16:06:28 <vineel> #startmeeting
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16:06:48 <vineel> Agenda: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-asia-15oct2012
16:07:15 <vineel> hope you all are looking at the agenda
16:08:09 <vineel> #topic New Mozilla Reps Council
16:08:44 <vineel> like most of you know, the new Mozilla Reps Council was announced this september
16:09:08 <vineel> you can see current  Council members here: https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/group/council/
16:09:22 <vineel> make sure you are signed-in :)
16:10:12 <vineel> if you have any ideas/questions/ concerns about the Mozilla Reps program, the council can be reached at: reps-council@mozilla.com
16:10:35 <vineel> any questions on this topic?
16:10:49 <shafiul> !
16:10:50 <petercpg|dorm> ?
16:11:10 <vineel> yes shafiul
16:11:36 <vineel> please ask
16:11:40 <shafiul> Was just trying to say Hello, but getting error message - your message can not be sent
16:11:50 <shafiul> eof
16:11:56 <vineel> no problem, thanks :)
16:12:06 <vineel> petercpg|dorm
16:12:10 <petercpg|dorm> Is there a Skype / Google Hangout / BBB for the concall? eof.
16:12:30 <vineel> not for this meeting
16:12:32 <nirmal> !
16:12:40 <Debloper> testing
16:12:57 <vineel> we are using just #remo for todays meeting
16:13:04 <vineel> nirmal
16:13:07 <nirmal> Is this meeting just for reps or other can too?eof
16:13:23 <nirmal> *other can join too eof
16:13:39 <vineel> good question, focus is on reps but open to all Mozillians :)
16:14:10 <vineel> okay so moving onto next topic
16:14:13 <vikash> vineel, Hey :-) eof
16:14:25 <vineel> #topic Mentors
16:14:47 <vineel> as of now we have 25 Mentors through-out the program
16:15:12 <vineel> some of you may have noticed, recently mentor re-shuffling happened based on the idea that each mentor should not have more than 10 mentees to better fulfill the purpose of mentoring in a focused way :)
16:15:56 <vineel> this December new mentors will be nominated
16:16:20 <vineel> any questions on this?
16:16:30 <anup> ?
16:16:33 <Belutz> ?
16:16:42 <vineel> anup
16:16:59 <anup> Criteria for Nomination of a mentor eof
16:17:21 <Belutz> same question with anup
16:17:28 <Suresht> ?
16:17:39 <Suresht> oh ok same question here
16:17:43 <vineel> great, to learn more about mentoring, please read: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Mentors
16:17:43 <vikash> vikash, ?
16:17:57 <vineel> vikash
16:19:06 <vineel> any questions?
16:19:17 <vikash> vineel, Some time ago, me and davidwboswell shared some emails. In which he described the mentorship in reps, to which I can contribute. So I wanted to know, apart from the criteria, what all things are observed
16:19:19 <vikash> EOF
16:20:44 <vineel> apart from criteria, i think that mentorship is something the rep is already doing naturally in their region, in Mozilla comunity
16:20:52 <geohacker> o/
16:21:03 <geohacker> sorry, a bit late/
16:21:08 * geohacker looks up the log.
16:21:09 <vineel> np :)
16:21:31 <Belutz> ?
16:21:37 <vineel> Belutz
16:21:59 <Belutz> can we vouch other peer remo to become a mentor?
16:22:57 <vineel> yes all the suggestions can be sent to reps-council@mozilla.com
16:23:58 <vineel> don't feel shy everyone can ask questions :)
16:24:19 <Belutz> ?
16:24:25 <vineel> yes
16:24:35 <recursive> How many mentors will be selected this time?
16:24:57 <Belutz> will there be an open interview for mentor candidates? like in irc, where other peer remo can join and vouch?
16:25:57 <vineel> I do not have information if we have a specific number this time, but I think it will be around 10.
16:26:25 <vineel> Please note that reps Mentors are not region specific, they are choosed on a global basis
16:27:03 <recursive> Is there any plan for elected mentors?
16:27:31 <vineel> recursive: can you explain a bit?
16:27:57 <recursive> I mean election basis mentor selection :-)
16:28:41 <vineel> as of now we do not have that system, but it would be intersting to look into it :)
16:29:20 <vineel> #idea election system for mentors
16:29:40 <Suresht> +1 vineel
16:29:41 <vineel> okay so moving on to next topic
16:29:47 <anup> +1
16:30:09 <vineel> #topic Reps Portal
16:30:11 <ashickur-noor> +1
16:30:25 <maktrix> +1 for idea
16:30:51 <vineel> hope you all are making best use of http://reps.mozilla.org :)
16:31:04 <geohacker> vineel: it's awesome!
16:31:13 <vineel> yes! :)
16:31:15 <recursive> event management is great
16:31:19 <recursive> :-)
16:31:32 <petercpg> +1
16:31:37 <anup> Sign-up counter is Nice :) +1
16:31:48 <vineel> there are some awesome features to look into
16:32:25 <vineel> on that note, take a few minutes to: update your profile by giving a short summary of your involvement with Mozilla & a nice photo. :)
16:32:57 <peppeishaam> ?
16:33:09 <vineel> peppeishaam
16:33:52 <peppeishaam> i want to ask about contributor candidate sign up button at event page : how's mechanism? how we can follow up as an ReMo planner? can we get all sign-up email?
16:34:10 <Suresht> !
16:35:20 <vineel> peppeisham, when a member signup at the get involved form at your event page, for example lets take this:
16:35:41 <peppeishaam> because i think, better to us if we can get all their email adress, can we export it?
16:35:42 <vineel> consider the event: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcamp-asia-2012/
16:36:04 <gauthamraj> It will be nice if we get a notification when some other rep make a comment on our reps profile or report
16:36:27 <ashickur-noor> +1 gauthamraj
16:36:48 <maktrix> !
16:36:50 <naresh_kumar> +1 gautham
16:36:51 <petercpg> ?
16:36:57 <Avash> +1 gauthamraj
16:37:03 <vineel> say we are hosting a booth and a member signs up, the information is logged with the get-involved details that the main website has, but it can be tracked by the region, dat eand time
16:37:17 <peppeishaam> please let vineel answer my qustion first, thanks
16:38:20 <vineel> in the next updates, the reps will be able to download the signup details
16:38:33 <peppeishaam> ?
16:38:35 <Ben> +1
16:38:42 <peppeishaam> when? and how?
16:38:47 <vineel> *website update, but pierros can give more information this
16:39:06 <vineel> I think he got disconnected
16:39:47 <vineel> #action vineel talk to pierros on Signup fuction and update reps
16:39:57 <peppeishaam> because i got 52 contributor candidate sign up from that and now i'm confused how to contact they
16:40:23 <peppeishaam> at past event https://reps.mozilla.org/e/computer-festival-2012-compfest/
16:40:57 <vineel> thanks for bringing this up, will update you as i have more information :) or if pierros joins in between we can ask him :)
16:41:38 <vineel> any questions on the reps portal?
16:41:47 <maktrix> !
16:41:48 <Suresht> vineel: shall we make it as #info or  #action? i mean (update your profile by giving a short summary of your involvement with Mozilla & a nice photo.)
16:42:11 <vineel> maktrix
16:42:22 <peppeishaam> thanks vineel :) looking for pierros answer my question :)
16:42:30 <vineel> :)
16:42:58 <vineel> Suresht it can be action for all of us :)
16:43:10 <petercpg> ? for sign-up function.
16:43:24 <maktrix> Reps Council can consider to initiate - event of the month, likewise mentor of the month.
16:43:32 <maktrix> and the reps portal landing page will have a column with description of the event. So that other reps can learn the experience.
16:43:32 <Suresht> +1
16:43:36 <maktrix> IMHO, all of us don't look inside one's monthly report or don't go through all the events to find the best practice.
16:43:38 <maktrix> eof
16:43:43 <recursive> +1
16:43:54 <vineel> sounds cool!
16:44:12 <ashickur-noor> maktrix: +1
16:44:21 <vineel> #idea proposal for event of the month at reps website
16:44:33 <gauthamraj> I have a suggestion vineel
16:44:44 <Suresht> +1 maktrix sound good.
16:44:45 <vineel> petercpg ?
16:44:50 <priyanka_nag> matrix +1
16:44:55 <petercpg> Does this sign-up function take those who are not reps into consideration?
16:45:14 <vineel> yes
16:45:36 <gauthamraj> It will be nice if we get a notification when some other rep make a comment on our reps profile or report !
16:45:42 <petercpg> ok eof.
16:45:43 <vineel> it will consider as a new signup for every new person signing up
16:45:58 <vineel> gauthamraj
16:46:13 <gauthamraj> It will be nice if we get a notification when some other rep make a comment on our reps profile or report !
16:46:33 <peppeishaam> maktrix: +1
16:47:07 <vineel> did we register that idea above?
16:47:15 <ashickur-noor> nope
16:47:33 <vineel> #idea get notifications for comments at reports at reps website
16:48:06 <vineel> moving on to next topic
16:48:08 <gauthamraj> finally :)
16:48:30 <vineel> #topic Budget Requests
16:49:16 <vineel> to make the best planning of the budget and support the events
16:49:32 <vineel> new budget review process has been started
16:49:32 <recursive> !
16:49:42 <vineel> recursive
16:49:57 <recursive> Paypal is not supported all over
16:50:15 <recursive> Western Union is suppporteds
16:50:22 <recursive> *supported
16:50:27 <recursive> by mozilla
16:50:32 <recursive> but taking much time
16:50:36 <recursive> :-(
16:50:53 <recursive> eof
16:50:55 <vineel> yes, we are looking into other payment options for the regions that paypal is not functional
16:51:16 <vineel> and very soon we may have some good news on that
16:51:24 <recursive> ok
16:52:16 <vineel> and Paypal will be primary payment mode and for other mediums, it would be considered case by case for now
16:52:42 <vineel> The new budget review process include Three Step review process.
16:53:48 <vineel> first when a rep makes a budget request, his mentor will be providing additional information at the bug
16:54:41 <vineel> 2. if the request is okay, it will be put forward to Budget Task Force Team
16:55:25 <vineel> and based on the amount request, the bug will be reviwed by the council
16:55:43 <vineel> any questions on this?
16:55:50 <Ben> ?
16:56:06 <vineel> Ben
16:56:42 <Ben> so, a rep should toll his/her mentor first before request budget?
16:56:45 <Ben> told
16:57:04 <vineel> yes CC'ed to the bug
16:57:44 <recursive> ?
16:57:46 <Ben> oh, ok. next question: about the amount. any limit?
16:58:56 <vineel> As of now if the expenses are clearly listed and budget is solid to take the Mozilla mission forward, it will be considered for review
16:59:42 <Ben> ok.thanks Vineel.
16:59:57 <vineel> recursive
17:00:13 <recursive> Ben just asked my ques :)
17:00:17 <vineel> :)
17:00:26 <Ben> ?
17:00:31 <vineel> Ben
17:00:47 <Ben> any option for "emergency budget request"? :)
17:01:43 <rara> ?
17:02:10 <vineel> as the procedure says atleast few weeks before the event inorder to correctly review, talk with the team and clear any questions that may have. But if its a really good event to participate, it will be considered cas by case
17:03:51 <ashickur-noor> !
17:03:52 <vineel> so if a event is announced last minute, it can be shared with the reps council for review, but like i said it will be considered case by case only :)
17:03:54 <vineel> rara
17:04:17 <Ben> because sometimes I need quick respond for good event that suddently offered to me :)
17:04:30 <Ben> ok
17:04:32 <vineel> right
17:05:14 <rara> thanks
17:05:31 <vineel> rara does this answer your question?
17:06:03 <petercpg> !
17:06:09 <rara> currently now I saw that budget requests have 2 batches of payment. is this permanent for good?
17:06:53 <vineel> rara again for now this is case by case basis
17:07:13 <vineel> petercpg
17:07:17 <petercpg> this might be a little bit off-topic, but was there a message about the progress and status for the task forces, including BTF?
17:07:20 <rara> what I meant is, for the event, sometimes we need to book the venue by giving down payment. :D
17:07:59 <rara> ah i see :) thanks vineel ^_^
17:08:10 <vineel> rara: yes, if you listed in the budget request 'advance payment needed - yes' then it can be approved after the review :)
17:09:12 <vineel> petercpg: status for task forces, hmm i dont remember
17:09:27 <vineel> another thought about the budget is, how about Reps handling 'quarterly' budget for your local commuities?
17:09:41 <vineel> Will it be something helpful ?
17:10:01 <vineel> #idea Reps handling 'quarterly' budget for your local commuities
17:10:04 <petercpg> I think I just saw the message from the debrief for ReMo Camp 2012 and BTF suddenly come out 2 wks ago.  anyway It's okay to me. eof.
17:10:16 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:11:07 <recursive> +1
17:11:11 <petercpg> ? for 'quarterly'
17:11:12 <vineel> petercpg: okay ! so there are different task forces say for like swag, budget, It requests
17:11:33 <vineel> petercpg
17:12:04 <vineel> or will it be something bad?
17:12:25 <vineel> What do you think?
17:12:38 <Ben> ?
17:12:42 <vineel> Ben
17:12:53 <petercpg> Does this mean we should file the swag/budget bug before the quarter of the Event will be hold?
17:13:15 <Ben> can you explain more about that? Any limit of the amount for that?
17:13:47 <vineel> the idea is, each  local community may be approved a budget for say like 3-4 months
17:14:27 <vineel> and its upto community to plan, use the budget whenever needed with in that period
17:14:40 <maktrix> +1
17:14:54 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:15:14 <sarjono> +1
17:15:22 <rara> +1
17:15:23 <sarjono> !
17:15:25 <petercpg> +1
17:15:35 <Ben> hmm
17:15:41 <Suresht> +1 and it should have well pre plan eof.
17:15:41 <anup> +1
17:15:49 <Faisalaziz> +1
17:16:09 <yofiesetiawan> +1
17:16:33 <ashickur-noor> ?
17:16:46 <vineel> ashickur-noor
17:17:11 <ashickur-noor> Can we do the same process for swag?
17:17:27 <vineel> good question :)
17:17:56 <vineel> #idea Reps handling 'quarterly' swag for local commuities
17:18:41 <sarjono> ?
17:18:48 <vineel> sarjono
17:19:05 <sarjono> I think its important to "define" who's gonna keep this budget, or maybe others mechanism to keep this budget
17:20:05 <Ben> !
17:20:20 <sarjono> And we need mechanism how to report this budget usage
17:20:32 <vineel> yes, this is still in the idea stage but as we consider to move in this direction we'll have proper SOP and guidelines, but till then your feedback is important on how this will impact locally
17:20:49 <vineel> Ben
17:21:00 <Ben> handling 'quarterly' swag is easier than budget. Budget is more sensitive. What about if we started from swag? :)
17:21:26 <vineel> i see
17:21:29 <vineel> :)
17:22:00 <shafiul> !
17:22:07 <vineel> we'll put thisideas in reps-genral mailing list and continue the discusiion there
17:22:13 <vineel> shafiul
17:22:43 <shafiul> Due to electricity problem, I was disconnected... is there a way I get a log of the conversation? :( eof
17:22:50 <vineel> in between, lets check the etherpad
17:23:02 <vineel> no problem meeting notes will be shared
17:23:11 <vineel> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-asia-15oct2012
17:23:53 <vineel> #topic feedback on Mozilla reps program
17:24:19 <recursive> !
17:24:45 <vineel> please go to etherpad and answer the questions :)
17:24:52 <vineel> recursive
17:25:06 <recursive> There is some misconseption
17:25:13 <recursive> about reps program
17:25:19 <recursive> some person think
17:25:26 <recursive> only reps are volunteer
17:25:40 <recursive> this prob;em should be solved
17:25:42 <recursive> eof
17:26:29 <vineel> that is an important point that you raised and we'll cover that as part of the agenda
17:27:25 <vineel> we have to work on our statement. Recently i have read this "Mozilla Reps program is not a community recognition program, Its a community engagement program"
17:27:43 <vineel> we are here to support our local communities
17:28:01 <vineel> getting back to the agenda:
17:28:24 <ebarrun> +1
17:28:37 <peppeishaam> Ben +1
17:29:00 <vineel> 1. What is working with Mozilla Reps program
17:29:47 <vineel> what is that you like most about the program :)
17:30:14 <vineel> please answer at etherpad
17:31:20 <Faisalaziz> ?
17:32:02 <vineel> Faisalaziz
17:32:04 <Faisalaziz> i think all rep should get some ID or Hard doc ,that can be used by them for event permissions and other official work. We reps dont have any physical proof that we are ReMO.,only some of us got Recognition letters..
17:32:34 <recursive> +1
17:32:36 <Belutz> +1 Faisalaziz
17:32:53 <gauthamraj> +1
17:33:01 <Faisalaziz> we exist online only
17:33:15 <Faisalaziz> but as in india they need things on paper
17:33:27 <Faisalaziz> so this is a matter of concern
17:33:29 <Faisalaziz> eof
17:33:35 <vineel> okay
17:33:36 <shafiul> +1
17:34:23 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:34:32 <anup> +1
17:34:47 <sarjono> +1
17:34:57 <vineel> how about when the rep is 'accepted', the mentor send a formal email, it can be sent as a pdf letter or something of that sort
17:35:14 <sarjono> !
17:35:25 <ashickur-noor> !
17:35:34 <vineel> feel free to raise any concerns you have. it will help us improve the program accordingly :)
17:35:43 <vineel> sarjono
17:35:49 <Faisalaziz> !
17:36:40 <sarjono> I think MozReps Card can show more info about Reps, some links or QR to identify or authorize Reps Identity on Mozilla sites
17:37:11 <vineel> okay
17:37:33 <vineel> have you got a chance to see http://cards.mozillareps.org/
17:37:47 <sarjono> Yes i do
17:38:01 <vineel> i think it may have more customizable options in the coming days
17:38:44 <sarjono> +1
17:38:58 <vineel> Hey all i think its late for most of you!
17:39:21 <vineel> we'll continue the discussion at the mailing list
17:39:35 <Faisalaziz> ?
17:39:41 <vineel> when you get time please fill the feedback at the etherpad
17:39:44 <shafiul> !
17:39:48 <vineel> faisalaziz
17:39:52 <Faisalaziz> for being "accepted" means a rep have to do two or more events,for this he might need some sort of proof...so i think giving Icard with Welcome kit will be much better
17:39:53 <vineel> shafiul
17:40:11 <shafiul> Getting 404 error on: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcaremomp-asia-2012/
17:40:14 <shafiul> eof
17:40:18 <Faisalaziz> eof
17:41:05 <vineel> https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcamp-asia-2012/ try now
17:41:14 <shafiul> +1
17:41:53 <vineel> do you have anything to discuss?
17:42:12 <Suresht> vineel: not from me.
17:42:12 <rara> ?
17:42:20 <Ben> ?
17:42:23 <vineel> between, should we have these meetings monthly ?
17:42:26 <vineel> rara
17:42:38 <recursive> +1 with vineel
17:42:39 <Suresht> vineel: +1
17:42:42 <rara> what is the criteria for reps approval? :D
17:42:45 <Faisalaziz> +1 vineel
17:42:46 <ashickur-noor> +1 for monthly meeting
17:43:13 <vineel> rara https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring :)
17:43:25 <rara> umm
17:43:25 <shafiul> +1 for monthly meetings too
17:43:43 <finan> +1 for monthly meeting
17:43:49 <vineel> does this time okay for you all 4.00 PM UTC 15th of each month?
17:43:56 <vineel> or decide on a new one?
17:43:56 <ashickur-noor> !
17:44:05 <vineel> Ben
17:44:12 <shafiul> !
17:44:15 <Suresht> vineel: sound good for me.
17:44:26 <Ben> What about ReMo Camp for all ReMos? Not only mentors/councils. To empower every ReMos
17:44:27 <recursive> +1 for time
17:44:48 <anup> +1 for me
17:44:50 <nirmal> +1 for the time
17:44:57 <vineel> Ben that would be awesome! :)
17:45:16 <vineel> #idea ReMo Camp for all the ReMo's
17:45:36 <ashickur-noor> +1 for ReMo Camp
17:45:41 <shafiul> 4 PM UTC is good time, not sure about the date... it can be fixed by discussion I think
17:45:44 <Ben> :)
17:45:45 <rara> +1K dor ReMo Camp
17:46:03 <maktrix> !
17:46:11 <peppeishaam> vineel good +1
17:46:16 <shafiul> +1 for ReMo camp for all ReMo's
17:46:20 <vineel> maktrix
17:46:23 <maktrix> let us have 1 hour fixed for meeting duration.
17:46:24 <maktrix> eof
17:46:33 <finan> Vineel +1
17:46:44 <ashickur-noor> +1 maktrix
17:47:00 <Avash> +1 maktrix
17:47:00 <recursive> +1
17:47:01 <vineel> yes, that will be taken into consideration and as this is our first meeting it went long :)
17:47:43 <ebarrun> +1
17:47:51 <vineel> once we have the habit of monthly meetings the agenda will be shortened and simple
17:48:10 <vineel> anything else to discuss ?
17:48:20 <peppeishaam> nothing for me
17:48:25 <maktrix> leftover agenda can be discussed in next meetings.
17:48:31 <vineel> and please leave your feedback at etherapd
17:48:51 <rara> okay ^_^
17:48:58 <vineel> :)
17:48:58 <rara> thanks vineel :)
17:49:15 <vineel> Thank you all! It was amazing talking to you :D
17:49:22 <Suresht> thanks vineel and all from asia :)
17:49:23 <vineel> thanks rara
17:49:58 <yofiesetiawan> thanks vineel!
17:50:03 * maktrix says good night from Bangladesh.
17:50:04 <sarjono> Thanks All
17:50:13 <Ben> Thanks
17:50:19 <Ben> see u at MozCamp Asia
17:50:20 <vineel> thanks yofiesetiawan
17:50:23 <shafiul> Good night :)
17:50:36 <vineel> can't wait to see most of you at MozCamp :)
17:50:37 <peppeishaam> yhanks vineel, thanks all!
17:50:41 <bansaj> Good night everyone
17:50:47 <jemmynovy> thanks all :)
17:50:47 <ashickur-noor> I will miss
17:50:47 <peppeishaam> see you!
17:50:48 <ashickur-noor> :'(
17:50:57 <vineel> goodnight maktrix, thanks for joining
17:51:10 <finan> Good night!
17:52:08 <petercpg> Good night guys. :)
17:52:09 <recursive> Smile for vinnel's last comment :-)
17:53:08 <Avash> GN :)
17:53:17 <vineel> good night and bye for now :)
17:53:28 <vikingkarwur> bye
17:55:00 <vineel> #endofmeeting
17:55:34 <vineel> #endmeeting