15:01:45 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:01:54 <Kensie> williamq: outstanding bugs aren't on the agenda
15:02:04 <Rami> hey
15:02:05 <williamq> Kensie: can you add them ? thanks
15:02:33 <williamq> so, first of all, a very warm welcome to Bob, Ioana and Melek !
15:02:41 <Kensie> williamq: will do, will update the link in https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/councilmeeting-template
15:02:55 <melek> Hi there :)
15:02:55 <Rami> \0/
15:02:58 <williamq> as you know, they are only a few days away from officially joining the council
15:03:17 <williamq> I wish we had some type of fun ceremony with star wars music etc...
15:03:20 <williamq> but maybe next time
15:04:04 <williamq> as kensie mentioned, this will be the last meeting for 4 council members
15:04:19 <williamq> and the last meeting for Kensie and Vineel in more than 1 year and a half :)
15:04:31 <williamq> and Rami!
15:04:56 <Rami> :D
15:04:57 <williamq> a big big congrats to them for all the amazing work
15:05:13 <melek> yeahhh !! amazing work !!
15:05:22 <Rami> finally a break :D
15:05:46 <williamq> so, let's jump in the agenda
15:06:05 <williamq> please make sure you all have the agenda open https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130224
15:06:17 <williamq> #topic Webdev update
15:06:25 <williamq> pierros: care to chime in?
15:06:41 <pierros> hey all
15:06:43 <pierros> soooo
15:06:45 <deimidis> old Jedis, always Jedis :P
15:06:55 <pierros> as you saw in our last updates we have a new version!
15:07:05 <pierros> main features:
15:07:17 <pierros> - Timeline in events (spread it and provide feedback!)
15:07:30 <pierros> - Ability of vouched mozillians to login and create custom dashboards!
15:07:52 <pierros> this ability will be published across mozilla after MWC
15:07:59 <pierros> so that people can start using it extensively
15:08:17 <pierros> this week we are working on the voting system
15:08:28 <pierros> and improvements of event system
15:08:31 <pierros> expending to land next week
15:08:40 <pierros> (aprox 8-9 days)
15:08:56 <pierros> I will send out a detail updated and ask for feedback on that this week
15:09:00 <pierros> any questions?
15:09:16 <melek> nop for me!
15:09:26 <bobreyes> none so far
15:09:49 <williamq> a big hat tip to Pierros and the remo webdev crew for making this happen
15:10:12 <williamq> so many excitign things in the pipeline
15:10:52 <williamq> ok, moving on to the next agenda item
15:10:57 <williamq> #topic New council transition
15:11:27 <williamq> so, on friday, the new council officially starts its 6 month term
15:11:52 <williamq> i'll be making an announcement on my blog and on internal channels at Mozilla
15:12:08 <williamq> Regnard (Comms lead) will be making the announcement on reps-general
15:12:23 <regnard> yes, sorry for the late arrival
15:12:33 <williamq> pierros and I just had a quick briefing with Bob to discuss responsibilities and tasks
15:12:53 <williamq> I'll be reaching out to Soumya, Ioana and Melek this week to set up 1:1 calls so they can also be briefed
15:13:11 <williamq> by Friday, all new council members should be ready to hit the ground running, as we say in English
15:13:40 <williamq> #action williamq set up 1:1 with Melek, Soumya and Ioana for council briefing
15:14:14 <williamq> Pierros will also send out an email to the new jedis with details on their new access rights for bugzilla and the portal
15:14:27 <williamq> #action pierros to out an email to the new jedis with details on their new access rights for bugzilla and the portal
15:14:36 <pierros> +1
15:15:01 <Kensie> ?
15:15:08 <williamq> also, we'll need to make sure that all new jedis are on all the relevant aliases, including tasks force aliases
15:15:11 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:15:28 <Kensie> williamq: why not use the council list? It is probably a good refresher for sitting council members as well
15:16:03 <williamq> Kensie: I'm not sure i understand your question
15:16:14 <Kensie> for pierros' action
15:16:27 <Kensie> the refresher info, why not send it to everyone on the council list
15:16:33 <williamq> Kensie: oh right, sure
15:16:43 <williamq> abslutely
15:17:13 <williamq> : #action pierros to out an email to council with details on all new access rights for bugzilla and the portal and remove/subscribe members on specific aliases
15:17:39 <williamq> one last note on Task Forces
15:18:03 <williamq> please make sure to go over this page (epsecially new Jedis) #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Task_Forces
15:18:24 <williamq> it describes the roles and members of each task forces - please think of the task forces you would like to join
15:18:51 <williamq> last point before we move to the next agenda item: the next Council Work week
15:19:11 <williamq> we should probably have it some time end of May early June
15:19:27 <williamq> most probably in London or in San Francisco this time
15:19:40 <williamq> any questions?
15:20:03 <melek> nop :) it's perfectly clear !
15:20:04 <xelawafs> ?
15:20:06 <Rami> nop
15:20:14 <williamq> xelawafs: sure
15:20:14 <bobreyes> none
15:20:17 <IoanaChiorean|home> nope
15:20:23 <xelawafs> any chance of doing this in Asia?
15:20:29 <xelawafs> visa :(
15:20:43 <williamq> yes, very good point
15:20:47 <regnard> !
15:20:55 <williamq> one option would be to do it in Singapore
15:21:07 <williamq> or even perhaps in Nairobi :) (that would be my personal choice :)
15:21:20 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:21:26 <xelawafs> yeah, Nairobi sounds great too :)
15:21:32 <regnard> i kinda agree with Alex, SG would be a good place visa-wise
15:21:53 <regnard> i think more than half of the council would no problem getting there.
15:21:56 <regnard> eom
15:21:58 <williamq> absolutely - and flights there ar erelatively cheap
15:22:14 <williamq> #idea do the next council work week in SG
15:22:34 <williamq> ok moving on to the next agenda item: New Mentors
15:22:49 <williamq> #topic New Mentors
15:23:16 <williamq> so last council work week, the council added several names to the list of mentors
15:23:38 <williamq> so far, it's been going fairly well and these mentors have been following up on their new repsonsibilites
15:24:02 <williamq> that said, there has been growing frustration among Reps about the way mentors were selected
15:24:47 <williamq> now that we have a new voting system that will be landing on the Mozilla Reps portal, it would be good to revisit the way we select mentors and get mentors to recommend mentors and vote for them
15:25:08 <williamq> any reactions to this?
15:25:08 <melek> +1
15:25:13 <Kensie> why vote?
15:25:17 <regnard> !
15:25:45 <bobreyes> +1
15:25:48 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:26:08 <regnard> i think the votin system lends itself very well to the mentor nomination process
15:26:23 <williamq> +1
15:26:23 <Kensie> !
15:26:27 <regnard> ie, if a Rep feels he/she is ready to be a mentor, he/she should have a voice
15:26:42 <williamq> agreed
15:26:53 <regnard> however, there should still be a  review process on the council end to validate nominations and ultimately selection
15:26:58 <regnard> eom
15:27:03 <ioanachiorean> !
15:27:08 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:27:32 <Kensie> I don't think mentors should vote for new mentors. Discuss and raise concerns, but if they vote that feels like a club that selects its members.
15:27:51 <Kensie> That will be almost as bad as what people are frustrated with now. eom.
15:28:01 <williamq> ioanachiorean: yes
15:28:28 <ioanachiorean> I agree with kensie and regnard - waned to add that we should not make a popularity only voting
15:28:39 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:29:24 <williamq> it's tricky for sure
15:29:38 <regnard> !
15:29:45 <williamq> we definitely want to avoid having a popularity vote
15:29:48 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:30:46 <regnard> just playing devil's advocate, if a pure voting system is place, we may see a situation where there are too many mentors who are not qualified or do do not have the experience.
15:30:58 <regnard> eom
15:31:25 <williamq> sure, i can think of a few Reps who would probably garner A LOT of votes and not necessarily be qualified for the role
15:32:05 <melek> !
15:32:11 <williamq> melek; yes
15:32:24 <melek> and this is why we should have a final review after voting with council members! eom
15:33:27 <Kensie> !
15:33:28 <williamq> melek: so basically, the council ultimately decides and picks the final mentors, even if they're not the most popular ones, correct?
15:34:07 <williamq> eom
15:34:26 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:34:34 <melek> from the list of the most popular (voted) mentors ! this way even reps and mentors feel they are included in this process
15:34:36 <melek> eom
15:34:44 <williamq> melek: +1
15:34:52 <Kensie> 2 thoughts - Council can't override a vote, that would look really bad, so if council has final say it has to be on the candidates before the vote
15:35:08 <regnard> !
15:35:13 <williamq> Kensie: good point
15:35:16 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:35:19 <Kensie> but more importantly we're focusing right now on who is selecting the mentors, but I think the greater probem is the process - when we add mentors, who can nominate mentors, how many mentors we add
15:35:46 <Kensie> I think we should improve that process, then sort out how the final selection works. eom.
15:36:02 <williamq> +1
15:36:04 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:36:36 <melek> !
15:36:40 <regnard> if we place a scheduled mentor nomination process (eg quarterly, semi-annually), it will streamline the council review process a bit. eom
15:37:20 <williamq> regnard: yeah, we need to schedule it, no doubt - so far, we've basically been adding new mentors at each council work weeks
15:37:24 <williamq> melek: yes
15:37:26 <melek> we can add this voting system as one of the "criteria" and not the main criteria!
15:37:29 <melek> eom
15:37:38 <williamq> +1
15:38:14 <regnard> +1
15:38:25 <williamq> ok, good great feedback everyone  - I'll distill this in a reommendation on improving mentor selection and I'll send it to the council for review
15:38:43 <Kensie> +1
15:38:45 <williamq> #action williamq distill this meeting feedback on mentors in reommendation on improving mentor selection and I'll send it to the council for review
15:38:51 <williamq> moving on to the next item
15:39:00 <williamq> #topic     Chair duties + rotation
15:39:24 <williamq> so a few months ago, we introduced a rotating Chairmanship on the council
15:39:38 <williamq> every month, a memmber of the council is responsible for looking after council duties
15:39:51 <williamq> the problem is that it hasn't worked that well
15:40:15 <Kensie> !
15:40:25 <williamq> for example, FuzzyFox was chair this month and could not fulfill his responsibilities
15:40:33 <williamq> he had way too much school work
15:40:51 <williamq> so this led us to think of extending chairmanship to 2 or maybe even 3 months
15:41:18 <williamq> and it should be voluntary (ie. it should not be imposed)
15:41:40 <williamq> I would like for us to vote right now on whether or not we want to extend it 2 or 3 months
15:41:42 <williamq> eo
15:41:43 <williamq> eom
15:41:45 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:42:14 <Kensie> I think Regnard and Gloria did a great job. I was the first chair and there was a mixup as I'd asked to switch months but that didn't get followed up on.
15:42:35 <Kensie> I think 1 month *could* work with the extra stipulation that it's not imposed and people sign up for the months they want ahead of time.
15:42:48 <Kensie> eom
15:43:06 <regnard> !
15:43:10 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:43:50 <regnard> i think i said this before, but mathematically, 2 months makes sense, given how we cycle through council members. +1 on the voluntary aspect as well. eom
15:44:10 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:44:11 <melek> +1
15:44:14 <Kensie> !
15:44:26 <williamq> Kensie: yes, and then we vote :)
15:44:42 <Kensie> A more general comment, I prefer that we discuss the pros and cons of each side before voting. You know I don't like just voting ;)
15:44:58 <Kensie> eom
15:45:02 <bobreyes> +1 on 2 months
15:45:31 <williamq> basically, we want to avoid having a situation like we did with FuzzyFox
15:46:10 <Kensie> A longer term could also be more beneficial as the chair is supposed to be the liason with other groups
15:46:20 <williamq> Kensie: yes absolutely
15:46:28 <williamq> that's one big pro
15:46:53 <williamq> one big con is that it's double the work ...
15:47:05 <regnard> !
15:47:05 <williamq> ie. 4 council meetings to chair
15:47:09 <Kensie> yes, it might be harder for people to do the job over two months, easier to make the time over one
15:47:11 <Kensie> eom
15:47:41 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:47:49 <regnard> that's the reason it makes sense to make it voluntary... the council member knows his/her schedule and would be able to assess if taking on the extra work is manageable. eom
15:48:06 <williamq> right
15:48:28 <williamq> ok i think everyone agrees tht it should be voluntary
15:48:38 <williamq> the vote is now on whether we should have 1 or 2 months
15:48:42 <ioanachiorean> +1 for 2 months +1 for voluntary decision when
15:49:08 <williamq> +1 for 1 month / +1 for voluntary
15:49:22 <xelawafs> +1 2 months, +1 voluntary
15:49:41 <melek> +1 voluntary +1 2 months
15:49:59 <regnard> +1 on both
15:50:26 <bobreyes> +1 on both
15:50:30 <Kensie> I will abstain as I think it is more important to go with what the sitting council members want
15:50:44 <Rami> +1 BOTH
15:51:19 <williamq> pierros: vote?
15:51:39 <pierros> +1 on both
15:52:04 <williamq> ok, so the council has voted for a voluntary chairmanship for 2 months
15:52:26 <williamq> this will come into effect on March 1st, at the beginning of the term of the new council
15:53:11 <williamq> the current chair (me) will elaborate the list of the next 3 chairs based on the council members feedback
15:53:31 <williamq> #action williamq to communicate new list of chairs on March 1st
15:53:38 <Kensie> !
15:53:42 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:53:57 * williamq reminds everyone we have 7 mins left for the meeting
15:53:57 <Kensie> williamq: shouldn't you ask for volunteers if someone will start on March 1st?
15:54:10 <regnard> !
15:54:12 <Kensie> eom
15:54:21 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:54:29 <regnard> i submit to extend the meeting by 20 minutes, to cover the rest of agenda
15:54:33 <Kensie> +1
15:54:38 <williamq> regnard: ok
15:54:57 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:55:11 <williamq> ok moving on to next agenda item:     Mozilla Reps Activity Module (see : https://wiki.mozilla.org/Modules/Mozilla_Reps)
15:55:30 <williamq> very quickly, this was an initiative started by mitchell to create an activity module for Mozilla Reps
15:55:40 <williamq> it seems to have gotten general support
15:56:00 <williamq> there were a few concerns shared on the governance mailing list but i think we clarified things and we are all set
15:56:11 <williamq> if you have any questions about this, please do it by email
15:56:24 <williamq> next item: App Days in a Box
15:56:34 <williamq> #topic Review App Days in a Box
15:56:52 <williamq> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/AppDaysInABox please review and share your feedback by email
15:56:57 <Kensie> !
15:57:09 <williamq> Kensie: yes
15:57:22 <Kensie> Is there a mailing list thread for it?
15:58:05 <williamq> Kensie: for the App Days in a Box?
15:58:21 <Kensie> yes, is there already a thread with the link that we can reply to? I don't recall seeing one, that is should someone start it
15:58:23 <Kensie> eom
15:58:51 <williamq> I beieve Brian King is leading that
15:59:07 <regnard> !
15:59:10 <williamq> #action williamq to ask Brian King to chime in on reps-council@mozilla.com
15:59:17 <williamq> regnard: yes
15:59:26 <regnard> what is the budget structure for the App Days in a Box?
15:59:46 <williamq> regnard: no idea :(
15:59:50 <pierros> regnard: ? elaborate?
16:00:38 <regnard> will the ADIAB events be supported in a special manner, budget-wise (like the other App Days)?
16:01:12 <regnard> or is it just a set of resources and events would be treated like any other. eom
16:01:29 <pierros> as for budget = like any other
16:01:43 <williamq> ok cool
16:01:47 <pierros> for resources (materials prezos etc..) we will make extra sure to have them updated
16:02:24 <williamq> moving on to the next agenda item
16:02:39 <williamq> #topic Student Firefox Ambassador Program
16:03:19 <williamq> so as you have all seen, Kate has more or less finished her plan to re-launch the Student Firefox Ambassador Program (formerly known as the Student Reps program)
16:04:07 <williamq> it incorporates some ideas the council came up with in Toronto (ie. Firefox Clubs) but it also keeps some of the features of the old program (ie. individual sign-up, distinctive branding etc…)
16:04:22 <williamq> the soft launch of the program is scheduled for early April
16:04:28 <bobreyes> !
16:04:42 <williamq> bobreyes: yes
16:05:06 <bobreyes> Why Student Firefox Ambassador not Student Mozilla Ambassador? Will it be limited to the browser branding?
16:05:33 <melek> +1
16:05:43 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:05:46 * ioanachiorean needs to run, she is trvaellling - will catch up on logs
16:05:54 <williamq> bobreyes: the aim is to leverage the Firefox brand as it is more powerful than the mozilla brand
16:06:25 <regnard> !
16:06:26 <williamq> also, activities of students ambassadors will be focused essentially on promoting Firefox
16:06:32 <williamq> regnard: yes
16:07:01 <regnard> is the sign-ups retro-active, or will current student contributors need to re-join?
16:07:02 <regnard> eom
16:07:31 <williamq> good question: I believe it will be retro-active although i'm not sure
16:07:45 <williamq> #action williamq to ask Kate if signuup will be retor active
16:08:03 <williamq> ok, for all other questions of comment, please make sure to ask Kate directly
16:08:18 <williamq> next item: urgent bugs that need our attention
16:08:25 <williamq> #topic urgent bugs
16:08:28 <williamq> anything in particular?
16:08:34 <williamq> Kensie?
16:08:44 <Kensie> williamq: most of them are budget bugs, but for some reason I can no longer search budget bugs - pierros do you know if there was a change?
16:09:07 <Kensie> williamq: We'll have to assume this time that the urgent bugs are on the voting pad
16:09:13 <pierros> no idea
16:09:17 <pierros> I will have to look into it
16:09:17 <Kensie> and I'll figure out the search issue
16:09:22 <regnard> #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/studentprogram-plan-counciloverview this is Kate's etherpad, for the new council's benefit
16:09:53 <williamq> ok, i don't believe there are any urgent bugs we need to approve
16:09:58 <Kensie> williamq: voting pad looks good though so unless someone has a bug to raise lets move on
16:10:04 <williamq> agreed
16:10:09 <williamq> moving on to the last item on the agenda
16:10:18 <Kensie> !
16:10:22 <williamq> Kensie: yes
16:10:45 <Kensie> Even though I am FREEE!!!!! I noticed Gloria has trouble making the meeting time, so I wanted to add it anyway to confirm this is still the best time for the new council.
16:11:02 <williamq> Kensie: :) thanks
16:11:33 <williamq> so, for the new jedis in particular, we shose 3pm UTC to accommodate for council members in asia and north america
16:11:59 <melek> Okey :)
16:12:02 <williamq> since we have Bob in the Philippines, and Regnard in Toronto, looks like 3pm UTC still seems like the best time
16:12:15 <williamq> Bob: could you meet later? or is that stretching it?
16:12:52 <bobreyes> 3PM UTC is fine with e
16:12:56 <Kensie> !
16:13:08 <williamq> Kensie: yes
16:13:34 <Kensie> The other issue besides time was day. 3pmUTC on a weekday is different from on a Sunday. I imagine most people would rather meet on a weekday if possible
16:14:03 <williamq> would anyone here prefer meeting during the week at 3pm UTC?
16:14:29 <williamq> #action williamq to run a doodle survey to choose new date for council meeting
16:14:42 <williamq> in any case, i'll run a doodle survey, it'll be better this way :)
16:14:47 <williamq> thanks for raising this Kensie!
16:14:50 <williamq> ok, that's all folks
16:15:01 <regnard> awright
16:15:04 <williamq> we're finishing a few mins before schedule :)
16:15:09 <melek> :)
16:15:09 <Kensie> :-{D
16:15:19 <williamq> thank you all for joining!!!!
16:15:34 <Kensie> c|:-{D
16:15:36 <Rami> thnx all…
16:15:50 <williamq> a warm welcome once again to Bob, Soumya, Melek and Ioana and warm goodbye to Kensie, FuzzyFox, Rami and Vineel!!!
16:15:57 <bobreyes> thanks! bye :D
16:16:10 <Rami> it's been amazing experience
16:16:22 <melek> thanks :)) and again amazing work to the councils who are leaving !!
16:16:22 <Rami> wish you all the best and good luck
16:16:24 <Kensie> Yes, looking forward to new things.
16:16:26 <Rami> enjoy the ride :)
16:16:35 <Kensie> So happy to see you guys taking over!
16:16:41 <williamq> May the source be with you :)
16:16:41 <Kensie> Especially you ladies!
16:16:45 <Kensie> 3 Women!!!
16:16:51 <melek> :)
16:16:57 <williamq> #endmeeting