14:00:39 <pierros> #startmeeting ReMo Council Appointment
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14:00:50 <pierros> #topic Intro
14:01:37 <williamq> sure i'll transcribe
14:02:14 <williamq> sorry there is a lag
14:03:06 <williamq> Pierros is currently presenting the process to select the 7 new council members
14:03:35 <williamq> the first 3 names who will be picked will be on the council for the next 12 months
14:03:58 <williamq> the other 4 will be on the council for the next 6 months until we hold elections in February
14:04:24 <kinger> clear enough!
14:04:26 <pierros> are we OK to proceed?
14:04:33 <melek> perfectly clear !!
14:04:36 <williamq> we're ready :)
14:04:58 <bobreyes> proceed :D
14:05:19 <cmpahar> only me is getting spikes from pierros?
14:05:38 * williamq is reminding everyone that there is a 20 sec lag
14:06:04 <Ahsan> i would say that this is a historical moment :)
14:06:16 <williamq> all the names of the nominees are on 3 papers
14:06:27 <williamq> pierros will proceed to cutting each name out
14:06:37 <williamq> he will then fold them and put them in a box
14:07:18 <williamq> Ahsan: indeed :)
14:08:06 <williamq> if anything is not clear, please don't hesitate to ask
14:08:30 <williamq> PIerros is finishing to cut the names out
14:08:51 <williamq> all 10 papers are cut now
14:09:02 <williamq> one by one, Pierros will be folding them and putting them inside the box
14:09:37 <kinger> The excitement is building....
14:10:03 <williamq> the suspense is unbearable :)
14:12:06 <williamq> ok all names have been folded
14:12:31 <williamq> Pierros has now closed the box and is shaking it
14:12:31 <bobreyes> the moment of truth! :)
14:12:43 <williamq> he is now opening it and electing the first 3
14:13:00 <williamq> the first 3 are going to be on the council for 12 months
14:13:20 <williamq> first name: Regnard (congrats!)
14:13:20 <Chaasof> ouuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D
14:13:25 <kinger> yay
14:13:39 <williamq> second name: Alex (congrats!)
14:13:45 <kinger> yay
14:13:58 <williamq> third name: Vineel (congrats!)
14:14:04 <kinger> yay
14:14:04 <melek> \o/
14:14:07 <syafiqmazli> Congrats for first 3!
14:14:42 <williamq> so to recap, the first three who have been selected by random draw are: Regnard Raquedan, Alex Wafula and vineel Reddy
14:14:51 <henx> I am only following via IRC but let me say: congrats to the three!!!
14:15:05 <williamq> Pierros is now proceeding to the selection of the 4 remaining names
14:15:25 <williamq> fourth name: Gloria (congrats!)
14:15:50 <williamq> fifth name: FuzzyFox (congrats!)
14:16:03 <williamq> sixth name: Lucy (congrats!)
14:16:28 <williamq> seventh and final name: Rami (congrats!)
14:16:58 <williamq> to recap, these last four names will be on the council for the next 6 months until we run elections
14:17:16 <henx> Again: bravo, bravo, bravo! Congrats!!
14:17:28 <williamq> those who were not selected for this round were: Eusebio, Guillermo and Amir
14:17:28 <melek> congrats for all :))
14:17:30 <kinger> Congratulations to the new council
14:17:36 <Chaasof> bravo for all new council members :)
14:17:36 <bobreyes> Congrats to all selected!
14:17:43 <willyaranda> congrats guys!
14:17:54 <pierros> Congratulations all!
14:18:01 <Ahsan> congrats for all...
14:18:05 <syafiqmazli> Congrats guys!
14:18:08 <melek> kinger : emotion ?? :)
14:18:10 <ienzam> congratz to all :)
14:18:17 <pierros> So our new council is :
14:18:40 <mcompendio> Congrats to the new council!..
14:18:43 <williamq> the new council as it stands today is composed of: Regnard, Alex, Vineel, Gloria, FuzzyFox, Lucy, Rami, Pierros and William
14:18:46 <pierros> Regnard, Alex, Vineel, Gloria, Fuzzy, Lucy and Rami!
14:19:13 <ebarrun> congrats guys!
14:20:13 <williamq> thank you Pierros for conducting this draw
14:20:18 <williamq> and thank you to all nominees
14:20:52 <pierros> :D
14:20:55 <pierros> #endmeeting