19:01:47 <cmpahar> #startmeeting EMEA Reps 10 June 2013
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19:01:54 <cmpahar> #chair pierros
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19:02:11 <cmpahar> Hello everyone and welcome in tonight's meeting
19:02:27 <fredy> hello all o/
19:02:29 <SanJames> Thanks
19:02:42 <cmpahar> you can find the meeting's agenda at
19:02:42 <cmpahar> https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-04-2013
19:02:50 <Ibrahima> Hello
19:03:02 <cmpahar> a quick update
19:03:31 <cmpahar> if you want to talk you type ! if you want to ask "?" and everytime you finish you type "eof"
19:03:33 <AlifiyahGanijee> thanks
19:03:34 <cmpahar> so
19:03:41 <cmpahar> #topic General Program Update
19:04:06 <cmpahar> pierros, is here in order to give us some updates regarding the REMO program :)
19:04:12 <cmpahar> pierros, the floor is yours
19:04:17 <pierros> thanks cmpahar :)
19:04:31 <pierros> Reps have deployed a process lately on Keon phones
19:04:36 <pierros> https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Keon_Request
19:04:54 <pierros> Please follow the process if you would like to get access to a Keon phone (and you are a Rep)
19:05:15 <pierros> if you need a Keon phone and you can justify a request reach out to your local rep to facilitate a possible request
19:05:33 <pierros> eom for me :) any questions?
19:05:39 <Mad_maks> ?
19:06:27 <cmpahar> Mad_maks,
19:07:08 <Mad_maks> Do you mean that we can, as reps, ask for a phone for non reps?
19:07:40 <Mad_maks> eom
19:07:51 <pierros> Mad_maks: if there is a justified cause yes. e.g. a l10n (as those go through reps with approval by l10n team) or firefoxos launch country core team member
19:07:53 <pierros> eom
19:08:18 <cmpahar> any other questions regarding Keon Devices
19:08:24 <cmpahar> or the Remo project in general?
19:08:30 <uwanja> ?
19:08:34 <cmpahar> yes uwanja
19:09:05 <uwanja> There is an incubation space here in my country Kenya that was requesting for a Geeksphone and I was wondering whether Mozilla can facilitate a gadget for them. They host an array of gadgets running the other platforms. They use the form to give devs a chance to test their apps on the various platforms
19:09:36 <cmpahar> NOTICE: by mistake I provided you the link from our previous meeting. The link with tonight's agenda can be found at https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-06-2013
19:10:30 <pierros> uwanja: at this time we need to prioritize our requests as we are really sort on Keons.. I dont think that we can facilitate this at this moment :( sorry about that
19:10:32 <pierros> eom
19:10:58 <cmpahar> thank you pierros and uwanja
19:11:00 <cmpahar> anyone else?
19:11:48 <cmpahar> more updates regarding Firefox OS are coming up
19:12:00 <cmpahar> but first lets talk about webmaker + reps
19:12:14 <Ibrahima> +1
19:12:16 <cmpahar> #topic Reps + Webmakers
19:12:37 <cmpahar> Did you know about webmaker? (of course you do) It's a movement for building a generation of webmakers. More info can be found at:
19:12:43 <cmpahar> #link https://www.webmaker.org/en-US/
19:12:59 <cmpahar> As you might already know reps is a really strong effort for Mozilla. Thats why there is a special "channel" for webmaker reps.
19:13:01 <Ibrahima> of course :)
19:13:08 <cmpahar> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla-reps-webmaker-project
19:13:29 <cmpahar> Webmakers Reps are the Reps who support and promote webmaker basically by organizing event. Speaking of which this summer we are organizing the Maker Party!
19:13:40 <cmpahar> #link http://webmaker.org/party
19:13:46 <cmpahar> Its kicks off June 15 and runs to Sept 15
19:14:04 <cmpahar> This Thursday Jun 13 at 16:00 UTC we are having at call at air.mozilla.org in order to present what happened the past 4 weeks and empower people in order to run local Webamker events. Join us ;)
19:14:30 <cmpahar> and generally the webmaker's community hub is:
19:14:33 <cmpahar> #link http://mzl.la/gpluswebmaker
19:15:07 <cmpahar> any questions/notices/quotes regarding Reps role in the Webmaking movement?
19:15:52 <cmpahar> i guess not!
19:16:17 <cmpahar> dont forget to join us this Thursday and be engaged in this amazing project!
19:16:23 <cmpahar> sooooo we are moving on at Events!
19:16:31 <henx> Sorry
19:16:37 <henx> Question
19:16:42 <cmpahar> yes henx
19:17:02 <henx> Webmaker: will there be another Reps Webmaker Camp (like Athens) anytime soon?
19:18:10 <cmpahar> henx, I don't know yet. Laura and Michelle were thinking about organizing one but i dont have any update yet
19:18:38 <henx> cmpahar: Thanks. Eom.
19:18:44 <cmpahar> thanks henx
19:18:51 <Ibrahima> !
19:18:56 <cmpahar> hes Ibrahima
19:19:03 <cmpahar> s/hes/yes
19:19:04 <Ibrahima> Thanks
19:19:29 <Ibrahima> We still have to sort out the language issue in Webmaker
19:19:40 <AlifiyahGanijee> !
19:19:51 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
19:20:01 <Ibrahima> Any update on l10n pan?
19:20:13 <Ibrahima> plans
19:20:16 <AlifiyahGanijee> Thanks for the info
19:20:30 <AlifiyahGanijee> eof
19:20:45 <cmpahar> Ibrahima, give me 20 sec
19:20:52 <Ibrahima> yes
19:21:23 <cmpahar> Ibrahima, i am not aware of the plan yet
19:21:46 <cmpahar> but according to my mails its moving forward. I am going some mails in order to request an update on that
19:21:47 <cmpahar> ok? thanks
19:22:02 <Ibrahima> ok
19:22:21 <Ibrahima> I am watchinh on the mailing list
19:22:25 <cmpahar> so any other questions/quotes about Webamaker and reps?
19:22:33 <cmpahar> thanks AlifiyahGanijee :)
19:22:47 <AlifiyahGanijee> ?
19:22:50 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
19:23:36 <AlifiyahGanijee> I just joined WoMoz and was planning for a webmaker event for the ladies
19:23:50 <AlifiyahGanijee> any advise on that?
19:24:05 <AlifiyahGanijee> eof
19:24:13 <cmpahar> AlifiyahGanijee, congrats! ioanachiorean is experienced on that ;)
19:24:18 <cmpahar> just drop her a line!
19:24:49 <AlifiyahGanijee> sure thanks, ioanachiorean, will get to you then :)
19:24:52 <cmpahar> AlifiyahGanijee, its chiorean.ioana@gmail.com
19:24:56 <ioanachiorean> will be glad to chat about that AlifiyahGanijee :)
19:24:58 <AlifiyahGanijee> thanks cmpahar
19:25:03 <AlifiyahGanijee> great!
19:25:07 <cmpahar> thank you
19:25:12 <cmpahar> so moving on Events!!!!
19:25:23 * cmpahar cheers for williamq
19:25:32 <cmpahar> #topic Events - Firefox OS
19:26:00 <cmpahar> the official launch of Firefox OS in LATAM is coming
19:26:06 <cmpahar> and we are thrilled about that
19:26:44 <Ibrahima> +1
19:26:45 <cmpahar> and I would like to thank you ALL you organized, helped or attended a Firefox OS event
19:26:53 <FrancJP> !
19:27:02 <cmpahar> like App days, webapp hackathon
19:27:13 <cmpahar> and generally events about Firefox OS and it's ecosystem!
19:27:48 <cmpahar> I want to encourage you more on organizing more App days and generally events for building Open Web Applications
19:28:12 <cmpahar> and spreading the word of Firefox OS and its ecosystem
19:28:28 <cmpahar> yes FrancJP
19:28:35 <FrancJP> thanks cmpahar
19:28:53 <FrancJP> The launch will be very-very soon in spain, poland, venezuela and colombia
19:29:26 <FrancJP> Reps who have keon are very easy to show how the platform works
19:29:44 <AlifiyahGanijee> !
19:29:46 <FrancJP> so I encourage all reps to don't be afraid and participate in events
19:29:50 <FrancJP> to show the mobile
19:29:57 <FrancJP> eof
19:30:03 <cmpahar> thank you FrancJP
19:30:14 <uwanja> +1 FrancJP
19:30:34 <cmpahar> first of all i want to encourage all Reps from Spain and Polan especially those you have a Keon
19:30:43 <cmpahar> to contact their launch team in order to cooperate with them
19:30:58 <cmpahar> and organize their country's plan
19:31:27 <cmpahar> there are a lot of roles inside the launch team and we need your help in order to have a successful launch
19:31:45 <cmpahar> please contact your country leader or the launch team of your country ;)
19:31:48 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
19:32:37 <AlifiyahGanijee> Thanks, we are going to have a HTML5 Hackathon here in Mombasa, kenya and I will surely demo the Keon that I received recently
19:32:37 <AlifiyahGanijee> http://mombasatech.org/index.php/blog/8?view=blog
19:32:50 <AlifiyahGanijee> the event is going to take place on 22nd June
19:32:51 <cmpahar> awesome! thank you AlifiyahGanijee
19:33:09 <AlifiyahGanijee> thanks
19:33:19 <AlifiyahGanijee> eof
19:33:42 <cmpahar> you rock AlifiyahGanijee
19:33:58 <AlifiyahGanijee> :)
19:33:59 <cmpahar> my point is that Reps, contact your launch teams ;)
19:34:07 <cmpahar> anything else?
19:34:16 <ltedone> ?
19:34:16 <FrancJP> !
19:34:19 <cmpahar> you are doing an excellent job !
19:34:22 <cmpahar> yes ltedone
19:34:42 <ltedone> is there any plan for the launch in other countries?
19:34:51 <Prometheas> !
19:35:26 <ltedone> eof
19:35:30 <cmpahar> ltedone, are you talking for a country in specific?
19:35:51 <ltedone> I'm from Italy, so I'm interested to Italy
19:35:53 <cmpahar> we are working on the plan in cooperation with the current launch teams
19:36:08 <cmpahar> in the cities that have been already announced
19:36:23 <cmpahar> regarding Italy i dont know when is going to be released, sorry
19:36:24 <AlifiyahGanijee> ?
19:36:29 <cmpahar> yes FrancJP
19:36:39 <FrancJP> thanks cmpahar
19:36:54 <FrancJP> suggestion 1 for FirefoxOS appdays events: contact your local university
19:37:08 <FrancJP> they usually let to use the classrooms, for free
19:37:15 <cmpahar> FrancJP, +1
19:37:22 <FrancJP> and is a good spot to attract developers
19:37:35 <FrancJP> specially in the tech universities
19:37:46 <FrancJP> suggestion 2: try to reach local events
19:37:56 <FrancJP> and at least have a talk or a little workshop... or a booth
19:37:56 <AlifiyahGanijee> +1 FrancJP
19:38:06 <FrancJP> and be sure to have one or two keons
19:38:17 <FrancJP> people love to touch it, see it
19:38:28 <FrancJP> we have it more easy than ever as mozillians
19:38:40 <cmpahar> and be sure to have a STABLE/Working release on your Keon
19:38:52 <FrancJP> at least, we have a lot of participation in the last few months in spain ;)
19:39:13 <FrancJP> and final suggestion: don't loose the keon :P
19:39:15 <FrancJP> eof
19:39:18 <cmpahar> in addition there are a lot of resources about Keons from all of you guys.
19:39:34 <cmpahar> if you have written about your Keon
19:39:44 <cmpahar> please make sure to add your link to this etherpad:
19:39:45 <cmpahar> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/keon-posts
19:39:56 <Ibrahima> ?
19:39:56 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
19:41:09 <cmpahar> AlifiyahGanijee, ?
19:41:18 <cmpahar> you wanted to say something
19:41:29 <AlifiyahGanijee> Yeah sorry
19:41:29 <AlifiyahGanijee> I just wanted to confirm, is the launching event different from the firefox OS Apps day?
19:41:54 <cmpahar> AlifiyahGanijee, good question
19:41:55 <AlifiyahGanijee> yeah, I actually wanted to ask if the launching event is different from Firefox OS Apps day
19:42:08 <cmpahar> depends
19:42:21 <FrancJP> !
19:42:35 <cmpahar> you can organize a Firefox OS Apps Day the dates that Firefox OS is being launched in your country
19:42:48 <cmpahar> that is going to be launching event
19:43:00 <cmpahar> but in general launching events
19:43:09 <AlifiyahGanijee> oh okay, reason why am asking is we already had a Firefox OS Mombasa Apps day event some time back
19:43:22 <cmpahar> aim in order to mobilize more Firefox OS/Mozilla lovers
19:43:27 <cmpahar> and engage them in the project
19:43:34 <cmpahar> making them spreading the word of Firefox OS
19:43:40 <AlifiyahGanijee> thanks, cool
19:43:50 <Prometheas> !
19:44:02 <bkerensa> How is european reps promoting firefox os?  Has any localized swag been produced yet?
19:44:08 <cmpahar> its ltedone
19:44:15 <cmpahar> wait wait guys
19:44:19 <cmpahar> lets keep the order
19:44:46 <cmpahar> the order is ltedone FrancJP , Prometheas , Ibrahima , FrancJP and Prometheas again :P
19:44:54 <cmpahar> ltedone, the floor is yours
19:45:10 <cmpahar> and then bkerensa is you :)
19:45:40 <cmpahar> ltedone, are you here?!
19:46:15 <cmpahar> please when I give you the floor, respond instantly and then take your time to write your question
19:46:22 <cmpahar> that saves time in order someone is away
19:46:28 <cmpahar> so FrancJP hit it!
19:46:34 <FrancJP> FirefoxOS Appday is a hack day, basically, that you can talk about the project at the beggining, and the hacking. The launch party will be "street actions", and local marketing campaigns, we have a few ideas already
19:47:00 <FrancJP> I wanted to appoint that while AlifiyahGanijee "speaks"
19:47:25 <cmpahar> Generally are marketing events for spreading the word of Firefox OS, indoor/outdoor wherever you can! :)
19:47:27 <FrancJP> you can use an appday as a launch party... but ideally, the launch party is more marketing actions
19:47:48 <FrancJP> eof
19:48:20 <cmpahar> thank you FrancJP for your inpuT :D
19:48:23 <AlifiyahGanijee> +1
19:48:26 <cmpahar> Prometheas,
19:48:33 <Prometheas> thanks cmpahar
19:48:47 <Prometheas> there will be the first mozcoffee event in Cyprus by the end of the month (21/6) and we will be focusing on FirefoxOS and web apps
19:48:57 <Prometheas> it's not an official launch party
19:49:14 <Prometheas> but we will try to start a project to work during the summer
19:49:21 <Prometheas> ltedone: and others feel free to join
19:49:37 <Prometheas> we will be working on the idea with kobak from Hungary
19:49:45 <ltedone> cmpahar: I'm here
19:49:52 <Prometheas> if you have any advice feel free to share (misaakidis)
19:50:00 <Prometheas> thanks eof
19:50:09 <Ganesh> HI everyone sorry for late joining
19:50:10 <cmpahar> just to clear something out. Launch party is going to be whenever your event is at the same time with the Firefox OS launch IN YOUR country :)
19:50:20 <cmpahar> hey Ganesh
19:50:27 <cmpahar> ltedone, the floor is yours
19:50:36 <Ganesh> great
19:50:39 <Ganesh> thnx
19:50:43 <ltedone> cmpahar: I had problem with the connection, what's the question?
19:50:45 <cmpahar> thanks Prometheas for the event! it's really awesome having the first Mozcoffee in Cyprus
19:51:07 <Prometheas> :)
19:51:09 <cmpahar> you requested the floor previously in order to say something
19:51:15 <Ganesh> I made a request for the firefox os phone but no reply yet
19:51:25 <cmpahar> Prometheas, dont forget to blogpost about it
19:51:29 <Ganesh> wish to make a show case here in mauritius
19:51:31 <cmpahar> Ganesh, hey
19:51:34 <cmpahar> Ganesh,
19:51:35 <cmpahar> please
19:51:36 <ltedone> cmpahar: no, I did my question and you replied to me
19:51:57 <cmpahar> Ganesh, please read the protocol if this meeting at the etherpad https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-06-2013
19:52:11 <Ganesh> ok
19:52:14 <cmpahar> ok so everything is settled ltedone right?>
19:52:22 <ltedone> cmpahar: yes, eof
19:52:24 <cmpahar> thanks
19:52:33 <cmpahar> Ibrahima, the floor is yours
19:52:35 <Ibrahima> Can we link posts (about Keon) in other languages than English? I have written in French & Fulah, not yet in English.
19:52:50 <cmpahar> Ibrahima, definitely !
19:52:56 <Ibrahima> thx
19:52:58 <Ibrahima> eof
19:53:15 <cmpahar> thanks Ibrahima
19:53:32 <Ganesh> sorry chris
19:53:40 <cmpahar> bkerensa,
19:53:57 <cmpahar> regarding
19:54:04 <cmpahar> your question
19:54:24 <cmpahar> we have not created any localized swag YET :)
19:54:33 <cmpahar> in europe. But we will :)
19:54:39 <cmpahar> just contact your's country launch team
19:54:47 <AlifiyahGanijee> !
19:55:10 <cmpahar> Ganesh, regarding your request, have you contacted your mentor?
19:55:12 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
19:55:19 <Ganesh> yes
19:55:36 <Ganesh> he is aware of it
19:55:48 <cmpahar> Ganesh, so whats the problem? Has been shipped the Keon?
19:55:49 <Ganesh> how can you help in
19:56:19 <Ganesh> havent  received the keon yet
19:56:23 <cmpahar> Ganesh, is the Keon shipped?
19:56:33 <Ganesh> no
19:56:53 <cmpahar> ok, lets talk after the meeting
19:56:54 <cmpahar> ok?
19:56:59 <cmpahar> AlifiyahGanijee,
19:57:02 <Ganesh> +
19:57:04 <AlifiyahGanijee> Well this was just in general for all moz events, do we have new swag items from Mozilla?
19:57:08 <Ganesh> +1
19:57:24 <bkerensa> +1
19:57:51 <cmpahar> Konstantina was published a poll with new swag proposals
19:58:02 <AlifiyahGanijee> aha
19:58:02 <cmpahar> and she is going to process the result and propose some new swag
19:58:10 <AlifiyahGanijee> great,thanks :)
19:58:12 <AlifiyahGanijee> eof
19:58:30 <cmpahar> thanks AlifiyahGanijee
19:58:34 <cmpahar> so anything else?
19:58:52 <cmpahar> i want to thank you all for organizing amazing events!
19:58:59 <AlifiyahGanijee> +1
19:59:11 <cmpahar> dont forget to create the events in the events section at Reps portal
19:59:20 <cmpahar> categorize them well
19:59:38 <cmpahar> and of course write a blogpost reporting back what happened during your event!
19:59:43 <cmpahar> and pictures of course ;)
19:59:51 <cmpahar> anything else regarding events?
19:59:56 <AlifiyahGanijee> !
20:00:21 <cmpahar> yes AlifiyahGanijee
20:00:43 <AlifiyahGanijee> Thank you Mozilla and all of you for this meeting
20:00:51 <AlifiyahGanijee> that's all from my side
20:00:54 <AlifiyahGanijee> eof
20:00:56 <cmpahar> thank you AlifiyahGanijee :)
20:01:01 <cmpahar> so moving on
20:01:05 <cmpahar> #topic Future Meeting
20:01:27 <cmpahar> as we discussed in our previous meeting we are going to meet every 4-5 weeks!
20:01:36 <cmpahar> so stay tuned for the meeting announcement ;D
20:01:43 <cmpahar> #topic Open Floor - Q&A
20:02:01 <cmpahar> do you have any topics
20:02:06 <cmpahar> you want to discuss or ask
20:02:13 <cmpahar> ?!
20:02:13 <FrancJP> !
20:02:17 <cmpahar> yes FrancJP
20:02:27 <FrancJP> there's one question of henrik on the pad
20:02:35 <FrancJP> that I think is pretty good to discuss
20:02:36 <cmpahar> yes i saw it
20:02:39 <FrancJP> eof
20:03:01 <cmpahar> Well I was planning to reply the answer here
20:03:10 <cmpahar> and post in on the etherpad beacuse he is not here
20:03:19 <FrancJP> ok
20:03:27 <cmpahar> Yes, i know that we have a problem with reviewing all the apps in the marketplace
20:03:46 <cmpahar> thats why Mozilla hired people in order to speed up the process
20:04:09 <cmpahar> i was informed that we are going to see the results in the following week(s)
20:04:39 <cmpahar> in general Mozilla wants to really speed up the process and
20:04:53 <cmpahar> have an app reviewed in 1-2 weeks top
20:04:58 <cmpahar> thats our goal
20:04:59 <FrancJP> ?
20:05:02 <cmpahar> yes FrancJP
20:05:16 <FrancJP> what about the apps that requires special permissions??
20:05:24 <FrancJP> it will be also 1-2 weeks??
20:05:40 <cmpahar> dont know the answer on that sorry
20:05:50 <Mad_maks> ?
20:05:51 <cmpahar> but I can provide you a mail in order to ask
20:05:52 <FrancJP> ok, no worries
20:05:55 <cmpahar> yes Mad_maks
20:06:17 <Mad_maks> do the still need reviewers for the online apps?
20:06:33 <cmpahar> Mad_maks, dont know the answer, sorry
20:06:39 <Mad_maks> ok eof
20:06:50 <fredy> !
20:06:53 <cmpahar> yes fredy
20:07:23 <fredy> Mad_maks: I think more reviewers will be better
20:07:38 <fredy> so there is always need of reviewers
20:08:23 <Mad_maks> also no so specialized reviewers, not a programmer
20:08:26 <Mad_maks> ?
20:09:03 <fredy> not sure... :(
20:09:23 <cmpahar> thanks fredy :D
20:09:45 <cmpahar> anything else you want to ask/discuss?
20:10:09 <cmpahar> ok so we can end the meeting in 1 minute :)
20:10:21 <cmpahar> Thank you all for attending
20:10:27 <AlifiyahGanijee> +1
20:10:36 <cmpahar> thank you all for this useful brainstorm and Q&A
20:10:41 <cmpahar> and see you all in 4-5 weeks!
20:10:45 <Mad_maks> +1
20:10:48 <AlifiyahGanijee> +1
20:10:54 <cmpahar> there are going to be 4 amazing weeks!
20:11:00 <fredy> :)
20:11:15 <cmpahar> "Look ahead"
20:11:19 <cmpahar> and "Be the future"
20:11:31 <cmpahar> good night everyone!
20:11:33 <cmpahar> #endmeeting