15:27:15 <ioanachiorean> #startmeeting
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15:27:40 <ioanachiorean> first
15:27:43 * pierros loves the way poeple are familiar with meetbot by now :)
15:27:45 <ioanachiorean> #topic Remo Camp
15:28:05 <ioanachiorean> WilliamQ do you wanna take the floor?
15:28:07 <williamq> sure :)
15:28:20 <williamq> so, i'm glad to confirm that we have secured a cool venue and hotel
15:28:30 <williamq> we'll be booking flights starting tomorrow
15:28:39 * ioanachiorean is excited and claps hands for the team
15:28:40 <Izel> \o/
15:28:42 <williamq> i'll be sending an email to everyone with instructions on how to book flights
15:28:52 <pierros> ?
15:28:58 <williamq> one important thing though is to make sure you book your flights ASAP if you need a visa
15:29:14 <williamq> pierros: yes
15:29:39 <pierros> I would like to remind everyone that we will need to move fast with the new mentors so we can include them for travel planing for Camp
15:29:41 <pierros> eom
15:29:48 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:30:07 <xelawafs> +1
15:30:13 <williamq> +1
15:30:19 <ioanachiorean> anyone else/other opinions thoughts?
15:30:23 <Izel> +1
15:30:29 <regnard> !
15:30:40 <ioanachiorean> williamq  do we have the invitations ready / letters etc?
15:30:42 <williamq> also, we have the delicate task to discuss whether some existing mentors should be removed from their mentor position or not
15:30:56 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:31:00 <ioanachiorean> regnard
15:31:01 <williamq> ioanachiorean: yes, i sent some out yesterday
15:31:17 <Debloper> Invitation letter & hotel confirmation is required for visa application.
15:31:27 <regnard> I initially had reservations, but having mentors now to have them primed for the ReMo Camp makes sense
15:31:28 <regnard> eom
15:31:42 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:31:59 <williamq> ?
15:32:06 <ioanachiorean> Debloper pierros mentioned that above - maybe confirm with williamq teh otel
15:32:09 <ioanachiorean> yes williamq
15:32:33 <williamq> do we want to discuss here whether or not some mentors should be removed from their mentor role ?
15:32:40 <williamq> or do we do this by email?
15:32:49 <pierros> !
15:32:52 * ioanachiorean not pierros - was williamq
15:32:56 <ioanachiorean> yes pierros
15:33:27 <pierros> we should not discuss the actual names.. we should quickly discuss the procedure/critiria for removing
15:33:32 <pierros> eom
15:33:33 <melek> ?
15:33:36 <ioanachiorean> +1 on pierros
15:33:39 <ioanachiorean> yes melek
15:33:40 <xelawafs> pierros: +1
15:33:49 <williamq> +1
15:33:50 <Izel> +1 Pierros
15:33:52 <regnard> !
15:33:52 <melek> pierros it's going to be only council members or
15:33:58 <melek> mentors will be included in the process
15:34:00 <melek> to vote?
15:34:02 <melek> eom
15:34:15 <ioanachiorean> regnard
15:34:28 <williamq> !
15:34:47 <regnard> re: those who will be removed, I suggest a video chat/skype call and explain personally to the would-be ex-mentor
15:35:04 <regnard> I'm just concerned about the bad blood that might come up
15:35:07 <regnard> eom
15:35:15 <ioanachiorean> +1  on the bad blood
15:35:20 <Izel> +1 regnard
15:35:21 <ioanachiorean> WilliamQ:
15:35:23 <melek> +1 too !!
15:35:27 <williamq> we need to decide ASAP if we remove mentors because if they are removed, they will not be invited to ReMo Camp
15:35:45 <ioanachiorean> ASAP meaning like 24h-48h?
15:35:45 <williamq> we should decide today
15:35:49 <Izel> !
15:35:52 <ioanachiorean> or even less..
15:35:55 <ioanachiorean> yes IZEL
15:36:12 <pierros> +1 on asap
15:36:17 * regnard is ready to vote, if needed
15:36:19 <Izel> Could we make a mentors review before remo camp and a Reps review in the remo camp
15:36:40 <Izel> the idea of the review before is to invite the mentors, not exmentors
15:36:41 <Izel> eom
15:36:42 <williamq> !
15:36:52 <ioanachiorean> yes izel - that's what we are saying now
15:36:56 <ioanachiorean> please williamq
15:37:10 <williamq> we need to move fast particularly because of visas
15:37:35 <Izel> !
15:37:43 * ioanachiorean want to add toizel that that's why we need to move fast so the ex mentors no to get invited
15:37:46 <williamq> if the mentors we want to remove need a visa to go to spain, we need to inform them tomorrow so that they don't go to their local spanish embassy for nothing
15:38:07 <williamq> also, we need to move fast for new mentors, especially if they need visas for Spain
15:38:07 * ioanachiorean agrees
15:38:07 <williamq> eom
15:38:13 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:38:16 <ioanachiorean> Izel ..
15:38:23 <pierros> !
15:38:26 <Izel> Is Odin the only mentor with problems? if yes, I think we could discuss his situation now.
15:38:27 <regnard> !
15:38:48 <Izel> eom
15:38:56 <ioanachiorean> Izel I think no but do not have other ex in my mind
15:38:57 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:39:01 <ioanachiorean> Pierros ..
15:39:05 <pierros> ok people we all agree :) let's discuss the critira. No names please :)
15:39:08 <pierros> eom
15:39:14 <williamq> +1
15:39:25 <williamq> !
15:39:26 <bobreyes> +1
15:39:35 <ioanachiorean> Regnard ..
15:40:20 <regnard> i agree that we should act in the next 24 hours, if possible
15:40:26 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:40:33 <ioanachiorean> williamQ ..
15:40:37 <regnard> if we can vote now, let's do it
15:40:39 <regnard> eom
15:40:55 <ioanachiorean> sorry regnard I though u were eom
15:40:55 <pierros> people, once again. no names here
15:41:06 <pierros> (= no votes here)
15:41:07 <williamq> i suggest that pierros initiates a vote on reps-council@mozilla.com
15:41:15 <pierros> !
15:41:17 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:41:18 <williamq> after the our meeting
15:41:29 <regnard> +1
15:41:35 <ioanachiorean> eom williamq?
15:41:51 <williamq> eom
15:41:54 <williamq> (sorry) :(
15:41:58 <ioanachiorean> pierros
15:42:09 <pierros> I will initiate a vote on removal in reps-council, let's discuss the criteria quickly now
15:42:10 <pierros> eom
15:42:24 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:42:30 <williamq> !
15:42:32 <regnard> !
15:42:38 <ioanachiorean> williamq :
15:42:51 <pierros> !
15:42:53 <xelawafs> !
15:43:11 <williamq> I think the criteria should be simple and straightforward : is the mentor doing an overall good job? has he/she been involved in problems/bad behaviour? have there been complaints ?
15:43:12 <williamq> eom
15:43:24 <ioanachiorean> regnard :
15:43:42 <regnard> in addition to william's, i'd like to add all documented items re: performance
15:43:49 <regnard> eg, remo profile
15:43:53 <regnard> survey
15:44:01 <regnard> mailing list feedback, if any
15:44:06 * ioanachiorean will add criteria in https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/review-mentors so we will have it for further exercises of this way
15:44:18 <regnard> to make the decision more comprehensive, and not look personal
15:44:20 <regnard> eom
15:44:36 <ioanachiorean> ok
15:44:39 <ioanachiorean> pierros :
15:44:54 <pierros> I agree with all criteria mentioned,
15:44:57 <pierros> on process:
15:45:07 <xelawafs> regnard covered my thoughts of inclusion of the survey as supporting document
15:45:09 <xelawafs> eom
15:45:49 <pierros> I will create a spreadsheet and have people suggest names for removal, and have people vote based on the above criteria
15:45:56 <pierros> this will go public tonight
15:46:08 <Debloper> !
15:46:09 <bobreyes> ok
15:46:12 <pierros> (tonight UTC)
15:46:35 <williamq> !
15:46:37 <pierros> this cannot be done in our new voting as we dont have suggesting function (which I will be opening a bug now :P)
15:46:37 <pierros> eom
15:46:47 <ioanachiorean> Debloper :
15:47:05 <Debloper> If i understand correctly, mentors have extreme ratings on both ends - this is possible if they're controversial.
15:47:26 <Debloper> Or have tried to rig the result for their favor.
15:47:34 <Debloper> How to deal with that?
15:47:37 <Debloper> eom.
15:47:38 <xelawafs> !
15:47:40 <regnard> !
15:47:47 <ioanachiorean> xelawafs :
15:48:02 <xelawafs> we shouldn't use the survey as the only basis for our decisoion
15:48:14 <xelawafs> we should consider other stuff as outlined on the criteria
15:48:15 <xelawafs> eom
15:48:22 <ioanachiorean> Regnard :
15:48:45 <regnard> yes, as alex mentioned, evaluation is holistic, both subjective and obejctive inputs that we have
15:48:50 <Debloper> *some mentors have ( in my previous reply, sorry)
15:48:57 <regnard> plus good judment
15:48:59 <regnard> eom
15:49:47 <ioanachiorean> well - the results can't make the 100% decision as not everyone voted and es- there are extreme ratings
15:49:52 <ioanachiorean> but we can see the majority
15:50:06 <ioanachiorean> pierros  do you want to talk abou tthe results now?
15:50:39 * ioanachiorean reminds that we started a pad for criteria https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/review-mentors
15:50:42 <pierros> yes
15:50:47 <pierros> so
15:50:50 <ioanachiorean> ok.. please go for it then
15:50:51 <pierros> as Ioana said
15:50:59 <pierros> not everyone votes
15:51:03 <ioanachiorean> #topic mentor survey results
15:51:10 <pierros> and some mentors hardly had any mentees voting for them
15:51:14 <pierros> (like Odin e.g.)
15:51:28 <pierros> so we can use them as informative results
15:51:32 <pierros> not desicive
15:51:38 <ioanachiorean> +1
15:51:48 <pierros> ultimately one point to clarify the situation and move fwd:
15:51:50 <melek> !
15:52:37 <pierros> We all trust council members to take the right decision. Please dont over-complicate things, as we are all well aware of most things that are happening in Reps :)
15:52:58 <pierros> As a group I am sure we can make the most informed and right/fair decisions.
15:52:59 <pierros> eom
15:53:05 <ioanachiorean> Melek :
15:53:07 <melek> To come back to Pierros's point: the majority of my mentees didn't vote because they didn't saw the email or even read it !!
15:53:09 <melek> eom
15:53:32 <ioanachiorean> melek do you know why? like is there to many mails ?
15:53:45 <melek> yep As I said in the blog post
15:53:57 <melek> many are filtring the emails from the reps general
15:54:05 <melek> beacause of the noise there!
15:54:10 * ioanachiorean regreets did not made the survey - muhaha to williamq
15:54:11 <melek> eom
15:54:29 * williamq ;-)
15:54:45 <ioanachiorean> I agree with the noise- we should realy do something - like remind the policies and even sent mails to those that not respect it
15:54:51 <Izel> !
15:54:58 <ioanachiorean> I am not sure if the warning go or not
15:55:02 <ioanachiorean> yes Izel :
15:55:27 <Izel> We have our criteria and we are planning a survey, but we need an answer now
15:55:44 <Izel> my proposal is to define the situation with problematic mentors now
15:55:55 <Izel> and take time for the survey results
15:55:58 <Izel> eom
15:56:42 <ioanachiorean> Having it now I thing it ill take to much - so are already having a lot of time on this topic
15:56:50 <ioanachiorean> but I agree we can discuss the results more
15:57:07 <williamq> !
15:57:19 <ioanachiorean> the immidiately action is for having the non ok mentors not invited
15:57:22 <ioanachiorean> williamq :
15:57:37 <regnard> !
15:57:47 <williamq> we also need to make immediate action on the new mentors we wish to add so we can invite them to Madrid
15:57:47 <williamq> eom
15:58:09 <ioanachiorean> +1 is on teh second next topic - we can move now to that if wanted
15:58:12 <ioanachiorean> pierros :
15:58:33 <regnard> wait, does every agree that we have everything we need to make a vote on the removal of mentors when pierros sends the mail?
15:58:34 <pierros> I am good eom
15:58:47 <pierros> +1 regnard
15:59:25 <ioanachiorean> I am ok
15:59:26 <Izel> I have made some changes in our criteria... Pierros can you review it please?
15:59:37 <ioanachiorean> Please everyone check the pad
15:59:42 <melek> yep with william q 's criteria and yours it's okey
16:01:05 <ioanachiorean> ok
16:01:08 <ioanachiorean> any other thoughts?
16:01:18 <pierros> !
16:01:33 <pierros> will it have to by unanimous or just majority vote?
16:01:34 <xelawafs> !
16:01:35 <pierros> eom
16:01:36 <ioanachiorean> Pierros
16:02:03 <ioanachiorean> I am on unanimous - if differences to be discussed
16:02:07 <ioanachiorean> please xelawafs
16:02:09 <regnard> I suggest 2/3
16:02:18 <williamq> I suggest majority
16:02:27 <xelawafs> eveything looks good. on the fli side though...mentees will need replacements = extr new mentors probably during remo camp
16:02:29 <xelawafs> eom
16:02:42 <pierros> stong poing xelawafs
16:02:55 <xelawafs> williamq: +1
16:03:27 <pierros> ok I am creating a sort vote in our site about being unanimous, majority or 2/3
16:03:30 <pierros> move on please
16:03:31 <pierros> eom
16:03:39 <ioanachiorean> ok
16:03:41 <Debloper> +1 on Regnard (may be 7/9)
16:04:01 <ioanachiorean> regarding mentors - should they have assigned new mentors only after remo camp or sooner?
16:04:12 <williamq> !
16:04:16 <ioanachiorean> williamq:
16:04:39 <williamq> I think they should have mentees before the camp
16:04:56 <williamq> but they would need to be trained/hand-held for a few weeks before that
16:04:58 <williamq> eom
16:05:08 <Izel> !
16:05:19 <ioanachiorean> Izel
16:05:39 <Izel> maybe could we use the remo camp to make a reshuffle. Is a good idea to change mentees
16:05:55 <williamq> +1
16:05:55 <Izel> eom
16:06:24 <ioanachiorean> ok - will add this for Remocamp proposals
16:06:50 <ioanachiorean> and teh mentees of the Mentors we want to out of mentorship?
16:07:12 <williamq> ioanachiorean: i didn't understand this last question
16:07:13 <ioanachiorean> should they have assigned one from the new ones or from existing ones?
16:07:37 <ioanachiorean> The mentees that will loose the mentors after review
16:07:54 <williamq> i think they should be re-assigned to existing ones
16:07:54 <Izel> Could be assigned to a mentor (not the new one) ... is just a couple of months...
16:07:55 <ioanachiorean> like xelawafs mentioned above - they will need new mentors
16:08:20 <Izel> !
16:08:29 <ioanachiorean> yes izel
16:08:44 <xelawafs> !
16:09:06 <regnard> +1 on temporary mentors until ReMo Camp
16:09:08 <Izel> I think we must use the remoCamp to show the new mentors what means to be a mentor and next, assign them the new mentees after a reshuffling mentees activity
16:09:13 <xelawafs> I think this will largely depend on the intersts and region of the mentees and new mentors
16:09:21 <xelawafs> +1 on Izel
16:09:42 <melek> +1 for Gloria
16:09:48 <xelawafs> for using remocamp eom
16:09:50 <ioanachiorean> +1 to izel
16:09:57 <Izel> The mentees without mentor (because their mentors are ex mentors) can be assigned to existing mentors. Most of us will have more tha 10 mentees but is just for a couple on months..
16:09:59 <Izel> eom
16:10:13 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:10:33 <ioanachiorean> any other thoughts on this?
16:11:10 <ioanachiorean> so I guess no
16:11:17 <ioanachiorean> moving on to the next topic
16:11:27 <ioanachiorean> #topic Elections of new mentors
16:11:30 <pierros> !
16:11:37 <ioanachiorean> Pierros do you want to take the floor to talk about  the mail?
16:11:42 <ioanachiorean> ok - I guess yes
16:11:45 <ioanachiorean> please
16:11:49 <pierros> Sooo... procedure is pretty simple :)
16:11:59 <pierros> Please use this pad to add suggestions:
16:12:00 <pierros> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/mentors-new-2013
16:12:10 <pierros> (detail them if you feel like too)
16:12:43 <pierros> you are basically vouching for those people, so add them if you have strong positive feelings about making them mentors
16:13:01 <pierros> once this is done by end of today (California time)
16:13:01 <ioanachiorean> the timeline for this?
16:13:22 <pierros> I will be creating a voting in our new system to vote for next 24h
16:13:40 <pierros> (system is super aggresive in reminders, but also don't forget to vote ;) )
16:14:05 <pierros> once we have voted on people we need to reach out to them to know if they are OK with it
16:14:17 <pierros> ioanachiorean: I will need your help on that :) as the chair you should reach out ;)
16:14:29 <pierros> give them a day to answer too.
16:14:37 <ioanachiorean> You will have my help.. my pleasure
16:14:39 <pierros> So by end of Tuesday we will have new mentors
16:14:44 <pierros> thanks ioanachiorean
16:14:46 <williamq> !
16:14:48 <pierros> any questions?
16:14:49 <pierros> eom
16:14:52 <ioanachiorean> williamq :
16:15:14 <williamq> I will send new mentors invitations to ReMo Camp on Wednesday
16:15:16 <williamq> eom
16:15:30 * pierros is SUPER excited as we just got our first voting email from Reps portal!
16:15:44 <melek> :)
16:15:51 <williamq> ?
16:16:03 <ioanachiorean> williamq :
16:16:11 <williamq> how many new mentors are we ready to add?
16:16:12 * regnard just voted! props to pierros + crew
16:16:15 <williamq> eom
16:16:33 <pierros> !
16:16:34 <regnard> !
16:16:37 <ioanachiorean> pierros :
16:16:56 <pierros> given the current growth and possible ~2 removals I would say ~10
16:17:00 * williamq is blown away by new voting tool on portal - hat tip to the remo dev crew
16:17:18 <melek> yeahhh bravo :)
16:17:20 * pierros check stats on voting tool, 6 already voted
16:17:27 <williamq> !
16:17:30 <ioanachiorean> I am ok with 10
16:17:34 <ioanachiorean> williamq :
16:17:54 <williamq> i would be in favour of 5
16:18:07 <melek> !
16:18:11 <pierros> !
16:18:11 <regnard> i vote 4 plus the numer of removed mentors
16:18:18 * Debloper needs 4-5 more mentors from South Asia to accommodate the upscale (for next 4-5 months).
16:18:30 <ioanachiorean> Melek
16:18:33 <melek> the number depends on the region like Debloper said!!
16:18:35 <melek> eom
16:18:41 <ioanachiorean> Pierros
16:18:46 <pierros> roughly on growth: We need at least a new mentor for each of those areas:
16:19:08 <pierros> Latam, Mexico, North Africa, Africa, India, SE Asia, Europe
16:19:15 <pierros> thats 7
16:19:18 <pierros> plus the removals
16:19:21 <pierros> ~10
16:19:23 <pierros> eom
16:19:25 <williamq> agreed
16:19:29 <regnard> +1
16:19:30 <melek> make sense!
16:19:33 <ioanachiorean> others?
16:19:37 * Debloper included India in SA.
16:19:38 <pierros> !
16:19:39 <regnard> I agree on the distrubution 100%
16:19:47 <ioanachiorean> pierros:
16:19:49 <regnard> deb, it SE asia
16:20:21 * Debloper is excluding APAC
16:20:27 <pierros> keep in mind that we will do range voting, so that means that we can say that we keep the first "x" number... so we can vote on many more and keep the top "x" (in this case probably 10)
16:20:28 <pierros> eom
16:20:38 * regnard does a time check
16:21:12 <ioanachiorean> Debloper: anything to add?
16:21:28 <Debloper> Yes.
16:21:28 * ioanachiorean sees the time
16:21:39 <ioanachiorean> ok go for t
16:21:43 <Debloper> What if in the first 10
16:21:43 <ioanachiorean> it
16:21:56 <Debloper> There's none from a particular region?
16:22:08 <Debloper> (Sorry for the delay, mobile)
16:22:11 <regnard> !
16:22:13 * ioanachiorean was thinking the same
16:22:18 <ioanachiorean> regnard:
16:22:27 <Debloper> Eom
16:22:35 <williamq> !
16:22:47 <regnard> i think we should be mindful that if there are no mentor material Reps, we'll have to defer
16:23:04 <regnard> otherwise, we'll be thinking about removals next year
16:23:06 <regnard> eom
16:23:13 <ioanachiorean> williamq:
16:23:19 <williamq> perhaps we should aim to suggest at least one new mentors for each region? what do you all think?
16:23:20 <williamq> eom
16:23:34 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:23:37 <xelawafs> regnard: +1  williamq: +1
16:23:50 <melek> yep why not !!
16:23:52 <pierros> !
16:23:52 <Izel> +1
16:23:57 <bobreyes> +1 on regnard
16:24:02 <regnard> +1 on at least 1 per region. why not organize it per region, then?
16:24:02 <ioanachiorean> pierros:
16:24:17 <Debloper> !
16:24:39 <pierros> this is not solving the issue though :) due to our diversity and global reach I am sure we will have balanced results, so dont worry too much about it
16:25:02 <regnard> !
16:25:02 <pierros> voting will be unified
16:25:03 <ioanachiorean> I can agree with that
16:25:05 <pierros> not per region
16:25:09 <ioanachiorean> Debloper:
16:25:30 <pierros> so this is not solving it :) but don't worry.. the already suggested ones are covering it pretty much
16:25:41 <pierros> still waiting for deb;s suggestions and we will be fine
16:25:42 <pierros> eom
16:25:54 <regnard> pierros, what we're seeing lately is that some communities are converging towards "local only" Mentor-mentee arrangements
16:26:04 <pierros> !
16:26:13 <ioanachiorean> Debloper:
16:26:35 <regnard> i;'m not saying it's right, but we have an opportunity to reduce a potential problem later on
16:26:40 <regnard> sorry for speaking out of turn
16:26:54 <pierros> this is a topic for the camp regnard, and reshuffling policies will help a lot eom
16:27:16 <ioanachiorean> Debloper  do you still want to add something?
16:27:27 <ioanachiorean> you were ! above
16:27:46 <ioanachiorean> ok/.. as he is on mobile and might take a longer time..
16:27:58 <ioanachiorean> any other thoughts on this? time is killing us
16:28:27 <ioanachiorean> I guesa not
16:28:43 * Debloper suggests to move on the meeting
16:28:44 <ioanachiorean> the only major thing left on the planning agenda (as we are a bit late)
16:28:48 <Debloper> Will send mail.
16:28:56 <ioanachiorean> is the mails policies
16:29:04 <pierros> !
16:29:05 <ioanachiorean> if everyone had soem spare minutes to talk about this..
16:29:08 <ioanachiorean> pierros:
16:29:28 * ioanachiorean will take on emails thread the other left topics
16:29:54 <pierros> I think that one person should take over the enforcing of the policy :) someone might look bad a bit, but we desperately need it. If we all agree we should search for a volunteer within the council
16:29:54 <pierros> eom
16:30:12 <williamq> !
16:30:17 <ioanachiorean> +1
16:30:19 <ioanachiorean> williamq:
16:30:49 <williamq> sorry, are we tlaking about enforcing our policy for reps-general ? or our policy for @mozilla.org email attributions to Reps?
16:30:50 <williamq> eom
16:31:25 <ioanachiorean> I am mentioning the @mozilla.org one
16:31:29 <ioanachiorean> as that is in the agends
16:31:31 <pierros> ouch.. I though it was policy
16:31:36 <ioanachiorean> pierros :
16:31:36 <ioanachiorean> ok
16:31:41 <melek> same then Pierros :D
16:31:45 <pierros> (on reps general.. sorry :P )
16:32:02 <ioanachiorean> i volunteer for the policy
16:32:10 <ioanachiorean> any others?
16:32:14 <Debloper> !
16:32:29 <williamq> !
16:32:35 <ioanachiorean> Debloper:
16:32:41 * Debloper suggests consideration of the email account removal policy as well.
16:33:07 * ioanachiorean disperatelly needs less mails there
16:33:15 <Debloper> And I'm willing to take part in the SOP discussion.
16:33:19 <Debloper> eom
16:33:22 <regnard> !
16:33:27 <ioanachiorean> williamq:
16:33:59 <ioanachiorean> So just to clarify one more if about the @mozilla.org accounts and williamq prepare the pad
16:34:07 <williamq> is everyone OK with my proposal? should we vote?
16:34:12 <ioanachiorean> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/email-policy
16:34:15 <williamq> eom
16:34:44 <ioanachiorean> did all ead it? :D otherwise we can move it on the list
16:34:52 <regnard> -!
16:35:00 <ioanachiorean> or even create a new vote for later cc cc pierros
16:35:17 * ioanachiorean sorry regnard
16:35:25 <regnard> np
16:35:51 <ioanachiorean> pierros can we do a quickpool for it ? so we can vote ?
16:36:24 <ioanachiorean> williamq: there are some unanswered questions at the end
16:36:57 <williamq> ok - should we should answer them now
16:37:06 <williamq> *we should answer them now
16:37:07 <pierros> williamq: once questions are ok, i can create a vote
16:37:13 * ioanachiorean figures out everyone reads the pad now as there is no communication ere
16:37:58 <williamq> i answered all the questions
16:38:07 <ioanachiorean> ieii
16:38:09 <ioanachiorean> :D
16:38:44 <ioanachiorean> so please let your opinion flow in
16:39:38 * melek waiting for voting email !!
16:39:45 <williamq> :)
16:39:57 <pierros> so we are good?
16:39:58 <melek> I'm okey with the proposal and answers :)
16:40:03 <ioanachiorean> Pierros just a yes no one will be fine I guess
16:40:10 <pierros> ok cool
16:40:24 <pierros> time frame = 24 h again
16:40:27 <ioanachiorean> Any other input ?
16:40:51 <ioanachiorean> williamq are u ok with 24h at most?
16:40:56 <bobreyes> ok
16:40:58 <williamq> yes, that's fine :)
16:41:05 <ioanachiorean> ok..
16:41:38 <ioanachiorean> As mentioned above I will follow up on e-mail for other topics from the agend
16:41:55 <ioanachiorean> as we are pretty late than regular
16:42:00 <ioanachiorean> everyone agree?
16:42:08 <williamq> agreed
16:42:09 <williamq> !
16:42:14 <ioanachiorean> williamq:
16:42:17 <melek> np :)
16:42:20 <williamq> sorry, i know we're super late
16:42:22 <williamq> just one last thing
16:42:29 <williamq> for ReMo Camp...
16:42:34 <melek> :D
16:42:42 <williamq> is everyone OK to arrive on Thursday Aug 29 in Madrid?
16:42:47 <pierros> +!
16:42:48 <pierros> +1
16:42:51 <ioanachiorean> I will be
16:42:53 <bobreyes> +!
16:42:56 <bobreyes> +1
16:42:56 <williamq> we'll have a Council meeting before ReMo Camp starts, on Friday
16:42:57 <xelawafs> +1
16:43:17 * ioanachiorean is happy about this
16:43:25 <Izel> chaking my agenda ... :P
16:43:26 * ioanachiorean is very happy
16:43:36 <ioanachiorean> Debloper ?
16:43:39 <ioanachiorean> ^
16:43:47 <regnard> +1
16:43:48 <ioanachiorean> melek ^?
16:43:56 <melek> probably yes :) need to check with my amazing boss :D
16:44:22 <williamq> :)
16:44:23 <Izel> !
16:44:28 <ioanachiorean> Izel:
16:44:46 <Izel> Guys I have a problem.. I cant arrive 29th to Madrid
16:44:57 <williamq> :'
16:44:58 <williamq> :(
16:44:59 <ioanachiorean> :(
16:45:03 <melek> awtch
16:45:16 <Izel> let me look for some solutions or alternatives and I will notify you by email
16:45:30 <ioanachiorean> ok
16:45:32 <williamq> ok please do
16:45:36 <ioanachiorean> fingers crossed
16:45:58 <ioanachiorean> I will check up with Debloper too
16:46:08 <ioanachiorean> Any other urgent topic?
16:46:29 <regnard> hey folks, i gotta run
16:46:39 <ioanachiorean> ok Regnardd
16:46:46 <regnard> i'll follow the updates from the logs/minutes
16:47:07 <ioanachiorean> I guess there is no other urgent one..
16:47:23 <ioanachiorean> Ok. so thanks everyone for attending
16:47:26 <williamq> thank you Ioana for chairing the meeting!!!!
16:47:27 <Izel> !
16:47:28 <pierros> thanks ioanachiorean!!
16:47:36 <williamq> thank you everyone !
16:47:38 <melek> :) thanks ioana :)
16:47:44 <ioanachiorean> sorry for being so long with this one..
16:47:47 <ioanachiorean> my pleasure..
16:47:49 <bobreyes> np
16:47:50 <ioanachiorean> will follow up
16:47:52 <ioanachiorean> #endmeeting