23:01:34 <regnard> #startmeeting
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23:01:47 <regnard> all right everyong
23:02:05 <regnard> from the looks of the reps here, it will be a short meeting
23:02:24 <regnard> Please find the agenda here: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-17102012
23:02:55 <regnard> It would be a good idea to have yourself listed as an attendee :)
23:04:02 <regnard> Today's meeting is divided into two parts: an update on ReMo and getting your feedback about the Mozilla Reps program
23:04:13 <regnard> #topic ReMo Updates
23:04:41 <regnard> In the last couple of months, there has been two major updates
23:04:53 <regnard> First is the mentor/mentee re-shuffling
23:05:21 <regnard> You may have seen a new mentor in your profile page in the Reps Portal
23:05:43 <regnard> The idea is to balance out the number of mentees to a mentor
23:06:15 <regnard> and to give the mentor a better chance to do more mentoring
23:06:36 <regnard> to wit: there were a few mentors that had more than 10 mentees under their wing
23:07:14 <regnard> while this is manageable still, it's hard for mentees to get adequate attention
23:08:02 <regnard> another rationale is to get assigned to a mentor nearer to your timezone
23:08:46 <regnard> the idea is for a mentor that has good familiarity with the Rep's locale
23:09:05 <Tanner_> Are people just assigned to a new mentor, or are they asked if they'd be willing to switch first?
23:09:12 <regnard> The re-shuffling is still ongoing, as far as I know
23:09:49 <regnard> This may also be a good time to state your preferences for your mentor
23:09:53 <regnard> while things are in flux
23:10:19 <adh> !
23:10:30 <adh> Would this be a good time to get a mentor or wait until after?
23:10:33 <adh> eof
23:10:49 <regnard> Now is a good time
23:11:00 <regnard> but things are not guaranteed
23:11:16 <regnard> especially if the mentor you like has more than 10 mentees already
23:11:54 <regnard> any questions so far?
23:12:03 <emmairwin> !
23:12:12 <regnard> yes emmairwin?
23:12:15 <emmairwin> following along - I like my mentor - no questions so far
23:12:19 <emmairwin> :) eof
23:13:20 <regnard> that' great. I personally would like to see more mentor-mentee interaction, as mentees would be future mentors themselves
23:13:59 <regnard> So don't hesitate to request some time from your mentor
23:14:40 <regnard> Any more questions before we go to the next Remo update?
23:14:58 <regnard> ok
23:15:13 <regnard> the next main update pertains to the budget
23:15:37 <regnard> There are new steps in the budget SOPs
23:15:55 <regnard> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Budget
23:16:37 <regnard> The rationale behind this is adding a better layer of transparency and accountability in the budget request process
23:17:04 <regnard> A new item you'll see in the SOP is the Budget Task Force
23:17:07 <regnard> or BTF
23:17:45 <regnard> In a nutshell, the BTF is an additional layer of review for approving budgets that are under a certain threshold
23:18:22 <regnard> The details can be found in the SOP page
23:19:02 <regnard> But as a Rep, it affects you directly, especially for event budget requests
23:19:31 <regnard> The SOP page looks daunting
23:19:43 <regnard> and even bureaucratic
23:20:14 <regnard> but the intention is to be comprehensive
23:20:18 <Tanner_> ?
23:20:22 <regnard> especially in the amounts
23:20:24 <bkerensa> hmm
23:20:31 <regnard> Yes tanner?
23:20:34 <Tanner_> Perhaps I missed over it, but this is reimbursement, not pre-paying, correct?
23:21:16 <regnard> Generally, it is via reimbursement
23:21:24 <Tanner_> Okay.
23:21:46 <regnard> But there have been a few instances where the funds were provided beforehand. These are quite rare
23:22:05 <regnard> When in doubt, it's good to ask your mentor or any council member via mailing list
23:22:30 <altin> hi all, I'm sorry, I really couldn't make it on time !
23:22:38 <Tanner_> But you should request a budget before you start spending money?
23:22:48 <regnard> @tanner: yes
23:22:52 <Tanner_> alright
23:22:54 <altin> is the meeting still going on !?
23:22:57 <regnard> That would be ideal
23:23:02 <regnard> Yes, the meeting is on
23:23:04 <bkerensa> Tanner_: likely thats a good idea because if you are not approved there is no guarantee you will be re-imbursed
23:23:15 <Tanner_> eof
23:23:17 <regnard> Since this is a very thorny topic
23:23:29 <bkerensa> notably reimbursements take awhile so do not expect it overnight even if approved it could takes days or weeks after the event
23:23:34 <regnard> i'm opening the floor for free questions, suspending protocol
23:24:11 <regnard> @bkerensa: yes, that is correct
23:24:14 <altin> Can I present myself and give some updates on whats going on in Kentucky !?
23:24:32 <regnard> @altin, yes, after the agenda items
23:24:40 <altin> ok regnard
23:25:09 <regnard> while on the subject of budget, there has been some discussion about the threshold amount
23:25:20 <regnard> right now it's at USD500
23:25:44 <bkerensa> Notably I am noticing a lot of budget requests through Bugzilla and there are lots of opportunities to do events with little or no cost
23:25:49 <regnard> but there has been some discussions of having some adjustments based on the currency's purchasing power
23:25:54 <bkerensa> potlucks is one of them another is seeking local sponsors
23:26:08 <bkerensa> the current rate of budget requests imho seems unsustainable
23:26:13 <Tanner_> regnard: $500 is the minimum to request reimbursement?
23:26:22 <bkerensa> I believe it is the max
23:26:30 <regnard> nope, it's for the BTF approval
23:26:33 <bkerensa> ah
23:26:41 <bkerensa> so $500 and up is BTF?
23:26:51 <regnard> you can request for $5000 or more
23:27:01 <regnard> but it has to be approved by the council
23:27:07 <regnard> and the BTF before that
23:27:37 <regnard> Say, you have a Webmaker event and you will create a Hack Day for 1,000 people
23:27:53 <regnard> Nothing is stopping you from filing a budget request
23:28:01 <Tanner_> Who does the BTF consist of?
23:28:27 <regnard> But I recommend putting the necessary info and metrics, and justifications
23:28:59 <emmairwin> !
23:29:09 <regnard> I'm not sure who the exact members are, but there are ReMo council members in place
23:29:12 <regnard> yes emma?
23:30:02 <emmairwin> I've run my events so far (not as big as 1000) but purely on sponsorship requests, donations of space and time.  I've done a lot of fundraising in my non-mozilla time.  is there any desire to better teach reps to solicit their communities prior to budget request
23:30:03 <emmairwin> s
23:30:06 <emmairwin> ?
23:30:18 <regnard> That is a VERY GOOD question
23:30:34 <regnard> The budget request procedure is in the SOPs
23:30:50 <regnard> But from what I've seen, most request do not have the right/complete info
23:31:39 <bkerensa> emmairwin: thats great :) I see most of the big money requests are coming from outside of North America although ultimately and some point some of the Reps in NA are going to need to tap some funds because NA needs bug Moz events too (opportunities for engagement)
23:31:43 <regnard> I can take that as a feedback on better information on how to write requests
23:31:52 <emmairwin> I'll add that by involving local community / volunteers sponsorships etc first, we are also better spreading the message
23:32:06 <emmairwin> that's true we do
23:32:22 <bkerensa> I want to add that Paypal payments is not the greatest it would be nice to see this expanded some.
23:32:33 <regnard> #action Raise to council about writing budget requests
23:33:38 <Tanner_> I agree with what bkerensa said.
23:33:57 <bkerensa> Paypal automatically reports to the IRS certain payment levels every year
23:34:01 <Tanner_> PayPal is notoriously awful with some things
23:34:04 <bkerensa> this obviously complicates things for reps
23:34:07 <bkerensa> also they take fees
23:34:11 <regnard> The principle is that if you need financial support to further the Mozilla mission and the Reps program, there should be some financial assistance
23:34:31 <bkerensa> so not only are we going to get taxed individually for budgets
23:34:34 <Tanner_> Maybe look into using Dwolla? New startup, lower fees, based in North America (Iowa, in fact.)
23:34:39 <bkerensa> or even a check
23:34:42 <bkerensa> or money order
23:34:59 <Tanner_> yeah, checks are nice too.
23:35:04 <regnard> Are you having problems (technical, at least) with PayPal?
23:35:41 <bkerensa> regnard: the problem is legality, taxes etc
23:35:51 <bkerensa> heck when swag came from the UK
23:35:58 <bkerensa> I had to provide my tax info to U.S. Customs
23:36:07 <regnard> OK, I'll take that feedback
23:36:08 <Tanner_> bkerensa: Really? I didn't have to do that...
23:36:11 <bkerensa> yeah
23:36:16 <bkerensa> UPS said Customs needed it
23:36:17 <bkerensa> :s
23:36:26 <regnard> #idea Payment methods other than PayPal
23:37:12 <regnard> OK, any other concerns with budget items?
23:37:16 <bkerensa> regnard: can we also add an idea for SOP for Tax Liability on Swag and Budgets and assigning that to a Mozilla or Moz Foundation Tax ID to reduce any tax burden?
23:38:20 <regnard> @bkerensa, can you elaborate on that?
23:38:37 <regnard> you're not making any donations to the Mozilla Foundation
23:38:51 <regnard> how can you get tax relief?
23:38:52 <Tanner_> regnard: but that does count as income, I believe
23:39:22 <Tanner_> $2500 or whatever could bump a person up a tax bracket, when in reality they're not making any more money, they're just being reimbursed
23:39:30 <altin> I just wanted to know, as about swags, do they all come from europe somewhere, or they get shipped from US.. !?
23:39:37 <emmairwin> !
23:39:44 <bkerensa> regnard: no no so when we receive money
23:39:59 <regnard> Can't you declare your event-related expenses?
23:40:02 <bkerensa> regnard: paypal and other processors do not realize this is for a non profit event
23:40:10 <bkerensa> they consider it a paymet
23:40:12 <regnard> swags come from UK generally
23:40:13 <bkerensa> or regular income
23:40:16 <bkerensa> so
23:40:26 <bkerensa> if we had permission to provide the Mozilla Tax ID
23:40:38 <bkerensa> then we could say its Mozillas tax responsibility and not our own
23:40:56 <bkerensa> say a rep gets $5k for an event
23:40:57 <bkerensa> well
23:41:02 <emmairwin> I have to go, I'm sorry  - left a couple of comments/questions in the etherpad  eof
23:41:10 <regnard> Ok emma, no problem
23:41:19 <altin> Etherpad link (I was late...)
23:41:20 <regnard> on bkerensa's point
23:41:20 <altin> ??
23:41:36 <Tanner_> altin: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-17102012
23:41:37 <bkerensa> US Tax law says they have to pay a couple hundred in tax on that at the end of the year unless they can prove its affiliated with a 501(c)3 org
23:41:48 <regnard> I'll put raise that issue in the next council meeting
23:41:51 <bkerensa> k
23:42:07 <regnard> worst case is that you have to factor in the tax implications in your budget request
23:42:21 <regnard> #idea Tax Information for Mozilla-related activities
23:43:17 <regnard> ok, any more questions before we go to the next agenda item?
23:44:01 <regnard> #topic Your ReMo Feedback
23:44:29 <regnard> The last part of the meeting is devoted to your feedback on your Rep experience so far
23:44:45 <bkerensa> Hmm
23:45:01 <regnard> This is a good time to raise concerns
23:45:13 <regnard> and even mention good points
23:45:16 <bkerensa> So my experience so far has been good but I feel like there is a lack of coordination in the North America while there is plenty of activity in other regions.
23:45:27 <adh> +1
23:45:32 <bkerensa> I really like that this meeting took place because it seems like a step in the right direction
23:45:56 <bkerensa> but often times it seems like ReMo Council is busy with stuff going on outside of North America and dealing with budgets
23:45:56 <regnard> Yes, this regional meeting was initiated by Vineel
23:46:04 <Tanner_> I agree, NA is so big, and there are so few reps here.
23:46:06 <bkerensa> When will we see regional coordinators?
23:46:08 <bkerensa> https://wiki.mozilla.org/images/9/9b/Remo_structure_draft_3_800.png
23:46:25 <bkerensa> this was a planned part of the structure to help keep things flowing good in each region
23:46:34 <regnard> That's the rationale for the Budget task Force's existence: to de-load the council of budget request handling
23:47:05 <bkerensa> But will we see Regional Coordinators soon?
23:47:06 <regnard> Yes, I agree with you tanner and bkerensa
23:47:07 <Tanner_> I've said it before, Kensie is the closest to me geographically, and I'm close to a thousand miles from her.
23:47:08 <regnard> +1
23:47:22 <bkerensa> NA really needs some big events and medium ones soon
23:47:27 <Tanner_> It's kind of sad, actually. I've been here for close to four years, and I've never met a single Mozillian IRL.
23:48:01 <regnard> That sounds sad indeed
23:48:08 <bkerensa> Tanner_: +1 almost a year for me I do know some MoCo folks locally but organization or even interest in events in NA has been limited
23:48:15 <regnard> But the good thing is we can do something about it
23:48:31 <adh> I can't even tell you the closest Mozillian to me, Altin is here right now but he is an exchange student from Kosovo
23:48:35 <bkerensa> Heck we got invited to Scale in February
23:48:36 <regnard> Why do you think there are few NA activities?
23:48:36 <adh> True
23:48:40 <bkerensa> and I got no response back yet
23:48:48 <bkerensa> I mean I would be willing to go and man a booth
23:48:55 <bkerensa> but will there be a budget?
23:48:59 <Tanner_> bkerensa: I saw that email, remind me where it is?
23:49:04 <bkerensa> L.A.
23:49:13 <bkerensa> Southern California Linux Expo
23:49:19 <bkerensa> its pretty big
23:49:35 <Tanner_> I'd be happy to go, but the whole school thing gets in the way.
23:49:36 <adh> I would be willing to go to events and help, plan, raise funds, etc. but yeah when I look at the Mozilla events calendar I wonder if I'll ever swing one.
23:49:55 <bkerensa> http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/
23:50:07 <Tanner_> I'd not mind missing a friday and monday or whatever, but still, I'm one of the few (4?) reps under 18 that they kept :P
23:50:30 <bkerensa> I guess my question is how big of a scope are we supposed to look as reps in NA? since we have fewer reps will Mozilla support us if we want to go out of state when event opportunities present themselves
23:50:47 <regnard> To give you some idea, Reps in Spain get financial support by setting up Mozilla booths in events
23:51:02 <adh> Nice
23:51:02 <altin> I'd be more than happy to join and help with the events too !
23:51:22 <bkerensa> I mean I know Mozilla has funded people to fly from Europe to the U.S. for ReMo stuff
23:51:28 <regnard> It's very smart because they get to sponsor and attend events, but also get to do Mozilla or ReMo activities there
23:51:31 <Tanner_> bkerensa: I really wish I could go to that, but do you have any idea if they'd /let/ me, being a minor?
23:51:42 <altin> bkerensa: I don't think that they will support us to go out of state.. It will be very expensive !
23:51:46 <bkerensa> Tanner_: I'm sure they would I know the guy who founded Scale
23:51:53 <bkerensa> they have youth there every year
23:52:04 <altin> but they could get some reps that will represent NA !
23:52:07 <bkerensa> Ubuntu has some minors who help run the Ubuntu booth at SCALE each year
23:52:22 <Tanner_> hmm, any idea who I'd contact to confirm this?
23:52:27 <Tanner_> that
23:52:37 <Tanner_> 's only ~4 months away
23:52:40 <bkerensa> altin: yeah see thats what we need to get cleared up? idk i maybe they will they paid for Brian to fly from Europe to the U.S. to give a talk about reps
23:52:50 <bkerensa> Tanner_: I will check with Gareth
23:52:56 <bkerensa> and yeah its under four months
23:53:08 <altin> bkerensa: yes because he was ONE !
23:53:10 <bkerensa> so I will likely e-mail council on this as we need to let them know too
23:53:16 <bkerensa> altin: true
23:53:19 <Tanner_> I meant, would Mozilla actually pay for anybody, especially me, to go there
23:53:32 <altin> and he is quite an important guy... Now a Europe community manager !
23:53:33 <bkerensa> Tanner_: idk as regnard he is on council
23:53:34 <bkerensa> :)
23:53:34 <regnard> If you have an idea for joining an event, it would be a good idea to integrate your Mozilla Rep activity there, so that it becomes a win-win situation
23:53:46 <altin> my mentor as well :P
23:54:01 <regnard> Yes, I just learned about Brian as well. A very deserving hire if you ask me
23:54:03 <regnard> :D
23:54:11 <Tanner_> regnard: do you have any idea if they'd reimburse a minor?
23:54:24 <altin> Brian has been with mozilla for sooo long !
23:54:24 <regnard> Who's the minor?
23:54:34 <Tanner_> <-
23:54:50 <regnard> I'd say odds are pretty unlikely
23:54:57 <altin> OK, I have some questions about community websites in NA ?
23:55:05 <altin> is there any community website online ?
23:55:05 <Tanner_> :/
23:55:14 <regnard> You're not even supposed to be a Rep till you're 18+ :)
23:55:25 <regnard> yes altin?
23:55:26 <Tanner_> They let me in before that happened
23:55:56 <Tanner_> there's still a couple under 18 they let stay, apparently I was one
23:56:08 <altin> and what domains did you get for that.. Ive been discussing with Majken and they suggest that the domains should represent a state, not just a local community (city)
23:56:46 <altin> I mean I totally agree with that, but just wanted to get more informed about this !
23:56:50 <bkerensa> yeah
23:56:54 <FredB> Chiming in about the reimbursement methods
23:57:03 <regnard> @altin: to give you an idea, for Canada, we use a subdomain
23:57:16 <Tanner_> my problem is that the Midwest is kinda... dead.
23:57:19 <regnard> like http://to.mozillacanada.org or http://bc.mozillacanada.org
23:57:29 <FredB> During the EMEA meeting earlier today, William said that Western Union payments will be available too
23:57:31 <bkerensa> hmm
23:57:33 <FredB> http://logs.mozillareps.org/remo/2012/remo.2012-10-17-14.04.log.html
23:57:39 <altin> regnard: good !
23:57:40 <regnard> but there are instances there are separate domains, like http://www.mozillaquebec.org
23:57:52 <bkerensa> regnard: who registers the domains?
23:57:57 <regnard> Thanks for the info FredB
23:57:59 <FredB> This instance which is about to launch
23:57:59 <altin> in this case we would have to use mozillakentucky.org or mozilla-kentucky.org !
23:58:01 <FredB> No problem
23:58:13 <regnard> Mozilla, you have to file a bug for the domain request
23:58:35 <bkerensa> altin: or we could get mozillausa.org and have kentucky.mozillausa.org and oregon.mozillausa.org ?
23:58:36 <bkerensa> :)
23:58:43 <regnard> @altin: it's a community decision, if you ask me
23:58:48 <bkerensa> yeah
23:58:58 <altin> bkerensa: thats also good !
23:59:06 <adh> I think the state.mozillausa.org would be the best use of resources
23:59:28 <regnard> You can follow what we've done in Canada sa a template to give a sense that there's one country community
23:59:31 <altin> but can we manage to get all together and build that !?
23:59:46 <FredB> If some areas are quite "dead" you may still group states under midwest or whatenver
23:59:48 <adh> ?
23:59:48 <altin> it would be great !
23:59:56 <regnard> Yes, ideally it should be managed
23:59:59 <adh> You would just build your state
00:00:22 <regnard> Nice, Kensie has just joined the meeting
00:00:25 <FredB> regnard: thinking about that, is there a redirect in place on qc.mozillacanada.org ?
00:00:31 <adh> then have a group manage the mozillausa instead of trying to get every individuals input for every single change.
00:00:37 <adh> I would guess.
00:00:45 <Kensie> :D
00:00:54 <regnard> @fredB: we can have that
00:01:08 <altin> regnard: so what's the plan ?  should we continue with the bug for our state or just wait and see if we get to use mozillausa.org ?
00:01:14 <altin> does NA have a mailing list !?
00:01:16 <FredB> regnard: we discussed that during the lunch meeting, and I still think it's would be a good to have
00:01:18 <regnard> #action Regnard to create redirect from qc.mozillacanada.org to mozillaquebec.org
00:01:32 <Kensie> altin: ah hi!
00:01:36 <altin> I am not very informed about NA communities because I actually come from europe !
00:01:39 <altin> hi Kensie :)
00:01:53 <Kensie> USA does not have a community mailing list, we should file it
00:01:55 <FredB> Since it doesn't hurt our domain at all, and enable people who got on to or bc to guess there's a qc subdomain :)
00:02:07 <FredB> Kensie: g'zact ma'am
00:02:11 <bkerensa> altin: I just opened a ticket for mozillausa.org
00:02:30 <Kensie> one thing, is mozillausa too broad?
00:02:37 <altin> Kensie: we are also taking about getting a domain like mozillausa.org and involve the states with subdomains !?
00:02:41 <Kensie> open question, not a suggestion
00:02:57 <Kensie> in canada it works because we have much fewer sub groups
00:03:07 <bkerensa> we have very few here too
00:03:10 <Kensie> the us has many more large cities
00:03:14 <bkerensa> there are only a few U.S. reps
00:03:20 <Kensie> oh no I don't mean reps
00:03:28 <Kensie> let's have the ideal situation and we have reps everywhere
00:03:34 <bkerensa> yeah
00:03:37 <Kensie> should the US sites be by state instead?
00:03:47 <FredB> There are many more large cities, but this system can scale I guess
00:03:48 <Kensie> or by midwest/northeast/south?
00:03:52 <bkerensa> yeah
00:03:56 <bkerensa> it can scale as needed
00:04:01 <Kensie> ok!
00:04:02 <bkerensa> regional, state or city subdomains
00:04:05 <FredB> I guess by state would be better if midwest isn't clear enough for everyone
00:04:09 <bkerensa> :)
00:04:35 <Kensie> we can get tips from mozilla hispano
00:04:37 <altin> I think this is really an important topic !!
00:04:43 <Kensie> they are also covering a lrge region with lots of sub groups
00:04:59 <altin> exactly Kensie, I had that in mind !
00:05:27 <regnard> OK, any more topics for discussion for the meeting?
00:05:43 <bkerensa> On a totally unrelated note does anyone else not get e-mail notifications from bugzilla?
00:05:47 <Kensie> regnard: did you talk about the dev derby workshops?
00:05:48 <altin> personaly, I'm in dilemma now, if I should proceed with the domain bug about mozillakentucky.org or just see what happens, if we get mozillaus or something !?
00:05:50 <bkerensa> I never get any when my tickets are updated
00:05:59 <Kensie> bkerensa: check your settings?
00:06:08 <Kensie> in your client also in bugzilla
00:06:10 <regnard> not yet
00:06:10 <bkerensa> Kensie: I did I have all notifications enabled
00:06:24 <adh> Try adding yourself to the cc list?
00:06:27 <bkerensa> altin: mozillausa.org with subdomains would save mozilla money
00:06:33 <regnard> feel free to share to the meeting
00:06:36 <bkerensa> adh: did I have it auto-add me to all created
00:06:40 <Kensie> regnard: so I'm working with John and William here to try and get the requests for the next two months approved this week
00:06:44 <adh> Hmmm
00:06:48 <altin> is anyone going to file a bug for a NA mailing list
00:06:56 <bkerensa> disregard
00:07:00 <bkerensa> it was sending them to spam
00:07:05 <bkerensa> altin: I will open that too
00:07:06 <bkerensa> :)
00:07:06 <bkerensa> :d
00:07:08 <altin> bkerensa: yes !
00:07:09 <Kensie> and we'd like to start spreading the events, eg next month toronto will help montreal have one, then the month after toronto and montreal will each mentor a new city to have one
00:07:13 <adh> The USA is pretty broad too and not a lot of events as we said, so it would also be a lot of money for small groups of people.
00:07:22 <regnard> guys, please keep the noise down for a bit-- Kensie is sharing some info about the Dev Derby
00:07:55 <Kensie> so for you guys who havent' followed, it's a very simple event. We take the dev derby monthly theme and have a workshop/hack day
00:08:10 <Kensie> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demos/devderby
00:08:39 <Kensie> so we just find someone comfortable enough with the topic of the month to present it, what you can do with it, and then to help answer/find answers to questions while people hack
00:08:55 <Kensie> so you need a presenter and a space and your'e good
00:09:21 <bkerensa> cool
00:09:24 <FredB> Also, make clear that everyone has to bring his or her own machine
00:09:30 <Kensie> some feedback I got from my friend who presented adn another couple i approached was that it was a great chance for them to practice speaking
00:09:37 <Kensie> yeah the rest is advertising
00:10:03 <Kensie> we had someone show up just t osee the presentation, and that was fine
00:10:06 <Kensie> he hung out and we chatted
00:10:14 <Kensie> and of course I didn't hack but it was great, it was social
00:11:08 <altin> Kensie: we are going to do something similar probably in 2 weeks or so here in Louisville, KY ! "Make your own firefox build"
00:11:12 <Kensie> so look for more on that coming from me, and also you can hang out in #devderby
00:11:13 <regnard> Kensie, will you be able to post the photos of the event on the site?
00:11:32 <Kensie> regnard: ah yes, I had a quick turnaround, I will make a blog post
00:11:43 <regnard> great!
00:11:54 <remobot> New Mozilla Reps bug 802891 filed by bkerensa@ubuntu.com.
00:11:55 <remobot> Bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=802891 normal, --, ---, pierros, UNCONFIRMED , Request: Mailing List for Mozilla Reps - North America
00:12:07 <regnard> #action Kensie to write a blog post on Toronto Dev Derby
00:12:48 <regnard> I'm looking forward to what the Motreal folks are going to do-- would that be for November?
00:13:08 <Kensie> regnard: that's my goal, FredB you up for it?
00:13:16 <bkerensa> Kensie: I know we are also hopefully getting some b2g devices for reps soon if so perhaps one of the dev derby can be a b2g presentation
00:13:29 <Kensie> well see the link I provided, that has the topics
00:13:36 <FredB> regnard: the space isn't a problem I guess
00:13:41 <FredB> presenter would be
00:13:46 <Kensie> but there is talk here of having some mobile derbies to go with the push for Mobile World Congress
00:13:48 <FredB> Should be something we can manage I guess
00:14:00 <Kensie> FredB: its' fullscreen API so that should be simple
00:14:03 <regnard> #idea B2G devices info for Reps
00:14:22 <regnard> OK, anymore topics before we close the meeting?
00:14:31 <regnard> We can still chat after the official close
00:14:32 <Kensie> I mean I was originally thinking the presenter should be an attraction, but now that i have the feedback that people like the low level event to practice their skills I think it's great
00:14:39 <FredB> Kensie: I have no clue what that API is about (despite the name). I'll have a look at it
00:15:09 <regnard> OK, I'll end the meeting officially
00:15:12 <Kensie> :)
00:15:17 <regnard> #endmeeting