09:07:45 <pierros> #startmeeting ReMo Town Hall 2012-08-31 #1
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09:07:53 <pierros> #topic Intro
09:08:14 <pierros> Hello all! and welcome to our first official town hall :)
09:08:42 <pierros> We are having this meeting as a chance for everyone to get to know the nominees for the upcoming council and ask questions to them
09:08:43 <remobot> hello pierros!
09:09:02 * pierros sees leo...
09:09:28 <pierros> So without further delay lets jump into the questions
09:09:49 <pierros> I will be stating the question and then give the floor to a nominee
09:10:02 <pierros> then he/she has 1 min to respond.
09:10:25 <pierros> The etherpad with questions can be found here:
09:10:29 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-town-halls
09:10:46 <pierros> So question number one :)
09:10:50 <pierros> #topic What is the one thing you would fix about the Reps program?
09:11:05 <pierros> ebarrun, the floor is yours
09:11:13 <pierros> (alphabetically :) )
09:11:50 <ebarrun> really me?
09:11:54 <pierros> yep
09:12:01 <ebarrun> alright,
09:13:06 <ebarrun> being a mentor myself, I want mentorship to be taken seriously and mentors should be well trained
09:14:23 <ebarrun> engage mentees by  meeting in person (if possible)
09:15:13 <Nukeador> ebarrun: thanks, you minute is over, do you want to add anything more?
09:15:14 <remobot> uh-oh, it looks like pierros has left the building
09:15:14 <ebarrun> thats it for me
09:15:33 <ebarrun> thats it nuke
09:15:38 <Nukeador> Thanks
09:15:45 <Nukeador> Next one is FuzzyFox
09:16:47 <pierros> sorry for that :(
09:16:49 <pierros> ebarrun, did you answer?
09:16:51 <pierros> thanks Nukeador :)
09:16:57 <Chaasof> Nukeador: we write the answers of each one  on the etherpad?
09:17:02 <Nukeador> FuzzyFox?
09:17:12 <FuzzyFox> Okay.... so right now there are still a number of take aways from the recent remocamp where we went over all the key issues that need fixing, so my main focus on "what I would fix" would be to focus on getting those done
09:17:13 <Chaasof> pierros: 	being a mentor myself, I want mentorship to be taken seriously and mentors should be well trained
09:17:15 <Chaasof> |<--	pierros has left moznet (Ping timeout)
09:17:16 <Chaasof> ebarrun	engage mentees by meeting in person (if possib
09:17:41 * pierros Chaasof thanks but dont pollute the channel :)
09:18:05 <pierros> Thanks FuzzyFox !
09:18:05 <FuzzyFox> out of those take aways I too think mentor training should be a focus, along with sorting out how a remo election process will work in the future
09:18:20 <pierros> willyaranda, your turn :)
09:18:41 <willyaranda> I'm ready!
09:19:15 <willyaranda> (the question is number 3, right?)
09:19:40 <pierros> #1
09:19:42 <Nukeador> willyaranda: is the one on the channel's topic
09:19:44 <Chaasof> willyaranda: the question is at the topic :)
09:19:52 <willyaranda> crap, sorry, little busy at work :P
09:20:42 <willyaranda> I'll fix the problems with a lot of mentorees for each menthe, being more distributed, and have more communications, and also more feedback for mentors and mentees
09:21:07 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda !
09:21:13 <pierros> xelawafs, your turn :)
09:21:21 <xelawafs> sure
09:21:28 <xelawafs> I think so far we've done pretty well with the number of mozillians who've joined remo
09:21:43 <xelawafs> Now I think a good fix would be building up on the quality of the program, as the other nominees mentioned, mentors are key toward this
09:22:17 <xelawafs> getting teams within mozilla to linup with reps would also be great for improving quality
09:22:25 <xelawafs> *linkup
09:22:42 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs !
09:22:52 <pierros> Over to next question:
09:23:03 <pierros> #topic Apart from budget, swag, and the mailing list, how can the program support Reps in doing their work?
09:23:10 <pierros> ebarrun,
09:24:14 <pierros> ebarrun, floor is yours :)
09:24:25 <ebarrun> yes still typing
09:25:46 <ebarrun> the budget and swag requests is getting faster delivery. the remo program can give more logistical support and professional network from HQ
09:26:15 <pierros> thanks ebarrun !
09:26:17 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
09:26:24 <FuzzyFox> Mentors
09:26:50 <FuzzyFox> mentors are the key to the program, and it really depends on how well we train them
09:27:07 <FuzzyFox> so they can work out the indivual needs of their reps
09:27:43 <pierros> FuzzyFox, eom?
09:27:51 <FuzzyFox> other than that, all the new stuff that is coming since remocamp talks
09:27:54 <FuzzyFox> eom
09:28:05 <pierros> Thanks FuzzyFox @
09:28:07 <pierros> willyaranda,
09:28:21 <willyaranda> A lot of reps want to have more visibility inside Mozilla, we need to teach employees to reach the reps mailing list whenever they need info or help. Also, having more structured resources on the wiki with a awesome-er Mozilla Reps add-on ;)
09:28:26 <willyaranda> << EOM
09:28:38 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda :)
09:28:48 <pierros> xelawafs, Floor is yours,
09:29:08 <xelawafs> I think a better documentation of the tools and resources available to reps would be a great assist
09:29:20 <xelawafs> in my experience, we have reps who are really excitted about ReMo when they join
09:29:30 <xelawafs> but end up being inactive
09:29:42 <xelawafs> so availing tools and resources
09:29:45 <xelawafs> eom
09:29:58 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs !
09:30:04 <pierros> Over to next question:
09:30:07 <pierros> #topic What do you see as the primary responsibility of a council member?
09:30:13 <pierros> ebarrun, Floor is yours :)
09:31:17 * pierros reminds people that they can ask interactive questions to the people on the floor by typing "!"
09:31:50 <ebarrun> govern and manage the program with the best that i can with the spirit of the open source /eom
09:31:50 * pierros thinks that "!" is like raising your hand :)
09:32:11 <pierros> thanks ebarrun !
09:32:13 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
09:32:19 <FuzzyFox> With the new taskforces the power is being shifted down to reps, and mentors more, which is exactly what is needed.
09:32:21 <FuzzyFox> I see the council as an oversight / advisory more than what they do now.
09:33:34 <bobreyes> !
09:33:34 <FuzzyFox> So for me the council member is someone who is recognised to give good advice, and have a good knowledge of as many areas around mozilla as possible, while helping ensure the reps program runs as smoothly as possible.
09:33:36 <FuzzyFox> EOM
09:34:02 <pierros> thanks FuzzyFox ! willyaranda ,
09:34:54 <willyaranda> Keep track of mentors problems and feedback. Also, decide important things for the program (like this one, elections, baselines, keeping the work from the 'old' one) and keep in touch with other Mozilla parts << EOM
09:35:13 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda ! :)
09:35:19 <pierros> xelawafs, floor is yours :)
09:35:35 <xelawafs> That would be maintaining the structure and organization of ReMo while making sure that all major decision are passed by the reps
09:36:04 <xelawafs> For this to happen, it's very important for council members to first be mozillians ie relate to the mission and vision of of the Mozilla project and ofcourse be quite knowledgeable about Mozilla
09:36:05 <xelawafs> eom
09:36:36 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs ! Let jump to the next question
09:36:40 <pierros> #topic How do you think the program can influence other areas at mozilla?
09:36:48 <pierros> ebarrun, floor is yours once again :)
09:37:50 <ebarrun> remo is a big help in creating new communities that also create leads
09:37:51 <ebarrun> to other areas of mozilla like firefox flicks and SUMO /eom
09:38:22 <pierros> thanks! FuzzyFox ,
09:38:36 <FuzzyFox> For me its not think... its know. ReMo is already influencing other areas of Mozilla... The question is how can we make ReMo more influential, but not so much as to get in the way of others that can also do a good job. Thats something I think we still need to figure out...
09:39:28 <FuzzyFox> My best guess right now is to get the word out about ReMo more, and clearer than we have so far, and this years MozCamps are likely the key opportunities to do that.
09:39:45 <FuzzyFox> EOM
09:39:58 <pierros> thanks! willyaranda ,
09:40:14 <willyaranda> Because first council made a huge effort to create and improve the program, we need to show other mozillians what has been done, what are the future plans, and explain other mozilla groups to do similar things (mixing employees and paid staff), and see the ReMo program as one of the best things done lately in Mozilla. << EOM
09:40:44 <xelawafs> I think ReMo provides support to Mozilla
09:40:56 <xelawafs> Mozilla is a community driven project and such a project best works when community members are given more priority and access to assist in various activities
09:41:13 <xelawafs> for a long time, we've had a limited few working on various Mozilla projects and I think Remo is key toward giving support to such
09:41:15 <xelawafs> eom
09:41:25 <pierros> xelawafs, would you argue that other parts of mozilla are not community driven?
09:41:47 <pierros> (and yep, that was an interactive question like we discussed :) )
09:41:51 <xelawafs> I'd say they are obseccure to the community
09:42:09 <xelawafs> only a few now about it and how theuy can help
09:42:15 <xelawafs> *know
09:42:31 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs !
09:42:36 <pierros> Next question:
09:42:49 <pierros> #topic In a year from now, how do you see the program?
09:42:55 <pierros> ebarrun,
09:43:10 <ebarrun> i see it to be a bigger and more project/events around the world
09:43:12 <ebarrun> i can see mentoring works when remos become multipiers thus spreading
09:43:13 <ebarrun> the mozilla mission around the world. /eom
09:44:03 <pierros> thanks ebarrun !
09:44:04 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
09:44:49 <FuzzyFox> I think this is a bad question.... should it not be where do I see Mozilla in a year? As for the program I think it will be much the same, but smoother, and more well known... We need to take some time and get taskforces off the ground among other things and see were that leads us before we go playing with anything else too much. ReMo will be in the same place as Mozilla in short, and  that...
09:44:51 <FuzzyFox> ...is something I can say from experience, we wont know until we get there.
09:44:53 <FuzzyFox> EOM
09:45:23 <pierros> interesting view FuzzyFox :)
09:45:24 <pierros> willyaranda,
09:45:49 <willyaranda> (as xelawafs said, there are other parts of Mozilla not community-driven and not really open, like B2G, as I experience myself every single day). But let's got to the point: having reps in areas where there are few (USA, for example!), having more trained mentors so mentees are better, doing excellent presentations, using the resources we have and influence acquired this last year. << EOM
09:46:12 <xelawafs> ReMo has been revolutionary so far and with great guidance and support from the general Mozilla community, we could see exponetial Mozilla outreach throught the world in the next year
09:46:35 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda  and xelawafs :)
09:46:38 <xelawafs> eom
09:47:18 <pierros> question for willyaranda
09:47:44 <pierros> So you think ReMo can put a pressure and influence the openness of some teams?
09:48:27 <pierros> willyaranda,
09:48:51 <willyaranda> pierros: totally. I think that the program has grown a lot in the past year, a lot of employees are aware of us, but not all of them (looking at Nukeador for the gap between employees and community…)
09:49:10 <willyaranda> and I think we can influence in groups to be more open (in the cases it's possible, of course)
09:49:26 <pierros> thanks willyaranda :)
09:49:43 <pierros> Next question:
09:49:46 <pierros> #topic Why do you want to be on the council?
09:49:47 <pierros> ebarrun,
09:49:52 <willyaranda> (IRC should have: … willyaranda is a slow typist, please, wait :P)
09:50:10 <Kidium> ^
09:50:20 <mykromo> :D
09:50:26 <ebarrun> being nominated is a pleasure for me that means you guys are believing
09:50:28 <ebarrun> in me with my qualification and experience. with my desire to be involved more in mozilla i can give/help/share more for the public
09:50:29 <ebarrun> benefit. being in the council is a commitment to work things out in the program #eom
09:51:09 <pierros> thanks ebarrun ! FuzzyFox
09:51:15 <FuzzyFox> World Domination! Phase one...
09:51:17 <FuzzyFox> ...
09:51:18 <FuzzyFox> No in seriousness I think this ties into what I see as "the primary responsibility of a council member" which I answered previously... For me its being able to pass on my advice, and skills to a broader region of the program and mostly to help make sure things are running well. Its just what I love to do. Why else would I consider it?! "If you do the job you love, you never work a day in...
09:51:19 <FuzzyFox> ...your life"
09:51:40 <FuzzyFox> eom
09:51:55 <pierros> thanks FuzzyFox :) I am with you on world domination :)
09:52:00 <pierros> willyaranda,
09:52:48 <willyaranda> We all love Mozilla, but I've been involved since 2005, and I've touched a lot of things inside mozilla: localization (Sumo, firefox, webs…), managing some parts of a community, support, advising, mentoring, MozCamps (even the awesome Summit in 2008 with bears included!), now working with B2G… I think I'd love to be there for a time, influence other groups at mozilla, but, with more emphasis than anything: say to other Mozilla tha
09:52:49 <willyaranda> we, the community, are strongly enough to rely on, and that it can count on us for anything. << EOM
09:53:25 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda ! xelawafs
09:53:40 <xelawafs> One of the reasons I contribute to Mozilla is so that I can share what I learn with others, somehting which works perfectly in Mozilla (sharing knowledge). I see joining the council as an opportunity to be in a better position to do this and coming from Africa, knowledge makes all the differnce
09:53:50 <xelawafs> eom
09:54:02 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs :)
09:54:27 <pierros> Next question needs to be rephrased a bit :)
09:55:05 <pierros> #topic Can the council help a mozilla rep on interacting with other teams in mozilla? How?
09:55:25 * pierros wishes he captured the point of the Q :)
09:55:39 <pierros> ebarrun, floor is yours :)
09:56:40 <ebarrun> am not pretty sure about this on how things work for contributing to product development. knowing mozilla being one of the most successful open source project its listening and accepting suggestion from the
09:56:41 <ebarrun> community. in a management perspective we cant put all of the suggestions but is definetly listening and will be taken into considerations in the next release cycle. council will surely help you
09:57:32 <mykromo> well said
09:58:27 <ebarrun> eom
09:58:27 <pierros> ebarrun, eom?
09:58:28 <ebarrun> sorry'
09:58:33 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
09:58:36 <pierros> ebarrun, no worries :)
09:58:50 <FuzzyFox> Part one, yes...
09:58:50 <FuzzyFox> Part two, by making more connections between volunteers and employees in general, not just specific people together, but thats all I can see we can do... as ebarrun said, Mozilla is already one of the most successful open source projects, and does one of the best jobs of listening. Its possible that some of the communication channels for some things are not as clear as they should be, and...
09:58:52 <FuzzyFox> ...maybe we can help make them clearer...
09:59:31 <pierros> FuzzyFox, should the ReMo council lead an effort to make those clearer?
09:59:53 <FuzzyFox> Overall I think its about helping show people the channels that exists, and imporving them, rather than creating new ones. This is something the council can help with.... as for lead... maybe not
10:00:10 <FuzzyFox> there are other activities going on to make this easier for all mozillians not just reps
10:00:21 <FuzzyFox> grow mozilla is one example.
10:00:35 <FuzzyFox> #link http://wiki.mozilla.org/Grow
10:00:43 <FuzzyFox> eom
10:00:45 <pierros> good point FuzzyFox, thanks! willyaranda
10:01:27 <willyaranda> We have open mailing lists where anyone can say mostly anything. The problem is that mozilla has evolved a lot, we have a lot of users (and trolls of course), and people making products need to be more focused today than in the past (we don't have the 1% of browser market, we have 20+%). It's not easy, but maybe we need other tools, like the Google Answers (or using the Voting system in bugzilla) and teach employees, and development
10:01:27 <willyaranda> groups, to ensure that they listen the users, because that's the final goal: have more users == have more influence in the Internet.
10:01:33 <willyaranda> And of course, the council should help other Mozilla parts to be open to suggestions, not only from Reps, but from everyone. << EOM
10:01:55 <xelawafs> I think this is one of the key ideology in any opensource movement, getting the executer (developers, project leaders etc) to welcome suggestions and comments sincerely not "sincerely". so far I'd say Mozilla has been doing a great job at it but we'll always find a few loopholes and I think the best way to deal with them would be to address them as they come instead of sweeping such issues...
10:01:56 <xelawafs> ...under the rug
10:02:11 <xelawafs> eom
10:02:13 <pierros> Thanks willyaranda and xelawafs :)
10:02:30 <pierros> Over to our last question from etherpad:
10:02:44 <pierros> #topic What can this new council do better than the previous?
10:02:54 <pierros> trash talking time :P
10:03:01 <pierros> Seriously though,
10:03:06 <pierros> ebarrun, floor is yours :)
10:03:13 <ebarrun> the previous council did their best thats for sure but not all issues can be addressed. we will try to fill up all those issues by listening to you. As time goes by our needs will change and then we set a new goal for the better remo program.
10:04:04 <ebarrun> being a council is not an easy task but with your help. it will make us more stronger
10:04:13 <ebarrun> eom
10:04:20 <pierros> thanks ebarrun ! FuzzyFox
10:04:52 <FuzzyFox> one word...
10:04:53 <FuzzyFox> hindsight
10:04:55 <FuzzyFox> I can't promise the new council will be better, nor will I try... nor can I say that the current council, soon to be former, can be improved on... the roles each council are taking right now are going to be different, and so not comparative. The tasks at hand have changed, its a different ball game. where roles match up... all I can say is....
10:04:56 <FuzzyFox> hindsight
10:04:58 <FuzzyFox> eom
10:05:25 <willyaranda> We are stronger, faster, taller… well, not me, but anyway… I think we need to keep as a baseline the program they have created and mature them, but also add new things that we could need: better procedures? better swag? I think that we must keep open to any suggestion and fix any issue we could have. << EOM
10:06:00 <pierros> Thanks FuzzyFox and willyaranda :) xelawafs :
10:06:18 <xelawafs> I think the previous council did a great job in getting ReMo up and running. In my view, the best way wouldn't be comparing wich council would be better but instead We'll build from where they left off
10:06:32 <xelawafs> and address pending huddles
10:06:33 <xelawafs> eom
10:06:44 <pierros> Thanks xelawafs :)
10:06:57 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
10:07:24 * FuzzyFox can't wait for breakfast.... getting hungry
10:07:31 <pierros> Now we are done with the etherpad questions, you can ask nominees free type questions here
10:07:47 <pierros> please raise your hand using "!" :)
10:08:02 <remobot> !
10:08:18 * pierros will devoice remobot and leo
10:08:37 <leo> :P
10:09:00 <pierros> I remind everyone that we will be meeting again today to interview the other 6 nominees
10:09:08 <pierros> at 17:00 UTC
10:09:21 <pierros> Anyone any question?
10:09:28 <leo> !
10:09:34 <pierros> leo, go ahead :)
10:09:49 <leo> what are the nominees favourite pizza toppings?
10:10:05 <Ahsan> !
10:10:17 <pierros> Ahsan, please go ahead
10:10:24 <ebarrun> mushroom and olives
10:10:25 * pierros will kick and ban leo
10:10:36 <FuzzyFox> leo: depends on my mood
10:10:48 <Ahsan> Council members have many responsibilities. is there any possibility to slice their mentor ship responsibility, so that they might get enough time for their work.
10:11:09 <pierros> thanks for the question Ahsan
10:11:11 <pierros> ebarrun, ?
10:12:21 <ebarrun> thats a very nice question ahsan, we need to give a slice of our mentoring role, for example in my region  it would  be great if we have new mentor
10:13:04 <mykromo> !
10:13:14 <pierros> FuzzyFox, ?
10:13:23 <ebarrun> 2 mentor for each country would be great if this would fill in my absence
10:13:24 <ebarrun> eom
10:13:33 <pierros> oops sorry ebarrun
10:13:34 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
10:13:47 * pierros has noted a question from mykromo
10:13:54 <FuzzyFox> for me its not a problem so much... I'm a student, so I need more things to do as the uni isn't taking enough of my time... however it wont be as much of an issue as in the past with the new taskforces... as I said earlier, a lot of the power, and thus responsibility is moving down and being shared out more
10:14:20 <FuzzyFox> also... I don't take much time to do my uni work.... please give me something to fill me time :P
10:14:22 <FuzzyFox> eom
10:14:42 <pierros> willyaranda,
10:15:09 <willyaranda> I think we can slice responsibilities for old reps, and transfer them to other mentor, since old reps should have a good knowledge of the program, resources… But maybe keeping with new reps, so show that we, apart from being on the council, we do mentor stuff, and we don't have more privileges
10:15:11 <willyaranda> eom
10:15:42 <pierros> xelawafs,
10:15:49 <xelawafs> ahsan: I think like any other mentor, council member should be able to say how much he can take in terms of mentees + waht willyaranda said :)
10:16:17 <xelawafs> leo: pineapple :)eom
10:16:33 <pierros> Next question mykromo
10:16:49 <mykromo> do the remos can contribute in coding for the specific mozilla product?
10:17:07 <vikingkarwur> !
10:17:23 <pierros> ebarrun,
10:17:58 <ebarrun> right now i dont have the knowledge on how that works
10:18:43 <ebarrun> but if i can get the info about that i would definetly share it and help you contribute that codes
10:18:45 <ebarrun> eom
10:18:53 <FuzzyFox> yes... so can any other mozillian. its got nothing to do with being a rep if you wish to code for mozilla products. reps is a different kettle of fish all together
10:18:55 <FuzzyFox> .
10:18:57 <FuzzyFox> #link https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/
10:18:58 <FuzzyFox> eom
10:19:10 <mykromo> wow.. cool
10:19:29 <willyaranda> mykromo: http://www.joshmatthews.net/bugsahoy/ + http://whatcanidoformozilla.org/ and you are good to go. Remember, Mozilla is open, the development is open, feel free to take a bug, and work on it! + also FuzzyFox link if you want to participate other than coding
10:19:38 <pierros> ok moving on as this is answered :)
10:19:50 <pierros> vikingkarwur,
10:19:58 <vikingkarwur> The challenge of being a ReMo council member is to be able to be an example of its ReMo members. Able to perform the task first. Acting more real than a lot of talk. What do you think?
10:20:22 <Chaasof> !
10:20:25 <pierros> Thanks for the question vikingkarwur !
10:20:27 <pierros> ebarrun,
10:20:39 * pierros notes Chaasof for a last question for today
10:20:55 <Chaasof> to answer mykromo
10:21:04 <Chaasof> not a question pierros :)
10:21:25 <mykromo> ...
10:21:28 <pierros> Chaasof, do that in private message, thanks
10:21:40 <Chaasof> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/b2g-team-roles
10:21:50 <ebarrun> more action less talk, i cannot agree more on this. we will do our task and probably exceed your expectations
10:21:54 <ebarrun> eom
10:22:08 <pierros> FuzzyFox,
10:22:10 <FuzzyFox> vikingkarwur: you just summed up one of the roles of a council member, mentor, and rep, all at once.
10:22:12 <FuzzyFox> eom
10:22:28 <pierros> willyaranda,
10:23:30 <willyaranda> I don't think that ReMo council member should be "the first", but a aggregate of ideas, and to the best for one thing. I don't think that in ReMo council the actions should be done by just one person, but with the group advise, with knowledge from everything, as "a community" as Mozilla always is.
10:23:32 <willyaranda> emo
10:23:35 <willyaranda> eom, not emo
10:23:49 <FuzzyFox> lol
10:24:04 <xelawafs> This is a question I've had to ponder over and handle as a mentor and a community lead here in Kenya. Yah, we should be able to perform tasks and where we aren't "experts" know people within mozilla whom we can recommend to others and turn to for assistance
10:24:06 <xelawafs> eom
10:24:20 <pierros> thanks all!
10:24:43 <pierros> I will be publishing the logs shortly and see ya all in our next meeting today
10:24:51 <pierros> With 6 more nominees :)
10:25:02 <Kidium> ^
10:25:05 <pierros> #endmeeting