17:04:58 <cmpahar> #startmeeting EMEA Reps April 2013
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17:05:17 <cmpahar> our agenda for today's meeting can be found at
17:05:24 <cmpahar> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-04-2013
17:05:35 <cmpahar> please add your names and your nicks on the section
17:06:12 <cmpahar> first of all I want to remind you the protocol :)
17:06:32 <cmpahar> if you want to say something just say ! and wait to take the flood
17:06:38 <cmpahar> if you want to ask, write ?
17:06:51 <cmpahar> and when you finish your question or statement write "eof"
17:07:08 <cmpahar> if you agree with something thats "+1" and if you disagree -1
17:07:15 <cmpahar> so, lets rock and roll :)
17:07:19 <cmpahar> first of all
17:07:26 <cmpahar> #topic General Program Update
17:07:36 <cmpahar> williamq, the floor is yours!
17:07:51 <williamq> hey
17:07:54 <williamq> apologies
17:08:07 <williamq> thanks Christos
17:08:13 <williamq> so, very quickly
17:08:33 <williamq> as you may have noticed on reps-general, things have been picking up a lot of steam in ReMo universe
17:08:47 <williamq> lots of excitement growing around Fx OS of course
17:09:14 <williamq> one quick update about phones
17:09:36 <williamq> as you may have heard, we'll soon be sending Fx OS Keons phones to Reps around the world
17:09:46 <williamq> we are still waiting for these phones to be ready to be shipped
17:10:01 <williamq> but it *should* be some time end of the month, or early May
17:10:16 <williamq> I'll be sending more information on exactly how and when we'll be shipping phones
17:10:45 <williamq> the Mozilla Reps council will be meeting this sunday to decide on criteria for who will be receiving a phone
17:10:59 <williamq> also, we'll be defining what the tasks Reps will have once they have their phones
17:11:17 <williamq> so look out for an update on all this some time next week
17:11:26 <williamq> in other news
17:12:05 <williamq> the Mozilla Reps council is working on creating materials and programs to better support Mozilla Reps for FX OS launches in their country
17:12:23 <williamq> the focus right now is in those countries where we will be launching Fx OS in the next couple of months
17:12:33 <williamq> like Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Poland etc...
17:12:51 <williamq> a lot of info about these programs and materials will be shared on reps-general in the next weeks
17:13:12 <williamq> basically, the idea is for all Reps to become Fx OS experts :)
17:13:17 <williamq> that's it for the quick update
17:13:25 <williamq> back to you cmpahar
17:13:29 <cmpahar> thank you williamq
17:13:30 <williamq> eom
17:13:35 <cmpahar> any questions or comments Reps?!
17:14:04 <cmpahar> ok thanks so moving on to the next topic
17:14:16 <cmpahar> #topic Reps + Webmakers
17:14:45 <cmpahar> as you know Mozilla foundation is putting a lot of effort in the Webmakers movement and especially in Reps who want/are webmakers
17:15:07 <cmpahar> our channels of communication are a mailing list
17:15:15 <cmpahar> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla-reps-webmaker-project
17:15:27 <cmpahar> and a community group on Google+
17:15:34 <cmpahar> #link http://mzl.la/gpluswebmaker
17:16:14 <cmpahar> if YOU Reps, are interested being webmakers and spreading the word of webmaking please sign up and get involved
17:16:39 <kerminator> ?
17:16:43 <cmpahar> yes kerminator
17:16:54 <kerminator> what mailing list we should sign up to?
17:17:01 <kerminator> if we want to get involved with the Webmakers
17:17:15 <cmpahar> kerminator, its the first link I shared 3 lines before
17:17:21 <cmpahar> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla-reps-webmaker-project
17:17:24 <kerminator> OK
17:17:27 <kerminator> Thanks
17:17:29 <cmpahar> wait
17:17:41 <cmpahar> thats the special mailing list for the Reps who want to be webmakers
17:17:49 <cmpahar> there is also the general webmakers list which is
17:18:05 <cmpahar> #link https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/webmaker
17:18:34 <kerminator> Thank you!
17:19:02 <cmpahar> Generally a lot of cool and awesome projects are growing under the webmaking movement such as GenOpen
17:19:12 <cmpahar> ioanachiorean, do you want to tell us more about that?
17:19:23 <cmpahar> there is also a question on the pad for that :)
17:19:23 <ioanachiorean> Hey .. yes
17:20:14 <ioanachiorean> As for genopen the idea is to have at least one collaborative event/project that gathers youth from all around the world
17:20:57 <ioanachiorean> Current status : we have a website , pleade take a look at it and give feedback if you like www.genopen.org
17:21:38 <ioanachiorean> And we are running events to gather test data for first peoject - Our culture, our music
17:22:03 <ioanachiorean> We have a meeting on each other Monday, on #genopen channel
17:22:46 <ioanachiorean> cmpahar can you link to the wiki page for genOpen.. I am on mobile so multitasking is not quite posible..
17:23:01 <cmpahar> ioanachiorean, on that
17:23:41 <ioanachiorean> I see ganesh question..
17:24:23 <ioanachiorean> Genopen is a project of webmaker - considered as a plugin of it. So it is part of it - it is merged.
17:25:15 <cmpahar> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/Learning/WebLiteracies
17:25:22 <cmpahar> #link http://genopen.org/g/
17:25:38 <cmpahar> ioanachiorean, eof?
17:26:05 <ioanachiorean> Yes, please add wiki for genopen
17:26:44 <cmpahar> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/GenOpen
17:26:51 <cmpahar> thank you ioanachiorean
17:27:17 <cmpahar> so, answering some questions on the Pad, regarding the webmaker events
17:27:53 <cmpahar> the steps are simple
17:28:19 <cmpahar> create an event on the Reps events platform, request for a budget or swag and run your event ;)
17:28:32 <cmpahar> Regarding budget though
17:28:35 <cmpahar> Please! to all Reps
17:28:53 <cmpahar> file all your budget requests at least 2 weeks before the event
17:29:03 <fredy> :)
17:29:17 <williamq> 3 weeks before the event :)
17:29:22 <cmpahar> if you can make a budget request a month earlier,
17:29:28 <williamq> at least...
17:29:30 <cmpahar> sorry williamq ,yes 3 weeks
17:29:50 <cmpahar> its easier for the council to review your request and approve it
17:29:58 <cmpahar> and run your event smoothly
17:30:02 <cmpahar> just keep it in mind :)
17:30:19 <cmpahar> anything else regarding Webmakers and Reps?
17:31:02 <cmpahar> bottom line Michele and Laura are from the Mozilla foundation and willing to help anynew webmakers
17:31:15 <cmpahar> Michelle's mail is michelle@mozillafoundation.org
17:31:36 <cmpahar> and Laura's Hillinger michelle@mozillafoundation.org
17:31:46 <cmpahar> please feel free to ping them :)
17:31:51 <cmpahar> so moving on to Events
17:31:55 <cmpahar> #topic Events
17:31:58 <Chaasof> is the same mail cmpahar
17:32:05 <cmpahar> sorry Chaasof
17:32:15 <cmpahar> Laura's Hillinge laura@mozillafoundation.org
17:32:32 <cmpahar> as you know, Mozilla summit it's on the way
17:33:06 <cmpahar> and if you are interested in participating you have to do, 2 simple steps
17:33:08 <cmpahar> pasting
17:33:16 <cmpahar> 1. Add your home country (where you'll travel from) to your profile if you haven't already: https://mozillians.org/user/edit/
17:33:27 <cmpahar> 2. View the 'summit2013' group and click the 'Join Group' button if you are interested and available to attend the Summit https://mozillians.org/group/summit2013/
17:33:37 <cmpahar> and the DEADLINE is tomorrow :)
17:34:13 <cmpahar> if you dont have any questions or comments
17:34:22 <cmpahar> moving forward to Firefox OS App Days in a Box
17:34:35 <cmpahar> our SOPs are at
17:34:37 <cmpahar> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/AppDaysInABox
17:34:45 <cmpahar> and williamq please give as a short update :)
17:34:47 <williamq> so a quick update
17:35:02 <williamq> we've gathered lots of great feedback from Reps to improve the SOP
17:35:26 <williamq> please please encourage your fellow Reps to look into organizing local App Days
17:35:36 <williamq> we've got great resources
17:35:54 <williamq> and can produce/ship app Day relevant swag for these events
17:36:11 <cmpahar> +1 awesome!
17:36:23 <williamq> we'll be adding a new section with some App Day specific materials in terms of slides, and presentations you can use
17:36:32 <Ibrahima> +1
17:36:47 <williamq> and as always, remember that these can be easily funded through ReMO
17:37:10 <williamq> that's it for the quick update, I hope we'll see lots of new App Days all over the world :)
17:37:14 <williamq> eom
17:37:28 <cmpahar> thank you williamq
17:37:35 <cmpahar> any questions or comments Reps?!
17:37:41 <ltedone> !
17:37:44 <cmpahar> yes ltedone
17:38:23 <ltedone> it would be great to have some phone when doing this kind of events, because devs want to see a physical device
17:38:28 <williamq> !
17:38:41 <cmpahar> ltedone, eof?
17:38:46 <ltedone> eof
17:38:55 <cmpahar> yes williamq
17:39:02 <williamq> Itedone: absolutely
17:39:14 <williamq> we are doing our best to gets the phones out to Reps as soon as possible
17:39:28 <williamq> it's super important to have the phones so that they can be shown and demo'd at the events
17:39:34 <williamq> but also for devs to test their apps on
17:39:44 <cmpahar> williamq, can we request for at least a couple of more phones except the phone are we getting as Reps?
17:39:44 <ltedone> !
17:39:45 <williamq> I really really hope we'll have the phones by the end of the month
17:40:03 <williamq> cmpahar: yes, we're totally looking into that
17:40:07 <cmpahar> thanks williamq
17:40:10 <williamq> the Council will be discussing this on Sunday
17:40:12 <kerminator> ?
17:40:14 <cmpahar> ltedone,
17:40:17 <williamq> we have about 400 Reps
17:40:25 <williamq> and we'll have about 400 phones
17:40:32 <williamq> not all Reps will have a phone
17:40:46 <williamq> so we anticipate that some Reps will have several phones, based on their Fx OS activities
17:40:53 <williamq> eom
17:41:09 <cmpahar> yes ltedone
17:41:18 <ltedone> it would be also great if we can give away phone to devs if they produce 3-4 apps and upload them to the marketplace, in order to increase the number of apps in the marketplace
17:41:20 <ltedone> eof
17:41:41 <cmpahar> ltedone, personal opinion, expensive
17:41:58 <williamq> ltedone: it's gong to be expensive
17:42:01 <kerminator> +1
17:42:17 <williamq> plus, we really don't have that many phones at this point - so we need to prioritize them for Reps
17:42:20 <williamq> eom
17:42:30 <cmpahar> but i am going to forward your request to the council. Maybe we could think something like a prize
17:42:38 <cmpahar> yes kerminator
17:43:01 * cmpahar a special firefox os tshirt could be nice ;)
17:43:15 <kerminator> what are the criteria for getting a phone as a Rep since I am prepairing a Fx OS presentation for next month's local OpenCoffee event
17:43:32 <kerminator> but we as a Bosnian Mozilla Community are planning a lot more events
17:43:36 <kerminator> during the summer
17:43:52 <williamq> !
17:44:02 <cmpahar> yes williamq feel free to jump in
17:44:02 <kerminator> and definitely want to promote Fx OS
17:44:03 <kerminator> eom
17:44:12 * cmpahar its eof guys :D hehe
17:44:39 <kerminator> sorry :)
17:44:41 <kerminator> eof
17:44:55 <cmpahar> williamq, the floor is yours :)
17:45:22 <williamq> the council will be defining criteria this sunday - but essentially, the phones will be given to Reps who have been regularly active in the past couple of months and who have demonstrated particular interest in Fx OS
17:45:40 <williamq> also, there will be some reporting involved
17:46:12 <williamq> meaning that a Rep who gets a phone will have to run some tests, report back to the engineers etc..
17:46:31 <cmpahar> quality assurance! I love that :D
17:46:31 <kerminator> !
17:46:34 <williamq> not a lot of work, but it will represent some time
17:46:41 <williamq> so the Rep will need to be onboard with that
17:46:46 <williamq> eom/eof
17:46:51 <cmpahar> yes kerminator
17:47:02 <kerminator> reporting is only natural
17:47:10 <williamq> me/ thinks that eom makes more sense than eof
17:47:32 <kerminator> and that shouldn't be a problem especially since we received an invitation to be guests at one of Sarajevo's universities
17:47:41 <cmpahar> williamq, i thought it was a miss spelled - so its the same ;)
17:48:03 <kerminator> and give a presentation of the community, Mozilla and potential for student involvement
17:48:08 * williamq is smiling
17:48:21 <kerminator> and also they are interested in us organizing one day event
17:48:31 <kerminator> where students would do something
17:48:44 <kerminator> like localization sprint or some kind of a webmaker day
17:49:05 <kerminator> so we could have an app development day for Fx OS
17:49:29 <kerminator> eof/eom :)
17:49:35 <cmpahar> amazing news kerminator
17:49:50 <cmpahar> dont forget to blogpost and upload photos of the events :D
17:50:01 <kerminator> of course
17:50:15 <kerminator> (a new redesigned website of the community is on its way)
17:50:31 <cmpahar> anything we would like to discuss more regarding Firefox OS events?!
17:51:47 <cmpahar> so as william says and you understand Reps are the driving force for
17:51:58 <Ibrahima> +1
17:52:17 <cmpahar> bringing Firefox OS, Open web apps and the Marketplace in their countries/communities
17:52:52 <cmpahar> I want you to understand that, Mozilla Reps are the driving force of Firefox OS and Webmakers  movement too
17:53:01 <cmpahar> so guys, lets do things! lets rock and roll!
17:53:08 <williamq> YEAH!!! :)
17:53:28 <williamq> the next couple of months are going to be particularly interesting :)
17:53:33 <williamq> and a LOT of fun
17:53:41 * cmpahar YEAH!
17:53:43 <Ibrahima> ;-)
17:53:49 <tct> +1
17:53:53 <Prometheas> :)
17:54:13 <cmpahar> so moving on, as you heard, a month ago in athens too place the Remo Training Days
17:54:39 <cmpahar> with Reps from all over the world you want to bring webmaking in their own country
17:55:06 <cmpahar> we learned a lot of amazing and cool techniques on how to organize events, work with kids
17:55:14 <cmpahar> and generally hack the web ;)
17:55:53 <cmpahar> Mozilla wants to repeat that event with more and new Mozilla reps
17:56:38 <cmpahar> because the foundation believes that Mozilla Reps can bring a lot of cool stuff and put a lot of effort in this project (webmaker)
17:56:52 <Ibrahima> +1
17:56:56 <ltedone> +1
17:57:35 <cmpahar> so sign up on the mailing list, prepare, organize and run your AWESOME webmaking event
17:58:00 <cmpahar> if you need anything, Remo council is always here as Michelle and Laura from the Foundation too
17:58:17 <cmpahar> before we move to the next topic
17:58:27 <cmpahar> anything you would like to ask/discuss?
17:58:46 <cmpahar> so moving on
17:58:50 <cmpahar> #topic Future Meeting
17:59:06 <cmpahar> i would like your feedback regarding our meetings
17:59:21 <cmpahar> do you believe that every 2 months is a good time?!
17:59:32 <cmpahar> +1 if you agree -1 if you disagree
17:59:40 <williamq> -1
17:59:44 <Ibrahima> -1
17:59:48 <Prometheas> -1
17:59:52 <kerminator> -1
17:59:53 * Chaasof 0
17:59:54 <cmpahar> yes williamq please elaborate
17:59:54 <ltedone> -1
18:00:05 <cmpahar> -1 from me too :)
18:00:15 <williamq> i just feel like the next couple of months are going to be particularly busy and active
18:00:28 <cmpahar> so lets make it every 2 weeks?
18:00:30 <williamq> so there will be lots of stuff to share and update people on
18:00:40 <williamq> every two weeks would be too much
18:00:47 <Ibrahima> +1+!
18:00:50 <Ibrahima> !
18:01:01 <cmpahar> yes Ibrahima
18:01:17 <cmpahar> so other option is every 3 or every 4 weeks :)
18:01:18 <Ibrahima> Was thinking about 1ce/month
18:01:29 <henx> +1 on the 4-weeks-cycle
18:01:34 <ltedone> Ibrahima: +1
18:01:46 <Chaasof> !
18:01:51 <Prometheas> henx: +1
18:01:53 <cmpahar> yes Chaasof
18:02:42 <Chaasof> +1 for Ibrahima and it will be great to open an etherpad to have much more questions from mozillians
18:03:17 <Chaasof> eom
18:03:22 <cmpahar> Chaasof, i like your opinion but, the etherpad is going to be opened for questions from Reps ;)
18:03:34 * williamq has to jump off - thanks to everyone and big hat tip to cmpahar for doing such a great job chairing
18:03:46 <cmpahar> thank you williamq take care :)
18:04:11 <Chaasof> yep mozillians = reps :D
18:04:18 <cmpahar> so guys 1 meeting per month and a permanent etherpad for questions
18:04:34 <cmpahar> +1 or -1
18:04:37 <cmpahar> please vote :D
18:04:38 <Ben> +1
18:04:39 <Ibrahima> +1
18:04:41 <kerminator> +1
18:04:44 <ltedone> +1
18:04:45 <Chaasof> +1 for me
18:04:50 <cmpahar> awesome!
18:04:54 <Niko> +1
18:05:00 <Srikar> :D
18:05:02 <Prometheas> +1
18:05:03 <Chaasof> !
18:05:08 <cmpahar> yes Chaasof
18:05:29 <cmpahar> #agreed to have a meeting once a month and have a permanent etherpad available for questions
18:05:34 <Chaasof> can you specify the topics of the month
18:05:42 <Chaasof> ?
18:05:50 <cmpahar> for next month?
18:05:58 <cmpahar> for next month;s meeting?
18:06:06 <Chaasof> yep on the etherpad
18:06:07 <cmpahar> #action cmpahar create and share the etherpad with Reps
18:06:29 <cmpahar> generally the topics are the same everymonth with some simple additions
18:06:37 <Chaasof> to specify the type of questions
18:06:38 <cmpahar> and the agenda is hackable
18:06:41 <Chaasof> from reps
18:06:59 <Chaasof> oki :)
18:07:06 <cmpahar> Chaasof, yes i will do that :)
18:07:28 <cmpahar> but Reps, the agenda is really hackable, you can add a topic in order to discuss it during the meeting
18:07:37 <Ibrahima> +1
18:07:42 <Chaasof> ;)
18:07:48 <cmpahar> and please, if you have a question, please BE on the meeting in order your question to be answered
18:08:08 <cmpahar> and provide better feedback and some clarification if need :)
18:08:23 <cmpahar> #topic Open Floor
18:08:37 <cmpahar> now its the time to discuss anything you want and you didn't add on the agenda!
18:08:44 <cmpahar> feel free to step up!
18:09:32 <cmpahar> if you dont have a topic to discuss we are going to end the meeting in 1 minute :)
18:09:53 <Chaasof> !
18:10:03 <cmpahar> yes Chaasof
18:10:07 <Chaasof> I feel that there is no motivation to attend the reps meetings
18:10:41 <Chaasof> because we can find the log after the meeting
18:11:00 <Chaasof> so we need to be more interactive
18:11:24 <cmpahar> thats why I am asking you to bring your own topic on the agenda ;)
18:11:26 <Chaasof> so any solution ?
18:11:39 <kerminator> sorry for jumping in, for me it's better to attend rather than read the log
18:11:43 <kerminator> for reading the log is very boring
18:11:51 <Ibrahima> !
18:11:52 <kerminator> and you lose the track
18:11:58 <cmpahar> yes kerminator
18:12:01 <cmpahar> yes Ibrahima
18:12:04 <cmpahar> +1 to kerminator
18:12:23 <Chaasof> I agree with you kerminator  :)
18:12:28 <Ibrahima> And if everybody waits for the log, there will be no log :D
18:12:47 <cmpahar> Chaasof, generally i am going to write a detailed mail
18:12:54 <kerminator> but we must be realistic, if you take a look at the timing survey you will notice that many people couldn't attend the meeting at this very time/date
18:12:56 <cmpahar> on why to attend the meeting ;)
18:13:00 <Chaasof> Ibrahima: :D
18:13:07 <cmpahar> thats our main problem
18:13:11 <kerminator> also, many people are busy with something else so they passively follow the meeting
18:13:17 <cmpahar> thats why I wanted to have a meeting every 2 or 3 weeks
18:13:37 <kerminator> and some people are simply passive or are ashamed to write anything
18:13:51 <Chaasof> +1 kerminator
18:13:58 <Chaasof> like me :p
18:14:04 <cmpahar> and after we have to be efficient and "fast"
18:14:11 <cmpahar> we cant have a 2 hour meeting
18:14:24 <cmpahar> s/after/after all/
18:14:35 <Ben> +1 christos
18:15:00 <cmpahar> so i propose to write the mail in order to drive more people in the meetings
18:15:14 <cmpahar> explaining WHY do they have to attend
18:15:22 <cmpahar> and dont be shy and step up ;)
18:15:25 <kerminator> but also we need to be careful for if we have, let's say 50 attendees
18:15:33 <kerminator> and everybody wants to write or ask something
18:15:36 <cmpahar> kerminator, of course
18:15:37 <kerminator> the meeting could take forever
18:15:51 <kerminator> so we need to figure out some kind of scrum-like meetings
18:15:51 <cmpahar> thats why i am asking to add your questions on the pad
18:16:01 <cmpahar> in order to short them out and put them in an order
18:16:05 <cmpahar> guys guys
18:16:12 <cmpahar> lets end the meeting
18:16:17 <cmpahar> and continue talking
18:16:28 <kerminator> +1
18:16:32 <Ibrahima> +1
18:16:33 <cmpahar> thanks all for attending! See you in a month from now!
18:16:40 <cmpahar> #endmeeting