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23:00:28 <Izel> Hi Brazilian Reps.
23:00:43 <RodrigoPadula> hello Izel
23:00:49 <Izel> this is the agenda for our regional meeting https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/brazil-regional-meeting-120513
23:00:51 <Coragem> Hi!
23:01:01 <Izel> please add your names under Atteders :)
23:01:18 <Izel> remember the protocol :)
23:02:01 <Izel> so let's start with our first topic
23:02:17 <Izel> #topic FirefoxOS lacunching Cartagena
23:02:42 <Izel> As you know, Firefox OS launchind deadline is very close
23:03:11 <Izel> there will be a camp in Cartagena Colombia for firefox os teams
23:03:34 <Izel> there are a team by country (Colombia Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and Poland)
23:03:53 <Izel> Some of you are part of the team?
23:03:58 <RodrigoPadula> and Brasil as well
23:04:11 <Izel> RedrigoPadula and Brasil (I'm sorry)
23:04:24 <RodrigoPadula> no, I guess no one from the Brazilian launch team is here
23:04:32 <Izel> :(
23:04:45 <panaggio> nope
23:05:07 <Izel> Ok the idea fo this launching cam is to training people to support firefox OS launching campaigns in their local countries
23:05:50 <Izel> If you are no part of the team, you can work on this campaings anyway. It will be necessary too many people
23:06:10 <RodrigoPadula> ?
23:06:14 <Izel> in fact, you can think in some ideas
23:06:23 <Izel> RodrigoPadula...
23:06:35 <sanux_> I'm talking with Mark Crandon and ANTEL to start something here in Uruguay
23:06:55 <RodrigoPadula> I guess people here in Brazil are very unmotivated to help
23:07:16 <Izel> why?
23:07:28 <RodrigoPadula> too many issues
23:07:45 <RodrigoPadula> bureaucracy to get support from remo
23:08:01 <Izel> OMG ...
23:08:14 <RodrigoPadula> and the fact that the local community dont receive attention from the engagement team
23:08:30 <RodrigoPadula> so, we dont have people here engaging the community to help
23:08:42 <RodrigoPadula> we are losing great contributors..
23:09:11 <Izel> RodrigoPadula ok. I would like to have a meeting with Brazilian community in order to help with this. I can help you to change the things.
23:09:16 <RodrigoPadula> so, we are working more in individual contributions than as a community
23:09:39 <Izel> RodrigoPadula is so sad :(
23:09:49 <RodrigoPadula> I guess Mozilla have to change some issues...
23:10:03 <Izel> but did you have a meeting with Pierros some months ago, don't you?
23:10:03 <RodrigoPadula> I tried to discuss about it many times
23:10:23 <RodrigoPadula> nothing changed and now we are losing good contributors..
23:11:05 <RodrigoPadula> no, since I was not able to confirm to go to Porto Alegre to participate in that meeting too soon
23:11:08 <panaggio> !
23:11:14 <RodrigoPadula> they didnt approved when I confirmed...
23:11:44 <RodrigoPadula> < panaggio
23:11:52 <Izel> panaggio...
23:11:56 <panaggio> I didn't have the chance to be part of that meeting too. They asked me to confirm my participation one day before (an unnannounced) deadline
23:12:08 <Izel> Aww :(
23:12:27 <Izel> RodrigoPadula coragem panaggio, sanux_ If you preffer, we can change our agenda and talk about this issues?
23:12:38 <panaggio> I agree with RodrigoPadula that we have manu issues here
23:12:41 <RodrigoPadula> +1
23:12:46 <Izel> I can talk to the council about this. I am ge
23:12:50 <panaggio> +1
23:12:56 <Izel> I am getting very worried about it
23:13:08 <Izel> coragem?
23:13:54 <RodrigoPadula> Yes, since nobox was contracted to work in Brazil, we didnt receive any contact or email in the Brazilian list from the Engagement team
23:14:01 <panaggio> I should say that these issues also worries me as well. I almost quit the community recently
23:14:19 <Izel> I see .
23:14:40 <Izel> So let's forget the agenda and talk about this.
23:14:41 <Coragem> Sorry, I was filling the agenda.
23:15:29 <RodrigoPadula> and the remo program is not working properly for us.  We are invited to many events and they are very bureaucratic to confirm budget and swag in time
23:15:51 <RodrigoPadula> last months I had to cancel my participation in 3-4 events based on that same problem
23:16:04 <Izel> Yes I remember a couple of bugs ....
23:16:29 <Izel> rodrigoPadula but you have to understand, we need time to review the budget request
23:16:43 <RodrigoPadula> we are having so many interactions and questions through bugzilla
23:17:11 <RodrigoPadula> and one month is not enough to fix everything
23:17:30 <RodrigoPadula> I guess you need to create a check list to request everything in only one review
23:17:43 <panaggio> yep, agreed
23:18:01 <RodrigoPadula> normally we receive new updated on our bugs 2 times a week
23:18:09 <panaggio> we are asked for a lot during the process that could be asked beforehand
23:18:18 <RodrigoPadula> +1
23:18:53 <Izel> Ok . I will notify this to the council ans we will find a solution for this
23:19:21 <Izel> the budget request and Reps is something that we can solve
23:19:47 <RodrigoPadula> and the other question is about motivation
23:19:57 <Izel> so, you said motivation..
23:20:04 <RodrigoPadula> the engagement team must create some way to motivate people here
23:20:15 <Izel> +1
23:20:32 <RodrigoPadula> eof
23:20:42 <Izel> what do you think people are not motivated or loosing their motivation?
23:21:03 <panaggio> I can speak only by myself: I'm loosing it
23:21:40 <Izel> panaggio why?
23:21:41 <panaggio> I'm going on a really hard time myself, so this could be related with some bigger personal problems, but I can't tell being inside it
23:22:18 <panaggio> I don't feel like I'm part of something
23:22:20 <panaggio> really
23:22:26 <RodrigoPadula> +1
23:22:34 <panaggio> I feel like I'm working (mostly) alone
23:22:58 <panaggio> I gave, hum, 10~15 talk in the past 8 months on Firefox OS and related stuff
23:23:29 <panaggio> and, besides Latinoware, I did all that by myself
23:23:38 <panaggio> little or no help from others
23:23:46 <Izel> panaggio I understand ....
23:24:01 <Izel> :(
23:24:37 <Izel> have thought about working with portugal?
23:24:43 <panaggio> (and I think I didn't receive my reimbursement from Latinoware either, to make things worse =/)
23:24:55 <RodrigoPadula> The simple fact that Mozilla does not have an office in Brazil / Latam is already an indication that they do not care much about the region IMHO
23:25:14 <panaggio> Izel: a friend suggested me to try to work with other groups. I was thinking about Mozilla Hispano
23:25:25 <RodrigoPadula> +1
23:25:31 <panaggio> I speak a bit of Spanish, and I'm willing to learn more
23:25:31 <Izel> panaggio I will ask for your reimbursement. Do you have the bug number?
23:25:44 <Coragem> Izel, I'm making Movimento Mozilla happen here in my region, Baixada Santista, and I'm paying almost all the costs involved. And it is very frustrating sometimes.
23:25:58 <panaggio> Izel: it was all "of the record". I have some e-mails with nobox
23:26:15 <RodrigoPadula> during the remo trainning days in Athens I discussed with Santiago and Guillermo about it. The Brazilian community is an Island
23:26:16 <Izel> panaggio have thought about working with portugal? I mean something similar to Mozilla Hispano between portugal and Brazil
23:26:18 <panaggio> they would ask for their reimbursement from dev-engagement
23:26:52 <panaggio> Izel: didn't think about it. I don't know anyone from there, but I could try
23:26:56 <Izel> Coragem: It was my fault. But they made you the transfer by paypal.
23:26:56 <RodrigoPadula> we dont have any relation with our neighbours
23:27:20 <Izel> RodrigoPadula that's true
23:27:35 <Izel> But Guys I have a goodnew... is not perfect but it could help
23:27:46 <panaggio> I'm always trying to connect with folks from Paraguay, Uruguay, ..., but it's not easy too
23:27:54 <Izel> Mozilla is planning to centract a community manager for LatAm
23:28:00 <panaggio> Urcu is a good friend, thanks to latinoware
23:28:09 <RodrigoPadula> ;-)
23:28:33 <RodrigoPadula> Im in touch with many people from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and tried to do some approximation, like I did every year during lationware
23:28:39 <Coragem> Izel, the problem is, I will be reimbursed, but a lot of costs I didn't get from the very beggining.
23:29:00 <RodrigoPadula> but this is something that Mozilla must work on
23:29:03 <Izel> and RodrigoPadula is right .. Mozilla has no offices in LatAm and it makes some things hard
23:29:31 <RodrigoPadula> I guess, with a good Community Manager we can have a lot of progress here in region
23:29:48 <RodrigoPadula> but we need it urgently... because we are loosing important people
23:29:59 <Izel> yes, that's the idea
23:30:03 <Coragem> Padula, I think it's right
23:30:15 <Izel> We will have it very soon
23:30:51 <RodrigoPadula> the other question is that Mozilla don't have special attention to the region
23:31:12 <RodrigoPadula> they are not creating "things" with focus on the regions
23:31:31 <RodrigoPadula> so we have only to translate and localize "things" to be applied here
23:31:44 <Izel> most of the times we need to make proposals
23:31:44 <RodrigoPadula> like Webmaker content and tools
23:31:55 <Izel> propose projects and activities
23:32:04 <Coragem> the creation is too centralized
23:32:08 <Izel> rodrigoPadula +1
23:32:10 <RodrigoPadula> and many times it dont support localization and we have to wait for a long time, or use and help with the content in english
23:32:27 <Izel> +1
23:32:57 <Izel> I will add this items to the etherpad. somebody can help me?
23:32:59 <RodrigoPadula> I like to contributo with mozilla stuffs, but I like to contribute with things that can be applied in Brasil, in Latam
23:33:17 <RodrigoPadula> * contribute
23:33:17 <Izel> Is important for the council to know what is happening with you
23:33:30 <Izel> +1
23:33:49 <Izel> RodrigoPadula I understand you
23:33:55 <RodrigoPadula> Izel,  I was reponsible to create and maintain the new infra that we are using today
23:34:23 <Urcu> pannagio :)
23:34:29 <RodrigoPadula> all  new lists and the blog mozillabrasil.org.br was created by me
23:34:39 <RodrigoPadula> so I had some fights to put everything online
23:34:57 <Izel> fights?
23:35:39 <RodrigoPadula> so, some people from mozilla see me as a trouble maker, and they dont listen to me frequently.
23:36:00 <RodrigoPadula> Izel, yes we had some Ego problems here fro a while :-)
23:36:05 <RodrigoPadula> * for a while
23:36:44 <Izel> hehehhee
23:37:05 <RodrigoPadula> normally I'm the one to point problems to mozilla
23:37:18 <panaggio> I'm new, and I'm not the kind of person that's always telling everyone what I'm doing. so people won't listen to me because I'm "not interesting". But I think that's my fault anyway
23:37:19 <RodrigoPadula> and they dont like it. They love the Mr Nice Guys
23:37:29 <Izel> RodrigoPadula the who is paying for the domain and hosting?
23:37:36 <RodrigoPadula> me
23:38:02 <Izel> trasfer it to Mozilla. I will contact you with the person who can help you
23:38:10 <ricardopontes> Hi all... Sorry for the delay.
23:38:11 <RodrigoPadula> I was responsible to create the site, open the new lists and keep everything online
23:38:15 <Izel> and the mailing list? is in Mozilla?
23:38:30 <RodrigoPadula> Izel,  that is not the problem... is goot to have everything in community's hands
23:38:51 <Izel> rodrigoPadula. Mozilla can pay the domain and you can admin the site anyway
23:39:12 <RodrigoPadula> Yes, the old one was so restrict that I decided to create new open ones using the mozilla's infra
23:40:00 <RodrigoPadula> so, the community grew very fast
23:40:12 <RodrigoPadula> we have contributors from many brazilian states and regions
23:40:20 <RodrigoPadula> we are attending so many events
23:40:41 <RodrigoPadula> but people are starting to ask " Why I'm doing this?"
23:40:51 <RodrigoPadula> so it's time to engage the community
23:40:58 <Izel> +1
23:41:04 <RodrigoPadula> and create new plans to keep people contributing
23:41:09 <Izel> +1
23:41:20 <RodrigoPadula> eof
23:41:55 <RodrigoPadula> Izel,  ricardopontes is member of the Launch Team
23:42:02 <Izel> yes :)
23:42:30 <Izel> Guys and what about to work with Portugal?
23:43:26 <Coragem> I think Portugal is very distant geographically and culturally
23:43:57 <Izel> well. we work with Spain...
23:44:03 <Coragem> Their language is actually quite different from our own
23:44:16 <Izel> they are different and are far, buy the language is the same
23:44:39 <Izel> What i see guys you need a hard work for egegement
23:44:45 <Izel> engagement*
23:45:00 <Izel> and ... I will notify to the council about this
23:45:05 <RodrigoPadula> Coragem, +1
23:45:14 <Urcu> +1
23:45:20 <RodrigoPadula> Izel, +1
23:45:26 <panaggio> I'm in to work with any lusophone-speaking or geographical neighbor
23:45:30 <panaggio> +1
23:45:47 <Izel> You  can't work with Mozilla hispano because we speak spanish.. (at least you understand spanish)
23:46:36 <Izel> and if your culture and portugese variants are so different from Portugal, means you are alone in LatAm
23:46:37 <sanux_> we can talk in portuñol
23:47:02 <Coragem> This is a fact.
23:47:07 <Izel> BUT please keep in mind: People in Mozilla Hispano can help you too
23:47:26 <Izel> we have build a very solid community, we can give you some tips
23:47:44 <RodrigoPadula> sharing experiences is a good way to start
23:48:04 <Izel> but please, let's us know all this things ... to Mozilla Hispano, to the council, to me, to Pierros, Williamq....
23:48:27 <RodrigoPadula> William and Pierros are informed about it
23:48:33 <Izel> I will share some time in Cartagena with RicardoPontes
23:48:36 <panaggio> Yo hablo español, pero no lo hablo muy bien :)
23:48:43 <Izel> I will talk with him about this
23:48:59 <Izel> panaggio Do not worry, I speak Portuñol
23:49:27 <Izel> I mean if we need to speak portuñol, Spanglish portuglish well we will do it
23:49:37 <Izel> but we need to solve this :)
23:49:37 <Urcu> I can speak in perfect portugues :)
23:49:40 <panaggio> +1
23:50:01 <ricardopontes> Izel, let's talk about it....
23:50:03 <ricardopontes> It will be good to share these experiences
23:50:29 <RodrigoPadula> I reported that problems to Mozilla many times... William participated in some discussions and meetings
23:50:32 <Izel> ricardopontes rodrigpPadula coragem panaggio we eill have Nukeador there
23:50:43 <Izel> and Guillermo Movia
23:51:02 <Izel> we will find a solution.
23:51:04 <Urcu> Hay, all people to Paraguay understand portugues, but someone speak it
23:51:25 <Izel> and about mentors and Reps... Please, notify this issues to the council
23:51:47 <Izel> some issues happen (like mine and coragem .. :( )
23:52:10 <Izel> but if you don't notify them is impossible to solve them
23:52:24 <Izel> and this regional meetings are the opportinity to do it
23:53:00 <Izel> RodrigoPadula. I will talk about this issues again
23:53:44 <Izel> so I will define some actions here.
23:54:07 <Izel> #action izel will notify to the council about Brazil reps issues
23:54:34 <Coragem> I hope so.
23:54:40 <Izel> #action izel will plan a meeting with ricardopontes and mozilla hispano members to help brazilian community
23:55:08 <Izel> #action Izel will ask to the council about a engagement program for Brazil
23:55:14 <Urcu> +1
23:55:37 <Izel> An what about Nobox? did you mentioned somethig...
23:56:30 <RodrigoPadula> What I told was that since mozilla hired nobox to work in the region
23:56:44 <RodrigoPadula> the engagement people are not involved in our lists and activities anymore
23:57:29 <RodrigoPadula> and people noted that
23:57:45 <RodrigoPadula> so, some contributors started to think about it
23:58:21 <RodrigoPadula> "since Nobox is payed by mozilla to do some activities, I will not help nobox or mozilla/nobox activities"
23:58:23 <Coragem> RodrigoPadula it's true.
23:58:37 <RodrigoPadula> "I will not work for free for Nobox, that are payed by Mozilla"
23:58:41 <RodrigoPadula> that is the point...
23:59:34 <Coragem> RodrigoPadula +1
23:59:44 <RodrigoPadula> when you mix paid staff, paid companies with non-paid contributors
23:59:56 <RodrigoPadula> you have to have everything clear...
00:00:25 <RodrigoPadula> and you have to take care about it...
00:00:59 <ricardopontes> IMHO, NOBOX just limiting people to collaborate with the community. Everything had to be on time and the way it wanted to NOBOX.
00:01:01 <RodrigoPadula> that is another key point that unmotivated people here
00:01:03 <RodrigoPadula> eof
00:01:26 <Izel> I understand... and this is important too.
00:01:26 <ricardopontes> +1 "I will not work for free for Nobox, that are payed by Mozilla"
00:01:51 <Izel> this is a very complicated item, we need to talk about this with engagement people and council
00:02:55 <Izel> So guys... I think we need a very long and urgent meeting with council members and engagement team
00:03:22 <RodrigoPadula> +1
00:03:27 <ricardopontes> +1
00:03:30 <Coragem> +1
00:03:38 <Izel> RodrigoPadula what's the official mailing list for brazilian community?
00:03:38 <Kensie> Do we know how's taking over for cbeard?
00:03:39 <sanux_> +1
00:03:43 <Urcu> +1
00:03:46 <panaggio> +1
00:03:48 <Kensie> now might be just the wrong time to try and pin down engagement
00:03:54 <Kensie> *who's
00:04:18 <RodrigoPadula> Izel, here you will find all official lists and IRC channels http://www.mozillabrasil.org.br/participe/
00:04:28 <Izel> kensie we will need to plan a meeting. The idea iscouncil + engagement + Brazilian reps
00:04:55 <Izel> RodrigoPadula Ok :)
00:05:20 <Izel> so, guys... hard problems but we will solve them :)
00:05:21 <Kensie> Izel: yes, but engagement is apparently going to be in transition right now. Last time the VP of Engineering left they never did end up with a long term replacement
00:05:32 <Kensie> so it's a very relevant question if cbeard has been replaced
00:05:43 <RodrigoPadula> the other question that I'm worried about
00:05:55 <Kensie> the issues you guys are describing aren't just with Brazil, many of them are cultural to the engagement team
00:06:11 <RodrigoPadula> Marcelo Araldi is not a Remo mentor anymore
00:06:17 <RodrigoPadula> he requested to left the group...
00:06:31 <RodrigoPadula> he was the most engaged contributor during the last years
00:06:42 <panaggio> so I'm mentorless! :(
00:06:48 <RodrigoPadula> and it is a very bad news
00:06:52 <Izel> RodrigoPadula yes.. we are looking for a way to reshuffle his mentees
00:06:57 <Coragem> Panaggio me too :(
00:07:12 <bkerensa> Mm
00:07:26 <panaggio> I didn't know that. very bad news :(
00:08:54 <Izel> so, guys... do you have more questions?
00:09:45 <ricardopontes> I, as a mentor, could be with some mentees.
00:09:55 <RodrigoPadula> I guess we can return to the agenda
00:09:56 <ricardopontes> This is just an idea...
00:10:32 <Izel> ricardopontes can you notify to the council?
00:11:03 <ricardopontes> Yep Izel
00:11:43 <Izel> #action ricardopontes will notify to the coincil about mentoring some mentees of Marcelo Araldi
00:13:09 <Izel> RodrigoPadula I can't I have a compromise in 20 min. But I think all this is more important that our agenda
00:13:40 <RodrigoPadula> we schedule a new meeting soon
00:13:48 <Izel> Yes!!
00:13:51 <RodrigoPadula> to discuss about the other project
00:14:01 <RodrigoPadula> projects and topics
00:14:24 <Izel> We must have one regional meeting by month
00:15:02 <Izel> the problem is .. next weekend I have a Mozilla workshop, next weekend Is the event in Cartagena
00:15:05 <Izel> :(
00:15:35 <Izel> maybe in a week day.. can you have a meeting in a week day?
00:15:55 <panaggio> again, np on my side
00:16:57 <RodrigoPadula> +1
00:17:06 <Izel> rodrigoPadula? ricardoPontes? coragem?
00:17:27 <Coragem> +1
00:17:37 <ricardopontes> np
00:17:54 <Izel> ok i will make a doodle vor voting and make a meeting in a week day.
00:18:38 <Izel> I will send the notification to reps-general and your community mailing list
00:18:46 <Izel> More questions?
00:18:58 <RodrigoPadula> great!!
00:19:36 <Izel> so, guys, we officially finish this meeting
00:19:46 <Coragem> ok
00:19:57 <Izel> #endmeeting