17:08:21 <pierros> #startmeeting ReMo Town Hall #2 2012-08-31
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17:08:30 <pierros> #chair williamq
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17:08:35 <pierros> #topic Intro
17:08:50 <pierros> Welcome all once again for today, on our second ReMo Townhall
17:09:06 <pierros> together with us in this meeting with have mentors aharoni and vineel :)
17:09:26 <vineel> hello everyone! :)
17:09:27 <pierros> Our ether pad can be found here:
17:09:41 <pierros> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/council-town-halls
17:09:52 <pierros> So let's start with our questions:
17:09:58 <pierros> #topic What is the one thing you would fix about the Reps program?
17:10:05 <pierros> aharoni: the floor is yours :)
17:10:29 <aharoni> Very simple: clearer definition of goals.
17:10:51 <aharoni> The most frequent questions from new mentees is "What ReMo actually is".
17:11:04 <aharoni> And there should be a clear and concise answer ready.
17:11:30 * pierros reminds the usage of "eom" :)
17:11:38 <aharoni> Currently there is nothing very clear and concise. (Unless I'm missing something very obvious.)
17:11:39 <aharoni> eom
17:11:50 <pierros> aharoni: thanks!
17:11:52 <pierros> vineel:
17:13:02 <vineel> building and streamlining of the tools and resources for maximum results/ reach goals as said by aharoni
17:13:15 <vineel> eom
17:13:31 <pierros> thanks vineel !
17:13:37 <pierros> over to next question:
17:13:39 <pierros> #topic Apart from budget, swag, and the mailing list, how can the program support Reps in doing their work?
17:13:41 <pierros> aharoni:
17:15:29 <aharoni> More direct rep-mentor communication.
17:15:57 <aharoni> It's not hard, actually - Skype, IRC, email and GMail chat are always there.
17:16:07 <aharoni> It costs nothing.
17:16:18 <aharoni> But not everybody is doing it, and this should be actively encouraged.
17:17:14 <aharoni> Monthly reports are nice, but kinda one-way. Scheduled live chats or status updates would go a very long way.
17:17:16 <aharoni> eom
17:17:23 <pierros> thanks aharoni ! vineel :
17:18:00 <vineel> Mozilla reps program can help reps focus on Mozilla's organizational goals and create opportunities, guidance, resources accordingly.
17:18:42 * pierros reminds for eom :)
17:18:48 <vineel> eom
17:19:06 <pierros> thanks vineel :)
17:19:11 <pierros> #topic What do you see as the primary responsibility of a council member?
17:19:16 <pierros> aharoni:
17:20:48 <aharoni> Again, quite simple:
17:21:33 <aharoni> To remember that the organization has goals, to know these goals, and to make sure that all decisions advance them.
17:21:35 <aharoni> eom
17:21:59 <pierros> thanks aharoni , vineel :
17:22:23 <vineel> I see the primary responsebilty of a Council member is making sure all the reps, resources, results are in the right direction at the end of the day and bring attention to those keeping community as the priority :)
17:22:45 <vineel> eom
17:22:53 <pierros> Thanks Vineel!
17:22:57 <pierros> Over to next q:
17:23:05 <pierros> #topic How do you think the program can influence other areas at mozilla?
17:23:07 <pierros> aharoni:
17:24:05 <aharoni> Reps should be more involved in making product decisions.
17:24:33 <aharoni> Some reps may be involved it already, but I don't see it actively encouraged.
17:25:10 <aharoni> Reps are pushing Mozilla products and ideas to the masses, but they could be more involved in making Mozilla products more suitable to the masses.
17:25:59 <aharoni> The recent thread about a survey is a good example, although I don't know how well will it influence product decisions. I would work to make it happen.
17:26:00 <aharoni> eom
17:26:08 <pierros> thanks aharoni ! vineel , floor is yours:
17:26:15 <vineel> +1 aharoni Mozilla reps program has a great potential and its support should be directly brought to wider projects with in Mozilla.
17:26:18 <vineel> eom
17:26:28 <pierros> Thanks :)
17:26:32 <pierros> Next question:
17:26:35 <pierros> #topic In a year from now, how do you see the program?
17:26:36 <pierros> aharoni:
17:27:51 <aharoni> Two things:
17:29:09 <aharoni> 1. Be a good and well-known example of how a Free Software enterprise engages volunteers to advance its goals.
17:29:20 <aharoni> An example that other Free Software projects will want and will be able to follow.
17:30:17 <aharoni> 2. Have confident reps that know very well what they do and how to answer tricky questions (like "Why bother? Everybody is moving to Webkit.")
17:30:19 <aharoni> eom
17:30:27 <pierros> Thanks aharoni ! (love the 1.) Vineel floor is yours :)
17:30:34 <vineel> I see it as a good leadership program, where individuals would be able to make greater impact in their regions, and together as Mozillians the results can be remarkable.
17:30:36 <vineel> eom
17:30:44 <pierros> Thanks vineel  :)
17:30:53 <pierros> next Q:
17:30:56 <pierros> #topic Why do you want to be on the council?
17:30:58 <pierros> aharoni:
17:32:03 <aharoni> To fulfill the above-mentioned two goals.
17:32:05 <aharoni> eom
17:32:33 <pierros> vineel:
17:32:57 <vineel> i would like to share a quote here from one of the Mozillians:
17:33:17 <vineel> "..Students of Mozilla become mentors, each mentoring a few students of their own; it snowballs. Before you know it, you’ve grown to a community of millions...” [1/2]
17:33:42 <vineel> “It is these small incremental changes that foster growth and change the world.”
17:34:21 <vineel> I started as a studnt volunteer and with the experience gained, i can help a larger group of people
17:34:35 <vineel> eom
17:34:47 <pierros> thanks vineel !
17:34:50 <pierros> next question:
17:34:53 <pierros> #topic Can the council help a mozilla rep on interacting with other teams in mozilla? How?
17:34:57 <pierros> aharoni:
17:35:51 <aharoni> That's something that a mentor should usually be able to do.
17:36:36 <aharoni> If a mentor doesn't know how to help the rep, a council should help the mentor and improve the documentation and the communication channels so that everybody would be able to reuse them.
17:36:40 <aharoni> eom
17:36:55 <pierros> thanks aharoni !
17:36:58 <pierros> vineel: ?
17:37:11 <vineel> yes, definitely! If a rep has specific idea or suggestion and is unable to communicate, the council can help bring focus to the topic and directly take it to the concerned team with in Mozilla.
17:37:41 <vineel> the topics can be anything - governance, development etc
17:37:48 <vineel> eom
17:38:00 <pierros> Thanks vineel !
17:38:07 <pierros> and on the final question from the pad:
17:38:12 <pierros> #topic What can this new council do better than the previous?
17:39:19 <pierros> aharoni:
17:39:38 <aharoni> Mmm... My impression is that the previous council was about infrastructure and procedures.
17:39:50 <aharoni> That's very much needed, but it's more or less stable.
17:40:52 <aharoni> The next council should be about better definition of the program's goals and ideas and about getting workable tools for fulfilling them.
17:40:55 <aharoni> eom
17:41:07 <vineel> tricky question :p
17:41:55 <pierros> thanks aharoni :) vineel :
17:42:10 <vineel> i think the next council role is well defined and the goals are much focused
17:42:45 <vineel> eom
17:42:50 <pierros> Thanks Vineel! :)
17:43:02 <pierros> That was the end of our set questions
17:43:05 <pierros> #topic Open Floor
17:43:21 <pierros> Please everyone ask any questions you have now by typing "!"
17:43:26 <pierros> thanks aharoni and vineel :)
17:44:18 <pierros> anyone any question?
17:44:41 <leo> :D
17:45:02 <pierros> ok here is a Q from the morning meeting:
17:45:06 <pierros> Council members have many responsibilities. is there any possibility to slice their mentor ship responsibility, so that they might get enough time for their work.
17:45:08 <pierros> aharoni:
17:45:57 <aharoni> Hmm... 24 hours are never enough :)
17:46:51 <aharoni> I just can't think of anything better but have the honesty to say "I'm very busy now, so maybe my mentees should be reassigned to another mentor."
17:46:53 <aharoni> eom
17:47:56 <pierros> thanks aharoni !
17:47:57 <pierros> vineel:
17:49:23 <vineel> mentoring is one thing that i like in the program, it helps give different perspectives. I may not be able to handle like last time but 1 or 2 now and then happy to do it
17:49:37 <vineel> :)
17:49:57 <vineel> eom
17:50:13 <pierros> thanks vineel :)
17:50:18 <pierros> Any other questions?
17:50:22 <pierros> I will be closing the meeting in 1 min
17:50:43 <pierros> Thanks all for attending today's second town hall
17:51:05 <pierros> I will be posting the logs and meeting minutes and ask for those not present to fill out the questions on the pad (that I will populate with the answers given here)
17:51:27 <pierros> We will also follow up with a couple of meetings after the random selection of the new council this Sunday
17:51:35 <williamq> thanks Amir and Vineel
17:51:40 <pierros> which I remind you will be streamed live, so don't; forget to join us
17:51:59 <pierros> Thanks all, and special thanks to aharoni and vineel
17:52:04 <williamq> and thank you Pierros for driving these two townhalls
17:52:07 <Christos> thank you pierros
17:52:29 <leo> woo
17:52:34 <pierros> #endmeeting