15:06:59 <melek> #startmeeting
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15:07:06 <melek> So hi everyone :)
15:07:21 <melek> you have the link for our agenda
15:07:26 <melek> in the channel topic
15:07:36 <melek> today we have some votes to do
15:07:39 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130505
15:07:59 <melek> #topic reimbursement list
15:08:12 <melek> this was one of the most discussed topic this last two weeks
15:08:29 <melek> especially about the issue/topic raised by konstantina
15:08:39 <melek> to reimburse budget requests without receipt
15:08:46 <melek> we finally shared an etherpad
15:08:47 <melek> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/reimbursement-list
15:08:54 <melek> with the mentor list
15:09:11 <melek> and asked them to put ideas on what they think can be reimbursed or not
15:09:16 <melek> so our task now
15:09:21 <melek> is to VOTE on every
15:09:23 <melek> point
15:09:29 <Debloper> ?
15:09:39 <melek> Debloper
15:09:48 <Debloper> I'm not sure if this also goes into the same pad/voting,
15:10:08 <Debloper> but Nepal community has asked for Flickr account reimbursement for community image streams
15:10:15 <Debloper> (India might too)
15:10:20 <pierros> interesting
15:10:22 <pierros> !
15:10:31 <Debloper> is that acceptable? rather, should we post that on voting pad too?
15:10:44 <Debloper> it's closely event related.
15:10:45 <Debloper> eom
15:11:02 <melek> Deploper: yes please as this suggestion to the "what can we reimburse" :)
15:11:04 <melek> pierros
15:11:25 <pierros> I think that such requests (services, subscriptions etc) should go to Community IT
15:11:26 <pierros> eom
15:11:33 <regnard> !
15:11:44 <melek> regnard
15:11:59 <Debloper> !
15:12:17 <regnard> Since we're making votes, I suggest we place the items in a spreadsheet for easier tracking--- we can also group similar items, to make voting faster as well
15:12:20 <regnard> eom
15:12:24 <pierros> +1
15:12:30 <melek> Debloper
15:12:38 <Debloper> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=869952 it is under community IT
15:12:39 <remobot> Bug 869952: normal, --, ---, debloper, ASSIGNED , Request for Google Apps & Flickr Pro Account (Mozilla Nepal Community)
15:12:46 <ioanachiorean> +1 to regnard's proposal
15:12:55 <pierros> Debloper: tanks
15:12:55 <Debloper> but how the payments should be made, is the confusion.
15:12:57 <Debloper> eom.
15:13:29 <melek> Ok so I don't think that we have the time now to create the spreadsheet
15:13:35 <melek> do you prefer that I create that
15:13:43 <melek> and send the link to our council alias
15:13:47 <melek> and you vote on?
15:13:53 <melek> or do you prefer to add now
15:13:53 <regnard> +1 to that Melek
15:14:07 <melek> +1 or -1 to the suggestions on the pad
15:14:23 <melek> after that I will clean the pad!
15:14:36 <ioanachiorean> +1 to create that and send for voting
15:14:53 <melek> Okey then :)
15:15:04 <melek> I will do it and send the link before the end of this week
15:15:21 <melek> we need to create a wiki page / or other
15:15:28 <melek> and announce that on the reps general
15:15:43 <melek> especially close the discussions about the taxi
15:15:47 <melek> reimbursement!
15:15:49 <melek> nice!!
15:16:01 <ioanachiorean> should we decide for an ETa for voting?
15:16:01 <melek> let's move!
15:16:11 <melek> ow yeah
15:16:15 <melek> any proposal?
15:16:45 <ioanachiorean> 2-3 days?
15:17:06 <melek> yeah looks good :)
15:17:07 <regnard> Monday next week? To give time to do in the weekend?
15:17:25 <melek> yeah I think that I will send the pad tomorrow
15:17:31 <melek> you will have all the weekend to vote
15:17:40 <melek> and Monday have the final
15:17:41 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:17:46 <melek> doc
15:17:57 <melek> okey
15:18:10 <melek> #topic Decide on a new procedure for the "Yes but" and "No but" decisions on the voting pad
15:18:27 <melek> after having the comment system
15:18:37 <melek> on the voting pad you noticed that we had
15:18:45 <melek> many "I agree but" ...
15:18:57 <melek> so we need to have a better procedure for voting instead of
15:19:01 <melek> refusing or accepting
15:19:05 <melek> all the budget request
15:19:24 <melek> any proposals?
15:19:26 <pierros> !
15:19:30 <melek> pierros
15:19:50 <pierros> as I said on the thread, I think that all debating/comments etc need to be on the bug
15:19:57 <pierros> voting should be as clear as Yes/No
15:19:58 <pierros> eom
15:20:24 <melek> so If I understand you mean that we can't have the budget reporter
15:20:26 <Debloper> !
15:20:29 <melek> who will ask to revote
15:20:29 <melek> ?
15:20:39 <melek> we had this case many times this last week!
15:20:49 <melek> Debloper
15:20:52 <regnard> ?
15:20:55 <Debloper> not voting (just commenting with the condition in blank cell) till the condition is resolved can be the way to go.
15:21:16 <Debloper> and the call for revoting should be done by the same council member who brought the bug.
15:21:17 <Debloper> eom.
15:21:24 <Debloper> ^imo
15:21:24 <melek> regnard
15:21:28 <melek> :)
15:21:52 <regnard> I'd like to make sure we are clear to the problem we are trying to solve
15:22:35 <regnard> When I read the comments again, it was the lack of adding comments in the votes right?
15:23:01 <regnard> and making it clear that Council members have concerns about a request.
15:23:02 <melek> nop actually we are talking about what's the best way to vote on a budget request
15:23:32 <regnard> if that's the case, then Pierros' suggestion is the way to go: a simple yes and no for quick voting
15:23:34 <regnard> eom
15:23:40 * pierros notes that williamq is caught up in other meeting, but will join us soon
15:24:01 <pierros> regnard: +1
15:24:10 <melek> so
15:24:12 <melek> :D
15:24:26 <melek> if we will have
15:24:33 <melek> all discussions on the bud
15:24:45 <melek> we will not need to have a revote system right?
15:25:09 <Debloper> !
15:25:14 <melek> Debloper
15:25:57 <Debloper> I think revoting should be there - how does that block by not having the yes/no only voting system?
15:26:00 <pierros> melek: +1
15:26:12 <Debloper> I think it can work fine with yes/no only votes as well.
15:26:13 <Debloper> eom.
15:26:26 <regnard> !
15:26:47 <melek> regnard
15:27:38 <regnard> I think it's the responsibility of the Council Member assigned to the request to make the follow ups and relay to the Rep the Council's concern
15:28:04 <regnard> Right now, the "?" status is good enough if you ask me
15:28:19 <regnard> to show that the Council has a concern
15:28:48 <regnard> Because if only one member has a concern, and the other 8 are OK, that kinda makes the concern a non-blocker
15:29:07 <regnard> it's better to go ahead and approve if there is a majority approval or little concern.
15:29:08 <regnard> eom
15:29:17 <melek> euhmmm I see
15:29:48 <melek> Honestly I agree with having the "?" as a considered stat
15:29:56 <melek> and if a council have a concern he don't
15:30:03 <melek> have to vote with a clear
15:30:05 <melek> Yes or No
15:30:14 <melek> instead he can add "?" and a comment
15:30:15 <melek> on the bug
15:30:22 <melek> and wait on the result!
15:30:51 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:31:24 <melek> Debloper agree or still think
15:31:33 <melek> that the revoting system is needed?!
15:31:52 <Debloper> I have no objection with putting "?"
15:32:35 <Debloper> and if commented properly, the decision can be rendered whether the majority agrees with the new revised budget
15:32:44 <Debloper> so that we can decide whether to approve or not.
15:32:55 <Debloper> also, agree - one doesn't "have to" vote.
15:33:05 <Debloper> I'd persoanlly prefer leaving the cell blank, with comment.
15:33:06 <Debloper> eom.
15:33:28 <pierros> Debloper: +1 on blank
15:33:32 <melek> pierros are we "obliged" as council member to vote
15:33:37 <melek> oups you replied :)
15:33:57 <Debloper> also, I wanted to mean, revoting might not be required, if commented properly - if it wasn't clear from my sentences.
15:34:00 <Debloper> eom.
15:34:12 <melek> ahhh :)
15:34:38 <melek> okidoki! I will send an email to all the council members about that :)
15:35:01 <melek> any other thought?
15:35:12 <Debloper> +1 to take it to email (as major part is discussed)
15:35:39 <melek> my problem here is that after every meeting we end with kind of 10 or more emails
15:35:50 <melek> to discuss or finalize
15:35:52 <melek> topics
15:36:11 <melek> and frequently I don't
15:36:21 <melek> get a lot of replies or inputs
15:36:23 <melek> in the pads!!
15:36:50 <ioanachiorean> melek - feel free to ping us and set and end date for each one
15:36:53 <ioanachiorean> :D
15:36:57 <melek> :D
15:37:06 <melek> "Dictateur" Style
15:37:08 <melek> :D
15:37:17 <melek> Okey !
15:37:21 <melek> so
15:37:26 <melek> #topic Budget requests for event about projects like : womoz, webmaker, webfwd..
15:37:28 * ioanachiorean :))
15:37:47 * ioanachiorean the :)) was for "Dictateur" Style
15:37:56 <melek> Yeah
15:37:57 <melek> :)
15:38:04 <melek> so I noticed lately that
15:38:05 * williamq has just joined the meeting
15:38:15 <melek> Hi williamq :)
15:38:23 <melek> had many requests related
15:38:30 <melek> to programs like womoz
15:38:37 <melek> webmaker or firefox flicks
15:38:48 <melek> and this was a bit confusing for many I think
15:38:58 <melek> because we don't know if the reps program
15:39:08 <melek> is supposed to sponsors those projects or events
15:39:13 <melek> related to those projects
15:39:31 <melek> or are we asked to sponsor only activities with community and kind of promotional events
15:39:55 <williamq> !
15:40:00 <melek> williamq
15:40:26 <williamq> ReMo sponsors events that a run by Reps
15:40:36 <williamq> ReMo sponosrs Reps to attend events
15:41:09 <williamq> but events that are part of broader programs like Flicks, WoMoz, WebFWD, should be sponsored by the teams of these projects
15:41:23 <williamq> so for example
15:41:35 <williamq> if there is a Flicks event run by a Rep
15:41:52 <williamq> than the budget for that event should come out of the Flicks team
15:42:04 <pierros> +1 on williamql
15:42:05 <Debloper> +1
15:42:10 <williamq> eom
15:42:17 <Debloper> !
15:42:22 <melek> Deb
15:42:51 <Debloper> like in community IT, Reps budget system can only assure that the Reps is active & known Mozillian to receive the budget.
15:43:03 <Debloper> (if it's a non-Rep event.)
15:43:05 <Debloper> eom.
15:43:33 <melek> so does it we need to refuse
15:43:42 <melek> the budget requests related
15:43:46 <melek> to this kind of events
15:44:05 <ioanachiorean> !
15:44:05 <melek> (of course this decision need to be discussed in the remo camp)
15:44:10 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:44:38 <Debloper> !
15:44:48 <ioanachiorean> I think we should make a general announce for this or even have a  mention in SOP
15:45:10 <ioanachiorean> but for sure many event will have to suffer
15:45:22 <ioanachiorean> as going through department is harder
15:45:44 <ioanachiorean> but I do agree that are separate stuff from Reps - like described above
15:45:46 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:45:51 <melek> Debloper
15:45:54 <Debloper> I think if the Rep is known to conduct good activities in his region, we should formally support his effort & forward the bug to the responsible team (flicks, webmaker, etc.) for actual budget-reimbursement.
15:46:14 <melek> +1
15:46:14 <Debloper> eom
15:46:44 <melek> this was made for the firefox flick party in kenya I think where chelsea was cced
15:46:46 <melek> in the bug
15:47:07 <melek> Okey so Maybe we need from now to "redirect" those requests
15:47:15 <melek> and add the right people in the bug
15:47:19 <williamq> +1
15:47:27 <melek> (mentor review task)
15:47:44 <melek> okey so!!
15:47:55 <melek> I will send An email :D As always
15:48:05 <melek> let's move!
15:48:10 <melek> #topic Womoz proposal
15:48:24 <melek> and finally we have the time to talk
15:48:28 <melek> about this proposal
15:48:53 <melek> if it's okey, ioanachiorean can you give us an idea about that :)
15:49:16 <melek> here the pad where you find the proposal and some ideas about it https://womoz.etherpad.mozilla.org/WoMoz-Reps-20Proposal
15:49:47 <ioanachiorean> I've sent out an e-mail
15:50:14 <ioanachiorean> the main idea was to give more support to existing Women & reps one
15:51:00 <melek> I just want to make it clear for the council members here? are we asked to add inputs or just to read it and be aware about it?!
15:51:07 <ioanachiorean> It also begun with a proposal to also give support for some women to become reps
15:51:33 <ioanachiorean> but as seen in the pad I had concerns about this - this way will be discriminatory for all men reps
15:51:46 <ioanachiorean> both melek
15:51:56 <williamq> !
15:51:58 <ioanachiorean> opinions & feedback welcome
15:52:00 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:52:04 <melek> williamq
15:52:21 <williamq> i think we should have a longer discussion about this on the thread ioana started
15:52:23 <williamq> but very quickly
15:52:36 <williamq> i don't really see the value of folding womoz into reps
15:52:48 <williamq> the program will lose its identity
15:53:02 <williamq> and i think it will lead to some confusion
15:53:06 <pierros> +1
15:53:19 <williamq> i think the proper discussion should be how ReMo can better support womoz
15:53:29 <pierros> (and all other programs too)
15:53:45 <Debloper> +1 to all other programs too.
15:53:50 <williamq> we all support the initiative, we've supported reps to give womoz talks or to attend a womoz event
15:54:19 <ioanachiorean> +1 to william - I mentioned also in the pad concerns about identity
15:54:33 <williamq> i think we sould focus on how to better support the program if there is a feeling we are not doing enough
15:54:34 <williamq> eom
15:54:47 <melek> interesting !
15:55:05 <melek> ioanachiorean: we should probably add those ideas on the pad
15:55:13 <melek> I know many of you are really buzy
15:55:22 <melek> and don't have the time
15:55:53 <melek> do you think sending links or email about the womoz program
15:55:59 <ioanachiorean> I will add this to the pad
15:56:01 <melek> on the reps general can be a good idea
15:56:20 <melek> or we will have to much "noise" about it?!
15:56:40 <melek> clearly is there a place where we can promote the project more!
15:57:43 <melek> :) bon I will ask this question on the email thread started by ioana :)
15:57:54 <melek> okey so we continue the discussion there!
15:58:09 <regnard> sorry, got dc
15:58:12 <melek> #topic the remo brochure
15:58:21 <melek> it's okey regnard
15:58:44 <melek> so as discussed on the last remo camp
15:58:55 <melek> we wanted to have a remo brochure!
15:59:14 <melek> I was the chair for this task but unfortunatly I lost the thread after when
15:59:21 <melek> I started my graduation project
15:59:32 <melek> ioanachiorean proposed tp help on that
15:59:42 <melek> and a pad
15:59:43 <melek> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/brochure
15:59:51 <melek> was started to add all the idea
16:00:05 <melek> so please if you have inputs, want to help with desgin or content
16:00:09 <melek> we are open for that!
16:00:21 <melek> it's more a problem of design for this brochure
16:00:33 <melek> so if you know someone who can help
16:00:39 <melek> please email me :)
16:01:00 <melek> this is done!
16:01:15 * melek feeling that I'm talking to fast!
16:01:25 <melek> #topic Mozilla Reps' strategic planning
16:01:39 <melek> Debloper is it you who added this topic?
16:01:47 <Debloper> Yes, Melek :)
16:01:50 <Debloper> !
16:01:56 <melek> go so :)
16:01:57 * pierros thinks that melek is doing great :)
16:02:08 <melek> :)
16:02:29 <Debloper> I'd like to invite you all to join the pad & add your ideas to it. This is basically a brain dump for now & mostly personal opinion.
16:03:00 <melek> pad https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/planning-2013
16:03:04 * ioanachiorean agrees with pierros - melek is doing great
16:03:15 <Debloper> I thought we had to start somewhere, & that's where I started. Everyone is requested to agree/disagree/comment on the topics raised, as well add more.
16:03:19 * regnard thinks meeting has a good pace :)
16:03:26 <williamq> !
16:03:32 <Debloper> to carve the path of the Reps project.
16:03:48 <melek> Amazing Deb :)
16:03:55 <Debloper> eom for williamq
16:03:59 <melek> williamq
16:04:11 <regnard> ?
16:04:22 <williamq> just to give a bit of context
16:04:38 <williamq> Deb and I had a good chat last week about the need for the council to think more strategically about the program
16:04:49 <williamq> because things are moving so fast and we've got so much going on in the program
16:05:00 <williamq> we are mostly focused on operational stuff
16:05:03 <williamq> which is super critical
16:05:16 <williamq> but we're not spending enogh time thinking about the strategic stuff
16:05:26 <williamq> ie. how does ReMo fit in the broader organizational goals of Mozilla
16:05:28 * ioanachiorean agrees
16:05:36 * pierros agrees too
16:05:44 <williamq> how can the Council have a stronger voice in the high leadership crcles of mozilla
16:05:52 * regnard agrees
16:06:01 <williamq> how can ReMo have a deep and long lasting impact on Fx OS
16:06:03 <williamq> etc...
16:06:22 <ioanachiorean> !
16:06:26 <williamq> ReMO camps are our platofrm to discus the program strateically, of course
16:06:48 <williamq> but i think there is certainly a need for the Council to spend more time discussing more srtategic aspects of the program
16:06:55 <williamq> that's why i think deb's initaitive is really great
16:07:05 <melek> +1
16:07:18 <williamq> and his etherpad lists a bunch of really important questions that we should being to think about in depth as we prepare for ReMo Camp
16:07:19 <williamq> eom
16:07:26 <Debloper> thanks williamq :)
16:07:29 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:08:35 <ioanachiorean> I wanted to said that i had the same concerns and was waiting initially for councill meetup/camp but as that is 'never to be decicded' :D I really think we should start on it
16:09:03 <Debloper> ?
16:09:11 <melek> so Debloper
16:09:24 <ioanachiorean> and also to other old tasks - like the remo brochure - I found it through bugzilla querries - as I am a bugs freak but maybe we shoudl have a task management tool  a bit better than etherpads only
16:09:26 <ioanachiorean> eom
16:09:56 <Debloper> glad to see that everyone agrees we need to spend some time for the strategic planning. any suggestion on immediate action item for me?
16:10:15 <pierros> !
16:10:20 <melek> pierros:
16:10:27 <Debloper> you all of course I believe go ahead and add to the pad, would you want me to send some pings/remiinder etc?
16:10:32 <Debloper> eom
16:10:39 <pierros> Debloper: should create an etherpad for us to fill out with high level topics that we want to touch on
16:10:40 <pierros> eom
16:11:31 <Debloper> pierros: great, would start making the cleaned-up pad with the summaries when I have more input.
16:11:35 <Debloper> eom.
16:12:00 <melek> Okey so inputs -> clean up and email to discuss ?!
16:12:15 <Debloper> that works :)
16:12:22 <melek> perfect :)
16:12:40 <melek> I think also an email with a king of you have a week to add your inputs is welcome
16:12:40 <Debloper> will start the thread (add action please)
16:12:42 <melek> to
16:12:42 <regnard> ?
16:12:50 <melek> otherwise we will forget about this pad
16:12:52 <melek> regnard
16:12:59 <regnard> yes
16:13:33 <regnard> About the strategic items, it would also be good to know we can draw upon our current state
16:13:57 <regnard> perhaps it would be to revisit this in a SWOT session in the next ReMo camp or Council meetup
16:14:00 <regnard> eom
16:14:00 <Debloper> #action Deb, send email to remind the council for inputs in planning pad
16:14:36 <melek> +1 reganard maybe this pad cleaned can be our start point for the remo camp
16:14:49 <melek> this will make things easier and avoid to lose time :)
16:15:26 <melek> okey so Debloper we wait to hear from you soon :)
16:15:31 <melek> #topic Keon distribution update (WilliamQ)
16:15:39 <williamq> yes, the phones are here!
16:15:43 <williamq> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Keon_Request
16:15:47 <melek> \o/
16:15:53 * regnard claps like crazy
16:15:55 <williamq> we have put in place a process for Reps to order their phones
16:16:06 <williamq> the process will be similar to the welcome pack process
16:16:15 <williamq> whereby the Rep filed a swag request
16:16:25 <williamq> specifies that he wants a keon phone
16:16:36 <williamq> and the mentor approves/rejects by leaving a comment in the bug
16:16:52 <williamq> the thing we need to agree on NOW is the criteria
16:17:06 <williamq> we discussed this several itmes in the past that we don't want to send a keon phone to ALL Reps
16:17:10 <williamq> but ony to active ones
16:17:15 <williamq> is that sufficient criteria?
16:17:20 <regnard> ?
16:17:31 <melek> regnard
16:17:33 <williamq> should we let mentors decide what "active" means in the context of this keon phone ditstributon?
16:17:33 <williamq> eom
16:17:46 <ioanachiorean> ?
16:17:46 <melek> ps: an email about the critria was programed for this week :)
16:17:54 <pierros> !
16:17:56 <regnard> yes, this is a bit tied to the concept of "relative activity"
16:18:02 <regnard> aka the Alan Caeg case
16:18:18 * williamq is running late on his tasks :(
16:18:22 <regnard> Alan is considered average to below average in the Philippine community
16:18:34 <regnard> but may be considered above average in others
16:18:34 <melek> williamq actually it was mine :D
16:18:58 <regnard> so, it's the Mentor's discretion to define who is active, then?
16:18:59 <regnard> eom
16:19:07 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:19:17 <williamq> !
16:19:27 <ioanachiorean> I have 2 questions
16:19:45 <ioanachiorean> do we have a list of the reps that already received a Keon through other programs like L10n
16:19:48 <ioanachiorean> ?
16:20:15 * williamq can answer ioana's questions when it's his time to talk
16:20:23 <ioanachiorean> Second - there were some question that a rep can request more than 1 - i don't remmeber exactly the cases - for community, for other mozillians etc
16:20:31 <ioanachiorean> eom
16:20:36 <melek> pierros:
16:20:55 <pierros> I defer to williamq I will talk later
16:20:58 <pierros> williamq:
16:21:10 <williamq> ok, so first to answer ioan's questions
16:21:36 <williamq> 1) yes, we have a pretty good idea althouhg not EXACT, unfortunately, since tracking by some teams have not been perfect
16:22:15 * ioanachiorean is sad to hear this
16:22:25 <williamq> 2) i would be in favour of shippig more than 1 phones, but only based on specific crtieria (eg. Rep has been particularly active and successful in driving Fx OS activities/events/bugs etc..)
16:22:35 <williamq> someone like Fredy, for example
16:23:09 <williamq> Fredy has gone above and beyond to get people involved in Fx OS, to demo the phone, to educate people about Fx OS, to attend-/run events etc..
16:23:20 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:23:23 <williamq> so if Fredy were to request 3 phones, I personally would approve
16:23:24 <Debloper> +100
16:23:28 <williamq> and on a last general point
16:23:54 <williamq> we have enough phones right now to give a phone to every Rep signed up to the program, but obviously, many Reps won't be getting a phone because they're inactive
16:24:03 <williamq> so yes, we have enough stock to send several phones to some Reps
16:24:04 <williamq> eom
16:24:10 <melek> pierros ?!
16:24:25 <pierros> so +1 on 2nd point of williamq
16:24:48 <pierros> regarding criteria for giving a keon
16:25:21 <pierros> I think that every rep that requests a keon needs to write a plan about what she will be doing with it during the next 6 months
16:25:27 <pierros> like a mission statement
16:25:35 <pierros> then we can quickly review this and approve it
16:25:39 <pierros> (possibly the mentor)
16:25:47 * ioanachiorean thinks it will be great to have that
16:25:53 <melek> +1 too
16:25:54 <pierros> this will act as a commitment and bind the rep for future activities
16:26:01 <williamq> +1
16:26:08 <pierros> regarding how this can be done: easily:
16:26:23 * regnard thinks it's good idea, but scalable
16:26:24 <Debloper> +1 & following up on this would be great (false promises, not welcome)
16:26:26 <pierros> we create wiki pages (I can easily create a template)
16:26:37 <pierros> Debloper: exactly
16:26:37 <pierros> eom
16:26:55 <melek> what about if a rep get a phone
16:26:58 <williamq> !
16:27:04 <melek> he need to update his mentor
16:27:08 <melek> in his monthly report
16:27:17 <melek> like to say what
16:27:21 <melek> he made with!
16:27:23 <melek> williamq
16:27:34 <williamq> so here's what i suggest
16:27:41 <williamq> when the Rep files the bug request
16:27:48 * Debloper wonders, if there's any gdocs-to-mediawiki plugin to automate inputs, & to save the wiki-markup-n00bs.
16:28:27 <williamq> in the bug, (s)he should write the mission statement but *also* descirbe his/her involvement in Fx OS until now (if (s)he is requesting sveeral phones
16:28:37 <pierros> Debloper: I can create forms on the wiki
16:28:39 <williamq> eom
16:28:57 <melek> williamq only the mentor
16:29:00 <ioanachiorean> ?
16:29:00 <pierros> williamq: +1 this can also be done in the bug, (in the swag request)
16:29:04 <melek> will eb the person to review
16:29:06 <melek> this request?
16:29:06 <regnard> !
16:29:11 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:29:26 <williamq> melek: yes, or else it won't scale
16:29:51 <ioanachiorean> I was wondering as we had some comments on the list- will there be a chance to upgrade to a peak?
16:29:53 <ioanachiorean> eom
16:30:10 <Debloper> pierros: oh yes, forms are there in mediawiki only! my brain probably had went off to wandering somewhere :P
16:30:13 <melek> regnard
16:30:36 <regnard> i hate to throw in a buzzword, but what would be the "lean" version of this Keon request form?
16:30:38 <williamq> ioanachiorean: no, a the moment there is no plan for that
16:30:38 <regnard> eom
16:30:58 <williamq> regnard: what do you mean?
16:31:10 <pierros> a streamlined in terms of UX form
16:31:27 <regnard> like what would be the minimum questions of the form to accomplish or main goal
16:31:36 <pierros> ~
16:31:37 <pierros> !
16:31:39 <regnard> ie, avoid non-active Reps to get a hold of a phone
16:31:40 <regnard> eom
16:31:45 <melek> pierros:
16:31:51 <pierros> Proposed flow:
16:32:14 <pierros> 1. Rep files a swag request following a specific SOP
16:32:28 <pierros> 2. In the request he states his intentions (we will have a template in the SOP)
16:32:35 <pierros> 3. Mentor Reviews the request
16:32:46 <pierros> (that's how we know about past activities and commitments)
16:32:51 <pierros> (we need to trust mentors)
16:32:57 <pierros> 4. Konstantina takes this over
16:33:12 <pierros> 5. long time after that, we can track all those requests
16:33:30 <pierros> actually we can build a wiki page that queries bugzilla so we can display all of them in one page
16:33:34 <Debloper> !
16:33:35 <pierros> how does this sound?
16:33:37 <pierros> eom
16:33:40 <williamq> +1
16:33:45 <regnard> +1
16:33:46 <melek> +1 for me too
16:33:50 <melek> Debloper
16:33:58 <ioanachiorean> +!
16:33:59 * williamq volunteers to update the SOP with Pierros' flow
16:33:59 <Debloper> an off-topic follow up.
16:34:02 <ioanachiorean> sorry +1
16:34:13 <Debloper> pierros: Can we have an inventory report system in the reps portal?
16:34:25 <Debloper> to track how much extra amount a rep has
16:34:33 <pierros> Debloper: not any time soon.. but we can build towards that ... cc'ing williamr
16:34:36 <Debloper> or did he get welcome kit, keon etc.?
16:34:51 <melek> good idea!
16:35:04 <Debloper> might not need to be open to all - mentor/council access is fine imo.
16:35:06 <Debloper> eom.
16:35:19 <ioanachiorean> !
16:35:26 <melek> before to move: volunteers to update the sop with pierros :)
16:35:28 <melek> ??
16:35:37 <ioanachiorean> I
16:35:45 <melek> cool :)
16:35:48 <ioanachiorean> I can join williamq and pieeros on this
16:35:48 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:35:49 <williamq> I already wrote : williamq volunteers to update the SOP with Pierros' flow
16:35:58 <melek> yeah :D
16:36:06 <williamq> but i also would like to volunteer for the template
16:36:13 <melek> I need to insist :D
16:36:14 <williamq> ioana and pierros can then edit and polish
16:36:26 <ioanachiorean> I wanted to +1 to add the inventopry to reps portal as there are many reps with phones like SII
16:36:27 <williamq> :)
16:36:41 <ioanachiorean> oke williamq
16:36:48 <melek> okey so
16:36:56 <melek> ones this is ready can you share this
16:37:04 <melek> with the council/mentor list
16:37:26 <melek> I will send an email before to announce that the phones are here (is i can announce that)
16:37:36 <williamq> !
16:37:42 <melek> williamq
16:37:56 <williamq> melek: please announce it on reps-general after the council has reviewed the updated SOP
16:38:09 <williamq> ideally, if we can do this by end of the day tomorrow, that would be great
16:38:18 <melek> Okey this is better !
16:38:36 <williamq> actually, there are two emails to send
16:38:43 <williamq> first one to mentors and then to reps-general
16:39:00 <melek> Okey so ioanachiorean , pierros and william once you update the SOP please email me
16:39:09 <melek> so I can email the righ persons after :)
16:39:24 <melek> okey williamq I will send before an email the mentors
16:39:34 <williamq> awesome
16:39:43 <melek> and after we got the SOP I will announce that on the reps general
16:39:52 <melek> is it okey like that?
16:40:23 <williamq> +1
16:40:29 <regnard> +1
16:40:31 <melek> parfait
16:40:37 <regnard> !
16:40:44 <melek> regnard
16:41:02 <regnard> before I forget, please let me know which topics to include in the Council update after this meeting
16:41:05 <regnard> thank. eom
16:41:25 <melek> yeah I was About to tell you that I will email you so we can synchronise our
16:41:28 <melek> announcements :)
16:41:49 <melek> #topic ReMo Camp update
16:41:50 * williamq is amazed at how awesome this council is! :)
16:41:55 <williamq> !
16:42:01 <melek> williamq
16:42:05 <williamq> so very quickly
16:42:20 <williamq> as you may have seen, finding the right date for ReMo Cmap is impossible
16:42:25 <melek> :D
16:42:48 <williamq> it's very hard to have all mentors/council memebrs available to attend but also, we need to navigate a busy Fs OX launch calendar
16:42:57 <williamq> so pierros just shared a 4th doodle survey
16:43:09 <pierros> hehe
16:43:12 <williamq> nothign is ideal, but hopefully we'll finalize a date soon
16:43:16 <williamq> in terms of the location
16:43:17 * pierros is the doodle mastah!!
16:43:23 <melek> yay
16:43:25 <williamq> it's almost certain that it will be in Madrid
16:43:31 * regnard thinks there should be a Doodle when the next Doodle poll will be :P hehehe
16:43:45 <williamq> but it could be in Paris
16:43:53 <williamq> more news on this next week
16:43:54 <williamq> eom
16:44:02 <melek> thanks william :)
16:44:18 <melek> so last topic
16:44:23 <melek> it's optional actually
16:44:27 <melek> and I think deb added it
16:44:33 <melek> Brief on survey data
16:44:35 <melek> :)
16:44:41 * ioanachiorean etherpads feel betrayed by pierros due to so many doodles
16:44:42 <Debloper> I think it's more of an update & less of a discussion.
16:44:46 <Debloper> should take that to email.
16:45:00 <Debloper> not to waste time here (already reaching 2 hours)
16:45:02 <Debloper> eom.
16:45:04 <melek> OKey :)
16:45:06 <melek> so before
16:45:08 <melek> to end
16:45:11 <melek> our meeting
16:45:19 <melek> we have a guest : williamr
16:45:27 <melek> he was waiting fot the end of the meeting
16:45:33 <melek> to introduce him self
16:45:34 <melek> :)
16:45:40 <melek> so williamr here? :)
16:45:46 <williamr> yes
16:45:51 <williamr> Hi everyone! :) You may have noticed I am joining this meeting for the first time. Some of you already know me, and I want to introduce myself as the new product manager for the ReMo website.
16:46:20 <williamr> I'm working with the ReMo Dev team on improving the functionality of the site for Reps, Mentors and Council. I will soon start a discussion about how I can be the most useful to the Council and all of ReMo, but for now I just want to introduce myself and say I look forward to working with you more.
16:46:22 <williamr> eom
16:46:37 <melek> okeyy :)
16:46:42 <melek> welcome so :)
16:46:43 * regnard welcome William R!
16:47:00 <melek> so thanks to all of you :)
16:47:05 <melek> #endmeeting