15:06:42 <williamq> #startmeeting
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15:06:51 <pierros> oh gosh I am brain dead
15:06:53 <williamq> yay! we did it!!
15:06:57 <melek> perfect!!
15:06:57 <pierros> thanks williamq :P
15:07:00 <ioanachiorean> :D iupii
15:07:03 <melek> hahah
15:07:08 <melek> so first topic
15:07:08 <pierros> now williamq please type #chair melek
15:07:14 <williamq> #chair melek
15:07:14 <remobot> Current chairs: melek williamq
15:07:28 <williamq> the floor is yours melek
15:07:35 <melek> #topic inactive reps and mentors
15:07:49 <melek> okey guys!! many mentors
15:07:57 <melek> started discussion about inactive reps
15:08:10 <melek> and many questions are raised: what's an inactive rep / mentor
15:08:13 <melek> what to do
15:08:16 <melek> ...
15:08:17 <williamq> !
15:08:22 <melek> williamq
15:08:48 <williamq> this is a particularly urgent issue to agree on because we'll soon be shipping Fx OS devices to Reps
15:09:08 <melek> +1
15:09:11 <williamq> and theoretically, we're supposed to send devices to ALL Reps, but i think it would be much wiser to send them only to active reps
15:09:24 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:09:24 <williamq> so we need to agree what being active means
15:09:32 <williamq> and have majority vote on it
15:09:39 <williamq> eom
15:09:51 <melek> do you think starting this discussion is
15:09:55 <melek> better on the mailing list
15:10:00 <melek> and have the vote there
15:10:06 <melek> or do it now is better?
15:10:13 <xelawafs> !
15:10:21 <melek> alex go ahead!
15:10:37 <xelawafs> I think we can have a pad up and pull up all the points we feel an active rep should be
15:10:47 <xelawafs> eom
15:10:50 <bobreyes> !
15:10:59 <melek> bobreyes
15:11:20 <ioanachiorean> !
15:11:31 <bobreyes> is there a way in the Reps Portal to list down who missed to file their reports in the last 3,4,5 or 6 months?
15:11:38 <bobreyes> eom
15:11:52 <melek> pierros ?!
15:11:58 <melek> ioanachiorean: go :)
15:12:03 * williamq thinks bob's idea is a great idea
15:12:31 <ioanachiorean> While i consider it valuable to see what active mean for reps from each one- on list - it will be difficult to do it fast
15:12:48 <ioanachiorean> As william said we need it pretty fast - so I will +1 tp alex
15:12:50 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:13:00 <xelawafs> ioanachiorean +1
15:13:03 <ioanachiorean> +1 bob if possible
15:13:19 <xelawafs> !
15:13:21 <melek> me too + with alex especially with our second point i the agenda
15:13:27 <melek> xelawafs:
15:13:57 <xelawafs> reps can also generate reports by marking attending under an event
15:14:07 <pierros> !
15:14:18 <xelawafs> I think a flag should be raised when arep has too many attending comparred to organizer
15:14:25 <xelawafs> eom
15:14:28 <melek> pierros:
15:14:32 <pierros> we can export this data if needed. it is not automated, but we can get them easily
15:14:35 <pierros> eom
15:14:41 <williamq> !
15:14:46 <melek> williamq:
15:15:01 <williamq> to pierros' point, it's really important for us to have hard data
15:15:11 <ioanachiorean> !
15:15:17 <williamq> undoubtedaly, some reps will be a bit upset if we identify them as inactive
15:15:40 <williamq> so we need to identify clear criteria, and then back our decisions with hard data
15:15:40 <williamq> eom
15:15:45 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:16:04 <melek> +1 williamq
15:16:21 <ioanachiorean> I will add to xelawafs that it is ok to attend conferences etc by 3rd party - but not only events done by other reps
15:16:23 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:16:32 <melek> okey
15:16:40 <melek> any one want to add some thing about that?
15:16:46 <williamq> !
15:16:48 <bobreyes> !
15:16:51 <Debloper> !
15:16:53 <melek> williamq:
15:17:00 <melek> waw :D
15:17:15 <williamq> just a quick reminder that at the beginning of the program, the council had agreed on 3 monhts of inactivity as "acceptable"
15:17:41 <williamq> and that beyond that, a Rep had to go on a leave of absence and notify his/her mentor + indicate his absence on his profile page
15:17:43 <williamq> eom
15:17:53 <melek> bobreyes
15:18:33 <bobreyes> For me, being just an attendee to an event and not organizing/co-organizing an event is not becoming a Rep anymore
15:18:35 <melek> !
15:19:06 <bobreyes> Volunteers frequently attend events, event 3rd party ones ... what makes you different from a Rep?
15:19:08 <bobreyes> eom
15:19:14 <melek> Debloper:
15:19:18 <Debloper> I think, for the time being, working with each local communities' identified active members (submitting list of reps in their region & asking for flagging inactive reps) can be a way to go. As I see it, browsing some inactive rep's profile/report - it's hard to automate the logic to flag inactive, harder to implement it so soon.
15:19:19 <Debloper> eom.
15:19:26 <ioanachiorean> !
15:19:45 <melek> I think that 3 months is too much for the actual state of activity
15:19:47 <melek> of the program
15:19:54 <melek> we have meny events in just ne week!
15:19:56 <melek> eom
15:19:58 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:20:15 <ioanachiorean> 1. If he declared 3 or more month of inactivty - it is inactive
15:20:16 <pierros> !
15:20:41 <ioanachiorean> 2. When mentioning 3rd party events - i mean reps participating as speakers/host - not simple attendees
15:20:44 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:20:49 <melek> pierros:
15:21:04 <pierros> 3 months seems to be a nice max for inactivity
15:21:13 <pierros> imho we should not lower it
15:21:14 <pierros> eom
15:21:18 <bobreyes> +1
15:21:25 <xelawafs> pierros: +1
15:21:32 <melek> okey
15:21:37 <williamq> +1
15:21:40 <ioanachiorean> +1 pierros
15:21:43 <melek> any other thoughts?
15:21:44 <ioanachiorean> !
15:21:48 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:22:05 <williamq> !
15:22:06 <ioanachiorean> In this case will they be inactive - do not receive phones or will be excused as they announce it
15:22:12 <ioanachiorean> ?
15:22:15 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:22:20 <melek> williamq:
15:22:37 <williamq> to ioanachiorean's point, we'll get to that later in the meeting
15:22:43 <williamq> but on a more genral note
15:23:22 <williamq> the general cleanup should happen during the remo camp, IMHO
15:23:23 <williamq> eom
15:23:42 <ioanachiorean> +1 for remocamp cleanup
15:23:42 <melek> okey :)
15:23:47 <xelawafs> +1
15:24:18 <melek> so do all of us agree to start an etherpad to put ideas about what's an inactive rep?
15:24:26 <bobreyes> +1
15:24:39 <melek> this pad will be sent to the MENTOR or Council mailing list?
15:24:54 <xelawafs> +1
15:24:56 <Debloper> !
15:24:57 <williamq> i would say Mentor's list
15:24:59 <bobreyes> +1 Mentor + Council
15:25:02 <melek> Debloper:
15:25:18 <melek> bobreyes so mentor list directly :)
15:25:23 <Debloper> mntor + council list, but "firefox phone" shouldn't be mentioned.
15:25:32 <Debloper> imo, eom.
15:25:49 <melek> do all of you
15:25:51 <melek> agree
15:25:58 <melek> about this last point?
15:26:01 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:26:09 <bobreyes> +1
15:26:22 <xelawafs> +1
15:26:30 <williamq> +1
15:26:39 <melek> we just ask mentor to put what they have in mind about inactive reps! after that we make a cleanup for the pad
15:27:06 <melek> if we have some strong ideas, the next meeting we decide to announce the new
15:27:11 <melek> process!
15:27:39 <pierros> +1
15:28:02 <melek> #action melek start a thread on mentor mailing list with a link for an etherpad to add ideas.
15:28:29 <melek> the  general reps clean up will be made in the remocamp
15:28:46 <melek> okey :)
15:28:49 <melek> second topic
15:28:57 <melek> #topic Are we as council too closed and not transparente?
15:29:09 <williamq> !
15:29:16 <melek> williamq:
15:29:42 <williamq> so for those who didn't read Kensie's email last week, she raised some important points about our lack of transparency and activity on reps-general
15:30:03 <ioanachiorean> !
15:30:32 <williamq> i do agree that we need to be more present in discussions and we need to make sure we all mention that we indicate that we're "Mozilla Reps Council Member" in our signature
15:30:36 <williamq> also
15:31:19 <williamq> Mary Colvig also contacted me to tell me that the engagement team would also like to see us more in discussions etc..
15:31:43 <williamq> clearly, there is a real time constraint, we're all already SUPER busy, but i thik with better coordination, we can be more present and visible
15:31:43 <williamq> eom
15:31:53 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:32:28 <ioanachiorean> Well, pretty much similar to williamq but I find valuable also meeting notes share- what can be share,
15:32:45 <ioanachiorean> So they can see we are there in the back
15:32:55 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:33:06 <williamq> +1
15:33:07 <ioanachiorean> In the back working
15:33:10 <williamq> !
15:33:24 <melek> I just want to mention that regnard will be sending a weekly/By weekly update to the list about our activity and some topics we discussed in our meetings.
15:33:29 <melek> williamq:
15:34:10 <williamq> how do you all feel if tomorrow, Melek share's the summary of the meeting generated by the remobot to reps-general?
15:34:11 <williamq> eom
15:34:52 <ioanachiorean> !
15:34:57 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:35:28 <ioanachiorean> Most of times I am ok with this - but for ex the phone/inactive discussion from above will generat argues - i mho
15:35:46 <ioanachiorean> even more if we do not have settle yet the active points
15:35:49 <ioanachiorean> Eom
15:35:58 <melek> +1
15:36:13 <melek> I think that if the majority of the topics discussed are on the public mailing list so YES !!
15:36:26 <williamq> !
15:36:41 <melek> otherwise we can do a cleanup and send a kind of small notes!
15:36:43 <melek> williamq:
15:37:05 <williamq> right now, the only private activity we have is on the reps-council alias
15:37:17 <pierros> +1 on keeping it like this
15:37:17 <williamq> othe rthan that, everythig is 100% public
15:37:33 <williamq> we have not been good at sharing our meeting notes and logs
15:37:44 <williamq> we need to make it a habit
15:37:47 <ioanachiorean> +1 pierros
15:38:01 <ioanachiorean> +1 williamq - maybe small expections - maybe
15:38:10 * pierros reminds everyone that logs.mozillareps.org is public
15:38:12 <williamq> i think we this + regnards bi-weekly update, we will improve our public image :)
15:38:13 <williamq> eom
15:38:22 <melek> so do all you agree we share
15:38:29 <melek> our notes tomorrow?  :)
15:38:32 <williamq> +1
15:38:35 <melek> + reganrd notes
15:39:02 <melek> + some personal efforts to comment some threads :)
15:39:31 <bobreyes> +1
15:39:43 <melek> I suppose your silence is a big  " YES \O/ "
15:39:49 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:40:07 <pierros> +1
15:40:20 <melek> #action send council meeting note to reps-general
15:40:45 <melek> okey next topic
15:40:54 <melek> #topic Receipt problem
15:41:32 <melek> so as you know, Konstantina raised some problems with reimbursing
15:41:37 <melek> reps that don't have receipts
15:41:56 <melek> she gave to proposals:
15:42:04 <melek> 1- don't reimburse
15:42:28 <melek> 2- involve mentor to review those requests with a kind of "deadline"
15:42:44 <melek> plus we have Gloria is proposal about the taxi receipts
15:43:06 <melek> so do you think about those proposals? we need to decided
15:43:07 <williamq> !
15:43:12 <melek> williamq:
15:43:12 <pierros> !
15:43:30 <williamq> so given how complicated this receipt situation has become
15:43:52 <williamq> i'm thinking that maybe we should just drop the idea of sponsoring taxis
15:44:00 <williamq> the thing is, before, mozilla didn't sponsor anything
15:44:09 <williamq> then, gradually, we began sposoring more and more things
15:44:18 <williamq> and it's becoming incredibly difficult to manage
15:44:33 <williamq> maybe we should review what we sponsor
15:44:44 <melek> !
15:44:53 <williamq> and perhaps, we could, for example, only sponsor *public transport* instead of taxis
15:45:12 <williamq> i know it's not ideal but maybe this will at least bring more clarity
15:45:16 <williamq> eom
15:45:20 <melek> pierros:
15:45:34 <pierros> totally agreed with william :
15:45:59 <pierros> I think we should drop taxis and also make it super clear that we dont reimburse with no receipts
15:46:08 <pierros> it is a matter of simple accounting.
15:46:09 <pierros> eom
15:46:19 <bobreyes> !
15:46:35 <melek> do you think starting a pad with "what mozilla can sponsor is a good idea?"
15:46:42 <ioanachiorean> +1 to that with no receipst
15:46:52 <melek> bobreyes
15:47:14 <Debloper> !
15:47:17 <bobreyes> how about we continue to accept taxi reimbursement but with receipts; no receipts, no reimbursement policy? eom
15:47:35 <melek> Debloper:
15:47:38 <Debloper> I support the motion that unless a receipt is submitted, no reimbursement. But, I also think, soft proofs - such as mobile-snaps of carriage-meter should be considered (also, I +1 recommending public transportation)
15:47:40 <Debloper> eom.
15:47:56 <williamq> !
15:47:59 <melek> williamq:
15:49:03 <williamq> i'm nervous with soft proofs, i just feel they will be super difficult for konstantia to review
15:49:05 <williamq> eom
15:49:15 <melek> +1
15:49:35 <melek> any one want to add something?
15:49:39 <Debloper> !
15:49:44 <melek> Debloper:
15:50:05 <Debloper> okay then, only receipts or no reimbursement.
15:50:09 <Debloper> +1 to that.
15:50:40 <williamq> +1
15:50:47 <pierros> +1
15:50:48 <Debloper> eom
15:50:58 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:51:08 <melek> okey
15:51:22 <melek> I will announce that on the council list if no one add sthg so
15:51:33 <melek> the decision will be announced on the
15:51:37 <melek> rep mailing list!
15:51:50 <melek> no receipt = no reimbursement
15:51:50 <bobreyes> +1
15:52:26 <melek> #action melek send an email to council alias with konstantina cced about receipt reimbursement decision
15:52:31 <melek> next topic
15:52:41 <melek> #late budget request
15:52:50 <melek> oups
15:52:56 <melek> #topic late budget requests
15:53:06 <melek> I don't know who added this topic
15:53:21 <williamq> !
15:53:25 <melek> williamq:
15:53:46 <williamq> i didn't add this topic but I just want to support the idea of having the MENTOR explain why the request is delayed
15:53:47 <williamq> emo
15:54:11 <Debloper> !
15:54:15 <melek> Debloper:
15:54:16 <Debloper> I added this toipic
15:54:32 <Debloper> especially, because we were having the discussion quite often
15:54:44 <ioanachiorean> +! Williamq
15:54:45 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:54:50 <Debloper> I think we need to come into a conclusion how to handle this
15:55:08 <pierros> +1 on williamq
15:55:08 <Debloper> else it's always a nasty choice to make.
15:55:22 <Debloper> eom.
15:55:33 <williamq> !
15:55:38 <melek> williamq:
15:56:14 <williamq> does anyone her efeel like we're making too many exceptions and that we need to be firmer?
15:56:23 <williamq> i think e're getting a little too soft
15:56:24 <williamq> eom
15:56:35 <bobreyes> !
15:56:35 <melek> yes I agree!
15:56:42 <melek> bobreyes
15:57:01 <bobreyes> I agree with William. But I think we need to be firmer with the Mentors first
15:57:02 <bobreyes> eom
15:57:29 <melek> +1 bobreyes many time I noticed that the mentor just review the budget without
15:57:33 <melek> asking why it's late!
15:57:38 <ioanachiorean> +1 bobreyes and williamq
15:57:42 <ioanachiorean> +1 melek
15:58:21 <melek> okey so I think a reminder on the mentor mailing list is necessary! otherwise late budgets will not be accepted ?! does it make sense?
15:58:37 <bobreyes> +1
15:59:07 <melek> guys?
15:59:09 <melek> :)
15:59:13 <ioanachiorean> !
15:59:15 <williamq> +1
15:59:16 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:59:18 <Debloper> +1 to ask mentor
15:59:44 <ioanachiorean> well there was an e-mail started - we need to draw the lines better and explain it again
15:59:52 <ioanachiorean> I am +1 to this
15:59:54 <Debloper> +1 to soft-warning on the list.
16:00:26 <melek> okey so :)
16:01:02 <melek> #action send a reminder/soft warning for late budget and ask mentor to give more attention on reviewing the late request (explain why if they can!)
16:01:19 <melek> #topic
16:01:27 <melek> #topic geekphone for reps
16:01:32 <williamq> !
16:01:39 <melek> BOn, I think this point depends on the result
16:01:42 <melek> of the first topic
16:01:45 <melek> williamq:
16:01:53 <williamq> yes
16:01:59 <williamq> so here's the latest update:
16:02:05 <williamq> the phones are finally ready :)
16:02:17 <melek> yay
16:02:20 <williamq> we will have a couple hundred Keon phones specficially for Reps
16:02:28 <williamq> two very important things:
16:02:51 <williamq> 1) as mentione dearlier, the council needs to agree on which rep sshould get phones and if some Reps could getmore than 1 phone
16:03:17 <williamq> 2) we need to agree on the SOP for requesting a phone (ie. filing a bug, receiving the phone, reporting back, returning if not active etc...)
16:03:32 <ioanachiorean> +1 to point 2
16:03:32 <williamq> eom
16:03:33 <pierros> !
16:03:38 <ioanachiorean> !
16:03:38 <melek> pierros:
16:03:51 <Debloper> +1 to some reps should get more than 1 phones (with larger non-rep developer community)
16:04:36 <pierros> no more than 1 phone per rep. and by defining who is active, all active should get one
16:04:38 <pierros> eom
16:04:45 <williamq> !
16:04:46 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:06:06 <ioanachiorean> I want to emphasize tthe point 2 from william - cause from the SII given in the mobile program we had few bugs reported :(
16:06:19 <ioanachiorean> Or even stats
16:06:32 <ioanachiorean> Personal opinion not a reasl stat opinion
16:06:33 <ioanachiorean> Eom
16:06:42 <melek> williamq:
16:06:43 <williamq> two other quick points:
16:06:48 <williamq> 1) many reps have already contacted me directly to request severla phones
16:07:08 <williamq> 2) the Developer engagement team is preparing a "task list" for reps who will be recieving a phone
16:07:23 <melek> +1 for point2
16:07:30 <williamq> this task list will basically be a list of things rep will be recommended to do in terms of testing, filing bugs, demoing etc..
16:07:33 <ioanachiorean> +1 to point 2
16:08:05 <williamq> as soon as I have this list, i will share it with the council so we can compliment it with other rep-related tasks (eg. describing use of the phone in monthly reports, etc...)
16:08:09 <bobreyes> +1 on pt2
16:08:40 <williamq> i think next step should be to create a pad and list all the things YOU want Reps who have the phone to report back to us
16:08:45 <williamq> eom
16:09:13 <melek> okey I think we need a pad with diffrent sections
16:09:28 <melek> who can have a phone in // with specifing active rep
16:09:35 <melek> what can a rep do with this phone
16:09:36 <melek> ....
16:10:05 <melek> we can start this discussion this week !
16:10:17 <melek> (start the pad!)
16:10:30 <bobreyes> +1
16:10:53 <melek> cool :)
16:11:04 <ioanachiorean> !
16:11:09 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:11:39 <ioanachiorean> Maybe this is a good point where all reps can help and so we get more closer and transparent to them
16:11:48 <ioanachiorean> But this should not get us delayed
16:11:50 <ioanachiorean> Eom
16:12:01 <williamq> +1
16:12:13 <melek> so reps-general?
16:12:24 <melek> agree too :)
16:12:31 <williamq> mentors
16:12:38 <williamq> i !
16:12:40 <Debloper> !
16:12:40 <williamq> !
16:12:43 <melek> williamq:
16:12:43 <pierros> +1 on mentors
16:12:53 <bobreyes> +1 on mentors
16:13:04 <williamq> i'd rather not shar eit on reps-general
16:13:10 <pierros> +!
16:13:13 <pierros> +1
16:13:17 <williamq> let's limit it to mentors, or else it will get nasty :)
16:13:21 <williamq> eom
16:13:26 <melek> Debloper:
16:13:44 * pierros reminds of timing here...
16:13:49 <melek> note: guys we are running out of time especially we have a discussion about fundraising !
16:13:54 <melek> hahaha pierros :D
16:13:56 <Debloper> The Reps portal is almost mobile friendly, and it's possible to make a webapp out of it with minimal effort.
16:13:57 <Debloper> How about we encourage Reps to file reports from their newly acquired FFOS phones with the webapp?
16:14:23 <Debloper> (may be a flag/star on the report saying "filed with FFOS Mobile")
16:14:23 <melek> good idea :)
16:14:25 <Debloper> eom.
16:14:27 <pierros> +1 on Debloper, seems like one of the insentives we can use
16:14:35 <williamq> +1
16:14:47 <melek> alors!
16:15:09 <melek> #action send and email with an etherpad about geekphone and rep process
16:15:43 <melek> #topic Update training and development survey
16:16:04 <melek> due to time for this topic I will ask you to read Regnard's email
16:16:21 <melek> about the training and dev survey and decisions about langage training
16:16:39 <melek> he had an interesting discussion with DIno and they ended with some cool ideas
16:16:45 <melek> he asked about your thoughts
16:16:57 <melek> before to send his email on the reps general or mentor list :)
16:17:20 <melek> that's it :)
16:17:33 <melek> #topic update rep of the month
16:17:51 <melek> I just sent an email today about nominations for rep of the month
16:18:00 <melek> you can find this email on the mentor mailing list
16:18:08 <melek> I strongly encourage you to add some proposal
16:18:15 <melek> to encourage other mentors to do it :)
16:18:27 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:18:36 <melek> Next SUnday I will close the pad, select a rep and annouce it
16:18:46 <pierros> yeahi!
16:18:50 <melek> two days after => May 1st
16:19:05 <melek> voila :)
16:19:13 <melek> #topic Adding comments on final decision in the budget voting pad
16:19:14 <bobreyes> +1
16:19:16 <williamq> !
16:19:19 <melek> williamq:
16:19:21 <Debloper> +1
16:19:24 <williamq> lets do a quick vote for this
16:19:37 <williamq> do we want to have comments for EACH vote? yes or no
16:19:39 <williamq> +1
16:19:46 <bobreyes> YES
16:19:46 <melek> +1
16:19:54 <ioanachiorean> +1 aka yes
16:19:59 <Debloper> +1
16:20:12 <williamq> ok , that's majority vote, the motion has passed :)
16:20:14 <williamq> eom
16:20:15 <melek> Majorty got it :D
16:20:22 <melek> #topic RemoCamp: date - place
16:20:26 <williamq> !
16:20:28 <melek> williamq
16:20:30 <pierros> +1
16:20:32 <williamq> so, this is a HUGE headache
16:20:36 <melek> :s
16:20:46 <williamq> i've been looking at our ReMo calendar and it's just too too busy
16:20:55 <williamq> it's really difficult to find the right date
16:21:17 <williamq> in terms of location, i did a lot of research for flights based on the location of each mentor and council member
16:21:32 <ioanachiorean> :S
16:21:36 <williamq> and it will be BY FAR, much cheaper and much better in terms of flight hours to do it in europe
16:21:40 <williamq> preferably western europe
16:21:50 <pierros> !
16:22:06 <williamq> so i think that most probably it will be either in Paris or in Berlin
16:22:06 <Debloper> !
16:22:11 <williamq> in terms of dates
16:22:26 <williamq> one challenge is that ramadan is almost the entire month of july
16:22:43 <williamq> so several reps won't be able to attend
16:23:15 <williamq> lastly, there are big events in june where several mentors will be attending, so it's going to be super complicated for them to attend the ReMo camp
16:23:33 <williamq> so basically, right now, we're looking at doing it in august (although that is really not ideal)
16:23:33 <williamq> eom
16:23:42 <melek> pierros:
16:23:47 <pierros> 12 mentors in SE asia, 12 mentors in Europe, 1 in Africa, 6 latam etc
16:23:47 <ioanachiorean> !
16:23:52 <pierros> are we sure about the location?
16:23:58 <williamq> pierros: positive
16:24:00 <pierros> I trust williamq did extensive search on that
16:24:20 <pierros> but factoring in costs for hotels visa issues etc are we sure that is the right choise?
16:24:22 <williamq> !
16:24:26 <pierros> eom
16:24:27 <melek> Debloper:
16:24:38 * Debloper had written: The visa issues will also be less for the ones who'll be attending the summit planning. So Europe can be a good choice (would propose Germany, as there's a growing-strong community presence - else France or Spain)
16:24:43 <Debloper> but it's covered already.
16:24:44 <Debloper> eom.
16:24:53 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:25:09 <ioanachiorean> Deplober - summit planning is in june - william just said august
16:25:43 <ioanachiorean> I do not have experience outside europe for events- but from these ones i saw a lot of visa issues so probably a better friendly country should be choosen
16:25:44 * Debloper has read it, but shared what he typed anyway.
16:26:09 <melek> williamq:
16:26:20 <ioanachiorean> And less - is the council meeting stil united to the remo camp in this case - august?
16:26:25 <ioanachiorean> Eom
16:26:28 <melek> ow sorry Ioana :)
16:26:44 <melek> williamq:
16:26:47 <ioanachiorean> Np melek
16:26:57 <williamq> regardign visas, in some cases, visas last for 3 months, others 1 month and others just the durtion of the invitation
16:27:51 <williamq> in terms of location, my research showed that if we did it in Paris, avg flight distance would be 6000km, if we did it in San Francisco it would be 9000km and if we did it in singapore, it would be 11000km
16:27:52 <williamq> eom
16:28:13 <Debloper> !
16:28:19 <melek> Debloper:
16:28:51 <Debloper> williamq: except for the flight length, how about the flight costing & other costs act on this matter?
16:29:08 <Debloper> in case you can give some better insights.
16:29:11 <Debloper> eom.
16:29:50 <williamq> i can do research on flight costs, but my main worry is duration of travel
16:30:00 <williamq> since we don't want to have zombies at the camp :)
16:30:14 <Debloper> ;) +1 to that.
16:30:15 <williamq> my second worry is the visa constraints
16:30:22 <williamq> third worry is cost
16:30:23 <williamq> eom
16:30:54 <melek> okey so I think we have to wait for updates from williamq
16:30:59 <melek> about the remocamp?
16:31:04 <williamq> yes
16:31:12 <williamq> i'll send out an email this week
16:31:18 <melek> nice :)
16:31:31 <melek> #action williamq send an email about remocamp
16:31:44 * ioanachiorean wonders about council ww and remo camp - stil united ?
16:31:54 <melek> williamq ?
16:31:59 <williamq> yes
16:32:10 <williamq> counci lmemebrs will have to stay an additional day
16:32:11 <williamq> eom
16:32:22 <melek> okey so
16:32:33 <Debloper> !
16:32:40 <melek> Debloper:
16:32:47 <Debloper> will one day be sufficient for Council discussion?
16:33:01 <Debloper> I have a feeling, we might need more time.
16:33:01 <Debloper> eom.
16:33:07 <williamq> !
16:33:12 <melek> williamq:
16:33:18 <williamq> i think it will be fine
16:33:39 <williamq> any of the discussions we had during our last council work week could have benefited from mentor presence
16:33:46 <williamq> so i think it will be better this way
16:33:46 <williamq> eom
16:34:02 <bobreyes> +1
16:34:03 <melek> other questions :) ?
16:34:36 <Debloper> !
16:34:44 <melek> Debloper:
16:34:59 <Debloper> if we're closing this meeting, then I'll just request you all to go through the forms I've shared.
16:35:16 <Debloper> does it help if I send another email with both the links?
16:35:26 <Debloper> I need feedback before sharing them in mentors list.
16:35:35 <williamq> yes please send again Deb
16:35:36 <melek> Ow god I didn't added this topic SORRY :s
16:35:40 <Debloper> one is about the task forces, other is broader demographics survey.
16:35:43 <Debloper> eom.
16:35:52 <Debloper> np, melek :)
16:35:55 <melek> wow really sorry !
16:36:06 <melek> thanks for sharing the form Deb
16:36:14 <Debloper> add it to my action item please.
16:36:31 * williamq is thinking that maybe council meetings should be 2 hours from now on...
16:37:18 * pierros wonders if vidyo meetings make it much faster
16:37:21 <melek> #action Deploper send an email with links to forms about task forces and demographics survey
16:37:43 <regnard> hey folks, just dropping by
16:37:48 <melek> yeah looks like we need more time for our meeting! We have TOO MANY topics every week
16:37:58 <melek> Hi regnard
16:38:06 * williamq agrees with Pierros, we should do our meetings on Vidyo
16:38:21 <pierros> and keep notes in irc
16:38:31 <williamq> hi Regnard!
16:38:40 <ioanachiorean> +1 to vidyo
16:38:42 <melek> :s this doesn't work always : example community building calls
16:38:48 <regnard> we're taking a break here at the Webnmaker for Nannies
16:38:49 <melek> there are no notes on irc!
16:38:56 <regnard> +1 to vidyo experiment
16:39:20 * williamq can we record google hangouts?
16:39:27 <Debloper> yep yep we can!
16:39:30 <melek> if we have a recording working on vidyo that make sense!
16:39:51 * Debloper would +1 to Hangouts more easily than Vidyo.
16:40:01 <williamq> #idea let's do google hangouts from now on
16:40:07 <pierros> (we can try, yeah!)
16:40:13 <bobreyes> +1 on Google Hangouts
16:40:15 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:40:17 <melek> nice :)
16:40:26 <melek> Okey guys we ended with topics
16:40:31 <melek> related to coucils
16:40:50 <melek> we have just an other topic
16:41:48 <melek> geoffre want to have our feedbacks about a study on fundraising conducted by Mozilla Foundation
16:41:59 <melek> I don't know if Gioffrey is here?
16:42:00 <bevangelist> !
16:42:13 <melek> bevangelist
16:42:19 <bevangelist> Hi all, appreciate your time on a Sunday.
16:42:35 <bevangelist> Geoffrey not here but we'd appreciate your feedback
16:42:54 <bevangelist> directly into the pad
16:42:58 <bevangelist> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130421
16:43:04 <bevangelist> line 143 onward
16:43:14 <bevangelist> Won't take 30mins
16:43:39 * williamq fantastic, will do! thanks!
16:43:50 <bevangelist> a few minutes thinking/hacking away would make us very happy
16:43:51 <bevangelist> eom
16:43:58 <melek> wonderful :)
16:44:35 <melek> bevangelist I will add it as an action point : by sending an email to remind all the councils to add some ideas (we have some who are not here :( )
16:45:10 <bevangelist> melek Thank you
16:45:28 <bevangelist> We'll feed anonymous feedback into our survey
16:45:33 <melek> #action: remind council member to add thoughts and ideas about the fundraising study
16:46:39 <melek> Amazing :) sorry bevangelist for making you wait :) as you see too many topics to discuss !
16:46:40 <Debloper> melek: so we wrap up now?
16:46:46 <bevangelist> there's also a "fundraising" group on mozillians.org if you are interested in this stuff/helping out
16:47:06 <melek> Deploper : yes for those who have time now
16:47:12 <bevangelist> melek Interesting to get a view into the ReMo world
16:47:14 <melek> that would be perfect to do it now!
16:47:27 <melek> absolutly :)
16:48:02 * williamq needs to jump off unfortunately --> thank you all and HUGE thanks to Melek for driving this marathon meeting! Super productive :)
16:48:26 <melek> thank you william :) thanks to all of you :)
16:48:32 <melek> #endmeeting