19:03:40 <kinger> #startmeeting
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19:04:14 <kinger> over to williamq for a genral update
19:04:22 <williamq> greetings everyone
19:04:37 <kinger> greetings!
19:04:45 <williamq> here's a quick program update
19:05:14 <williamq> 1) the Reps Council is in full preparations for the upcoming Council work week which will take place in 2 weeks in Toronto
19:05:39 <williamq> all 9 members of the council will be meeting for 4 days to discuss the future of the program and draft a 6 month roadmap
19:06:47 <williamq> special focus will be on expanding the current mentorship base, finalizing the election system for the February council elections and last but not least, aligning the program with Mozilla's goals for 2013
19:07:12 <williamq> it's going to be a pretty intense meeting and we'll make sure to stream, document everything thoroughly
19:07:40 <williamq> stay tuned for regular updates on the meeting this week and next
19:07:49 <williamq> `2) webdev
19:07:57 <kinger> !
19:08:05 <williamq> kinger: sure, go ahead
19:08:16 <kinger> Will there be livestream from Toronto?
19:08:21 <williamq> yes, absolutely
19:08:29 <kinger> oh, I see you mentioned that
19:08:29 <williamq> we'll be streaming the entire meeting
19:08:33 <kinger> great thanks
19:08:54 <williamq> and we'll have an active etherpad and irc channel for anyone to chime in, ask questions or raise concerns
19:09:29 <williamq> 2) Webdev: we're going to be working on implementing a bunch of new features to the Mozilla Reps website in the next months
19:09:54 <williamq> expect some awesome new functionalities on the events page and on the ReMo dashboard
19:10:27 <williamq> we're really excited about this - look out for updates on reps-webdev and also on Pierros' blog
19:10:39 <williamq> 3) Fireside chat
19:11:04 <williamq> as you have seen, Mitchell will be doing a fireside chat this week, answering questions from Reps
19:11:07 <henx> ?
19:11:22 <williamq> henx: yes, go ahead
19:11:40 <henx> you mentioned Pierros Blog, do you have an address for that as well?
19:12:03 <williamq> http://pierros.papadeas.gr/
19:12:17 <henx> awesome, thanks
19:12:28 <williamq> 3) Fireside chat with Mitchell
19:12:53 <williamq> it's awesome that Mitchell will be doing the first pilot of this chat with Reps
19:13:25 <williamq> it's a great opportunity for us to bring up some key questions about the Mozilla project, the future of the project
19:13:39 <williamq> but also a great opportunity for us to raise the visibility of the program
19:14:46 <williamq> ideally, these fireside chats can become a regular events where we can foster meaningful and constructive dialogue between volunteers and staff
19:15:01 <williamq> dialogue facilitated by Reps
19:15:15 <williamq> so please, if you haven't already, I urge everyone to add their question(s) to the etherpad
19:15:23 <williamq> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/fireside-chat-with-mitchell
19:15:38 <williamq> kinger: that's it for the program update
19:15:41 <kinger> #topic Fireside chat with Mitchell
19:16:04 <kinger> #action  add your questions to the pad https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/fireside-chat-with-mitchell
19:16:11 <kinger> thanks williamq
19:16:30 <kinger> Anyone have any questions on these updates before we move on?
19:16:52 <Chaasof> ?
19:16:57 <kinger> Chassof yes
19:17:18 <Chaasof> we will have on next times  managers of projects ?
19:17:29 <kinger> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/fireside-chat-with-mitchell
19:17:34 <Chaasof> because maybe we have technical questions
19:18:23 <williamq> Chassof: yes, for this first fireside chat, it will only be Mitchell, but the idea is to have steering committee members, project leads etc.. answer questions during the next chats
19:18:47 <kinger> ?
19:18:55 <kinger> I'd also like to see Gary do one
19:19:01 <kinger> any chance?
19:19:29 <williamq> sure
19:19:41 <Chaasof> !
19:19:50 <kinger> Chassof yes
19:20:41 <Chaasof> so we can maybe create new pad and send it to mozilla corporation to suggest some dates for planning
19:20:53 <Chaasof> eof
19:20:57 <faten> +1
19:20:57 <kinger> and names
19:21:21 <kinger> agreed
19:21:38 <kinger> #action create pad to plan further fireside chats
19:22:08 <kinger> ok moving on...
19:22:38 <kinger> Quick reminder … if you are following along so far, please add your name to the list of attendees on the pad https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-20121202
19:22:46 <kinger> Next topic
19:22:57 <kinger> #topic Firefox OS events
19:23:20 <kinger> pierros is not here for that
19:23:30 <kinger> Does anyone want to say anything on that?
19:23:36 * cmpahar i am here from the greek community :)
19:23:49 <kinger> cmpahar please go ahead
19:24:02 <cmpahar> thanks
19:24:35 <cmpahar> so, this Saturday we are organizing the Firefox OS hackathon where the events is already overbooked!
19:25:07 <cmpahar> tthe event is mainly for developers where after some presentations for Firefox OS, debugging, developing a webapp etc
19:25:35 <cmpahar> we are going to run a hackathon asking from every developer or team to build their own webapp
19:25:46 <cmpahar> and then present and evaluate it
19:26:04 <cmpahar> we are pretty excited because they already applied around to 40 people
19:26:07 <tct> ?
19:26:24 <cmpahar> and we are thinking to try an make more room for other developers to attend.
19:26:38 <cmpahar> tct please go ahead while searching the link of the event
19:26:52 <tct> cmpahar: thanks, that was my question
19:26:56 <tct> :-)
19:27:03 <cmpahar> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/athens-firefoxos-hackathon/
19:27:14 <cmpahar> and
19:27:15 <cmpahar> #link http://athensfirefoxoshackathon.eventbrite.com/#
19:27:23 <cmpahar> the link for registering :)
19:27:39 <cmpahar> so, after the event we are going to post a lot of photos, blogposts
19:27:52 <cmpahar> and for sure a lot of feedback for the upcoming Firefox OS
19:28:03 <cmpahar> while we are going to have some ported devices to present ;)
19:28:04 <cmpahar> eof
19:28:08 <tct> can people join over the Internet?
19:28:11 <tct> eof
19:28:36 <cmpahar> tct unfortunately not because the presentations are going to be in greek
19:29:17 <kinger> Ok this is great to hear
19:29:32 <kinger> Will really lead the way for the january events
19:29:40 <tct> ?
19:29:48 <kinger> tct ask
19:30:23 <tct> the webapps development will be done on personal computers or phones too
19:31:09 <kinger> both I believe
19:31:18 <kinger> developed on PCs, tested on phones
19:31:27 <tct> which phone models will be used?
19:31:29 <kinger> via remote debugging and other methods
19:31:53 <kinger> cmpahar : do you know phones you will have next week?
19:32:18 <cmpahar> kinger, which phones? Unfortunately not.
19:32:41 <kinger> All Reps will be getting developer phones in December or January
19:32:52 <kinger> Unfortunately I don't know the ETA nor the model
19:33:16 <kinger> There are 2 items in the agenda from Senegal on this topic
19:33:24 <kinger> Is the person who added them here?
19:33:45 <williamq> Camara (aka mmkmou) added them
19:33:47 <Chaasof> no kinger :s
19:33:51 <williamq> i'm not sure he's online :(
19:34:03 <tct> cmpahar: so all the development and testing will be done on personal computers, right?
19:34:16 <cmpahar> tct yes
19:34:22 <tct> eof
19:34:42 <kinger> Ok we will move on
19:34:43 <kinger> ...
19:35:02 <kinger> #topic MWC Planning Update
19:35:13 <kinger> MWC = Mobile World Congress
19:35:24 <kinger> Happening at the end of February in Barcelona
19:35:34 <kinger> Mozilla will once again be there
19:35:54 <kinger> Right now we are in the planning phase
19:36:33 <kinger> You might have seen my mail on reps-general, but this time we are aiming for more community involvement, including Reps
19:37:10 <kinger> Nothing is finalised, but this might include satellite events, social outreach, Reps at the event, and so on
19:37:41 <kinger> Please follow up to my thread on reps-general if you have further ideas, and I will keep you informed on planning as we go along
19:37:46 <kinger> eom
19:38:20 <kinger> eof
19:38:24 <kinger> :)
19:38:27 <kinger> Any questions?
19:38:33 * Chaasof will do it :) I didn't read the email yet
19:38:49 <kinger> Chassof thanks
19:38:59 <williamq> btw, MWC will happen in Barcelona Feb 23-28, 2013
19:39:27 <kinger> http://www.mobileworldcongress.com
19:39:29 <Chaasof> ?
19:39:37 <kinger> Chassof yes
19:40:05 <kinger> #link http://www.mobileworldcongress.com
19:40:22 <Chaasof> The FirefoxOS  will be launched at the MWC?
19:40:31 <kinger> Chassof : No
19:40:39 <kinger> We will be showcasing it there
19:41:02 <Chaasof> ah ok
19:41:04 <kinger> Launch will be in the following months, no final date yet
19:41:33 <Chaasof> thanks :) that's is my question :D
19:41:35 <kinger> Firefox OS will be our big show there, but we will also be talking a lot about Firefox for Android
19:41:37 <Chaasof> eof
19:42:23 <kinger> ok next topic...
19:42:31 <Chaasof> !
19:42:39 <kinger> oops
19:42:45 <kinger> Chassof : yes
19:43:02 <Chaasof> before that I missed one thing about firefox os events   https://wiki.mozilla.org/Engagement/Developer_Engagement/FirefoxAppDays
19:43:57 <kinger> thanks
19:44:15 <kinger> #topic FOSDEM 2013 Update
19:44:37 <kinger> Benoit are you here?
19:45:04 <kinger> Every year we participate at FOSDEM, and this time is no different
19:45:17 <kinger> It is a great opportunity for Mozillians in Europe together
19:45:33 <kinger> We will have a dev room, a stand, and some talks on the main FOSDEM track
19:46:10 <Chaasof> !
19:46:12 <Chaasof> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fosdem2013-talks
19:46:15 <Chaasof> eof
19:46:45 <kinger> Add your talk proposals or suggestions here
19:46:51 <kinger> #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fosdem2013-talks
19:47:31 <kinger> Our team in Belgium, led by Benoit Leseul, is for the 2nd time running things
19:47:50 <kinger> So if you have any questions, feel free to contact him
19:47:56 <kinger> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/u/benoit_leseul/
19:47:57 <williamq> https://reps.mozilla.org/u/benoit_leseul/
19:48:29 <kinger> He has put together a planning committee and we are well on our way to making another great FOSDEM
19:48:41 <kinger> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/fosdem-2013/
19:48:56 <kinger> eof
19:49:47 <kinger> Any FOSDEM questions?
19:50:03 <kinger> If not, the floor is open now for anyone
19:50:05 <williamq> ?
19:50:09 <Chaasof> ?
19:50:12 <kinger> yes williamq
19:50:31 <williamq> do you know when the deadline is to submit talks for FOSDEM ?
19:50:40 <Chaasof> 20 December
19:50:55 <williamq> Chaasof: thanks
19:51:27 <Chaasof> #links http://claristamozilla.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/fosdem-call-for-speakers/
19:51:33 <Chaasof> link*
19:51:51 <Chaasof> ?
19:51:56 <kinger> Chassof you have a question?
19:52:13 <Chaasof> can we (as Mozilla Tunisia) submit a session ?
19:52:28 <kinger> #link http://claristamozilla.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/fosdem-call-for-speakers/
19:52:38 <kinger> Chassof yes of course
19:52:51 <Chaasof> great :D thanks
19:52:54 <kinger> but the number of speakers may be limited
19:53:04 <kinger> we will evaluate case by case
19:53:21 <Chaasof> sure :) like mozcamp :)
19:54:46 <kinger> I'll leave the meeting open for another 6 minutes (8pm UTC) is anyone wants to talk about anything
19:55:10 <kinger> we should talk about the next meeting
19:55:16 <kinger> #topic Next Meeting
19:55:35 <kinger> This meeting was a little late … we are aiming for once a month
19:55:55 <kinger> So does early January for the next one sound ok to everyone?
19:56:27 <henx> !
19:56:31 <kinger> I would also like to rotate the chair, so if anyone wants to volunteer to run the next one please contact me
19:56:35 <kinger> henx yes
19:56:52 <henx> kinger: maybe we could do mid-Jan as early Jan is still Christmas vacation time
19:57:04 <henx> - if that is okay with everyone?
19:57:18 <kinger> yes, 2nd or 3rd week is ok
19:57:30 <Chaasof> !
19:57:36 <williamq> makes sense to me
19:57:37 <kinger> Chassof yes
19:58:00 <Chaasof> 2nd week is ok because we need to talk about FOSDEM an MWC
19:58:02 <Chaasof> :s
19:58:09 <kinger> true
19:58:16 <kinger> always plenty to talk about
19:58:55 <tct> +1
19:59:01 <Niko> +1
19:59:20 <Chaasof> !
19:59:48 <kinger> Chassof yes
19:59:50 <Chaasof> for the MWC we can do another meeting with all reps
20:00:23 <kinger> Do you mean a general brainstorming meeting?
20:00:29 <Chaasof> yes :)
20:00:36 <kinger> Good idea
20:00:44 <kinger> I will set that up soon
20:00:59 <cmpahar> +1
20:01:40 <kinger> Ok that is it
20:01:50 <kinger> Thanks everyone for attending
20:01:59 <williamq> Thank you kinger for hosting!
20:02:06 <kinger> Onwards and upwards for EMEA!
20:02:09 <williamq> and thank everyone for joining!
20:02:10 <Chaasof> thank you kinger  :)
20:02:11 <cmpahar> thank you kinger \
20:02:12 <kinger> np
20:02:15 <williamq> Yay!!
20:02:16 <kinger> until next time
20:02:18 <tct> :-)
20:02:22 <kinger> #endmeeting