17:02:40 <Bacharakis> #startmeeting Reps EMEA meeting January 27
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17:02:53 <Bacharakis> Hello fellow reps!
17:03:02 <Bacharakis> its time for our annual meeting!
17:03:21 <Bacharakis> as you know the agenda of the meeting can be found here
17:03:23 <Bacharakis> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-01-2013
17:03:49 <Bacharakis> #topic General Program Update
17:03:59 <Bacharakis> williamq, the floor is yours
17:04:09 <williamq> thanks Bacharakis
17:04:21 <williamq> lots of stuff going on in ReMo universe
17:04:43 <williamq> 1) the ReMo Council is set to meet next weekend to announce the first ever Council election
17:05:06 <williamq> we're going to introduce an election system whereby Reps will be able to vote for the next council members
17:05:33 <williamq> candidates (only mentors) who want to run will be able to run for 1 month
17:05:46 <williamq> the election is anticipated for March 1st
17:05:53 <williamq> but we'll eb announcing the offficial date next week
17:06:01 <williamq> 2) Fireside chat
17:06:08 <leo> ?
17:06:15 <williamq> go ahead leo
17:06:47 <leo> what sort of system will we use for electing council members? FPTP, PR, etc.?
17:07:02 <leo> eof
17:07:15 <pierros> !
17:07:18 <williamq> pierros: want to elaborate?
17:07:39 <pierros> The system we have under working-specification is Range voting system
17:07:47 <Bacharakis> #chair pierros williamq
17:07:47 <remobot> Current chairs: Bacharakis pierros williamq
17:07:52 <pierros> leo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Range_voting
17:07:55 <pierros> #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Range_voting
17:08:14 <pierros> We will publish the specs and implement them in the following weeks after review by council and reps
17:08:18 <pierros> eof
17:09:16 <williamq> 2) Fireside Chats
17:09:19 <Bacharakis> williamq, you can continue
17:09:35 <williamq> as you know, we've been experimenting with fireside chats
17:09:41 <williamq> the first one was with Mitchell
17:09:47 <williamq> the next one is going to be with Mark Surman
17:10:07 <williamq> Reps have been instrumental in gathering questions form their local communities
17:10:41 <williamq> one of the nex tfireside chats we want to experiment with is with the council
17:10:41 <ABen> ?
17:10:59 <williamq> whereby Mitchell or a several Mozilla leaders ask questions to the council
17:11:34 <williamq> we're still brainstorming about this but once we have a pretty good idea of how we think we should run this, we'll share the idea to gather feedback
17:11:37 <williamq> so stay tuned for that
17:11:43 <williamq> Aben: yes, go ahead
17:12:55 <ABen> Can you explain to the new ones ( like me ) what are " Fireside Chats " ?
17:12:57 <ABen> eof
17:13:49 <williamq> sure
17:14:11 <williamq> fireside chats aim to encourage dialoguue between staff and volunteers
17:14:52 <williamq> it's not always easy for volunteers to ask a question direcly to people within mozilla
17:15:23 <williamq> so with fireside chats, we try to gather questions for a couple of weeks and then ask a leader at Mozilla to answer them
17:15:31 <williamq> the first one we did was with Mitchell bakers
17:15:37 <williamq> and about 40 questions were asked to her
17:15:57 <williamq> Mitchell is filmed when answering the questions
17:16:05 <williamq> and it's then shared on air.mozilla.org
17:16:18 <ABen> ok get that tks
17:16:21 <williamq> as i said we're still experimenting and so we're still trying to find the best format
17:16:24 <williamq> sure
17:16:34 <williamq> last update for ReMo
17:16:38 <williamq> 3) App Days
17:16:59 <williamq> Reps have been the core drivers of the Firefox OS App Days events around the world
17:17:09 <williamq> as you may have heard, the events have been a huge success
17:17:20 <williamq> pierros will give more info on this late in the meetin g:)
17:17:35 <williamq> Bacharakis: that's it for the general update
17:17:44 <Bacharakis> thank you very much williamq
17:17:57 <Bacharakis> as you see a lot and cool things happen in Reps!
17:18:05 <Bacharakis> keep up the awesome work guys!
17:18:25 <Bacharakis> Anyone want to ask something ?!
17:18:41 <Bacharakis> so moving on to the next topic
17:18:45 <Bacharakis> #topic Firefox OS App days
17:19:12 <Bacharakis> as williamq said, the App Days were the core drivers of Firefox OS App Days
17:19:35 <Bacharakis> you can see the list with the 25 events at
17:19:36 <Bacharakis> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/Engagement/Developer_Engagement/FirefoxAppDays
17:19:45 <Bacharakis> most of them are over
17:19:59 <Bacharakis> so you can
17:20:22 <Bacharakis> have a sort picture of what happened tracking down the twitter hashtag
17:20:23 <Bacharakis> #link https://twitter.com/search?q=%23firefoxosappdays
17:20:41 <Bacharakis> for those of you who attended and make it happen
17:21:02 <Bacharakis> I wanted to say WELL DONE guys, you did a great and awesome work! Keep up! you rock!
17:21:44 <Bacharakis> the experience was amazing so it would be perfect to share these feelings writing a blog post and uploading your photos and videos
17:22:26 <pierros> !
17:22:26 <Bacharakis> As I saw
17:22:33 <Bacharakis> all the events was sold out
17:22:55 <Bacharakis> and we had a lot , A LOT of Demos , which are really promising
17:22:58 <FrancJP> !
17:23:03 <Bacharakis> congratulations!
17:23:05 <Bacharakis> yes pierros
17:23:11 <pierros> Just wanted to once again congratulate all Owners and participants and remind everyone that we are working on a review of all App days
17:23:31 <pierros> also Berlin App day will be also headed by a Rep :) williamq :) and is coming next week
17:23:54 <pierros> more reviews and updates to follow as we recover from the awesome events throughout the week
17:23:56 <pierros> eof
17:24:02 <Bacharakis> thanks pierros
17:24:15 <Bacharakis> happy hacking  williamq
17:24:20 <Bacharakis> FrancJP, the floor is yours
17:24:37 <williamq> Bacharakis: thanks :)
17:24:50 <FrancJP> thanks, Bacharakis. I think is more a question than a speak :P
17:25:01 <Bacharakis> no worries FrancJP , go for it
17:25:13 <FrancJP> does people knows that they can use the hashtag in flickr??
17:25:25 <Bacharakis> FrancJP, thanks for that
17:25:27 <FrancJP> I mean, I only saw flickr pictures of tristan, and mine
17:25:32 <FrancJP> eof
17:25:51 <Bacharakis> i am on that, I will mail the list, informing that people can use the hashtag
17:25:52 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> !
17:25:59 <Bacharakis> on flickr and picasa as well
17:26:01 <Bacharakis> yes ioanachiorean|tranzit
17:26:26 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> just wanted to added that most of people got some rest. some are still traveling
17:26:42 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> but an email to the organized as reminder for photos and impression is always good
17:26:43 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> eof
17:26:43 <Bacharakis> #action Bacharakis ,mail the Reps list informing people that they can use the #FirefoxOSAppDays hashtag on flickr and picasa web albums
17:26:56 <Bacharakis> thanks ioanachiorean|tranzit
17:27:03 <Bacharakis> yes today is a day of rest :D
17:27:12 <Bacharakis> so anything else regarding Firefox OS App days?
17:27:28 <Bacharakis> so moving on
17:27:32 <Bacharakis> #topic FOSDEM Planning Update
17:27:51 <Bacharakis> as you already know we are going to rock for one more year in FOSDEM
17:28:20 <Bacharakis> our devroom is fulled with awesome presentations especially for Firefox OS
17:28:23 <Bacharakis> #link https://fosdem.org/2013/schedule/track/mozilla/
17:28:44 <Bacharakis> The Mozilla Developer Room is the same room as last year, UA.218. It's
17:28:44 <Bacharakis> in the U building, next to the "Chavanne" room. It has 363 seats.
17:29:04 <Bacharakis> Our booth is located at the K building
17:29:16 <Bacharakis> were every rep should visit
17:29:31 <Bacharakis> and help answering questions regarding our project
17:29:55 <Bacharakis> Regarding answering questions I would like to suggest you
17:30:09 <Bacharakis> not to answer a question if you dont know the answer
17:30:35 <Bacharakis> it is suggested to ask another rep, or a booth attendant
17:30:45 <Bacharakis> or in the bottom line answer "i dont know"
17:30:50 <Bacharakis> its not bad after all :)
17:30:53 <FrancJP> !
17:31:01 <Bacharakis> oh, and dont miss the Beer Event on Friday
17:31:11 <Bacharakis> #link https://fosdem.org/2013/practical/beerevent/
17:31:13 <Bacharakis> yes FrancJP
17:31:20 <FrancJP> I just wanted to appoint
17:31:26 <FrancJP> for the reps that will be at the booth
17:31:40 <FrancJP> is suggested that not only stay quiet waiting for people to make questions
17:32:03 <FrancJP> it is reccomended to approach the people that pass by in the booth, grab a sticker
17:32:11 <FrancJP> and start the conversation
17:32:23 <FrancJP> we did that at EBE and it was very succesful
17:32:31 <FrancJP> eof
17:32:35 <Bacharakis> yes, thats the spirit
17:32:47 <pierros> +1 to FrancJP
17:32:47 <Bacharakis> please dont stand behind the booth hacking on your laptops
17:32:52 <Bacharakis> this looks BAD
17:32:53 <Bacharakis> really bad
17:33:07 <Bacharakis> try to approach people, trust me, we have a lot of stickers ;)
17:33:24 <Bacharakis> lets rock on FOSDEM people
17:33:26 <Flore> !
17:33:30 <Bacharakis> yes Flore
17:33:49 <Flore> Just sio you know aout 90% of visitors are geeks
17:34:05 <Flore> Many of them as geeks as we are
17:34:26 <Flore> It's not aa usual event and contact with people is not the same
17:34:28 <Flore> eof
17:34:56 <Bacharakis> yeah we are going to have a lot of geeky conversations ;)
17:35:05 <Bacharakis> so anything else regarding FOSDEM?
17:35:18 <FrancJP> ?
17:35:21 <Bacharakis> yes FrancJP
17:35:33 <FrancJP> does reps that were invited to participate
17:35:40 <FrancJP> received the hotel reservation??
17:35:51 <FrancJP> because I only received the flight tickets :P
17:35:54 <FrancJP> eof
17:36:05 <Bacharakis> I have talked with Brian a couple weeks ago
17:36:06 <Bacharakis> maybe more
17:36:22 <henx> !
17:36:23 <Bacharakis> and he told me thaat the Hotel was the first thing that it was booked
17:36:37 <Bacharakis> I will ask him again for a verification if you like
17:36:39 <Bacharakis> yes henx
17:37:24 <henx> There is a Mozillian (not a Rep) from Munich, who is also attending FOSDEM. If you need an additional person for a Mozilla-related talk, he could probably cover that.
17:37:33 <henx> Just wanted to let you know in case the need arises.
17:37:49 <LAKostis> ?
17:38:16 <Bacharakis> thanks henx i will keep that in mind but it would be better to contact Benoit and Brian fr that
17:38:19 <Bacharakis> yes LAKostis
17:39:02 <henx> Bacharakis: thanks, I already sent them an email a few days ago. So that should be fine. <eof>
17:39:04 <LAKostis> why some talks for FOSDEM from reps was silently rejected and why most of talks are from Mozilla employees?
17:39:07 <LAKostis> eof
17:39:57 <Bacharakis> LAKostis, I cant answer on that because Benoit with Clarista and Brian reviewed the talk proposals
17:40:10 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> !
17:40:24 <Bacharakis> but as I checked the list with the proposal
17:40:39 <LAKostis> it's not very friendly for reps anyway
17:40:41 <Flore> !
17:40:45 <Bacharakis> I think I saw that every proposals from a rep was accepted
17:40:49 <Bacharakis> yes ioanachiorean|tranzit
17:41:53 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> well as far as I know community members were encouraged eryone wanted to submit a proposal and evevyine wanted as many community members as posible
17:41:53 <Bacharakis> ioanachiorean|tranzit, ?!
17:42:27 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> if some proposals were rejecvted probably was due to the fact that were two with same topic
17:42:54 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> or one was covered by others (like mine with mobile autom included in firefox os autom)
17:42:56 <ioanachiorean|tranzit> eof
17:43:02 <LAKostis> !
17:43:07 <Bacharakis> yes Flore
17:43:12 <Flore> Melek can not come to FOSDEM (due to visa issues) so I will do the womoz session <eof>
17:43:43 <Bacharakis> guys we cant debate on that because we dont know why these proposals were rejected
17:43:45 <Bacharakis> yes LAKostis
17:44:29 <LAKostis> I'm just talking not about the procedure just about any letter with motivation of reject from comitee
17:45:56 <Bacharakis> LAKostis, I will contacted them passing you complaint which is accepted, and request them to answer :)
17:46:06 <LAKostis> Bacharakis: tnx!
17:46:10 <Bacharakis> no worries
17:46:45 <Bacharakis> #action Bacharakis contact Benoit, Claire, Brian and pass LAKostis complain regarding rejecting Reps talk proposals for FOSDEM
17:46:53 <Bacharakis> so anything else regarding FOSDEM?
17:47:31 <Bacharakis> oh, i forgot the link
17:47:37 <Bacharakis> #link https://etherpad.mozilla.org/remo-fosdem-2013-booth
17:47:39 <Bacharakis> please add your name
17:47:46 <Bacharakis> and the day you can attend the booth
17:48:03 <fredy> !
17:48:04 <Bacharakis> and your area of expertise!
17:48:07 <Bacharakis> yes fredy
17:48:13 <fredy> just to add the irc channel #fosdem
17:48:15 <fredy> ;)
17:48:19 <fredy> eof
17:48:30 <Bacharakis> of course, join us at #fosdem! thanks fredy
17:48:35 <Bacharakis> thanks flash fredy
17:48:51 <Bacharakis> anything else on that?!
17:49:05 <Bacharakis> allright then
17:49:08 <Bacharakis> moving on
17:49:18 <Bacharakis> #topic Event sponsorship: mozilla, or local mozilla community?
17:49:29 <Bacharakis> leo, can you please define that question?
17:49:31 <leo> ohai
17:49:33 <Bacharakis> what do you mean by that?!
17:49:39 <leo> so, yeah
17:50:08 <Bacharakis> just give as an example ;)
17:50:36 <leo> when sponsoring an event being organised by a 3rd party, should one get them to say the support came from mozilla or from the local mozilla community
17:50:45 <leo> such as Mozilla UK
17:50:51 <Bacharakis> oh
17:51:07 <Bacharakis> I am pretty sure that it is for Mozilla! ;)
17:51:15 <FrancJP> !
17:51:18 <Bacharakis> we are a global community after all
17:51:20 <Bacharakis> yes FrancJP
17:51:37 <FrancJP> We did a few events last year on spain
17:51:49 <FrancJP> all of them organised by a 3rd party company
17:52:04 <FrancJP> and we've been sponsored by Mozilla (through reps program)
17:52:17 <FrancJP> leo if you need some advise or tips about that
17:52:27 <FrancJP> you can send me an email with questions
17:52:32 <FrancJP> no problem
17:52:42 <FrancJP> the only thing is to deal with bugzilla ;)
17:52:42 <FrancJP> eof
17:52:52 <Bacharakis> leo are you covered ?
17:53:08 <leo> the question is more "what's the official policy on this, if there is one", and it seems like it's go with Mozilla
17:53:25 <leo> I think that's a little silly, so expect to see a post on reps-general soon about why we should change that
17:53:26 <FrancJP> well... if you want to attend an event
17:53:28 <Bacharakis> yes absolutely
17:53:31 <leo> Bacharakis: yes thanks! :)
17:53:48 <FrancJP> it depends how much it will cost, and the reasons to assist to that event
17:54:24 <Bacharakis> FrancJP, eof?
17:54:32 <FrancJP> sorry, yes, eof
17:54:38 <Bacharakis> thanks :)
17:54:45 <Bacharakis> so anything else regarding this topic
17:54:46 <Bacharakis> ?
17:55:09 <Bacharakis> alright so its open floor time!
17:55:14 <Bacharakis> #topic Open Floor
17:55:24 <Bacharakis> if you a topic we would like to discuss or a question
17:55:40 <Bacharakis> and you didn't add it on the agenda, now is your time ;)
17:55:41 <ABen> !
17:55:59 <Bacharakis> yes ABen
17:57:02 <Bacharakis> ABen, ?!
17:57:27 <LAKostis> !
17:57:31 <Bacharakis> yes LAKostis
17:57:36 <ABen> Ok it's about the ffos tutorials... I had my worst nightmare trying to install one on a Nexus S and the Wiki procedure didn't  help
17:57:53 <Bacharakis> so LAKostis wait please :)
17:58:06 <ABen> So we really have to improve that
17:58:08 <ABen> eof
17:58:12 <LAKostis> what about the story with mozilla dev phones, are they will available at FOSDEM?
17:58:31 <LAKostis> I mean is it possible to get them for local community?
17:58:42 <fredy> !
17:58:50 <Bacharakis> ABen, regarding Nexus S, I tried it on my own and it was really handy
17:59:02 <LAKostis> eof :)
17:59:04 <Bacharakis> but flash-fredy can answer your question ;)
17:59:28 <fredy> about ABen's comment there should be more detailed guides, I guess we can work on this
18:00:22 <Bacharakis> fredy eof?
18:00:32 <fredy> no
18:00:37 <Bacharakis> cool D:
18:01:15 <fredy> as far as the FOSDEM and the devices, we are going to bring some from Greece, I guess some other people are going to bring their devices too
18:01:23 <fredy> eof
18:01:33 <Bacharakis> regarding LAKostis
18:01:36 <Bacharakis> question
18:01:49 <Bacharakis> no, we dont have geeksphone dev phone
18:02:03 <Bacharakis> and we are not going to have them in FOSDEM
18:02:20 <Bacharakis> but as fredy said, we are going to have other dev devices to test and experiment with
18:03:12 <Bacharakis> LAKostis, are you covered ?
18:03:21 <LAKostis> Bacharakis: I see. The point of getting the dev phone is about requirements for b2g
18:03:45 <LAKostis> right now I curious about arm6 support
18:03:52 <LAKostis> eof
18:04:15 <Bacharakis> I think that you have to get to fredy and have a really technical discussion during the event ;)
18:04:34 <Bacharakis> if everything is good our time is passed
18:04:39 <Bacharakis> :)
18:04:54 <Bacharakis> is anyone want to ask something last?!
18:05:09 <Bacharakis> or we can end the meeting in 30"
18:05:37 <Bacharakis> alright then!
18:05:51 <Bacharakis> thank you all for attending , it was my pleasure chairing the meeting!
18:06:02 <Bacharakis> see you in FOSDEM and in the next Regional meeting!
18:06:11 <ABen> it was nice to chat with you guys
18:06:14 <leo> thanks!
18:06:14 <Bacharakis> good night and lets rock!
18:06:20 <Bacharakis> #endmeeting