14:04:00 <kinger> #startmeeting
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14:04:05 <kinger> SO welcome everyone
14:04:21 <kinger> It has been a while since we had an EMEA regional meeting
14:04:32 <kinger> Asia and LATAM beat us this time
14:04:41 <kinger> These will be more regular moving forward
14:04:50 <kinger> Once a month
14:05:00 <kinger> #topic Reps program update
14:05:10 <kinger> Over to williamq to kick this off
14:05:16 <williamq> good afternoon everyone!
14:05:23 <williamq> just two quick updates
14:05:33 <williamq> 1) Mentors re-shuffle
14:05:45 * pierros can chime in on that
14:05:51 <williamq> please do
14:06:19 <pierros> so re-shuffle is complete as a process and all mentors are in second phase of getting to know their new mentees
14:06:41 <pierros> please make sure that you get in touch with your mentee/mentor and catch up for your next activities
14:07:03 <pierros> remember that as your new mentors they are your primary contact for all things you want help with
14:07:16 <pierros> (cc'ing them to Budget requests too! :) )
14:07:57 <pierros> Finally, in case you want to change mentor or there was an error in reshuffling please contact me
14:08:01 <pierros> eof :)
14:08:05 <williamq> ok thanks Pierros
14:08:09 <williamq> and just for a bit of background
14:08:29 <williamq> the reason we re-shuffled is because we realised that many Mentors we're managing way too many mentees
14:08:37 <williamq> while others did not have that many
14:08:53 <williamq> so now it's distributed much more equally and also more aligned by region
14:09:03 <williamq> now, moving on to another update
14:09:13 <kinger> one sec williamq
14:09:26 <kinger> ANy questions about the reshuffle from anyone?
14:09:50 <kinger> ok moving on
14:10:08 <williamq> so as pierros mentioned, we have an an updated budget request process
14:10:34 <williamq> please make sure to add your mentor to your bug when filing a budget request
14:10:45 <williamq> make sure to follow the procedure described in the SOP
14:11:01 <williamq> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Budget
14:11:15 <williamq> more specifically, it's described here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Budget#Three-phased_Screening.2FSelection.2FApproval_Process
14:11:28 <williamq> now, moving on to the last program update
14:11:48 <williamq> the Mozilla Reps Council is planning its next work week scheduled for December
14:11:59 <williamq> all member of the council will meet to work on 2013 planning
14:12:14 <williamq> as always, the meeting will be streamed live so everyone can follow and chime in
14:12:26 <williamq> stay tuned for more details on that shortly
14:12:36 <williamq> that's it for ReMo program updates
14:12:39 <henx> ?
14:12:41 <Ziggy_Maes> ?
14:12:51 <henx> where will the Reps Council meeting be? Berlin?
14:12:55 <kinger> henx : please ask
14:13:13 <williamq> the council work week will either be in Toronto, London or Athens
14:13:19 <williamq> we still need to figure that out
14:13:28 <AhmedSoliman> ?
14:13:30 <henx> thanks for the answer. eof.
14:13:35 <kinger> Ziggy_Maes : please ask
14:14:09 <Ziggy_Maes> Thanks. Two questions, it seems like I missed the entire shuffle thingy. So did all reps get new mentors or just new reps?
14:14:37 <kinger> Not all reps got new mentors
14:15:04 <Ziggy_Maes> So I guess those who did got notified?
14:15:10 <kinger> Mostly, only the mentors that had too many passed some of their reps to other mentors
14:15:17 <kinger> Correct
14:15:39 <kinger> But if you are unsure, make sure to contact your mentor
14:16:10 <Ziggy_Maes> I see, which brings me to my other questions related to mentors and budget requests. Should we add mentors to existing (and past for that matter) budget requests? Is it to keep them in the loop, or just for metrics?
14:16:34 <kinger> No, only new requests
14:17:01 <kinger> AhmedSoliman : please ask
14:17:03 <AhmedSoliman> Where can I find a list of the current Council members? (I tried searching the wiki)
14:17:30 <Benoit> ?
14:18:00 <AhmedSoliman> is this the right list? https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Provisional_Council
14:18:13 <williamq> no, we need to update that
14:18:31 <williamq> the list of council member was shared on reps-general
14:18:48 <williamq> I will update that wiki page now
14:18:56 <AhmedSoliman> Ok, Thanks. | eof
14:19:04 <kinger> any other questions on these topics?
14:19:19 <kinger> Next up: quick announcement
14:19:19 <Benoit> ?
14:19:29 <kinger> Benoit : sorry, please ask
14:19:34 <Benoit> np :)
14:20:26 <Benoit> I see on the Budget Request SOP that "It is currently not possible to make payment via bank transfer. ", will it evolve in the future? I'm not very comfortable with managing bigs amounts of money through PayPal
14:20:36 <williamq> great question
14:20:48 <williamq> so, as it stands today, we can only make payments via paypal
14:21:06 <williamq> in the future though, we will be able to make Western Union payments as well (which is great)
14:21:09 <williamq> as for bank transfers
14:21:13 <williamq> it will also be possible
14:21:21 <williamq> but only in exceptional cases
14:21:27 <williamq> as they take about 3 to 4 weeks to process
14:21:54 <AhmedSoliman> +1
14:22:01 <Benoit> is that because we have no bank account in Europe?
14:22:30 <williamq> well it's because all payments need to be made by our accounting departement in the US
14:22:39 <williamq> using our US bank account
14:23:07 <Benoit> ok thanks :) eof
14:23:12 <kinger> thanks
14:23:22 <kinger> SO a quick announcement
14:23:42 <kinger> There is a new European Community Manager for Mozilla
14:23:51 <kinger> And that is yours truly :)
14:24:10 <kinger> This week is my first week
14:24:12 <williamq> that's amazing news Brian!!!
14:24:15 <williamq> congratulations!!
14:24:20 <fredy> +1
14:24:22 <Ziggy_Maes> +1
14:24:23 <pierros> welcome dude :)
14:24:24 <Benoit> +1
14:24:25 <henx> congrats Brian!!
14:24:30 <kinger> thanks
14:24:34 <Bacharakis2> +1 congrats
14:24:41 <kinger> So I'll have a lot of duties in this role
14:24:55 <kinger> And some of them will overlap with Mozilla Reps
14:24:58 <AhmedSoliman> +1 Congrats.
14:25:08 <kinger> working closely with williamq and pierros
14:25:17 <Niko> Congrats!
14:25:42 <kinger> And in general making sure European communities run smoothly and move to the next level of participation
14:25:59 <kinger> If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me
14:26:09 <willyaranda> \o/ brian!
14:26:13 <kinger> I'll blog about this before weeks end
14:26:45 <kinger> ok next up
14:27:06 <kinger> I've been thrown in at the deep end this week, at an engagement team work week
14:27:16 <kinger> williamq will say more about this
14:27:21 <williamq> sure
14:27:47 <williamq> so this week, Mozilla's Engagement team is meeting outside of San Francisco to plan for 2013
14:28:33 <williamq> we're having brainstorms, presentations and workshops to define roles and responsibilities across the Engagement team, that encompasses, Brand Engagement, Communications, Community Engagement and Product Marketing, and Developer Engagement
14:28:40 <williamq> we're about 80 people
14:29:01 <williamq> and several volunteers (including Reps) have been invited to join
14:29:25 <henx> ?
14:29:33 <williamq> we'll update you shortly after the meeting with next steps
14:29:43 <kinger> henx : please ask
14:29:48 <henx> who are the people attending work week is there a list? ot at least a list of the Reps attending?
14:30:27 <williamq> Kensie, Guillermo, Berni and Fredy represent ReMo at the meeting
14:30:41 <williamq> Carlo Frinolli and Benny Chandra were supposed to attend but had to cancel
14:31:04 <henx> thank you. eof.
14:31:14 <kinger> ok moving on
14:31:48 <kinger> oops
14:32:37 <kinger> #topic webdev update
14:32:52 <pierros> so on webdev front we have great news!
14:33:19 <pierros> For over a month now development of the portal is halted as Giorgos (our webdev) was needed in mozillians.org
14:34:05 <pierros> but now that things are looking good there and they are getting new devs,
14:34:18 <pierros> it is looking like we are going to have Giorgos back soon to work on 0.3.5
14:34:28 <pierros> and next versions of Mozilla Reps portal
14:34:32 <pierros> eom
14:34:56 <henx> +1 great news! Remos love Giorgos!
14:35:09 <kinger> Any questions?
14:35:14 <AhmedSoliman> ?
14:35:26 <kinger> AhmedSoliman : please ask
14:35:31 <AhmedSoliman> Is there any possibility to help in the development of the portal?
14:35:42 <AhmedSoliman> I'm interested.
14:35:48 <kinger> yes!
14:35:54 <kinger> we'd love your help
14:35:58 <pierros> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/webdev-opportunities
14:36:07 <givanica> ?
14:36:14 <AhmedSoliman> I'll check this out. Thanks | eof
14:36:22 <kinger> givanica : please ask
14:36:39 <givanica> related to the number of people that are attending an event. I thinks there should be more values. Not just 1-10 , 11-50
14:37:11 <kinger> ok, why do you think so?
14:37:38 <givanica> the numbers are jumping to much from one point to another
14:38:05 <givanica> we can't choose 15, and we have to say there will be like 50
14:38:31 <kinger> true, but we are not looking for exact numbers
14:39:11 <kinger> And extra comments can be made in the event form
14:39:22 <givanica> ok
14:39:33 <kinger> I suggest filing a bug if you feel strong about this
14:39:40 <kinger> And we will discuss it there
14:39:54 <givanica> thanks.
14:39:56 <givanica> eof
14:39:57 <kinger> ok moving on….
14:40:12 <kinger> #topic Regional Highlights
14:40:32 <kinger> This is open to everyone to share things
14:40:36 <williamq> !
14:40:56 <williamq> Reps will be representing Mozilla at EBE 2012
14:40:58 <williamq> http://eventoblog.com/
14:41:13 <williamq> this is a major event bringing together more than 3,000 bloggers from all over Spain
14:41:21 <williamq> Mitchell Baker will be keynoting
14:41:44 <williamq> willyaranda: anything to add?
14:41:53 <pierros> https://reps.mozilla.org/e/ebe-2012-evento-blog-espana/
14:42:33 <willyaranda> sorry
14:42:33 <Ziggy_Maes> !
14:42:37 <willyaranda> I was away
14:42:46 <willyaranda> We will have a booth
14:43:08 <willyaranda> and a workshop about B2G, with *several* devices
14:43:42 <williamq> very cool
14:43:44 <willyaranda> the keynote is about 45 min, and the workshop is last of the day, so we can stay longer (scheduled 40 minutes), 4 reps there
14:44:19 <williamq> Ziggy_Maes: please chime in
14:44:29 <willyaranda> not much too add, francjp is on charge | eom
14:45:08 <Ziggy_Maes> Thanks! So ever since Mozcamp last month the Belgian and Dutch (NL) community have been talking about a joint-op between our two communities to increase the efficiency of us contributing to Mozilla. For now, this will mainly be attending events.
14:45:22 <williamq> that's great to hear
14:45:29 <williamq> i think it makes a lot of sense
14:46:26 <Ziggy_Maes> Yeah, it's really great. We've had our first meeting shortly after Mozcamp, and will get more into detail during our next meeting which is coming up.
14:46:48 <Ziggy_Maes> If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send you some links.
14:46:48 <kinger> This could be a model for other communities merging
14:46:52 <kinger> if it makes sense
14:47:01 <Benoit> we already are attending many events in France, so it doesn't hurt going north as well :)
14:47:30 <williamq> absolutely
14:47:36 <Niko> +1
14:48:02 <Ziggy_Maes> Personally, I think that just because there's a border we shouldn't limit the work we do with the people at the other side.
14:48:24 <kinger> Any other updates from anyone?
14:48:32 <Benoit> !
14:48:45 <kinger> Benoit : go
14:49:31 <iZeko> !
14:49:32 <Benoit> well, not really an update, more like a lack of update :) -- but if any of you want to help with Fosdem 2013 please let me know
14:50:04 <AhmedSoliman> !
14:50:22 <kinger> Benoit : anything pressing now, or do you mean closer to the event?
14:50:45 <kinger> I'll be helping for sure, but more community involvement is always welcome
14:51:00 <Benoit> I think we should try to set up some kind of commitee this time, but I'm not really sure about the specifics yet
14:51:21 <Benoit> I liked the way it was done for mozcamp
14:51:31 <kinger> good idea
14:51:44 <williamq> Benoit: yes, i think we need to have specific reps managing specific aspects of the organizaiton
14:52:02 <williamq> for example, we should have someoene assigned to hotel booking, someone to travel, someone for the booth, someone for the schedule etc...
14:53:05 <AhmedSoliman> +1
14:53:19 <kinger> #topic One Mozilla Style Guide
14:53:26 <Benoit> yes, that's why I woudl need to know who would be interested in any of this
14:53:32 <AhmedSoliman> !
14:53:39 <kinger> So, you probably saw the announcement about this
14:53:53 <kinger> AhmedSoliman : yes
14:54:00 <AhmedSoliman> Mozilla Egypt community is trying to launch a big event in Bibliotheca Alxandria, this might take sometime to be ready but we are now going through the logistics. There are plans to invite some hardcore people from mozilla to boost the quality of the content and help in the marketing buzz for mozilla in Egypt.
14:54:20 <AhmedSoliman> that's the updates from my side
14:54:22 <AhmedSoliman> eof
14:54:30 <kinger> great
14:54:40 <kinger> looking forward to hearing more about this
14:55:07 <kinger> SO about the style guide — http://www.mozilla.org/styleguide/
14:55:28 <kinger> Read, and use it as much as possible when you need such assets
14:55:52 <williamq> yes, please leverage it as much as possible
14:55:53 <kinger> As official reps, we need to make sure we are using the right branding in things we do
14:56:17 <williamq> while at the same time customizing it to suit our local needs
14:56:46 <kinger> yes
14:57:33 <williamq> as kinger said, it's realy important to stick to the style guidelines
14:57:49 <williamq> if you're not sure, do not hesitate to contact your mentor
14:58:10 <kinger> well we have reached the hour … right on time
14:58:20 <kinger> any urgent questions before we wrap up?
14:58:27 <iZeko> !
14:58:36 <kinger> iZeko : yes
14:59:01 <iZeko> @williamq I was trying to get in touch with you, but no answers
14:59:04 <iZeko> anyway
14:59:21 <iZeko> i'm doing wordpress sandstone blog theme
14:59:29 <iZeko> it should be ready soon
14:59:40 <iZeko> @kinger remember my first idea
14:59:45 <pierros> leo_: ping
14:59:46 <pierros> ^
14:59:47 <williamq> iZeko: can you resend me your email?
15:00:02 <iZeko> so maybe in 10 days it will be done
15:00:19 <iZeko> you can take a look html version http://zecic.org
15:00:33 <iZeko> @williamq I will resend you email now
15:00:39 <iZeko> eof
15:01:07 <kinger> iZeko : as I said last week, public channels are good to ask such questions
15:01:13 <williamq> iZeko: i think you only tried to skype me - much better to email me, i don't use skype much
15:01:27 <iZeko> ok :)
15:01:40 <kinger> ok thanks everyone for coming
15:02:05 <williamq> thanks kinger
15:02:07 <williamq> and thanks everyone!
15:02:08 <kinger> We'll talk again in a month, and in the meantime contact your mentor if you need anything
15:02:16 <kinger> #endmeeting