15:05:45 <pierros> #startmeeting Reps Council Meeting 2013-03-10
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15:05:53 <pierros> #chair regnard
15:05:53 <remobot> Current chairs: pierros regnard
15:05:58 <pierros> #topic Intro
15:06:09 <pierros> Welcome all to our second IRC meeting for this new council!
15:06:14 <pierros> Agenda can be found here:
15:06:21 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130310
15:06:31 <pierros> Let jump in our first topic for today:
15:06:38 <pierros> #topic New council!
15:06:51 <pierros> As you all know (and experience!) we have a new council :)
15:07:12 <pierros> For practicalities that means that you all new, need to be familiarized with all our tools and procedures
15:07:18 <pierros> by now you should have:
15:07:34 <pierros> - Council bit in our portal [Fixed]
15:07:43 <pierros> - Council group in bugzilla [Fixed]
15:07:51 <pierros> - Access to voting pad [Fixed ? ]
15:08:06 <pierros> - Added in reps-council alias email [Fixed]
15:08:20 <pierros> - Added in reps-council mailing list (separate from alias) [?]
15:08:30 <pierros> - OP status in IRC [fixed]
15:08:48 <pierros> on item 3 and 5 can you please confirm?
15:09:19 <bobreyes> Confirmed my end
15:09:19 <Debloper> !
15:09:29 <ioanachiorean> confirmed here
15:09:31 <pierros> I also just checked voting it is ok
15:09:38 <pierros> what about the list?
15:09:38 * Debloper confirms.
15:09:42 <melek> confirmed too !
15:09:58 * Debloper isn't sure about the list - alias, confirmed.
15:10:40 <pierros> ok So i just checked the list you are not in it
15:10:43 <pierros> let me clarify this:
15:10:52 <pierros> we have two ways to communicate via email
15:11:22 <pierros> 1. reps-council@mozilla.com This is our council alias that *is not* a mailing list. Everyone can send an email there but only we receive it.
15:11:45 <pierros> Please make sure to reply-to-all on that so we can all get those and keep in mind that there are no archives
15:12:00 <Debloper> to/from:reps-council@lists.mozilla.org none. (unless cross posted to general list.)
15:12:14 <pierros> 2. reps-council@lists.mozilla.org This is a mailman list that although we are the only ones posting, the archives are public
15:12:39 <pierros> Debloper: not entirely true :)
15:12:47 <pierros> What should happen is this:
15:13:09 <pierros> When you have a topic that you want to share with the council @lists.mo should be the default
15:13:32 <pierros> *only* when something is of private and sensitive nature it should be on @mozilla.com
15:13:44 <pierros> (I am doing the mistake too sometimes :P )
15:13:55 <pierros> we just need to be mindful to be as open as possible
15:13:58 <pierros> all OK with this?
15:14:02 <pierros> is it super clear?
15:14:11 <ioanachiorean> i'm ok - clear now.
15:14:19 <bobreyes> OK!
15:14:24 <pierros> I will make sure to clean up the mailing list and add you after the meeting
15:14:27 <Debloper> Clear.
15:14:28 <melek> Yes! perfectly!!
15:14:36 <pierros> #action pierros cleans up the ml and adds new council members
15:14:42 <pierros> now one final point on that:
15:14:46 * Debloper just subscribed to reps-council himself - if that's okay.
15:15:12 <pierros> Some people want to subscribe to reps-council@lists I would say that they dont need to and we should not allow that
15:15:17 <pierros> archives are open
15:15:43 <pierros> they can still access those, but for clarity's sake we should be the only ones subscribed
15:15:51 <pierros> are you all OK with that?
15:15:56 <ioanachiorean> i am
15:16:02 <regnard> +1
15:16:06 <melek> +1
15:16:07 <xelawafs> +1
15:16:16 <pierros> (we can always though keep them with "mod" bit so they cannot post)
15:16:18 <bobreyes> +1
15:16:19 <Debloper> have a question
15:16:25 <pierros> Debloper: go ahead
15:17:03 <Debloper> is the list subscription handles by the the moderators, or new-council members has to join by themselves?
15:17:14 <Debloper> *handled
15:17:20 <pierros> I will add you there
15:17:34 <pierros> so should we keep only us as subscribed?
15:17:46 <Debloper> yeah, makes sense :)
15:18:09 <ioanachiorean> agree - it is open for other ones so I would say yes
15:18:18 <ioanachiorean> if they want to write - use alias
15:18:30 <pierros> ioanachiorean: ok cool just did :)
15:18:36 <melek> +1 ioanachirean
15:19:02 <pierros> still missing 3 in the list
15:19:15 <pierros> bobreyes: melek and alex
15:19:22 <pierros> which emails you prefer?
15:19:43 <melek> melek@arabicmozilla.org please :)
15:19:57 <bobreyes> bob@mozillaph.org
15:20:15 * Debloper prefers the list for (non-sensitive) discussions & alias as fallback for urgent/sensitive topics.
15:20:49 <pierros> Debloper: thats the idea +1 :)
15:21:18 <pierros> OK all added!
15:21:22 <pierros> moving on:
15:21:27 <pierros> #topic WebDev update
15:21:33 <pierros> this week we are landing the voting system
15:21:54 <pierros> this is the first iteration of the system and we want feedback on how we can make it work for our council needs too
15:22:03 <regnard> ?
15:22:12 <pierros> shortly we would like to streamline our voting more than ever and abandon the council voting pad
15:22:15 <pierros> regnard:
15:22:43 <regnard> does this also cover the elections voting as well (ie, mentor, council Elections), etc)
15:22:56 <regnard> eom
15:22:56 <pierros> regnard: yeap it should!
15:23:20 <pierros> we are building it in a flexible way with different voting eligible groups that can be selected
15:23:45 <pierros> so if we want to have a range voting among council for the new mentors this should be able to happen next week :)
15:23:52 <pierros> any questions anyone?
15:23:57 <regnard> ?
15:24:01 <pierros> regnard:
15:24:45 <regnard> i have a few: will the raising of items for voting be automated (e.g. budget requests) or does it have to be manually entered?
15:24:54 <regnard> also, what are the notification options?
15:24:56 <regnard> eom
15:25:14 <pierros> for now manually entered (until we bind it to our email list and it can create them for us)
15:25:34 <pierros> notifications would go out to all eligible voters the moment the voting starts
15:25:41 <regnard> cool, thanks :)
15:25:45 <pierros> we will be able to amend those with added feedback
15:26:00 <pierros> any other q?
15:26:37 <melek> nop!
15:27:15 <regnard> Pierros, i think people can directly message you for webdev clarifications
15:27:27 <pierros> ok cool moving on!
15:27:36 <pierros> #topic Budget requests and voting pad
15:27:55 <pierros> There are 3 votes that need to be casted for 3 new budgets
15:28:01 <pierros> (please do not link the pad here)
15:28:09 <pierros> vote asap please :)
15:28:16 <pierros> any questions on that?
15:28:25 <Debloper> ?
15:29:11 <Debloper> Is there a soft time-limit within which votes has to be casted?
15:29:50 <regnard> in the prior discussions, items should be voted on or decided within 48 hours
15:30:03 <regnard> that's the ideal state at least
15:30:24 <pierros> Debloper: there is 2 days
15:30:33 <pierros> regnard: we need to somehow automate this
15:30:41 <pierros> through the portal we can easily do that
15:30:51 <pierros> for now please all check the voting pad each day :)
15:30:52 <pierros> thanks!
15:30:59 <pierros> any other questions before we move on?
15:31:00 <regnard> pierros, i totally agree. i think the webdev update can solve that bit
15:31:02 <regnard> !
15:31:09 <pierros> regnard:
15:32:06 <regnard> just wanted to air out my thoughts on a recent comment by Vineel on #link https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=847163#c12
15:32:07 <remobot> Bug 847163: is not accessible.
15:33:23 <pierros> regnard: go ahead :)
15:33:38 <regnard> Re: budget reviews, Council has the responsibility to act as the final filter/reviewer for budget requests, and we all operate on trust
15:34:19 <regnard> I felt Vineel and some Indian community members took it a bit personally
15:35:00 <regnard> To us in this meeting, do not be afraid to come into some little tension/conflicts with some community members if it is within your duty as COuncil Members
15:35:14 <regnard> This is actually some of the hard things about being in the COuncil, IMHO.
15:35:18 <regnard> eom
15:35:31 <Debloper> !
15:35:45 <pierros> Debloper:
15:36:05 <Debloper> hey regnard, I didn't take it personally. You can check my comment
15:36:20 <Debloper> (& no one except for me & Vineel is Indian there)
15:36:48 <Debloper> last time we made local swags, it was from Bangalore & it costed around 7$ each.
15:37:08 <Debloper> we also had to count the transportation charge from Bangalore to Kolkata (2000km)
15:37:30 <Debloper> so, we counted it as 10$ - it was apot for the time being.
15:37:48 <pierros> !
15:38:04 <Debloper> now that everyone thinks it's too much, we might need to find a Kolkata based producer - quality might be less good.
15:38:06 <Debloper> eom.
15:38:15 <Debloper> yes pierros, please!
15:38:18 <pierros> One general note:
15:38:55 <pierros> Once a budget request enters the approval phase (regardless of the amount), we as the council are ultimately responsible for it
15:39:08 <pierros> we can raise concerns and flags and suggestions
15:39:28 <pierros> *but* we also have to remind ourselves that we operate on trust among each other
15:39:40 <pierros> (no other way to scale and build a strong community)
15:39:54 <pierros> friendly suggestions and pointers are more than welcome
15:40:24 <pierros> but we should not overeact (thats for *all*) and certainly not argue over comments on bugzilla
15:40:50 <pierros> we have the voting procedure so we can reach a decision.
15:41:14 <pierros> all is cool and we are always available in our alias to discuss any issues
15:41:26 <pierros> can we consider this set and move on?
15:41:35 <regnard> +1
15:42:26 <pierros> Debloper:  bobreyes ioanachiorean melek xelawafs ?
15:42:39 <xelawafs> +1
15:42:40 <bobreyes> move on
15:42:43 <melek> totally okey with you :)
15:42:46 <ioanachiorean> move on
15:42:46 <Debloper> +1
15:43:02 <ioanachiorean> i am ok - got the point and I agree with it
15:43:11 <pierros> #topic Next Chair
15:43:24 <pierros> sooo :) we need a new chair for 2 more months :)
15:43:37 <pierros> volunteer as we agreed on previous meeting
15:43:46 <pierros> regnard: can you run the procedure?
15:44:00 <regnard> yes,
15:44:09 <pierros> (on new chair and getting her/him familiarized)
15:44:55 <pierros> so, any volunteers? regnard care to explain what this entails?
15:45:10 <regnard> to give a quick overview of the chair, please take some time to look at the wiki: v
15:45:13 <regnard> oops
15:45:17 <regnard> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council
15:45:45 <regnard> as we agreed on last time, each Council Member will have 2 months
15:46:11 <regnard> Based on our schedule, it looks like the next Chair would be April. (Can cou confirm this Pierros?)
15:46:44 <regnard> Also, being a Chair is extra work for sure
15:46:45 <pierros> well are we now in interim phase?
15:47:30 <regnard> ANd each of us know our schedule best, so you know which months make sense for you to be a Chair, if you want to
15:48:09 <regnard> please bear in mind that being in the Council is a leadership opportunity in the Mozilla community, so if you also want to hone your leadership skills, volunteering for a Chair would be recommended
15:49:34 <melek> :) I can do it for April !! I work on a project and April is the month is month when I have less work :)
15:49:37 <ioanachiorean> I can/ want to do it for jun/jul
15:49:45 <regnard> So, to start the voluntary steps, I've created some section in the Etherpad
15:49:49 <bobreyes> Aug-Sep will do for me ...
15:50:02 <regnard> Please indicate your preferred months there
15:50:16 <ioanachiorean> melek can you do may too? otherwise I can take first slot
15:50:21 <Debloper> oct-nov for me, then!
15:50:26 <ioanachiorean> I tough regnand will have it as entire slot
15:50:41 <melek> yes no problem ioana!!
15:50:41 <regnard> Yes, it is a 2-month commitment
15:51:09 <ioanachiorean> so regnand you will do only next meeting and after melek steps in or the whole 2 months termn and after I come in?
15:51:16 <Debloper> or, is it possilble not to chair both the months in one go - rather do it in two one months slots? (if that doesn't add any extra overhead.)
15:51:55 <regnard> @ioana: the Council chairs all the meetings on the months he/she chose
15:52:03 <ioanachiorean> well last meeting we voted for 2 months i think
15:52:12 <ioanachiorean> that's why I've asked regnand
15:52:39 <Debloper> ah, sorry then - I wasn't present.
15:52:47 <regnard> please take note that the next council cycles out on Aug/Sept
15:53:35 <regnard> so any questions? Are we all clear with the expectations? :)
15:54:00 <ioanachiorean> no - do you have april and may too - or just next meeting
15:54:02 <ioanachiorean> ?
15:54:05 * Debloper checked that. Cancel out oct-nov for me, then.
15:54:15 <regnard> yes ioana?
15:54:31 <ioanachiorean> do you have april and may too - or just next meeting?
15:54:37 <regnard> the council chair starts on April
15:54:40 <ioanachiorean> as pierros mentioned you as next chair
15:54:43 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:54:46 <ioanachiorean> got that
15:54:56 <pierros> so for next meeting regnard
15:55:00 <melek> Okey so I'm in for April/May
15:55:06 <pierros> then 1st of April and two months melek
15:55:12 <regnard> yes, i'll chair the next meeting
15:55:19 <pierros> April/May = Melek
15:55:29 <ioanachiorean> awesome. clear now.
15:55:32 <pierros> Jun/Jul = Ioana
15:55:41 <pierros> Aug/Sep = bobreyes
15:55:49 <pierros> Oct/Nov = Debloper
15:55:51 <pierros> ok all?
15:55:57 <Debloper> ok
15:55:58 <melek> yes for me!
15:56:04 <bobreyes> ok
15:56:04 <pierros> ioanachiorean:
15:56:05 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:56:05 <regnard> looks good
15:56:08 <pierros> ok great!
15:56:13 <pierros> next topic
15:56:17 <pierros> #topic Next plans
15:56:43 <pierros> we need to abstract ourselves from everyday items and plan for mid-long term plans
15:57:11 <pierros> it makes sense to have a physical meeting sometime within next two months as new council to plan
15:57:16 <pierros> we are working on that with WilliamQ
15:57:25 <pierros> meanwhile I will kickstart some threads in our list
15:57:31 <pierros> any questions?
15:57:44 <ioanachiorean> no.
15:57:47 <regnard> Any idea when the meeting will be?
15:58:39 <regnard> Also re: location, majority of Council members require visas to enter Europe, UK, US, and Canada
15:58:56 <regnard> eom
15:59:12 <ioanachiorean> (i got 10 y visa for usa - just fyi - or at leat 8 something )
15:59:23 <pierros> US might make sense
15:59:29 <pierros> or even Greece again :)
15:59:31 <pierros> we will see
15:59:35 <pierros> moving on:
15:59:52 <pierros> #topic Workweek update
16:00:11 <pierros> the person who added it, which workweek is she/he referring to>
16:00:13 <pierros> ?
16:00:24 <regnard> i did place it
16:00:30 <regnard> it's the council meeting
16:00:40 <pierros> council?
16:01:04 <ioanachiorean> we discussed about this above
16:01:05 <regnard> the meeting that you had just mentioned earlier
16:01:33 <regnard> i thought you had read my mind :D
16:01:47 <pierros> I am confused :)
16:01:56 <pierros> which meeting are we referring to?
16:02:02 <xelawafs> haha, you just covered the topic pierros
16:02:10 <pierros> haha
16:02:13 <regnard> LOL
16:02:21 <regnard> "it makes sense to have a physical meeting sometime within next two months as new council to plan" -> this meeting
16:02:27 <pierros> ok let me give you an update on my team's workweek in London last week then
16:02:59 <pierros> So my team (Community Engagement) had a meeting last week in London
16:03:21 <pierros> the focus was community activities around FirefoxOS
16:03:31 <pierros> and the main focus are the launch countries
16:03:33 <pierros> so the concept is:
16:04:42 <pierros> there will be 2 training weeks for reps that are in launch countries (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Argentina) to train them to do local marketing activities and form launch groups
16:04:58 <pierros> also this will include training on how to go and train sales people in local stores! :)
16:05:03 <bobreyes> ?
16:05:15 <pierros> As we did with Training Days this will be an opt-in invitation event
16:05:35 <pierros> people will step up to say they want to work on this and as reps they will lead local activities
16:05:51 <pierros> (with huge ground support and supporters (new volunteers))
16:05:55 <pierros> bobreyes:
16:06:07 <bobreyes> When is the actual launch of Firefox OS on those countries?
16:08:18 <pierros> 1st of June are the first round then 15th of June and 1st of Aug
16:08:24 <pierros> (still kinda tentative
16:08:24 <pierros> )
16:08:28 <pierros> any other questions?
16:08:40 <pierros> more info will be communicated as we are getting closer to the actual events
16:09:02 <bobreyes> Thanks! Just for planning / matching the events locally
16:09:11 <ioanachiorean> EE - serbia + bosnia and hertegovina + poland? or more countries?
16:09:42 <pierros> montenegro + hungary + czech republic + solvakia
16:09:50 <ioanachiorean> awesome
16:10:07 <pierros> anything else on that front?
16:10:16 <melek> no
16:10:23 <ioanachiorean> no
16:10:26 <pierros> ok moving on!
16:10:31 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
16:10:45 <pierros> please ask any questions or raise any topic you want to discuss
16:10:53 <pierros> if not I am closing this meeting in 2 mins
16:10:54 <pierros> :)
16:11:05 <pierros> (we are already in 70mins)
16:11:16 <regnard> i'm all right
16:11:17 <Debloper> !
16:11:21 <pierros> Debloper:
16:11:29 <Debloper> Got Kensie's mail just now.
16:11:47 <Debloper> I'd like to take care of the IT Task Force, rather than the Budget.
16:11:56 <pierros> Debloper: go for it!
16:12:05 <pierros> start commenting them and approve/deny them :)
16:12:24 <Debloper> also, for not attaining the last meeting, I'm not sure - what all other task forces are there (wiki doesn't tell much).
16:12:26 <Debloper> eom
16:12:47 <melek> !
16:12:52 <pierros> regnard: can you clarify this on the wiki and send an update
16:12:53 <pierros> ?
16:12:54 <pierros> melek:
16:13:12 <melek> I think we need to schedule a task force topic next meeting ! it's not very clear
16:13:16 <regnard> Here's the link to the task forces: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Task_Forces
16:13:17 <melek> eom
16:13:53 <regnard> I'll try to add some extra content on the wiki, but the TF's were fleshed out in the last council meeting
16:14:17 <regnard> The task forces will be part of next meeting's agenda
16:14:19 <regnard> thanks melek!
16:14:31 <pierros> thanks regnard!
16:14:47 <Debloper> thanks regnard :)
16:14:56 <regnard> np!
16:15:04 <melek> :) perfect! this will be very helpful
16:15:11 <pierros> ok all :) wrapping this up!
16:15:30 <pierros> Thanks all for participating in this wonderful meeting!
16:15:33 <pierros> #endmeeting