to communicate this to the Reps
16:45:13 <williamq> I think the mentors should "campaign" for 1 month
16:45:20 <williamq> so Feb 1st would be good
16:45:29 <williamq> which gives us 2 weeks
16:45:31 <williamq> eom
16:45:43 <Izel> who wanna drive this process?
16:46:02 <xelawafs> I'd like to take this up and ofcourse start of by getting a recap from Kensie of how it went down last time
16:46:20 <williamq> xelawafs: awesome
16:46:46 <regnard> -!
16:46:56 <Izel> xelawafs so, do you wanna drive this?
16:46:58 <Izel> eom
16:47:13 <xelawafs> Izel: yah, that's right
16:47:27 <Izel> ok ...
16:47:42 <williamq> !
16:48:01 <Izel> #action xelawafs will drive next council elections.
16:48:13 <Izel> williamq ...
16:48:27 <williamq> #action xelawafs to sync up with Kensie and Pierros on election process and next steps
16:48:50 <williamq> I was just going to say that Pierros should work with xelawafs and kensie on this
16:48:51 <Izel> :) better
16:48:56 <williamq> eom
16:49:02 <Kensie> !
16:49:12 <Izel> kensie ...
16:49:29 <Kensie> I just want to add let's do as much of this as possible on the council list. We need to be very transparent!
16:49:44 <Izel> kensie +10000000
16:49:52 <Izel> !
16:50:09 <Kensie> (eom)
16:50:48 <Izel> maybe we must write a post in our Remo Planet about this process and why council rotation  is important. What do you think?
16:50:51 <Izel> eom
16:51:08 <williamq> !
16:51:32 <regnard> guys, I have a hard stop in 10 minutes
16:51:36 <Izel> williamq
16:51:56 <regnard> (I'll follow updates on the logs and etherpad)
16:52:39 <williamq> once Alex, Pierros and Kensie have nailed down and documented the entire election process, we should share with mentors first and then with reps on reps-general. eom
16:52:41 <Izel> williamq?
16:52:59 <Izel> williamq ok
16:53:11 <Izel> more question about this topic? (we have 10 minutes!!)
16:54:05 <Izel> next topic is Recognition of the Mentor of Rep of the Month but I really think we need define ASAP our rep of the month...
16:54:14 <Kensie> !
16:54:21 <williamq> !
16:54:21 <Izel> kensie...
16:54:38 <Kensie> I agree, I think we can move recognition to the list and move on the rep of the month
16:54:55 <Kensie> eom
16:54:56 <Izel> williamq?
16:55:38 <williamq> we agreed that the chair would submit names of Reps of the month nominees to the council on the firs tday of the month
16:55:52 <Kensie> !
16:56:12 <Izel> kensie...
16:56:13 <williamq> and then we have 6 days to vote, correct? eom
16:56:29 <Izel> !
16:56:40 <Kensie> I think we have etherpad? first of month is call for nominations, then I think 7th of month is council selection?
16:56:40 <Izel> kensie  you first
16:56:49 <Kensie> then 10th is the announcement. eom
16:57:31 <williamq> !
16:57:42 <Izel> but we didn't announce nominations. Remember, menthors must nominate their candidates and council vote.
16:57:45 <Izel> eom
16:57:51 <Izel> williamq?
16:58:08 <williamq> Rep of the Month Process
16:58:08 <williamq> The Council shall implement a streamlined process for determining Rep of the Month:
16:58:08 <williamq> At the first day of the month, Chair shall make a call for nominations. Nominations shall be closed 6 days after.
16:58:09 <williamq> Council shall discuss and vote on the next two days after receiving the nominations.
16:58:09 <williamq> The Rep of the Month shall be announced a day after.
16:58:17 <williamq> this is taken from the Toronto Recap document
16:58:20 <Izel> !
16:58:27 <Kensie> williamq: +1
16:59:41 <Izel> williamq but we have not yet a rep of the month for Dec. we didn't do that, and (by email )I sent reminder about this
17:00:02 <regnard> ok, everyone. I gotta go. It has been a packed meeting. I'll catch up trough the logs and pad
17:00:09 <Izel> we agreed we will start with this process in January
17:00:18 <Izel> regnard Ok :) thanks
17:00:22 <Kensie> ?
17:00:32 <williamq> Izel: yes, I think we agreed that we would not do December eom
17:01:00 <Izel> kensie?
17:01:20 <Kensie> did we assign who would make the nomination form on google?
17:01:51 <williamq> I can do that
17:02:02 <williamq> #action williamq to create nomination form for Rep of the Month
17:02:07 <Izel> kensie no yet. We need a google form or something to make our nominatios
17:02:49 <Izel> williamq Good. So we will start with this process for RoM in January
17:03:00 <williamq> !
17:03:03 <Izel> RoM = Rep of the Month
17:03:05 <Izel> eom
17:03:09 <Izel> williamq?
17:03:30 <williamq> I suggest we nominate a Rep of the month on the 15th of each month at this point
17:03:53 <williamq> or else, we're going to have the same problems as last year and keep trying to catch up
17:04:13 <Izel> !
17:04:15 <williamq> we'll have the new process starting in february
17:04:35 <Kensie> !
17:04:36 <williamq> and announce the rep of the month for February on Feb 15th
17:04:40 <williamq> eom
17:05:25 <Izel> But in February 15th we have not enough info about reps activities. I think we must do this at the end of the month
17:06:03 <williamq> so you think we should announce the Rep of the month for January on Jan 31st?
17:06:15 <williamq> eom
17:06:20 <Izel> I mean, i willl make a call for nominations in Feb 1. Nominations shall be closed 6 days after. next council vote and new RoM will be announced in Feb 15th
17:06:25 <Kensie> With the process we defined in Toronto we will announce the rep for Jan more like Feb 10th
17:06:40 <Kensie> I don't think we will have the same problem, that's why we designed the new process. eom
17:06:43 <Kensie> oh sorry
17:06:52 <Izel> kensie is ok
17:06:58 <Kensie> The other thing I think we agreed that during Jan we wouldn't announce a rep for dec
17:07:06 <Kensie> we would announce the new process
17:07:09 <Kensie> real eom
17:07:14 <Izel> ?
17:07:27 <Izel> who's going to announce the new process?
17:07:42 <Kensie> Council chair, right williamq?
17:07:42 <williamq> I think the Chair should announce it on reps-general
17:07:51 <williamq> Kensie: yep :)
17:08:27 <Izel> So, I have to ask for RoM nominatios in 2 weeks?
17:08:31 <Izel> eom
17:08:41 <Kensie> !
17:08:47 <Izel> kensie...
17:09:02 <Kensie> Izel: no, next chair will ask for nominations. You will just tell reps general about the new process, how nominations will work etc
17:09:40 <williamq> !
17:09:43 <williamq> ?
17:10:13 <Izel> kensie ok. I will define this actrion
17:10:46 <Izel> #action izel will tell the new RoM proccess in reps general
17:10:53 * williamq and Izel need to jump off to anothe rmeeting :(
17:10:54 <Izel> Williamq...
17:11:14 <williamq> Izel: we need to join that othe rmeeting now
17:11:25 <williamq> I suggest we continue the rest of the agenda on reps-council
17:11:28 <williamq> mailing list
17:11:29 <williamq> eom
17:11:49 <Izel> williamq yes. I think we must stop this meeting  now and continue our pending topics in our next council meeting.
17:12:01 <williamq> Izel: +1
17:12:23 <Kensie> !
17:12:31 <Izel> kensie?
17:12:49 <Kensie> I told Tanner's dad I'd try and have an answer for him today on flights. Can we take a sec to review that budget?
17:13:27 <Izel> kensie now?
17:13:29 <Kensie> As i was discussing (mostly w Rami ;) ) on the list, I think flights might need a silghtly different process. They can't be reserved, they have to be paid for, and the prices change the longer you wait :-\
17:13:46 <Kensie> Izel: yes, now while most of us are here.
17:14:06 <Rami> Kensie I think also the metrics for the event should be reviewd
17:14:10 <Izel> kensie Williamq and I have a meeting in other channel in this moment
17:14:24 <Izel> maybe in 1 hour...
17:14:32 <williamq> Kensie: I can go over this with you in about an hour
17:14:46 <williamq> Izel and I need to join this other meeting
17:14:51 <Kensie> ok
17:15:14 <williamq> thanks everyone for the meeting and thanks Izel for driving it!
17:15:19 <williamq> speak to you all very soon !!!!
17:15:24 <williamq> #endmeeting