17:16:04 <kinger> #startmeeting
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17:16:11 <rosanaardila> I am in Berlin, so for me it's not a problem
17:16:21 <kinger> #topic adacamp
17:16:26 <rosanaardila> but it looks like a lot of travel
17:16:32 <emmairwin> so basically this is a heads-up but please add your comments .
17:16:33 <rosanaardila> (thanks brian!)
17:16:43 <rosanaardila> thank you emma!
17:16:50 <kinger> are they up for voting yet or still in planning?
17:16:58 <emmairwin> yes the request for travel is going to be the issue to overcome. but I am not sure hwo to make recmmendations as to who should attend. and who travel should be covered for
17:17:13 <rosanaardila> I understand
17:17:21 <rosanaardila> well I would love for everyone to attend
17:17:25 <emmairwin> they will likely submit this week, I told them we would discuss today and forward recommendations prior (if we have any)
17:17:35 <rosanaardila> but at the same time I feel that most of our budget is going to travel nowadays
17:17:49 <kinger> maybe we should cap the number of slots and have some sort of voting process?
17:17:53 <kinger> slection process
17:18:07 <emmairwin> also going to mention Mitchell has been verbal in support of mozillian presence here
17:18:13 <rosanaardila> From the etherpad I see a lot of planing for the travel
17:18:19 <rosanaardila> but I am not sure what would happen
17:18:31 <rosanaardila> I think we should totally be there!
17:18:34 <emmairwin> perhaps  - number of slots would help leaders refine their lists.  perhaps have an applicaito process as we are for Mozfest and Hive Vancouver
17:18:43 <rosanaardila> is just that I am missing a concrete plan now, but maybe I am overseeing
17:18:50 <ThePhoenixBird> do we have a number of people estimated?
17:18:56 <ThePhoenixBird> how many are they?
17:18:57 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: I think that's a great approach
17:19:01 <emmairwin> arturo , the etherpad has a list
17:19:17 <emmairwin> rosana - by concrete plan, what are you thinking?
17:19:24 <rosanaardila> I think a cap number, applications, but most importantly we should know what are goals are for this
17:19:36 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: are we doing any Mozilla specific outreach
17:19:41 <rosanaardila> are we presenting?
17:19:48 <rosanaardila> or are we just attending as Mozillians
17:19:48 <emmairwin> well it is an unconference, so it happens organically.
17:20:00 <emmairwin> at adacamp SF, we ran sessions on FFOS, Webmaker, and l10N
17:20:15 <rosanaardila> but we could still know what we can expect
17:20:24 <ThePhoenixBird> Bangalore reps cant go to india due visas?
17:20:31 <rosanaardila> I feel that making Mozilla more attractive for women is cool
17:20:49 <rosanaardila> so I was just wondering if we had something more specific
17:20:51 <rosanaardila> that's all
17:20:53 <emmairwin> right - the recommendation is that Bangladesh Reps go to Berlin as India visas are tough to get
17:21:12 <emmairwin> yeah, rosana, I think we can ask for specific planning - I can be the one to help them define that
17:21:28 <emmairwin> or at least explain that. I'll add as an action item
17:21:30 <kinger> thanks emma
17:21:38 <deimidis> like emmairwin said I think we should manage this like Fosdem and others big events
17:21:56 <ThePhoenixBird> im also wondering like rosana �what is the plan?� if its a unconference type, then a few spontaneous or lightning talks could be done
17:22:11 <ThePhoenixBird> remember the summit when we had these free slots for people to give their talks?
17:22:18 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: I love the idea, is just that I am really worried that Reps becomes a travel program
17:22:20 <rosanaardila> that's all
17:22:22 <ThePhoenixBird> they should plan something like that to make it happen during the adacamp
17:22:46 <emmairwin> Rosana I understand that worry.
17:23:14 <kinger> well in fairness travel is necessary for may events
17:23:18 <rosanaardila> our monthly budget can be eaten up by a couple of people traveling
17:23:31 <rosanaardila> so I really want to make sure that it is the right thing to choose
17:23:32 <kinger> we just need to define our goals and # of attendees and plan around that
17:23:33 <rosanaardila> that's all
17:23:43 <emmairwin> brian - do you think it is number of attendees or cost?
17:24:01 <emmairwin> or some combo of both
17:24:09 <kinger> what do you mean emma?
17:24:34 <emmairwin> sorry, if I reach out to adacamp organizers and say 'create an applicaiton procedure' where your metrics need to be  xyz
17:24:50 <kinger> I see
17:24:59 <emmairwin> are metrics cost?  Or number of people?
17:25:17 <emmairwin> perhaps both, cost per person?  Sorry - just 'typing out loud' because I'm not sure what makes sense
17:25:18 <kinger> I don't think we every used cost as a defining factor
17:25:21 <kinger> maybe we should
17:25:36 <rosanaardila> so, I really feel that instead of pushing too much only for metrics having an idea of when it's a good idea to travel with best practices could help
17:25:38 <kinger> well except for things like remocamp where we have a fixed budget
17:25:49 <rosanaardila> for example, how many people should travel so that we have a good presence?
17:26:17 <kinger> in theory, assigning $X to X events would make things easier
17:26:17 <rosanaardila> emmairwin, kinger: I actually think that'S an idea worth exploring :)
17:26:25 <rosanaardila> again, I am not at all against travel
17:26:27 <kinger> not sure it is the best metric though
17:26:51 <rosanaardila> but I just want to have a lot of smart travel so that we have funds to start small local initiatives
17:27:09 <emmairwin> BTW  - this is about presence but also about value to the community they bring back.  Diversity issues do better with empowered community - adacamp will help our Mozillians better address diversity issues through attending this event.
17:27:47 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: absolutely!
17:27:56 <deimidis> we should create/find a list of «big events» where we could decide a budget for them
17:28:04 <rosanaardila> so how about everyone that goes tries to replicate the effect
17:28:08 <emmairwin> I am also going to add ' define womoz' as an outcome of the event
17:28:14 <rosanaardila> making a small event in their region
17:28:29 <rosanaardila> in that way travel is more valuable
17:28:36 <deimidis> or we could ask for people not going, to organize a smaller event in their country about the same topic
17:28:38 <rosanaardila> if we use it as a way to learn but then to scale
17:29:03 <ThePhoenixBird> well for starters, i would keep the list as it is for now
17:29:17 <rosanaardila> and maybe make a budget
17:29:17 <emmairwin> ok that's a good idea (those who attend, come home to create a smaller event for their communities) . like that
17:29:20 <ThePhoenixBird> i see 6 people for bangalore
17:29:37 <ThePhoenixBird> and 14 to berlin
17:29:39 <kinger> on first glance it seems like too many for Berlin
17:29:43 <ThePhoenixBird> the later seems the most difficult
17:29:50 <ThePhoenixBird> too much people for berlin
17:29:55 <ThePhoenixBird> but again
17:30:06 <ThePhoenixBird> what can they do in berlin to generate impact?
17:30:16 <rosanaardila> also travel for 20 people is really expensive
17:30:17 <rosanaardila> :(
17:30:24 <emmairwin> I know this is hard, I appreciate the conversation
17:30:30 <deimidis> everybody needs travel?
17:30:35 <rosanaardila> I feel that trying to get a better sense on how this scales would be great
17:30:49 <rosanaardila> what if we had a selection from a couple of regions only
17:30:50 <ThePhoenixBird> Bangalore only 5 need travel
17:31:01 <rosanaardila> and then they could try to scale the idea of adacamp locally
17:31:11 <emmairwin> each person who travels must be commited to run a womoz event in their region
17:31:16 <emmairwin> as one measure
17:31:17 <emmairwin> ?
17:31:21 <rosanaardila> and then we also have a budget cap
17:31:31 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: I think that would be already a great point
17:31:38 <ThePhoenixBird> i like emma proposal
17:31:43 <rosanaardila> but since Womoz is not yet a formal program it's a bit tricky
17:31:44 <ThePhoenixBird> to replicate the event in their communities
17:31:50 <rosanaardila> but I think that'S the way to go :)
17:32:03 <emmairwin> right - ok drop the word womoz - women in Mozilla , opportunities to contribute
17:32:13 <rosanaardila> :)
17:32:18 <rosanaardila> I think it's great
17:32:39 <rosanaardila> sorry to be so strict, but I really want to empower women at Mozilla in a meaningful way
17:32:41 <ThePhoenixBird> do we have an estimated of the travel expenses
17:32:52 <rosanaardila> that's why I am always trying to ask all those questions
17:33:21 <emmairwin> no I agree rosana. totally, language has to be provide flexible interpretations of what it means to be a Mozillian and a woman - that may or may not be womoz
17:34:02 <rosanaardila> and again, I think that it's fair to say that we would *love* everyone to attend everything
17:34:10 <emmairwin> absolutely
17:34:12 <rosanaardila> but we have a common pot of money and we need to share
17:34:21 <rosanaardila> that's why sometimes we make some tough calls
17:34:24 <emmairwin> so to wrap up if we can suggest a cap for each event, number of people or cost ?
17:34:33 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: yes
17:34:33 <emmairwin> with emphasis it is suggested cap
17:34:51 <rosanaardila> and I think also that it would be great to know how attending adacamp can scale to the rest of mozilla :)
17:35:02 <emmairwin> if we are absolute about caps it could backfire :)
17:35:06 <deimidis> I would say number of people, but they have to propose some activity
17:35:17 <ThePhoenixBird> and propose a plan of things to do during adacamp, so far its not clear the role of each in the event
17:35:18 <rosanaardila> deimidis: agree
17:35:20 <emmairwin> right rosana, I have that as an action item for myself - that scaling be part of the planning
17:35:41 <kinger> +1 for number of people. Capping budget is a separate conversation that goes beyond one event
17:35:41 <emmairwin> I'll cc council on my email to flore with these points so you can chime in if I miss something
17:35:43 <ThePhoenixBird> emmairwin, can they run a booth?
17:35:55 <deimidis> we could ask for «applications» and some ideas on how to replicate thist in their countries
17:36:06 <emmairwin> ok so number of people ?  6 Bangalore  - ? berlin?
17:36:22 <ThePhoenixBird> 6+6
17:36:24 <emmairwin> we hope to report back on this as examples of larger budget planning.
17:36:27 <kinger> 6
17:37:04 <kinger> next topic?
17:37:07 <rosanaardila> cool makes sense
17:37:16 <emmairwin> thanks everyone
17:37:23 <ThePhoenixBird> :)
17:37:26 <kinger> #topic Reps Survey
17:37:30 <rosanaardila> I have an agenda item on travel budget also, this conversation was great for it
17:37:36 <rosanaardila> that's me
17:37:53 <rosanaardila> so full disclosure: I haven't been able to finish the evaluation of the survey
17:38:12 <kinger> any big takeaways on first glance?
17:38:16 <rosanaardila> with ReMoCamp logistics, the general Reps work and Grow Tunisia I have been unable
17:38:19 <rosanaardila> yes
17:38:33 <rosanaardila> basically in all questions we pass the test ;)
17:38:45 <kinger> which is encouraging
17:38:59 <rosanaardila> so here are the details
17:39:08 <rosanaardila> Q: How satisfied are you with the process for submitting budgets and getting reimbursed?
17:39:24 <rosanaardila> A: 3.15
17:39:39 <kinger> out of 5?
17:39:42 <rosanaardila> Answers were from 1 to 5, 5 being very satisfied, 1 not satisfied at all
17:39:44 <rosanaardila> yes
17:40:08 <ThePhoenixBird> im getting a lot of good reviews on the council process since we implemented the automatic voting panel
17:40:08 <rosanaardila> Q: How satisfied are you with the way the program empowers you? A: 3.83
17:40:26 <ThePhoenixBird> we could run the survey again around december to see if there is a change
17:40:29 <rosanaardila> Q: How satisfied are you with the way the program functions in general? A: 3.46
17:40:49 <rosanaardila> Q: How satisfied are you with the work of the council? A: 3.49
17:41:04 <rosanaardila> Q: How satisfied are you with the support and guidance that you get from your mentor? A: 3.83
17:41:25 <rosanaardila> As you see we "pass" in all categories
17:41:49 <rosanaardila> but budget is still a challenge, but he have improved a lot already
17:41:52 <kinger> I think some of these are counter to how we view things
17:41:57 <rosanaardila> there's a lot of detailed answers
17:41:59 <kinger> e.g. satisfaction with mentors
17:42:08 <rosanaardila> but I haven't had the time to go through all the hundreds
17:42:16 <rosanaardila> but I will do it with Konstantina
17:42:18 <kinger> maybe council doesn't have their finger on the pulse!
17:42:30 <ThePhoenixBird> also, the budget thing is difficult because it varies depending on the country
17:42:49 <ThePhoenixBird> also rejected budgets could make the reps feel that we are not doing a good job on that part
17:43:06 <ThePhoenixBird> but all the rejected budgets had a good reason for being rejected
17:43:51 <kinger> #action Rosana and Konstantina to go over the results in more detail
17:44:35 <rosanaardila> btw, if anyone has spare time (hahaha) and wants to go over the detailed answers to any of these questions, please let me know
17:44:43 <kinger> :)
17:45:00 <kinger> I suggest posting to the alias with that call
17:45:21 <kinger> next topic?
17:45:34 <deimidis> rosanaardila, did you have a plan to make this read of the answers?
17:46:03 <rosanaardila> deimidis: I want to keep the answers private and only share the categories they fall into
17:47:02 <deimidis> I'm thinking to help you on these results
17:47:14 <rosanaardila> great :)
17:47:21 <kinger> #topic Budget Decisions
17:47:31 <kinger> moving along swiftly :)
17:47:50 <AndroUser2> We have a budget that needs addressed . L10n
17:48:19 <kinger> https://reps.mozilla.org/voting/
17:48:27 <kinger> https://reps.mozilla.org/v/budget-request-jefferson-duran-https-reps-mozilla-org-e-ubuntuconla/ ?
17:48:33 <AndroUser2> \nick emmairwin-mobile
17:48:40 <ThePhoenixBird> Budget Request - Anush A - https://reps.mozilla.org/e/fennac-launch-party/
17:48:43 <kinger> '/nick'
17:48:51 <AndroUser2> Lol
17:51:18 <ThePhoenixBird> Jefferson budget is pretty simple
17:52:39 <rosanaardila> I think we should al go through them and ask any questions
17:52:54 <rosanaardila> I will aks Jeff is he is still going to be able to go to India
17:53:00 <rosanaardila> he wasn't sure
18:10:23 <kinger> rosanaardila do you want to give a remocamp update?
18:10:53 <rosanaardila> yes!
18:11:00 <kinger> #topic RemoCamp
18:11:03 <rosanaardila> so: ReMoCamp is happening!
18:11:12 <sayak> :D
18:11:14 <rosanaardila> 34 people registered and I'm waiting still for 2 more at least
18:11:16 <kinger> ok thx bye
18:11:20 <kinger> :)
18:11:22 <rosanaardila> we have most travel booked
18:11:37 <rosanaardila> sorry we couldn't offer the best of the best but we have a tight budget
18:11:44 <rosanaardila> now it's all about planing the content
18:11:57 <rosanaardila> I will have a 1:1 conversation with every participant
18:12:05 <kinger> nice idea
18:12:05 <rosanaardila> so make some room in your calendar for me ;)
18:12:16 <rosanaardila> also: We might have some guests!
18:12:23 <rosanaardila> Mary Ellen and Mark Surman might come
18:12:29 <kinger> German football team?
18:12:31 <deimidis> nice
18:12:39 <deimidis> no that part
18:12:44 <rosanaardila> and since the focus is leadership I think they will be great to brainstorm with
18:12:49 <deimidis> Mary Ellen and Mark Surman
18:12:59 <rosanaardila> I am working on inviting both Mitchell and Chris Beard
18:13:10 <rosanaardila> if they can't come personally it would be great to have them on vidyo
18:13:27 <rosanaardila> the wiki is up and runnin even if not all info is final
18:13:38 <kinger> better ask them soon before their calendar fills up
18:13:45 <rosanaardila> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/ReMo_Camp_2014
18:14:01 <rosanaardila> kinger: yes, I just wanted to have a better idea of the agenda
18:14:24 <rosanaardila> does anyone have any questions?
18:14:43 <ThePhoenixBird> kinger, deimidis would love to meet the german football team, he is a fan
18:14:52 <rosanaardila> hahaha
18:14:53 <kinger> haha
18:15:02 <rosanaardila> well I'm a good host but that's not gonna happen ;)
18:15:28 <kinger> ok folks let's wrap up
18:15:33 <kinger> we can follow up by email
18:15:36 <kinger> thanks for coming
18:15:38 <kinger> onwards
18:15:38 <deimidis> rosanaardila, just one question about hotel for the first night
18:15:42 <ThePhoenixBird> i dont know about the 2012 remocamp but i liked the agenda of 2013
18:16:08 <ThePhoenixBird> rosanaardila, you can probably check out the agenda of the past remocamp 2013 :P
18:16:43 <kinger> deimidis there is an email thread about that, maybe best to follow up there
18:16:45 <rosanaardila> ThePhoenixBird: that's what I have as a model and placeholder :)
18:16:55 <rosanaardila> yes deimidis: sorry about that
18:17:01 <rosanaardila> Franc is also helping with that
18:17:02 <kinger> I think Rosana replied with a few suggestions, we just need to choose one hotel
18:17:10 <kinger> ah
18:17:11 <kinger> good
18:17:16 <deimidis> rosanaardila, no need to sorry :)
18:17:33 <deimidis> is Franc new role :P
18:17:44 <rosanaardila> cool!
18:17:48 <rosanaardila> so I need to run now, sorry
18:17:55 <kinger> ok bye
18:17:57 <ThePhoenixBird> thanks for joining
18:17:59 <deimidis> bye everyone
18:18:00 <rosanaardila> I'll follow up with more stats on budget and the best practices soon
18:18:03 <kinger> #endmeeting