16:06:14 <vineel> #startmeeting
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16:06:21 <sayak> yes please!! :)
16:06:30 <vineel> The Reps Asia Regional Meeting is starting now
16:06:43 <vineel> Agenda for the meeting:
16:06:51 <vineel> #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-asia-25nov2012
16:07:40 <vineel> #topic Action Items from last meeting
16:08:28 <vineel> before we start, if you have any question type ? or ! to speak
16:09:08 <vineel> Sign-up funcion at reps general
16:10:05 <vineel> like Pierros mentioned in the email, the information is currently handled by the mozilla.org/contribute team. and it may take some time we could get the information on the website
16:10:26 <vineel> any questions on this?
16:10:54 <sayak> any timeline for this??
16:12:00 <vineel> no information on when it may be available, but the webdev team has it on their radar
16:12:29 <vineel> the same will be communicated on the mailing list
16:12:30 <sayak> okk..
16:12:43 <vineel> okay moving to next topic
16:12:48 <sayak> :)
16:13:01 <vineel> #topic Outcome of MozCamp Asia 2012
16:13:09 <vineel> is Rahid here?
16:13:16 <recursive> Yes
16:13:18 <recursive> :-)
16:13:49 <vineel> Hi recursive, would you like to work on the survey for MozCamp Asia? :)
16:14:00 <recursive> Ofcourse
16:14:03 <recursive> why not :-)
16:14:34 <vineel> #action recursive to work on the survey for mozcamp asia to gather feedback
16:14:58 <vineel> any questions on this?
16:15:07 <Debloper> ?
16:15:08 <recursive> !
16:15:15 <vineel> Debloper
16:15:17 <syafiqmazli> #agreed and if survey link ready please spread
16:15:38 <Debloper> I'll better let recursive go first, may be he'll already answer my Q
16:15:51 <vineel> recursive
16:16:18 <recursive> Some of ReMo missed Mozcamp
16:16:42 <recursive> so outcome may be discussed is better i think
16:16:52 <recursive> In short
16:17:05 <recursive> +1 withdebloper
16:17:12 <recursive> eof
16:17:23 <vineel> recursive something like summary?
16:17:34 <recursive> yes
16:18:00 <Kinshuk> ?
16:18:04 <recursive> or a link is better
16:18:36 <vineel> okay cool. one idea may be is to gather links from all the posts related to MozCamp and put at a place.
16:18:46 <vineel> Debloper
16:19:11 <shafiul> +1 vineel
16:19:19 <recursive> +1 vineel
16:19:22 <sayak> +1 vineel
16:19:31 <Debloper> My question was, if recursive is planning to take this up, how is he going to sign up team members?
16:19:51 <cmpitg> +1 vineel
16:19:54 <Debloper> Can't be (preferably won't be) a solo-effort.
16:20:32 <Debloper> And, yeah... we can act on this after the 1st order time-frame after-mozcamp i.e. 2nd Dec.
16:20:34 <Debloper> eof
16:20:41 <vineel> from what i understand, recursive is asking for a summary of MozCamp for everyone + and those who could not attend
16:21:02 <vineel> right?
16:21:08 <recursive> right
16:21:16 <vineel> cool ! Kinshuk
16:22:23 <Kinshuk> my question was, how do we make a useful survey? it would be difficult to capture different metrics through questions by a specific set of people, unless everyoen agrees upon what should be measured. but if we only do summaries, then they end up being too subjective and not much of help ?
16:24:19 <vineel> (trype eom if done with answer :))
16:24:33 <Kinshuk> i am done with the question
16:24:33 <Kinshuk> eof
16:24:44 <vineel> okay
16:26:40 <Kinshuk> erm
16:26:49 <Kinshuk> recursive ?
16:27:14 <recursive> well, Its tough to say right now.
16:27:31 <shafiul> !
16:27:40 <vineel> yes its too much to gather that much information and what all things to ask. I think, one thing that recursive mentions is to get a update on sessions from MozCamp and also may be personal experiances. for this the blogposts by individuals may help. what do you think?
16:27:43 <recursive> I better suggest we should do it out of meeting with enough time
16:27:59 <recursive> & set the metrices.
16:27:59 <vineel> shafiul
16:28:01 <recursive> EOF
16:28:41 <shafiul> So far I know recursive did not attend mozcamp... so it might be difficult for him to set poll topics
16:29:13 <shafiul> I also wonder who will answer the poll? People who did not attend the camp would not  be able to answer poll either
16:29:18 <shafiul> eof
16:29:25 <Kinshuk> !
16:29:37 <vineel> Kinshuk
16:30:23 <Kinshuk> i think, we should forge together a volunteer team, discuss the specific metrics over the mailing list, form a survey and also integrate the blog posts.. and collect information from everyone who participated at this mozcamp
16:30:33 <recursive> !
16:30:42 <Kinshuk> this experiment this time can help create a standard pocess for future events
16:30:42 <Kinshuk> eof
16:30:48 <Kinshuk> *process
16:30:55 <vineel> recursive
16:30:59 <syafiqmazli> !
16:31:23 <recursive> I thought the survey topic is "Outcome of MozCamp Asia 2012"
16:31:39 <recursive> So all of the mozillian can be attended on the survey
16:32:03 <recursive> It doesn't matter he attended or not
16:32:06 <vineel> all tip: type your answers ready and hit enter when its your turn :)
16:32:11 <recursive> eof
16:33:08 <vineel> recursive how about you put some of your ideas on a etherpad and share with the rest on mailing list?
16:33:30 <Kinshuk> +
16:33:33 <Kinshuk> +1
16:33:33 <recursive> +1
16:33:55 <vineel> syafiqmazli
16:33:57 <shafiul> +1
16:34:01 <ienzam> +1
16:34:05 <cmpitg> +1
16:34:30 <nagar> +1
16:34:35 <syafiqmazli> If i not mistake, Kate did send few emails to mozcamp attendee. So, this survey is specific to attendee from MozCamp Asia, we able to send the survey to email participants.
16:34:36 <syafiqmazli> eof
16:36:19 <vineel> yes, there is a list for mozcamp attendees but recursive suggests that the feedback be open to all. lets continue this on list
16:36:20 <vineel> :)
16:36:27 <vineel> next topic
16:36:56 <vineel> #topic FirefoxOS
16:37:03 <sayak> Firefox OS!! :D
16:37:26 <Debloper> !
16:37:36 <petercpg|dorm> ?
16:38:06 <vineel> Debloper
16:38:11 <Debloper> Guys, whoever hasn't tried out r2d2b2g yet, it's highly recommended.
16:38:13 <shafiul> !
16:38:29 <Debloper> you don't have to be an app dev, or Gaia dev, just to play with it.
16:38:30 <vineel> Debloper : eom ?
16:38:36 <recursive> +1 with Debloper
16:38:40 <Debloper> eom.
16:38:47 <petercpg|dorm> +1
16:38:49 <sayak> +1 Debloper
16:38:53 <vineel> petercpg|dorm
16:39:03 <petercpg|dorm> Will the product site be localizable and if yes, in what locales and when? eom
16:39:38 <vineel> petercpg|dorm do not have the answer for it
16:39:41 <vikash> hi Everyone! Am I very late for the meeting?
16:40:05 * vikash is just coming back from library.
16:40:06 <cmpitg> !
16:40:10 <shafiul> !
16:40:11 <Suresh> sorry i was late!
16:40:24 <vineel> #action vineel to find out if the Firefox OS site is localizable or not, if yes when and what locales
16:40:32 <Debloper> vikash: welcome, if you joined late, then please follow the discussion. Type ? to ask, ! to say.
16:40:53 <vineel> shafiul
16:41:21 <shafiul> We're having a Firefox OS hack session, and series of such sessions in colleges
16:41:27 <vikash> !
16:41:47 <shafiul> Is it possible to get actual device with Fx OS for demonstration?
16:41:56 <recursive> !
16:41:57 <shafiul> It could excite the audiences
16:41:59 <shafiul> eof
16:42:10 <recursive> +1 shafiul
16:42:23 <ienzam> ++++ shafiul
16:42:37 <cmpitg> !
16:42:39 <vineel> shafiul: as of now there is no program to distribute devices to community :(
16:42:47 <vineel> cmpitg
16:42:54 <petercpg|dorm> +1 shafiul and !
16:43:14 <shafiul> !
16:43:25 <vineel> hope we hear some news in 2013
16:43:27 <cmpitg> Well, to add some info to vineel, I heard that a series of devices would be distributed for development purpose
16:43:36 <cmpitg> At the first half of 2013
16:43:43 <cmpitg> But not for demonstration purpose
16:43:52 <cmpitg> EOF
16:44:13 <vineel> petercpg|dorm
16:44:22 <petercpg|dorm> Follow shafiul's question, how can community test functions that r2d2b2g couldn't simulate (say, make a real phone call)
16:44:25 <recursive> ?
16:46:02 <vineel> i understand that it is important for community to test on real devices, as far as i know, legal team is working on ways this can be done as smoothly as possible
16:46:32 <Belutz|onMobile> !
16:46:36 <vineel> recursive
16:46:48 <recursive> Is there any plan/policy how Reps can be helped on Fx OS?
16:46:49 <vikash> ?
16:47:44 <vineel> recursive: in december we can expect event formats, materials, resources for reps :)
16:47:56 <sayak> :D
16:48:04 <vineel> Belutz|onMobile
16:48:07 <Belutz|onMobile> On mozcamp, a paid staff told me there will be dev device available for community,  but not for free, it will be about $100 It might be available in january 2013.
16:48:11 <Belutz|onMobile> Eom
16:49:14 <vineel> no information on that
16:49:44 <vineel> #action vineel to enquire about paid devices for dev community
16:49:58 <vineel> any questions on this?
16:50:01 <nagar> ?
16:50:06 <vineel> vikash
16:50:12 <vikash> I think one official confirmation on the same will be more helping and less confusing
16:50:21 <vikash> and Can I be redirected to the logs. So that I can get an overview of so far :) Please :)
16:50:24 <shafiul> +recursive for plan/policy question
16:50:40 <vikash> EOF
16:51:13 <vineel> Timekeeper says we have only 10 more minutes
16:51:27 <vineel> so lets keep questions to last
16:51:48 <nagar> have anyone tried Firefox OS on SIII or similar devices yet ?
16:51:56 <vineel> like most of you know, one of our priority in 2013 will be on Firefox OS
16:52:08 <vikash> ?
16:52:49 <vineel> Mozilla is planning to do Firefox OS events across the world for developers to know about the OS and build apps for marketplace
16:53:01 <vineel> in January 2013
16:54:00 <shafiul> +1 vineel
16:54:08 <recursive> +1
16:54:13 <vineel> stay tuned for more information on it.
16:54:16 <Debloper> ! (to nagar)
16:55:01 <yofiesetiawan> question, any promotion material for FirefoxOS Developer Day event (from Mozilla)? or should we create this by our selves?
16:55:14 <vineel> for now in January these events will be at where Mozilla spaces are + some of the community rehions
16:55:16 <recursive> ?
16:55:17 <Ademas> +1
16:56:00 <petercpg|dorm> ?
16:56:17 <vineel> yofiesetiawan, by end of december we'll have all the tools, resources. Creative team and dev engagemnet team are working on it
16:56:25 <vikash> I just wanted to point out that, there will be new contributors and ReMo's from Manipal and I am promoting them to contribute to Firefox OS. I *personally* believe Firefox OS is certainly the best option for GSoC 2013 under Mozilla and I am promoting for that religiously :)
16:56:45 <vineel> petercpg|dorm
16:56:48 <dtsdwarak> vikash: +1
16:56:58 <ashickur-noor> vikash: +1
16:57:12 * vikash -> Apologoies! eesh! that was a misfire of my early Enter-button :P
16:57:28 <petercpg|dorm> Any plans for the events will be rolled out already?
16:57:42 <vikash> ?
16:57:51 <recursive> ?
16:58:04 <vineel> petercpg|dorm do you mean is the planning already started?
16:58:55 <vineel> recursive
16:59:00 <petercpg|dorm> vineel: oh yes, or is there any planning ongoing?
16:59:02 <recursive> Why these events are limited in EU & USA region? Not enough in Asia regions.
17:00:14 <petercpg|dorm> +1 recursive
17:00:19 <ashickur-noor> recursive: +1 for your question
17:00:39 <vineel> petercpg|dorm & recursive, planning not started yet, just initial discussion. Dev Engagement team has reached to some regional communities for January events that include communities from Asia, EU, ME, US
17:00:47 <vikash> ?
17:00:59 <recursive> !
17:01:04 <vineel> vikash
17:01:06 <vikash> With GSoC 2013, I think we can have more promote contributions to mdn as well for Firefox OS in our regions! And I also think, some Firefox gears/swags will be very helpful (after the banding is launched officially)
17:01:48 <vineel> yes
17:01:51 <vineel> recursive
17:01:52 <vikash> Moreover I feel, when we have these events, in US or Europe, we can live-stream as a MozCoffee session
17:02:00 <recursive> Bangladesh we started some Fx OS sessions in different places.
17:02:05 <vikash> and participate remotely
17:02:05 <vikash> EOF
17:02:09 <vineel> viksash +1
17:02:21 <recursive> I suggest there should be some event in BD
17:02:25 <recursive> eom
17:02:29 <ashickur-noor> +1 vikash
17:02:33 <vineel> we have to move to next topic
17:02:37 <sayak> +1 vikash
17:02:54 <shafiul> +1 live streaming!
17:03:02 <vineel> #topic Council Meeting - December
17:03:39 <vineel> this december the reps council will be meeting to work on the raodmap for 2013.
17:04:20 <vineel> at the etherpad, please list  Feedback & Questions, Topics for discussion, Concerns that you have
17:04:43 <vineel> any questions on this?
17:05:12 <recursive> ?
17:05:23 <sayak> ?
17:05:47 <vineel> recursive
17:05:51 <recursive> Where is the etherpad link?
17:06:12 <vineel> oh please use the same our meeting agenda
17:06:23 <recursive> ok
17:06:27 <vineel> :)
17:06:31 <vineel> sayak
17:07:03 <vineel> (we've crossed 60 minutes)
17:07:54 <vineel> sayak?
17:08:24 <sayak> any rough idea about the raodmaps?
17:08:41 <sayak> *roadmap
17:09:37 <vineel> as far as i know, the topics for now are revisiting the mentor, swag, budget system
17:10:01 <sayak> hmm..
17:10:15 <sayak> eof
17:10:18 <vineel> any questions on this?
17:10:22 <NEO_VILSON_WONG> hi
17:10:37 <vineel> Hi NEO_VILSON_WONG
17:11:23 <vineel> looks like we have two agenda items and a few questions
17:11:46 <vineel> #topic Community Building best practices sessions - starting December 2012.
17:13:02 <vineel> this december as part of the Grow Mozilla meetings, community building best practices sessions will be started
17:13:22 <shafiul> +1
17:13:26 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:13:41 <sayak> +1
17:13:46 <vineel> speakers from established communiies will be giving a brief look into thier regional communities for others to lean, ask questions
17:14:07 <dtsdwarak> +1 vineel
17:14:11 <vineel> any questions on this?
17:14:14 <shafiul> !
17:14:19 <vineel> shafiul
17:14:20 <Irvin> +1
17:14:26 <sayak> ?
17:14:36 <shafiul> More info regarding this? type of meeting/venue/links etc
17:14:36 <shafiul> eof
17:15:01 <vikash> ?
17:15:08 <vineel> these will be online, mostly on vidyo. back channel as IRC
17:15:12 <vineel> sayak
17:16:04 <sayak> is this similar to evangelism efforts
17:16:07 <sayak> ?
17:16:36 <sayak> can we ask established community builders to come over at our events?
17:16:54 <sayak> or help us with newer communities?
17:16:55 <vineel> in simple, these sessions are like community quilt but for 15-20 minutes :)
17:17:01 <sayak> eof
17:17:14 <ashickur-noor> +1 sayak
17:17:40 <sayak> hmm..
17:17:45 <vineel> with brief updates on their community background, challenges, future
17:18:09 <sayak> we need a community building evangelism team!!
17:18:18 <recursive> +1
17:18:23 <shafiul> +1
17:18:26 <sayak> lots of new communities are coming up
17:18:30 <vineel> sayak: I'm sure they will be happy to talk to
17:18:49 <sayak> these communities need some formal support
17:18:55 <sayak> :)
17:19:08 <vineel> yes
17:19:14 <vineel> +1
17:19:38 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:19:51 <shafiul> !
17:19:56 <vineel> shafiul
17:20:03 <vikash> ?
17:20:08 <vikash> huh!
17:20:16 <shafiul> What about some kind of "Event/Community of the month" program similar to rep of the month?
17:20:20 <shafiul> eof
17:20:33 <sayak> exactly!!
17:21:13 <maktrix> Had proposed in last meeting, about Event of the mont.
17:21:16 <maktrix> eof
17:21:19 <vineel> shafiul, that is already in agenda :)
17:21:25 <Kinshuk> !
17:21:33 <shafiul> +1 maktrix (& sorry to re-invent the wheel :P )
17:21:41 <vineel> we can have updates early q1
17:21:54 <vineel> vikash
17:21:59 <vikash> I was thinking [this may sound a bit hypothetical] but it would be great if we could have some live hangouts or sessions or workshops on various topics such as Javascripts, firefox, firefox OS etc from people like Brendan Eich [CTO Mozilla and creator of JS, if anyone is not aware-of] , etc and others. I think, if they could find some time and give a talk or a tutorial. it would be exhilarating :). This could also help communities in involving
17:21:59 <vikash> the press, *if required* :)
17:22:48 <Kinshuk> +1
17:22:51 <vineel> +1
17:22:53 <shafiul> +1 (can request them gently)
17:22:56 <vikash> Also, I think, with event of the month, we can have some code contributions of global hackathons kind of thing! or something can be done in collaboration to Sumo
17:22:57 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:23:47 <vineel> #idea live hangouts from Mozilla project teams, podcasts
17:23:49 * vikash thank everyone for +1! Can anyone encash it for a starbucks coffee. I need to be awake the whole night to prepare for my exam tom
17:24:10 <vineel> Kinshuk
17:24:17 <sayak> +1 vikash
17:24:46 <Kinshuk> I'd like to suggest instead of highlighting only 1 rep/event/community of tje month
17:24:56 <Kinshuk> We should highlight a range of these
17:25:42 <Kinshuk> 'Awesome initiatives' which features a variety of activities by the community
17:25:43 <Kinshuk> Eof
17:26:10 <maktrix> +1 Kinshuk
17:26:10 <shafiul> +1 kinshuk
17:26:23 <vikash> Kinshuk, +1 ji :)
17:26:24 <recursive> +1
17:26:53 <vineel> #idea  highlight range of awesome reps activities/ initiatives
17:27:20 <maktrix> !
17:27:28 <vineel> maktrix
17:27:31 <maktrix> highlighting person is kind of discrimination, you can't go beyond 12 in a year.
17:27:36 <maktrix> if there is a event of the month
17:27:40 <vikash> ?
17:27:43 <Kinshuk> !
17:27:51 <maktrix> others will follow them to arrange a successfull one.
17:27:52 <maktrix> eof
17:27:58 <vineel> vikash
17:28:15 <shafiul> +1 maktrix
17:28:18 <vikash> Just for the record vineel can you add early gears/goodies for ReMo for publicity to #idea
17:28:20 <vikash> eof
17:28:24 <ashickur-noor> +1 maktrix
17:28:34 <vikash> [if its not present there]
17:28:36 <vikash> EoF
17:29:05 <vineel> kinshuk
17:29:14 <Kinshuk> Just wanted to add
17:29:14 <sayak> !
17:29:35 <sayak> we need worthwhile events..
17:29:52 <Kinshuk> I refuse to believe/ accept that right now there is only 1 awesome person in the community every month :D
17:30:03 <recursive> +1
17:30:03 <Kinshuk> Eof
17:30:06 <ashickur-noor> +1 Kinshuk
17:30:07 <sayak> quality needs to be in the forefront instead of just quantity!!
17:30:07 <shafiul> +1
17:30:15 <maktrix> +1 Kinshuk
17:30:21 <sayak> +1 Kinshuk
17:30:32 <vikash> Kinshuk, +1 do you have a "Bitch Please" expression too?
17:30:51 <Kinshuk> I am still working on it :P
17:31:18 <vineel> ok
17:31:20 <vikash> lol :D
17:31:27 <shafiul> lol
17:31:33 <vineel> sayak
17:32:12 <sayak> we dont just want a large number of events tobe happening.. we need proper outcome from these as well
17:32:35 <sayak> outreach events are good but lets not overdo them
17:32:55 <sayak> we need some contributor sessions as well
17:33:15 <vineel> ok
17:33:19 <sayak> also we need to increase the number of dev events happening
17:33:31 <ashickur-noor> +1 for devs event
17:33:36 <sayak> hardly see good ones nowadays
17:33:37 <shafiul> +1 sayak
17:33:39 <Kinshuk> !
17:33:39 <ashickur-noor> *dev events
17:34:02 <Debloper> +1 dev events :)
17:34:24 <cmpitg> +1 for dev events
17:34:50 <vineel> (its 90 + minutes now :)
17:34:51 <recursive> +1 for Dev Event
17:34:56 <vikash> [off-topic but I might forget] ?
17:35:10 <vineel> Kinshuk
17:35:26 <Kinshuk> While i agree with Sayak, imho for us to be able to pull it off
17:35:32 <Kinshuk> we need to coordinate and collaborate
17:35:38 <sayak> +1
17:35:43 <maktrix> +1
17:35:48 <Kinshuk> from the mozilla global to mozilla asia to mozilla country to mozilla region level
17:36:05 <Kinshuk> with well defined roadmaps, and actionable items
17:36:05 <ashickur-noor> +1
17:36:06 <Kinshuk> eof
17:36:07 <sayak> #idea we need a proper collaboration platform for event organizers
17:36:08 <vikash> +1
17:36:16 <shafiul> +1
17:36:22 <Kinshuk> not just event organisers, but all initiatives
17:36:29 <Kinshuk> everything needs to fit in to the roadmap
17:36:37 <Kinshuk> and no effort should be on a different tangent or wasted
17:36:53 <Kinshuk> every activity contributes to the greater roadmap
17:36:55 <Kinshuk> eof
17:37:03 <sayak> thats true
17:37:06 <vikash> +1
17:37:24 <Debloper> let's keep it for further discussion & wrap up the meeting.
17:37:26 <vineel> thanks sayak for adding it to ideas :)
17:37:28 <sayak> but events platform has become a necessity now!!
17:37:38 <vineel> next topic
17:37:39 <sayak> vineel: :)
17:37:44 <vikash> Its my personal request for all the MozCamp Aisa attendees to please upload the high quality pics to Dropbox and share the link, so that everyone can have all the pictures. This is an earnest request to ReMo's , paid staff and all attendees :)
17:37:56 <sayak> +1 vikash
17:38:08 <shafiul> +1 vikash
17:38:08 <vikash> [^ off-topic though :)]
17:38:12 <ashickur-noor> +1 vikash
17:38:17 <vineel> B2G future plan / marketing policy this has already been discussed as Firefox OS 2013
17:38:28 <vineel> so moving to next topic
17:38:40 <sayak> can't we have a common mozilla dropbox / file sharing platform as well??
17:38:55 <Kinshuk> !
17:39:04 <vikash> sayak, +1
17:39:27 <vikash> Kinshuk, +1, I know you will have something good to say :P
17:39:41 <vineel> #idea: tools for reps like common mozilla dropbox/ file sharing
17:39:48 <vineel> Kinshuk
17:40:17 <Kinshuk> i just wanted to say that as far as pictures are concerned, flickr serves that purpose. everyone should upload their hi-res pictures on flickr and tag them with 'mozcamp'
17:40:19 <Kinshuk> eof
17:40:42 <sayak> Kinshuk: flickr has a limit on free accounts
17:40:57 <sayak> not everyone can afford premium accounts
17:41:08 <Kinshuk> it shows only 200 pics on your stream.. but for tags, all pictures will show in that directory
17:41:20 <ashickur-noor> what about picasa?
17:41:29 <sayak> and personally speaking i dont like flickr's interface, its too outdated!!
17:41:31 <vikash> ashickur-noor, AFAIK not above 1GB
17:41:34 <Debloper> picasa also has limit.
17:41:36 <vineel> moving to next question: Monthly Report - best practice
17:41:38 <vikash> for picasa
17:41:47 <shafiul> +1 vineel
17:41:59 <shafiul> !
17:42:26 <vineel> can someone explain this topic, what you are expecting
17:42:39 <maktrix> !
17:42:49 <vineel> maktrix
17:43:09 <maktrix> AFAIK, I'm the most least number of monthly report submitter
17:43:21 <maktrix> and had issues with for not submitting those
17:43:30 <vikash> maktrix, +1
17:43:34 <maktrix> and later found people submitting one liner reports only
17:43:40 <sayak> maktrix: in recent months i can compete with you as well!! ;)
17:43:41 <shafiul> maktrix +1
17:43:41 <vikash> ?
17:43:46 <shafiul> !
17:44:04 <maktrix> and now, I can see if I join through the reps portal to anohter remo's event
17:44:14 <maktrix> it auto submits my monthly reports
17:44:40 <maktrix> so, what is the most Mozilla ReMo project expects from me(or anyone) to write in the monthly reports
17:44:42 <maktrix> eof
17:44:51 <vikash> Due to several reasons, I generally tend to be late in submission and as a result to skip, I dont add much, which is certainly a bad practice and I need to improve on this. But is there some serious issues regarding this?
17:44:54 <Kinshuk> +1
17:45:06 <Kinshuk> !
17:45:13 <ashickur-noor> +1 maktrix
17:45:57 <vineel> there is a SOP for it: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Monthly_Reports :)
17:46:05 <shafiul> !
17:46:25 <vineel> if you have suggestions for it, please start a discussion on mailing list
17:46:34 <recursive> +1 vineel
17:46:58 <vineel> shafiul
17:47:05 <shafiul> Personally I think the interface to submit monthly-report is not user-friendly at all. I.E. when there is an error, no notification on the top of the page --- there is no way to know whether an error has occurred.
17:47:38 <shafiul> Also, I think automatically adding the event & linking it to the report is good!
17:47:40 <shafiul> eof
17:48:27 <Debloper> shafiul: +1 (needs improvization, yeah)
17:48:28 <vineel> sorry that you are facing this difficulty. Our awesome web dev Giorgoas who use to work on reps portal is now busy on mozillians.org
17:48:47 <vineel> we may have to wait for a little bit for the next updates
17:48:52 <shafiul> :)
17:49:11 <shafiul> cool with that :)
17:49:14 <vineel> Kinshuk
17:49:19 <ashickur-noor> we can discuss it on the list I think so
17:49:33 <recursive> +১
17:49:36 <recursive> +1
17:50:10 <shafiul> +1
17:50:11 <vineel> Kinshuk
17:50:22 <Kinshuk> my points are covered above :)
17:50:26 <vineel> cool
17:50:33 <Kinshuk> we shoudl try and make reporting more objectvie than subjective
17:50:33 <vineel> any questions on this
17:51:09 <sayak> +1 Kinshuk
17:51:22 <maktrix> +1 Kinshuk
17:51:31 <sayak> at times its plain boring!! :(
17:51:35 <vikash> ?
17:51:47 <vineel> vikash and then to next topic
17:51:49 <vineel> :)
17:52:04 <sayak> when you know everyone knows what you have done, but you have to fill in the formality!! :-/
17:52:26 <vikash> I wanted to know, that is there a possibility for  few ReMo's to participate and be present on the Mozilla booth at Mobile World Conf, Barcelona, Feb 2013?
17:52:35 <vikash> EoF
17:52:51 <vikash> ?
17:52:54 <ashickur-noor> +1 vikash
17:53:11 <vikash> It can also help in snatching eyes of the press
17:53:12 <vikash> EOF
17:53:39 <vineel> #action vineel to check if there is a possibility for reps to participate at Mozilla Booth at MWC
17:54:24 <vineel> CCing other reps or influensive contributor (of that country) while issuing swag/bug request for events. can one of you explain this?
17:54:32 <vineel> wait before that
17:54:47 <maktrix> !
17:55:09 <Kinshuk> i need to be off.. bye fellas.. i will check the logs later
17:55:12 <vineel> for swag/ budget we have a nice blog post
17:55:38 <maktrix> URL please?
17:56:02 <Debloper> !
17:56:49 <vineel> searching .. sorry cant remember will share again, please go ahead maktrix
17:57:00 <maktrix> from any mozilla regional community, if anyone submitting bug for swags and budget, others should know.
17:57:22 <maktrix> as swags are limited Mozilla being a non-profit
17:57:40 <maktrix> so that anyone else planning to ask for swag/budget, he may refrain from asking too much
17:57:40 <Debloper> BZ groups can be created for that (group CC). Technically possible.
17:57:41 <vikash> ?
17:57:58 <maktrix> Debloper: but, it's not mandatory to CC others in your bug for swag
17:58:09 <maktrix> I did kept this norm of CCing other member of my community.
17:58:16 <maktrix> but haven't seen myself in their bugs
17:58:17 <maktrix> eof.
17:59:23 <maktrix> #idea create bugzilla groups of regional community and CC the group for swag / budget request
17:59:42 <recursive> +1
17:59:51 <vineel> ok!
17:59:55 <Debloper> maktrix: only the ones interested would be notified - I'm just suggesting technical possibilities, not the executional feasibilities.
18:00:14 <Debloper> Our reps from far east will have difficulties to follow this meeting, regarding timezone. Can we keep the meeting objective enough? We've taken twice the time we we planned to, already.
18:00:18 <ashickur-noor> +1
18:01:00 <sayak> *as always*!!
18:01:20 <vineel> +1
18:01:30 <cmpitg> +1
18:01:39 <maktrix> let's wrap up and call it a day ;)
18:01:55 <vineel> okay will quiclky answer a few questions at bottom
18:02:22 <vineel> What is the update of budget reimbursement using other network than Paypal?
18:03:19 <vineel> for regions that do not have paypal, we are looking into other ways like western union(but not confirmed). this will be discussed in detail at council meeting
18:04:08 <vineel> next question: "Format for above said Budget Request Bug?"
18:04:15 <vineel> explain please :)
18:04:56 <sayak> Is there any specified format for MozCamp / MozFest related bugs?
18:05:29 <sayak> eof
18:05:42 <vineel> format in the sense, request for reimbursement of expenses during these trips?
18:05:48 <sayak> yup
18:06:14 <vineel> you may just submit like other remo bugs
18:06:30 <sayak> okk
18:06:31 <vineel> and explain the expenses + attach receipts
18:06:37 <sayak> :)
18:06:55 <vineel> "Want to know the superiority and inferiority between - Reps Mentor, Reps, Mozillians and contributors.". please post this at mailing list :)
18:07:38 <maktrix> Can be answered in one line
18:07:44 <maktrix> why ignoring this?
18:07:46 <vikash> Thats new to me! What all can be re-reimbursed? Though I believe that wont holdtrue for me
18:07:49 <maktrix> the answer is simple
18:08:05 <maktrix> there is no supirority or inferiority
18:08:11 <maktrix> between any one
18:08:19 <maktrix> but, that should be followed by all.
18:08:20 <recursive> +1
18:08:21 <maktrix> eof.
18:08:32 <ashickur-noor> +1 maktrix
18:09:08 <vineel> agree
18:10:07 <vineel> we need to be clear that reps are no way superior to non rep community contributors, they are there to support
18:11:02 <yofiesetiawan> +1 keep the low profile spirit :)
18:11:08 <vineel> anymore questions on this
18:11:18 * maktrix believes that is ture for Reps Mentoor too likewise.
18:11:32 <vineel> +1
18:11:35 <sayak> need to publicize this fact more!!
18:12:04 <maktrix> +1 one becomes mentor for mentoring, not for introducing himself as a metor all the time
18:12:26 <recursive> +1
18:12:34 <ashickur-noor> +1
18:12:40 * maktrix yawn, it's almost midnight.
18:12:59 * recursive feeling sleepy
18:13:07 <vineel> "Reps handling 'quarterly' budget/swag for your local commuities" question from last meeting
18:14:08 <sayak> responsible reps need to be identified for this!!
18:14:14 <vineel> this will be updated after the legal team advices
18:14:27 <vineel> it may take some more time
18:14:29 <sayak> how to identify such reps??
18:14:38 <sayak> hmm..
18:15:01 <ashickur-noor> responsible reps should be identify from the local community
18:15:17 <sayak> there should be more people on the legal team!! :/
18:15:30 <sayak> just to decide things faster!!
18:15:49 <ashickur-noor> +1 for More Legal Team
18:15:51 <vineel> yes the regional communities can have task force teams to look into these
18:15:55 <vineel> h ah ah ha
18:16:07 <Debloper> responsibility is something that identifies itself... pretty hard to put that on a metric; and is highly inflammable if not handles carefully.
18:16:21 <sayak> +! Debloper
18:16:26 <sayak> *+1
18:16:32 <vineel> yay! i think we are done with meeting? :)
18:16:37 <ashickur-noor> !
18:16:58 <vineel> ashickur-noor
18:17:16 <ashickur-noor> What about ReMo camp, we talk about it last meeting
18:17:35 <Debloper> Pan community Reps meetup?
18:18:11 <sayak> :D
18:19:34 <Debloper> Not sure if vineel is answering this, but the question isn't much clear to me - as in, what exactly is asked of it.
18:19:59 <Debloper> How about we put that to the next meeting's agenda & adjourn this meeting for the time being?
18:20:09 <vineel> that would be great, at the same time it involves huge budget(may be more than mozcamps). The team will be exploring into this possibility
18:20:19 <vineel> great!
18:20:26 <vineel> #endmeeting