15:05:01 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:05:06 <williamq> welcome Jedis
15:05:21 <williamq> thanks a lot for making the meeting despite the last minute changes to our meeting schedule
15:05:42 <williamq> unfortunately, we were side tracked by the App days and then FOSDEM so the last meeting was postponed
15:06:06 <williamq> I'm filling in for FuzzyFox, who is char this month, as he seems to be very busy with university
15:06:15 <williamq> in fact, I haven't heard from him in days
15:06:22 <williamq> so I hope he's OK
15:06:30 <williamq> welcome izel :)
15:06:31 <Izel> hi council...
15:06:34 <williamq> we' just started
15:06:41 <williamq> all, please have the agenda open https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130210
15:06:54 <williamq> the big topic of this meeting will be our upcoming elections
15:06:58 <williamq> so let's jump right in
15:07:08 <Izel> williamq Thanks
15:07:08 <williamq> #topic Elections
15:07:25 <williamq> over the past couple of days
15:07:35 <williamq> regnard, pierros and myself have brainstormed around our elections
15:07:44 <williamq> i hope everyone has had time to read through https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Elections
15:07:52 <williamq> we tried to keep it very simple
15:08:05 <williamq> we want to avoid going into too many rules and procedures
15:08:15 <williamq> while keeping it as fair and transparenct as possible
15:08:23 <williamq> has anyone NOT read it?
15:08:39 <williamq> and for those who have, does anyone have any questions? Is anything NOT clear?
15:09:01 <regnard> !
15:09:23 <williamq> regnard: go ahea
15:09:24 <williamq> *ahead
15:10:14 <regnard> in the etherpad source, #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-elections-march-2013, Kensie pointed out a few things
15:10:18 <williamq> yes
15:10:29 <regnard> one of which is she is slightly opposed to self-nomination
15:10:41 <regnard> anyone else feel strongly about self-nomination?
15:10:56 <pierros> -1
15:11:02 <Izel> +1
15:11:18 <regnard> sorry, feel strongly AGAINST self-nomination
15:11:20 <regnard> eom
15:11:43 <williamq> so please put +1 if you feel strongly AGAINST self-flagellation
15:11:53 <williamq> *self-nomination
15:11:58 <regnard> LOL
15:12:07 <Rami> :D
15:12:09 * williamq is in a joking mood today...
15:12:21 <Rami> -1
15:12:28 <regnard> -1
15:12:33 <williamq> -1
15:12:33 <vineel> -1
15:12:36 <pierros> -1
15:12:53 <xelawafs> +1
15:12:53 <williamq> izel and welawafs?
15:12:53 <Izel> ok sorry .... -1
15:13:16 <Izel> !
15:13:38 <williamq> ok - so overwhelming majority is for self-nomination
15:13:38 <williamq> yes izel
15:13:53 <Izel> the link is wrong ... #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-elections-march-2013
15:14:04 <Izel> eom
15:14:22 <xelawafs> !
15:15:27 <williamq> Izel: it opens fine for me
15:15:30 <xelawafs> sorry hadn't seen the bit of a council after self nomination. I'm good with  it if councils reviews
15:15:32 <williamq> anyone else have the problem?
15:16:21 <williamq> now, in terms of the schedule
15:16:42 <williamq> it's going to be tight, but we want to aim for a hard  deadline of March 1st to open voting
15:17:13 <williamq> February 11th: election announcement and call for self-nominations
15:17:14 <williamq> February 18th: candidates announced by council and campaign is officially open at 12pm UTC
15:17:14 <williamq> February 28th: Town hall organized in #remo at 3pm UTC
15:17:14 <williamq> March 1st: voting begins at 12pm UTC
15:17:14 <williamq> March 4th: voting ends at 12pm UTC and results are announced publicly
15:17:35 <williamq> does anyone feel this schedue is not realistic? too aggressive?
15:17:58 <regnard> !
15:18:03 <williamq> yes regnard
15:18:34 <regnard> I think the schedule is fine, we probably need to support it with some scheduled communications, ie emails in the lists (general and mentors)
15:18:36 <regnard> eom
15:18:50 <williamq> right
15:19:16 <williamq> I will draft the general email to mentors but the chair should send it out
15:19:26 <williamq> since the chair is MIA, does anyone volunteer to send it out o behalf of the council?
15:19:34 <regnard> I can do it
15:19:40 <williamq> MIA = Missing In Action
15:19:52 <williamq> ok cool, thanks regnard
15:20:23 <williamq> #action regnard to send out email to mentors to announce elections and self-nominations
15:20:23 <williamq> #action williamq to draft email with regnard
15:22:21 <pierros> oops
15:22:24 <pierros> we lost our chair
15:22:28 <Izel> hwhehehehe
15:22:28 <pierros> hm..
15:22:34 <Izel> williamq is not here ..
15:22:45 <Rami> hehe
15:22:47 <pierros> ok shall we continue on the agenda?
15:22:52 <regnard> sounds ok
15:22:54 <pierros> ok so
15:22:55 <Izel> yes!
15:22:56 <Rami> ok
15:23:00 <pierros> Last Meeting review
15:23:12 <regnard> we'll just to elections if needed
15:23:13 <pierros> (unfortunately I cannot change the topic since Williamq is the chair)
15:23:26 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130131
15:23:44 <vineel> yay
15:23:55 <pierros> hey q we moved to the next topic
15:24:04 <pierros> please change the topic of the channel
15:24:20 <pierros> and write #chair pierros (so I can change it if you drop out again)
15:24:22 <williamq> sorry, got disconnected for 30 seconds
15:24:22 <williamq> vineel: do you have a question?
15:24:45 <williamq> #chair pierros
15:24:45 <remobot> Current chairs: pierros williamq
15:24:54 * pierros thanks williamq
15:25:02 <pierros> #topic Last meeting review
15:25:10 <williamq> pierros: wait
15:25:12 <vineel> william no
15:25:20 <williamq> we pinged you earlier regarding the elections
15:25:31 <williamq> can you quickly brief us on the tool we'll be using for the elections?
15:25:37 <williamq> eom
15:26:36 <williamq> pierros: ping?
15:26:54 <pierros> so :
15:27:11 <pierros> we are developing a separate section within our portal to facilitate elections
15:27:19 <pierros> reps.mozilla.org/voting
15:27:32 <pierros> we will be able to create elections tailored to our needs
15:27:47 <pierros> and have a notifications system tied to them so it can remind everyone to cast votes
15:28:05 <pierros> Tasos (one of our two devs) will be working solely on this starting tomorrow with me
15:28:14 <pierros> in schedule to deliver it in time by 1st of marcg
15:28:18 <pierros> March*
15:28:35 <pierros> I will be sharing the user flow within this week to get your approval
15:28:41 <pierros> for now we are focusing on the backend
15:28:49 * pierros is excited!
15:28:51 <pierros> eom
15:28:55 <pierros> any questions?
15:28:55 <williamq> thanks pierros
15:29:00 <williamq> this sounds really cool!!
15:29:04 <williamq> questions for pierros?
15:29:19 <Izel> Cool!!
15:29:47 <Rami> \0/
15:29:55 <williamq> now, I also had another question for pierros regarding the town hall
15:29:56 <williamq> williamq: now, regarding the Town Hall
15:29:57 <williamq> [3:21pm] williamq: I still don't know when exactly we should do it and specifically, how long it should be
15:29:57 <williamq> [3:21pm] williamq: pierros, who has experience with elections with Fedora ambassadors, might have an idea
15:29:57 <williamq> [3:21pm] williamq: pierros?
15:29:58 <williamq> [3:22pm] williamq: ping pierros?
15:29:58 <williamq> [3:22pm] williamq: ok, pierros seems to be MIA as well
15:29:58 <williamq> [3:22pm] williamq: we'll get to this later - in the meantime let's move on
15:29:58 <williamq> [3:23pm] williamq: any other questions about elections before we move to the next item on the agenda?
15:30:25 <pierros> all those got dropped :)
15:30:37 <williamq> pierros: how do you recommend we run the town hall and when?
15:30:44 <pierros> the week before
15:30:51 <pierros> 3 of them to facilitate all time zones
15:30:56 <pierros> with a day apart
15:31:09 <vineel> !
15:31:15 <williamq> vineel: yes
15:31:56 <vineel> i see the wiki says elections will be for 4 positions, as I plan to step down next month, total 5?
15:32:09 <pierros> interesting point
15:32:22 <williamq> I believe we had talked about Izel filling in for Vineel
15:32:28 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:32:33 <williamq> in other words, Izel's term would end in august
15:32:39 <williamq> Izel: do you recall this?
15:32:46 <williamq> Izel: are you comfortable with this?
15:32:59 <Izel> hmmmmm
15:33:05 <vineel> I recall this but I don't remember agreeing on the same
15:33:18 <williamq> no, we didn't formally agree
15:33:32 <Izel> I remember we talked about this in Toronto
15:33:53 <williamq> so would you be comfortable to sit on the council another 6 months?
15:34:00 <Izel> But it does not wrote in our document.
15:34:10 <regnard> !
15:34:18 <Izel> !
15:34:23 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:34:35 <regnard> i think we can craft a motion for that, if the council agrees on it
15:34:36 <regnard> eom
15:34:54 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:35:03 <Izel> same than regnard
15:35:08 <Izel> but
15:35:23 <Izel> I remember we discussed about this in Toronto
15:35:41 <williamq> we need to agree during this meeting
15:35:43 <Izel> Vineel has not a candidate who can replace him
15:35:52 <Izel> I agree.
15:36:09 <regnard> !
15:36:14 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:36:15 <Izel> but is an exception maybe.
15:36:17 <Izel> eom
15:36:45 <regnard> so our options are a) Extend Gloria or b) open another seat in the elections, are those correct?
15:36:47 <regnard> eom
15:36:53 <williamq> regnard: correct
15:36:54 <Izel> !
15:36:58 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:37:06 <Izel> I finish in August
15:37:14 <Izel> eom
15:37:40 <regnard> can put that to a vote? I think given the urgency of the matter, we should put that to a vote today, if everyone is ok
15:37:40 <pierros> we shall vote on a and b
15:37:41 <Izel> !
15:37:54 <Izel> -!
15:37:58 <williamq> we need to vote on a or b now
15:38:02 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:38:03 <williamq> Izel: ok
15:38:08 <regnard> I vote for A
15:38:14 <williamq> so let's vote now: who is in favour of A
15:38:21 <williamq> please +1 for A
15:38:24 <williamq> +1
15:38:31 <regnard> +1
15:38:34 <xelawafs> +1
15:38:46 <Rami> +1 if Izel want that :D
15:39:06 <vineel> +1
15:39:33 <williamq> ok, we have majority vote for A
15:39:39 <Izel> !
15:39:50 <williamq> we I confirm that we will have 4 seats available for the elections
15:39:53 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:40:03 <Izel> I am a bit confused
15:40:20 <Izel> We will run our elections for next council
15:40:36 <williamq> yes
15:40:43 <williamq> the elections will be for 4 seats
15:40:44 <Izel> but those who ends their council time in march
15:41:07 <Izel> I mean Vineel, rami
15:41:07 <vineel> Izel: my position was for 1 year
15:41:17 <Izel> awww
15:41:36 <Izel> Vineel started their council in August?
15:41:39 <williamq> the first 3 council members to have been selected on the current council have a 1 year term
15:41:50 <williamq> meaning, regnard, xelawafs and vineel
15:42:01 <vineel> as already in council for two terms, stepping this time :)
15:42:03 <williamq> the other members are reacing the end of their term
15:42:40 <Izel> mine is in august
15:42:40 <williamq> ok
15:42:54 <williamq> Izel: yes, now that you're replacing vineel, your term ends in August
15:43:05 <williamq> all clear now?
15:43:13 <vineel> ^ does'not
15:43:22 <Izel> yes .... I think it was clear but i was not sure :P
15:43:32 <williamq> vineel: sorry?
15:43:35 <williamq> Izel: great :)
15:43:50 <vineel> i mean it does' not end in agust :P
15:44:00 <williamq> ok got it :)
15:44:07 <williamq> jedias, we have 15 min left
15:44:13 <williamq> let's move on the agenda
15:44:19 <williamq> #topic Webdev update
15:44:36 <williamq> pierros?
15:44:44 <pierros> hey all :)
15:44:48 <pierros> webdev update:
15:44:49 <Izel> :)
15:45:00 <pierros> we are pushing to production this week with some cool new features
15:45:13 <pierros> (detailed in the last week update I sent)
15:45:25 <pierros> timeline vizualization of events
15:45:29 <pierros> search by time period
15:45:42 <williamq> ?
15:45:57 <pierros> and ability of vouched mozillians to login and track activities (cusotm dashboarD) based on your interests specified in your profiles
15:46:07 <pierros> (and many minor features/fixes)
15:46:09 <pierros> williamq:
15:46:31 <williamq> can we have a sneak peek of the time visualization? :D
15:46:43 <pierros> once it lands on dev yes
15:46:45 <pierros> :)
15:46:59 <pierros> let me find a shot
15:47:08 <pierros> http://awesomescreenshot.com/0b8wbilad
15:47:18 <pierros> (and we removed the border)
15:47:23 <pierros> any other questions?
15:47:35 <vineel> :)
15:47:38 <williamq> wow looks great!
15:47:47 <regnard> :D
15:47:55 <Izel> I like it !!! :)
15:48:04 <pierros> unfortunately it does not scale for all our events (we do a lot!) so we will have it for current and future events for now
15:48:11 <pierros> eom
15:48:22 <williamq> thanks for that pierros
15:48:26 <williamq> next topic
15:48:36 <williamq> #topic last council "light" meeting
15:48:45 <williamq> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130131
15:49:06 <williamq> very quickly, I wanted to ask Izel if she would like to be the council's representative on this new IPP module
15:49:14 <williamq> IPP = Internet Public Policy
15:49:42 <williamq> Izel: are you comfortable to take on this role?
15:49:43 <Izel> williamq officially no yet But Mitchell knows I am very interested
15:49:50 <williamq> ok great!
15:49:58 <Izel> williamq yes I am
15:50:00 <pierros> +1
15:50:03 <williamq> ok great
15:50:12 <williamq> #idea Izel to be Council rep on IPP module
15:50:22 <williamq> we'll follow up when we have more clarity on this module
15:50:25 <williamq> so stay tuned for that
15:50:33 <williamq> other question i had was for Rep of the Month
15:50:33 <Izel> williamq In fact this group was the resoult of our speak with mitchell in our council work week in toronto
15:50:54 <williamq> Izel: ok cool!
15:51:06 <williamq> regarding Rep of the Month: since FuzzyFox is nowhere to be found, does anyone have any update on this?
15:51:40 <Izel> !
15:51:44 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:52:01 <Izel> We just have 3  - candidates... I am worry about this
15:52:11 <williamq> don't we have more than that?
15:52:47 <williamq> I see 7 candidates
15:52:57 <Izel> sorry ... 7
15:53:04 <Izel> last time I saw 4
15:53:12 <williamq> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtqL2u61ruX8dDZFQ3RXTTBHZ2x6Mk01RTFmNktlTEE&usp=sharing
15:53:36 <williamq> should we vote now?
15:53:41 <williamq> what's the next step?
15:53:53 <williamq> should we have announced this last week?
15:54:22 <Izel> yes...
15:54:34 <Izel> today is Feb 10th
15:54:47 <Izel> we must do it
15:54:48 <williamq> how about we "range vote" for this?
15:55:09 <williamq> give a mark of 1 - 7 to each candidate
15:55:36 <regnard> !
15:55:42 <williamq> regnard
15:55:57 <regnard> I propose a 15 minute extension to the meeting
15:55:59 <regnard> eom
15:56:04 <Izel> +1
15:56:11 <vineel> +1
15:56:28 <pierros> +1
15:57:02 <Rami> +1
15:57:04 <williamq> +1
15:57:23 <williamq> is anyone against range voting NOW for Rep of the month
15:57:25 <williamq> ?
15:57:39 <regnard> BTW, I'd like to withdraw my name form the list of Rep of the Month candidates
15:58:08 <Izel> ?
15:58:09 <regnard> I can vote without conflict of interest
15:58:18 <williamq> regnard: ok
15:58:23 <williamq> so let's vote 1 - 6
15:58:44 <Izel> !
15:58:56 <williamq> Izel: yes?
15:59:23 <Izel> I desagree with regnard. He is in the list because he is doing an amazing job
15:59:41 <williamq> Izel: yes, but there is a conflict of interest
16:00:02 <Izel> ok, all council members can vote except him
16:00:06 <regnard> Thanks Izel, but I voluntarily withdraw, to avoid conflict of interest (because I am a voting member of the Council)
16:00:16 <Izel> :(
16:00:17 <Izel> ok
16:00:20 <Izel> eom :(
16:00:37 <regnard> It's OK, as long as you guys know I'm doing a great job :P
16:01:07 <williamq> hahah :)
16:01:23 <williamq> trust me, we know you're doing a stellar job :)
16:02:42 <williamq> xelawafs
16:02:46 <williamq> please vote
16:03:20 <williamq> ok, we'll declare the winner at the end of the meeting to give Alex time to vote
16:03:53 <williamq> any volunteers to announce the Rep of the month to reps-general?
16:03:53 <williamq> I can help to draft the email
16:04:12 <vineel> I can do that
16:04:17 <regnard> BTW, please make sure your range votes have a max of 6
16:05:25 <williamq> vineel: thanks
16:06:14 <williamq> #action vineel to announce Rep of the Month to reps-general
16:06:37 <Izel> \o/
16:06:48 <williamq> #action williamq to update council on Rep of the month before vineel sends announcement
16:06:55 <williamq> ok moving on
16:07:45 <williamq> #topic Chair duties
16:07:45 <williamq> I wanted to raise this quickly
16:08:32 <williamq> clearly, we're having difficulty this month with chair duties
16:08:32 <williamq> FuzzyFox, who is Chair, is not repsonsive, not answering emails and close to impossible to reach
16:09:44 <williamq> when taking on respnsibilty of Chair, you need to have minimum responsiveness
16:09:44 <williamq> I totally understand that unexpectated things might come up
16:09:44 <williamq> but we need to find a way to enforce some minimum accountability
16:09:44 <williamq> and more importantly, we need to have someone covering for the Chair if (s)he cannot commit to the role
16:09:44 <williamq> so I suggest we start having a Vice-Chair
16:09:44 <williamq> #idea introduce a Vice-Chair position to cover for Chair who is not available
16:09:52 <williamq> another idea i have is to prolong Chairmanship from 1 month to 3 months
16:09:56 <williamq> or maybe 2 months
16:10:00 <williamq> I think 1 month is not long enough
16:10:12 <williamq> #idea prolong chairmanship to 3 months
16:10:16 <williamq> eom
16:10:19 <pierros> +!
16:10:20 <pierros> +!
16:10:22 <williamq> any comments?
16:10:25 <pierros> +1 *sigh*
16:10:27 <williamq> pierros: yes
16:10:54 <vineel> +1
16:11:23 <pierros> just a +1
16:11:34 <regnard> I'm a conditional +1
16:11:43 <Izel> 3 months is a long time ... I would like 2 months (4 meetings)
16:11:54 <williamq> Izel: yeah, i prefer 2 months
16:11:59 <Rami> Izel +1
16:12:05 <regnard> Mathematically, having 3 months of chairmanship means less chances for the rest of the Council to be chair
16:12:33 <williamq> regnard: sure, but as we have seen, not everyone on the council is able to be chair also
16:12:43 <williamq> being Chair is an added responsbility
16:13:18 <williamq> competency as a Chair should trump symmetry in role distribution
16:13:44 <williamq> you can be a great council member but not a great Chair due to lack of time
16:14:14 <regnard> fair enough
16:14:47 <williamq> ok looks like everyone agrees with having a Vice-Chair and a 2 month tenure
16:14:57 <regnard> +1
16:15:15 <williamq> #action williamq to draft new section on Chairmanship on ReMo wiki + send out update to council
16:15:29 <williamq> ok
16:15:33 <williamq> as we near the end of the meeting
16:15:41 <williamq> let's have quick votes on :
16:15:43 <williamq> Community India Meetup: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=833904
16:15:44 <remobot> Bug 833904: is not accessible.
16:15:44 <williamq> GNUnify'13 Sponsorship
16:15:44 <williamq> Swag for the same ^^
16:15:44 <williamq> Translathon in Mexico
16:16:23 <williamq> #link http://bit.ly/remo-council-voting-pad
16:16:37 <williamq> can we all vote quickly
16:16:59 <regnard> Can we separate the sponsorship and the community meetup requests?
16:17:12 <williamq> regnard: yes
16:17:23 <williamq> sponsorshp and community meetup are two separate things
16:17:55 <williamq> if we vote yes for the sponsorship, i will get the Developer Engagement team to make the payment
16:18:03 <williamq> it will not come out of the ReMo budget
16:18:53 <williamq> any other questions?
16:19:04 <regnard> wait, are seriously considering sponsoring the event for the amount? ($5000)
16:19:20 <williamq> that's what we paid in the past, I believe
16:19:25 <williamq> vineel: can you confirm?
16:19:44 <vineel> william  past two years $3000, this year $5000
16:19:50 <williamq> vineel: ok thanks
16:20:17 <vineel> regnard: what do you mean by are we seriously?
16:20:20 <regnard> I am OK with supporting the event, but not at that amount
16:21:01 <williamq> it is a pretty substantial sponsorship
16:21:01 <regnard> that's my main concern: the amount for the value we are getting
16:21:16 <williamq> we usually sponsor between $1000 and $3000
16:21:47 <regnard> this may need an offline discussion
16:21:56 <regnard> but I've shared my concerns
16:21:58 <williamq> regnard: yeah
16:22:02 <regnard> I've also voted anyways
16:22:14 <williamq> yes, and utimately the Dev Eng team will decide
16:22:23 <vineel> how about we propose same as last year?
16:22:32 <williamq> ReMo can only provide guidance to the Dev eng for this sponsorship
16:22:42 <williamq> let's take this offline
16:22:48 <vineel> okay
16:22:52 <williamq> on that note, I want to thank everyone for joining the meeting
16:23:05 <williamq> we're only 22 minutes past the hour :)
16:23:16 <williamq> I'll be sending out the notes and action items shortly
16:23:20 <regnard> 7 minutes past the official meeting end :P
16:23:21 <williamq> thanks again everyone!!!!
16:23:25 <regnard> thanks!
16:23:25 <williamq> regnard: true :)
16:23:39 <Izel> please .. remember the mexican translathon ...
16:23:57 <regnard> a bientot! :D
16:24:01 <williamq> yes, all please cast your vote today
16:24:06 <williamq> #endmeeting