15:49:51 <regnard> #startmeeting
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15:50:06 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-na-april2013
15:50:16 <regnard> That's our agenda for today
15:50:29 <regnard> Depending on the number of people, this could be a quick meeting
15:51:17 <regnard> I'll probably put the Meetup topic later when there are more people around
15:51:31 <regnard> so I'd start with the training & devt update
15:51:38 <regnard> #topic Training & Development Update
15:52:18 <regnard> As you may have seen in the email I sent earlier, Reps will have access to Rosetta Stone licenses through Dino Anderson's language learning initiative
15:52:29 <regnard> 50-60 licenses will be allocated
15:53:10 <regnard> the Rosetta Stone team (Hugo Acosta, Srikar Ananthula & I) would lead the allocation of the licenses
15:53:39 <regnard> as of now, we are creating that list and the starting point is the language survey etherpad earlier sent in the year
15:54:04 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/language-training-survey
15:54:34 <regnard> If you're interested in getting a license for Rosetta Stone, I highly recommend adding your name to that list
15:55:52 <regnard> The commitment from Reps is to keep on using the licenses for learning. Mozilla will be monitoring activity, and inactive licenses may be granted to those who are able to devote time for it
15:56:03 <regnard> The rationale there is that licenses are limited
15:56:10 <regnard> there are close to 400 Reps now
15:56:47 <regnard> and only ~12.5% will get access at any given time
15:57:46 <regnard> Any questions regarding the Rosetta Stone licenses so far?
15:58:10 <emmairwin> none from me
15:58:34 <CaseyBecking> NONE FROM ME
15:59:19 <regnard> cool :)
15:59:41 <regnard> After that, the upcoming item are the Safari Books
15:59:59 <regnard> No discussion around that has happened yet
16:00:18 <regnard> but similar to Rosetta Stone, Reps will be given access to the Mozilla group account
16:00:39 <regnard> This was actually started before and this will get revamped with Reps in mind as well
16:00:50 <regnard> No timelines for this has been identified
16:01:16 <regnard> The bigger training & development task is the upcoming ReMo Camp
16:01:39 <regnard> In case you're not aware, there is a plan to organize the ReMo Camp for Mentors this year
16:01:50 <regnard> the date and location is TBD
16:02:09 <emmairwin> ?
16:02:14 <regnard> but I can tell you that these locations are considered: Singapore, Paris, Nairobi
16:02:17 <regnard> Yes, emma
16:02:23 <emmairwin> are those two different camps - or you are speaking of the same one
16:02:38 <regnard> As of now, they are different
16:02:53 <emmairwin> ok
16:03:25 <regnard> there is some talk of merging two activities (ReMo Camp + Summit Planning Assembly)
16:03:52 <regnard> Nothing is official yet. William Q will be laying out the plan for this eventually
16:04:11 <emmairwin> that would make sense for those of us trying to work with employers over absences (merging of two activities)
16:04:14 <regnard> Emma, do you have some thoughts about the merged events?
16:04:38 <regnard> ok, got it
16:04:41 <emmairwin> I am at the summit planning, and already worry that time off with an employer twice in am month would be tricky. I like merging idea.
16:06:14 <regnard> OK, for the ReMo Camp, the training & development task force will have a day to plan which involved the topics in the survey I sent out a few weeks back
16:06:35 <regnard> #link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oIt-B9b2kmdILSHq0Eqx8aLIzJcr2IF4ADc954Bk1rY/viewanalytics
16:07:38 <regnard> As of now, this is a moving target as the ReMo camp details have yet to be finalized
16:07:58 <regnard> Any questions before we move to the next item in the agenda?
16:08:13 <CaseyBecking> nothing from me
16:08:17 <emmairwin> no thx
16:08:36 <regnard> perfect :)
16:08:49 <regnard> #topic Mozilla Summit
16:09:31 <regnard> I hope everyone here has followed the Mozilla Summit updates William Q posted
16:10:09 <regnard> I am part of the group tasked to make the recommended list of volunteers who will be part of the 3-city summit on October
16:10:25 <regnard> The list is not just for Reps but for all Mozillians
16:10:34 <regnard> so you could imagine the size of that list
16:11:17 <ThePhoenixBird> got a minute williamq ?
16:11:21 <regnard> Pierros & William, along with the summit team, will make the final cut eventually
16:11:43 <williamq> i'm in a meeting now but ask anyway
16:11:46 <williamq> i'll make sure to answer
16:12:34 <emmairwin> ?
16:12:53 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, my swag package just arrived a few minutes ago, but the ups branch here is asking to pay import taxes on for it, never happened before
16:13:01 <williamq> :(
16:13:04 <williamq> how much?
16:13:21 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=853295
16:13:21 <remobot> Bug 853295: is not accessible.
16:13:31 <williamq> ok i'll take a look
16:14:03 <Kensie> Hi, sorry I'm late!
16:14:21 <ThePhoenixBird> according to the company the box is valued on Bs. 3500 (~USD$555) and they taxed me 20% + Bs. 400 (~USD$63) on administrative costs
16:14:27 <emmairwin> hey Kensie
16:14:41 <Kensie> hi emmairwin! omg I still have your coat :(
16:14:49 <emmairwin> lol no worries - it's spring now
16:14:57 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, plus other stuff all sum makes up to Bs. 1400 (~USD$220)
16:15:05 <emmairwin> not a coat I wore often, forgot actually
16:15:22 <regnard> sorry got dc
16:15:34 <regnard> what was the question?
16:15:54 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, the thing is the event is this saturday, should i pay the taxes and get them reimbursed?
16:15:58 <williamq> $USD 200 for your remo pack?
16:16:22 <emmairwin> I wanted to know if I can nominate local mozillians (no reps) , that I know to be doing an incredible job (have 1 specific person in mind, who has been an incredible help to me in our local community, organizing a hive popup etc, but not a rep
16:16:33 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, no, there is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=853295 is a swag pack for 500-1000 for FLISOL Valencia
16:16:34 <remobot> Bug 853295: is not accessible.
16:16:34 <regnard> in theory yes
16:16:43 <regnard> but the nomination period is done
16:16:44 <emmairwin> I'm not sure he would be on anyone's radar except mine (and perhaps Brett Gaylor who also is in our community group)
16:16:46 <williamq> ah ok sorry
16:16:48 <emmairwin> oh drat
16:16:51 <emmairwin> ok
16:16:51 <williamq> ok i'll follow up on the bug
16:16:54 <Tobbi> williamq: Can you tell me why those language learning courses are ONLY for Mozilla Reps and not awarded amongst all Mozillians? https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/mozilla.reps.general/uE5tjnx0ICg
16:17:09 <regnard> @Tobbi: Reps only
16:17:16 <Kensie> Tobbi: they're not for reps only
16:17:18 <ThePhoenixBird> williamq, is a 8kg box, im not sure how many t-shirts were shipped, they might be adding the t-shirts price to the total
16:17:27 <regnard> But Dino can probably give licenses to other Mozillians
16:17:31 <Kensie> there have been a certain number reservered for reps out of the total
16:17:33 <Tobbi> "This effort is led by Mozilla's Dino Anderson and he had identified that
16:17:33 <Tobbi> 50-60 Rosetta Stone licenses will be allotted to Mozilla Reps."
16:17:45 <regnard> the 50-60 licenses are for Reps only
16:17:45 <Kensie> Tobbi: yes out of the total
16:17:46 <Tobbi> Kensie: Thanks for that information :)
16:17:56 <Tobbi> So, normal contributors will get a chance, too?
16:17:58 <Tobbi> Great.
16:17:58 <regnard> there are 200++ licenses available
16:18:26 <regnard> all right, any other questions? Summit, or training & development related?
16:18:44 <Kensie> Tobbi: I got that from the use of the word "allotted" but english isn't your first language
16:19:01 <Kensie> to allot something means to portion out, you don't usually allot the whole thing to one person
16:19:03 <Tobbi> I meant allocated.
16:19:05 <regnard> for folks, we're having the North American Regional Meeting now
16:19:20 <Tobbi> Ah, right.
16:19:25 <Tobbi> sorry, I will silence.
16:19:43 <regnard> last item in the agenda, is the North America Meetup
16:20:02 <regnard> I want to cover logistics first.. are there people here who will be in Toronto in June?
16:20:23 <emmairwin> Missing for adaCamp
16:20:34 <regnard> #Topic North American Reps Meetup
16:21:13 <regnard> That's OK emma. I'm sure it will be a great ada camp in SF :D
16:21:39 <emmairwin> thanks - I think it will be amazing.  hate to miss TO but will try remote participation where possible
16:21:42 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meetup-planning
16:22:18 <regnard> Please take a look at the agenda for the meetup in the link
16:22:25 <regnard> Remote participation is possible, but some pre-work would be needed
16:22:46 <regnard> It would be good to start thinking about your own local community
16:23:09 <regnard> and be mindful of the successes and challenges in the past
16:23:56 <regnard> in the first day of the meetup, a lot of introspection and community scanning will be done
16:24:02 <Kensie> If Emma isn't coming will we have representation from BC?
16:24:12 <emmairwin> I see Erik's name there
16:24:12 <regnard> I've emailed Eric Vold
16:24:16 <emmairwin> I can talk with him before he goes
16:24:21 <regnard> He hasn't replied though
16:24:23 <regnard> :(
16:24:29 <emmairwin> :(
16:25:00 <regnard> anyways, I'll reach out to some NA Reps again
16:25:29 <regnard> so far we have 7 Reps
16:25:30 <emmairwin> sometimes pinging people on twitter helps when email doesn't
16:26:07 <regnard> I'm not worried about the number, it's better to have a highly motivated small group in a lot of times
16:26:31 <regnard> I have a hard close at 12:30
16:26:36 <regnard> day job calls :P
16:26:48 <emmairwin> yes it does
16:26:51 <regnard> so any final thoughts before we close the NA meeting
16:26:56 <emmairwin> none from me - thanks so much
16:26:57 <CaseyBecking> nothing from me
16:27:01 <CaseyBecking> Thank you
16:27:30 <emmairwin> oh I have one new NA rep - hope she can attend next time (wasn't available today)
16:27:31 <regnard> not a problem. it's going to be a busy time for Reps in the next months. so it's going to be a heckuva ride
16:27:33 <regnard> :D
16:27:36 <regnard> Thanks everyone
16:27:39 <emmairwin> thanks!
16:27:40 <regnard> #endmeeting