15:03:18 <melek> #startmeeting
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15:03:30 <melek> Hi every one :) Hope you're fine :)
15:03:42 <melek> okey so our first topic today is about the reimbursement list
15:03:51 <melek> #topic  Reimbursement List
15:04:21 <melek> 2 weeks ago I've sent a document resuming the proposals
15:04:29 <melek> from mentors about what we can sponsor
15:04:31 <melek> and what not
15:04:41 <melek> you took the time to vote
15:04:45 <melek> and here the final result
15:04:49 <melek> https://docs.google.com/a/arabicmozilla.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoCbQp2nM--edGREUlB2R05EVFJ2RUhJcVR5Q2gxVFE#gid=0
15:05:03 <melek> there are very interesting ideas about some items
15:05:16 <melek> so now we need to think
15:05:17 <williamq> melek: i can no longer access it :(
15:05:21 <melek> awtch
15:05:24 <melek> let me check
15:05:45 <ioanachiorean> neither did I - I requested again
15:05:57 <melek> https://docs.google.com/a/arabicmozilla.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoCbQp2nM--edGREUlB2R05EVFJ2RUhJcVR5Q2gxVFE#gid=0
15:06:06 <melek> can you check now?
15:06:15 <ioanachiorean> yes
15:06:21 <williamq> ok great
15:06:23 <melek> perfect
15:06:32 <melek> so you have the final votes
15:06:38 <melek> and as I said we need to figure
15:06:46 <melek> now what to do with those
15:06:48 <melek> informations!
15:06:51 <williamq> !
15:06:55 <melek> williamq
15:07:10 <williamq> I suggest that we give the list to konstantina so she can update the Budget SOP
15:07:29 <williamq> and detail the expenses we can cover and those that we should not cover
15:07:30 <williamq> eom
15:07:44 <melek> we don't make an announcement before
15:07:50 <melek> on the reps general?!
15:07:56 <melek> like we just "impose" that?
15:08:04 <williamq> !
15:08:07 <melek> williamq
15:08:35 <williamq> i don't like the word "impose" but indeed, this is a decision by the council and this is final
15:08:42 <williamq> we voted, debated and this is what we came up with
15:08:59 <williamq> i suggest that once we have updated the Budget SOP, then we should announce it on reps-general
15:09:06 <williamq> eom
15:09:15 <melek> Okey, make sense!! let's try it and if something don't work we can change it after :)
15:09:25 <melek> ioanachiorean: bobreyes ?
15:09:31 <melek> HI alex :)
15:09:51 <melek> I suppose it's okey for you :)
15:09:56 <ioanachiorean> I agree with williamq - mail after - mentors were already involved a bit so.
15:10:03 <bobreyes> I'm go with updating the Budget SOP
15:10:11 <melek> oki
15:10:12 <bobreyes> based on the list with green items
15:10:48 <melek> #action  melek email konstantina with the final list to update the sop, and after reganrd or ioana will email the reps genreal for the annoucement
15:10:59 <melek> okey fine so!!
15:11:06 <melek> #topic Council members and Summit
15:11:13 <williamq> !
15:11:18 <melek> williamq
15:11:32 <williamq> i think council members need to be spread out evenly across the three summits
15:11:39 <melek> +1
15:11:43 <williamq> eom
15:11:56 <ioanachiorean> ?
15:12:00 <melek> we are 9 members we can
15:12:14 <melek> have three councils by smmit
15:12:16 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:12:20 <bobreyes> +1 on william
15:12:31 <ioanachiorean> williamq & pierros do you have your're location set?
15:12:39 <williamq> no
15:12:41 <williamq> not yet
15:12:51 <williamq> i don't think pierros and I will be going to the same summit
15:12:58 <melek> wow :D
15:12:59 <xelawafs> +1 on williamq
15:13:00 <williamq> it's ultimately Mary's decision
15:13:04 <williamq> eom
15:13:16 <melek> do you think it's too early to start
15:13:24 <ioanachiorean> to full fill this proposal would have been better to have more people in Europe - as currently I am the only ne here :D
15:13:31 <melek> a thread about what every council will do in the summit he is attending?
15:13:48 <williamq> !
15:13:54 <melek> williamq
15:14:07 <williamq> i think we need to wait for after the summit assembly in Paris to start discussing the role of the council
15:14:19 <williamq> at this point, i have NO clue what the summit will look like
15:14:28 <melek> +1 good idea !! especially that many council members are attending
15:14:28 <williamq> what the format will be, the goals, the expectations etc...
15:14:32 <williamq> everything is still veryblurry
15:14:48 <williamq> so once we have more clarity on that, then i think it will be great to start a thread on our role
15:14:49 <williamq> eom
15:14:58 <melek> +1 for me!
15:15:11 <melek> any other question about the summit?!
15:15:42 <melek> I think it's okey for all of you :)
15:15:49 <melek> let's jump to our next topic!
15:15:57 <melek> #topic Voting system
15:16:06 <melek> so as I emailed you last week
15:16:17 <melek> I noticed that we were tooking too much time to vote
15:16:23 <melek> and especially to report
15:16:26 <melek> our decision!
15:16:42 <melek> Ioana and deb estabilshed a good system
15:16:48 <melek> to check if a decision is reported or not
15:16:59 <melek> you can check the proposals on the pad
15:17:07 <melek> I will for sure email the council list
15:17:09 * williamq likes the proposals
15:17:15 <melek> with a clear steps to do
15:17:21 <williamq> !
15:17:21 <melek> when adding a budget request
15:17:24 <melek> williamq
15:18:09 <williamq> i would suggest an additional proposal: to ask Konstantina to harass us until we vote
15:18:14 <williamq> eom
15:18:21 <bobreyes> +1 on william
15:18:21 <melek> haha :D
15:18:28 <melek> maybe also the chair can play
15:18:33 <melek> a role in that!!
15:18:35 <ioanachiorean> +1 if is not to much for her
15:18:39 <ioanachiorean> +1 melek
15:18:45 <melek> I agree with iaona
15:18:51 <melek> sometimes I feel she have too much
15:18:54 <melek> things to do ://
15:19:11 <melek> but for sure we need to speed a bit
15:19:12 <williamq> she's ok, she will tell us if she can't handle it anymore
15:19:21 <melek> perfect!
15:19:36 <melek> #action melek email konstantina about the voting process
15:19:53 <melek> #action send an email to all the council members about the voting process
15:20:06 <melek> ok
15:20:12 <melek> #topic Keon Phones
15:20:26 <melek> so here this last couple of weeks I had this question
15:20:33 <melek> very frequently:
15:20:42 <melek> Is it possible to send more then one phone not as "Mozilla -> Rep" but as "Mozilla -> Community". Some communities don't have more then 1 or 2 reps so they asked for phones to manage event and app days.
15:20:52 <melek> I wanted to check with you before to reply!!
15:21:08 <williamq> !!
15:21:12 <melek> does it make swq
15:21:17 <melek> oups williamq
15:21:48 <williamq> so, in principle, i think we should definitely give more than 1 keon phone in some cases
15:22:01 <williamq> the thing is that we first need to see how many phones we have left
15:22:17 <williamq> our priority was to ship phones to 1) app day winners 2) reps and 3) localizers
15:22:26 <williamq> i need to check with konstantina how many phones we have left
15:22:46 <williamq> but depending on how much we have, we can start shipping more than 2 phones to Mozillians (via Reps)
15:22:59 <melek> cool!
15:23:04 <williamq> Reps will still be reponsible for the phones
15:23:05 <williamq> eom
15:23:22 <melek> #action williamq check with konstantina how many Keon phones are left
15:23:48 <melek> actually it was Fadel from Palestine
15:23:51 <melek> who asked me about that!
15:24:02 <melek> I will send him an email to explain this!
15:24:10 <melek> an other thing
15:24:20 <melek> Majda from Algeria and Faten from Tunisia
15:24:29 <melek> asked for a letter to give to customs!
15:24:38 <williamq> !
15:24:40 <melek> they want to have a kind of letter where mozilla say
15:24:46 <ioanachiorean> !
15:24:54 <melek> that this phone is not for commercial use
15:24:58 <melek> williamq
15:25:12 <williamq> I've been working closely with our vendor repsonsible for shipping the phones
15:25:36 <williamq> they include a letter that clearly states that the phone is NOT for commercial use and that it is a "sample" for testing
15:25:55 <williamq> so far, we have not had any problems with customs except in a few cases
15:26:05 <williamq> also, customs duties/taxes is normally covered by our vendor
15:26:12 <williamq> so the recipeint should normally NOT pay anything
15:26:14 <williamq> eom
15:26:19 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:26:55 <ioanachiorean> if the paper is still needed I can work o it after the meeting - i though someone took this - i did not check for any progress
15:27:01 <ioanachiorean> but if still needed- i ca do it
15:27:03 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:27:13 <melek> exactly ioana
15:27:17 <melek> I wrote a draft
15:27:22 <melek> but I need someone to review it
15:27:24 <melek> https://docs.google.com/a/arabicmozilla.org/document/d/1sqsdLsQCTVvCFIE6OBgvipLav0H0jN0kdOI1QDbKtYE/edit
15:27:33 <melek> and pierros or william to sign it
15:27:33 * williamq is happy to help review it
15:27:43 <williamq> i should sign it
15:27:52 <melek> (for those two cases we really need the letter!)
15:28:11 <melek> I wrote a french and an english version feel free to edit it!
15:28:19 <williamq> melek: can you give me editing access to the doc?
15:28:27 <melek> ow :D
15:28:30 <melek> SOrry again
15:28:38 <melek> Just after the meeting
15:28:43 <melek> I will add you and ioanachiorean
15:28:49 <melek> with edit access!
15:28:51 <ioanachiorean> thanks
15:28:52 <williamq> :)
15:28:57 <melek> nice :)
15:29:06 <melek> okey this all about the Keon phones
15:29:15 <melek> reps are really happpy with their phone
15:29:22 <melek> amazing the number of blogpost
15:29:25 <melek> about that :)
15:29:38 <melek> #topic Mozilla Gear Vs Mozilla Swag:
15:29:55 <melek> and the mic is yours ioanachiorean :)
15:30:17 <ioanachiorean> Well, I've already sent a mail on this topic
15:30:28 <williamq> !
15:30:45 <ioanachiorean> I was curious if ther were previous talks on this before I joined the council and if there is a certain procedure for res
15:30:47 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:30:54 <melek> williamq
15:31:00 <williamq> so, here's the situation
15:31:15 <williamq> the gear store was initially aimed at employees only
15:31:51 <williamq> so that employees could easily order swag internally but also give a tshirt or stiekrs to a volunteer they wanted to thank
15:32:08 <williamq> then, the gearstore's store scope became wider and now, it's open to anyone with a bugzilla account
15:32:26 <williamq> basically, anyone who wants to order swag for a specific reason can do so
15:32:42 <williamq> we have a full-time employee looking after requests and approving/rejcting them
15:33:09 <williamq> now, one important point is that the gear store is for indivudals, not for groups or people or for events
15:33:32 <williamq> gear for events should go through Reps
15:33:48 <williamq> we need accountabilitly, visilbity and follow-up
15:33:54 <williamq> with the gear store, there is none of that
15:33:55 <williamq> eom
15:34:05 <ioanachiorean> ?
15:34:07 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:34:36 <ioanachiorean> and If a rep requests gear ? who will ask for refferences and whom
15:34:45 <ioanachiorean> is there a process
15:34:45 <ioanachiorean> ?
15:34:47 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:34:53 <williamq> !
15:34:55 <melek> williamq
15:35:11 <williamq> there have been some instances where Reps have requested gear via the gear store
15:35:29 <williamq> our colleague, Jennifer Balaco deals with those requests
15:35:53 <williamq> i have no visibility on the actual requests so i don't know if they get approved or not
15:36:26 <williamq> eom
15:37:04 <melek> is it okey ioana?
15:37:21 <ioanachiorean> i see - maybe this is something that we should consider. If e don't have a certain ule or reviewers from reps mentor/uncil I thinkthis might get ou of our hands
15:37:43 <melek> +1
15:37:56 <melek> ioanachiorean: did the rep you mentionned
15:37:57 <williamq> !
15:38:02 <melek> get an answer?
15:38:05 <melek> williamq
15:38:20 <williamq> what we really need to avoid is having two parallel swag distribution systems
15:38:42 <williamq> we worked hard on building the ReMo swag system precisely to ensure transparency, accountbility, reporting, and follow-up
15:39:02 <williamq> we absolutely need to avoid having Reps circumvent the ReMo swga process and get their swag from the gear store
15:39:03 <ioanachiorean> +1 on this
15:39:13 <bobreyes> +1 on william
15:39:32 <williamq> so I would recommend that if a Rep absilutely needs swag from the gear store, he needs to make a case to his mentor and then get clearance from his mentor
15:39:34 <williamq> eom
15:39:35 <xelawafs> +1 true
15:39:55 <ioanachiorean> !
15:40:02 <melek> ioanachiorean:
15:40:05 <ioanachiorean> well his bug was closed now - but with a strange comment - something like for now
15:40:17 <ioanachiorean> I agree with williamq
15:40:31 <melek> yep me too !!
15:40:49 <ioanachiorean> but I think that if  request is made by rep for their own - mentor should review it - to avoid un active reps to get it
15:41:12 <ioanachiorean> unfortunatelly the case was of a not so active reps - who was left out of reps once
15:41:50 <ioanachiorean> and majda deal with strong words in that situation - and now he is trying t gt everything from each channel possible
15:42:11 <ioanachiorean> so I consider it not ok for reps without great activity to receive the best package
15:42:22 <ioanachiorean> when others that deserve better don't have yet
15:42:28 <ioanachiorean> eom
15:42:37 <melek> +1 totally
15:43:24 <melek> okey so
15:43:31 <melek> I think it's clear for all of us
15:43:33 <melek> !!
15:43:59 <melek> next topic so?!
15:44:11 <melek> #topic Budget Request: firefox cub transportation (decision to approve/or not this budget is needed!)
15:44:31 <williamq> !
15:44:35 <melek> williamq
15:44:45 <williamq> i'm not in favour of this - i just have a hard time with animals in captivity
15:44:47 <williamq> eom
15:45:14 <melek> I think I will create a doodle
15:45:19 <melek> with Yes or No
15:45:23 <melek> so we can close this
15:45:26 <melek> topic!!!
15:45:32 <williamq> +1
15:45:37 <melek> they are waiting for an answer
15:45:38 <ioanachiorean> or added in the voting pad?
15:45:48 <melek> or added in the woting pad yeah
15:45:49 <melek> !!
15:46:34 <melek> #action add Matjez budget request to the pad
15:46:43 <melek> we need to close it!!
15:47:07 <melek> okey so the next
15:47:14 <melek> topic is also about budget requests
15:47:23 <melek> the two last ones are a bit special
15:47:36 <melek> one about soumya's work week in india that may change for the date
15:47:45 <melek> and one about the brazillian community
15:47:59 <melek> I was honestly very unconfortable with this last one
15:48:08 <melek> I checked the receipts and it was 80% taxi
15:48:10 <melek> costs
15:48:20 <williamq> hmmm
15:48:22 <williamq> not good
15:48:46 <melek> yeah this request is weird !! you can check the bug
15:49:01 <williamq> ok i see
15:49:03 <melek> and how it moved from 400$ to 2500$ If I not wrong
15:49:03 <williamq> so this is tricky
15:49:07 <williamq> !
15:49:14 <melek> williamq
15:49:32 <williamq> basically, Fabio Magnoni, who is contracting for Mozilla told Reps that he was taking care of all expenses
15:49:51 <williamq> but then changed his mind (or he finally didn't get approval from his team)
15:50:14 <williamq> so Reps had a bunch of expenses that were not reimbursed - and they didn't file a budget request bug befor ethe vent because Fabio told them they didn't have to
15:50:20 <williamq> basically, a big mix-up
15:50:26 <melek> wow
15:50:33 <williamq> I think we should approve this special case because it's not the Reps' fault
15:50:54 <williamq> since then, Pierros has spoken to Fabio and the Reps to make sure this doesn't happen again, last time he was in Sao Paulo
15:50:58 <williamq> so i think we're good
15:51:03 <williamq> I would approve this
15:51:03 <williamq> eom
15:51:12 <melek> good!!
15:51:22 <melek> strange things in Mozilla Brazil I think
15:51:32 <melek> we need to deal with that with more attention!
15:51:42 <melek> okey so
15:51:46 <melek> next topic
15:51:49 <melek> #topic ReMo Camp Update
15:51:55 <melek> williamq any update?
15:52:12 <williamq> so, i have been told to wait until May 28 to make a decision on the date
15:52:29 <williamq> that 's because we'll be 100% sure about Fx OS launch dates this summer
15:52:38 <melek> cool
15:52:51 <williamq> since mentors will be playing a critical role in these launches, we absolutely need to avoid having our camp coinicide with a Fx OS launch
15:52:56 <williamq> so we'll know this week
15:53:12 <williamq> once i get the green light, i'l send out an email to mentors to start booking travel
15:53:14 <williamq> eom
15:53:22 <melek> wonderful
15:53:29 <melek> any idea about the place?
15:54:18 <melek> williamq
15:54:28 <williamq> most probably Madrid
15:54:42 <williamq> but possibly in Paris or Berlin
15:54:48 <williamq> but definitely in Europe
15:54:49 <williamq> eom
15:54:53 <melek> okey let's wait for the next week so!
15:54:56 <melek> :)
15:55:00 <melek> #topic Comms Reps
15:55:19 <melek> this is just an annoucement : Tristan nitot will be the "new face"
15:55:27 <melek> for the comms Reps program
15:55:38 <melek> he sent an email Friday
15:55:56 <melek> and he will take the lead of this project I think
15:56:00 <williamq> interesting
15:56:13 <melek> yep!!
15:56:26 <melek> we didn't heard any news from this group since
15:56:33 <melek> a long time and many reps sent requests
15:56:38 <melek> and filled the form to join
15:56:41 <melek> but no one replied
15:56:43 <melek> !!
15:56:43 <williamq> !
15:56:48 <melek> williamq
15:57:18 <williamq> Shannon Prior used to manage the program but now she has been asked to focus on other projects, which is sad because she did a great job
15:57:19 <williamq> eom
15:57:33 <melek> I thought it was Barbara
15:57:34 <regnard> hello
15:57:38 <regnard> just dropping in
15:57:45 <melek> Hi regnard :)
15:58:03 <melek> anyway I emailed Tristan to tell him
15:58:07 <williamq> melek: no, Barabra always had a supportive role, but Shannon was in charge of it
15:58:18 <melek> that if he have any question or suggestion
15:58:27 <melek> he can share it with the remo council
15:58:33 <melek> and we can discuss it :)
15:58:47 <williamq> cool
15:58:48 <melek> williamq: ahh didn't know about that !!
15:59:09 <melek> #topic [reminder] rep of the month
15:59:22 <melek> don't forget to add your proposals to the rep of the month pad
15:59:27 <melek> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/ROM-nominations-05-13
15:59:47 * williamq added his :)
15:59:59 <melek> nice
16:00:05 <melek> and the last topic
16:00:08 <melek> for our meeting
16:00:24 <melek> #topic update our reps-wiki
16:00:35 <melek> I wanted to ask
16:00:46 <melek> if it's a good idea to start / re active
16:00:51 <melek> a task force related
16:01:00 <melek> to our wiki
16:01:02 <williamq> +1
16:01:07 <melek> many things are not updated
16:01:16 <melek> maybe regnard can help on that!
16:01:24 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:01:38 <melek> we can't wait until the remo camp
16:01:44 <regnard> !
16:01:49 <melek> we can start work on the most not updated wikis
16:01:54 <melek> regnard
16:02:28 <regnard> hi melek, i would be pre-occupied with the safari online deployment, as well as the cultural diversity initiatives in the next few months...
16:02:42 <williamq> i !
16:02:45 <williamq> !
16:02:50 <regnard> i'm afraid i would not do a good job in the wiki updates...
16:02:54 <melek> euhmmm yeah forgot about that :/
16:02:56 <melek> williamq
16:03:07 <williamq> i think we can have 3 people take the lead on updating the wiki
16:03:14 <regnard> i can ask people to do it via the training & dev task force
16:03:15 <williamq> 3 is enough in IMO
16:03:16 <williamq> eom
16:03:26 <ioanachiorean> !
16:03:35 <regnard> that would be the best that i could do
16:03:37 <regnard> eom
16:03:37 <melek> but we still need an owner from the council members?
16:03:43 <melek> ioanachiorean:
16:03:47 <ioanachiorean> I can be one of those 3
16:03:51 <ioanachiorean> and own this
16:04:08 <melek> ohh nice!! :-)
16:04:22 <melek> so ioanachiorean can you email the mentor list
16:04:29 <melek> to ask for two other persons
16:04:32 <melek> to help you
16:04:40 <melek> like regnard did for the dev task force :) ?
16:04:44 <williamq> I would like to help
16:04:56 <ioanachiorean> I can
16:04:59 <melek> * 1 other person so :D
16:05:19 <melek> #action ioana will be the owner of the "wiki update group"
16:05:40 <ioanachiorean> #action ioana will reach mentor list for 1-2 persons more for wiki task
16:05:41 <melek> #action ioanachiorean : email the mentor list to ask those who want to join
16:05:48 <ioanachiorean> :)
16:05:53 <melek> haha
16:05:56 <melek> okey so :)
16:06:00 <melek> for the other topic deb
16:06:04 <melek> isn't here to give
16:06:13 <melek> us some updates I will reach him by email
16:06:22 <melek> Sooo thanks to all of you :)
16:06:26 <melek> #endmeeting