18:13:58 <rosana> #startmeeting
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18:14:05 <rosana> ok welcome everyone!
18:14:18 <rosana> we have the remobot working
18:14:25 <deimidis> nice rosana
18:14:25 <rosana> sayak: do you want to get started?
18:14:33 <sayak> sure
18:15:00 <sayak> the first item in today's agenda as per the etherpad is:
18:15:12 <sayak> New Council chair!
18:15:40 <rosana> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20140530
18:15:44 <sayak> Please join me in welcoming Guillermo as the new Council chair for the next 2 months! :)
18:16:07 <sayak> Guillermo, would you like to drive today's meet?
18:16:08 <rosana> that's great :)
18:16:10 <rosana> welcome Guillermo
18:16:26 <rosana> sayak: thank you so much for driving this for the past 2 months :)
18:16:42 <sayak> :)
18:16:44 <deimidis> thanks sayak
18:16:52 <deimidis> I have to learn how to do it
18:17:06 <MozRaj> Welcome deimidis ! Thanks Sayak :)
18:17:20 <deimidis> thanks MozRaj
18:17:33 <rosana> guys Williamq will join us upon my request
18:17:44 <williamq> hi everyone!
18:17:50 <comzeradd> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council#Council_Chair
18:17:51 <sayak> deimidis: it's not that hard.. I'm sure you'll be able to handle it quite well! :)
18:18:16 <deimidis> I hope it too sayak
18:18:17 <sayak> check the wiki, and if you have any doubts, I can always help you as well! :)
18:18:28 <rosana> fantastic :)
18:19:00 <deimidis> thanks sayak
18:19:41 <sayak> so deimidis would you like to drive the next few topics?
18:19:43 <rosana> since deimidis knows reps I'm sure he knows the ins and outs
18:19:49 <rosana> sayak: yes, let's get going
18:20:13 <deimidis> sayak, whatever you want
18:20:30 <sayak> please go ahead then! :)
18:20:56 <sayak> from line 59 on the etherpad
18:21:35 <deimidis> so, you sent the lovebomb sayak , right?
18:22:12 <rosana> sayak: I think the lovebomb was really great, the devs were really happy, so thanks a lot!
18:22:21 <deimidis> yes, tahnks sayak
18:22:39 <deimidis> next item, sayak do you want to explain your project?
18:22:44 <rosana> I am interested in your process for the rep of the month
18:22:54 <sayak> yes sure
18:23:41 <sayak> so as discussed last week, I have started working on developing a simple web app for the rep of the month process
18:24:04 <rosana> sayak: that's great!
18:24:09 <sayak> for now I'm working on creating a simple web app for automating the process..
18:24:18 <rosana> do you know when we could start using it?
18:24:25 <sayak> you may check it out on github.
18:24:41 <sayak> I'm working on the development right now..
18:25:05 <sayak> though there are a few aspects on which i would need to talk to the reps web dev team
18:25:19 <sayak> as i need a place to host the backend data
18:25:20 <rosana> sounds great sayak, et us know if we can help you there
18:25:32 <sayak> i expect it to be done in a month or so
18:25:54 <sayak> I would love it if anyone is interested in helping me with the dev work
18:25:59 <deimidis> sayak, it's only a voting system? how it will be the process?
18:26:11 <sayak> simply fork the repo and send a pull request
18:26:24 <sayak> deimidis: for now yes, its a voting system
18:26:36 <sayak> you can submit nominations
18:26:45 <sayak> and also vote for nominations
18:26:55 <MozRaj> sounds great sayak
18:27:33 <sayak> the data would be saved somewhere online from where it can automatically send a notification about the person with the highest number of votes
18:27:44 <sayak> i'm still working on the details
18:28:11 <sayak> but it would be great to have some feedback and thoughts about what can be added and improved on it.
18:28:13 <rosana> sayak: sounds really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing it
18:28:16 <sayak> eom
18:28:23 <sayak> :)
18:28:37 <rosana> :)
18:28:57 <sayak> over to deimidis
18:29:28 <deimidis> next item is the webmaker-paris bug,
18:29:47 <deimidis> I look at the council voting pad and we have the votes needed
18:29:52 <deimidis> (5)
18:29:54 <rosana> :)
18:30:27 <sayak> one last thing you can check out the work in progress at http://sayak.in/ballot
18:30:39 <sayak> keep in mind its still under dev
18:30:40 <sayak> :)
18:30:41 <sayak> eom
18:30:47 <deimidis> thanks sayak
18:30:51 <rosana> sayak: looks great!!
18:31:11 <rosana> I'm sure the rest of the council will love it!
18:31:13 <comzeradd> sayak, already forked :)
18:31:18 <sayak> :)
18:31:26 <sayak> awesome!! :)
18:31:47 <deimidis> so, coming back to the webmaker budget request, I will update the bug with the approval
18:31:57 <rosana> deimidis: thanks!
18:32:24 <deimidis> we have 5 positive and 0 negative, so it's clear, right?
18:32:42 <comzeradd> yes, we have the majority :)
18:32:57 <deimidis> next item is next Reps of the month :)
18:33:06 <comzeradd> I can update the bug right, since it's assigned to me
18:33:21 <deimidis> comzeradd, pleas
18:33:38 <deimidis> sorry, I forgot that comzeradd was Nikkos
18:33:44 <comzeradd> hehe
18:33:48 <rosana> :)
18:34:22 <deimidis> do we have an etherpad for nominate Rep of the Mont?
18:34:36 <rosana> sayak: we can't use your app yet, right?
18:34:45 <rosana> I would suggest we nominate 2 reps of the monts
18:35:11 <rosana> so that we are again one month ahead
18:35:30 <deimidis> hello ThePhoenixBird
18:35:37 <ThePhoenixBird> hello
18:35:52 <deimidis> we are at line 63 of the etherpad: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20140530
18:36:00 <MozRaj> rosana you mean we'll nominate for june and july ?
18:36:39 <sayak> rosana: not yet
18:36:59 <rosana> MozRaj: I think that way in July we are ahead and nominate for august, so that we're in time
18:38:47 <rosana> also in this way we can publish the rep ofjuly on the 1st of july
18:38:52 <ThePhoenixBird> are we on vidyo too? or only IRC?
18:38:58 <deimidis> only IRC
18:39:24 <deimidis> ThePhoenixBird, ^^
18:40:04 <deimidis> so, I propose that we nominate reps this week and we could define the two Reps next sunday
18:40:16 <rosana> deimidis: +1
18:40:19 <ThePhoenixBird> planning a month in advance sounds good
18:40:21 <rosana> can you start the etherpad?
18:40:28 <MozRaj> sounds good rosana
18:40:43 <deimidis> yes, when I remember how to use remobot for actions :P
18:41:16 <deimidis> #action deimidis to create etherpad for ROTM candidates
18:41:27 <deimidis> remobot #action deimidis to create etherpad for ROTM candidates
18:41:27 <remobot> deimidis: Error: "#action" is not a valid command.
18:42:51 <ThePhoenixBird> #help
18:43:14 <deimidis> #topic Discussion about reporting
18:44:16 <deimidis> what is the status of this proposal/discussion?
18:44:54 <rosana> deimidis: there has been many discussions, I think Emma put this etherpad together: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/reporting-suggestions
18:44:55 <MozRaj> #topic is only for admins/chairs. Rosana started the meeting so only she can change topic I guess
18:45:28 <deimidis> thanks MozRaj
18:45:35 <deimidis> I will not try again
18:45:59 <MozRaj> :)
18:46:01 <rosana> ok, let me try it then, I'm sorry I'm new to remobot
18:46:18 <rosana> #action deimidis to create etherpad for ROTM candidates for June and July
18:46:30 <rosana> #topic Discussion about reporting
18:46:42 <rosana> there we go :)
18:46:44 <deimidis> thanks rosana
18:46:48 <MozRaj> ;)
18:46:53 <rosana> I think Emma did a great job getting the discussion started
18:47:04 <rosana> and gathering all the different points
18:47:06 <sayak> +1
18:47:14 <deimidis> yes, what are the next steps?
18:47:31 <rosana> she proposed suggested outcomes
18:47:51 <rosana> but I think the next steps would be: 1) to do some user testing to see if we can get a better reporting experience
18:48:08 <rosana> 2) clearly define what are the activities that Reps can report
18:48:22 <ThePhoenixBird> what i see that we have to define is: what is a Rep activity?
18:48:30 <ThePhoenixBird> long discussion
18:48:34 <rosana> for #1 we will need to find some UX help
18:48:42 <rosana> ThePhoenixBird: absolutely
18:49:00 <rosana> that's why I think that the council needs to decide
18:49:07 <ThePhoenixBird> we can start it, and then take this discussion to the mentors list, and then see what happens :)
18:49:17 <rosana> I will be sending out a survey, so that we can see what are the expectations of the reps
18:49:25 <ThePhoenixBird> +1 to the survey
18:49:49 <rosana> from there we can bring a proposal for  discussion with the mentors and then have the council make a decision in order to update both the reporting system and the SOPs
18:49:54 <rosana> does that make sense?
18:50:02 <sayak> yup
18:50:22 <deimidis> rosana, I'm thinking if that discussion has to be with peers and module owners
18:50:42 <deimidis> seems a discussion about Reps goals
18:50:52 <deimidis> more than a functional discussion
18:51:25 <MozRaj> Survey responses will be very useful for this topic
18:51:37 <rosana> deimidis: I agree
18:51:46 <deimidis> I agree, I like the survey and we need those opinions
18:51:57 <rosana> but since the discussion has been going for so long I think that we need to start framing it with a proposal
18:52:05 <deimidis> +1
18:52:15 <rosana> otherwise we might discuss forever
18:52:25 <deimidis> we will discuss forever :P
18:53:09 <rosana> deimidis: yes :)
18:53:12 <sayak> true
18:53:16 <rosana> but we can create a new iteration
18:53:40 <deimidis> Everybody agrees with rosana proposal?
18:53:40 <rosana> I feel that since the reporting changed people are more confused
18:53:41 <ThePhoenixBird> council should decide when the discussion is over, after a period of open discussion both by mentors and reps in general
18:53:47 <rosana> so bringing more clarity would be great
18:53:49 <comzeradd> do we have a consensus on whether or not reps should report generic contribution activity?
18:54:02 <deimidis> comzeradd, I don't think so
18:54:23 <MozRaj> rosana ,  we can have survey responses ready by next council meeting ?
18:54:27 <comzeradd> because it seems that this is a key point for many reps
18:54:32 <rosana> comzeradd: I think we haven't framed the discussion in a way that we can know where we all agree/disagree
18:54:45 <rosana> Emma's etherpad is the best attempt I've seen so far
18:56:05 <rosana> and I think that the outcomes she suggest are great
18:56:24 <rosana> where we need to get aligned is on the type of activities
18:56:45 <rosana> so maybe having a more clear proposal could make a structured discussion easier
18:57:11 <deimidis> at least know if Reps should change goals
18:57:13 <rosana> I can try to put that proposal together with the data of the survey
18:57:30 <deimidis> rosana, do you need help with the results?
18:57:30 <MozRaj> +1 rosana
18:58:08 <rosana> deimidis: I'll let you know, I'll probably need help with the free text results
18:58:39 <sayak> guys please keep a checkon the timings.. we still have quite a few topics to go through..
18:59:06 <rosana> #action rosana to publish support, gather results and frame the role of rep /activities to be reported discussion
18:59:14 <rosana> thanks sayak
18:59:25 <sayak> :)
18:59:40 <deimidis> could we go to the next item?
18:59:59 <sayak> +1
19:00:04 <rosana> deimidis: +1
19:00:16 <deimidis> so, rosana next item is yours, I think
19:00:42 <rosana> deimidis: yes I bumped this because I would love to get this going if the council thinks is a good idea
19:00:56 <rosana> Everyone has heard about the 1 million mozillians goal
19:01:20 <rosana> and I think that Reps have all the tools to have a great impact here
19:01:35 <rosana> we have the portal, all the options and now we can track recruitments
19:02:01 <rosana> so if we could make it a goal to have each Rep recruit 5 Mozillians until the end of the year that would be fantastic
19:02:33 <rosana> we could show the strength of the program
19:02:45 <rosana> so I wanted to get your feednack on this
19:02:47 <rosana> eom
19:02:52 <deimidis> rosana, do you said to use vouching system to show that?
19:03:23 <rosana> deimidis: we have now as an activity to report "recruited a mozillian"
19:03:56 <deimidis> rosana, that's nice. I like the idea, an I think is good way to show Reps support to Engagement/Mozilla goals
19:04:08 <sayak> +1
19:04:29 <comzeradd> +1
19:04:34 <ThePhoenixBird> +1
19:04:40 <deimidis> maybe we could find a way to tie vouching system on mozillians to this report in reps
19:05:00 <rosana> deimidis: I think that is a great idea
19:05:07 <rosana> but we can still get started :)
19:05:17 <rosana> we can rally Reps around this goal
19:05:25 <rosana> and 5 people seems to be a very realistic number
19:05:37 <MozRaj> very true
19:05:40 <deimidis> yes, start now, then we could make it easier to register
19:05:42 <ThePhoenixBird> I would clarify that is not only to recruit someone �who likes firefox� but to recruit a true mozillian, someone that believe in our manifiesto
19:06:02 <deimidis> How do you think you could measure that?
19:06:07 <rosana> ThePhoenixBird: absolutely
19:06:37 <MozRaj> sending the this right message to our reps , will help ?
19:06:46 <ThePhoenixBird> deimidis, we have to see how many mozillians we have today and see if those 2000 new ones added by reps count
19:07:13 <rosana> ThePhoenixBird: we can start tracking on the portal and as soon as we are integrated with Mozillians it will be easier
19:07:15 <deimidis> well, I believe Reps are not adding random people to mozillians :)
19:07:26 <rosana> in the portal the mentor verfies the recruit
19:07:33 <rosana> so we're talking about an active contributor
19:07:41 <rosana> deimidis: very good point :)
19:07:43 <MozRaj> +1 deimidis
19:07:45 <ThePhoenixBird> recruit activity to be reported
19:08:02 <williamq|afk> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Reports/Recruitment
19:08:25 <ThePhoenixBird> btw, just out of curiosity, how do you remove someone from mozillians.org?
19:08:43 <MozRaj> I am sure most of our reps know what we meant by "Active contributors " :)
19:08:58 <rosana> I think the SOP is very clear
19:09:16 <rosana> so we would just have to decide how many people do we want to ask the reps to recruit
19:09:32 <rosana> I think 5 until the end of the year is a great number
19:09:33 <ThePhoenixBird> 5 is fine
19:09:41 <MozRaj> yeah..
19:09:50 <deimidis> I think we should agree on how much time we will use on this meeting :)
19:09:52 <sayak> reminder: time!
19:09:53 <sayak> :P
19:10:01 <MozRaj> :P
19:10:08 <williamq|afk> so if we agree on 5, then we then need to communicate this broadly
19:10:10 <ThePhoenixBird> next item?
19:10:21 <sayak> +1
19:10:24 <deimidis> ThePhoenixBird, patience :P
19:10:27 <williamq|afk> and get Reps and Mentors to follow the SOP
19:10:47 <deimidis> could we extend this meeting until 19:30 UTC?
19:10:59 <ThePhoenixBird> i have no prob
19:11:03 <rosana> deimidis: +1 we started later
19:11:11 <sayak> +1
19:11:30 <MozRaj> no prob for me
19:11:35 <rosana> to finish the last item: I see consensus here, so I will write to the rest of the council members to see if we can communicate this to the Reps
19:11:46 <sayak> +1
19:11:48 <deimidis> #action rosana to wirte goal proposal
19:11:55 <deimidis> *write
19:12:00 <rosana> I think that making a small "campaign/chanllege
19:12:04 <rosana> would be great
19:12:14 <williamq> one last point regarding recruiting
19:12:33 <deimidis> rosana, open badges for them
19:12:35 <williamq> once we have established 5 active contributors as an objective for each rep, it would be great to have a leaderboard
19:12:44 <williamq> that we we track who's on track and who's not
19:12:46 <sayak> +1
19:12:47 <rosana> williamq: totally agree
19:12:53 <comzeradd> nice idea :)
19:12:57 <deimidis> hmmm
19:12:59 <williamq> and we can make it some fun competition amongst reps :)
19:13:04 <williamq> with cool prizes, of course :)
19:13:13 <deimidis> I prefer open badges to who make it, but not a leaderboard
19:13:27 <deimidis> that's could make ThePhoenixBird concern reality
19:13:32 <williamq> open badges would be fantastic as well
19:13:49 <rosana> I would love both: open badges + leaderboard
19:14:16 <ThePhoenixBird> i prefer open badges but not a leaderboard or prizes
19:14:22 <ThePhoenixBird> this is a global goal of Mozilla
19:14:39 <rosana> agrred
19:14:45 <ThePhoenixBird> we have to support it with all our power
19:14:47 <deimidis> rosana, could you add that to the proposal, so we could discuss with the other council members?
19:14:49 <ThePhoenixBird> not for a prize
19:14:54 <rosana> so I'll put together the proposal, leaderboard can be decided/discussed later
19:15:00 <rosana> but we should commit soon to the goal :)
19:15:17 <rosana> I will add this to the proposal
19:15:26 <deimidis> ok, next item
19:16:00 <deimidis> What we have to do with budget request from Reps that doesn't upload receipts from previous budgets
19:16:19 <ThePhoenixBird> burn them
19:16:37 <deimidis> after that
19:17:04 <deimidis> until now, Konstantina is blocking this bugs
19:17:26 <deimidis> but we still have budget request from those people.
19:17:30 <rosana> I think blocking them from further budget request is great
19:17:44 <ThePhoenixBird> block for further budgets until previous one is solved
19:17:48 <rosana> should the council write frist a friendly note to everyone who owes receipts form last year?
19:18:02 <rosana> reminding them that we want to see the receipts and that they are blocked?
19:18:13 <ThePhoenixBird> yeap
19:18:18 <MozRaj> make them understand that their action will affect the reps program in general as accounting department is not happy with the delay
19:18:21 <deimidis> I propose 1) a mail to reps.general first
19:18:28 <MozRaj> +1 rosana
19:18:48 <deimidis> 2) if there's no solution, a personal/direct mail to each rep
19:19:09 <ThePhoenixBird> mentors and council put a lot of effort into replying their budgets timely, we expect the same from reps at the time to submit their receipts
19:19:26 <rosana> deimidis: I think that if we write a super friendly email it shouldn't feel bad for the individual reps
19:19:45 <deimidis> rosana, ok, seems fine to me
19:19:46 <MozRaj> true rosana
19:19:46 <rosana> we would only aske people who haven't turned in receipts from last year
19:20:02 <ThePhoenixBird> rosana, it can be written in a friendly way, but we have to let them know that this is a serious issue
19:20:36 <ThePhoenixBird> also, we are already in june...
19:20:44 <rosana> ThePhoenixBird: yes :)
19:20:45 <deimidis> but we should discuss in other meeting, what we will do with people that lost their receipts
19:20:52 <rosana> ok so I will draft the email and get the list
19:20:58 <rosana> the council can send the emails
19:21:03 <ThePhoenixBird> i would go ahead as to call for anyone who hasnt submited their receipts for events finished in the last 3 months
19:21:05 <rosana> makes sense?
19:21:13 <deimidis> rosana, +1
19:21:22 <MozRaj> rosana +1
19:21:24 <rosana> ThePhoenixBird: I can have the draft and we can discuss with the rest the period of time
19:21:33 <ThePhoenixBird> okay :)
19:22:10 <deimidis> next item and last for today: Remo Camp
19:22:20 <deimidis> do we have news about it?
19:22:35 <rosana> #action rosana to write a draft for an email for reps who haven't submitted their receipts
19:22:40 <rosana> so that's me
19:22:54 <rosana> I wanted to get the conversation going around ReMoCamp
19:23:06 <rosana> I wanted to suggest to do the event as last year in Madrid
19:23:09 <sayak> +1
19:23:16 <rosana> to minimize the logistics effort
19:23:28 <comzeradd> sounds good
19:23:31 <rosana> I wasn't there but I heard that it was fantastic
19:23:40 <rosana> also the content and sessions
19:23:53 <ThePhoenixBird> it would be great if the reps from spain attended xD
19:24:03 <rosana> the only feedback that I got was that we're not as good in executing all the great stuff that comes (because it'S so much)
19:24:09 <sayak> wouldn't it be better to do it in some place with a Mozilla office, that way I guess we can get greater output from it.
19:24:26 <rosana> sayak: we would *love* that
19:24:46 <sayak> if in europe maybe berlin?
19:24:49 <ThePhoenixBird> Paris office?
19:24:51 <rosana> the only problem is that Londin and Paris, which are the other travel hubs, are extremely expensive in the summer
19:25:05 <rosana> the berlin office is too small for this event unfortunately
19:25:17 <rosana> flights are also not great, Berlin is not very connected
19:25:26 <rosana> Konstantina us helping me to figure out the best place
19:25:39 <rosana> but I think we all agree on having a ReMoCamp
19:25:40 <rosana> :)
19:25:41 <sayak> where else do we have offices?
19:25:47 <rosana> I can update the council in the next days
19:26:11 <sayak> where travel is relatively less expensive, and visas are not a major issue..
19:26:20 <rosana> sayak: absolutely
19:26:31 <deimidis> Europe is an issue sometimes :)
19:26:31 <rosana> so do you agree that I just update the council?
19:26:34 <MozRaj> sayak visas :D
19:26:42 <deimidis> yes, please rosana
19:26:43 <rosana> but in terms of content it seems to be that we're on the same page, right?
19:26:59 <deimidis> I believe you have many actions from today, please ask for help :)
19:26:59 <sayak> yup! :)
19:27:30 <deimidis> I wasn't at Madrid last year, but I think we could work with what happened in Paris
19:27:34 <rosana> deimidis: I'll try to get help, but I think I can take this
19:27:50 <rosana> #action rosana to update the council on ReMoCamp logistics
19:28:22 <deimidis> so, I think we need to decide if the next council meeting will be next week or in 15 days
19:28:42 <sayak> next week sounds good
19:29:01 <sayak> or 15days is also good
19:29:09 <deimidis> ok, unless there's a private topic, IRC will be our channel
19:29:24 <MozRaj> with so many updates waiting from rosana. I prefer her decision :D
19:29:27 <rosana> sounds great!
19:30:00 <deimidis> please vote: this week?
19:30:05 <deimidis> o/
19:30:26 <rosana> I think we should try to find a fixed time
19:30:36 <sayak> +1
19:30:38 <comzeradd> rosana, +1
19:30:52 <deimidis> we could return to the previous one, Sundays, 15 UTC
19:31:09 <rosana> deimidis: could you run a doodle for a fixed time?
19:31:17 <deimidis> rosana, yes
19:31:34 <deimidis> #action deimidis to create a doodle to find a fixed date for the council meeting
19:31:35 <rosana> sounds great
19:31:56 <deimidis> Time is finish :)
19:32:11 <rosana> ok thank you all!
19:32:14 <sayak> what are the remaining topics?
19:32:16 <ThePhoenixBird> thanks to all
19:32:22 <deimidis> thanks everyone! a great shout to sayak for being a great chair this lasts 2 months!
19:32:28 <rosana> thank you deimidis for driving the meeting
19:32:34 <rosana> yes, thank you Sayak!
19:32:38 <sayak> Thanks guys!! :)
19:32:40 <ThePhoenixBird> thank you Sayak!!
19:33:02 <deimidis> next topics: role of mentors on budget request and a trining from Mozilla Foundation regarding partnerships
19:33:11 <sayak> without everyone's support i couldn't have done this
19:33:15 <sayak> :)
19:33:31 <deimidis> #action deimidis find the wiki about meetings on IRC
19:33:54 <deimidis> rosana, could you close the meeting?
19:34:10 <rosana> #endmeeting