16:03:28 <suresht> #startmeeting
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16:04:05 <suresht> Hello Everyone
16:04:11 <vineel> #agenda https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-apac-may2013
16:04:16 <shafiul> Hi everyone :)
16:04:46 <suresht> remember the protocol :)
16:04:58 <suresht> For ask, type ?
16:05:09 <suresht> To talk, type ! an please, type eof  once you finish.
16:05:20 <suresht> Type +1 if you agree
16:05:25 * hanthana is here
16:05:32 <suresht> Type -1 if you desagree
16:05:44 <suresht> #meetingname Mozilla APAC Reps meeting 2013-05-25
16:05:44 <remobot> The meeting name has been set to 'mozilla_apac_reps_meeting_2013-05-25'
16:06:03 <suresht> so let's start with our first topic
16:06:28 <suresht> #topic Roll Call
16:06:42 <suresht> Suresh from Sri Lanka
16:06:51 <suresht> floor is yours
16:06:52 <hardfire> Avinash from Nepal
16:06:56 <nagar> Abhishek Nagar from India
16:06:58 <hanthana> Danishka from Sri Lanka
16:06:58 <ernestchiang> Ernest from Taiwan
16:06:59 <sankha93> Sankha from India
16:06:59 <Avasz> Avash from Nepal
16:06:59 <biraj> biraj India
16:07:06 <shafiul> Shafiul from Bangladesh
16:07:06 <vineel> Vineel from India
16:07:08 <rohana> Rohana from Sri LANKA
16:07:41 <suresht> anyone else?
16:07:42 <maktrix> mak from Bangladesh
16:07:42 <Shahid> Shahid from India
16:07:52 <hainp> Hai from Vietnam
16:07:57 <centurion> centurion From Banglaesh
16:07:59 <petercpg_> Peter from Taiwan
16:08:08 <suresht> nice to see you all and thanks :)
16:08:13 <orin> orin from Taiwan
16:08:39 <suresht> shall we move to next topic?
16:08:43 <vineel> +1
16:08:48 <hainp> +1
16:08:52 <ernestchiang> +!
16:08:52 <nagar> +1
16:08:55 <Irvin> +1
16:08:57 <centurion> +1
16:08:59 <biraj> +1
16:09:01 <petercpg> +1
16:09:05 <suresht> #topic Announcements made by Mozilla & reps-Council
16:09:25 <suresht> 1.Maker Party: Mark Surman participating at your event?
16:09:48 <suresht> reps, are all ready?
16:10:17 <Shahid> +1
16:10:20 <hainp> +1
16:10:28 <suresht> As part of the Maker Party, Mark Surman hopes to participate events around
16:10:30 <suresht> the world.
16:10:33 <Neo> hi
16:10:51 <suresht> useful links are:
16:11:07 <suresht> #link https://webmaker.org/en-US/party/
16:11:18 <suresht> #link https://webmaker.org/en-US/teach/
16:11:28 <suresht> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/mozilla.reps.general/f5BmJSvIS0Y
16:11:47 <suresht> Neo welcome :)
16:11:58 <suresht> any question on it?
16:12:26 <centurion> ?
16:12:42 <suresht> centurion: floor is yours
16:12:59 <centurion> How to invite Mark Surman to our event?
16:13:34 <centurion> EOF
16:13:43 <suresht> actually non of council members are here but vineel happy answer if he knows...are you vineel ?
16:13:59 <vineel> centurion there was a email in reps general from Michelle throne, with a few event requirements listed in the email, you can directly reply to that thread
16:14:19 <centurion> !
16:14:28 <vineel> yes please
16:14:52 <centurion> Just say, OK
16:14:56 <centurion> EoF
16:14:59 <Shahid> +1 Vineel
16:15:13 <suresht> centurion: thanks.
16:15:31 <suresht> anything else on this topic?
16:15:52 <vineel> like I said there are a few things the event has to cover like press coverage, partners etc, if you think you can meet those reply by showingy your interest
16:15:53 <vineel> :)
16:15:55 <vineel> eom
16:16:09 <suresht> thanks vineel
16:16:16 <suresht> 2.Firefox OS phones(Keon) are now available to Reps
16:16:24 <maktrix> #info M's mail about mark's tour https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/moztw-general/zvUrQlxGTlU
16:16:44 <suresht> thanks maktrix :)
16:16:51 <suresht> Most of you have received the keon???
16:17:11 <shafiul> +1 (yep!)
16:17:15 <centurion> +1
16:17:17 <Avasz> +1
16:17:18 <hardfire> +1
16:17:22 <biraj> I have not got yet
16:17:36 <hainp> -1 (I havent had one)
16:17:46 <nagar> my request got approved today thanks vineel
16:17:57 <maktrix> mine shipped
16:18:02 <ernestchiang> +1
16:18:16 <suresht> biraj , hainp did you file a bug?
16:18:18 <rohana> mine also shipped
16:18:46 <orinx> shipped
16:18:50 <suresht> still not pls go for it #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Keon_Request
16:18:57 <biraj> suresht, it is on the way due to ups
16:19:03 <Shahid> Mine also shipped
16:19:13 <suresht> and also it's mentor decision :)
16:19:15 <hanthana> You may need to get the TRC approval and visit Department of Import and Export and then the Colombo Express Cargo to get release your device if you are in Sri Lanka.
16:19:24 <hainp> no, I havent. I will after discussing with our community members
16:19:37 <suresht> hanthana: thanks for the info :)
16:19:52 <suresht> #info You may need to get the TRC approval and visit Department of Import and Export and then the Colombo Express Cargo to get release your device if you are in Sri Lanka.
16:20:05 <hanthana> TRC approval will be 1940LKR
16:20:12 <suresht> hainp ok
16:20:15 <nagar> do we need any clearance in India
16:20:22 <centurion> ?
16:20:26 <hanthana> there will be more charges within Colombo Express Cargo
16:20:34 <vineel> no clearence in India many of them received without any issue in India
16:20:46 <suresht> vineel: thanks
16:20:52 <suresht> centurion: yes
16:21:11 <centurion> It is not about just keon, but for all swags
16:21:22 <centurion> when mozilla ships swag for us
16:21:33 <centurion> UPS always ask for VAT paper from us
16:21:39 <Shahid> @Nagar:  UPS is asking for Road permit in various states.. we just need to give decelaration that "Goods are not for sale and has no commercial value"
16:21:45 <Avasz> +1 centurion
16:21:54 <hanthana> For Sri Lanka, if you import a Mobile Device you need the  TRC approval
16:21:55 <biraj> Shahid, +1
16:21:57 <centurion> is it possible for mozilla to supply VAT paper?
16:22:00 <centurion> EoF
16:22:15 <vineel> Shahid thanks for the info :)
16:22:24 <hainp> Shahid, +1
16:22:25 <suresht> anyone help to centurion!
16:22:35 <shafiul> !
16:22:43 <centurion> !
16:22:48 <Shahid> @All Indians: I can send u the format If needed
16:23:03 <suresht> Shahid thanks :)
16:23:06 <shafiul> Mine, Rahid's & Enzam's keon received without any trouble, UPS delivered at home in Bangladesh. EOF
16:23:06 <nagar> Shahid, pls do it
16:23:23 <suresht> centurion: yes
16:23:53 <centurion> We can discuss about it latter,
16:24:00 <suresht> centurion: ok
16:24:02 <centurion> we have a agenda call Logistics
16:24:03 <suresht> nest.
16:24:05 <centurion> EoF
16:24:12 <vineel> i think we can start the VAT discussion at reps thread
16:24:15 <suresht> s/nest/next
16:24:30 <suresht> vineel: yes
16:24:32 <hardfire> vineel:  +1
16:24:58 <biraj> suresht, sure
16:24:58 <suresht> 3.Mozilla Reps Brochure
16:25:18 <vineel> #idea discuss about poosible documentation for Mozilla shipments
16:25:24 <suresht> The project to create a brochure for the
16:25:26 <suresht> Mozilla Reps program has been restarted.
16:25:38 <suresht> To help in developing content,
16:25:40 <suresht> design, and l10n for the brochure, please contact Council Members Melek
16:25:41 <suresht> Jebnoun and Ioana Chiorean or visit this etherpad:
16:25:55 <suresht> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/brochure
16:26:20 <suresht> anyone interested?
16:26:27 <shafiul> +1
16:26:35 <biraj> suresht, count me in please
16:26:50 <hardfire> ?
16:27:09 <suresht> shafiul biraj follow the enterpad
16:27:13 <hanthana> biraj, please raise your question here. Instead of PM
16:27:14 <suresht> hardfire: yes
16:27:41 <hardfire> what does it mean by Mozilla Reps program being restarted ? EOM
16:28:25 <vineel> i think the quote might be about student reps program
16:28:27 <suresht> hardfire: please read above all without space
16:29:01 <suresht> i just copied from rep-council
16:29:18 <vineel> got it :)
16:29:19 <hardfire> o! understood! EOM
16:30:22 <suresht> if you have any question place here then we can discuss in the next meeting if answer not present? anyhow we have vineel ,hanthana, mak
16:30:33 <suresht> next?
16:30:49 <suresht> 4.Rosetta Stone
16:30:56 <Shahid> @Nagar and All: Declaration is available on etherpad
16:31:23 <suresht> have you all activated your licenses? those who got it.
16:31:30 <suresht> callkalpa: welcome
16:31:52 <suresht> some might me having trouble those who using linux right?
16:32:00 <Shahid> Yes, I have activated my license
16:32:02 <suresht> s/me/be
16:32:16 <suresht> any question?
16:32:38 <suresht> next.
16:32:40 <suresht> 5.Student Ambassador Program
16:32:54 <suresht> As you know Student Ambassador Program launched recently.
16:33:12 <suresht> How You Can Help
16:33:25 <shafiul> !
16:33:41 <biraj> suresht, I am in working committee
16:33:44 <suresht> Shafiul: yes
16:34:20 <shafiul> writing, may be ask later. EOF
16:34:27 <suresht> ok
16:35:02 <suresht> link #https://wiki.mozilla.org/StudentAmbassadors/Activities
16:35:05 <Debloper> !
16:35:14 <suresht> we have one question?
16:35:29 <suresht> Debloper: welcom
16:35:33 <suresht> floor is yours
16:35:55 <shafiul> !
16:36:00 * Debloper is at chennai, just came back from the venue... will be overseeing the meeting.
16:36:20 <suresht> Debloper: thanks for the input :)
16:36:27 <Debloper> carry on please, eom
16:36:34 <shafiul> From our country many of them were accepted. We showed them local IRC, fb page and added in the local mailing list
16:36:36 <suresht> question from Rahid"|"Bangladesh"| ? Is there any directory for Student Ambassadors?
16:36:58 <suresht> vineel: you have any idea?
16:37:14 <shafiul> are there any communication guidelines, like channel, mailing list dedicated for there use... or were they instructed?
16:37:16 <suresht> hanthana: you too :)
16:37:16 <vineel> the Student Committe might have information on this
16:37:29 <shafiul> I would like to know if they have mentors like us...
16:37:31 <shafiul> eof
16:37:31 <maktrix> #info for those want to know abour Rosetta Stone license https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/mozilla.reps.mentors/H9k08djRCVw
16:38:02 <vineel> biraj?
16:38:28 <Avasz> !
16:38:30 <biraj> irc is #remostudent
16:38:53 <suresht> shafiul hold!
16:38:56 <suresht> Avasz: yes
16:38:56 * hanthana was the 1st in #remostudent :P
16:39:00 <Avasz> is this something rahid is asking for: https://wiki.mozilla.org/StudentAmbassadors/FirefoxClubs/Directory
16:39:12 <haseeb> irc is #firefoxstudent
16:39:22 <hanthana> ah
16:39:28 <suresht> Avasz: thanks
16:39:38 <vineel> Avasz thanks for the link!!
16:39:47 <Avasz> :)
16:40:06 <biraj> all things are in working condition
16:40:12 <suresht> #info  Is there any directory for Student Ambassadors? Ans #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/StudentAmbassadors/FirefoxClubs/Directory
16:40:35 <suresht> biraj pls follow the meeting protocols
16:40:52 <biraj> suresht, sorry
16:40:53 <suresht> ok shall we move to next topic?
16:41:04 <shafiul> !
16:41:31 <suresht> Shafiul :yes
16:42:09 * suresht reminding that another 19 min left
16:42:33 <shafiul> Wiki page of Student Ambassador program is not clear to me, I think it lack some info like, whether student ambassadors have to report monthly, whether they have got mentors or not etc.
16:42:35 <suresht> welcome gauthamraj Swarnava :)
16:42:49 <Swarnava> hellooooo
16:42:49 <shafiul> How are they guided/directed?
16:42:51 <shafiul> eof
16:43:19 * gauthamraj has come to visit Debloper && darkowlzz as well.
16:43:38 <gauthamraj> keep up the meeting, eom.
16:43:38 <biraj> shafiul, it has not been launched yet completely
16:43:46 <suresht> shafiul, hope they launched recently and will be updating soon , ping to #kate
16:44:04 <shafiul> okay
16:44:06 <suresht> next topic ?
16:44:15 <maktrix> +1
16:44:36 <suresht> #topic Logistics
16:45:03 <suresht> bobreyes(council member) wasnot attend today meeting
16:45:24 <suresht> his message is: bobreyes: I'm afraid but I will miss this one. My inputs are in the pad.
16:45:26 <suresht> 
16:45:44 <suresht> his iput was (timely submission of ...)
16:45:55 <suresht> plan early to get budget and swag
16:46:53 <suresht> *Reimbursement List* The Council and the Mentors group are   finalizing a list of recommended items for reimbursement,
16:47:13 <suresht> particularly   expenses pertaining to activities and events. The goal of this list is to   provide reviewers and Reps a clear guide in making budget requests and aid   in event planning. A final list will be announced some time next week.
16:47:25 <suresht> it was council updated :)
16:47:32 <suresht> any questions?
16:48:18 <suresht> Reps participating in other Mozilla-related initiatives*
16:48:31 <suresht> The   Council has made a decision on Reps who are making budget requests for   participation in other Mozilla: If during review it is determined that the   initiative is independent and has finances for volunteers in place, the Rep   shall be redirected to seek funding there.
16:48:56 <suresht> if you have any question pls?
16:49:29 <suresht> ok next topic?
16:49:35 * maktrix wonders if any one can answer, in absensce of bob reyes.
16:49:36 <hainp> +1
16:49:36 <suresht> #topic Events
16:50:16 <maktrix> !
16:50:23 <suresht> yes maktrix
16:50:35 <maktrix> we may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa
16:50:36 <maktrix> eof
16:50:58 <suresht> regarding summit 2013.
16:51:02 <maktrix> y
16:51:08 <suresht> ok
16:51:20 <maktrix> push it to coucil
16:51:27 <suresht> #action we may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa
16:51:55 <maktrix> eof
16:52:09 <suresht> Deb?
16:52:16 <hanthana> suresht, its for Bangladesh
16:52:39 <suresht> hanthana: ok i will re assign
16:52:43 <suresht> #undo
16:52:43 <remobot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x89e138c>
16:53:05 <suresht> #action we may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa for Bangladesh
16:53:07 <hanthana> I have contacted US Embassy in Colombo regarding VISA Process. According to them it will be 1 week, or 3 weeks or 6 months
16:53:31 <suresht> #info US Embassy in Colombo regarding VISA Process. According to them it will be 1 week, or 3 weeks or 6 months
16:53:37 <suresht> so better plan early
16:54:11 <suresht> maktrix: i will get the answer from end or soon.
16:54:20 <suresht> will moving to next topic.
16:54:24 <maktrix> +1
16:54:41 <suresht> any Local Event/Firefox OS Appdays?
16:54:49 <hardfire> !
16:54:58 <suresht> i know OSS Weekend at Chennai!
16:55:03 <suresht> hardfire: yes
16:55:10 <hardfire> App Days Nepal on 1st June
16:55:11 <hardfire> EOM
16:55:18 <suresht> dtsdwarak: welcome
16:55:26 <shafiul> !
16:55:35 <dtsdwarak> thanks suresht na!
16:55:39 <suresht> #info App Days Nepal on 1st June
16:55:51 <suresht> hardfire: you have event page?
16:56:16 <suresht> moving to next topic?
16:56:27 <suresht> Community-it updates
16:56:42 <hardfire> suresht: event page link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-app-days-nepal/
16:56:53 <suresht> Community-it is working on to creating the policy for volunteer e mail ie: @mozilla.org or @community-asia.corg. we had our first meeting 	in last week and discussed few things.
16:57:22 <suresht> #info App Days Nepal on 1st June #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-app-days-nepal/
16:57:29 <suresht> hardfire: thanks :)
16:57:29 <midhun> !
16:57:39 <suresht> any questions?
16:57:47 <suresht> midhun: yes
16:58:01 <midhun> ne more app day in kerala(india)  https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-os-app-day-kerala/
16:58:05 <centurion> !
16:58:27 <suresht> midhun: thanks
16:58:43 <suresht> #info app day in kerala(india) #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-os-app-day-kerala/
16:58:55 <suresht> centurion: floor is yours
16:59:07 <centurion> We have mozture in BD
16:59:17 <suresht> we have another 6 min
16:59:21 <centurion> starting from 18 June
16:59:29 <centurion> link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moztour-chittagong/
16:59:31 <centurion> EoF
16:59:36 <suresht> centurion: ok thanks
16:59:40 <shafiul> #info MozCofee & Keon/FirefoxOS showdown on next thursday in BD, followed by introducing new student ambassadors at BUET campus. https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcoffe-and-keon-showdown-buet/
17:00:12 <suresht> #info mozture in BD starting from 18 Jun #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moztour-chittagong/
17:00:31 <suresht> ok moving to next topic.
17:00:44 <suresht> #topic WoMoz
17:00:55 <suresht> any women are here?
17:01:00 <hanthana> :D
17:01:06 <maktrix> priyanka_nag: ping
17:01:11 <priyanka_nag> Yes..
17:01:22 <suresht> it was council update :  *WoMoz * - The Council is actively working with the WoMoz group to to   make the program more effective. For more info you can find all the thread   on the WoMoz mailing list.
17:01:30 <suresht> priyanka_nag: oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
17:01:48 <suresht> floor is yours, you have any input?
17:01:51 <priyanka_nag> Yes...loads going on there with the WoMoz program right now
17:02:09 <priyanka_nag> Beginning with renovation of the site to lot many changes...
17:02:43 <Shahid> where is Komal Ji :)
17:02:44 <priyanka_nag> Also, there is gonna be WoMoz presence in AdaCamo :)
17:03:01 <suresht> priyanka_nag: interesting :)
17:03:35 <suresht> #info  WoMoz presence in AdaCamo
17:03:42 * hanthana thiking about  #MozMen
17:03:48 <suresht> priyanka_nag: eof?
17:04:02 <priyanka_nag> Yes..I guess thats all...
17:04:05 <hardfire> s/AdaCamo/AdaCamp
17:04:14 <priyanka_nag> else everything else is on the mailing list...
17:04:19 <vineel> !
17:04:21 <Neo> hmm
17:04:31 <suresht> vineel: yes
17:04:54 <vineel> saw this just now https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152826230590023&set=a.10150516458120023.637491.737535022&type=1&ref=nf WoMoz from philippines doing great
17:05:21 <suresht> priyanka_nag: thanks for the present and your input :)
17:05:39 <priyanka_nag> My pleasure :)
17:05:50 <suresht> vineel: yes it's great info.
17:05:56 <Avasz> hanthana, +1
17:06:05 <suresht> reps pls have a look above fb link.
17:06:12 * hardfire +1 to hanthana #MozMen
17:06:12 <suresht> ok last topic
17:06:26 <suresht> #topic #Open Floor
17:06:50 <Belutz> !
17:07:01 <suresht> Belutz: yes
17:07:29 <suresht> i have couple of things Firefox OS T-Shirt (John Slater)
17:07:39 <Belutz> suresht, sorry I'm a bit late, but I just saw about the invitation letter for USA Visa application. I think we from Indonesia need that invitation letter too
17:07:55 <Belutz> eof
17:08:12 <suresht> Belutz : thanks for the info
17:08:33 <suresht> they're almost ready to be shipped out now - stay tuned for an email from Jennifer Balaco with more details on that. (firefox OS T-Shirt)
17:09:02 <suresht> anyone interested Mozilla Looking for QA tester?
17:09:12 <shafiul> +1
17:09:16 <suresht> contect Ben Bucksch @ <ben.bucksch.news@beonex.com> or subscrip to mozilla-jobs@lists.mozilla.org
17:09:16 <shafiul> interested
17:09:18 <Neo> +1
17:09:36 <suresht> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/mozilla.jobs/7PBTqKZ1iuQ
17:09:44 <biraj> +1
17:09:59 <suresht> ok. pls read above mail
17:10:01 <suresht> Brainstorming & Whatever you want to talk about!
17:10:08 <suresht> anything?
17:10:19 <Neo> ok
17:10:25 <suresht> Fixing the next meeting date&time:
17:10:53 * maktrix is happy to see, suresht chaired execellent and finished almost all agenda. :D
17:10:56 <suresht> i would suggest, it will be good if we are having monthly meeting in last Saturday of every month.
17:11:04 <Neo> sure
17:11:06 <maktrix> +1
17:11:06 <suresht> maktrix: thanks
17:11:08 <Ahsan> !
17:11:15 <Neo> every month+1
17:11:18 <centurion> +1
17:11:20 <ienzam> +1
17:11:24 <Swarnava> +1
17:11:25 <suresht> Ahsan: yes
17:11:25 <Belutz> +1
17:11:28 <hardfire> +1
17:11:29 <rohana> +1
17:11:41 <Shahid> +1
17:11:42 <Neo> easy to discuss^^
17:11:43 <hanthana> !
17:11:55 <suresht> so next meeting 29 June 2013.
17:12:02 <suresht> hanthana: pls hold.
17:12:05 <Shahid> +1
17:12:14 <hainp> +1
17:12:17 <vineel> maktrix +1 :D
17:12:21 <suresht> Ahsan: floor is yours
17:12:28 <Neo> or every two week one meeting?
17:12:36 <Neo> one month 2 meeting
17:12:37 <Belutz> suresht, maybe it's good also for all remo from asia who attend the summit 2013 get together in summit to get to know each other
17:12:47 <hanthana> we need a quick meeting (physical meetup) for Sri Lankan reps within this week
17:12:52 <hanthana> callkalpa, malinda rohana suresht ^
17:13:02 <callkalpa> yeah sure
17:13:02 <Ahsan> we have NeMo articles https://wiki.mozilla.org/NeMo/Articles
17:13:05 <hardfire> Belutz: +1
17:13:15 <suresht> #agreed next APAC reps meeting on 29th June 2013
17:13:25 <rohana> hathana +1
17:13:35 <Neo> +1
17:13:37 <suresht> #info https://wiki.mozilla.org/NeMo/Articles
17:13:38 <hanthana> Belutz, its good to meet all the people (as possible as) :)
17:13:44 <suresht> thanks Ahsan :)
17:13:51 <suresht> hanthana: yes
17:13:52 <hanthana> including other regions
17:13:58 <suresht> we can do
17:14:02 <suresht> callkalpa: rohana and me
17:14:05 <suresht> malinda.
17:14:05 <Neo> maybe google hangout´╝č
17:14:21 <Ahsan> many of us shared the articles in different media - print / online. requesting a index list for better understanding of th spread of thet article
17:14:29 <Ahsan> eof
17:14:34 <suresht> #action we need a quick meeting (physical meetup) for Sri Lankan reps within this week
17:14:36 <hanthana> suresht, i am in Sri Lanka
17:14:47 <suresht> hanthana: oh ok ok
17:14:51 <hanthana> :)
17:14:54 <suresht> then it's sure :)
17:14:57 <suresht> ok reps
17:15:05 <suresht> shall we end the meeting?
17:15:16 <Neo> +1
17:15:18 <Avasz> +1
17:15:19 <hainp> +1
17:15:20 <maktrix> +1 dinner time here
17:15:24 <hardfire> +1 (end it)
17:15:27 <rohana> +1
17:15:33 <hanthana> suresht, we can discuss paypal issue when we meet
17:16:02 <centurion> +1
17:16:09 <suresht> ok really thanks for coming and next meeting will be 29th June 2013 4:00 PM UTC.
17:16:13 * centurion think we should finish the meeting
17:16:18 <hardfire> hanthana: please update paypal issue to us too //cc Avasz
17:16:22 <Avasz> i would like some info on paypal alternative too..(Nepal)
17:16:38 <suresht> Avasz: pls
17:16:47 <suresht> hanthana: sure
17:17:00 <hanthana> hardfire, Avasz try  moneygram, westernunion, moneybroker
17:17:36 <suresht> ok we will discuss it in next meeting
17:17:43 <Neo> ok
17:17:46 <suresht> we officially end this meeting
17:17:46 * shafiul thanks suresht and everyone
17:17:52 <suresht> 5
17:17:53 <suresht> 4
17:17:57 <suresht> 3
17:17:58 <suresht> 2
17:18:00 <hardfire> yeah, thanks suresht .. amazing job
17:18:00 <suresht> 1
17:18:01 <Neo> thanks everyone
17:18:02 <suresht> 0.5
17:18:04 <suresht> 0
17:18:12 <hardfire> -1
17:18:16 <suresht> #endmeeting