16:01:28 <suresht> #startmeeting
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16:01:50 <suresht> Hello Everyone
16:02:01 <rohana> Hello
16:02:03 <hardfire> Hello suresht
16:02:13 <suresht> Welcome to the today meeting :)
16:02:15 <recursive> Hello
16:02:28 <suresht> remember the protocol :)
16:02:33 <Irvin> Hi
16:02:38 <suresht> For ask, type ?
16:02:49 <suresht> To talk, type ! an please, type eof  once you finish.
16:03:00 <suresht> Type +1 if you agree
16:03:13 <suresht> Type -1 if you desagre
16:03:27 <suresht> #meetingname Mozilla APAC Reps meeting 2013-06-29
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16:03:35 <Neo> hi
16:03:41 <suresht> #agenda https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-apac-20130629
16:03:54 <suresht> pls have a look on agenda
16:04:05 <Neo> hi
16:04:06 <suresht> so let's start with our first topic
16:04:26 <suresht> #topic Roll Call
16:04:38 <suresht> Suresh from Sri Lanka
16:04:48 <suresht> floor is yours
16:05:04 <hardfire> Avinash from Nepal
16:05:16 <midhun> midhun from India
16:05:18 <recursive> Rahid from Bangladesh
16:05:18 <rohana> Rohana from Sri Lanka
16:05:20 <petercpg> Peter form Taiwan
16:05:20 <Avasz> Avash from Nepal
16:05:32 <Neo> neo from Malaysia
16:06:03 <suresht> awesome...nice to see you all and thanks :)
16:06:23 <suresht> move forwarding to next topic?
16:06:26 <hardfire> +1
16:06:37 <Neo> +1
16:06:39 <suresht> #topic Review action items from last meeting
16:07:57 <suresht> last meeting log can be found here #link http://logs.mozillareps.org/remo/2013/remo.2013-05-25-16.03.html
16:08:10 <suresht> we have couple of things
16:08:34 <suresht> 1st for
16:08:49 <suresht> "we may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa for Bangladesh"
16:09:48 <suresht> as far i know they will starting process from 1st week of july.
16:10:14 <suresht> pls have a look on this #link https://blog.mozilla.org/community/2013/06/27/utility/
16:11:07 <suresht> folks, any questions on this?
16:11:51 <jsx> is there a tl;dr?
16:11:58 <hardfire> !
16:12:22 <suresht> jsx pls explain bit...
16:12:34 <suresht> hardfire: hold a min
16:12:42 <jsx> !
16:13:05 <suresht> jsx, floor is yours
16:13:29 <jsx> oh, i just wanted to know if there is a tl;dr version of the post
16:13:38 <jsx> i'm reading the post
16:13:40 <jsx> eof
16:14:47 <suresht> jsx, take your time i will come back to you later :)
16:14:53 <suresht> hardfire: pls
16:14:55 <hardfire> so basically, visa process i.e filling the google form starts mid-july, so something substantial would happen by july end .. would that not be late for those who need letters 3 months ahead ? eof
16:16:52 <suresht> hardfire: ok understood , so what i am going to do. shall i send a mail to mdouglass  behalf of apac team to ask to start process bit early?
16:17:01 <suresht> what do you think?
16:17:06 <Avasz> +1
16:17:34 <jsx> +1
16:17:37 <hardfire> +1
16:17:39 <midhun> +1
16:18:42 <suresht> #action most of APAC countries may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa
16:19:13 <suresht> ok done i will send an email to summit team regarding this behalf of APAC
16:19:37 <hardfire> +1
16:19:58 <jsx> +1
16:20:09 <suresht> 2nd one action was,  we need a quick meeting (physical meetup) for Sri Lankan reps within this week
16:20:22 <suresht> Done!!!
16:21:35 <jsx> !
16:21:48 * suresht finding the url
16:21:56 <suresht> jsx pls
16:22:11 <jsx> will mozilla reimburse the visa fee?
16:22:22 <jsx> eof
16:23:39 <sammyfung> Sammy from Hong Kong, I am late (I was idle ;))
16:23:43 <suresht> jsx, i am not sure about this, it's good to ask them so shall make is as a action iteam?
16:23:57 <jsx> +1
16:24:08 <suresht> sammyfung: no prob and welcome to the meeting :)
16:24:17 <sammyfung> It's required a US visa for Hong Kong as well.
16:24:27 <hardfire> +1
16:24:40 <suresht> #action will mozilla reimburse the visa fee?
16:24:45 <suresht> done
16:25:46 <jsx> !
16:25:49 <suresht> i am coming back to srilankan meet up, it was our event page #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozilla-sri-lanka-community-meetup-may/
16:26:37 <suresht> it was great meetup and we come with many directions...
16:26:46 <suresht> yes jsx.
16:26:58 <jsx> the blog post says:
16:27:00 <jsx> "For anyone requiring a visa for the Summit, I´┐Żll plan to have a Google form ready to collect your details by the middle of July, when official registration is set to launch."
16:27:07 <jsx> what is that all about?
16:27:22 <jsx> What will Mozilla do to help those who need to apply for visa?
16:27:23 <jsx> eof
16:28:09 <hardfire> !
16:30:01 <suresht> jsx, they will send us google docs the we may need to fill everything according what they ask the they will send an invitation letter for summit , you need bring this letter to usa High Commission
16:30:19 <suresht> s/the/then
16:30:43 <suresht> jsx got it?
16:30:43 * recursive just infromed Mahay Alam (maktrix) from Bangladesh facing internet problem.
16:30:46 <jsx> oh ok
16:31:29 <suresht> recursive: thanks for the info..no prob...
16:31:35 <suresht> hardfire: pls
16:31:46 <hardfire> i am done, please move forward eof
16:31:51 <suresht> ok
16:32:03 <suresht> any question on this topic?
16:32:43 <suresht> if not then move forwarding to next topic.
16:32:53 <suresht> #topic General program updates
16:33:28 <suresht> There are not much updates since you will receiving weekly Community Engagement by essilyn Davis so it will covering most of updates.
16:33:56 <suresht> few from me.
16:34:31 <suresht> Mentorship Survey 2013 Done. i am not sure is there any feedback will be available.
16:34:48 <suresht> anyone, have you got Firefox launch T-Shirt? it's one the way...
16:35:06 <midhun> nope wen will we get..anxiously waiting in
16:35:30 * hardfire saw news of some ppl who got their tees .. but none in asia
16:35:32 <Irvin> Ino
16:35:39 <Irvin> no in Taiwan
16:35:50 <Ahsan> no in Bangladesh
16:36:21 <suresht> ok, same here too. may be it will be received in coming weeks :)
16:36:49 <suresht> shall we move to next topic?
16:36:57 <hardfire> +1
16:37:04 <sammyfung> no in HK
16:37:22 <petercpg> +1
16:37:32 <suresht> sammyfung: ok got it, thanks for the info :)
16:37:34 <suresht> #topic Events
16:37:48 <suresht> 1.Webmakers
16:38:04 <suresht> it's ongoing events from around the world, please update your events if you have any...
16:38:23 <sammyfung> May I give 1 more suggestion on us visa ? may ask Mozilla/Council to define the date that they will send out invitation letter ? It would be easier to make appointment to meet the local US department in HK to apply visa.
16:38:31 <sammyfung> (sorry for interrupt)
16:39:03 <suresht> NEO_VILSON_WONG: welcome to the meeting, we are topic under Events
16:40:10 <suresht> sammyfung: already we made an action item in saying "most of APAC countries may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa"
16:40:26 <suresht> NEO_VILSON_WONG: no prob...
16:41:20 <suresht> sammyfung: i will send an email to summit team to ask regarding this and come back you with the result...
16:42:02 <suresht> NEO_VILSON_WONG: we are covering all APAC countries so you too :)
16:42:36 <suresht> we will talk more regarding this open floor...
16:42:44 <suresht> ok come back to events...
16:42:52 <suresht> webmakers...
16:43:43 <suresht> as far i knew  few events was happened in APAC...
16:44:10 <suresht> if you have any details pleas list here...or else i will move to next event..
16:44:31 <jsx> we had webmaking in Hyderabad in India in june 2nd week
16:44:32 <suresht> 2.Firefox OS App Days
16:44:46 <suresht> we have 2 past Appdays events,
16:44:46 <hardfire> !
16:45:04 <suresht> one from Kerala, India and 2nd from Nepal, folks anything would like to tell us regarding your events...
16:45:07 <suresht> hardfire: pls
16:45:27 <hardfire> we had a AppDays event in Kathmandu on 1st June .. the event went really well with more than 10 working app demos,
16:45:47 <hardfire> and more than 70 attendees
16:45:48 <hardfire> eof
16:46:26 <suresht> hardfire: awesome, nice to hear....keep do the great work...
16:46:54 <hardfire> +1
16:47:43 <suresht> #info Firefox OS App Day took place in Kathmandu, Nepal on 1st June and the event went really well with more than 10 working app demos and more than 70 attendees.
16:47:59 <jsx> !
16:48:10 <suresht> jzx, pls
16:48:38 <jsx> Firefox OS App Days Kerala had around 60 attendees
16:48:44 <jsx> 15 apps were demoed
16:49:00 <jsx> there was a remote session by an engineer frm mozilla
16:49:08 <jsx> event got covered in 1 national daily
16:49:23 <jsx> and in one regional daily with 20 million readership :)
16:49:34 <jsx> total 3 news paper coverages so far
16:49:48 <jsx> 2 more followup mini app days planned for july
16:49:51 <jsx> eof
16:49:58 <jsx> (sorry got excited :) )
16:50:44 <suresht> jsx, really really great, very happy to hear, pls keep do the great work folks....
16:50:54 <jsx> :)
16:51:09 <hardfire> +1
16:52:48 <suresht> #info Firefox OS App Day took place in Kerala, India and around 60 attendees, 15 apps were demoed also they covered remote session by an engineer frm mozilla and and it was covered/published  3 news paper coverages so far.
16:53:12 <suresht> ok moving forward to next...
16:53:36 <sammyfung> suresht: thanks, it is ok, my suggestion is just an additional item/point to the action item we made :)
16:53:40 * suresht thinks, time is running really fast
16:54:22 <suresht> sammyfung: ok cool, if you have any then we will cover to our open floor session...
16:54:36 <suresht> 3.Meetup
16:54:54 <suresht> folks you have anything do?
16:55:06 <recursive> #info MozIftar Bangladesh 2013
16:55:16 <recursive> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moziftar-bangladesh-2013/
16:56:03 <suresht> recursive: cool...thanks for sharing....
16:56:20 <suresht> any questions????
16:56:45 <suresht> else shall we move to our last topic?
16:56:51 <jsx> +1
16:57:09 <suresht> we have 4+ 5 mins let...
16:57:21 <suresht> s/let/left
16:57:39 <suresht> #topic Open floor
16:58:12 <suresht> folks, Brainstorming & Whatever you want to talk about!
16:58:16 <Avasz> !
16:58:29 <suresht> Avasz: pls
16:58:31 <Avasz> An IT-Business college here is about to do a marketing/product survey on FirefoxOS & (Keon for now) as part of their academic project in some places near to Kathmandu. They plan on submitting the report to us after completion.
16:59:01 <suresht> Avasz: cool cool...
16:59:14 <suresht> #info An IT-Business college here is about to do a marketing/product survey on FirefoxOS & (Keon for now) as part of their academic project in some places near to Kathmandu. They plan on submitting the report to us after completion.
16:59:25 <suresht> i have one,
16:59:53 <suresht> hope you all knew already, Firefox 22 is now available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux from http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/new/ it's included Web rtc #link http://www.webrtc.org/
17:00:11 <jsx> btw
17:00:31 <suresht> sammyfung: i will come back to you now.
17:00:32 <jsx> in the Mozilla circular, it says not to showcase Keon as an end use consumer device
17:00:35 <jsx> suresht, ^
17:00:43 <suresht> jsx: pls
17:00:49 * hardfire finally, we can test webrtc on everyone's machine .. :P
17:01:13 <sammyfung> suresht: thanks
17:01:17 <suresht> jsx you are so correct :)
17:01:34 <jsx> :)
17:01:58 <suresht> we made couple of items regarding getting USA visa,
17:02:25 <suresht> i am going to listing here for those who come late :)
17:02:57 <suresht> 1. "most of APAC countries may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa"
17:03:03 <sammyfung> suresht: we confirmed that  "most of APAC countries may need invitation letters before 3 months of travelling to get an USA visa", I suggest we may additionally ask: "... and when will Mozilla/Council send out the invitation letters for whom will apply visa"
17:03:36 <suresht> 2."will mozilla reimburse the visa fee?"
17:04:31 <suresht> sammyfung: according this blog #link https://blog.mozilla.org/community/2013/06/27/utility/
17:04:42 <suresht> i assume, mid of july
17:05:05 <suresht> so better to ask them and clear the doubts
17:05:28 <sammyfung> Because in Hong Kong, I will book for date/time to visit US ambersey in Hong Kong, so personally I want to know when will I get the invitation letter before I book appointment. And I will travel to Malaysia Open Source Conf and Japan in September, so it is not quite possible for me to do it in September.
17:06:12 <suresht> i will send an email to summit team regarding this behalf of APAC  and come back to you with the result.
17:06:16 <sammyfung> But mid of July is start to fill the google form, not the date which Mozilla sent the invitation letter out. :)
17:06:27 <sammyfung> ok, thanks suresht :)
17:06:53 <suresht> sammyfung: understood and reasonable :)
17:07:18 <suresht> ok anything else?
17:07:38 <sammyfung> neo_vilson_wong: yes, you may check previous leaflet that I and Chit Thiri are speakers ;)
17:07:46 <suresht> last one, Fixing the next meeting date&time
17:08:04 <suresht> i'd like to suggest for 27th July 2013 (last Saturday of the month) what do you think?
17:08:26 <midhun> +1
17:08:35 <rohana> +1
17:09:08 <petercpg> +1, but i would be on vacation then.
17:09:11 <suresht> rohana: :)
17:09:24 <rohana> Hi:)
17:09:26 <Irvin> +1
17:09:30 <rohana> :)
17:09:58 <suresht> petercpg: no prob, if you have time pls come else meeting log will be valuable in public.
17:10:14 <suresht> rohana: +1
17:10:28 <petercpg> suresht: sure, thanks :)
17:11:06 <suresht> #agreed next meeting will be 27th July 2013
17:11:27 <sammyfung> +1
17:11:45 <suresht> ok folks , shall we end the meeting?
17:12:04 <jsx> +1
17:12:20 <sammyfung> yes, thanks suresht to host the meeting :)
17:12:43 <petercpg> +1
17:12:48 <suresht> really thanks to Everyone for coming tonight meeting and next meeting will be 29th June 2013 4:00 PM UTC :)
17:13:10 <suresht> ok i am going to end the meeting....
17:13:32 <suresht> 5
17:13:33 <suresht> 4
17:13:34 <suresht> 3
17:13:36 <suresht> 2
17:13:39 <suresht> 1
17:13:46 <suresht> 0
17:13:48 <suresht> #endmeeting