22:01:26 <regnard> #startmeeting
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22:01:43 <regnard> #topic Introductions
22:01:54 <regnard> Hello NA Reps
22:02:00 <williamr> Hello!
22:02:06 <CaseyBecking> HEy
22:02:10 <Tanner> o/
22:02:23 <regnard> For our agenda today, please visit: #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-march2013
22:02:49 <regnard> we have a smallish group to start, but let's see how things go in the next 15-20 minutes
22:03:20 <regnard> we had skipped 2 months of Regional meetings for NA, so hopefully this will be an enriching session
22:03:29 <regnard> on to the first item
22:03:41 <regnard> #topic ReMo Web Training Days Update
22:04:32 <regnard> At the start of the month, around 40+ Reps were in Athens, Greece for the ReMo Webmaker Training Days
22:05:12 <regnard> it was a 3-day event with 2 days spent on workshops run by MoFo folks
22:05:43 <regnard> then culminated with an actual webmaker event
22:06:13 <regnard> for North America, we were represented by myself, Kensie Connor, and Emma Irwin
22:06:30 <regnard> nice, Emma is here
22:06:49 <regnard> she can share her experiences at the ReMo Training Days later
22:06:50 <regnard> :D
22:07:20 <regnard> For some background info on the training days, please take a look at #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webmaker/Teach/TrainingDays
22:07:39 <emmairwin> hey
22:07:43 <emmairwin> right
22:07:54 <regnard> The training was pretty intensive, and it covered a lot of high-level items...
22:08:21 <regnard> such as Webmaker goals, getting feedback from Reps, and how Reps can leverage Webmaker
22:08:53 <regnard> then went into detail on Webmaker hacktivity kits, and some preparation for the culminating webmaker event
22:09:31 <regnard> The event itself was pretty challenging as we were brought in to teach Greek kids, ranging from 5-13 years old, how to use Popcorn Maker
22:10:00 <regnard> I was part of the group that taught older kids, Emma was part of the group that taught younger
22:10:38 <regnard> for me, i found myself respecting middle school teachers more after going through the event :P
22:11:00 <regnard> Emma, would you like to share some of your experiences at RTD?
22:11:51 <Joasia> hello
22:12:06 <Joasia> stupid EST timezones, almost missed things
22:12:12 <emmairwin> hi
22:12:13 <emmairwin> sure
22:12:23 <emmairwin> I'm going to write a blog later in the week but I can quickly summarize my experiences
22:13:08 <emmairwin> actually I'm not sure I can summarize  - a lot happened.  I have some positive feedback, and then some personal realizations about teaching, leading, organizing that I'll share in a blog
22:13:45 <emmairwin> it was awesome, I learned a lot, formed great connections with other Reps who I ADORE and I think those connections will go a long way in the community
22:14:29 <emmairwin> We're planning a series of hack jams this month - and I suppose mostly for Reps who weren't there, and want to run web maker events or have questions.  we're here for you
22:17:12 <regnard> Yes, Emma is actually leading a Webmaker project called Generation Open
22:17:31 <regnard> It's a great example of how Reps can be a driving force in Webmaker
22:17:46 <regnard> Anything more to add Emma?
22:18:20 <emmairwin> just that we launched genopen.org today
22:18:51 <emmairwin> Thanks regnard
22:19:05 <regnard> #link http://genopen.org
22:19:16 <emmairwin> right - so there are two projects listed there
22:19:37 <emmairwin> first is a question - we're encouraging mentors / educators /reps to solicit responses to the question 'if you could make anything on the web, what would it be and why'?
22:19:58 <emmairwin> and then at the end of this month, we're launching a collaborative popcorn project with multiple reps running web maker events
22:20:07 <emmairwin> (more on that through reps list)
22:22:53 <regnard> OK, so make sure to take a look at GenOpen :D
22:23:18 <regnard> Any questions on the ReMo Webmaker Training Days?
22:23:42 <regnard> The idea is to also strengthen Webmaker + ReMo ties
22:23:56 <regnard> Come middle of the year, there are more solid Webmaker events happening
22:24:19 <regnard> So if anyone here wants to know more about it, feel free to ask me, Kensie, or Emma
22:24:57 <regnard> OK, moving on to the next agenda item
22:25:19 <regnard> #topic Community Sites
22:25:45 <regnard> So I guess this is a BC-specific concern
22:26:12 <regnard> I am aware that maintaining a community site is work
22:26:34 <regnard> and there's really no pressure to keep the site updated for the sake of it not looking stale
22:27:44 <regnard> so, if there are people willing to step up and help out in site maintenance, feel free to open it up to non-Reps
22:27:57 <regnard> It's ideal to have vouched Mozillians though
22:28:11 <Tanner> ?
22:28:17 <regnard> Yes, tanner
22:28:39 <Tanner> Do we have a site yet, or are we looking for people to get one started?
22:29:27 <regnard> Sites are community-specific
22:29:36 <regnard> ie, BC, Toronto, Quebec, etc.
22:29:54 <regnard> I don't think there are US-based community sites...
22:29:58 <Tanner> ah, okay.
22:29:59 <regnard> I could be wrong, though
22:30:19 <regnard> Any other questions or concerns re: community sites?
22:30:44 <regnard> OK, moving on to the most important agenda item, if you ask me...
22:31:02 <regnard> #topic North America Reps Meetup Brainstorming
22:31:24 <regnard> An idea I've been floating is a North America Meetup
22:31:37 <emmairwin> ?
22:31:40 <regnard> Since NA does not have the numbers to warrant a MozCamp
22:32:11 <regnard> I'd like to get your thoughts on this, ie, feasibility, location, dates, etc.
22:32:15 <regnard> Yes, Emma
22:32:31 <emmairwin> I find that since I am not located near Vancouver office, AND vancouver office is not engaged with our community here on the island - my keeping up the BC mozilla site, was more like me talking about what I know about my community - not really valuable
22:32:42 <emmairwin> not about BC
22:32:53 <emmairwin> which is why I want to step back f rom this as a responsiblity
22:34:23 <regnard> quickly on that point, I guess it's fine. The point is to put some updates on your locale, since it is in BC
22:35:05 <regnard> we can discuss offline whether the site is still relevant/useful or not
22:35:28 <regnard> so going back to the NA Reps Meetup...
22:36:03 <regnard> Are you for it? or does anyone have any concerns?
22:36:24 <FredB> !
22:36:53 <regnard> yes fredb
22:37:11 <emmairwin> ok
22:37:12 <emmairwin> sorry
22:37:42 <emmairwin> Vancouver
22:37:43 <FredB> In my opinion, it is quite useful, but shouldn't be an occasion only to chat, but actions should be taken, whether they are global or local. This might not be the opinion of everyone here, and I'm conscious about that though.
22:38:29 <bkerensa> Tanner: hi
22:38:35 <bkerensa> oh
22:39:04 <williamr> !
22:39:08 <regnard> yes williamr
22:39:43 <bkerensa> So I think we should have a meetup in Portland
22:39:44 <bkerensa> ;)
22:39:54 <bkerensa> there are a few reasons for this
22:40:03 <williamr> What would be the goal of a NA Reps meetup?
22:40:31 <bkerensa> williamr: to get all the NA reps together and effectively get the same value as a MozCamp
22:40:45 <bkerensa> an also do local planning for events in NA
22:41:00 <regnard> Thanks bkerensa. It has a lot of parallels to the MozCamps
22:41:04 <bkerensa> we want to increase the amount of events and continue to grow our ranks and efforts in NA
22:41:12 <knaszradi> bkerensa: other than meeting in person, what degree of this could happen online?
22:41:37 <bkerensa> knaszradi: some of it could... we could do conferencing
22:41:46 <knaszradi> I'm not sure these goals (listed above) actually make it parallel to a MozCamp
22:41:55 <bkerensa> but a concentrated meetup with all day training and meetings might produce more value
22:41:55 <knaszradi> which is focused both on product and community building
22:42:20 <knaszradi> I think there would have to be a series of very clear goals in order to make this a reality...
22:42:47 <bkerensa> knaszradi: Thats totally true we do need to refine the goals and produce some metrics before it should be a proposal
22:42:53 <knaszradi> perhaps start a brainstorm?
22:42:58 <Tanner> If it were to happen, would it be possible to have some sort of webmaker hackjam in conjunction with it?
22:43:02 <knaszradi> what type of attendance are you looking at?
22:43:09 <bkerensa> One thing if we had it in Portland we could do a FFOS hack day since we have MoCo FFOS people here in Portland
22:43:11 <regnard> This is the start of the brainstorming :D
22:43:21 <bkerensa> and I know that the local MoCo people have wanted a hackday here
22:43:24 <FredB> bkerensa: it's FxOS, just sayin'
22:43:35 <bkerensa> FredB: FxOS :P
22:44:19 <regnard> KAte, so are you saying that community building is not enough to warrant a meetup?
22:44:52 <knaszradi> not at all - I just think it needs to be very clear (and saying that I'm not seeing the parallels b/w this and a mozcamp)
22:45:08 <bkerensa> regnard: I agree with knaszradi that it needs to be more than just community building... I think we should seek to have some training and even maybe a NA meeting
22:45:16 <bkerensa> we want as much value for the cost as possible
22:46:09 <williamr> +1
22:47:50 <regnard> of course, we will have a chance to shape the agenda together
22:48:14 <bkerensa> regnard: I know we passed up the website discussion but I just wanted to add that we need to push through the hosting/domain... Unsure whats been blocking that
22:48:18 <regnard> It will definitely be value-adding to the community
22:48:23 <bkerensa> +1
22:50:57 <regnard> OK, the Meetup agenda will be fleshed out for community review
22:53:11 <regnard> but if you have any concerns/questions about the meetup, feel free to add it on the etherpad
22:54:14 <regnard> I personally would like to push ahead with this-- I think this will only help NA Reps get to a level of what the folks in Asia, LATAM, and Europe have
22:54:38 <CaseyBecking> +1
22:54:53 <Tanner> +1
22:54:57 <bkerensa> +1
22:55:08 <bkerensa> and some of us cannot travel to Europe/Asia
22:55:12 <bkerensa> its just not practical
22:55:21 <bkerensa> North American Mozillians need = <3
22:55:49 <regnard> Just a quick question to the folks in SF... How difficult is it if we were to have the meetup there?
22:56:20 <bkerensa> regnard: Also Portland will be opening a office next month
22:56:29 <bkerensa> which might be closer than SF for most in Canada etc
22:57:08 <CaseyBecking> We should find out location of reps willing to come and find the happy middle ground.
22:58:17 <emmairwin> +1 to NA love - we need more reps, greater connection - envious of other communities.  Would like to talk more about how student reps can help increase numbers as well (when we get there)
22:58:28 <williamr> Having a meetup in the Mozilla SF space shouldn't be difficult. We usually have available meeting space, and we will have more space in May once our expansion is complete.
22:59:11 <regnard> Just so you know, there are 20 Reps based in US and Canada
23:00:24 <bkerensa> 21<John-Galt>21 bkerensa: Do we actually have any reps in North America?
23:00:31 <bkerensa> ^ in the Mozilla Portland channel
23:00:31 <regnard> ~8 are already near SF
23:00:39 <bkerensa> :)
23:00:46 <bkerensa> see we do need activity
23:01:12 <CaseyBecking> 2 in southern California (Me and Joanna)
23:01:49 <CaseyBecking> so that's 1/2 of the us reps right there
23:01:58 <CaseyBecking> *us/canada
23:02:40 <regnard> OK, it looks like there is desire among us to make it happen, we just need to add value to it
23:03:18 <regnard> We'll need to wrap up soon
23:03:35 <regnard> SO the immediate action is I'll start a planning pad for the NA Meetup
23:03:52 <regnard> and have get help from you about the logistics of the matter
23:04:05 <regnard> #action Regnard to start planning pad for North America Meetup
23:04:43 <regnard> I invite everyone to support and challenge the stuff in the pad to make it the strongest case possible for a Meetup
23:05:29 <regnard> OK, so any final questions/comments?
23:06:16 <bkerensa> Any news on localized swag?
23:06:23 <bkerensa> an the swag shop?
23:06:41 <regnard> locally-produced swag?
23:06:54 <bkerensa> locally-produced and also the staples shop
23:07:14 <regnard> OK, re: locally-produced, it is OK, provided that:
23:07:28 <regnard> 1) it makes sense to make them rather than have them sent
23:07:54 <regnard> 2) no official Mozilla trademarks/likenesses are included
23:08:03 <regnard> e.g. logo
23:08:28 <regnard> AFAIK, typographical elements are acceptable, like ones they make in Asia
23:08:53 <regnard> Anything that has official Mozilla likenesses must be vetted by marketing/brand
23:09:08 <bkerensa> ok
23:09:10 <regnard> Does that answer your question, bkerensa?
23:09:16 <bkerensa> yes and the staples shop?
23:09:33 <regnard> What's the staples shop again?
23:09:36 <bkerensa> My understanding was at some point we would be able to get voucher or request a item for giveaways
23:09:44 <bkerensa> something above the fold of the normal swag we have
23:09:56 <bkerensa> uhh so staples would have the hoodies, laptop bags, and other higher quality swag
23:10:20 <Joasia> CaseyBecking: o hai, didn't se eyou here
23:10:43 <Joanna> this will make me more recognizable
23:11:15 <regnard> Hmm, I'm not aware of that... Can you include that in the agenda etherpad?
23:11:27 <bkerensa> sure
23:11:49 <regnard> OK, any other questions/concerns?
23:12:10 <Tanner> I do have a couple things... Maybe not for meeting, but I'll go ahead anyway.
23:13:09 <regnard> ok...?
23:13:18 <Tanner> (sorry, this is longish)
23:14:35 <Tanner> Joanna sent an email after SCALE, had a few items. condensed down, one person from Linux Professional Institute wanted somebody to speak to them about Firefox OS; Martin Martinez, Consultant for CyberNET Systems. He said he's running a couple of groups, specifically IEEE and OSAndroid in Orange County. He asked for a speaker for FFOS in Orange county to come to one of the meetups they're doing. For IEEE someone more technical, for OCAndroid app
23:14:35 <Tanner> arently not that technical; A third person left a note on Twitter asking if Mozilla would have interest in having a presence at http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/
23:16:36 <regnard> When you say presence, is it for a speaker, or for a booth (or something like that)?
23:17:13 <Tanner> I imagine a booth, but at SCALE we had a few people speak, so it could be both.
23:17:44 * bkerensa is not it :)
23:17:54 <bkerensa> North Carolina is not in my range of travel ;p
23:18:28 <regnard> My recommendation is if you are interested in participating on the event, file a proper budget/swag request
23:18:38 <regnard> and make sure the proper metrics are cited
23:19:09 <regnard> There are Reps who are in the US east coast, so it may make sense to link up with them
23:19:45 <regnard> Keep in mind that whoever will review the request will probably review the SCALE event as well
23:20:07 <regnard> does that give some clarity for your concerns?
23:20:33 <Tanner> Yeah, thanks.
23:22:04 <regnard> Great! :)
23:22:18 <regnard> Last call for concerns...
23:23:32 <regnard> all right, thanks for everyone who joined
23:23:51 <CaseyBecking> regnard: Thank you
23:23:58 <bkerensa> Thanks
23:23:59 <regnard> our big push would be to make the NA meetup a reality, if needed :D
23:24:11 <regnard> #endmeeting