15:07:20 <melek> #startmeeting
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15:07:32 <melek> Hi every one :)
15:07:36 <williamq> hello!
15:07:46 <melek> the agenda for our meeting is here https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130407
15:07:56 <melek> and let's start our first topic !!
15:08:07 <melek> #topic rep of the month
15:08:11 <pierros> hello :)
15:08:22 <pierros> williamq: recording will not work :S but you can try :)
15:08:30 <williamq> pierros: ok :)
15:08:36 <melek> as you know we have some issues for the rep of the month prodedure
15:08:49 <melek> we forgot to do it for feb ans march!!
15:09:02 <melek> we have some proposals to fix that
15:09:22 <melek> Gloria for example  proposed to add some automatic emails to remind
15:09:33 <melek> mentors to select reps, and remind council to vote
15:09:57 <melek> Regnard proposed to make it "a chair task"
15:10:08 <williamq> i'm in favour of both suggestions
15:10:08 <melek> so we need to find a solution
15:10:25 <Izel> !
15:10:26 <melek> we need to define the chair
15:10:32 <melek> task
15:10:33 <williamq> i think we need to automaticlaly repind mentors and council to suggest names and for the chair to ultimately decide
15:10:33 <melek> yes Izel
15:10:36 <ioanachiorean> Either way o think the chair will automate it
15:10:55 <williamq> voting will take too much time
15:11:13 <Izel> I thin an automatic task is better
15:11:25 <williamq> Reps leaders should have the opportunity to suggest names of Reps they think should be nominated, but it should be the chair's decision
15:11:53 <melek> every one is okey to have that?!
15:12:02 <Izel> !
15:12:05 <regnard> !
15:12:08 <melek> yes Izel
15:12:31 <Izel> Williamq you mean automatic reminder and the chair chooses the rep of the month?
15:12:40 <williamq> Izel: yes
15:12:49 <Izel> Agree!
15:12:54 <melek> regnard go ahead
15:13:32 <melek> oups regnard still here?
15:13:36 <regnard> if i remember correctly, it was that the chair makes the shortlist of the rep of the month candidates, and the council chooses
15:13:52 <Izel> !
15:13:55 <regnard> eom
15:13:59 <melek> ow it's a total different way !!
15:14:01 <melek> yes Izel
15:14:30 <williamq> !
15:14:34 <Izel> Regnard We notify mentors, they choose a candidate and council voted
15:14:39 <Izel> vote*
15:14:53 <Izel> that was the process that we try to do
15:14:58 <regnard> !
15:15:00 <Izel> eom
15:15:03 <melek> williamq yep
15:15:34 <williamq> the problem is, we clearly are not capable of having a collective vote on reps of the month, we have tried and tried again and again and it doesn't work
15:15:43 <williamq> we missed 2 entire months without reps of the month
15:15:55 <Izel> !
15:15:56 <williamq> so i think having the chair having ultimate power to decide just makes it simpler and easier
15:15:57 <williamq> eom
15:16:05 <melek> regnard
15:17:09 <regnard> the council has been very responsive with voting lately and i think we just need a list of reps to vote on. that list can be made by the chair. but i'm open to trying out any method to see where we find success
15:17:12 <regnard> eom
15:17:29 <melek> okey any other ideas?
15:17:31 <Izel> !
15:17:34 <pierros> williamq: +1
15:17:37 <melek> yes izel
15:17:51 <Izel> the problem is not the council voting, the problem is, we always forget to make a call, so mentors cant nominate reps
15:18:00 <xelawafs> !
15:18:15 <Izel> so we just need an automatic reminder to mentors
15:18:30 <Izel> and a list to add the nominated reps
15:18:47 <Izel> and next , our voting... this was the only human task
15:18:49 <Izel> eom
15:18:53 <melek> xelawafs
15:19:14 <xelawafs> how about passing this responsibility to mentors
15:19:22 <regnard> !
15:19:43 <melek> can you explain that xelawafs
15:20:11 <williamq> !
15:20:53 <melek> regnard go ahead the time xelawafs reply  :)
15:21:14 <regnard> @xelawafs: mentors approach did not work
15:21:16 <regnard> eom
15:21:22 <melek> williamq
15:21:41 <williamq> so, one other thing we need to consider is the new voting tool Pierros and his devs are developing
15:21:54 <pierros> yeah this actually has reminders
15:22:06 <pierros> once a vote is created eom
15:22:13 <williamq> i think in a month or two, we can envision having a tool that will make it easy for mentors to nominate reps they think should be reps of the month and then for council to vote on it
15:22:13 <melek> cool !!
15:22:26 <regnard> +1
15:22:31 <williamq> but in the meantime, i think we should just stick to a simple and efficient solution ie. having the chair decide
15:22:33 <williamq> eom
15:22:34 <pierros> range voting ftw
15:22:35 <pierros> :)
15:22:37 <ioanachiorean> +1pierros williamq
15:22:47 <Izel> Coool!
15:23:00 <melek> other thoughts?
15:23:09 <xelawafs> williamq: +1
15:23:13 <Izel> !
15:23:23 <melek> izel
15:24:13 <regnard> next item?
15:24:19 <Izel> pierros A tool for nomination, but for reminder? Is necesary to make a call to mentors to remind them their must nominate reps
15:24:23 <Izel> eom
15:24:47 <melek> izel I think the automatic reminder is already included in the new tool
15:24:50 <melek> right pierros?
15:24:56 <ioanachiorean> " (@pierros) yeah this actually has reminders"
15:25:00 <regnard> +1 automatic notification similar to reps report reminer
15:25:08 <melek> great so
15:25:14 <melek> so all of us agree that until the new tool land we will have automatic reminder (or an email send by the char), mentor+council nominate reps, chair choose and announce ?
15:25:16 <pierros> indeed
15:25:19 <Izel> Cool ! :D
15:25:26 <deimidis> sorry people, are you at Vidyo?
15:25:43 <melek> deimidis : not for the moment, we are having the council meeting here
15:25:44 <Izel> !
15:25:57 <melek> and after that we will move to vidyo for the Hispano
15:25:59 <melek> discussion!
15:26:08 <melek> Izel yes
15:26:32 <deimidis> sorry then
15:26:42 <melek> it's okey !
15:26:59 <Izel> reminder and nomination is soverd! :) But voting? we will still voting as council or just the chair?
15:27:10 <melek> nop
15:27:12 <melek> just the chair
15:28:02 <melek> okey so I suppose problem fixed! let's try this until we have the new tool !!
15:28:09 <Izel> ok .. I am taking notes ....
15:28:09 <pierros> voting tool makes it wasy for people to vote as council if we want
15:28:10 <Izel> eom
15:28:12 <regnard> +1
15:28:26 <melek> +1 pierros
15:28:37 <melek> do we need to update the SOPs
15:28:40 <melek> ?
15:28:59 <williamq> yes, i'll do that with you melek (since you're chair)
15:29:09 <williamq> #action williamq to update Rep of the Month SOP
15:29:28 <melek> #action melek send an email to announce the new procedure
15:29:32 <melek> perfect
15:29:37 <melek> let's move now
15:29:49 <Izel> :)
15:29:55 <melek> #topic 2013 event agenda
15:30:24 <melek> okey in toronto we met (pierros, william, regnard, deb and I )
15:30:37 <melek> and we had a quick listing
15:30:41 <melek> for the upcoming events
15:30:42 <melek> [https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-2013-events]
15:30:58 <melek> regnard sent an email and many of you
15:31:08 <melek> added local events/meetups
15:31:20 <williamq> ?
15:31:25 <melek> yep williamq
15:31:39 <williamq> i have a question for bob
15:31:48 <regnard> bob is not around right now
15:31:49 <williamq> regarding the  Firefox Student Ambassadors Meetup (Mid-August)
15:31:55 <melek> he is not here :s
15:32:03 <williamq> does anyone know what this event is about?
15:32:04 <williamq> eom
15:32:21 <melek> no idea for me !!
15:32:33 <williamq> ok, we'll just wait for bob to chime in then
15:32:37 <williamq> !
15:32:51 <melek> okey so you have the pad and
15:32:55 <melek> if you have any question
15:33:00 <williamq> i have one quick comment
15:33:03 <melek> just sent an email :)
15:33:03 <williamq> !
15:33:09 <melek> yep william sorry !
15:33:29 <williamq> so i spoke to Mary about our idea to have our ReMo Camp in July in Singapore
15:33:55 <williamq> and she seemed receptive to the idea of having a ReMo camp in July, but maybe not in singapore
15:34:15 <williamq> also, she recommended that we try to maybe combine our remo camp with the Summit Assembly meeting in Paris in June
15:34:27 <Izel> !
15:34:33 <melek> mmm not bad as idea! manu council wil be there!
15:34:41 <williamq> i see two problems with that: 1) visa issues and 2) it will be super difficult for Reps to attend both events
15:34:43 <williamq> eom
15:34:50 <Izel> -!
15:34:52 <melek> Izel
15:34:52 <regnard> !
15:34:54 <pierros> williamq: -1 it needs to be separate and visas will be problematic
15:35:06 <williamq> pierros: i agree
15:35:14 <ioanachiorean> +1 pierros
15:35:21 <melek> Izel yep
15:35:39 <Izel> no i say -!
15:35:44 <melek> ow :)
15:35:45 <regnard> +1 pierros
15:35:47 <melek> reganrd
15:35:54 <Debloper> +1 to pierros.
15:35:54 <regnard> just want to agree with pierros
15:36:01 <melek> okey perfect
15:36:05 <melek> so williamq
15:36:10 <Debloper> (has to be separate - else time management issue will be there.)
15:36:11 <regnard> should be separate, we have a LOT to talk about as Reps
15:36:13 <melek> what is the conclusion?
15:36:14 <regnard> eom
15:36:25 <williamq> !
15:36:37 <melek> yes williamq
15:37:26 <williamq> i suggest that mentors and council should vote on doodle on 3 different cities and 3 different times for a ReMo camp
15:37:40 <Izel> +1
15:37:41 <williamq> this week
15:37:51 <melek> ?
15:37:53 <williamq> and council makes final decsiion next council meeting
15:37:54 <williamq> eom
15:38:06 <melek> Okey and we
15:38:13 <melek> still have the council meeting and the remo camp
15:38:16 <melek> the same week?
15:38:22 <williamq> melek: yes
15:38:25 <melek> okey
15:38:55 <melek> #action prepare a doodle so council and mertor can vote to select a place and a date for the remocamp
15:39:19 <melek> williamq who will fix the 3 places and times ?
15:39:38 <williamq> I will
15:39:49 <williamq> based on my discussions with Mozilla accounting and Mary
15:40:10 <melek> perfect! I will email you to prepare the doodle based on you discussions :)
15:40:17 <williamq> #action williamq to fix times and city options for Remo camp vote
15:40:32 <melek> bien
15:40:41 <melek> #topic budget payment
15:41:08 <melek> as you noticed we ahev some issues to send money
15:41:12 <melek> for the budget requests!
15:41:27 <melek> we had some issues with paypal in Asia
15:41:43 <melek> and looks like payments with Western Union will not be allowed anymore
15:41:46 <Izel> !
15:41:46 <williamq> actually, everywhere outside of NA and Europe
15:41:52 <williamq> !
15:41:58 <melek> Izel yes
15:42:30 <Izel> In LatAM is impossible, just Mexico and Brasil ... Eduardo Urcullu and Arturo proposed Payoneer
15:42:43 <williamq> !
15:42:44 <Izel> i will lok for the link ... giveme 2 mins
15:42:45 <Izel> eom
15:42:51 <melek> williamq
15:43:04 <williamq> i think payoneer could be a good solution, but this needs to get approval from mozilla accounting
15:43:05 <Debloper> !
15:43:05 <williamq> #action williamq to discuss possilbility of using http://www.payoneer.com/ with Mozilla Accounting department
15:43:15 <melek> good
15:43:18 <williamq> what is certain is that WU is no longer an option
15:43:19 <melek> Debloper
15:43:26 <williamq> Mozilla's bank prohibits the use of WU
15:43:30 <Debloper> if you've noticed, I've just shared a google form to gather all data I found is necessary for us right now
15:43:38 <williamq> so it's not even a mozilla decision, it's our bank blocking us
15:43:39 <williamq> eom
15:43:41 <Debloper> that expand beyond payment processing only.
15:44:05 <Debloper> (i.,e. combines swag shipping, travel visa etc)
15:44:18 <Debloper> please go through it & provide feedback
15:44:28 <xelawafs> !
15:44:29 <Debloper> (shared with your gmail IDs)
15:44:32 <Debloper> eom.
15:44:45 <melek> thanks Debloper
15:44:50 <melek> xelawfs yes
15:44:59 * Debloper hi5's.
15:45:18 <xelawafs> perhaps the bnnk can provide feedback for a system that works globaly which they'd be willing to use
15:45:43 <xelawafs> *bank
15:45:53 <williamq> debloper: thanks for that great survey !
15:45:57 <williamq> xelawafs: :yes, good idea
15:46:09 <williamq> i need to talk to them again
15:46:21 <williamq> and explain to them  in detail our needs and challenges
15:46:23 <williamq> eom
15:46:30 <melek> okey so hope we will find better ways to send money and please try to
15:46:42 <melek> help your mentees to find solutions
15:46:43 <ioanachiorean> +1 williamq
15:46:49 <melek> for actual requests :)
15:47:15 <melek> ok
15:47:21 <melek> next topic
15:47:35 <melek> #topic  task forces [https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/taskforce-proposals]
15:48:00 <melek> as you know we started after remocamp
15:48:09 <melek> work groups in different topics
15:48:13 <regnard> everything OK with payment agenda item?
15:48:25 <melek> yep regnard
15:48:26 <regnard> oopos sorry
15:48:33 <williamq> !
15:48:33 <melek> we need to wait for williamq updates
15:48:35 <melek> :)
15:48:40 <melek> williamq
15:48:51 <williamq> for task forces, I created a wiki page : https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Task_Forces
15:48:59 <williamq> based on the etherpad you just shared
15:49:06 * Debloper figures, there's one action item addition is due for williamq, for the logs.
15:49:19 <williamq> i think we should work from the wiki page rather than the etherpad now
15:49:20 <williamq> eom
15:49:27 <williamq> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Task_Forces
15:49:55 <melek> okey perfect ! but we need to clearly communicate about this
15:50:04 <melek> and to have leaders for every task force
15:50:13 <williamq> !
15:50:14 <melek> so the group can have metings
15:50:16 <Debloper> !
15:50:19 <ioanachiorean> +1 melek
15:50:21 <melek> williamq
15:50:48 <williamq> i think we need to first agree on leads for each task force, then communicate about them
15:50:49 <williamq> eom
15:50:59 <melek> Deploper
15:51:16 <melek> *Debloper
15:51:22 <ioanachiorean> +1 williamq
15:51:38 <regnard> !
15:51:38 <Debloper> 1. can someone start a thread in the reps-council list so that we can decide upon the task forces.
15:51:39 <Debloper> 2. Also, how's this going to differ from SIGs (as in can we have non-council members as part of Task Forces?)
15:51:59 <Debloper> (for 1, that someone can be me.)
15:52:00 <Debloper> eom.
15:52:04 <williamq> !
15:52:09 <melek> williamq
15:52:50 <williamq> i think regnard was before me :)
15:52:58 <melek> oups
15:53:05 <melek> sorry regnard
15:53:12 <regnard> thanks
15:53:35 <regnard> AFAIR, ideally council should lead task forces, with mentors
15:54:05 <regnard> and task forces are more ReMo specific areas, whereas SIGS can be Mozilla-wide, as far as my undestanding
15:54:06 <regnard> eom
15:54:21 <melek> williamq
15:54:51 <williamq> AFAIR task forces need to be "led" by either council members OR mentors
15:55:01 <williamq> but basically any Rep can join a task force
15:55:07 <melek> +1 williamq
15:55:15 <williamq> and whereas task forces are focused on the REMo program
15:55:33 <williamq> SIGs are basically working groups of Reps (primarily) focused on a functional area
15:55:35 <williamq> eom
15:55:56 <melek> okey debloper can you start a thread on the mentor mailing list
15:56:03 <melek> about the task force
15:56:42 <melek> do you think it's a good idea to ask on the mailing
15:56:46 <Debloper> will do :)
15:56:46 <melek> list if someone
15:56:55 <melek> want to be a lead? does it make sense?
15:57:38 <Debloper> Mentor's list makes sense to me, as Council list doesn't have the strength to cover it all, & general list is too crowded for productivity.
15:57:46 * williamq reminding everyone that we should speed up a little bit to leave enough room for the MH discussion :)
15:57:55 <Debloper> eom.
15:57:57 <melek> +1 williamq
15:58:01 <melek> okey so
15:58:16 <melek> #action Deb send an email about the task force
15:58:25 <melek> okey regnard any update
15:58:29 <melek> about your form?
15:58:32 <regnard> all right
15:58:36 <regnard> this will be very quick
15:58:46 <regnard> i created a draft for the trainign survey:
15:58:56 <regnard> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oIt-B9b2kmdILSHq0Eqx8aLIzJcr2IF4ADc954Bk1rY/viewform
15:59:09 <regnard> William created an ehterpad for your suggestions
15:59:17 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/training-and-development
15:59:31 <regnard> I'll make minor tweaks to the survey
15:59:50 <regnard> but if you're all OK with the survey, I'll release the survey to the list this week
16:00:00 <regnard> it ties in well with the schedule of the ReMo camp
16:00:17 <williamq> +1 for the survey going out this week
16:00:21 <williamq> !
16:00:24 <melek> +1 too
16:00:28 <Izel> +1 too
16:00:30 <regnard> yes william?
16:00:30 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:00:38 <xelawafs> +1
16:00:53 <williamq> i would recommend that Regnard touch base with David Boswell first to give him a heads up about this
16:01:07 <regnard> sure, will do
16:01:16 <williamq> i'm saying this because i think David is working closely with Dino and Dia fromt he People team on some training materials for employees
16:01:23 <williamq> so there will be some overlap for sure
16:01:24 <williamq> eom
16:01:31 <regnard> #action REgnard to connect with Dboswell re: ReMo training & devt
16:01:45 <melek> parfait
16:01:48 <regnard> ok, if no concerns, then we should move on
16:01:49 <regnard> :D
16:01:53 <melek> we can move so
16:02:03 <melek> #topic mentor who are not active
16:02:17 <melek> a thread was started about mentor who are not active
16:02:25 <melek> did anyone emailed lukas ?
16:02:45 <ioanachiorean> I didn t
16:02:54 <Izel> !
16:02:57 <melek> I think no one did :/
16:03:00 <melek> yes Izel
16:03:19 <williamq> her mentor should contact her
16:03:22 <Izel> Lukas is active in Womoz.
16:03:56 <melek> ow
16:04:08 <melek> so we need to ask her mentor to
16:04:23 <melek> email her and to see if she want to stay in the reps prog
16:04:26 <williamq> Kensie is her mentor
16:04:33 <melek> if she's active in the womoz group
16:04:45 <melek> maybe there is a problem with the reps progrom
16:04:53 <Izel> ?
16:04:58 <melek> yep Izel
16:05:14 <Izel> Must we designated a council member to contact Lukas?
16:05:36 <melek> I can email her or email Kensie to do it!
16:05:39 <Izel> I think we must doit
16:06:01 <Izel> !
16:06:04 <melek> yes
16:06:08 <melek> Izel
16:06:21 <Izel> I remember Nukeador sent an email to council list asking for a general review
16:06:36 <Nukeador> YEs
16:06:43 <melek> yes
16:06:46 <Izel> There are Reps who are not active and mentors too. Maybe culd we program an activity to do it
16:06:51 <Nukeador> I need some time to write down the final proposal for mentors
16:07:02 <Izel> And must be a periodical activity (once a year)
16:07:02 <melek> probably we need to review the reps AND mentor list !
16:07:43 <melek> I think we need to set up a clear procedure in the next remocamp
16:07:51 <Izel> But this must be a task between Mentors and council, maybe an activity  in a mentors meeting.
16:07:52 <williamq> +1
16:07:59 <melek> I don't know if you are okey to start a thread about that in the mailing list
16:08:03 <Izel> Do you remember our mentors meeting past July?
16:08:05 <melek> and we decide in the remocamp
16:08:23 <melek> +1 Izel
16:08:36 <regnard> +1
16:08:40 <Izel> Ok It would be a task for our remocamp
16:08:50 <melek> okey so
16:09:00 <melek> so next topic
16:09:05 <melek> #womoz proposal
16:09:10 <melek> I think Ioana added this topic
16:09:16 <melek> she still here?
16:09:41 <melek> Izel any idea about the womoz proposal ?
16:09:58 <regnard> (no access to pad)
16:10:08 <williamq> i can't access the pad either
16:10:17 <xelawafs> same here
16:10:22 <melek> ow it's a private one !! I will ask Kensie to modify that!
16:10:23 <Izel> melek I have no active in Womoz long time ago ... :( :(  I have not enough time.. Sometines I read the list ..
16:10:39 <melek> ow sorry for that
16:10:49 <melek> okey I will email kensi and send back the link
16:11:07 <melek> #action send and email to kensie to make womoz pad public
16:11:12 <regnard> ok, is it all right if we move along the agenda?
16:11:24 <melek> we just have
16:11:32 <melek> the summit commitee
16:11:33 <melek> topic
16:11:41 <melek> I thnik williamq added it!
16:11:51 <williamq> very very quickly
16:11:55 <melek> yep
16:12:01 <williamq> i'll be sendign out an email to the council about the summit
16:12:25 <williamq> basically, all council members, alongside all mozilla community builders, will be asked to review a LONG list of potential invitees to the summit
16:12:44 <williamq> and will be asked to vouch for mozillians they think should be invited
16:12:51 <williamq> more details on that very shortly
16:12:51 <williamq> eom
16:12:56 <melek> nice
16:13:02 <melek> okey so we ended :)
16:13:06 <melek> just a quicj reminder
16:13:12 <melek> don't forget to vote for the pending
16:13:16 <melek> budget requests
16:13:18 <melek> https://docs.google.com/a/arabicmozilla.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtmDsApYbjUNdHJDNnh4VGYzczFsYkxqVWlKNzdsaXc#gid=0
16:13:25 <melek> and thanks to all of you
16:13:35 <Izel> :)
16:13:39 <melek> #endmeeting