15:01:21 <Debloper> #startmeeting
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15:01:43 <Debloper> Meeting pad: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20130811
15:02:54 <williamq> yes
15:03:00 <melek> yes for the reminder
15:03:13 <Debloper> #topic Quick Aye/Nay (on planet feeds)
15:03:13 <melek> and yes for keeping actual posts!!
15:03:28 <xelawafs> +1 on melek
15:04:45 <Debloper> #topic: How should we moderate incoming non-english posts?
15:06:57 <Debloper> #topic New Council Election
15:07:52 <williamq> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/Elections
15:12:46 <Debloper> #topic Quick Quiz: We should ________ the next council meeting.
15:16:43 <Debloper> #topic [Regnard] Training & Development TF update
15:19:48 <Debloper> #topic Transparency in the new voting system
15:22:16 <Debloper> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtmDsApYbjUNdHJDNnh4VGYzczFsYkxqVWlKNzdsaXc#gid=0
15:24:02 <Debloper> #topic Pending budget-approvals
15:25:11 <Debloper> am I the only one unable to hear williamq?
15:25:55 <Debloper> sorry, couldn't hear a thing! :-
15:26:42 <Debloper> pierros: have we concluded the meeting?
15:26:55 <pierros> we are now with Mitchell
15:26:58 <Debloper> I can't hear anything all of a sudden, really sorry.
15:27:01 <Debloper> oh, my!
15:27:05 <Debloper> #endmeeting