16:07:18 <kinger> #startmeeting
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16:07:28 <kinger> Go
16:07:34 <leo> okay, from what I can see, all the questions are now questions
16:08:04 <Nukeador> #action To sum up, mark bold questions on long texts or add the real question at the right if it's not clear what's asking.
16:09:08 * williamq is correcting spelling and grammar
16:10:07 * leo joins williamq in that task
16:11:17 <Nukeador> The Africa ones, I think can be merged later, they are really similar
16:11:51 <hezbucho> true, some of them indeed are similar
16:12:49 <Nukeador> Ok, we have identified the questions inside the text
16:13:19 <Nukeador> Now I think we can slip them on Firefox, Community and others, what do you think?
16:13:56 <williamq> you mean we create "themes" ?
16:14:07 <Nukeador> Maybe Firefox, Strategy, Community and others
16:14:14 <Nukeador> so we can group them
16:14:21 <leo> sounds like a plan
16:14:24 <Nukeador> and see duplicates easily
16:14:26 <williamq> yep
16:14:34 <Nukeador> let me write the categories on the pad
16:15:15 <Nukeador> Ok
16:15:30 <Nukeador> feel free to move questions up to their category
16:18:30 <williamq> hey all, some questions are being cut and not being pasted bacl
16:18:32 <williamq> *back
16:19:00 <Nukeador> For example?
16:19:24 <williamq> ok - sorry it was just pasted back :p
16:19:31 <hezbucho> :-D
16:19:36 <williamq> i was looking at my question about community mobilizers :)
16:20:23 <Nukeador> What i see is that most of my pastes overwrite the color owner
16:20:27 <Nukeador> don't know why+
16:20:37 <Nukeador> Ok
16:20:44 <Nukeador> From the others category
16:20:57 <Nukeador> The first one could be community?
16:21:25 <Nukeador> For the second one we need to reformulate it
16:21:30 <Nukeador> to a real question
16:22:08 <leo> a few questions (like the last one) I think would be best said in one of the sessions
16:22:26 <williamq> yeah first one should be moved to community
16:22:33 <leo> (there's going to be a session about the get involved page, it would be great to raise that there)
16:22:54 <Nukeador> But its important to have them here too
16:22:55 <williamq> i'll reformulate the second one
16:23:06 <Nukeador> Keep in mind that this will be a session for everyone attending
16:23:18 <Nukeador> You can miss a session about X, but not the leadership panel
16:23:20 <Nukeador> ;)
16:24:05 <williamq> actually, i don't really understand the last question in the "Others" category
16:24:10 <leo> Nukeador: my point is that I doubt that 'the leaders' are going to be able to answer a question about the get invovled page as well as david boswell (who's hosting the session on the get involved page)
16:24:43 <Nukeador> leo, the leadership panel will be formed by a very diverse group of mozillians, they will :P
16:24:50 <leo> okay :)
16:25:03 <Nukeador> Do you see a question that's difficult to understand?
16:25:11 <hezbucho> i tried framing that into a question but I too was unable but that "question" was brought forward three times
16:25:37 <Nukeador> If so, please, rewrite it in a sub-bullet point
16:26:03 <hezbucho> as in?
16:26:14 <leo> I think I understand the question
16:26:19 <Nukeador> Without deleting the original one
16:26:27 <Nukeador> I'm going to re-check how many questions we need to stick to
16:27:11 <leo> hrm
16:27:22 <leo> my rewriting of the question doesn't make it much clearer
16:27:24 * leo tries again
16:28:02 <hezbucho> is my attempt better?
16:28:51 <Nukeador> Yes
16:28:58 <Nukeador> The second one is better
16:28:58 <leo> aw
16:29:01 <leo> oh
16:29:03 <leo> that's mine :P
16:29:27 <Nukeador> OK people, now we need to order the questions
16:29:51 <Nukeador> For that, we are going to add a +1 on the questions we think our community is more interested in
16:30:05 <Nukeador> But wait
16:30:35 <Nukeador> Just 4 +1 per category/person
16:30:44 <leo> :o
16:30:49 <Nukeador> Is that clear?
16:30:58 * leo invites all of the uk community into the channel
16:30:59 <leo> :P
16:31:21 <Nukeador> You can choose your 4 favourites per category ;)
16:31:34 <Nukeador> We need to move the last question to community
16:31:46 <leo> Nukeador: can one put all of your +1s on one question? (i.e. my own) :P
16:31:49 <leo> err
16:31:55 <leo> s/your/one's/
16:32:03 <Nukeador> Nope
16:32:10 <Nukeador> just one +1 per question
16:32:32 <Nukeador> Let me add my +1 first to see how it is
16:33:21 <Nukeador> OK I see duplicates
16:33:27 <Nukeador> WE should fix that first
16:33:40 * leo removes his +1s
16:33:47 <hezbucho> Wait, I think we have duplicates on the Firefox category.. Q6 and Q8
16:33:53 <Nukeador> yep
16:34:41 <Nukeador> They are similar
16:34:57 <Nukeador> About older phones for Firefox OS and older phones for Firefox for Android
16:35:15 <Nukeador> But not the same
16:35:37 <Nukeador> The last one on Firefox can be just for Firefox for Android
16:36:22 <Nukeador> ok with the change?
16:36:31 <williamq> yeah
16:36:53 <Nukeador> let see for more duplicates
16:37:12 <hezbucho> but there are plans to target armv6, question is how soon will the final release come out and not the dev versions?
16:37:37 <Nukeador> I assume his wasn't aware of the armv6 plans
16:37:38 <leo> yes
16:37:48 <leo> I think he was
16:37:49 <Nukeador> he*
16:37:55 <leo> just wanting to know when it'd hit release
16:37:58 <Nukeador> then
16:38:10 <leo> and not just nightly (which is already is)
16:38:16 <leo> yup, sounds good
16:38:18 <Nukeador> Added that clarification
16:38:27 <hezbucho> better :-)
16:38:43 <Nukeador> There are two questions about strategy for Africa
16:39:14 <Nukeador> Are there any strategic plans for Mozilla's presence in Africa? → Are there any strategic plans for Mozilla's presence in Africa? Specially on mobile
16:40:16 <hezbucho> I don't think they were similar..
16:40:34 <hezbucho> one sounds like it's asking about Mozilla Spaces and the like
16:40:42 <Nukeador> not that one
16:40:55 <hezbucho> which one?
16:41:02 <Nukeador> The ones about Mozilla's strategy in Africa
16:41:10 <Nukeador> and the next one
16:41:17 <hezbucho> Those two are the ones I meant
16:41:26 <Nukeador> Mobile market strategy in Africa
16:41:42 <Nukeador> I reformulate it in one
16:41:50 <Nukeador> asking about strategy and specially on mobile
16:42:27 <hezbucho> Makes sense if you put it that way, the other one is too general to determine what strategy the person was referring to
16:43:23 <Nukeador> Ok, do you see any duplicates in the community category?
16:44:54 <Nukeador> Ok
16:45:02 <williamq> no i don't see dupicares
16:45:05 <williamq> duplicates
16:45:19 <Nukeador> so now, let put our four +1 per category based on what we think our community thoughts
16:46:25 <williamq> sorry, can you say the question again?
16:46:56 <Nukeador> We have to put four +1s per category/person so we can order the questions
16:47:09 <williamq> ah yes
16:47:10 <williamq> ok
16:51:07 <Nukeador> OK, I'm done with my +1s
16:52:22 <Nukeador> hapztron, williamq , kinger, leo, Chaasof please tell us when you are done
16:52:53 <williamq> ok
16:53:06 <hapztron> ok
16:53:52 <williamq> done
16:53:54 <leo> done
16:54:35 * Chaasof reads
16:54:51 <kinger> done
16:56:08 <hezbucho> can i +1 the same question twice to reflect the weight? :-)
16:56:16 <leo> hezbucho: nope
16:56:20 <Nukeador> nope
16:56:33 <Nukeador> Try to distribute your +1s :P
16:57:21 <hezbucho> picking others feels like a test.. well, let's see then
16:58:18 <kinger> I think we should push for more questions before the weekend
16:58:18 <Nukeador> It's the only way to get more that one question per community, if now you will use all your +1s on your question :P
16:58:42 <Nukeador> kinger, maybe, it seems Kate need the final questions for tomorrow
16:59:11 <kinger> I couldn't choose 4 in each category because I don't feel some are worth bringing up
17:00:12 <Nukeador> kinger, some of them are important to be explained even if we know the answer right now
17:00:25 <Nukeador> for new communities or attendees to mozcamp
17:01:15 <Chaasof> just four 1+s?
17:01:18 <Nukeador> yes
17:01:23 <leo> Chaasof: per section
17:01:29 <Chaasof> ah ok :)
17:01:32 <Nukeador> It's ok if you don't want to use all your +1s
17:02:58 <Nukeador> Are we done?
17:03:02 <Nukeador> we need to finish
17:03:10 <leo> I'm done
17:03:16 <hezbucho> Same here
17:03:31 <Nukeador> I'm going to move to the top to "Final questions" the first 4 from each category with more +1s
17:03:41 <Nukeador> please don't touch the document now
17:03:45 <hezbucho> OK
17:03:48 <leo> Nukeador: what if there's a tie?
17:04:00 <Nukeador> let's see first what we got
17:04:14 <leo> kk
17:05:03 <Nukeador> Let resolve ties later, now I'm going to put the top ones
17:05:53 <Chaasof> hey :p
17:06:43 <leo> FuzzyFox: you missed voting on questions! :O
17:07:11 <leo> maybe
17:07:13 <leo> possibly
17:07:35 <Nukeador> Ok, we need 2 questions more for Firefox
17:08:02 <Nukeador> We have 4 with two +1s
17:08:10 <FuzzyFox> leo: Been working on MozFest stuff
17:08:11 <FuzzyFox> And now I have a mozcamp meeting :P
17:08:18 <leo> FuzzyFox: ah
17:08:36 <leo> in indifferent when it comes to those questions
17:09:05 <Nukeador> People, add another two +1s to the Firefox section under Not-final questions
17:09:19 <Nukeador> we need two questions more from there
17:09:25 <Nukeador> Line 39
17:10:16 <Nukeador> Fro strategy (line 56) add one more +1, we need one more question
17:10:38 <hapztron> I also have mozcamp asia meeting :P
17:10:42 <Nukeador> and for community (line 71) add another one +1, we need one more question
17:12:44 <Nukeador> Done?
17:12:58 <leo> yup
17:13:16 <Nukeador> ok, so
17:13:22 <hapztron> done
17:13:37 <Nukeador> For Firefox we will have the Flash one, and the Firefox OS for older phones
17:14:17 <Chaasof> done for me
17:14:30 <Nukeador> For strategy we have the anti-free-internet-laws
17:14:56 <Nukeador> And for community the one about presentations
17:15:59 <Chaasof> Nukeador: it's ok for all sections ?
17:16:13 <Nukeador> Should be
17:16:19 <leo> \o/
17:16:30 <hezbucho> only four per category?
17:16:36 <Nukeador> In case we need more questions, we can get them from the discarded at the bottom
17:16:40 <Nukeador> 12 in total
17:16:46 <Nukeador> And I'm not sure we'll have time
17:16:53 <Nukeador> I have to ask Kate
17:17:04 <hezbucho> ok
17:17:04 <Nukeador> But yes, 12 is a good number
17:17:22 <Nukeador> Ok, thanks for helping
17:17:33 <Nukeador> See you at mozcamp next weekend :)
17:17:54 <hapztron> who will come to mozcamp asia? :P
17:17:57 <Chaasof> if we will have our visa :D
17:18:29 <williamq> thanks everyone and see you all this weekend!
17:18:39 <leo> c'ya!
17:19:03 <Chaasof> kinger: can you close the meeting ? :)
17:19:09 <hapztron> hmmm maybe see you in mozcamp asia, i'm in singapore now :P
17:29:11 <kinger> #endmeeting