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00:00:19 <Tanner> Kensie: Hi
00:00:36 <regnard> The Reps North America Regional Meeting is starting now
00:00:51 <regnard> the agenda can be found at: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-21112012
00:01:16 <regnard> If you're participating in the meeting, please write your name in the attendees section
00:01:42 <regnard> Just a friendly reminder, there is a protocol for the meeting and it is in the agenda etherpad
00:02:15 <regnard> Now for the first item on the agenda
00:02:36 <regnard> #topic Action Items from the last NA Regional Meeting
00:03:26 <bkerensa> !
00:03:38 <regnard> yes BK?
00:03:57 <bkerensa> From last action items I wanted to note the items I have been working on if ok?
00:04:28 <regnard> ok, but i'll just list them down and give a quick update, then you can share yours
00:04:30 <regnard> is that fine?
00:04:50 <bkerensa> k
00:05:09 <regnard> 3 action items: 1) budget concerns, 2) domain forwarding and 3) Toronto dev derby blog posts
00:05:48 <regnard> among the 3 action items, only 1 has been addressed, and I have to do the domain forwarding for mozillaquebec
00:06:07 <regnard> #action Regnard to create domain forwarding for MozillaQuebec.org
00:06:28 <regnard> bkerensa, you may proveed with your update
00:06:47 <bkerensa> ?
00:06:53 <bkerensa> oh
00:07:07 <bkerensa> Ok so MozillaUSA.org is still pending with IT
00:07:08 <regnard> i meant proceed, sorry for the typo
00:07:25 <bkerensa> and MozillaUSA Mailing List is now up and open for business
00:07:37 <regnard> great!
00:07:41 <Kensie> erikvold: https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-21112012
00:07:45 <Tanner> ? for bkerensa
00:07:46 * FredB thumbsup
00:07:58 <bkerensa> Tanner: yes?
00:08:05 <regnard> +1
00:08:17 <Tanner> there may be a better time, but what exactly will mozillausa.org be used for?
00:09:01 <bkerensa> Tanner: The purpose is for it to be a hub for USA Mozilla Reps... Any news... events were working on etc
00:09:05 <Kensie> not reps
00:09:09 <bkerensa> and a platform for digital evangelism
00:09:13 <Kensie> a hub for mozilla USA communities
00:09:24 <bkerensa> Kensie: Correct
00:09:31 <Kensie> it's easy to say reps ;)
00:09:33 <regnard> similar to www.MozillaCanada.org?
00:09:39 <Tanner> Oh, awesome. Somehow I missed out on that entire discussion, was actually going to bring it up at this meeting.
00:09:46 <bkerensa> regnard: correct
00:09:49 <Tanner> (a mozilla USA community)
00:10:04 <Kensie> that way local communities can just get a subdomain, don't have to go through their own request
00:10:14 <bkerensa> yep
00:10:15 <regnard> bkerensa, do you have plans of creating a site soon?
00:10:38 <bkerensa> regnard: once IT approves hosting and domain I figured we could discuss the path for the site
00:10:39 <Tanner> Second question - Where's the mailing list for MozUSA?
00:10:46 <bkerensa> regnard: should we create a action item for that?
00:11:04 <regnard> ok, no prob
00:11:27 <FredB> My guess: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/community-usa (might be good to add a description on the main page)
00:11:31 <regnard> #action BKerensa to draft plan for MozillaUSA.org site
00:12:18 <Kensie> #action make sure USA community members know about mailing list
00:12:25 <bkerensa> #action bkerensa reach out to mburns to get admin for list to improve description
00:13:27 <regnard> So there is consensus that the USA communities should have activity in the next couple of months?
00:13:41 <regnard> at least on the website/list front
00:13:43 <bkerensa> +1
00:13:47 <Kensie> +1
00:13:55 <Tanner> +1
00:14:11 <FredB> +1 (and willing to give a hand)
00:14:18 <Kensie> (me too!)
00:14:27 <regnard> #agreed Focus on MozillaUSA activity for website and mailing list
00:14:27 <Tanner> (me too!)
00:14:48 <Kensie> !
00:14:51 <regnard> Just one quick stopover to the final action item form the last meeting
00:14:56 <regnard> yes, kensie?
00:15:28 <Kensie> I just wanted to say that we can work together to run the same events in each of our regions so that we can help each other out while our local communities are small. eg the dev derby workshops
00:16:01 <regnard> sounds useful. any ideas how to go about that?
00:16:01 <Kensie> but it'd be great if say bkerensa plans a support clinic that we could piggy back and try and run one in Toronto and Montreal
00:16:30 <Kensie> we just need to make sure we stay in touch, and have some cross pollination between the USA and Canada lists
00:16:36 <bkerensa> Indeed
00:17:12 <Kensie> maybe region leaders should be subscribed to both
00:17:22 <Kensie> eof
00:17:31 <regnard> makes sense
00:17:56 <regnard> #action NA Regional leaders to join USA & Canada mailing lists
00:18:16 <regnard> who are the NA regional leaders?, just to be clear
00:18:22 <regnard> Reps?
00:18:35 <Kensie> well you and me are leading in toronto, bkerensa in portland, tanner in his city
00:18:36 <regnard> Mentors? Community leaders?
00:18:41 <Kensie> so probably all reps at this point
00:18:46 <bkerensa> yeah
00:18:47 <Kensie> but eg Cesar doesn't need to be on the USA list
00:19:03 <regnard> ok
00:19:23 <Tanner> ?
00:19:27 <bkerensa> Notably REMO Council was supposed to create regional leaders at some point
00:19:28 <regnard> yes tanner?
00:19:35 <Tanner> so all reps in US/Canada should be considered regional leaders, and subscribe to both US and Canada lists?
00:19:36 <bkerensa> I believe it stalled out somewhat
00:19:46 <Tanner> for right now, at least
00:20:02 <regnard> At this point, Reps working together makes sense
00:20:05 <Kensie> bkerensa: yes, it was supposed to happen after a bit more growth
00:20:16 <bkerensa> true
00:20:20 <regnard> since we do not have the volume Asia, EU and LATAM have
00:20:21 <Kensie> Tanner: at this point the reps are the regional leaders, because there aren't many active contributors in cities
00:20:40 <Tanner> Alright.
00:20:41 <Kensie> but let's say someone who isn't  a rep decides to organize the community in Austin Tx, they should be on both lists
00:21:32 <regnard> Re: regional leaders, that can be an item in the "issues to be raised to council"
00:21:36 <FredB> and they should know about it ;)
00:21:45 <regnard> one of the latter part agenda items
00:22:35 <regnard> moving on: so, kensie, should we scratch the dev derby posts, in lieu of photos/twittter updates?
00:23:01 <Kensie> regnard: yes, though I will make a blog post to advertise the december one
00:23:11 <regnard> awright!
00:23:23 <Kensie> especially since we should be prepared this time!
00:23:49 <regnard> #action Kensie to write blog post on December Toronto Dev Derby
00:24:08 <regnard> I guess that covers the action items from the last meeting
00:24:15 <regnard> on to our next agenda item
00:24:28 <regnard> #topic Firefox OS Developer Events
00:24:58 <regnard> To those not aware, there will be a huge developer push this coming January 2013 for Firefox OS App Development
00:25:45 <regnard> these events will be held globally
00:26:14 <regnard> with focus on areas where there is Mozilla org. presence and a community there
00:26:35 <regnard> in NA, the locations that have been identified are Vancouver and Toronto
00:27:38 <regnard> There could be more locales, but those two cities are the there as of now
00:27:53 <bkerensa> Some reps will also be getting Firefox OS devices... If I recall
00:28:04 <bkerensa> I know we already have five locally that MoCo has
00:28:09 <regnard> BK, we shall get to that later
00:28:13 <bkerensa> k
00:28:16 <FredB> ?
00:28:21 <regnard> yes fredb?
00:28:43 <Kensie> Also remember this is an open channel, be careful not to discuss anything that is quiet for now
00:28:59 <regnard> +1
00:29:21 <FredB> Is there a wrtite-up or a summary of the relevant info about FirefoxOS/persons to contact for further information?
00:29:32 <regnard> like what info?
00:29:36 <FredB> If possible, something more meaty and dev-oriented than a press release
00:29:52 <regnard> have you checked the official site?
00:30:01 <FredB> Techs involved, compatibilities, what's available, what will be available soon
00:30:09 <FredB> See, I didn't know there was an official website
00:30:21 * FredB facepalms
00:30:25 <regnard> http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefoxos/
00:30:56 <regnard> Anyways, the developer events actually are good way for people to get oriented about Firefox OS
00:31:01 <bkerensa> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS
00:31:06 <regnard> especially the technical aspects of it
00:31:19 <regnard> the events are meant to be solely for developers
00:31:42 <regnard> ie, the events are hack days in essence with a slant towards Firefox OS development
00:32:04 <regnard> the target devs are current iOS and Android developers
00:32:07 <FredB> Then I'd be interested into getting (at least) parts of the info provided during those events
00:32:07 <regnard> as well as web developers
00:32:40 <regnard> we can discuss that offline FredB :)
00:33:02 <regnard> #action Discuss Firefox OS info with FredB offline
00:33:18 <Kensie> there's a newsletter here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/apps
00:33:23 <Kensie> (a sign-up for one)
00:33:29 <FredB> eof
00:33:38 <regnard> At least for the Toronto event, we're looking at a January 26 date
00:34:11 <bkerensa> We did a event up here during the summer for Firefox OS it was pretty cool had two apps developed during the hack day
00:34:31 <bkerensa> Hopefully will do another soon
00:34:35 <regnard> It would be great if we had folks who'd like to help out in organizing the event, especially if your city doesn't have a Firefox OS event
00:35:24 <regnard> If you're interested, email me and Kensie
00:36:18 <regnard> This is just a suggestion and nothing is guaranteed, but folks who'd help out maybe able to request budget to come to Toronto
00:37:20 <regnard> #idea Discuss with Regnard & Kensie folks who'd like to help out in the Toronto Developer event in Jaunary 2013
00:37:34 <regnard> questions so far on this agenda item?
00:38:55 <regnard> ok, moving on to the next agenda item
00:39:26 <regnard> #topic Concerns, topics, issues, to be raised in the Reps Council Meeting in December
00:39:48 <regnard> To give a bit of background, there will be a Reps Council Meeting this December
00:39:56 <regnard> and it will be in Toronto :D
00:40:13 <regnard> This is a time when there are many issues that are discussed and action is done
00:40:38 <regnard> this is a very good opportunity for Reps, especially for North America, to voice out concerns and suggest ideas
00:41:14 <regnard> At this point of the meeting, folks are free to raise any thing that can be raised the the coming meeting
00:41:22 <regnard> of course, it should be Reps related
00:42:09 <regnard> so, any points you'd like to raise?
00:42:30 <regnard> it was mentioned earlier about the Regional Leaders
00:43:08 <regnard> #idea Ask about Regional Leaders in Reps Council Meeting
00:43:13 <regnard> anything else?
00:44:05 <FredB> Can't think of anything, will mail you and Kensie if something pops in my mind later on
00:44:18 <Kensie> yes I think everything we need in NA we're taking care of so far
00:44:25 <regnard> To facilitate this dicussion, the meeting protocol is now suspended
00:44:26 <Kensie> the mailing lists, the websites
00:44:40 <regnard> We are now moving to an open discussion till 8pm
00:45:05 <regnard> What about program matters?
00:45:24 <regnard> Is there interest in a North America MozCamp?
00:45:34 <bkerensa> that would be nice
00:45:39 <Kensie> bkerensa: Tanner: We were talking about hosting a Canada community meet-up, you guys should do the same. Would be cool to do at same time and connect remotely
00:45:45 <bkerensa> at MV/SF or even the new Portland office :)
00:46:01 <regnard> There's a Portland office?
00:46:09 <bkerensa> Kensie: uhh I think it would be very expensive for me and Tanner to meet up
00:46:10 <bkerensa> :)
00:46:20 <Kensie> bkerensa: yes, but that is normal for reps to sponsor
00:46:27 <bkerensa> regnard: There will be very soon
00:46:28 <FredB> regnard: I have no clue about the attendance of former MozCamps (Asia, LATAM, Europe), how do we compare to those?
00:46:29 <Kensie> the other countries have them
00:46:38 <bkerensa> regnard: its already public don't worry :)
00:47:04 <regnard> FredB: There were EU and Asia Mozcamps this year
00:47:05 <Tanner> Kensie: sorry, i have to run
00:47:06 <bkerensa> they are just deciding on a building but they already have a list so when thats done MoCo folks will move
00:47:10 <Kensie> Tanner: that's ok
00:47:15 <Kensie> thanks for paying attention!
00:47:16 <Tanner> can you email/pm me if you need anything from me?
00:47:25 <Kensie> of course!
00:47:41 <bkerensa> Kensie: ahh I was not aware that they sponsored the cost of that
00:47:52 <regnard> The idea is a weekend where community paid staff, contributors and reps come together
00:48:00 <regnard> and there's usually a theme
00:48:02 <bkerensa> We have a booth offered to us for Scale in Feb
00:48:11 <bkerensa> but nobody from Remo Council ever got back to us
00:48:16 <bkerensa> so I think we will lose the booth
00:48:18 <bkerensa> =/
00:48:27 <Kensie> bkerensa: oh yes, you wanted someone local to take it
00:48:33 <Kensie> I asked tanner, but he hadn't gotten back to me
00:48:59 <bkerensa> Kensie: Well I live closer then Tanner and could do it but I was hoping to have heard back from pierros weeks ago
00:48:59 <Kensie> remind me where it is again? LA?
00:49:02 <bkerensa> its very last moment now
00:49:05 <bkerensa> yeah its in LA
00:49:25 <FredB> regnard: I think that would be great, first objective is bonding then spread of knowledge and working sessions
00:49:35 <bkerensa> there is one rep close by but she said she didn't want to take it on and when I offered to take it on we never heard back from Pierros so not sure
00:49:41 <regnard> I agree with you FredB
00:49:54 <Kensie> bkerensa: oh I didn't see where you offered to do it
00:50:07 <regnard> But keep an eye on a Canada meetup to lay the foundation
00:50:19 <Kensie> bkerensa: I'm sure the budget will be approved since the booth is free
00:50:43 <regnard> bkerensa, do you have the bug ID?
00:50:49 <Kensie> yes, we're hoping that if we start having regional meetups we'll show that we have the numbers for a MozCamp here
00:51:01 <regnard> +1 Kensie
00:51:15 <FredB> Yep, that is the logic I understood behind the regionql meetups
00:51:38 <Kensie> and we can also use them as group hacks to work on the website, plan events together, get a roadmap
00:52:03 <FredB> Hence the working sessions
00:52:15 <bkerensa> regnard: it was discussed in private e-mail between pierros, me and one other rep
00:52:40 <Kensie> bkerensa: always cc your mentor on things like this!
00:52:44 <regnard> BK, ok. let me know if you need help with that
00:52:50 <Kensie> they are your advocate, pierros and william especially are very busy
00:52:59 <regnard> extremely busy
00:53:42 <regnard> New topic: Do folks take a break in December? Would you like a regional meeting next month?
00:53:50 <bkerensa> Kensie: I do not think I'm officially mentored anymore... last time I checked i exited mentorship
00:54:05 <Kensie> bkerensa: you exited the orientation period but everyone has a mentor
00:54:09 <bkerensa> ahh ok
00:54:33 <bkerensa> Kensie: https://reps.mozilla.org/u/bkerensa/
00:54:34 <bkerensa> :)
00:54:36 <Kensie> I just asked Brian King to me mine ;)
00:54:39 <bkerensa> according to that Pierros is my mentor
00:54:54 <Kensie> bkerensa: that is wrong, Lukas is your mentor last I checked
00:54:56 <bkerensa> but in reality lsblakk was my original mentor during orientation
00:55:00 <bkerensa> yeah
00:55:02 <bkerensa> ^
00:55:07 <FredB> regnard: still not a clue where I'll be in different moments of the month. I'd say it would be better to gather early january
00:55:11 <regnard> The only time we can have a meeting is the first week of December
00:55:13 <Kensie> yes, she should still be your mentor, check with her and change your profile if she agrees
00:55:16 <regnard> or skip it
00:55:35 <regnard> that's why this could be the last NA regional meeting for 2012 :P
00:55:41 <Kensie> I vote skip it, we have a lot going on in dec
00:55:42 <FredB> Before the work flow starts gaining speed, plus council members would have a better overview following the meeting
00:55:47 <bkerensa> We could have one News Years Eve
00:55:47 <bkerensa> :D
00:55:51 <Kensie> hehe
00:55:52 <regnard> LOL
00:56:05 <regnard> so we'll skip December then
00:56:19 <regnard> #agreed No North America Regional Meeting for December 2012
00:56:49 <Kensie> here is the sign up for the canada list https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/community-canada
00:56:55 <regnard> In any case, if there are pressing concerns, you're always free to email your mentors
00:57:01 <regnard> or post something in the mailing list
00:57:59 <regnard> So any final thoughts before we officially close the meeting?
00:58:25 <FredB> Keep rocking as usual!
00:58:30 <regnard> I just want to remind about my proposal for people who want to help out at the Toronto Developer Event
00:58:50 <regnard> If you're interested in helping out, let me and Kensie know
00:59:01 <FredB> Can you actually use help?
00:59:11 <regnard> We'll try to find a way to you get there
00:59:19 <regnard> Any help is welcome :D
00:59:40 <regnard> If you're interested FredB, shoot me and Kensie and email
00:59:41 <Kensie> Yes, I think it would be easy to include FredB at least, he is close and the train is cheap
00:59:51 <regnard> +1
01:00:23 <regnard> all right the meeting is adjourned :D
01:00:25 <regnard> #endmeeting