23:02:03 <regnard> #startmeeting
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23:02:32 <regnard> we're having the follow-up meeting to the north american reps meetup we had a couple weeks ago
23:02:50 <regnard> this is a quick check-in to the action items we had identified
23:03:20 <regnard> as well as get the momentum going-- we'd like to have a nice build up to the ReMo Camp, Mozilla Summit, then on to 2014 :D
23:03:56 <regnard> before we go into the updates, can we have a quick intro of the meeting participants? a nice one-liner would be appreciated.
23:04:26 <regnard> ?
23:04:35 <davidwboswell> hi, i'm david boswell and i help support people interested in doing community building for their projects -- more at wiki.mozilla.org/contribute
23:05:03 <CaseyBecking> CaseyBecking - Mozilla rep from Southern California
23:05:03 <Kensie> I'm Majken Connor, I'm in Toronto, former council member, new owner of the Dev Derby contest!
23:05:09 <mdupont> howdy
23:05:11 <rtsayles> Hi, I am Robert Sayles and I am here to sit in the meeting with you guys.
23:05:20 <mdupont> hi Kensie
23:05:26 <Tanner> (i'm here)
23:05:58 <regnard> And I'm Regnard Raquedan, Mozilla Reps Council Member, based in Toronto.
23:06:01 <mdupont> I am mike, I just moved to lawrence kansas, willing to help out worldwide, but would like to do some small events here in kansas
23:06:39 <regnard> thanks everyone. any other intros?
23:07:29 <regnard> ok, looks like we're ok with the intros
23:07:31 <Tanner> mdupont: cool, another rep in the midwest.
23:07:54 <regnard> since we have folks who were not in the meetup, let's just have a quick recap
23:08:03 <regnard> #topic recap of north american meetup
23:08:15 <mdupont> Tanner, where are you?
23:08:23 <Tanner> mdupont: Iowa
23:08:25 <regnard> To give people context, please take a look at these links:
23:08:28 <mdupont> oh great
23:08:43 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meetup-planning
23:08:43 <williamr> hi, I'm William Reynolds, I'm in San Francisco and I'm both a Rep and paid staff member. My focus is building community tools like mozillians.org and reps.mozilla.org :)
23:08:50 <Kensie> regnard: I was just going to suggest we put the notes in the basecamp (unless I missed that).
23:09:00 <Kensie> Tanner and mdupont have both been added
23:09:11 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meetup-2013
23:09:22 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-reps-meetup-community-building
23:09:32 <regnard> #link https://remo.etherpad.mozilla.org/na-swot-2013
23:09:44 <regnard> @Kensie: I'll save the logs to the Basecamp site
23:10:05 <regnard> OK, the most critical link would be the last one I posted
23:10:34 <regnard> it contains the main action items and priority areas for the Reps based in US and Canada
23:11:09 <davidwboswell> regnard, would you like us to go down the list and do updates?
23:11:53 <regnard> It can be summarized by the vision statement: "In two years, we will be known for leadership and building local communities.
23:11:55 <regnard> We will have and share tools and resources, which will be used to have cohesive communication. We will build key relationships with universities and grow our Rep base to 40 which will allow us to achieve future goals and be sustainable."
23:12:08 <regnard> @davidboswell: yes please
23:12:26 <davidwboswell> not sure if emma is here, so i can give an update on the first one
23:12:36 <davidwboswell> * Have Reps teach community building workshops to staff in Mozilla offices
23:12:43 <regnard> In addition to that, the key cities are Toronto and Portland
23:13:10 <davidwboswell> i connected emma and dave eaves (the person creating the community building workshop content) and they discussed doing a pilot effort of delivering this material in the vancouver office
23:13:29 <davidwboswell> there's an etherpad with the list of mozilla offices and who could deliver the workshops at each at
23:13:30 <davidwboswell> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/community-building-workshops-phase2
23:13:53 <davidwboswell> so far it contains the NA offices -- vancouver, toronto and portland where the NA reps have offered to do the workshops
23:14:06 <davidwboswell> and also lists the other offices where we could identify other Reps
23:14:27 <davidwboswell> dave and emma don't have a date set yet for when they want to do this but they'll connect again soon to pick one
23:14:31 <davidwboswell> that's it for that update
23:14:36 <Kensie> ?
23:15:04 <regnard> yes, kensie
23:15:25 <Kensie> Is the plan for Dave and Emma to do it themselves, or would some of the other NA reps come out to also use the experience to train on it?
23:15:46 <davidwboswell> good question -- we could handle that a couple different ways
23:16:09 <davidwboswell> they could do it on their own and then all Reps who want to deliver workshops in other offices could meet up with them to debrief -- that seems most scalable
23:16:37 <davidwboswell> or some people could visit vancouver
23:17:14 <davidwboswell> i was assuming the first option, but i'm certainly open to suggestions
23:17:59 <regnard> I guess once Dave and Emma have solidified their plans, then the roll-out details would follow suit
23:18:04 <mdupont> ok people
23:18:10 <mdupont> i would like to share my vision
23:18:17 <Kensie> turns out I'm a fan of pyramid schemes, I think it would be cool to have some people there as a train the trainer, then those people could hold train the trainers eslewehre
23:18:22 <davidwboswell> regnard, agreed
23:18:27 <Kensie> buyeah
23:18:35 <regnard> ok, that's the update for now
23:18:50 <regnard> mdupont: are you ok with sharing that after our main agenda items?
23:18:53 <mdupont> sure
23:18:56 <regnard> thanks
23:18:57 <davidwboswell> ok, i think i'm up next for other one too
23:19:00 <davidwboswell> * Work with indigenous communities and l10n team about localizing Firefox into Navajo/or local native languages, etc.
23:19:44 <davidwboswell> we've had an initial meeting with jeff beatty, kevin scannell and michael bauer about the idea
23:19:46 <davidwboswell> https://l10n.etherpad.mozilla.org/north-american-localization
23:20:03 <davidwboswell> the action items from that are on that etherpad above
23:20:29 <davidwboswell> short version: kevin is going to reach out to see if there are insitutions or people who want to partner with us and we'll get back together to gauge interest
23:20:49 <davidwboswell> that's it for the update
23:21:08 <regnard> all right
23:21:11 <regnard> i'm up next
23:21:21 <regnard> this is for the update on the university outreach
23:21:43 <regnard> thanks to Kensie, I was able to meet Jill Alvarez in SF
23:22:01 <Kensie> :) I recognized her from her Mozillians profile!
23:22:10 <regnard> we all had a quick conversation on what we could do, although nothing is definite
23:22:22 <mdupont> about the indigienous
23:22:29 <mdupont> davidwboswell, i have a great tip
23:22:36 <regnard> but it's good to know she is aware of what we plan to do
23:22:48 <mdupont> in lawrence where I live is the haskell indian nations university
23:22:55 <mdupont> it is just around the corner
23:23:01 <regnard> and it would good to approach her again once we have something more concrete
23:23:04 <mdupont> i will look to do some recruiting there
23:23:21 <regnard> i also reached out to Kate NAszradi, who leads the Firefox Student Ambassadors
23:23:31 <davidwboswell> mdupont -- great.  if you have connections there would you mind reaching out to https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/kscanne/
23:23:55 <regnard> we had a lengthy exchange and she she is very pleased that the Reps is focusing on unversities in NA
23:24:18 <mdupont> davidwboswell, will do
23:24:24 <davidwboswell> mdupont, thanks :)
23:24:30 <regnard> We will have a discussion in the coming ReMo Camp to flesh out the plans
23:24:47 <regnard> that's the university outreach update
23:24:54 <mdupont> davidwboswell, is there a reps NA mailing list?
23:25:04 <Kensie> mdupont: it's the basecamp I just added you to
23:25:17 <mdupont> ok
23:25:35 <Kensie> we should probably have discussions for each of these to continue any questions etc
23:25:45 <Kensie> I'm next, priority cities
23:25:51 <Kensie> I shared my first draft on the basecamp
23:26:19 <Kensie> #link https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/3638821-north-american-reps/messages/14913542-priority-city-draft
23:26:36 <Kensie> which links to the etherpad https://majken.etherpad.mozilla.org/priority-cities
23:27:03 <Kensie> I haven't gotten any feedback yet, so that would be appreciated!
23:27:14 <Kensie> if you want to leave feedback on the etherpad, please add NOT replace
23:27:26 <Kensie> so we can compare the suggestions with the original etc
23:28:08 <Kensie> So my next step would be to badger you all for feedback ;)
23:28:21 <mdupont> ok
23:29:34 <Kensie> I have the next topic as well, Dev Derby, which I don't have any news for. I've talked to CaseyBecking a bit and I need to get working on that hard. If anyone wants to help run the contest let me konw I'll make sure you're on the right lists etc.
23:29:59 <Kensie> oh yes
23:30:21 <Kensie> I did reach out to Kate as well, though I haven't heard back. Student Ambassadors also have a monthly hack contest, it would be great to make them related.
23:30:42 <Kensie> share some of the effort, or at the very least, cross promote
23:31:07 <Kensie> that's it for me
23:31:16 <regnard> ok, who's next
23:31:33 <CaseyBecking> I'll go next.
23:31:49 <CaseyBecking> Ive been working on bugs for remo
23:32:21 <CaseyBecking> I was able to get my local machine up and running and can now show anyone who needs help on a mac the easiest way i found to do it.
23:32:40 <davidwboswell> cool :)
23:33:01 <CaseyBecking> I will also be working with Kensie on dev durby as well as helping out with the mozilla sites for Toronto
23:33:20 <CaseyBecking> That's about all for me.
23:33:56 <regnard> all right
23:34:04 <regnard> thanks for the updates everyone
23:35:22 <mdupont> i have a idea
23:35:22 <regnard> #topic next meeting
23:35:27 <mdupont> two ideas
23:35:34 <mdupont> would like to metion
23:35:39 <mdupont> mention
23:35:44 <regnard> ok, mdupont
23:36:11 <mdupont> 1. if you want to focus on two cities because it is hard to get people to do things
23:36:22 <mdupont> what about doing a nation wide day like wikipedia day
23:36:41 <mdupont> i mean something where we could get national coverage and host local events
23:36:47 <Kensie> mdupont: it's more about maintaining momentum. A community needs critical mass, one person always running things will burn out.
23:36:50 <mdupont> so that we might reach poeple
23:37:02 <mdupont> Kensie, and that brings me into my next topic
23:37:08 <mdupont> 2. more than mozilla
23:37:08 <Kensie> In Toronto we definitely did see the benefits of a similar global event
23:37:32 <mdupont> my experience in kosovo was that you have too many projects and too few activists
23:37:53 <mdupont> so we made a group that would promote things like, among others, mozilla
23:38:07 <mdupont> so they were able to recruit locals better
23:38:38 <mdupont> also I plan on making open events that include mozilla but are not totally dedicated to mozilla, as well as making mozilla specific events
23:38:56 <regnard> mdupont, it boils down to Reps' community size in North America
23:38:56 <mdupont> otherwise the interest level will be too low in the public
23:39:29 <regnard> we're are basically utilizing a "divide and conquer" approach
23:39:33 <mdupont> well my point is that a generic open source event might get more interest than just a mozilla event
23:39:39 <mdupont> and that has been my experience
23:39:40 <Kensie> mdupont: those are good ideas. bkerensa does work on ubuntu as well.
23:39:50 <mdupont> ok, so those are my points
23:39:58 <Kensie> Not every city in North America will be able to support a Mozilla-specific community
23:40:04 <regnard> we start with smaller number of cities instead of taking on country/region-level challenges
23:40:10 <mdupont> k
23:40:16 <regnard> we can continue this outside of the meeting, if you like
23:40:19 <mdupont> you will have my help
23:40:32 <regnard> but what I would like to set is the next schedule for our next meeting
23:40:33 <mdupont> on your plans and I will do what I can to suport the target cities
23:40:40 <mdupont> support
23:41:06 <regnard> so any suggestions when we'll have the next meeting?
23:41:07 <mdupont> have you seen wiki loves libraries , there is an upcoming nationwide event https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Loves_Libraries#Planned_United_States_Fall_2013_library_events
23:41:16 <mdupont> regnard, not during working hours
23:41:17 <Kensie> regnard: what are the action items?
23:41:39 <Chaasof> regnard: after th mozilla summit :)
23:42:18 <regnard> kensie: a lot of the action items were already mentioned in the updates
23:42:42 <Kensie> regnard: right, but when the next meeting should happen depends on the action items, how long do we need before we are ready for next steps
23:43:15 <davidwboswell> btw, i need to head off in a minute.  let me know whenever the follow up is scheduled
23:43:43 <regnard> valid point, but that's why i'm asking everyone for the next meeting schedule
23:43:49 <regnard> thanks davidboswell
23:44:41 <regnard> as we set our next meeting schedule, please keep in mind the amount of time you need to have substantial progress
23:44:41 <Kensie> well I don't think we have any pushback on priority cities, so far everyone I've talked to has very much agreed it's a good idea
23:45:04 <Kensie> so my next steps are collecting feedback and then working on a draft to present to council
23:45:19 <Kensie> then we should actually start getting to work on helping the priority cities
23:45:37 <Kensie> I think we have TIFF covered so for Toronto the next big event is the Summit
23:46:17 <Kensie> not sure what bkerensa's next big event is
23:46:23 <rtsayles> Kensie, can anyone help with TIFF?
23:46:28 <regnard> OK, does October 17 sound OK?
23:46:37 <Kensie> but I would suggest the next meeting be a kickoff on working on those events
23:46:54 <regnard> @rtsayles: hypothetically yes
23:47:19 <rtsayles> I would love too if I can :-)
23:47:30 <regnard> I've been inviting local Mozillians to help on the screening events at TIFF
23:47:36 <regnard> we can take this discussion offline
23:47:41 <rtsayles> Oh Great :-)
23:48:00 <regnard> ok,  any concerns with having the next meeting on Oct 17?
23:48:18 <Kensie> regnard: yes, what I just raised. That would be *after* the summit, and so we wouldn't be able to plan anything for the summit.
23:48:50 <regnard> got it
23:49:20 <regnard> Sept. 26
23:50:02 <regnard> This sound OK?
23:50:14 <Kensie> I would suggest in another two weeks *if* we want to use it to coordinate promotion of the Toronto community in the lead up to the summit
23:50:29 <Kensie> but in theory we can try and coordinate that on basecamp without a meeting
23:50:42 <Kensie> or schedule a meeting just for people who are helping withthat
23:51:24 <regnard> in two weeks?
23:51:48 <regnard> Sept. 10?
23:51:55 <Kensie> yes, that would give us 3 weeks to organize
23:52:07 <regnard> I'm just being mindful of ReMo Camp
23:52:11 <Kensie> ah right
23:52:56 <regnard> we can have people vote in a doodle for Sept. 19 & 26
23:53:05 <regnard> then let's take it from there
23:53:12 <Kensie> sure
23:53:22 <Kensie> and I'll start discussion about the summit on basecamp in the mean-time
23:53:29 <CaseyBecking> good from here
23:53:31 <regnard> #action Regnard to create a Doodle for next meeting date (Sept 19 & 26)
23:53:42 <regnard> all right we're done
23:54:03 <regnard> for those who are interested in taking part in the excitement in NA, please join the basecamp
23:54:03 <Kensie> regnard: sorry, i also wanted to point out that there are still reps that need to be contacted and added to basecamp
23:54:17 <regnard> we are in the process of reaching to all Reps in the region
23:54:43 <regnard> but if you are in touch with another Rep, please point them to the basecamp
23:54:45 <Kensie> yes, I jsut want to highlight that as an action item
23:54:47 <Kensie> https://basecamp.com/1897137/projects/3638821-north-american-reps/todolists/9717517-catch-up-reps-who
23:55:10 <regnard> #action follow-up invites to North American Reps to Basecamp
23:56:03 <rtsayles> regnard, how do we sign up for basecamp?
23:56:06 <regnard> ok, any questions/concerns/suggestions before we officially end the meeting?
23:56:38 <regnard> rtsayles: I will send you an invite
23:56:45 <rtsayles> thx you
23:56:48 <regnard> #action Regnard to send rtsayles invite to Basecamp
23:57:07 <regnard> ok, thanks everyone!
23:57:11 <regnard> #endmeeting