16:00:46 <suresht> #startmeeting
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16:01:01 <maktrix> yofie: go ahead and add agenda
16:01:05 <suresht> Hello Everyone
16:01:15 <suresht> Welcome to the today meeting :)
16:01:25 <suresht> remember the protocol :)
16:01:39 <suresht> #meetingname Mozilla APAC Reps meeting 2013-07-27
16:01:39 <remobot> The meeting name has been set to 'mozilla_apac_reps_meeting_2013-07-27'
16:01:53 <suresht> #agenda https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-apac-20130727
16:02:04 <suresht> so let's start with our first topic
16:02:13 <suresht> #topic Roll Call
16:02:22 <suresht> whois suresht
16:02:49 <suresht> it's dosent work anyway...
16:02:51 * maktrix wonders if whois serves the roll call
16:02:51 <suresht> Suresh from Sri Lanka
16:02:54 <maktrix> maktrix from Bangladesh (https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/maktrix/)
16:03:13 <suresht> floor is yours
16:04:06 * suresht waits another few seconds
16:05:09 * maktrix counting how of us from APAC today
16:05:28 <suresht> thanks and move forwarding to next topic?
16:05:54 <maktrix> !
16:06:06 <suresht> maktrix, there were few us showing in enterpad :)
16:06:11 <suresht> yes maktrix
16:06:16 <maktrix> not many of us, doesn't seems like a quorum.
16:06:25 <suresht> maktrix, yes
16:06:33 <maktrix> let's keep it short and finish early.
16:06:33 <maktrix> eof
16:06:52 <maktrix> yofie: what do you say?
16:06:59 <suresht> yes hope so
16:07:45 <maktrix> !
16:07:54 <suresht> maktrix, yes
16:08:16 <maktrix> let's pause discussing general agendas today, as we are only 3 (roll called)
16:08:40 <maktrix> and discuss two important questions yofie put in the pad
16:09:05 <maktrix> suresht: you can push these question upstream to the council or Mozilla Summit gruop
16:09:07 <maktrix> eof
16:10:10 <yofie> !
16:10:10 <suresht> maktrix, yes we have no idea about this questions so i will forward to summit team .
16:10:25 <suresht> yofie, yes
16:10:54 <yofie> any council attend this meeting now? where should we type our names who participate on this meeting on etherpad?
16:10:56 <yofie> eom
16:11:55 <suresht> yofie, no one from council today meeting
16:12:28 <suresht> i will forward to summit team regarding your questions..
16:12:38 <yofie> thank you very much..
16:13:10 <maktrix> +1 yofie on being able to join in other places if visa denied for 1st venue
16:13:38 <suresht> and get back past answer in the same enterpad :)
16:14:03 <suresht> maktrix, shall we end the meeting
16:14:23 <maktrix> let's be mute for more 10 minutes and see if anyone joins
16:14:28 <maktrix> and then we can end
16:14:30 <maktrix> what say?
16:14:37 <suresht> maktrix, +1
16:15:24 * suresht thinks folks are busy with summit process
16:15:42 * maktrix yeap, seems to be on queue for visa ;)
16:17:14 <yofie> i had a bad experience on applying us visa
16:17:16 <yofie> denied 2 times
16:17:29 <maktrix> yofie: since you started ;)
16:17:33 <yofie> i thought i can fix my mistakes on first interview
16:17:43 <maktrix> I have a strong gut feeling, that we (from Mozilla Bangladesh) are gonna denied too
16:17:49 <maktrix> almost all of the inviteed
16:18:13 <yofie> how many from bangladesh?
16:18:15 <maktrix> the US embassy had a policy of favouring the marrieds only
16:18:26 <maktrix> 16 were invited, amongst them only 2 are married :D
16:18:59 <maktrix> and I thought not to attend if more than half of my mates are not allowed visa
16:19:02 <yofie> i give you hint of what they will ask..
16:19:06 <yofie> 1. what you wanna do in US
16:19:08 <maktrix> so, seems only 2/3 might attend
16:19:12 <yofie> 2. how long will you stay
16:19:23 <yofie> 3. what your relation to mozilla?
16:19:28 <maktrix> yofie: we have this CRAM quesitons :)
16:19:29 <yofie> 4. what you do for mozilla?
16:19:38 <yofie> 5. what you do for living? your job
16:19:51 <yofie> 6. are you married?
16:20:29 <yofie> well, you should be able to demonstrate your strong ties with your own country in matter of family, social, and economy..
16:20:46 <yofie> because they are assuming you are planning to become immigrant
16:20:54 <yofie> they must to
16:21:23 <maktrix> things are not easy in Bangladesh.
16:21:47 <maktrix> most of the invitee are students, and they are given business visa invitaiotn letter; which is IMO funny
16:21:57 <suresht> hi imsurit
16:21:57 <yofie> i googled and do research about us visa denied, no exact formula...
16:22:06 <suresht> hi Irvin
16:22:08 <maktrix> yes
16:22:10 <yofie> very much various different experiences
16:22:16 <maktrix> :(
16:22:18 <Irvin> Hi! sorry I'm late
16:22:42 <maktrix> we should have been given Brussels as the venue
16:22:43 <rohana> Good Evening you all, sorry for my delay
16:22:45 <yofie> dont worry, irvin, we are postpone the meeting, do we?
16:22:45 <maktrix> anyway
16:22:57 <Irvin> yofie: are we?
16:23:00 <maktrix> we were waiting for more t join
16:23:00 <suresht> Irvin, no pro still we are in roll call
16:23:11 <suresht> welcome rohana
16:23:20 <rohana> thanks
16:23:39 <Irvin> ok, haven't read the mail for whole night until now :p
16:24:14 <imsurit> hi suresht
16:24:38 <suresht> maktrix, what do you think? shall we continue the meeting ?
16:24:46 <suresht> welcome imsurit
16:25:06 <maktrix> imsurit: Irvin there isn't many participants today and no Council member as well
16:25:17 <maktrix> me and suresht were thinking to call it a day and end meeting early
16:25:28 <maktrix> what do you guys say? yofie agreed with us
16:25:33 <maktrix> eom
16:25:51 <yofie> Hi all please also join etherpad https://etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-apac-20130727
16:25:52 <Irvin> maktrix: oh, I can quick share 2 event info at here Taiwan and Hong Kong
16:26:07 <imsurit> maktrix: well i did not knew there was a meeting going on. just opened my irc.
16:26:11 <Irvin> Then nothing else for me
16:26:47 <suresht> ok Irvin i will come back to track
16:27:06 <suresht> #topic General program updates
16:27:37 <suresht> hope you got weekly Community Engagement by essilyn Davis so it was covered most of updates. if you are not
16:27:53 <suresht> #link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.reps.general/R1BYNTB6zeY
16:28:09 <suresht> #topic Events
16:28:30 <suresht> Irvin, floor is yours
16:28:38 <Irvin> suresht: tks
16:29:20 <Irvin> Next weekend we had a largest OSS conference "COSCUP" at Taipei, most of the community will participant in the event
16:29:40 <Irvin> also Sammy and several pals will come to TW from HK
16:29:58 <Irvin> Welcome everyone to participant, if you are in Taipei.
16:30:14 <suresht> Irvin, you have any link to share with us
16:30:28 <Irvin> suresht: sure, http://coscup.org
16:30:43 <suresht> Irvin, thanks
16:30:59 <Irvin> And next next week, during wikimania 2013 in HK,
16:31:35 <Irvin> Sammy, Orin and I will organize a meetup at Friday night at HK with our newly HK community people
16:31:35 <suresht> #info largest OSS conference "COSCUP" will be held at Taipei #link http://coscup.org
16:31:54 <yofie> nice site coscup, responsive
16:32:10 <Irvin> We also welcome everyone to join and have dinner together, if who is just at HK.
16:32:47 <Irvin> (I'm looking for the event url :P)
16:33:09 <Irvin> https://reps.mozilla.org/e/meet-the-mozillians-2013-hong-kong/
16:33:22 <suresht> #info TW community will be having meetup at Friday night at HK with our newly HK community people #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/meet-the-mozillians-2013-hong-kong/
16:33:26 <Irvin> here it is! This is first time cross-community meetup at HK.
16:33:49 <Irvin> That's all, thanks you.
16:34:11 <suresht> Irvin, great news and keep do the good work and share with us once you done :)
16:34:23 <maktrix> +1
16:34:32 <yofie> +1
16:34:54 <maktrix> Irvin: i believe you've requested budget for this cross community meetup
16:34:57 <Irvin> suresht: sure of course! We're planning to connect the zh-tw community at TW, HK and other country, welcome everyone who speak chinese to join the effort.
16:35:20 <suresht> Irvin, +1
16:35:36 <Irvin> maktrix: Yes, I'd got budget for travel, but there's still one open bug for Ernest
16:35:48 <Irvin> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=896258
16:36:10 <Irvin> We'll likely to have 3 people travel to HK, and Ernest is the last one.
16:37:29 <maktrix> !
16:37:45 <suresht> maktrix, pls
16:38:12 <maktrix> suresht: do we have a policy / procedure / way to push no accepted / waited budget bugs upstream to council?
16:38:27 <maktrix> if not, we must ask to impose something like this
16:38:44 <imsurit> maktrix: +1
16:38:45 <maktrix> or else, i don't any  point of having APAC regional meeting making any impact,
16:39:01 <maktrix> except it remains as chatting zone, IMHO.
16:39:02 <maktrix> eom
16:40:31 <suresht> maktrix, apac meting was valid and council will be having our apac update in their agenda.
16:40:54 <maktrix> +1 sounds excellent
16:41:09 <suresht> so we can make action regarding budget too :)
16:41:22 <Irvin> +1 sounds good
16:41:30 <maktrix> in this case, Irvin can leave a message to be seeded in the log for us bug
16:41:41 <maktrix> *for his bug
16:41:42 <maktrix> eom
16:42:00 <Irvin> how can I do that?
16:42:22 <Irvin> eom
16:42:24 <suresht> yes we can take account now?
16:42:38 <maktrix> suresht: can put that in as an action itme
16:42:56 <suresht> maktrix, sure
16:43:09 <Irvin> tks, I got it.
16:43:17 <suresht> Irvin, is it your budget  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=896258
16:44:00 <suresht> Irvin, you want this to clear before the friday?
16:44:06 <Irvin> !suresht yes, budget for me is approve, and this one is still waiting, and for Ernest
16:44:38 <Irvin> suresht: it's best if we can make it clear next week.
16:44:44 * suresht logins to bugzilla
16:46:16 <suresht> Irvin, i just looked and makes sense
16:46:40 <suresht> what you guys think?
16:46:51 <suresht> my vote +1
16:47:03 <yofie> +1
16:47:21 <maktrix> +1
16:47:35 <rein> +1
16:48:14 <suresht> #action Irvin wants to approve this budget before this friday https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=896258
16:48:20 <suresht> done
16:48:46 <Irvin> !
16:48:50 <suresht> i will pass this to council once we finished this meeting
16:48:55 <suresht> Irvin, pls
16:48:59 <Irvin> I forgot to share another one more thing, me and @petercpg had visit our Japan office at this month
16:49:15 * maktrix feels great, at least we can help Irvin with his event and budget in such low turn out meeting.
16:49:34 <Irvin> Our Japan office had just moved and have a brand new office
16:49:57 <Irvin> http://os-furnitures.tumblr.com/ and they make a OSS furniture #justforfun
16:50:47 <suresht> Irvin, great :)
16:50:52 <maktrix> great :D
16:50:55 <suresht> hi recursive
16:51:01 <Irvin> Everyone would be welcome to visit the office at Tokyo, if anyone will go to Japan, contact Tetsuya ( tkosaka@mozilla-japan.org )
16:51:04 <recursive> suresht: hi
16:51:05 <recursive> :-)
16:51:15 <Irvin> eom
16:51:26 <Irvin> recursive: hi
16:51:40 <recursive> Irvin: Hi! I guess ther is Gen too
16:51:46 <recursive> Nice guy
16:52:00 <suresht> Irvin, thanks for the info's :)
16:52:02 <maktrix> recursive: we are in our last 10 minutes of meeting. where have you been man?
16:52:07 <Irvin> recursive: yes, I'd talk him a lot
16:52:15 <recursive> Oh my god
16:52:18 <recursive> I lost it
16:52:21 <recursive> :-(
16:53:01 <maktrix> recursive: do you want to share your event going on
16:53:07 <maktrix> about the MozIftar
16:53:09 <maktrix> eom
16:53:10 <recursive> oh sure
16:53:25 <maktrix> ask suresht for floor
16:53:32 <suresht> recursive, pls share with us your event
16:53:54 <recursive> I Bangladesh we are arranging MozIftar in three cities
16:54:14 <recursive> It typically a Iftar Party in Mozilla flavour & mission
16:54:25 <recursive> Iftar is a muslim religious term
16:54:47 <recursive> After day long fasting Muslims people take meal in evening
16:55:09 <recursive> We r doing it for outreaching more people in Bangladesh
16:55:30 <recursive> Specially where Mozilla known as for Firefox only
16:55:50 <recursive> but there is more more potenciality for other mozilla programs
16:56:04 <recursive> And the response is awesome :-)
16:56:06 <recursive> eom
16:56:41 <suresht> great, interesting.... you have event link to share
16:57:19 <recursive> #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moziftar-bangladesh-2013/
16:58:30 <suresht> #info MozIftar event was happened in Bangladesh #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moziftar-bangladesh-2013/
16:58:44 * maktrix the event is a set of 3 MozIftar throughout Bangladesh. 2 Done, 1 to go.
16:58:56 <suresht> recursive, thanks and keep do the great work
16:59:06 <recursive> sure
16:59:33 <suresht> maktrix, i city will remaining
16:59:45 <maktrix> yes
17:00:16 <imsurit> !
17:00:47 <suresht> #info MozIfta 2 events done and 1 city will remaining #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moziftar-bangladesh-2013/
17:00:52 <suresht> imsurit, pls
17:01:21 * maktrix the correct spelling MozIftar suresht please correct
17:01:46 <imsurit> Here in Nepal we mozilla nepal community also conducted a FSA meet program can i share about that too ?
17:02:00 <suresht> maktrix, noted
17:02:04 <suresht> #undo
17:02:04 <remobot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x93cefac>
17:02:56 <suresht> #info MozIftar 2 events done and 1 city will remaining #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moziftar-bangladesh-2013/
17:03:20 <suresht> imsurit, pls go
17:03:47 * suresht 4 mints left
17:04:23 <imsurit> Well after the launch of the Firefox Student Ambassador program we mozilla nepal also conducted a program that helped FSAs here is Nepal.
17:04:33 <imsurit> more on that https://reps.mozilla.org/e/fsa-meet-nepal-i/
17:04:36 <imsurit> eom
17:04:48 <suresht> imsurit, thanks for the info
17:05:26 <recursive> !
17:05:42 <suresht> #info mozilla nepal conducted FSAs #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/fsa-meet-nepal-i/
17:05:48 <suresht> recursive, yes
17:06:21 <recursive> Nice job imsurit. Just to notify all. The first Student Ambassador program arranged in Bangladesh \m/. https://reps.mozilla.org/e/fsa-meet-nepal-i/
17:06:31 <recursive> Sorry
17:06:39 <recursive> https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-student-ambassadors-meetup/
17:06:42 <recursive> eom
17:07:03 <imsurit> thanks recursive, suresht it should me FSA meetup i guess
17:07:08 <maktrix> +1 recursive
17:07:27 <suresht> #info The first Student Ambassador program arranged in Bangladesh #linkhttps://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-student-ambassadors-meetup/
17:07:39 <suresht> recursive, awesome :)
17:07:41 <centurion> !
17:07:49 <suresht> you guys doing great
17:07:58 <suresht> hi centurion
17:08:03 <suresht> welcome
17:08:07 * maktrix suresht centurion might want to share us of his event
17:08:15 <centurion> hi suresht
17:08:20 <suresht> centurion, go pls
17:08:35 <rein> hi
17:08:53 <suresht> rein, hi welcome
17:08:58 <centurion> we mozilla Bangladesh arrange a moztour here last month
17:09:18 <centurion> there we organize our first maker party of this year
17:09:30 <centurion> and a awareness program
17:09:52 <centurion> event link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moztour-chittagong/
17:10:14 <centurion> chittagong is the second largest city here
17:10:46 <centurion> and we are getting new contributor day by day from there
17:10:51 <centurion> eom
17:11:31 <maktrix> !
17:11:48 <suresht> #info mozilla Bangladesh arranged moztour in last month #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moztour-chittagong/ event was so awesome.
17:12:01 <suresht> centurion, really nice to hear :)
17:12:06 <suresht> maktrix, pls
17:12:08 <maktrix> suresht: we are on our last minutes perhaps or running on extra?
17:12:18 <maktrix> eom
17:12:54 <suresht> we will end the meeting in another 2-3 min since most of us got late
17:13:18 <suresht> shall i move to next topic?
17:13:23 <maktrix> +1
17:13:32 <imsurit> +1
17:13:37 <suresht> #topic Open floor
17:13:53 <suresht> This year mozilla festival will be held in London UK, October 25 – 27, 2013 #link http://mozillafestival.org/
17:14:20 <suresht> #info mozilla festival will be held in London UK, October 25 – 27, 2013 #link http://mozillafestival.org/
17:14:52 <suresht> folks, anything else to share?
17:15:18 <yofie> !
17:15:31 <suresht> yofie, pls
17:16:25 <yofie> thank you, indonesia is a country of so many islands, i plan to visit borneo for the second time, try to reach out some mozillians by held a meetup event this august 30 https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozkopdarpnk-agustus-2013/
17:17:00 <yofie> that visit will include visit to 1 campus, will also share about Firefox Student Ambassador
17:17:46 <yofie> other event is Software Freedom Day 2013 Jakarta https://reps.mozilla.org/e/sfd-jakarta/
17:18:07 <yofie> To celebrate this year's Software Freedom Day w/ Mozillian in Jakarta with FOSS / FLOSS supporter...
17:18:34 <suresht> # mozilla indonesia will be having meetup on august 30 2013 #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozkopdarpnk-agustus-2013/
17:18:35 <yofie> We still try to gather more communities related to open, to join...
17:18:47 <suresht> sorry
17:18:58 <yofie> i think that's it from me, for now, thank you...
17:19:00 <yofie> eom
17:19:05 <suresht> #info # mozilla indonesia will be having meetup on august 30 2013 #link https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozkopdarpnk-agustus-2013/
17:19:15 <suresht> yofie, thanks for your input
17:19:29 <suresht> share with us once you done
17:20:00 <suresht> folks, what about next meeting? will you all interested?
17:20:15 <yofie> when?
17:20:18 <Irvin> +1
17:20:21 <recursive> +1
17:20:46 <suresht> i'd like to suggest for 31st August 2013 (last saturday of the month)
17:20:53 <recursive> !
17:20:54 <suresht> same time
17:21:01 <suresht> recursive, pls
17:21:04 <rohana> +1
17:21:09 <yofie> sounds perfect, i would suggest we can invite also council to the meeting
17:21:10 <maktrix> +1
17:21:10 <imsurit> +1
17:21:17 <yofie> and reps mentors
17:21:18 <recursive> There may have ReMo camp on that time pls check calendar.
17:21:24 <recursive> eom
17:22:00 <suresht> recursive, yes 29-1st sep
17:22:14 <recursive> Should we overlap with it?
17:22:17 <suresht> yofie +1
17:22:54 <suresht> we need at least 1 council member present during our meeting
17:23:24 <suresht> shall we make action to let them notify via this meeting
17:23:30 <maktrix> yes
17:23:32 <maktrix> +1
17:23:35 <imsurit> +1
17:23:38 <recursive> +1
17:24:06 <Irvin> !
17:24:13 <suresht> Irvin, pls
17:24:38 <Irvin> Where is remo camp ? will all concil people at sleep during our meeting
17:24:51 <Irvin> 'cause of timezone
17:24:53 <Irvin> eom
17:25:38 <suresht> #action APAC meeting should have at least 1 council member present during our meeting
17:26:05 <maktrix> Irvin: ReMo Camp is for Cardinals only ;)
17:26:10 <maktrix> kiding
17:26:16 <suresht> Irvin, if so then they may suggest us to different time slots
17:26:20 <maktrix> suresht: let's call it a day, need to go for dinner
17:26:27 <Irvin> no problem for me
17:26:28 <suresht> maktrix, ok
17:26:54 <suresht> #agreed next meeting will be 31st August 2013 1600 UTC
17:26:55 <yofie> !
17:27:15 <suresht> folks, really thanks for coming
17:27:18 <suresht> yofie, pls
17:27:20 <yofie> for time of meeting we can use https://www.doodle.com/ before decide the exact time for meeting..
17:27:22 <yofie> eom
17:27:31 <recursive> +1
17:27:35 <maktrix> +1
17:27:42 <centurion> +1
17:27:47 <maktrix> but, we can decide on next meeting
17:28:00 <maktrix> let's have next meeting on 31st August
17:28:10 <suresht> yes next time i will use https://www.doodle.com/
17:28:34 <suresht> maktrix, next meeting will be 31st August
17:28:42 <suresht> ok with this?
17:28:47 <imsurit> +1
17:28:56 <maktrix> +1
17:29:00 <recursive> +1
17:29:01 <yofie> +1
17:29:03 <yofie> same time
17:29:08 <suresht> yes
17:29:13 <yofie> thank to you all guys
17:29:27 <yofie> have a great day, or night for you who already plan to sleep hehe
17:29:39 <maktrix> :)
17:29:40 <suresht> folks, sorry for took over time
17:29:56 <suresht> and thanks for coming today :)
17:30:08 <suresht> lets allow wind come in :)
17:30:08 <suresht> 5
17:30:10 <suresht> 4
17:30:12 <suresht> 3
17:30:13 <suresht> 2
17:30:14 <suresht> 1
17:30:15 <Irvin> good night all, thanks for suresht
17:30:16 <suresht> 0
17:30:18 <suresht> #endmeeting