17:28:59 <MozRaj> #startmeeting
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17:29:27 <MozRaj> #topic ReMo Camp Updates
17:30:01 <MozRaj> rosana, do you have anything to update us regarding ReMo Camp ?
17:31:17 <rosanaardila> MozRaj: yes
17:31:20 <rosanaardila> big update
17:31:34 <MozRaj> here is the etherpad if you don't have it already - https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20140831
17:31:35 <rosanaardila> Mitchell, Mark Surman and Mary Ellen will be at ReMoCamp!
17:32:17 <rosanaardila> we will spend some time with them thinking about the best ways to leverage the reps program to support the organizational goals and have an impact this year
17:32:33 <rosanaardila> I feel very honored by the fact that the three of them will be joining us in person
17:32:48 <emmairwin> Very awesome
17:34:13 <sayak> Awesome!! :D
17:34:31 <MozRaj> ThePhoenixBird we just started. Rosana is giving an update about ReMo camp. etherpad link here - https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-meeting-20140831
17:34:50 <MozRaj> Rosanaardila they will be with us for all three days ?
17:35:05 <rosanaardila> yes, this is a great moment to get some guidance from Mitchell, Mark and Mary Ellen and think with them
17:35:05 <ThePhoenixBird> sorry im a bit late :(
17:35:18 <rosanaardila> MozRaj: I think that they will be with us on Saturday
17:35:28 <rosanaardila> on Sunday we will focus on the more programatic stuff
17:35:48 <MozRaj> sounds good.
17:36:44 <rosanaardila> :)
17:36:47 <rosanaardila> on a related note
17:36:51 <sayak> :)
17:36:51 <ThePhoenixBird> catching up mitchell, mark and mary ellen, those are great news :)
17:36:56 <rosanaardila> Pierros sent a new survey before ReMoCamp
17:37:05 <rosanaardila> it would be great if you could encourage all of your mentees to take it
17:37:10 <rosanaardila> this one is extra fast :)
17:37:57 <MozRaj> #action remind all mentors to make sure their mentees complete ReMo Camp survey
17:38:00 <ThePhoenixBird> a reminder sents to reps-mentors to encourage their mentees to fill it would be good as well
17:38:19 <MozRaj> Just added that as an action item :)
17:38:32 <emmairwin> Random question on survey.  Why is gender a required field?
17:39:00 <ThePhoenixBird> demographics?
17:39:12 <emmairwin> I guess
17:39:17 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: yes
17:39:20 <rosanaardila> demographics
17:39:28 <rosanaardila> that's all
17:39:35 <rosanaardila> we could make some interesting correlations
17:39:43 <rosanaardila> but it's not necessary
17:40:46 <MozRaj> any more updates for ReMo camp ? shall we move to the next topic ?
17:41:30 <ThePhoenixBird> btw rosana, in total how many mentors we have in remocamp?
17:41:34 <rosanaardila> those are the main updates
17:41:38 <ThePhoenixBird> and how many missed it
17:41:41 <rosanaardila> we will be 37 people
17:41:51 <rosanaardila> unfortunately we'll miss quite a few people
17:42:04 <rosanaardila> but because of visa or work some couldn't make it
17:42:09 <ThePhoenixBird> also it would be good to cross reference those who didnt reply the doodle and those who didnt attend
17:42:21 <ThePhoenixBird> and study the cases of those who didnt even reply the doodle
17:42:36 <ThePhoenixBird> you would say NO to all the options, but filling the doodle was important
17:43:25 <ThePhoenixBird> this is to check for inactive mentors, and see why
17:43:35 <ThePhoenixBird> i understand visas, they are headaches :(
17:45:03 <MozRaj> cross verification sounds like a good plan to check for inactive mentors
17:46:05 <rosanaardila> yes, we should definitely try to find out which mentors are not active
17:46:20 <MozRaj> #action check for mentors who didn't reply the doodle
17:47:05 <ThePhoenixBird> next topic
17:47:24 <MozRaj> #topic Reps @ MozFest
17:47:47 <MozRaj> Rosana, do you have any updates ?
17:48:13 <rosanaardila> I know that the application time has ended, now the Reps will be chosen
17:48:30 <rosanaardila> Ioana and Brian have more details on the process and will give an update soon
17:48:56 <emmairwin> A lot of reps applied . Something like 140
17:48:56 <ThePhoenixBird> i read the email that Ioana sent
17:49:04 <ThePhoenixBird> there is a lot of people there :P
17:49:10 <MozRaj> rosanaardila voting by council and three of MoFo people alreadt started.
17:49:17 <ThePhoenixBird> it may take a while to properly review all of those
17:49:20 <MozRaj> *already
17:49:39 <rosanaardila> I hope we'll have updates soon
17:49:41 <MozRaj> It is expected that we all cast our votes by Sep 2
17:50:18 <ThePhoenixBird> Raj and Emma, are you taking some criteria in specific while reviewing?
17:50:19 <rosanaardila> I guess by the second week of september there will be a final list
17:50:22 <rosanaardila> the latest
17:50:43 <ThePhoenixBird> Sayak sa well
17:50:45 <ThePhoenixBird> as well*
17:51:44 <emmairwin> I am mostly focused on leaders of webmaker in their community.  But mindful pf emerging leaders.  It's tough
17:52:02 <ThePhoenixBird> it is
17:52:45 <MozRaj> Arturo, personally I look for a lot of webmaker related contribution and community building skills as well.
17:53:46 <MozRaj> Arturo, Ioana in her mail requested to cast our votes by end of 2nd SEP. but, if you need more time please let her know
17:54:15 <ThePhoenixBird> I will probably do it all today
17:54:22 <ThePhoenixBird> i will let her know
17:54:30 <MozRaj> perfect
17:56:50 <sayak> ThePhoenixBird: I'm mostly trying to vote by how have the people contributed to Webmaker and how much community leader ship they have shown in the last 1year
17:57:34 <MozRaj> rosana, you need to vote as well. so plz check Ioana's mail on Aug 29th regarding mozfest, if you haven't done already
17:58:13 <rosanaardila> will do!
17:58:31 <MozRaj> Thanks
17:58:31 <ThePhoenixBird> thanks for your tips guys, that is mostly what i have been thinking while reviewing, its tough since many Reps arent very explicit when writing their reports or the lack of reports makes it difficult, so i browse their webmaker events and see pictures to get a general idea of it, but trying to identify their webmaker leadership skills is very difficult that way
17:59:45 <MozRaj> Check for their webmaker badges. That might help
18:00:55 <ThePhoenixBird> ! good idea Raj!
18:01:43 <MozRaj> It's almost time to end the meeting. so, let's quickly move to the next topic
18:02:12 <MozRaj> #topic KPI
18:03:18 <MozRaj> emmairwin do you want start about KPI ?
18:04:05 <emmairwin> Sorry I am on mobile.  My email on the subject is all I can offer
18:04:21 <emmairwin> Literally at the fair right now
18:05:05 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: I think that it makes a lot of sense to talk about the KPIs but we're a very small group today
18:05:13 * ThePhoenixBird checking emma email
18:05:22 <rosanaardila> maybe there's a better way to structure the discussion than just the etherpad
18:05:25 <ThePhoenixBird> i agree with that also
18:05:45 <ThePhoenixBird> KPI is great, beause it helps us to gather more information about the health of the program
18:06:05 <ThePhoenixBird> particulary i was very interested in: avg ratio of event success metrics (ie. ratio between objectives and actual results)
18:06:42 <ThePhoenixBird> also the historical of events by region can help us to see were we are lacking in representation
18:06:55 <ThePhoenixBird> a heat map could be created with the event data
18:06:57 <MozRaj> Emma no worries. I will add KPI to the next meeting agenda :)
18:08:00 <emmairwin> Which will be after remocamp?
18:08:06 <rosanaardila> next meeting is in berlin!
18:08:10 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: exactly
18:08:14 <MozRaj> yeah..
18:08:25 <rosanaardila> we should start curating the topics for that meeting
18:09:44 <MozRaj> yes. How are we going to decide topics for that meeting ?
18:09:47 <ThePhoenixBird> agree, getting there in blank is no good
18:09:48 <emmairwin> William will want feedback sooner
18:10:04 <ThePhoenixBird> we could advance with the stuff in Trello
18:10:09 <ThePhoenixBird> there is a lot of pending work there
18:10:14 <rosanaardila> yes
18:10:21 <rosanaardila> we should review the trello board
18:10:43 <emmairwin> Anyone interested in reviewing this  with me prior?
18:10:58 <emmairwin> And reporting back?
18:11:34 <MozRaj> emma you mean the KPI or pending work on trello ?
18:12:28 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: I think Nukeador is doing that right now
18:12:42 <rosanaardila> re: trello
18:12:46 <ThePhoenixBird> nukeador is a machine
18:12:47 <rosanaardila> not the KPI
18:12:55 <ThePhoenixBird> he doesnt sleep
18:13:35 <MozRaj> Thanks for the clarification rosana
18:14:11 <emmairwin> Kpi
18:14:49 <rosanaardila> great Emma
18:16:29 <MozRaj> William requested for feedback on KPIs by September 3.
18:17:34 <MozRaj> So, make sure to give your feedback by that deadline
18:17:37 <emmairwin> I'll respond that we need more time and will invite him to review it this week. With myself and any other on council interested ?
18:18:20 <MozRaj> emma, let's do it :)
18:18:38 <emmairwin> I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a few more days. Ok great. Will follow up on email. Thanks
18:18:49 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: of course
18:19:01 <rosanaardila> the process for the KPi dashboard will also be iterative
18:19:02 <rosanaardila> :)
18:19:18 <rosanaardila> so it's good to get moving but there's also some more time for more discussion
18:19:21 <emmairwin> Have to go now.  Will tweet you my current view  in a moment
18:19:25 <rosanaardila> nothing will be set in stone on sep 3rd
18:19:32 <emmairwin> Ok thanks
18:19:38 <rosanaardila> emmairwin: nice! thanks :)
18:19:40 <rosanaardila> and enjoy
18:19:58 <MozRaj> thanks for joining emma.
18:20:59 <MozRaj> rosana you added the topic council meeting attendance . please proceed
18:21:27 <emmairwin> https://www.evernote.com/shard/s225/sh/e162e4bb-a367-4fc7-8486-e036a2037bd6/f1561f38fd5936c6b18b75adc62681bf
18:21:37 <MozRaj> #topic council meeting attendance
18:21:38 <rosanaardila> ok, so just one last comment
18:21:45 <rosanaardila> I think we need to reboot the way we meet
18:21:50 <rosanaardila> we almost never get to meet
18:21:58 <rosanaardila> so this is something we should talk about in Berlin
18:22:03 <rosanaardila> I just wanted to flag it
18:22:06 <rosanaardila> that's all
18:22:50 <MozRaj> Thanks Rosana.
18:23:20 <MozRaj> That's the end of our meeting
18:23:29 <MozRaj> #endmeeting