23:28:05 <Izel> #startmeeting
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23:28:25 <Izel> Hi Guys! Finally we have our meeting :)
23:29:03 <Izel> Let's move to our first topic
23:29:15 <Izel> #topic New council
23:29:44 <Izel> the new Mozilla Reps Council was announced this september
23:30:36 <Izel> Guillermo movia use to be part of the council
23:30:48 <Izel> but now is me.
23:31:19 <Izel> you can see current  council members here:  https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/group/council/
23:31:49 <Izel> Questions?
23:33:38 <Izel> coragem  panaggio leobalter ... ?? Questions?
23:33:50 <panaggio> nope. congrats :)
23:34:03 <Izel> ok next topic
23:34:05 <Coragem> no.
23:34:16 <Izel> #Reps portal
23:34:38 <Izel> Our remo portal have changed.
23:34:49 <Izel> maybe you noted
23:35:46 <Izel> Now you can create your event page and swag request and budget request meanwhile
23:36:37 <Izel> do you have questions or ideas for our remo portal?
23:37:36 <Izel> Please guys, use a real picture in your profile not avatars
23:38:03 <Izel> the idea is, other people can recognise you as a Rep
23:38:06 <panaggio> Izel: I don't have access to the closed part of it, so I can't say a lot about it now =/
23:38:19 <Izel> An add a mini Bio
23:39:14 <Izel> panaggio how much ago are you arep?
23:39:44 <Izel> Do you have a profile in the  reps portal?
23:40:20 <panaggio> Izel: I'm still to be accepted. I'm not a rep yet afaik
23:40:50 <Izel> ohhh ok  no problem. Keep in mind this information
23:41:04 <Izel> and use it when you have access
23:41:08 <panaggio> ok
23:41:58 <Izel> The Reps profile is very important for each rep. Please add an small bio for example https://reps.mozilla.org/u/Izel/ (mine hehehe)
23:42:51 <Izel> or for example https://reps.mozilla.org/u/wquiviger/
23:43:32 <Izel> Questions?
23:43:44 <panaggio> nope
23:43:58 <Izel> okay so moving on to next topic
23:44:02 <Coragem> Izel, no.
23:44:11 <Izel> #re-shuffle of mentors
23:45:11 <Izel> some of you may have noticed about  mentor re-shuffling
23:45:34 <Izel> it happened based on the idea that each mentor should have 10 mentees (max)
23:46:15 <Izel> The idea is to make a good job and to keep a good communication between mentess and Mentors.
23:46:53 <Izel> basically menteed were organized by timezone
23:48:09 <Izel> but is not a rule. For example i have a mentee from Tunisia
23:50:26 <Izel> The messages is, this process will happen frequently and is Ok. Is just to improve communication and Mentors job
23:50:33 <Izel> Questions?
23:50:57 <Izel> Ideas?
23:51:07 <Izel> Do not by shy guys!
23:51:50 <Coragem> Izel, It's ok by now.
23:51:56 <panaggio> there are some specific ReMo programs, right? Shouldn't the rep area be prioritized?
23:52:19 <panaggio> I mean, it feels like more important than tz imho
23:53:26 <Izel> No. Why do you say that?
23:54:13 <Coragem> Forget my ignorance, but what's a 'tz' in this case?
23:55:03 <panaggio> Coragem: timezone
23:55:14 <panaggio> Izel: example: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SIGs/Evangelism_Reps
23:55:15 <Coragem> sorry for that.
23:55:23 <panaggio> is this something unique?
23:55:41 <Izel> ohhhh hehehehe
23:55:43 <panaggio> aren't there any other SIGs?
23:56:18 <Izel> panaggio there are programs like this one made for Reps
23:56:33 <Izel> If a Rep want participate is Ok
23:57:54 <Izel> what i mean is,  this is other way to spread Mozilla.
23:58:07 <Izel> You can doid as a Rep by yoursel with your community
23:58:25 <Izel> but this programs helps you to improve your skills.
23:58:39 <panaggio> you mean there's ReMo, and there are the SIGs, and they are separated stuff?
23:58:57 <panaggio> I think I got it
23:59:20 <Izel> panaggio is not mandatory. If you would like improve your skills and help other reps to improve their ones you can join
23:59:31 <Izel> :)
23:59:36 <Izel> More questions?
23:59:40 <panaggio> ok. Thanks for clarifying
23:59:43 <panaggio> nope
00:00:07 <Izel> :)
00:00:13 <Izel> ok next topic
00:00:30 <Izel> #topic events
00:00:46 <Izel> Well, what about Latinoware?
00:01:00 <Izel> did you attend it?
00:01:27 <panaggio> I presented two talks there, and spent a lot of time talking to people at your booth
00:01:40 <Coragem> Unfortunately, I wasn't there.
00:01:58 <Izel> coragem :(
00:02:11 <panaggio> we couldn't organize the l10n sprint and the hackday as plannd
00:02:33 <Izel> panaggio what happened?
00:02:41 <panaggio> the organization didn't have a room for us =(
00:03:00 <panaggio> and we've asked it previously
00:03:09 <Coragem> I organized another event in my city as a Reps, in the university that I work.
00:03:18 <Izel> :/
00:04:02 <Izel> Coragem did you ask swag?
00:04:49 <Coragem> Izel Yes, and I got it.
00:05:21 <Izel> coragem panaggoo do you have any ideas for future events?
00:05:44 <Coragem> Izel For sure.
00:06:22 <panaggio> Izel: one thing that worked a lot: leave Eve and Edu Urcullu manage the booth. They're awesome doing it :)
00:06:41 <panaggio> they have lots of cool ideas of stuff to do to gather people attention
00:07:08 <panaggio> we should bring them to FISL and other events like Latinoware that are near Paraguay
00:07:13 <Coragem> Izel Next November 24th, I will host the MozCafe at UNAERP University.
00:07:33 <Izel> :)
00:08:38 <Izel> panaggio can you say one of their ideas? Maybe Coragem can implement them in his MozCafé
00:08:53 <panaggio> Izel: In case we have 2 talks (like I had on Latinoware), giving one generic, non technical talk and leaving the other one to all technical, specific stuff was a good move
00:09:04 <panaggio> s/was/can be
00:09:18 <panaggio> it was in our case.
00:09:37 <panaggio> Creating titles that emphasize it helps a lot
00:10:05 <panaggio> I was very impressed with the public on both of my talks. There were very "targeted"
00:10:24 <Izel> #idea Creating titles that emphasize it helps a lot (slides)
00:10:53 <Izel> panaggio :)
00:10:54 <Coragem> Izel And, for the next year, I'm planning an event focusing in the marketing stuff, on the boardwalk in one of the beaches in my hometown, Guarujá.
00:11:41 <panaggio> Izel: they've hidden some envelopes with their signatures inside, so that people could exchange those little papers with swag
00:11:41 <Izel> Coragen Eduardo Urcullú from Paraguay is interested on it. maybe you can contact him and make something together
00:12:40 <Izel> Good idea!
00:13:06 <panaggio> Izel: than they told people on social networks and on the booth that they should search for those envelopes and we had our little Mozilla treasure hunt at the event :D
00:13:19 <Coragem> Izel That's great. I'm looking for some help for this great event.
00:13:38 <Izel> #idea hide some envelopes with signatures inside, so that people could exchange those little papers with swag
00:14:22 <Izel> Coragem panaggio gave us an interestin idea for swag! maybe you can implement it
00:14:23 <panaggio> credits to Urcullú brothers :). They should be here. They have lots of cool ideas like that one
00:14:57 <Izel> hehehe Urcullú brothers are amazing!
00:15:37 <Izel> So, guys we have 2 cool ideas for events ... LAtinoware was awesome and you will host a MozCafe and an event in a university!
00:15:51 <Izel> :) very nice
00:16:12 <Izel> can we move to next topic?
00:16:25 <Coragem> Izel panaggio This idea is awesome! I'd like to implement that in the forthcoming events.
00:16:26 <panaggio> on my side, yep
00:16:48 <Izel> Coragem?
00:17:22 <Coragem> Izel Yes.
00:17:37 <panaggio> Coragem: do it. We had lots of fun and a lot of people enjoyed it. It's great for marketing
00:17:38 <Izel> ok lets move
00:18:02 <Izel> #topic Whats new in Remo program
00:19:08 <Izel> well, as you noted, when you make your even page you have to fill some metrics
00:19:33 <Izel> This ones must be  as specific as you can.
00:21:49 <Coragem> Izel 'Metrics' are related to results? I never got it right.
00:21:58 <Izel> yes.
00:22:23 <panaggio> Havi asked us some stats on Latinoware. Padula gave some to her, I can improve it. But I need some time to organize the ideas. I'll do it asap
00:22:36 <Izel> are related to results. What we hope at the end of the event. For example: 2 new members for Localization team
00:23:23 <Izel> panaggio Good!
00:23:45 <Izel> But keep in mind thie metric are filled when you make the event page
00:24:46 <Izel> so, this metric is an estimation. I had an event and one of my metrics was 3 new female members for my local community (because we have just 1 .. me!)
00:24:50 <panaggio> I didn't know about this. Next time, I'll try to learn the event metrics before going to it
00:24:53 <Izel> and I just got 2
00:26:32 <Izel> !link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Budget#Three-phased_Screening.2FSelection.2FApproval_Process
00:27:36 <Coragem> Izel Then, it's kind of comparison between what you wanted and what you achieved, right?
00:27:48 <Izel> Please, keep in mind this metrics guide. If you are filling a swag and/or budget bug, the metrics will be reviewed
00:28:06 <Izel> Coragem right!
00:29:14 <Izel> Remember, metrics will be evaluated in the moment of take decisions, so you must be as specific as you can.
00:29:32 <Izel> just be clear with your metrics
00:29:57 <Izel> and put real metrics, reasonable metrics
00:30:34 <Izel> The other new thing is, you must add your mentor in your budgets request and swag request
00:31:28 <Izel> Your mentor will review your event page and when everything is Ok, your bugs will be processed
00:31:54 <Coragem> Izel About it, I'm already aware.
00:32:18 <Izel> And the other one is: budget request < 500 USD won't be reviewed by council
00:33:53 <Izel> if your budget request > 500 USD it will be reviewed by the council and voted. The desition must be based on your metrics (again) Vs value Vs the event
00:35:05 <Izel> Questions?
00:35:09 <panaggio> nope
00:35:14 <Coragem> No.
00:35:48 <Izel> So, guys that's all
00:36:04 <panaggio> awesome
00:36:17 <Coragem> Cool
00:36:37 <Izel> if you have questions please contact me https://reps.mozilla.org/me/
00:37:10 <Izel> and remember, we will have this meetings each month
00:37:25 <panaggio> okay
00:37:38 <panaggio> will you create a new doodle every month?
00:37:44 <Coragem> Looks good.
00:37:46 <Izel> the idea is to keep in contact and improve communication between Reps, council and mentors
00:38:06 <Izel> panaggio yes, the idea is to vote each month
00:38:52 <panaggio> and is there any fixed outline (or at least part of it)?
00:38:58 <Coragem> I was missing a little bit more of a contact between all of us.
00:39:58 <Izel> panaggio No. The outline can change depending of the Remo program changes or advances
00:40:12 <panaggio> Izel: ok. thanks :)
00:40:30 <Izel> Coragem  I hope keep in contact with Brazilian community.
00:40:31 <panaggio> nice to meet you all :)
00:40:54 <Izel> Thanks you guys .. It was an amazing meeting. See you soon
00:41:07 <Coragem> It's was a pleasure.
00:41:07 <panaggio> see you
00:41:14 <Coragem> See ya!!
00:41:23 <Izel> #endmeeting