18:11:35 <Christos> #startmeeting Mozilla EMEA Reps Meeting August 2013
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18:11:37 <Flore> and french!
18:11:49 <Christos> hello ladies and gentlemen
18:12:00 <Flore> I propose that everyone speaks in their mother language?
18:12:06 <Christos> as you already know the etherpad with our tonight;s agenda is
18:12:13 <Christos> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/regional-meetings-emea-08-2013
18:12:35 <Christos> if you havent filled your name yet
18:12:44 <Christos> please do it know at the etherpad
18:12:50 <Christos> so lets start
18:13:07 <Christos> #topic Announcements - General Program Update
18:13:27 <Christos> as you may already know we have a new Rep of the month
18:13:39 <Christos> for the month July who is Faye Tandog
18:13:49 <Christos> congratulations!
18:14:04 <Ganesh> +1
18:14:08 <Mad_maks> +1
18:14:09 <Niko> congratz
18:14:16 <Christos> as you may already know as well
18:14:17 <mkohler> +1
18:14:27 <bebe> +1
18:14:29 <Christos> we have a new Mozillians portal user interface
18:14:32 <Christos> which is AWESOME!
18:14:37 <Flore> +1
18:14:43 <Ganesh> +1
18:14:44 <Christos> after the meeting go to mozillians.org and explore it ;)
18:15:03 <Christos> in addition
18:15:24 <Christos> our Dev Team is working so hard
18:15:34 <Christos> and they need our help
18:15:42 <Christos> so as william reynolds requested
18:16:06 <Christos> if you have 3 minutes, please answer the following survey
18:16:08 <Christos> #link http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1322569/Mozilla-Reps-Portal-Events-experience
18:16:16 <Flore> +1
18:16:32 <Christos> it is going to be for improvements regarding the Reps portal ;)
18:16:37 <Christos> thats all for me
18:16:58 <Christos> does the council want to announce anything?
18:16:59 <Christos> ioanachiorean,
18:17:20 <ioanachiorean> :) thanks Christos
18:17:49 <ioanachiorean> I would just emphasize William Quiviger's mail - to add you though for the mentors and council int he pad from the mail
18:18:19 <ioanachiorean> and again, if there anything you want to discuss with us - do not hesitate to reach us
18:18:40 <ioanachiorean> Eom
18:19:00 <Christos> And I forgot to give a lot of congratulations to our new Remo Mentors
18:19:10 <ioanachiorean> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/ReMo_Camp_2013
18:19:16 <Christos> congrats guys! you have a lot and hard work to do :)
18:19:22 <ioanachiorean> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/general-remo-camp-2013-topics
18:19:28 <Christos> thank you ioanachiorean
18:19:34 <ioanachiorean> yes! Congrats to all!
18:19:43 <ioanachiorean> my pleasure! eom
18:20:05 <Christos> someone else who wants to make an announcement ?
18:20:27 <Christos> ok so moving on
18:20:34 <Christos> #topic Reps + Webmaker
18:20:46 <Christos> The teachtheweb summer party is over
18:20:52 <Christos> with amazing results
18:20:59 <Christos> a lot of  awesome events
18:21:05 <Christos> and a lot of positive feedback
18:21:31 <Christos> that doesn't mean that the events are over
18:21:43 <Christos> as a passionate Mozilla Webamker Reps
18:21:59 <Ganesh> +1
18:22:03 <Christos> we continuously spread the word of the open web
18:22:19 <Christos> and trying to learn the people how to create content for the web
18:22:33 <ioanachiorean> !
18:22:37 <Christos> yes ioanachiorean
18:22:57 <ioanachiorean> I think the maker parties will last till September 15
18:23:02 <ioanachiorean> 15th
18:23:28 <ioanachiorean> the #teachtheweb sessions and super mentor call ended
18:23:36 <Chaasof> !
18:23:37 <Christos> yes my mistake, sorry
18:23:45 <ioanachiorean> but the maker parties will last till Sept. 15th
18:23:46 <ioanachiorean> eom
18:24:08 <Christos> I just wanted to point out that nothing is finished , never will! we will continue organizing events :D
18:24:11 <Christos> yes Chaasof
18:24:16 <Chaasof> I would like to share this one http://www.thehelloworldprogram.com/html-markup-game/ :)
18:24:18 <Chaasof> eom
18:24:28 <Christos> Chaasof, whats that>?
18:24:42 <Ganesh> !
18:24:47 <Christos> Chaasof, oh a game! ahahahah awesome!
18:24:50 <Christos> yes Ganesh
18:25:08 <Ganesh> I think Webmaker events should continue
18:25:11 <Christos> yes Ganesh
18:25:14 <Chaasof> it's a game to learn web technologies  http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/197664/Learn_HTML_With_an_HTML5_Game.php
18:25:24 <Christos> Ganesh, they will! Its up to us!
18:25:35 <Christos> Chaasof, thansk mate its awesome!
18:25:39 <Ganesh> this is a great events for getting people involved with mozilla
18:25:46 <ioanachiorean> !
18:25:49 <Flore> !
18:25:58 <Christos> yes ioanachiorean
18:26:26 <ioanachiorean> I just wanted to add to ganesh that this summer movements are just to create a bigger wider image of webmaker movement
18:26:45 <ioanachiorean> if this ends in Sept 15th does not mean we won't do webmaker events after
18:26:52 <Ganesh> +1
18:27:00 <ioanachiorean> tehre are webmaker events during the whole year
18:27:16 <ioanachiorean> but global movement during summer - to get a wider image
18:27:38 <ioanachiorean> people feel that they took part in something even bigger than the local event
18:27:38 <Ganesh> eom
18:27:40 <ioanachiorean> eom
18:27:44 <Christos> Flore,
18:28:07 <Flore> I think Chaasof doomed the meeting with the link, everyone is playing
18:28:14 <Christos> ahahahahahaha
18:28:19 <Christos> i hope not!
18:28:22 <Niko> lol
18:28:32 <Christos> so anything else regarding the Webmaker movement?
18:28:41 <Flore> I am currently training librarians in Lyon so that they can hold webmaker parties
18:28:52 * Chaasof sorry ..
18:28:54 <mkohler> awesome Flore!
18:28:58 <Flore> 6 trained last wednesday, 6 other tomorrow
18:29:01 <Christos> amazing Flore
18:29:03 <Ganesh> +1
18:29:14 <Flore> Not really a maker party, but a mentor party :)
18:29:14 <Mad_maks> +1
18:29:27 <Flore> They're really enthusiast
18:29:41 <Flore> small audience but wide range
18:29:53 <Flore> I'll write a blogpost later
18:29:56 * ioanachiorean is impressed every day about how awesome reps are <3
18:30:08 <Christos> Flore, please do that
18:30:29 <Christos> Reps always bare in mind that blog posts are the best reviews from your events!
18:30:37 <Flore> I will :)
18:30:44 <Chaasof> ?
18:30:46 <Flore> I revived my blog only for this
18:30:48 <Christos> and the best way of sharing your experience with others
18:30:49 <Flore> eom
18:31:33 <Christos> so moving on?
18:31:40 <Chaasof> ? :p
18:31:44 <Christos> Chaasof,
18:31:46 <ioanachiorean> chasssof wanted to say something
18:32:10 <Christos> sorry Chaasof
18:32:19 <Chaasof> Can mentors check with their mentees to add their blog the the reps )lanet ?
18:32:23 <Chaasof> planet*
18:32:27 <Chaasof> eom :)
18:32:56 <ioanachiorean> !
18:33:06 <Christos> yes ioanachiorean
18:33:49 <ioanachiorean> I would add that at the moment reps planet should include only english blogs
18:34:11 <ioanachiorean> Council is searching for solutions to include other l10n blogs
18:34:24 <ioanachiorean> so everyone could be followed
18:34:34 <Chaasof> +11111
18:34:39 <BenAbdou> +1
18:34:52 <Mad_maks> ?
18:34:59 <Christos> yes Mad_maks
18:35:33 <Mad_maks> why don't we add non English blogs
18:35:48 <Mad_maks> i don't see the problem who can't read will not read it
18:35:55 <ioanachiorean> !
18:35:59 <Christos> yes ioanachiorean
18:36:04 <Christos> #chair ioanachiorean
18:36:04 <remobot> Current chairs: Christos ioanachiorean
18:36:24 <ioanachiorean> there are no separate feeds at the moment saw people following the feed will be a bit overload by this
18:36:37 <Flore> !
18:36:38 <Niko> ?
18:36:58 <Mad_maks> i really don't see a problem here
18:37:02 <Christos> ioanachiorean, eom?
18:37:03 <ioanachiorean> but again - we know about bout this and we work on solutions
18:37:19 <ioanachiorean> I only refer to the feed from portal mad maks
18:37:27 <Christos> Mad_maks, i guess thats a question you have to address directly to the board
18:37:37 <Mad_maks> if everything in one feed you will see also the events somewhere else
18:37:40 <ioanachiorean> reps can blog (and are encourage too) in their native lang
18:37:49 <Mad_maks> eom
18:38:01 <ioanachiorean> I think I don't understand the last sentence
18:38:11 <ioanachiorean> the one feedreffers only to the planet
18:38:28 <Mad_maks> !
18:38:46 <Christos> yes Flore
18:39:10 <Flore> Most blogs allow to make different rss feeds
18:39:28 <ioanachiorean> +1 lore
18:39:31 <Flore> So on one blog you can have a feed in english for reps
18:39:42 <Flore> And another in your language
18:39:49 <BenAbdou> +1
18:39:52 <Niko> +1
18:39:52 <ioanachiorean> +1
18:39:56 <Flore> Shared with your own community
18:40:01 <Chaasof> +1
18:40:05 <Flore> mozfr does that for example
18:40:10 <Flore> eom
18:40:22 <Chaasof> ! after Niko :)
18:40:22 <Christos> thank you Flore
18:40:24 <Christos> Niko,
18:40:32 <Christos> Chaasof, you are after Mad_maks
18:40:47 <Chaasof> Christos: ah yes :)
18:40:59 <Niko> thanks Christos, I wanted to recommend what Flore already said
18:41:06 <Christos> ok great
18:41:07 <Christos> Mad_maks,
18:41:19 <Mad_maks> never mind.
18:41:23 <Niko> and also to point out since its reps (underscore) planet, I don't think we should limit it to english only
18:41:25 * FuzzyFox completely missed the emails reminding of this event. :( Guessing there are minutes somewhere
18:41:51 <Mad_maks> +1
18:41:56 <Christos> FuzzyFox, we are in the middle :)
18:42:00 <Christos> Chaasof,
18:42:05 <Niko> also I wanted to ask how other reps feel about multi language blog posts/reports, eg. in you local language and write the same thing in English, I've seen that an a couple of posts and I think that is the best combo
18:42:21 <Niko> ?
18:42:25 <Niko> eom
18:42:36 <mrz> i've often thought of asking for translation help for blog posts that are geared towards a non-english group
18:42:42 <Flore> !
18:42:52 <Chaasof> +1 Flore :) so if we can for a first time all blogs with english language and waiting for the new solution from council :) so we can add l10n
18:42:57 <Chaasof> eom
18:43:05 <Christos> Flore,
18:43:32 <Flore> For myself I choose the language depending on who is the target
18:43:49 <Flore> And I do only one language (mostly english) and I'm lazy, I know
18:43:55 <FuzzyFox> !
18:44:05 <ioanachiorean> me reminds everyone that this was only for the planet and that links with localized blogs can be added in the event page, reports etc
18:44:17 <Christos> +1 to ioanachiorean
18:44:19 <Flore> Clarista writes in french and there's a pad for translating her posts (which are usually very long)
18:44:21 <Flore> eom
18:44:26 <Christos> yes FuzzyFox
18:44:59 <FuzzyFox> Is the chan topic correct for the current discussion point? and an additional +1 to ioanachiorean
18:45:02 <FuzzyFox> eom
18:45:08 <Christos> generally guys, you can use different feeds for your blog and write in every language you like! But i suggest you to share only english blog post in the planet
18:45:19 <Christos> FuzzyFox, yes! ahahah
18:45:35 <Christos> so guys can we please move on
18:45:42 <FuzzyFox> !
18:45:47 <Christos> because we getting late in this topic?
18:45:48 <Christos> yes Fuz
18:45:51 <Christos> yes FuzzyFox
18:46:20 <FuzzyFox> As a point of note to all... I now work full time on the Webmaker Mentors team so feel free to ping me whenever you need help with something webmaker :P
18:46:38 <Christos> oh thats awesome FuzzyFox
18:46:41 <Christos> thank you!
18:46:42 <FuzzyFox> eom that's my late addtition to the agenda covered
18:46:42 <Flore> +1
18:46:53 <Christos> so moving on guys?
18:47:00 <Chaasof> yes
18:47:03 <Christos> #topic ReMo Camp 2013
18:47:07 <Christos> ioanachiorean, the floor is yours!
18:47:32 <ioanachiorean> oke
18:47:34 <ioanachiorean> :)
18:47:49 <ioanachiorean> as mentioned above , William Q sent out an important mail
18:48:12 <ioanachiorean> as said there we will have the Remo Camp at the end of the month - August
18:48:28 <ioanachiorean> where all mentors will participate (all mentors that can)
18:49:06 <ioanachiorean> so we encourage all reps to reach out the pad or a mentor or the council with their opinions, problems , strategies that they have in their minds
18:49:39 <Christos> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council/ReMo_Camp_2013
18:49:46 <ioanachiorean> more info about it at the above link
18:50:01 <ioanachiorean> add your opinions , ideas etc
18:50:02 <ioanachiorean> here
18:50:07 <ioanachiorean> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/general-remo-camp-2013-topics
18:50:23 <ioanachiorean> if you have any questions let me know
18:50:53 <ioanachiorean> eom
18:51:23 <Christos> thank you ioanachiorean
18:51:31 <Christos> anyone has any question for the Camp?
18:52:04 <Christos> so lets move on
18:52:08 <Christos> #topic Events
18:52:37 <Christos> So as you know Firefox OS has already launched in Spain, Poland in Europe
18:52:58 <Christos> and its going to be launched in some other countries by the end of the year
18:53:09 <Christos> but we dont know details yet
18:53:38 <Christos> if you want to take part in writing history again
18:54:14 <Christos> keep your eyes open at the reps mailing list or at your local communities list
18:54:23 <Chaasof> !
18:54:38 <Christos> because if and when we launch in your cuontry
18:54:45 <Christos> we are going to need a lot of help :)
18:54:47 <Christos> yes Chaasof
18:55:12 <Chaasof> a question in the etherpad for this topic :) : Can a ReMo speak to telephony company regarding FirefoxOS?
18:55:35 <Christos> Chaasof, to tell what? and in which country?
18:55:46 <Christos> in a country we are launching ?
18:55:57 <Chaasof> is not my question :s
18:56:04 <ioanachiorean> i think he means in new countries where we do not have a partner
18:56:06 <Chaasof> I found it in the etherpad
18:56:28 <Christos> let me read it
18:56:51 <Christos> well
18:57:04 <Christos> we are going to anwser all the questons in the end of the meeting
18:57:05 <Christos> ok?
18:57:12 <Christos> anything else regarding events?
18:57:17 <Chaasof> Ganesh:
18:57:19 <Christos> a question
18:57:24 <Christos> something
18:57:42 <Christos> Chaasof, yes is Ganesh but lets wait for the Open floor please :)
18:57:51 <Christos> ok so moving on
18:57:51 <Chaasof> oki :)
18:57:58 <Christos> #topic Future Meeting
18:58:10 <Christos> as we discuss in previous meetings
18:58:34 <Christos> we are going to have our next meeting in 1, 1 and a half month from now :)
18:58:42 * Chaasof thinks that the best time is after the remo camp :)
18:58:50 <Christos> absolutely
18:58:55 <Christos> #topic Open Floor
18:59:08 <mrz> i have to go shortly
18:59:09 <Christos> ok now we can discuss the questions :)
18:59:14 <mrz> line 69
18:59:24 <Christos> mrz ok no worries, let me check
18:59:43 <mrz> perhaps just brainstorm some thoughts.  I think I'm joining the Remo Camp via vidyo to talk
19:00:03 <Christos> mrz i dont know so I cant answer you
19:00:11 <Christos> mrz question is
19:00:12 <Christos> [mrz] Community IT & EMEA. What are your "IT" needs? Where can this group make the biggest impact for Reps EMEA?
19:00:52 <Christos> if anyone is willing to brainstorm
19:00:56 <Christos> please feel free
19:01:21 <Christos> i am sure that the biggest impact generally for Reps
19:01:28 <Christos> is for infrastructure
19:01:39 <mrz> what sort of infrastructure? just web hosting?
19:01:45 <Christos> as a discussion we had some months ago
19:01:59 <Christos> mrz this has to be specified
19:02:11 <mrz> i've heard replacing mailman/google groups for a discussion platform
19:02:51 <Christos> thats an idea which exists a lot of years now..
19:03:30 <mrz> okay. if there are other ideas, let me know - put it in the etherpad.
19:03:35 <Christos> mrz maybe you have to share your thoughts at the mailing list
19:03:40 <mrz> i plan on having an Community IT meeting next week
19:03:46 <Christos> ok thanks great
19:04:03 <mrz> but also wanted to solicit your input
19:04:17 <mrz> eom (i have to go)
19:04:39 <Christos> mrz generally
19:05:02 * ioanachiorean Thanks mrz for participating!
19:05:04 <Christos> if you want my input, the first step is to have
19:05:09 <Christos> commmunity mails
19:05:14 <Christos> especially the reps
19:05:26 <Christos> christos@mozreps.org for example :)
19:05:38 <Christos> wow! while discussing here, ioanachiorean answered all the questions on the pad
19:05:43 <Christos> Ganesh, are you here?
19:05:50 * ioanachiorean is blushing
19:05:51 <Chaasof> +1 ioanachiorean
19:05:57 <Chaasof> thanks :D
19:05:59 <Christos> so anything you would like to discuss /?
19:06:03 <Christos> now is the right time
19:06:34 <Chaasof> and the etherpad is the best way :D
19:06:52 <Ganesh> +1
19:07:03 <Christos> Ganesh everything ok with your questions?
19:07:28 <Christos> if you dont have any questions or topics you would like to discuss we will end this meeting in 1minute :)
19:07:32 <Chaasof> ?
19:07:38 <Ganesh> great
19:08:10 <Christos> yes Chaasof
19:08:14 <Chaasof> can we have the experience of other countries ? [FirefoxOS]
19:08:53 <Christos> Chaasof, what do you mean by that?
19:09:14 <Christos> Chaasof, do you want to know the experience of other countries were the Firefox OS is launched?
19:09:15 <Chaasof> from Poland and Espagne
19:09:21 <ioanachiorean> !
19:09:21 <Christos> ok yes
19:09:23 <Chaasof> yes
19:09:35 <Christos> generally the community is doing an AMAZING work
19:09:45 <Christos> by the way
19:09:52 <mkohler> ?
19:09:58 <Christos> i was reading the blog post for the polish community
19:10:07 <Christos> ioanachiorean, go ahead while i am searching for the link
19:10:22 <ioanachiorean> I wanted to add there there are no official numbers or something like that
19:10:55 <Christos> no there are not
19:11:05 <Christos> we cant discuss on sales
19:11:10 <Christos> but the feeling is amazing
19:11:13 <Christos> yes mkohler
19:11:16 <mkohler> anybody from Poland here who could get some Polish Firefox OS devices to the Mozilla Summit? would love to get one.. :)
19:11:33 <ioanachiorean> but the feedback is positive - especially that there are no phones retuned - like sometime happens with other phones
19:11:40 <Christos> #link https://blog.mozilla.org/community/2013/08/05/firefox-os-in-poland-the-launch-team/
19:11:41 <mkohler> and I'm sure others would love that too :)
19:11:47 <ioanachiorean> mkohler regarding that
19:11:53 <ioanachiorean> summit
19:11:54 <Christos> mkohler, you can always buy a geeksphone
19:12:08 <Chaasof> thanks Christos :)
19:12:10 <ioanachiorean> a big important mail arrived today in your inboxes
19:12:16 <mkohler> Christos: already have a geeksphone and a ZTE from Spain.. let's say I'm collecting them :)
19:12:35 <Chaasof> ioanachiorean: :D
19:12:38 <ioanachiorean> please take a few minutes and add your info to the summit registration page
19:13:03 <mkohler> ?
19:13:09 <ioanachiorean> yes mkohler
19:13:21 <mkohler> Not quite sure what "company" on the registration page means.. just out of curiousity
19:13:28 * ioanachiorean sorry Christos if i am interfering
19:13:43 <Christos> ioanachiorean, you are the chair, do whatever you like :)
19:13:47 <mkohler> I'm sorry if this is not of general interest in this meeting
19:13:53 <ioanachiorean> well - I think is more to know you - what is your official job outside mozilla
19:14:01 <Christos> mkohler, +1
19:14:02 <mkohler> ah okay, then I got it right
19:14:09 <ioanachiorean> i don't have the right answer it is just mu supposition
19:14:10 <mkohler> but it's quite confusign actually
19:14:18 <ioanachiorean> yeah - I agree
19:14:28 <ioanachiorean> i will go to #summit2013 and ask this
19:15:54 <Christos> ok great!
19:16:04 <Christos> anything else you wuold like to discuss?
19:16:22 <Chaasof> I have to go :s thank you all :) and specially Christos and ioanachiorean
19:16:29 <Christos> thank Chaasof
19:16:36 <Christos> ok if not lets end the meeting in 30"
19:16:52 <ioanachiorean> anytime Chaasof :)
19:17:06 <mkohler> ?
19:17:16 <Christos> mkohler,
19:17:26 <mkohler> do you know if there is any list which staff people will be at which place at the summit?
19:17:46 <Christos> i think
19:17:53 <Christos> its on the mail we recieved today
19:17:54 <mkohler> as far as I remember there were only community members on the initial list
19:17:57 <Christos> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmwZL-gS9ZMmdDhNX3pGNDNHcmcxQ3BxOTFsQ3FfZlE#gid=0
19:18:00 <mkohler> ah okay.. sorry about that
19:18:23 <Christos> ok
19:18:33 <Christos> thank you everyone for attending!
19:18:40 <mkohler> thanks you for hosting :)
19:18:40 <Mad_maks> thnak you
19:18:42 <Christos> see you in one month and something
19:18:47 <Christos> #endmeeting